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How to Raise a Gemini Child

Andrea has a background in Myers-Briggs and Western astrology. She mostly writes about relationships.

Gemini children carry the energy of the spring—the time of year when they are born.

Gemini children carry the energy of the spring—the time of year when they are born.

Raising a Genius, a Chatterbox, or a Funny Kid

Geminis are born at the end of spring, and raising one is all about having the best environment for their needs and desires. Here are some basics you should know about your Gemini:

  • They like to explore environments that are already pre-set.
  • They are some of the smartest children on the block.
  • They have diverse expressions.
  • They love to mirror people.
  • They are relationship-oriented but can still be independent—an excellent blend.

Geminis like for their settings and world to be in balance. They’re attracted to beauty and well-tempered rooms, they like for things to be logical, and they like for things to be lighthearted. It's important to note that Geminis will feed off the energy you give them. They like to twin with whomever is around them (e.g., parents or siblings).

The Great Mimics

If you go around cleaning up the house, these children may copy you. If you go around the house bad mouthing all your neighbors, they may also copy you. Geminis are mimics—this is how they learn about you and their surroundings. The best way to correct behavior you don’t like in a Gemini is to make yourself a better example. These kiddos will learn a lot by following people, learning what people like, and then leading from that space.

Afraid of Being Alone Forever

Gemini doesn’t like to be left alone by themselves for too long. They like to be with someone or at least near someone. They’re not designed to be hermits. They don’t really like to be left in an empty house or apartment. Gemini likes to pair up with someone and they like to play games. They also tend to be sensory-sensitive—spring sign children are more often thrown off by smells, sights, lights, and colors. They also have a high appreciation for beauty.

This sign would prefer to have siblings or at least cousins. They need friends and people to relate to. They’re also sensitive to bullies, so they don't want to be around just anyone. Geminis don’t want to be mean, and they don’t want to be around mean people. Gemini reserves its true self for a select number of people, so they’re very hesitant to show themselves around conflict-oriented or aggressive people.

Restless Thought Syndrome

Gemini children have an explosive amount of thoughts in their heads and they often deal with anxiety and restlessness. They have an intense internal monologue and often think about seemingly everything at once. They’re very smart, but can struggle with test anxiety—sometimes to the point of throwing up. Expectations that are set unreasonably high and test or study material that is overly dense can ruin their scholastic dreams. They need things to be fun and not too serious.

Gemini children are masters of mimicry and camouflage.

Gemini children are masters of mimicry and camouflage.

Q. How do you discipline a Gemini?

Talk to them and walk with them through problems, solutions, and issues. Your child needs explanations, they need things written out, and they need the chance to talk. Gemini children are full of thoughts, so talking to them about issues helps give them direction. Discipline is best given by explanation. Never spank them, never raise your voice, and don't use emotional pleas. Gemini doesn't connect to these methods and their relationship with you could be damaged by such actions. Gemini needs talks to help them find the beauty. They'll listen. Talk to them in the kitchen without a TV or radio. Sit somewhere with them and give them eye contact. Let them cry and laugh a little. Ultimately, don't make things too serious. Here are a few ideas to successfully address problematic behaviors:

  • Reward them for good behavior.
  • Get them a tutor if they're falling behind in school.
  • If they're having an outburst, help them cool down. Help them find ways to express their anger in healthy, rather than destructive, ways.
  • Lock up some of their toys until they start showing better behavior.
  • Have them write down or communicate how they can do better at home. Make them set their own goals.
  • Geminis struggle with pent-up energy. Try to get them to communicate their needs and struggles on a daily basis, so they don't bottle up so many emotions.

Q. What are Gemini children like?

  • Gemini are easy-going, intellectual, and exhibit fascination and curiosity about the things around them. They are hypnotized by beauty, they have a deep love of creativity, and they're drawn to socialize, though they don't need a league of friends.
  • Gemini can have a Peter Pan complex, meaning they don't want to grow up. They'll always retain some amount of childlike innocence, naivety, and grace—they get this from their spring-like energy.
  • Because their sign is based in duality, they can have really dynamic mood shifts. They need good sleep and regular eating schedules to prevent bad shifts in mood.
  • Your child may seem like several people in one body, and you might find their facial expressions let you know what person you're dealing with. Gemini have some of the most complex facial expressions of any children.
  • Your child is based in air but also electricity. They have a higher chance of developing a love of science, technology, and logic.
  • Geminis are energetic, frenetic, and excitable.

Q. Do Geminis get their feelings hurt easily?

Geminis are capable of switching their emotions in a split second. For example, they can be really upset, process through it, and move onto the next thing. However, they can also hold grudges—air signs tend to hold onto their memories. You know you've done something out of bounds if a Gemini is really harsh to you. Remember: a Gemini child mimics you, so if you feel hurt, they might have actually felt hurt first. What you put into your relationship with your Gemini child is exactly what you will get in return.

Q. What are a Gemini's biggest fears?

Isolation, being left alone, and not having the capability to make friends can be terrifying for a young Gemini. Geminis are naturally looking to have social relationships with others, and it's important for them to have people who they can trust, can connect with, and who like them. Gemini is often really worried that people won't want to be their friend, and they especially want to be friends with their parents. Some of their fickle behavior comes from a fear that their parents don't like them. For example, a Gemini child might wonder: "What if I show myself, but they don't like me?" They're worried they'll be abandoned or that people will break off their friendships with them.

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Q. What are the negatives of a Gemini?

  1. Anxiety is a big one for them—all air signs have some degree of anxiety. They have so many thoughts that it's easy for this to get out of whack. They see all the possibilities, and they want to make the best possible choice.
  2. Geminis can be two-faced and can be different people in different settings. When one side of their personality is charging, the other side is more active. They do some complex things to their personality to conserve energy.
  3. They're often misunderstood—they want to show love, but people mistake it for something else. Sometimes their attempts to communicate authentically don't make sense to others.
  4. They can be really judgmental and critical. Sometimes, they need to learn empathy for the feelings/experiences of others.
  5. They sometimes rely so much on their mental power that they forget to engage with their softer sides or their feelings. When they do engage with their feelings, sometimes it can be explosive.

Q. What is so special about Geminis?

  • They're incredibly intelligent, which can lead to prosperity and success.
  • They can use their minds with ease to solve huge problems in our world.
  • They can be highly attuned to others.
  • They are gifted with words whether in writing or speech.
  • They have a high appreciation for beauty.
  • They are sensitive and can be turned upside down by other people's thoughts and feelings.
  • Gemini's most powerful gift is their ability to mimic others. That said, Gemini needs to separate from others for a time to really know themselves and make sure they're not being a copycat. Parents need to work with this mimic ability to help their child not be a copycat of others and to find their real identity.

Chores and Cleaning Don't Come Naturally for Gemini Children

Parents, you're going to struggle to get your child to do chores on their own. You'll have to get creative to get them to care about their surroundings. Gemini doesn't understand that you have to work to make things happen—they're used to the world already being pre-set to beautiful and ready because they were born in late spring.

You have to teach them that in order to have a beautiful home, you must take care of it. Try to teach them that cleaning is their intellectual responsibility to their house and surroundings. Add green into their surroundings, add plants, and add tall shelves and organizers. The best way to get them cleaning is to clean up areas yourself—this will inspire them to get into action.

Gemini is likely to get distracted and overwhelmed by cleaning, so they'll need breaks. Get them to clean something daily, come up with a schedule, and expect that they will fall short. Geminis are kind of messy and restless. They can be oddly sentimental, so you may have to work with them to not hoard things or hold onto things they've outgrown.

Expert tip: Try watching the Marie Kondo Tidying Up series on Netflix with your child. Or try buying her books and utilizing their checklists together.

The best way to get Gemini to accept and admire cleaning is to match it with their cerebral ways. Show them that organization can help them with their thoughts; if they can organize their surroundings, then they can organize their minds.

Gemini children need intellectual challenges. Give them toys that promote brainstorming.

Gemini children need intellectual challenges. Give them toys that promote brainstorming.

Where Does My Gemini Child Get Their Energy?

If you're using Western astrology to try to better understand your child, it is important to understand the makeup of a Gemini in general. You have a very gifted child, which a lot of parents want. It means your kid has advantages in school and in their career. That said, parenting isn't always natural or easy with any sign of the Zodiac. With Gemini, you'll want to be personable—you're their first friend and it would be a great loss to lose your love.

Third Sign of the Zodiac

As the third sign (or third child) of the zodiac, Gemini sees things differently than their older siblings, Aries and Taurus. Think of things people commonly associate with youngest children or third children: they're odd, spoiled, affectionate, and more sophisticated than their peers without older children.

Aries comes into the world to get things started, Taurus comes into the world to take care of things, and Gemini comes into the world to understand and explore their surroundings. The third child desires to be in good relation to everything. They're seeking a soulmate whether they realize it or not. Instead of writing, arranging, and beginning things, Gemini reads what is around them, analyzes what is there, and judges it.

Gemini can also be creative, but instead of coming into the world on a blank page, they're entering when the garden has already been cut, pruned, and sheared. I can't stress enough that Gemini is obsessed with beauty—they do not do well with darkness, bleakness, or topics that are too serious.

As the third child, Gemini is the one who browses among the roses and lilies. This is the curious child who wants to know more, who wants to understand more, and who can get entangled with ideas.

Gemini likes to break things down into atoms and bite-size items. They categorize, measure, define, hypothesize, theorize, and experiment. Gemini children are often drawn to the sciences and like to read piles of books. They're interested in well-done TV shows. Fantasy and reality are somewhat at odds for them, and yet they manage to live a little bit in fantasy and a little bit in reality. This is because they are overall open-minded. They have the power to be very empathetic, but they need a parent or close other to help them learn how to access their empathy.

Spring Energy

Gemini will always retain some youth and curiosity about them. They're young souls, yet hyper-intelligent. People can be highly envious of your child, and this spells trouble. Your child is brilliant, and they want friends. Because they're brilliant, however, some kids are going to be envious and jealous. Your child will likely have bullies. Your kid is Peter Pan and the other kids are Captain Hook. You should help direct your Gemini to people that are good for them. Show them which friends really do like them and care about them.

Gemini likes things balanced. Indeed, they are born during the time of year when it's far enough from winter to not be too cold, and it's close enough to summer to get some heat. They want good weather. They want to explore the outside world on nice days. They like to be around flowers, fruits, scents, green grass, tall trees, and rivers. Nature does the Gemini soul some good. It's nice for them to relate to nature where they don't have to worry so much about bullies or expectations. Gemini isn't a robot but sometimes feels as though people treat them this way.

Gemini is somewhat of a future-oriented Utopian. They believe in nice people and they believe in gorgeous settings. They dream of a world of togetherness, people living in amazing and unique homes, a more technologically open infrastructure, and they want a world of equality.

Air Sign

Gemini is an air sign with Aquarius and Libra. Air signs are about the future. They're talkative (or at least have a lot of words on their minds), they're smart, they're idiosyncratic, they can be aloof, and they prize social connections. Gemini is the mutable air sign. This means your Gemini isn't decisive or too picky. Your child is more flexible, open-minded, and changeable. Mutable signs are adaptable, diplomatic, egalitarian, and more comfortable with transitions.

As an air sign, Gemini moves quickly through its thoughts and prizes intelligence. They want to have answers to everything. All air signs are communicators, but they can be extroverted or introverted.

Air needs to go everywhere—Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius all need to travel and feel free. They also prize independence and cannot be contained, tamed, manipulated, or controlled. They will go where they feel is best. All air signs are attracted to colors and sounds. It may help to understand air signs by comparing them to birds:

  • They want to travel and migrate everywhere. They move quickly—sometimes by themselves, sometimes in groups.
  • Birds are tetrachromatic and therefore see more colors than humans do. Air signs desire to see more and know more.
  • The air signs are ruled by the shoulders, arms, sternum, and ankles—all places that are important for flight.

Shoulders and Arms

Gemini is ruled by the shoulders and arms. This can be taken to mean a lot of things for the spring sign. Unlike some signs, Gemini is focused in two parts of the body that mirror each other. Again, Gemini is about duality, equality, balance, and mirroring itself. When Gemini can balance its arms and shoulders, it can take off flying.

Gemini is meant to reach toward others and wants to embrace those that it loves. You can help your child grow by incorporating the following:

  • Dance classes to move their body.
  • Yoga to help them stretch their arms and shoulders.
  • Lifting exercises.
  • Throw and catch a ball outside.
  • Introduce them to science/do science projects with them. Your child is trying to understand how their shoulders and arms work, which means physics will help them understand motion.
  • Get them to do chores that require them to engage with their body and move items.
  • Buy them shirts, jackets, and scarves that they'll enjoy wearing.
  • Get them into learning how to play an instrument where they use their arms (e.g., piano, saxophone, clarinet, percussion, tuba, trombone).
  • Buy massage items for the shoulders, arms, and back.

Ruling Planet: Mercury

If you didn't already know your child was full of words and is a complete chatterbox, then you're living under a rock—or your child has an explosive amount of thought in their heads. You can blame this on the fact that your Gemini is an Air sign, but even more so—blame it on Mercury.

Your child was born under the planet of communication! How exciting is that? Mercury equals loquaciousness, which means:

  • Your child loves to talk.
  • Your child loves noise.
  • Your child can think on their feet.
  • Your child is good at improvisation.
  • Your child can make swift changes, adapt to what is around them, and they can innovate.

Gemini uses communication to express their thoughts and feelings. You're in trouble if your Gemini is quiet—something is wrong or they're asleep. Gemini doesn't stop with the word output. They need constant stimulation through word sequences, numbers, formulas, quandaries, riddles, and more. As a child of communication, they are constantly in need of words until they need to decompress and get some rest. When your Gemini's communication batteries are low, they may switch to other personas that are more distant, quiet, or burnt out.

Let your Gemini put up a shell and take care of themselves when they need to recharge their energy—don't try to force them to speak. You can rest assured that when Gemini has things to say, they'll say them with excitement. Your Gemini will babble about anything if they don't have a conversation piece ready to go.

Mercury gives your child a boost in:

  1. Seeking information.
  2. Understanding technology.
  3. Starting up conversations.
  4. Quickly moving from thing to thing.
  5. Staying lively, young, and jovial.
  6. Curiosity.
  7. Excitement, irritability, and silliness.
  8. High intuition.
  9. Efficiency, speed, and guile.

Ultimately, Gemini has some extra fire in its engines— it's what makes this sign as intelligent and hyperactive as possible. Your kid will need safe spaces to decompress. Do they seem anxious? You need to help them slow down and relax. Keep an eye on them when they have a lot of tests because they'll often try to stretch themselves to the max. Geminis are super intelligent, but they can be burdened by having too many tasks that they feel they must perfect. Gemini desires excellence. They abandon things they do not understand and struggle with too much, but they have a really hard time giving up.

What to Do During a Temper Tantrum

A nightmare for a Gemini child is not being able to understand something. This might cause them to have a temper tantrum. If they have a meltdown, tell them it's okay, reassure them that their problem will be figured out eventually, and explain how sometimes things are just too abstract for normal logic. The good thing is Gemini children are open-minded and mutable, so they'll let go of their clutch on logic and accept the abstract. Now, Virgo on the other hand . . . they're more rigid. (Virgo and Gemini share the ruling planet Mercury. Gemini is based in air, Virgo in earth.)

A Gemini child will likely enjoy a bright room with lots of interesting and wacky toys and colors!

A Gemini child will likely enjoy a bright room with lots of interesting and wacky toys and colors!

Decorate Your Home for Gemini Energy

When I talk about raising children, I like to throw in some Feng Shui. The only problem for air signs is that they don't have a matching element in traditional Feng Shui. So this means we have to be a little more creative.

If you want to make your home just right for your Gemini child here are a few tips:

  1. Apply the rule of duality. Think of bathrooms with two sinks and two mirrors. Where you can have two, then do so. For example, have two monitors for computers and always have chairs in pairs. Bunk beds are also good for Gemini children.
  2. Keep things fun and lighthearted. Remember: Gemini like humor. You can bring things into your home that are on the weird side.
  3. Try whimsical color palettes and liven up rooms with variety. Gemini kids are curious, so don't leave their rooms beige, gray, dim, or too simple. Paint aliens on the walls, for example.
  4. Gemini is considered more yang than yin. This means that in spaces they use, you should opt for: brightness over darkness, sharp lines instead of curves, bold pieces, loud colors, tall plants, tall bookshelves, etc.
  5. Have plenty of appliances, tools, electronics, televisions, and video games around. Your kid will go further with devices at their fingertips, and internet is a must.
  6. Arrange your home so that you can be ready for guests—Gemini will attract people into your home.
  7. Gemini is a spring sign, so add plants, flowers, a garden, floral items, plenty of greens, spices, and spring images.
  8. Bring things into your home that make you think of birds. For example, Gemini like shiny things, so have shiny things in your home. Add metallic items.
  9. Add larger-than-life pieces of art. You want your Gemini's space to feel like a gallery or interactive museum. They need creativity, they need some clutter, and they need chaos. Everything clean and organized or trim, bleak, and beige is the opposite of Gemini's style and interests.
  10. Vibrant colors and unorthodox shapes are a must. Opt for the purple chair. Opt for the painting of a giant foot.
  11. Keep a variety of devices and toys in the kitchen. Your kid is a little scientist, and the best way to have a lab in your home is to have plenty of supplies for them. Expand your kitchen slowly but surely so they can bake, cook, and experiment.
  12. Give them plenty of chairs for their friends and so they can sit in different spots!
  13. Reading lamps are a great idea for all those books your Gemini will likely be reading.
  14. Use green. It is a power color for Gemini.
  15. Fidget spinners left in corners are a great idea for some Gemini children.
  16. Have a variety of blankets and pillows in different textures.
  17. Give them things for their eyes, such as bright-colored glass, unusual figurines, geometric pieces, and things to inspire curiosity and engagement.
  18. Have toys for the bathtub.
  19. Always be looking for new toys and board games to place around your home.
  20. Virtual reality games will get the attention of a Gemini.
  21. Look for old-fashioned toys like dinosaurs and trains.
  22. Get magazine subscriptions so that they can regularly have access to topics of interest to them (e.g., animals, mechanical things, history).
  23. Put glow-in-the-dark stars on their ceiling.
Gemini children love bright colors. They like whimsical designs.

Gemini children love bright colors. They like whimsical designs.

Ways to Express Love to a Gemini Child

Give Gemini Plenty of Gifts

Gemini is about fun, play, and exploration—this isn't a very serious child. They also like bright, shiny, and funny things. A Gemini feels loved and understood if you give them something that matches their interests. You're in luck too, because Gemini's interests are expansive. Giving gifts that are wacky or that might encourage play with their friends are always good options—they love making friends and having people over to play!

Gemini Loves Hugs

They want to perfect the art of hugging, and you should give them at least one hug a day. When young, these children want to be carried. Also, don't forget that Gemini lives in its arms and shoulders. Give them reassuring pats on the shoulders and arms and let them hug you to signal love and affection.

Gemini Needs to Spend Time With You

Time spent together is really important to a Gemini—it is through time that they get to mimic people and learn all about them. They also want to be on the same page with someone, so spending time with you is golden.

Gemini Loves Words of Affirmation

They like compliments that let them know they're funny, smart, cute, and original. They also like to be known for being a good friend, and they want to be appreciated for their efforts. Geminis also want to know that you enjoy spending time with them or that they mean the world to you. Affirmative words encourage the Gemini to keep being their weird self and showing you new and bright and crazy things. There is always more to the Gemini to know!

Gemini Appreciates Acts of Service

Gemini loves for others to take care of them. If you clean for them, help them take care of things, or make their surroundings exciting and beautiful, they'll appreciate you.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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