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How to Tell Real Astrologers from Fakes

Updated on July 29, 2016
SylviaSky profile image

Sylvia Sky, experienced astrologer, author of Sun Sign Confidential: The Dark Side of all 12 Zodiac Signs, at amazon. com.


Don't waste your money on fake astrologers. Here are ways to gauge who is probably fake and who is worth your time and money. To get the best results, know what to look for and research your choice of astrologer before spending any money:

  • Real astrologers do not claim also to be psychics and mediums. Astrology is learned. It is not "psychic."
  • An online astrologer who always goes by just one name is fake. "Jenna" is fake. "Norah" and "Padre" and "Pasqualina" are fake.
  • A fake will tell you about "your stars." A real astrologer will tell you about "your planets."
  • Real astrologers will ask for your birth time, date, and place. They also need a birth date, time, and place for anyone you are asking about, such as a spouse. They will tell you truthfully that they can't give you accurate information without these facts.
  • A real astrologer will tell you that sun-sign astrology is very simplified astrology, and that truly accurate horoscopes are custom-made for individuals and are much more involved.

It's Best to Meet Your Astrologer in Person

If you can make an appointment with and meet an astrologer in person, he or she is probably a genuine practitioner. Ask for references, or to see a certificate (proof the astrologer has taken a standardized test or graduated from an astrology course). Note: Many astrologers are self-taught or have studied with experienced teachers, but might not have taken the tests. Here is a link to the American Federation of Astrologers (AFA) list of their certified professional astrologers. You will notice there are relatively few. The tests are extremely demanding and no computer calculations are allowed. Other legitimate certification programs come from NCGR or ISAR or Kepler College. But an astrologer with good references is probably fine.

"Intuitive" or "psychic" astrologers might not be lying when they say they think they can "intuit" or use psychic power to "do astrology," but real astrology is never a matter of intuition or psychic power; it's about math and skill.

  • A real astrologer will be glad to give you references.
  • A real astrologer will give you his or her contact information.
  • A real astrologer will never tell you what you "must" do.
  • A real astrologer or Tarot reader does not have an offer online for a free introductory reading.

Appropriate Behavior and Rates

  • A horoscope reading cannot solve your personal problems. If your situation is overwhelming, or involves bodily harm, a real astrologer will refer you to counseling or other resources.
  • An astrologer who has been in business only a short time, or is very young, may be the real thing but may not be experienced at interpreting charts for clients.
  • An astrologer who pushes you hard to buy a reading, or sends repeat e-mails, or otherwise makes you uncomfortable, is probably fake.
  • An "astrologer to the rich and famous" is likely a fake. If his clientele was really the rich and famous, he would be making a good living and not needing to advertise.
  • A real astrologer will take at least a day or two, sometimes longer, to create your chart and study it before setting up a meeting to interpret it for you and answer your questions.
  • A real astrologer prefers not to give readings over the phone, although sometimes it can't be helped.
  • A real astrologer will give you an hour or a half-hour of time in which to answer your questions about your horoscope.
  • A real astrologer charges professional rates for consultations. $100 per hour is about right; some charge as much as $200. Remember that they have worked on your chart and its interpretation before meeting with you. If they are real astrologers, you will not have to have this same reading done over again.
  • Real astrologers often record the session for you, or, if they're older or not comfortable with the technology, will let you record the session.
  • Today's astrologers commonly use computers to calculate astrological charts, but proper chart interpretation can be done only by a human astrologer. It's like your doctor: She gets the results of your lab tests, but she has been specially educated as to how to interpret what they mean for you.
  • No real astrologer will ever tell you that horoscopes are "spooky," "shocking," or "scary." Real astrologers don't want to scare people. They want to help people.
  • An astrologer who says you have a terrible chart and there's no hope for your business, love life, or whatever, is fake or very sick in the head; even more so if he suggests your future success depends on buying more readings from him.
  • A husband and wife team, or parent and child team ("I can't meet you Thursday, but Bob can") who claim that they are both mediums/psychics, is fake.
  • A real astrologer will not be so specific as to say, "You will meet a tall dark stranger," or "Yes, he is having an affair with your best friend," or "You will lose your job in two weeks, then go work at Wal-Mart." He or she will talk about planetary conditions and likelihoods, saying something like, "Saturn is entering your tenth house, and for the next two years job or career matters may be challenging. It may help you in this area of your life to become serious and organized."
  • No real astrologer will speculate about your lifespan.
  • A real astrologer cannot tell you the exact date, time, and place you will meet your "soulmate," or what his name is, and what he will look like. To answer those questions, you really need a fake.

© 2010 SylviaSky


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  • Prosperity66 6 years ago

    Great information on how to find out who's a real astrologer and who's not! Definitely a great article to read for anyone before going to search for an astrologer!

  • gardenspook 6 years ago from Michigan

    I found this infromative...

  • charkamman profile image

    charkamman 6 years ago from portugal

    Cool information, there is so much mumbojumbo around.. Sad for the people who often spend a lot of money and don't learn anything..

    Thumbs up!

  • saesha profile image

    saesha 6 years ago

    i'm glad you made the distinction for those who were misinformed. very useful!

  • Real  5 years ago

    Since astrology is fake how can there be a difference between real and fake astrology?

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 5 years ago from USA

    Even those who don't believe in astrology have to admit there must be something to it, or it wouldn't have survived for 3000 years. Same with Jesus, who despite nonbelief and lack of historical proof has remained with us for 2000 years now.

  • Adriana Uribe profile image

    Adriana Uribe 5 years ago from Scotland

    Thank you for promoting real astrology. Many people are unaware of the amount of work and study that goes into astrology. Astrology is fake only to those who cannot understand the limitations of our human perception and ignore what science, art and intuition tell us; that we are part of an infinite universe and that our actions are synchronized and in harmony with everything that surrounds us. It is not a matter of believing in astrology because it's not faith what makes it work. As you said, a real astrologer will interpret potentials but never interfere with free will.

  • deblipp profile image

    deblipp 5 years ago

    This is most useful. I didn't even know there were certification courses.

  • JohnEdwardDouche 5 years ago

    Newsflash... ALL PSYCHICS ARE FRAUDS. Period.

    They are bottom feeders that prey on the vulnerable, mentally ill and impressionable... always have and always will...

    As long as there are fools out there willing to part with their hard-earned cash in exchange for "warm fuzzy feelings" in the form of a vague prophecy from some white haired, crystal rubbing mongrel - or someone purporting to be one, this sort of thing is bound to continue ad-infinutum.

    Still I find it extraordinary that someone will willingly shell out $$ for something that has a disclaimer saying "READINGS FOR GUIDANCE/ENTERTAINMENT ONLY" and then complain when they realise that they've been ripped off... I guess there's one born every minute.

  • james (jmy mac) 5 years ago


  • Tony 5 years ago

    What info do you know about Zoradamus ? Is she a fake ? or is she really who she claims to be and is she genuine

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 5 years ago from USA

    Zoradamus, in her wizard costume? Fake!

  • Sherry 5 years ago

    Lets add TARA to our list of to be a Physic and Medium and when you tell her your reading had nothing to do with the question her response is "I am 1 person sitting in front of my computer answering emails" AND has the audacity to ask you FOR MONEY...

  • healingsword profile image

    Ann Wehrman 5 years ago from California

    Excellent advice for those considering getting an astrological reading. A well-written Hub, on top of great contents. Great job, SylviaSky!

  • ichiyo 5 years ago from new delhi

    thanks a lot! it was very informative. had nearly tied the knot with jenna. :P

    also, bein a christian, i was really confused about astrology and christianity. but ur xplaination has sense and therefore nw m clear abt wat 2 think of astrology.i dn't blindly blv in bible as it has changed many hands and has sveral versions too. according to sm reports the preist in oldens days must have changed sm facts to suit themselves. but i do blv jesus is my saviour. praise the lord.

  • Sara 4 years ago

    Such a nice post :)) I met a person who's an astrologer just like the one you described as "real". He didn't ask for money, didn't push me for anything, didn't push me for buying and stones or anything, just told me simply as an overall thing. :))

  • anne 4 years ago

    the site u mentioned is talking about "my stars"..should i trust it's readings??

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 4 years ago from USA

    Yes. That site is based on traditional Hindu astrology, called Vedic astrology, which uses the "sidereal" sky map in horoscopes.

  • Jean Bakula profile image

    Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey

    Another great and informative hub Sylvia! I considered offering charts online, and changed my mind. It seems whenever I mix Astrology and the Tarot with money, I don't enjoy it. I may change my mind in the future (my Mercury is in Gemini). What do you think of online Tarot readings? I always have a pet peeve about people who don't shuffle enough to get their energies in the cards. But I've joined a few clubs on LinkedIn, Professional Tarot and Astrologers, and it's fun just to read the threads. The online Tarot seems popular. I try hard to give the facts in my hubs too. Yesterday a woman wanted to plan her wedding in a certain moonsign, but seemed to think she had 2 opportunities in the same month where the moon would be in the sign. She wrote again, and gave me the date, and the moon was nowhere near that sign. I asked where she was getting her information, but I haven't heard from her yet. Maybe she and her spouse will work hard to cultivate the traits that they wanted and thought the sign would give them! Take care.

  • Smriti Sharma 4 years ago

    Fake astrologer on like Fake Doctorate of Dr.Praveen Soni, Acharya Vijaya and many more astrologer have fake certificate like doctorate and Acharya Digree

  • Shilpa 4 years ago

    This has become a big trend these days.

    Think of a few things you might want to do if you would like to scam people and say, 'A real astrologer" or "a real psychic" or "a xyz" etc etc...would not do this.

    I wonder how many clients Sylvia Sky bagged because of this write-up.

    This is a new trend in advertising.

    There are real astrologers and Astrology is a science but even astrological predictions aren't accurate all the time.

    Most of the astrologers are good at doing post-mortem of a birth chart AFTER an event occurs in the life of a person.

    There are many birth charts floating around of some celebrities and each and everyone of them is justified with events in their lives.

    Astrology is a divine science and not everyone who studoes it can give accurate predictions.

    Be ware of any and all types of scams.

    Low-lying scums these days resort to all sorts of advertising that makes them seem genuine.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 4 years ago from USA

    I do not do charts nor accept clients. Test me! If you emailed me using a fake name and asked for astrological or Tarot services I would decline as I decline all other such requests, although I get them almost daily. The world doesn't need another astrologer; there are plenty of good ones. I am an astrologer/journalist specializing in consumer reports.

  • Adam 4 years ago

    What you think about taniya Gabrie?

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 4 years ago from USA

    Her name is spelled Tania Gabriel. I looked at her website. She is primarily a numerologist and I have no opinion on numerology, but I see she is running a business, has had plastic surgery, and is hoping for celebrity.

  • jenna 2 years ago

    Jenna at as a person or astrologer does not exist. It is a fraud website run by a man in France, and it gives astrology and horoscopes a bad name.

    To make it worse, the fake 'Jenna' tries to make it look as if 'she' was related to, the Astrodienst website. A similar domain was chosen, and is made visually to look a lot like 'about'. Astrodienst receives a lot of complaints about "its" Jenna astrologer, because fraud victims are lead to think it was related to

    The domain name is registered to: Alexandre Baronnet, Sarl Atoll, AboutAstro, 1 Route De Bordeaux, 33550 Le Tourne, FRANCE. phone: +33 5 56 67 41 98 fax-no: +33 5 56 67 41 99 (Information based on IP address entry in

    Other domain names used to do Jenna business:

  • Chris 23 months ago

    Is adrian from astrology answer's a fake?

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 23 months ago from USA

    AstrologyAnswers has two Adrians, both designated "Adrian D." One is male, one female. Only the female gives personal "readings."

    Adrian Ross Duncan, the male, is a real astrologer, but the extent of his involvement is that uses his 1995 Horoscope Interpreter software to generate its astrological reports. He doesn't even post his full name there, only "Adrian D.,"

    presumably because it's embarrassing to be associated with He does personal readings through his own website,

    The female is Adrian Degele, not an astrologer. She does AstrologyAnswers "readings" by phone.

  • jess 17 months ago

    Has anyone purchased books on astrology answers and been charged more etc??

  • evalil 12 months ago

    Adrian Ross Duncan do seem to be involved in this:

    After submitting your dates you will have to wait a few days(!) for a mail claiming to have some kind of "free reading" witch is totally nonsens! You have just waited a few days just to get another sales pitch urging you to sign up for long term, stating that "YOU are at a CRITICAL PHASE" and other such nonsense!

    "This brief reading, in connection with the most important aspects of your character, shows the essence of who YOU are and a snapshot of the life you should be enjoying right now.

    That is to say, if you were aligned with the potential shown by your birth chart…"

    And of course you are not aligned, as this is what it says no matter what you have submitted. And to set your life straight you have to sign up long term…

    The promised "reading" consists of a few broad sentences that could fit anybody, and are also IDENTICAL no matter what date you have submitted(!), and the numerology for the date of your submission(!) witch naturally has nothing to do with me…

    This is such total scam, and the worst I have come across so I just hade to post this!

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 12 months ago from USA

    Update on Adrian Ross Duncan: He's a genuine astrologer selling computerized astrological reports and astrology software. He has his own site,, and no longer appears as a contributor to

  • Beverly Wyse 11 months ago

    Adrian Ross Duncan keeps sending me emails. From what I have read above, it doesn't seem like he is legitimate because he is using computerized astrological reports and astrology software. Don't you agree?

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 11 months ago from USA

    Adrian Ross Duncan is a legitimate astrologer who allows his name to be used on emails and reports from (they pay him to use his name). He wrote the software that generates that site's computerized reports. All sites that offer and send you a more or less "instant" report are computerized.

    If you want a non-computerized horoscope, find an astrologer you can meet in person, one who will not barrage you with computerized emails, and pay the professional rate.

    You can unsubscribe from those emails, also.

  • Girl 10 months ago

    Is Victoria fake from astrology She just gave me a free reading and I can't find information on her anywhere. But it was pretty accurate. Or so I thought.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 10 months ago from USA

    Fake. The free reading is so general it can apply to most people. She says things such as "you are a good friend" and "love is important to you," and "you're not always happy," and so on.

  • Helen 9 months ago

    Hi Sylvia. Thanks for all the info on 'real' astrologers. I just watched the video of Adrian Ross Duncan - seems to be legitimate.Should I pay for a reading on-line as opposed to seeing him in person??? Or is it just a waste of time and money? Would appreciate your views....Thanks in advance.

  • Tana 8 months ago

    What do you think about exceptional Ron. The older guy with white grey hair. My partner is involved with him and had already spent money on a 6 months reading over email.

  • Rakesh 7 months ago

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 7 months ago from USA

    Cecilia is fake. See the terms of service that call her readings "for entertainment only." And so is "The Exceptional Ron."

  • 7 months ago

    Do you have any idea if Adrian Ross Duncan is fake? He is asking me to buy his books, but I'm not sure if I should.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 7 months ago from USA

    Please see this article with my email conversation with Adrian Ross Duncan about this very concern. So many people asked about him I finally contacted him:

  • Rakesh 7 months ago

    Hello, is Margaret wells fake or real? Kind rgds.

  • Rakesh 7 months ago

    Hello, i just sent an inquiry about Margaret Wells. her's her website:

  • Teen 7 months ago

    I just payed Cecilia yesterday about 100$. So far I don't get her response. Is she disappeared?

  • Teen 7 months ago

    So far I still haven't receive anything. All she send to me is the outline and I'm feeling she is a cheater. How can I get my payment back.

  • Teen 6 months ago

    Now I payed Adrian Ross Duncan. He dose give me a reading. But his reading always simple and the more you want to know yourself the more you have to pay. I'm feeling I get hooked. Guys don't come to him unless you are millionaire. Wondering is there some astrologists are not greedy and real?

  • Christopher 6 months ago

    Hi Sylvia just wanted to know is Esmeralda- clairvoyant/ tarot reader is genuine or fake. She keeps asking me for more money and claims she's had vision about me and my name appeared to her in the sky.

  • Ien 6 months ago

    Excellent article, and thank you for clearing up what is going on woth Adrian Duncan. I am a serious student of astrology and a huge fan of Adrian Ross Duncan whose software I have used for years. His interpretations are excellent. I had been wondering what was up with him using that fake astrology answers thing! The tone of it was so completely off, not like him at all! He is among the best in the business. If you are new to astrology and have never had a reading, one of his reports can be quite meaningful. Just remember to preface each paragraph with:"this factor, considered in isolation, tends to have the following effect." You will find some paragraphs, detailing a major aspect that is dominant in your chart, to be quite meaningful, others less so. As the writer explains, only a live person can do the synthesis. With that in mind, Adrian's chapter on Moon square Saturn made me cry. That good. Also, his chapters on Mars, with the added sexual dimension, is superb. And he hits the nail on the head quite often with mundane astrology. Go to adtro wow and see what he had to say anout Donald and Hilary.

  • Susan 5 months ago

    What about Margaret Wells and trusted tarot real or fake?

  • Susan 5 months ago

    Thanks Sylviasky for your help with defining the best astrology site's,after reading your article's I now get it we all have a bright and dark side.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 5 months ago from USA

    Any astrologer or Tarot reader who offers a free introductory reading to the whole Internet is fake. That includes TrustedTarot. Supposedly "she" shuffles her cards "once a day." A real reader shuffles for every reading. When you give your email address, emails come begging for "donations" in small amounts even before you get your "free reading."

  • Kween 4 months ago

    Is Tara medium a scam?

  • 4 months ago

    I have had a computerised report from Adrian Ross Duncan and it is very obviously fake. If he allows these reports to come out in his name then he is not doing himself any favours - trust is a fragile thing. I also visited his site and was not able to relate in anyway to the readings. I love Oscar (and Jonathan) Cainers site as I think what they post is spot on, however I would not pay for reports anymore from them as these are also computerised and vague - no where near as patronising though.

  • Dawn 4 months ago

    I had a reading from Adrian Ross Duncan about a year ago and it was the worst reading I ever had. He was condescending, judgemental, and extremely arrogant. When I played back his recording to other fellow astrologers they were in awe of his lack of professionalism. It's hard to believe that he continues to practice in this way, I can't imagine him getting a lot of repeat business with such demeaning tactics. After sharing my experience, others who knew of him remarked about how he didn't much care for female clients and that he did better working with men. I have to be honest, I've never heard of a sexist astrologer but apparently they do exist.

  • Tata7 4 months ago

    Hi all please be aware, that if you are not happy with provided materials you will never get refund. Adrian promised me to help to find out my life purpose and many other promises, but instead he send me useless advises suitable for anybody to brain wash. He is practising the money extortion from naive people who belives he is genuine one on recomendations made by his own staff. I paid only for 3 months of Transit period to test him. I totally disappointed, I ask refund money, but he and his staff pretend to be deaf to my request. They should know that dishonestly made money will not bring them wealth. Tanya

  • Amini 4 months ago

    Be aware of Cecilia, she kept emailing me for a while and I really though she would help me with financial crisis as she promised on her emails, but what she sent me after a few days was a computerised, fake and worse ever report. I emailed her back straight away and asked for refund but she asking for more money.

  • NumberOneFool 4 months ago

    you dont know how much better i feel. i am new to this and i thought because I pd Cecilia at astro-phycics $70.00 for a one year report that I was getting a professional report. I was concerned about what was on it, and stupid me called a phycic line. I dont know how in the world they got any personal information about my family and what they are like, hoe they act, good or bad but it darn near cost me my job and my family, not to mention there are no "laws" in astroligy only leads to committing crimes that was never meant to exist. i thought i was going to burn in hell. this should be illegal for them to generate such aweful reports!

  • bruna 2 months ago

    Gostaria de saber se ron expencional medium é verdadeiro ou é falso!

  • Justin 2 months ago

    My email reply to CECILIA


    I'm confused about your fees. It says one time only fee of $9. When I look at the fees that need to be selected it shows $9 month/every month. Not to mention, the selection already prompted was at the $79 special offer which I almost paid for.

    Your website has no contact number for any issues related to the service provided. Weather you are really trying to help someone, it's a disservice to manipulate customers in total costs.

    SCAM or No SCAM with many websites they have in the internet to make money is pretty sneaky. The lives of these website SCAMMERS maybe working out for sometime taking money from people, but never last as long as they think it would be. That is why there are so many SCAMS just to make a buck.

    This is my reading for whoever reads this.

  • Margot Beale 6 weeks ago

    I have just been the victim of an online scam by Adrian Duncan & Astrology Answers. I lost approximately $600.I am warning people not to give their credit card details to this site. I live in New Zealand.

    Margot Beale

  • Maria 4 weeks ago


    I was hesitating about Adrian -Astrology Answers. He constantly send emails that I don't reply but now I will , saying NO.

    It is easy for people to believe in Astrologers, because they WANT to believe, but good things in life comes because a lot of effort and big quantities of love. That is all.

  • Mystery 07 2 weeks ago

    HI does anyone know if mary astromary is real or fake?

  • Lisa 2 weeks ago

    Hi can you please say if Mary at Astro Mary and Tara medium is fake or real ..thanks

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 2 weeks ago from USA

    Astro Mary is fake. Tara is fake.

  • Julie 2 weeks ago

    Adrian Ross Duncan real or fake?

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 2 weeks ago from USA

    Julie, Adrian Ross Duncan is a real astrologer allowing his name to be used by in emails and "readings" he did not write. will not give you real readings, even if Adrian's name is signed to them. He's there in name only and readings by Adrian are not available through See the site's Terms of Service which say its readings are for entertainment only.

  • Angelika Wolter 2 weeks ago

    I purchased this crap for over 100,00 Euro over Paypal, any chance of getting the money back?

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 2 weeks ago from USA

    Angelika, you have 30 days to ask for a refund. Go to the site and click on "Terms and Conditions" and find the refund policy.

  • Maritza 2 weeks ago

    Is the astrologer Barbara from astro report fake?

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 13 days ago from USA

    Any "seer" with only a first name is fake.

  • Leonora Epstein 12 days ago

    Thank you for this valuable information Sylvia!

  • georgina 10 days ago

    many thanks for the info u provided or would have given money to Adrian .

    thank you once again.

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