Dark Side of Libra: Dramatic, Controlling, Condescending, Repressed

Updated on July 16, 2016
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Gemini, Leo, and Capricorn dark sides are in Sylvia Sky's eBook, "Sun Sign Confidential: The Dark Side of All 12 Zodiac Signs."


The Sign of Balance = The Illusion of Balance

True Librans don’t like conflict or ugliness. They want tranquil homes decorated artistically. They are so gracious and generous that friends are shocked when they first see Libra throw a tantrum, or realize that Libra told a lie. Why, it’s hard to believe it’s the same person!

Hard to believe? Think of Mahatma Gandhi. He started as a lawyer, but quit and became famous for passive resistance. This was a great and successful political move and also true to his sign. Libra shies away from conflict everywhere— except within the family. Hero though he was, Gandhi ignored his wife and refused to send his sons to college, disowning his eldest who got married instead of being chaste, and I guarantee there was as much yelling in his home as there is in every Libra home. But when the phone rings, Libra will answer it calmly and sweetly.

Librans want peace and negative ones want it at any price, even if it means sneaking around, denying, controlling, and drama. If peace can’t be had, silence and secrets will do. Many Librans won't listen to reports of pain or unpleasantness and fool themselves that things they don't acknowledge didn't happen. Because they repress their pain and everybody else's, they have meltdowns. Think of Judge Judy (born October 21) and the pain she's seen and absorbed over 25 years as a judge in family court. She balances that by verbally skewering and humiliating people. Another judge with an attitude is Simon Cowell (Oct. 7). Men with a Libra Sun or Moon are masters of “the silent treatment” and passive aggression. It took Libran baseball idol Mark McGwire (Oct. 1) five years to confess to using steroids. It might take five years to get your own Libra male off your sofa. He will yell that all he wants is some peace.

Librans speak kindly in public, but even the best ones do not really believe others have feelings or brains. They see everyone as mindless and feel called to enlighten them (Gandhi again, and John Lennon (Oct. 9), who cheated on his first wife "thousands" of times and told her so). A Libra mom still reminds her 50-year-old daughters to say “thank you.”

Libras are born from September 23 – October 22

Who could hate Gandhi? His wife and kids. Born Oct. 2, 1869, this photo was taken about 1929.
Who could hate Gandhi? His wife and kids. Born Oct. 2, 1869, this photo was taken about 1929. | Source

Libra Guests and Invitations

Librans are worrywarts and being or feeling alone is the most horrible thing they can imagine, one they compensate for with food (especially fats, alcohol, and sweets) and urge others to overindulge along with them. Like the diet sodas they love, negative Librans are artificially sweet.

Often, Libra guests arrive late if at all, and invitations from Libra specify the time you should leave so they can be their irritable selves again. A Libran I worked with began the day by removing her coat and airing her daily 20-minute complaint. She had no idea she had this habit. Another one I knew years later did the same; hard to believe, but true! I invited her to be part of a group, and they made fun of her "opening monologue" behind her back.

A negative Libra will move in with or marry someone to escape the financial or emotional pit they have dug for themselves. When charged with bad behavior, they will say, “Oh, I’m such a bad person. I’ve been so bad to you all this time.” The more articulate Libras will quote Gandhi: “Hate the sin but love the sinner.”

Hard-to-Love Librans

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (Sept. 24)

Al Sharpton (Oct. 3)

Lee Harvey Oswald (Oct. 18)

George Zimmerman, killer of Trayvon Martin (Oct. 5)

Sylvia Browne, fake psychic (Oct. 19)

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  • profile image

    Jennifer60656 4 weeks ago

    Libras are the biggest gaslighters imaginable. This has happened to me more than twice in my life at very different times and situations(in a relationship, almost boyfriend, friend, boss) with men and women libras. It's a bad place to be when someone makes you feel you don't know what you're talking about, are stupid, or just plain crazy. If you've got a libra like that - RUN!

  • profile image

    watermelonlily 4 weeks ago

    Like you might know, Libras absolutely hate confrontation. Commenting is something I don't do often, because it might throw me off the balance that I am so precious about haha, but once in blue moon I take risks and considering the topic I feel like it's worth a go. So.. (how do I express myself without sounding like a total Libra) I would love to discuss some of the points of this article just to shine light from the PERSONAL perspective not to justify our behaviour, not to disrespect other points of views, but just to try and explain. To start with, yes when we are grumpy we are the worst thing that can happen to humanity. I fucking hate myself when I'm grumpy and it makes it even worse. Secondly, most of the time we have no absolute clue how to deal with ourselves. We read articles books and stuff that interests us to gain a better understanding about ourselves and others, so we can become good at observing people and have a fair (that's a questionable statement) judgement in situations. But the point is we are shit at emotions, because our minds are a major dumping ground, where is so much stuff that the stuff we say and the stuff we believe often go in different directions. However, the stuff you put into the Libras mind it stays there. (hard to believe I know, aloof shits like us actually occasionally listen) It doesn't just dissappear. If Libra is raised by more stabile signs, especially if one of the parents are under the earth sign, they can help then learn to identify the emotions, so even when they don't actually feel the emotion they will understand it. We are intelligent, but we do need a lot of guidance. What Libras actually need is just to find a stable ground they can hold onto when times are unsteady, what often becomes their SO or someone else who is very close. Pro Libra tip: let go of your high expectations and unreal fantasies, life will become a lot more easier. Personally, I've been single for my whole life except for a year when I was in a relationship with another Libra, what is the worst combination on the whole planet earth, especially if the both Libras haven't had a chance to learn and stabilise themselves. When it comes to our fakeness, I put on a smiley face on every single freaking morning even if dying inside, because it's not fair to people who surround me. Because, my inability to cope with my emotions and disability to be alone should never weight others down. Like it is mentioned above we like to flake out on our family members and that is something I can't deny, we are just looking for guidance we can't find and actually we know all the stuff we want to know already, we just can't find it in all the shit that we bathe in in our minds. We need to hear someone saying out loud that the stuff is going to be okay, otherwise if we don't hear it, we don't consider it real. Often people see a completely different picture of us that it actually not how we feel inside. We often come of too dry and soulless, artificial, but for me it just happens because I am so numb from all the emotions and guilt about the most stupid little things.I've spent years trying to figure myself out, because I don't want to be full of shit, I want to be good and sincere and honest. I am still trying to find that perfect middle. but I have no clue and it's alright, because I chose to be independent and learn to live without having a partner, because I want to have natural goodness in me and not all the fake stuff. The stereotype that portrays us like a sweet candy floss and charming lucky charms is so misleading. So I think it's a useful observation, but in no way it should put other Libras down. Like someone mentioned in a comments below, Libras have a gut feeling that is almost always accurate and they should definetely trust that. Always. That gut feeling is what actual makes us feel human, not the thoughts or beliefs we have, because they can often lie and the heart we have, even if it's synthetic or artificial can't. However, you shouldn't forget that Libras are assholes and don't buy their shit, unless you test them. Trust me, I am a Libra I know what kind of demon we can be. Thank you.

  • profile image

    sophiedophie 8 weeks ago

    All that is written is so true. Here’s something to know about a libra, they have a gut feeling that is almost always accurate, if you hurt a libra and not be able to make it up to them fully they will use and hurt you in anyway possible over the smallest things yet not feel any remorse. its like they trick themselves they feed their demons till they are so very full and they enjoy it. they’re usually really calm but i noticed how they can’t tolerate stupidity if no ones watching they’ll lash out probably useing really hurtful remarks. By hurtful i mean really hurtful libras observe and are very diplomatic, they watch your everyday behavior ask you lots of questions if they are interested and learn about you enough just to be able to push the right buttons to hurt you. They know what needs to be done in order to get what they want,and it’s most likely they’ll get it one way or another. They like being the one that isn’t surprised almost always appearing calm and wise, as if they can see the future. BUT don’t forget the good as long as you stay on their good side they’ll spoil you be your shoulder to cry on and alot more. Being a librans family member might be pretty difficult they don’t mind providing what they are supposed to provide for the family usually spoiling them, they don’t mind spending quality time with their kids and wife. but they need to recharge in order to keep it up or as i said before they will lash out. Sometimes physicall abuse they don’t care if your 3 or 95but when they know if anyone else finds out they can get in trouble they know how make them shut up before they even think about it.

  • profile image

    Transfiguration 2 months ago

    Pinning any unoleasantness you are experiencing from people on Libras, flies in the face of Spirituality, as we understand it. The Universal Law Of One.would suggest that these are people are mirroring qualities you possess but do not like about yourself. Do you not see that you are putting energy into pulling people down, which will surely circle back, hurting you and those you love? Why not radiate Love instead, and shine your light bright enough to dissipate any shadow you happen upon? The world needs more light from you. Transmuting the energy behind the thoughts and words of your ranting into energies of Love and Light is as simple as asking the Universe to do it. Munay

  • profile image

    LaKeisha Strahan 2 months ago

    I am a Libra and I have to disagree on every aspects lol for me personally I do good until I’m messed over as soon as you mess over me it’s over with. Libras a diplomatic people we don’t like to be mistreated or treated unfairly nor like it being done to other people yes I am lazy and charming and very indecisive but yes Libra’s are very sweet and loyal ppl but if we dnt get it back in return yes I’m throwing a fit. If a libra’s dark side showing you’ve had to provoke them in some way. I’ve had so many ppl misuse me and take advantage of me but soon as I react I’m the crazy one

  • profile image

    joe lulu 6 months ago

    I am a Libra and I can tell u when u make a Libra mad they get quit and when that happens the best thing to do is leave cause they are about to snap

  • profile image

    Straight to the p 6 months ago

    Aries women here I have a Libra soon to b ex friend and a brother and these are very giving ppl and they are charming but they do have a dark side especially when you get close to them my friend known her for 7 yrs God mother to my kids I loved this friend and I really praised her and always was there for her I would take a bullet for her cuz when an Aries love sooo deep and we r sensitive but she used to put me down in a sarcastic way n I felt she wanted to hurt me when she said it but I use to brush it off cuz she's done so much for me n me for her and recently her roommate told me she was speaking of my husband wanted to screw her n she use to say so many mean things about me so as an Aries I confronted the situation with my husband and her roommate and her all together and I was so hurt that she had this hatred against me it broke my heart she couldn't say anything and wanted to leave the room and I that moment I found out who she really was I wish her the best but not in my life and my brother I've tried to b there for him emotionally physically and still didn't work definitely got stabbed in the back so just b careful if u feel too deeply and love deeply u might end up being their prey I know they might not all be like that I hope but I had enough of Libra I connect with them but will never ever be devoted to one again that's my experience n boy I'm still healing from the hurt but life moves on

  • profile image

    Charlotte354 6 months ago

    This article makes me regret being a Libra :') What a pity my mother didn't postpone my birth. I think it's smart to learn astrology to choose the best time to give birth to a child and choose their planetary influences to prevent many obstacles :P

  • profile image

    LibraGirlfive 8 months ago

    This is true. I hide my negative emotions and just keep it. I hate quarrels. I hate having fights in public. I dont like drama. Think i am not fake person. Just that we only show it in private place. We are not too bulgar to chaos in public. I think that is just right when etiquette is concern. Sorry for that. And nope im a Loyal libra.

  • profile image

    Lillica 10 months ago

    My older bro is a libra, a paedophile. He used to bully me when I was a child in every nasty way you can think of. He used to sexually abuse me, in a very sadistic way, sneaking into my bed when I was sleeping. I was 9 y/o and he was 16.

    I remember my mum saying to me that he used to steal money from my dad, reason why he had to lock the drawer where he could keep his cash safe.

    Also he was a bully at school.

    His best friends were always the most quiet guys he could find to hang around with. He had tons of pornographic magazines when a teenager. He was always an atheist person who would always take p**s of me, my sis and my mum when we would go to church and give donations.

    He is very intelligent and extremely good at computers/programming and logical science, stuffs which requires a lot of high IQ. He's won competitions on creating video games at an early age. No one believes he's got so many dark secrets in his life but only the very close ones to him, like his ex-wife who I learned, only once they got divorced, that he was very aggressive to her indoors.

    And I suspect that he would sexually rape his ex-wife little sister when she was about 10 y/o and I was about 14, but then I never had any proofs of it nor she ever said anything about it, like I myself never did say a word with fear, when I was being raped for all those nights....

    What makes worse about him is that he is double faced and people can only see his bright side, that he is helpful to people, he helps my sister financially, he cares about my parents and is looking after them.

    Now he lives in Japan and if I ask him to get me anything from there he would send me by post, or any info about computers, or hints on how to solve computer problems etc.

    He's friendly in that way which confuses me now a lot.... And I took my chances and went to Japan, and for my surprise he had prepared a space for me to sleep with improvised curtains, giving me total privacy. He did work hard to improvise that space for me. He also took me around by car to show wonderful places etc.

    Today he's converted into spiritualist religion, and I hope he's changed now although a few years back he let slip something about one of his sons who he said "he is very serious" and that "he is different from the younger one". At my request of clarification he said "oh well he doesn't like certain things, like when I play a bit with him, he gets furious". So I understood that he meant "when I try some sexual assault on him... "

    So maybe he's still a paedophile and that can't be changed. He's sick but I don't know what to do now because I've reached an adult age and have lived with the nightmare of those horrible experiences in my life. I am leaving him in God's hands because I know one day he will pay for all these sick acts he's committed.

    He's been nicer to me than when I was younger, but I can't erase my past memories and my feelings are of a great pain still because I can't forgive him at all even tho he's nice and the most helpful person in my family at the moment....

    And sometimes I feel terrible about myself because I constantly fight my own feeling of wanting him to rotten in hell, because I feel I shouldn't as he's my brother.

    If there's karma involved in my destiny I only wished I was child raped by a stranger not by my own brother.

    Searching on the net about paedophiles I found out that most of them were committed by librans. I searched under "Star signs related to types of crimes" and got the shocking result: Paedophilies = Librans

    So that could be their another dark, sick and spiteful dark sides to add into the ones mentioned in this article.

  • profile image

    Seagreentangerine 10 months ago

    Hi Sylvia

    I am a few years late in reading your amazing and very poignant article regarding The Dark Side of Saccharine Libra, but I am soo glad I found it. You've hit every nail on the head (or should I say the nail to every Psychic Vampyre Libran's Coffin.. )

    When I meet new people, I always try and find a way of getting through the backdoor to their psyche - Astrology being my usual tool. Sometimes I forget to get that information....

    One day, a Libran aquaintance (the now ex fiance of my partner's friend) tried to contact my partner one Christmas with a flurry of dramatic txts and voicemail as her fiance had dumped her. My partner and her don't have a friendship.... We were staying in a very beautiful hotel and this was Christmas Eve.... ( baring in mind her parents live 5 minutes from her home and she's close to them, she alledges to have 2 childhood friends who live near her too.. she didn't turn to them.) I immediately had her pegged as a boyfriend snatcher, took charge and used my partner's phone to phone her back (not knowing her star sign).

    The Libra was seething underneath her shock that I phoned her, that she hadn't got my partner! In fact she spent a good time saying she expected to speak to my partner, but in a very roundabout way! I told her he didn't think it wise to take "sides" and wanted to stay out of it.

    I spent 2 hours on that phone listening to her sob story and when I put the phone down, she remained in my head, like a mosquito biting my brain, irritating, annoying and.... poisonous.

    I tried several times to con myself that perhaps my gut instinct was off, I'd since found out she was a Libra, I'd never met one until then (that's a whole 36 years without knowing a Libra, I wasn't missing anything). I stupidly had them pegged as pacifists, harmless...... COULD I BE MORE WRONG?

    I let her into my world denying my gut instinct and being the stupidly open person I can be, shared a few secrets - thankfully nothing shameful, just emotional things from my past.

    Looking back, she loved it when I was down, positively revelled in it!! She was always there, talking about it.... When I started to find my feet and grow back into my own skin and started embracing life (I started sewing classes and then attending Couture workshops) she didn't want to know. If i started talking excitedly about what i was learning and even invited her to class, she was cold, uncaring and uninterested (this is the woman who maxes out credit cards at cheap clothing shops.....). I then inherited a lot of money (and I already own my home and rent it out which I know she hated as she wasn't interested in seeing the renovation photos) and I told her my news. I was overwhelmed and tearful as it was my dad who gave me it in advance, and it was the first time he told me he loved me - I am telling her the story, she wasn't interested and tried to turn it all back to her new Prey, a new man. I knew then she truly was that ugly person from Christmas.

    The alarm bells were ringing, I was no longer denying the gut and i made sure I got her whole astrology chart (on the pretense of performing a compatibility report for her new Prey).

    What I saw was shocking and a wake up call. She has a lot of planets in Leo. That Libra/Leo thing was just ugly - self important, secretly power crazed, a seducer, and let's not forget, she's a Cusp of Virgo Libra. I was terrified. Scorpios I can handle, I can even handle a Scorpio Moon and an Aries Moon (I am heavily influenced by Pisces!) but that mess of air and fire, fixed and cardininal, on and off....


    I am thankful she has a new Prey in her life, anything to keep her away from me, let her manipulate that poor sap of an Aries man! If it all goes wrong I won't be there for her, I've locked the Neptunian door... I'll counter her with a weapon she despises... kicking and screaming back into her own pit of hell... yes, I'll kill her with my own personal happiness!

  • profile image

    Cricket802 12 months ago

    A lifelong libra friend I'm strongly considering giving up. Why loyalty. I love her like a sister. I won't let anyone treat her badly. But that's a 1 way thing. Other day called her home only to have her drunk freind try to question me on religion? Seriously wtf! Let him ask a few questions that were way out of line before lost my temper & told him to plz back the hell off. She did nothing. Sat there listening​ in while this self righteous weirdo was really out of line! I was so offended. Then the bag tells me I was telling & she needed to go. Damn straight go right out of my life.

  • profile image

    Aj10 13 months ago

    This is true. I see a lot of my dark traits right there. Its a painful truth and for those of you who got offended by this article. Let's be honest ladies and gentlemen, you weren't here to read about 1000 reasons why people should love us librans.. you just got a dose of reality, live with it.

    And for those poor souls who's either or both parents/ brothers or sisters/in laws etc were Librans- Ouch, I truly feel sorry.

    I will never justify our dark side. In fact the reason why i am here is because i just googled the dark side of Libras today morning. As a typical Libran male, I am well aware of my faults. I remember exactly where I have wronged others and I also remember when and how many times I have compensated for those acts of selfishness or rudeness. To be honest, I am more aware of my faults than of my strengths.

    I have a horrible relationship with my parents and my brother. I am afraid of settling down with someone. What happens when all the fun and excitement of being in a relationship is over??? Am I going to take out all my frustrations on my wife and kids even???? I am worried that the very same relationship that i have with my parents is what I will have with my wife and kids.

    I have hit that point in life where the realization of who I truly am is so upsetting that I despise myself. I have begun meeting new people like this "dont be fooled, I am not what it seems".

    We libras are very difficult people for families to get along with. Our home is where we are the most stubborn, the most controlling, unyielding, vengeful selves. The only reason I can think of is that, it is because we hide ourself so well in public that we carry all the annoyances and irritation back home, to a place we do not need to hide and while at home, the slightest irritation can wreck havoc. Things that does not warrant attention would end up being scrutinized and judged and harshest of words will be exchanged.......its PATHETIC!!!

    Thank you Sylvia for a well written article

  • profile image

    Megadeth1016 13 months ago

    Pretty damn true. I have a stellium in libra sun moon mercury venus and they are all in the 12th house. I Definetly repress anger and am secretive. I am no drama queen though. I hate drama, and i am not sociable either. I know someone with libra sun and moon who has all of the above mentioned as well. (Sun and moon are in 8th house) but he and i are good people.

  • profile image

    Lilbit2459 13 months ago

    Second thought about this subject...we all have negative traits, can't have the positive without the negative. And then there are the decans of each zodiac sign, in which will defer from each other but still be somewhat the same of each other. Depends on the day of the month you were born. I know 5 Geminis, 3 aquarius' real well. All are alike but different also. I looked each up, the decans explained it well. Very well.

  • profile image

    Lilbit2459 13 months ago

    I know two Libras. Both can be very friendly, sweet, helpful...but then they seem to turn on a dime. Very moody. Vindictive and nosy. The one I know best is so selfish, vindictive that she doesn't care who's life she ruins while in the process of getting what she wants. Wants two men at one time, expecting both to remain while she decides, but they better not find another woman while the libra is deciding. Their kids are not allowed to love anyone but her, the mother. If they do they will learn to regret it. She buys and bribes people with any means. A lawyer once made a circle of names with a dot in the center. Asked us who we thought the dot was, we shrugged, he then told us it was the very libra I am talking about. He said she has to always be the center of attention, will continue to create major drama until she gets what she wants. Finally, to our regret, years later we gave up and let the kids go since she was ruining our and their lives in the process of her severe selfishness. She finally left us alone and we did not see the kids until they became adults, many years later. Kids now tell us that Mom uses people for money, and gets in an uproar out of the blue. She also cries at the drop of a hat. Very childlike. When in discussion about this libra others who think they know her well will defend her and say she is gracious and unselfish. They can't believe us about her. She is a great charmer, but to only win someone over enough to get info from them, info that she can use against others eventually. Like she has some sort of ledger in her head. The other libra I know, is charming also. But charming when she wants info from us. Nosy and users of others' lives. These libras gossip in such a way that so many don't consider them as gossipers. My experience with libras is dark. Just my experiences of libras I know. As a matter of fact, I won't let myself around these libras because they do charm well and I now see charmers as nothing but a sticky web, don't get too close.

  • profile image

    Faeron Dewart 16 months ago

    I am a libra and this doesn't describe me. I pride myself on being truthful beyond anything. That is the only way you can truly be loyal. I DO think everyone else has a brain and feelings. I am almost offended by this "even the best libras do not think you have feelings or a brain". None of this rings true for me and you should not say "even the best" this emplies EVERY SINGLE Libra thinks more of themselves than they think of you. I would also like to remind everyone that this isn't a "meltdown" I am having a reasonable opinion. I am POSITIVE I am not the only libra who thinks this. I DO NOT manipulate people to help myself and I don't cheat and make others feel bad when confronted. If I screw up I own up. I apologize and we move on. I really don't think there should ever be an article that claims EVERY libra does such and such.. that's like saying every American likes pizza. You don't know that and everyone is individual.

    *steps off soap box*

  • profile image

    Riu Rox 16 months ago

    Yes I do throw tantrums and become manipulative but only when I am wronged and taken advantage of for a long time. My behavior is actually a slight reflection of yours. Off course, I am not going to vent on strangers when I am wronged by a close one as it will not be justified. Nor I will treat my closed ones badly if I had a bad day. Yes I can be dark by being extremely lazy and indecisive but everyone has got a dark side. I love, appreciate, care and support all those close ones who accept and love me for who I am. I also appreciate the creativity of this author by portraying Libra's negative image since I was really bored of those charming and peaceful stories about Libras .....cheers and peace

  • profile image

    Replytovengefulauthor 16 months ago

    As someone that has done a lot of astrology reading I can admit I know some of these traits can be very true of a libra.

    but....... I have to say you have gone out of your way to taint this sign more so than they deserve and more so than your other dark side write ups. I must agree with fellow commentors that your distaste for this sign is merely a reflection of your own negativity and distorted observations.

    You look and sound evil and very quite bitter. If your not a "capricunt" you have the face and attitude for one.

    And I'm not even a libra.

  • profile image

    Me 16 months ago

    How do you find out your full chart?

  • profile image

    Libra who met the dark side 16 months ago

    I'm a libra. And I know there's a dark side but I'm not a dark person. However I met a libra and she's like me but diffrent. The shadows are her home! This describes her to a T. I couldn't wrap my head around it because I'm not like that. Thank you. This helped.

  • profile image

    miya 17 months ago

    This is very true about Libras. Don't let their "niceness" fool you. I have a Libra "friend" that I grew up with and I thought she was the nicest person but now I realize how untrue that is. She is conniving, manipulative and a backstabber. She uses people and shes a know it all. I used to call her a best friend but she is far from it. Shes ugly on the inside and on the outside and she's vain for no reason.

  • profile image

    Gemini guy 17 months ago

    I am supposed to get along with this sign but it is the one I like the least. I get along with Virgos and Scorpios just fine.

  • profile image

    Kevin B. Saunders 17 months ago

    Libras are the nicest people of all the signs until you rub us the wrong way.

  • profile image

    eve 18 months ago

    Hm. I am pretty sure there are killers of all signs...and actually if you've only found 5 twisted people in Libra, that in fact disproves your point.

    I can agree with some of the second parts of statements: e.g. yes, avoiding confrontation is not a tenable objective and will lead to outbursts (what's term in the title- yes, repressed); people born in October avoid confrontation, no = can't be proven. (Of course I'm born in October haha...I happen to be controlling indeed toward those who get closer to me; in the work-social arena...a combination of practicality- choosing your battles- and impracticality - picking battles you can't win, just to make a point, I do that too. And sometimes I just make fun of people- for instance if they make racist comments and I'm just having a beer on Sunday night, instead of punching them in the face I get this attitude of smiling from ear to ear, looking them straight in the eye and and making them feel like shit. But then again, it's for a good cause...?).

  • profile image

    Evelyn 18 months ago

    I'm a Libra with lots of planets in Scorpio. This article was accurate about "some" of my dark traits. Muahahahaha ;)~

  • profile image

    Really? 18 months ago

    Guys you are reading an article about the DARK SIDE of Libra, of course you are going to read a lot of bad things! This just says a lot. Every astrology reading sugarcoats signs like Libra so it must be that shocking for you. There are bad people, no matter which sign they are, and your sign is not inmune to that evilness.

  • profile image

    18 months ago

    Yeah I do see these traits in myself I just find it happens when I'm being too nice or something and I always seem to attract the wrong people.......

    Im working on how to tell which person I should be friends with and people just taking advantage of me....

    As you know im a libra and have a pretty hard time saying no... so i find people can see that and then after a bit take advantage of that and sometimes just use me and then after a while it all just builds up into sadnesss and anger and its just ahhhh idk how to get rid of it lol oh yeah and i smile and laugh at my own misery alot... idk why but i find it funny

  • profile image

    kyon6 18 months ago

    im a libra 10/6/1992, and I loved this article because it is accurate. I think all libras have a dark side to balance out being kind, caring, and considerate... One day includes both sun and moon rising and setting, to be complete.

  • profile image

    Abbas 19 months ago

    This was an interesting read. I'm a Libra Sun with a Libra Ascendant. I'm going to be very honest, I was pretty ruthless with my ex wife, especially in the latter part of our marriage. Here's why. I was married to a Virgo woman, one who heavily did the virgo thing which is pessimistically driven to chastise and be judgmental to the end. I know that sounds brash, and probably just as bad as how Librans have been painted on here, but there is a very specific driving force as to why I acted the way that I did, and it's because of how how she treated my children. I've been blessed with a moon in Leo, for all of those with Leo in their charts, you know that means firey devotion on a different scale. For me, it was to my defend my kids and anytime she went past the line of reason in punishing them, I was right there to invoke the one thing Librans are good at, utilizing and that is our rather sharp tongue. They say Librans hate conflict and that we shy away from them, that's what others see, but what they don't realize is that we're fighting not to open our mouths out of psychologically, emotionally and spiritually dismantling you on the spot. There is a reason why they say Librans make good judges, its because we are able to take every situation or event and tear it down to it's nuts and bolts to see what's really within. We don't use emotions to figure things out, we don't use tactile sensory to figure things out, it's about all that is mental and the air signs are especially built for this. The Native American totem of the Libran time frame is the Raven. They said that the raven people were feared in the tribes because they always new what was going on without hearing a word, they always knew. We work from the shadows, you'd figure that would be a Scorpio thing being ruled by Pluto, but despite being ruled by Venus, our (hermit) like needs tend to make us more powerful in our endeavors when we are in solitude to let our mental powers loose. By the way, those of you who had Libran parents that treated you like garbage, what's your sign? My children I mentioned earlier just so happen to be a gemini girl and a sagittarian boy. Even though they do love their mother, greatly, their elemental make up naturally gravitates towards mine, only on the basis that we understand each other on a level she will never understand, she is a Virgo sun/Cancer moon. They will never make her needs for materialistic stability happy, nor her emotional driven self to be happy. Like a few here said earlier, there's more to the picture about the signs, you have to look at the sum total of your chart. One Libran is not going to be the same as the other. One of my best friends is a Libra with a moon in Pisces. He is probably one of the shitiest father's of met, however, I am one of the most fatherly/tribal individuals you'll ever meet. So don't take the (general) layout of the Libra to heart, it's only one sliver of what variations there can be about the Libra. I'm super proud to be one.

  • profile image

    Broken hearted 19 months ago

    I'm a Libran and I all I care about is love . I love so deeply and I treat my man like he's a god hoping to get that amount of attention in return but it never happens. I've been in two long relationships with Aquarius and Gemini , they are supposed to be the best compatible signs with libra but not in my case , they care too much about their parents and careers more than the woman they love. I don't care about anything when I'm happily in love. I ignore my family my friends and my work. I do whatever makes my lover happy just to keep the harmony and passion between us. That's my fuel. But now I discovered that I gave everything to the wrong people. My family and friends are being very supportive while my lover soon to be my ex is just busy with his new job. I feel that 2015/ 2016 were the worst years of my life. And I don't want to become a mother after all I read here , It's a big responsibility that I can't handle I'm very fragile and need someone to constantly take care of me. I'm 28 years old , born on September 27 and I wish I can hear stories of girls who share the same birthday with me as I need some answers. I want to know what's going wrong because I'm doing all the right things but all I'm getting is disappointment.

  • profile image

    child of libra 19 months ago

    i can tell you my mother is a libra and this fits her to a t. she made my life a living hell. she physically, verbally, emotionally, and spiritually abused me as far back as i can remember. when i say spiritual abuse, she was always in to some different religion even witchcraft at one point. which was when i was very young. i can not even begin to describe the hell she put me through. she is a full blown malignant narcissist. i am in my 40's and i have went total no contact with her on several times. i am currently in no contact, but this time it is for good. nothing was her fault. she abused me because she didnt know any better. i was a good kid. there was no pleasing her no matter what i did. she was so nice to outsiders but treated my family and dad like dirt. on the rare times i could have a friend over she was sooo nice like she wanted them to like her. i would wonder why she never was nice to me. my friends would say your mom is so nice. god if they had only known. i ended up living a lot of my life with my grandmother because my mom would not stop physically abusing me. she would rage out. im not saying all libras are like this but my mother certainly is. she is to this day. im sure its not just the libra in her, she is a narcissist. my brother and daughter are both libra and my brother has 3 boys. he is nothing like my mom. he is a great father and husband. but when i read this i was like wow. my libra daughter who is 17 has buddied up with my libra mother and she doesnt understand the evil in my mother. i have never told her. i hope she can just control herself from now on and never treat my daughter the way she treated us. she has never ever apologized to me and never will. she just says she did the best she could. other than my mom, i love libras!!!

  • profile image

    19 months ago

    Freaking true to the core. I was cohabitating with one under her suggestion and without a thought (being a male & feeling totally cloud 9 to be asked), I experienced a life changing event. I took my life out of utter mental & emotional meltdown. Did not tap out because I do not believe in giving up easily in love. Or so I thought. Boy was I so wrong and regretted holding on for so long. Mind & heart got twisted in and out 24/7 till I broke down entirely. Thank God doctors brought me back alive. Everyday, physical pain reminds me of how manipulative, hypocritical, cynical and deceptive she can be. And to think I still stood by her EVEN when I was admitted and discharged till her demented form comes devouring me inside out again!!! I SWEAR NEVER to go near this monsterous scale bearer again EVER in my living, breathing life. Libra is hopelessly disillusioned with her own actions & behaviour. I was a fool sheltering her from all her accusers but they were actually right all along. I was a big fool. Curse you Libra for messing men's life everywhere you go. You should have gone to the shrink when he asked you to!

  • profile image

    Diana 19 months ago

    I'm a libra myself. But damn I've definitely never seen an article talking so badly about us Librans! People should understand that not every Libran is the same. They may share common general characteristics but that's it. All that's left (like the bad traits mentioned above which seemed to me like traits of a dangerous personality disorder) is formed depending on countless variables (the way one was raised, experiences etc..) we do have a dark side, but we don't all react the same way. In fact the way one reacts to whatever angers them is much more beyond a zodiac sign. Reactions are learned through experience and habit, you are not born with a certain way of reacting due to a zodiac sign. This article is way too shallow for the most part. And I do know many people who fit this above profile but are not Librans and also not related to Libra in general. So this article is in no way 10% correct describing how a Libra is like when wronged. It is overly exaggerated. So now every Libran is a bad parent? Mother, father, uncle whatever..that's ridiculous. There are many bad parents and abusers, even family murderers with different zodiac signs. And what's described in the article is more like a personality disorder, rather than a dark side. Seems to be written by someone who had a bad experience with a Libran and conluded that all Librans are like that one scumbag they once knew..horrible.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 19 months ago from USA

    Shewolf, it is painful for all when people don't understand us. Often, the question "Why?" has no answer. People themselves don't know what drives them. But when others give you guff, you can be sure the problem is about them, not you.

  • profile image

    shewolf 19 months ago

    I have good traits, and some of those bad traits, am I happy with them?! No.

    It is build up frustration, anger and pain, because you once were nice, and understood and accepted ppl by the way they are, but we seem to have to mold, like we aren't good enough...

    Well, I that feel that my negative side is taking over at the moment, don't really enjoy it, I'm not in peace, I cry when I'm alone, think that I just wanna die, it's like I'm out of place .... All I wanted was ppl to accept me the way I accept ppl by the way they are, and for example stop wondering if what I say to a 3rd person upsets my partner, etc...

    Maybe, some ppl here commenting on bad libras, we aren't perfect we're humans, and we libras look for balance (apologies for wrong methods to achieve such) , but maybe try to find the reason behind such behaviour and maybe you can help... We aren't that stubborn!

  • profile image

    Michelle 20 months ago

    "Whoa is me"..libra. me, me, me..lie. glil ou. the least balanced sign. My mom is one and i was in love with one. Im a gemini.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 20 months ago from USA

    Chastity, this article is solely about Libra's dark side. Like every other sign they have a bright side, but that's not the subject of this article.

  • profile image

    Sylvia Sky 20 months ago

    Chastity, this article is solely about Libra's dark side. They have a bright side as well, and many good traits.

  • profile image

    Chastity 20 months ago

    Libra is often misunderstood and seen as the villian because they are too themselves. Whoever wrote this...wrote it in a condescending way towards libras...what is there zodiac? Something darker? Also.....psychopaths...sociopaths....idiots.....bad fathers....narcissists...are in all zodiacs....and for this writer to associate it with one particular zodiac..just means they have something against poor libras. :( Bad ex maybe? Mother problems? Who knows.

  • profile image

    dmcolibra 20 months ago

    Some people agreeing with this in its whole has proven they know and strongly dislike a certain libra in their life, and have no reason to disagree because of the obvious pain THAT negative libra has caused. Of course all us libra aren't like that and have EVERY negative trait. I don't particularly like this post but that's because it just doesn't fit me personally. But I can agree when there's a negative personality and it's fixated on the sign some ppl are going to agree.

  • profile image

    10/17 libra seeking balance 20 months ago

    I am a Libra male and lately I have been feeling disconnected from myself(sign). Mostly because most things I read about Libras don't feel like they connect with me. Most things are always flowery in tone.

    I searched out an article like this to better understand myself. I am a only child also raised by a Libra mother. So to say my ability to maintain connection is fucked is putting it mildly. It sux to say but all these dark traits are traits I have observed in myself to some degree (some more than others) and I feel it growing. Things seem to be falling apart around me. Irritability is the worst part I hate about myself. I have zero desires to be a negative libra but honestly don't how to turn it around or even if I can.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 20 months ago from USA

    The constellation Libra contains stars that belonged to Scorpio until astronomers (not astrologers!) drew new lines in 1930. Lolz, I think your Sun might be among those Scorpio stars.

  • profile image

    Jd. 20 months ago

    I'm a virgo male and married a female libra. While we were dating i let her know about my one true longtime best friend which was my first ex (gemini)from high school yrs (different schools). We were close like family and talked a lot on the phone and only during work hours(my choice after we started dating in 2000). We have been doing that since 1989 to 2004 we did hookup a few times before 1996 none since then no longer felt right. Godfather to her daughter and son her parents never had. Met my wife in early 2000. We talked on the work phone but never in person 1997 till 2002 and just to show her the engagement ring and never since. My wife told me how she was teased a lot coming up and I was did all I could to show her how much I loved her. Well long story longer I could not invited my best friend and family to my own wedding I'm hurt didn't phase her. I found out later they talked on the phone after my wife told me. My wife had even made a threat to her so while all this was happening behind my back, bad blood was gushing between guess who? Bingo my libra wife and my libra wife. My friend never said a single word ever. That libra bad moon came out PURE EVIL . She wanted me to turn on my friend and hurt her, did didn't fly with me I'm grown and 3yrs older. Libra bad moon stubborn teased low self esteem actually turned her murderist( real word or not) me being a virgo male and 1000% honest our whole relationship I had no secrets. I let her Stew in her own poop made it worst. She invited my best friend over to the house for a business presentation but did admit it was no good purpose. The cat she got for us 1month before she moved in liked me more than her so we got 1 more so they could play together that failed dead cat. 1 ultimatum don't talk to my best friend anymore. Grow up wife. 2 more kids but from 2004 till upcoming divorce cold as ice towards me crazy. What ever happened in her head destroyed her. She took the kids and tried to move into a shelter and she didn't even know why. Libra females are lost of words. She doesn't have money or a job with 3 kids luckily I still support my kids and back to her parents house. She thinks I walked out on her? What The.

  • profile image

    Lolz 20 months ago

    I am a libra male born on September 23rd.

    I'm kind of upset these dark sides don't match me.

    One of them that you should really fear about my dark side are my games that I put you in (you are my pawn and will always be until I get my revenge or I hear an apology if not you'll never be out of my loop until you're gone or I am)

    If you cross my line you're already in the game of life or death for me. Warning signs. I will never approach you or talk to you because I already gotten more than a 1k people that you know and I know on my side. So good luck living.

    Yes I do get angry and yes I get angry a lot sometimes. It all depends on what you do and what you don't do also my mood. When I get angry I yell and scream but if it gets worst I start getting physical and it's scary.

    I once got angry at one of my siblings and I zoned out while I was close to their neck to chock them. I didn't thank god my parents were there to snap me out of it.

    Yes I am extremely lazy bit I am actually thinking of ways to understand some concepts an etc. In my head and finding out how my mind games are going in my head.

  • profile image

    Prefer Librafriends 21 months ago

    Some of you seem quite bitter and let your insecurities show by bashing Libras. I think the problem is that you were too selfish and judgemental instead of taking the time and making a genuine effort to get to know and understand a Libra better, you chose to ASSume, criticize, demean, and judge someone you never really got to know. Most Libras are quick to put a wall up to protect themselves from insecure, jealous, judgemental, negative, condescending people who attack them. Remember there are THREE sides to every story: yours, theirs, and the TRUTH.

    You may want to look in the mirror first.

    I much rather have Libra friends, lovers, co-workers, or acquaintances than any other sign.

  • profile image

    Libra Sara 21 months ago

    I agree with Jcassar for the most part.

    Although I do see some parts of the negative traits, for me personally, I think some of these listed seem exaggerated to highlight the most negative Libras out there.

    I was a bit indecisive in my younger younger years. I will admit that. But, because I get impatient and irritated at other people's indecisiveness, I learned to make quick decisions and move on.

    After more than four decades, I have realized that II much more prefer the company and friendship of other fellow Librans. And just reading some of the negative opinions and attacks on Libras by others here, it just reaffirms my choice.

    I avoid confrontations and drama if at all possible. I strongly dislike negativity and conflict. I am loyal and very protective of my friends and loved ones. I try to always be fair and give everyone a fair chance.

    Unfortunately, some people are selfish, insensitive, and don't know how to value a sincere person like myself. When that happens, I've learned to respect myself and just move on. Friendship and respect are a two-way street. I highly value: integrity, loyalty, honesty, and friendship. It seems not every one is on the same page though. That only helps to make it clear that those people are not compatible and I don't want them in my life.

  • profile image

    i hate libras 21 months ago

    I swear I'm making a note objective after years of analysis and hearing the testimonies of many people. Libra is a sign that exploits the very positive stereotype given to them in many articles, but and a big but. This is not true ! They are the most hypocritical people, will never hear the truth from them. They are popular works as well and everything that motivates them is to please themselves under the guise of providing the other. They are manipulators, competitive sickeningly beneath the surface,

    Their status is important to them before everything, even before their family, they are treacherous and chasing sickly, dressing up as those who are fans so they do not have their own character, for them there is nothing to admire a man who slept with many girls, not considered to be a man, not cool - This is the person they imitate every day and every day until they meet someone greater than him in this field is very shallow, and thus inherently boring dressing up as other people, are subject in any depth,

    Are looking for the meaning of life, the chronically lazy and manipulate the environment to work for them.

    But the best thing I sickening Libra is that they always find a patsy to do their dirty work, who come out worst in their name but unconsciously. I'm Aquarius and many followed after constellations Libra and always pretended I did not notice, but they are so careful people!

  • profile image

    romen 22 months ago

    hi, i would like to know which one is more accurate sun sign or moon sign.

  • profile image

    Hello 22 months ago

    I find this article very interesting. I'm a Libra, too. Let me tell you, it's hard to read, because I feel so guilty when I hurt someone I care about and/or make mistakes.

    I beat myself over it, to the point where I'm stuck in shame and guilt.

    Every sign has its positive and negative qualities. The tough part is to stare in the mirror at your own soul and evaluate where growth is needed and where your shadow side is prevailing.

    I can be controlling, passive-aggressive, late, insensitive, and then I alternate between being detached and clingy. Let me tell you, it's hard to see your own pattern on behaviors and I'm just beginning to see mine.

    To the folks on here who have had abusive parents, my heart goes out to you. Rather than concentrate on the abuser and their sun sign, what can you do to heal? Perhaps even forgive? Because the odds are likely that these people were abused too, as children, but other sun-signs. And they were abused children, too.

    I've been abused by a Scorpio, Virgo, and Sag. You know what sun sign I became the most bitter towards? An Aries, who absolutely did a number on me and broke my heart.

    For a while, I wouldn't touch an Aries with a 100' pole. Now, I'm past the pain.

    Remember, our sun sign is merely one aspect of our natal chart and we as souls also have malleable egos that undergo change through our upbringing and experiences.

  • profile image

    Haha 22 months ago

    I'm a Libra, too.

  • profile image

    Dormaquell Bowers 23 months ago

    I am a Libra Oct 1 1990 and I do see all of those traits in me at times ...

  • profile image

    Rei 23 months ago

    My last girlfriend was a libra, she was just like that. She say yes to you but did what she wanted at the end behind my back. She was an escort I realized. She was her entire life and she used her charm and quiet to put everybody in trouble. When I confronted her she used to say: I do not know, I do not know. Shaking her head. Never answered for anything, always playing the victim and running away to find out she just went to get drunk and laid until next day.

  • profile image

    Dave 23 months ago

    Virgo here. This story here may not be in order because I have so much to talk about. I have been with a libra woman for five years. It was right after my divorce. She had a kid that was 2 and mine was also 2. At the very beginning this gurl treated me like I was her world and I treated her like she was my queen. Then I start noticing that she wants to control everything around me. Even comes in between my child and his mother. She did not want me to get along with her. So I told her that us bringing this issue between us is not healthy. I thought I had taking care of that but I didn't. 5yrs later she was still talking about it.

    She was married once and have a 15yr old daughter. Before she met me. She left her with the ex husband claiming that she wanted a better life and career. Then with her job, she moves from state to states dating around people. Then she met another dude while she was having an affair with a married man then got pregnant by the new guy. The new guy went out and cheated on her with tones of women and the wife of the husband had also found out about the affair. Then she moved to another state where we met.

    She never told me about her had an affair, she claimed that the guy never told her that he was married. Then out of no where one day, the wife messaged me then that's when I put the whole story together in my head. Asked her about it, she denied it.

    Anyways, I can never communicate any issues with her. She is always blaming me or saying it's my fault. She never care for her sons school activities. She has anyone or anybody babysitting him. I feel so sorry for the kid.

    Also, she has this ego problem 5hat I can't stand.

    She always wanted to spend money that we don't have then complaining that I need to work more or she needs to work more

    She never satisfied, she now keeps her friends away from me. We are at a point, where she wants to do whatever she wants to do and I'm not allowed to ask.

    Had I knew this about libras, I would of tried working things out with my ex wife instead. Because to me a family Foundation comes first.

    I want to feel proud of my accomplishments when I am 60 and 70

    Looking ahead. I think that she will be one lonely person. She will be dating and doing this dudes but little does she know that karma is a bitch and life gets harder as you get older and still living a life like you are 21 forever

  • profile image

    mike 23 months ago

    This exactly describes my soon-to-be ex-wife' s negative side. She is controlling, cold, puts forth no emotional effort, is mentally abusive to me and our two boys, cannot use conflict constructively, and seems to wait for what she "deserves" to fall into her lap because she can't be bothered to put forth any effort. She is a leech and a psychic vampire. I can't believe I fell for her fake charm 12 years ago. I moved out almost 1 year ago and, after 11 years of marriage, she has not once told me she misses me or that we should try to work it out. I guess she is waiting for me to "fix" myself so we can get back together-ain't gonna happen! I love my boys, but I am sorry I had kids with her because she is abusive and repressed.

  • profile image

    Brad 23 months ago

    I am a Libra, born Sept 26. I am the classic nuturer; my careers have been Flight Attendant and Nurse. So nuture along with some level of authoriity. Honestly I can't see this dark side of me-I am far from perfect, but passive-agressive...NO, arriving late ? NEVER ! I know I have my faults but really, I have never observed this behavior in myself or other Libras. Luck ?

  • profile image

    ak 23 months ago

    Well I guess this just confirms the notion that I'm a pos who doesn't deserve love and hurts everyone who tries. What's the point in living if you're unable to experience it in a way that benefits others?

  • profile image

    Lulu 24 months ago

    You're very welcome, Sylvia and thanks for replying to my post!

    And wow, that's interesting. Another thing is I share birthdays with Judge Judy so that Scorpion energy is very heavy around that time, as well.

    Another eye-opening information that I read on your article was that Libras have a tendency to see others as mindless and themselves as more enlightened. I noticed I kinda do this unconsciously but it's not intentional, I enjoy helping people and educating them. It's probably an ego trip lol

    Also, how does a Libran balance out that pain they repress in a healthy way? We do tend to shut them off and find unconventional ways to deal with them.

  • profile image

    Sylvia Sky 24 months ago

    Hello, Lulu. Thank you for your post. Two stars classically belonging to Scorpio (called the North and South Claws) were given over to the constellation Libra in 1930. This accounts for Librans retaining several Scorpionic traits; you might even be, in classical terms, a triple Scorpio!

  • profile image

    Lulu 24 months ago

    Hmm, as a Libra I can relate to some of this but I'm only detached because my emotions run deep and I'm scared to show my vulnerability. (Moon in Scorpio) I do have a slightly tendency to vent on, just like your co-worker did but like I said I don't want people to know anything about me. Though, this could explain the reasoning behind a Libra moon's actions. I saw this more in Libra moons. I don't like conflict but I'm not afraid to start it and end it because you know that's life. If I think I have a good reason, I'll do it (Mars in Virgo). This was a good read, more of a constructive criticism. I am cold in relationships but crave physical affections (Venus in Libra). I can see where you make certain points. Though, I'd love to save the world and bring joy to everyone's day, I need to focus on my needs first because then I project that better. If I'm not there for me, who will be? (Libra Sun combined with a Scorpio rising)

  • profile image

    Liblyf 2 years ago

    Wow u r such a rude person , most of the ppl I've met with are librans , and though every zodiac sign has a good and bad, what you are doing is creating a negative mental image in minds of people about the librans. Its true they can be aggressive but they cool down as easily and have a golden gerat which cares extremely about the people they hold near and dear . What you did up there is like you have a personal vendetta against librans and that's so wrong.

  • profile image

    astrofan 2 years ago

    This truly describes my mother in law... a libran, very indecisive and diplomatic woman. Knows how to stifle desires of family members and how to act innocent and to play mind games. These people are very good at socializing, but have lack of sincerity when it comes to their own family members. They are willing to feed the whole town, but will make their family member go hungry.

  • profile image

    Nati 2 years ago

    I am libra and I am very introverted. Most people who cut me off from their lives because they got offended with something I said to them. But they never said to me what it was directly.

    Most of people who I cut off from my life were people who I had almost never talked after years, people who I feel never cared and suddenly decided to ignore me.

    Conflicts are part of life. There are people that we don't like and vice-versa. There are people with who we will have more difficulties. I love my mother but she is one of the people with I have problems ( she is a leo ).

    I had some problems with some leos. Never had with scorpios till today.

    I tend to have more conflicts with aquarius people in general because of my nature ( I am introverted and not a sociable like many of they are ), I don't call acquaintances friends as they do, they are cold in general, I don't like small talk, it sucks to me to talk only about intelectual things most of the time, etc.

  • profile image

    Barb 2 years ago

    My mother is a libra. She is a bully, verbally and emotionally abusive, and the biggest manipulator I know. All she cares about is MONEY. She is a miserable waste of life who still tries to control me after 32 YEARS! She loves to belittle, gossip, and spread rumors. She loves DRAMA and playing the victim. She has never taken responsibility for anything in life. She chugs her crown royal then blames everyone else for her faults and problems. She's the lamest person I know.

  • profile image

    malachite666 2 years ago

    LaMorenita I would like to be able to converse with you further regarding your knowledge on Librans especially men. I am sure it will help me immensely through a current situation with a male Libran.


  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 2 years ago from USA

    Most astrologers will say Libras are sweet, balanced, and peaceful, and leave it at that. I grew up with three Libras and wondered why I never saw an astrologer discuss their dark side. I think one commenter had a good point: Librans create unnecessary conflict and then attempt to restore the balance any way they can.

  • profile image

    Moe 2 years ago

    Seems like your libra bashing. Its funny because I know 2 Arquarians who display these characteristics, and they have no libra prominent in thier charts. But im not suprised, Arquarians have a big mouth towards others but hate to be judged lol

  • profile image

    enthusiast 2 years ago

    This is a beautiful piece. Thanks for writing....

  • profile image

    shb 2 years ago

    @sylvia sky will you write on libra women plz ??

  • profile image

    ALi 2 years ago

    Its really funny how a lot of you other signs are quick to sum up Libras shortcomings, yeah, we all have our bad traits, but hey do not forget who keeps the peace, who bonds people together, I for one, personally have a bad feeling about every Gemini, I guess due to a past experience, but would I live my whole life trying to avoid and putting every Gemini in a box, I believe your heart is all that matters, if you prioritize the wellbeing of people around you, other signs take advantage of that, especially the cancer, but hey, no one wrote an article about that, do I sense envy by other signs, please let the libra be, lets all deal with our faults, make ourselves better people for those we love, if you give me love, there is no phucking way I aint giving that back, Libras are firm believers of Karma, but you try to treat me like shit, cos you feel I am always gonna try to do your bidding, there is a limit to how far that goes, so when I bring out that part off me that is so annoying, you don't think you are deserving of the exact treatment you dished, Please have a sit,

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 2 years ago from USA

    Liv, I bet your Sun-sign Aquarius who is just like the article has Libra prominent in his or her chart.

  • profile image

    liv 2 years ago

    This can apply to any sign! I know an Aquarius who is exactly like that!

  • profile image

    Geminiah 2 years ago

    Wow!! This is so on point till it's shocking! Sad to say it but I do know this to be true especiall with some Libra men born in October smh.. well I guess every sign has its bad side, cause I know us Geminis can be something else too lol.

  • profile image

    LaMorenita 2 years ago

    I'm a cancer and all I have to say is this is true!!!!!! This describes my father and a lot of libra men I know. When libra men doesn't get what they want, forget it. my father treated my mother and his kids horrible. He should be in jail for the physical abuse but got away with it. In public he was the nicest but he definitely had jekyll/hyde syndrome. We grew up fearing for our lives. Suicide seem like a better option, that's how horrible it was... I'm glad I survive it. My mom no, she passed away from it in 95 when I was 14. I had to raise myself and I turned out pretty good. Being guided from the other sign. I'm sorry (not sorry) I just believe in the zodiac and use it as a guide, the same way people use their bible or any other thing they believe in. The zodiac has not let me down, the whole 34 years I been on this planet. Before there was religion, there was the zodiac. Believe it if you want and numerology. The people who say" I don't believe in astrology" Those are the very same people that read their horoscope on the low when nobody is watching, lol. I know all signs have negative traits but Libras...forget it... they are just the must cold-blooded sign of the zodiac. The september libras are very different from the october ones. They just are. The octobers ones I know, they are just very vindictive. People on here can take offense all they want, to this article but the author hit it dead on the nail. I have way more stories about this sign, it would go on for a few pages like a mini novel. I'm writing a script about my encounter with libras and at first it was 25 pages but for some strange reason now its 135 pages, lol... I got a lot to say about this sign. Every since I was little I have been meeting or attracting this sign and its to the point where it's all the time. Maybe because my father is a libra october 11th. I tent to always meet October libras, some of them having the same birthday too. I can always tell a libra and I run from them, like literally.

    You tell you me you are libra, I'm out like the road runner, lol. I can't. I do love libras as friends. but libras think they know it all. The libras I know they love the arts and they are teachers too. My father swore he was god and is the most self righteous man I know, never been wrong a day in his life. I find nothing balances about libras at all. Very indecisive. from the moment my father woke up, from the time he went to sleep, he was ALWAYS complaining and then it would turn into rage. Libras love the idea of whatever it is that they want, love money, etc but rarely will they do anything to get it. They will hook up with someone to make their life easier. My father never worked. That's another story...I can't on here. wait for the movie, lol. Libras are critical of everything. they want what they want. they are possesive and controlling. Very clingy and needy too. Love to play the victim.

    I can recall my father doing 2 maybe 3 nice things for me but then he went back to being a bully and abusive. I meet other libras who are nice at first but then if they want you and they feel rejected by you, forget it. even the ones that are married or have a S.O.A friend of mine, I had to stop talking to him because he was in love with me and he's married and he doesn't care. it doesn't matter how many times i told that fool, its not gonna happen. He's still keeping hope alive. Idiot!! Every time I tell a libra why I don't want to be with them and I talk about their traits and how they are, even the good parts, they stay clear from me, because I know or much.

    I have been told by several libra that I have a slick mouth and that I'm a know it all. They can't run their game on me. They can't charm their way on me. This actor I met, i wanted to meet him for a long time. He was a libra, married I never knew that and dude wanted to sleep with me. I can always tell a libra, always, they have this look about them. I have told several libras, that they were libras and they ask me how I knew that, lol. I just do. I can't be bothered with them. You literally would have to have no life to deal with a libra. They want to control and possess every part of you. They don't care about how you feel. Very condescending! I keep my communication very long distance. I'm a cancer and they keep flocking to me. This is an enigma to me always will be.

  • profile image

    Cappy 2 years ago

    Wow I feel the same way about the cappy part. It's like here are some positive traits about you, but wait let me add some dark quality so you feel more shit about yourself.

    And about the Libra, I know a girl libra and I'm not sure if this is what she's like behind the scene. But I have always gotten an uneasy feeling about her after knowing her for a while. Since I couldn't care less what kind of person she is, or anybody, as long you can leave your negativity behind or if you can't just simply leave. I just don't believe adjusting yourself just so someone can feel good about themselves or make things harmonic. That's just how it is, you meet someone that will like you or they won't like you.

  • profile image

    shb 3 years ago

    I am a cancer guy with considerable libra energy in my birth chart.

    I have libran way of seeing matters,weighing pros and cons and yes some times i take too much time in deciding what option to chose and which course to navigate along.

    the reason behind this libran taking too much time to finally decide something is their inner fear that what if they chose an option which would have turn out to be wrong with a very little difference to the correct one ??? This supposition becomes so strong in their minds bcz they tend to analyse matters with intricacy,and this is the real hurdle in their decision making.

    Librans just have to come to the fact that even if they have chosen the 'very correct one' according to them,their would always be a possibility of turning that decisions to be a faliure.

    The lesson is : "Many times its not our correct decisions that bring about success....rather its the never giving up attitude that help us find tru success in life.

  • profile image

    CapOfTheCorn 3 years ago

    LOL at the person/people who got angry at this. Of course every sign has positive/negative traits and no sh*t that any of those traits can be seen in any person, Libra or not. We're all human and comprised of the same emotions. However for those of use who follow astrology there are certain behavioral patterns that are discernible in the various signs. Of course there are always exceptions. Also if you think this is bad try being a Capricorn...most of the time even our "positive" traits are portrayed in a not so pleasant light.

    That being said, I grew up with a Libra mother. "Illusion of balance" is spot on. This woman always has to have the last word and it's usually a dig or a jab of some sort. It's all smiles and good times until you -really- get to know her. The arguments are endless. Nothing is ever good enough and there is always drama. Always. Outsiders find this amusing but let me tell you, living with that is a special kind of hell because no one believes you until they experience it. And then they are shocked at the truth.

    Libra wears a very pretty mask but take that away and there is a whole lot of ugly underneath the friendly facade.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 3 years ago from USA

    You're wrong; that's not my sign. I haven't even got any planets in Virgo.

  • profile image

    Hurtmalk 3 years ago

    I have a friend like that I love her like crazy. One day I went to visit her the train stopped running she knew I was coming and made a scene out of me and another guy. She backed off and allowed the situation to get worse. I knew her for four years I never met this person before. She drove off and left me in a parking garage I asked her to drop me off at the train station the guy kept getting in my face because he helped her out with something. I walked to the ts and slept out on the bench it was a scary moment for me. It felt like my soul was leaving my body that's how much damaged I felt. Four months later I said phuk it forgave myself and her. We met up again she brought it up and apologized after all that I can't believe I still love til this day. That night made me realize something words don't mean shit from people.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 3 years ago from USA

    Librans can be many things, but it seems to me the one constant negative Libra trait is irritability.

  • profile image

    evillibra 3 years ago

    I knew this all before I read it here. Also, I've always known that the men can be quite cowardly, if you consider that they only have big balls when it comes to women and children. My mom is a lot like the first commenter described. She is the boss in the family, and no one dares to go against her unless they are prepared to deal with her rage. She drove our relatives away and cut ties with nearly all her siblings. She treats her husband like a slave (even maids get more respect). And she hates small talk with her children. She is so uninterested with what we think or feel and is always preoccupied with making crafts and promoting her business. She has a ton of facebook friends, and they all adore her. She is so lovable and charming on social media, it's ridiculous. She even goes thru great lengths to portray enthusiastic pride she has for all of us. It is completely awkward to us because we know the truth, and we see the blatant pretense. I've even told her I would rather only communicate with her on facebook, so that way, she can show any interest and give me respect, because in real life, she is extremely unconcerned with what I have to say. Growing up, she was physically abusive to us. My uncle was even worse to his wife and kids. We would run when it was time for him to come home. My sister's husband is exactly the same way, and puts my nephews thru a lot of emotional abuse. But he became really reasonable once, when my boyfriend, a man, challenged him once. Pussy.

  • profile image

    S. 3 years ago

    Quite an eye opener to read this article about Libras. As a Libra myself [10/17] I can definitely admit to seeing elements of my negative side in this. And would it surprise you that I DO NOT get along with Libra men at all? I can't stand them so it doesn't surprise me that Gandhi wasn't a nice man to his wife and children. Their completely different out in public as you've stated.

  • profile image

    Missa 3 years ago

    Spot on! A libra

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 3 years ago from USA

    You are possibly a Gemini Sun and a Libra moon or Libra rising; that would give you strong secondary Libran traits.

  • profile image

    Avinash 3 years ago

    I totally agree with the description.. But personally am a kind of stuck up to decide my zodiac sign .. I was born on 27 may

    But i share almost of libra features and near 65% gemini features ! Is this possible?? Help me sylvia..

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 3 years ago from USA

    Please understand that this article is about The Dark Side of Librans, not about all of them. Of course as Libran you would like to see this article balanced!

  • profile image

    onyx 3 years ago

    you know, I'm a libra. as a true libra I debate this and question my own self. I see valid points here, I feel detached, I get angry, and I also do love alcohol. but again, I too am with a libra and have libra friends, and this can be somewhat right but also very biased and exaggerated. I personally didn't get too offended by this but it saddens me that the biggest points you missed in here were what caused very one sided accusations. I'm assuming you are not a libra yourself, libras are the scales, in order to judge a libra you would need to figure one out. because they are the scales it makes them an oxymoron which is extremely confusing at opposite ends intertwining into one. understandable as to the judgement but balance is their key. they do not show emotion, but they feel deeply. they are everything to do with fairness, balance, and equality so you must think.. why would they do those horrible things? was there a backstory? I would think yes. that's like asking, why is malificent so evil and nasty? well for those who know, because the king captured her heart then betrayed her and cut off her wings for a crooked deal.. the only reason a libra would ever be so nasty is if they were treated unfairly and they do this to create balance and equality positive or negative it is within librans nature to create balance. just like the saying "treat others how you want to be treated" or the idea of karma is like a motto for the libra. this is correct might I add, but it is also biased and one sided. libras are always kind in the beginning because they believe morally, it is what's right, and if you study libras they are very civilized. so naturally they prefer harmony and love because Venus is their ruling planet. but unfortunately they are about balance so if inflicted upon, they inflict back. some libras are better than this but again you were stating the dark side. I think you have right to say as you please, but I think you need to put into better perspective. some information here is too overboard, almost even inaccurate and can cause problems. to generalize this as all libras is definitely wrong.

  • profile image

    wowed 4 years ago

    Yes, this is very spot on. Great article!!

  • profile image

    Bashful 4 years ago

    to karthikkash,

    I very much agree with you. I cannot stand their indecisiveness.

    they are very difficult people to be around.

  • profile image

    Regina 4 years ago

    Everyone is different with different interpretations. Opinions alone won't settle or change a persons mind. Be fair to everyone. Making judgements based on a sign is completely different than each person of that sign. Sounds like fools got mad because a Libra told the truth to your face. Don't believe an opinion from a person when it isn't factual. Do research and come correct and then when you do the answers will be inconclusive. No answer. It's no answer to how a person will act, behave, and govern. Yu can't govern no one actions or personalities. A Zodiac sign is a general sense of a person not to actually believe that's how that person is from bad experiences or good experiences. I only know me and nobody else. Just like anyone else. This article doesn't affect me. Right now y'all sound stupid and mad. Y'all look it up and bash a sign for a reason. Judge a person, no judge yourself. Let god do his judging upon you accordingly.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 4 years ago from USA

    The above article is about the "dark side" of Libra. Librans are, of course, a mixture of positive and negative traits just like any other sign. I believe along with you that heredity and environment affect every personality. Astrology is a tool for discernment. It is good for reflecting on the rich mixture that comprises the self.

  • profile image

    Mahmud 4 years ago

    first of all , im not that into astrology but i always give it a chance to convince me but it fails every time.

    but still all the articles i read about me being libra never describe me and a few do because they say the most traits the people share. and particularity your article is far from the truth because it was written subjectively and not objectively.

    they say im social and IM NOT but still not aloof , they say im indecisive but has never been said im weighing the options or not impulsive (that's why i never regretted a decision i take)

    they say libra make good lawyers and judges , how come they are indecisive?

    they say the libra people are selfish and self-centered and narcissistic but still they say libra people are people pleaser and consider the other's rights first , how come?!!

    i believe that the environment you grew up in and the way you grew up with besides the Genetic factors have more to do with your character than the period you were born in!

  • Jcassar profile image

    Jcassar 4 years ago from Brooklyn, New York

    ..Because it is VERY TRUE. I know I am. I'm FAR from what you state in your "bashing" above. NOT every Libra is cold..

    I'm curious, Sylvia, which sign do you fall under????

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 4 years ago from USA

    All Librans will call themselves modest and loving.

  • Jcassar profile image

    Jcassar 4 years ago from Brooklyn, New York

    WOW! Why not just label us "Children of Satan" while you're at it???!! I do see SOME of my negative traits being described here, but you get way far fetched with your "Libra Bashing" ... Our invites are telling folks when to leave?! WOW! I'm a family man, who loves & appreciates his family & friends, & I would NEVER push any loved 1 out of any type of invite I'd extend them. The longer they stay, the better. "Even great Librans don't believe others have feelings or brains"..... Really? I'm probably the most modest, loving Libran out there, who's quick to give praise & an open heart & ear to folks... Remember we are ALL human, so we're NOT perfect. Of course we'll have our NEGATIVE side. Yet to BASH AWAY at us, & have some folks chime in & give praise to your rant, is offensive. I can name some OTHER signs who are WAY more heartless, uncaring, cold, & deceiving than a Libra. Sounds like a few Librans rubbed you the wrong way, so you go & bash the rest of us. Real professional of you, Sylvia....

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 5 years ago from USA

    Yes, Librans can be indecisive. Positive Libra will tell you he or she simply can't decide. Negative Libra will say "whatever you want," but no matter what you choose, he or she will express in every possible way that your choice has deeply annoyed them and they hate every bloody minute of it.

  • karthikkash profile image

    Karthik Kashyap 5 years ago from India

    nice one :) I didn't know this negative side of Librans. The only thing I always hated about them (it still gets on to my nerves) is their indecisiveness (I am a Scorpio and I have so many Mars elements in my birth chart). I have two close friends who are Librans and both have displayed these traits at different times.

  • profile image

    libra woman 5 years ago

    you ppl are only looking on the bad traits of libra WHAT ABOUT THE GOOD TRAITS???? every star sign has good and BAD TRAITS i wonder what are yours!!!!!

    libra ppl are also kind caring and if they did or said something bad they feel guilty about it that they wont even sleep peacefully until they say sorry or their wrong , cause we do admitt it, and yes we do love to complain if it doesn't reach our standard and high expectations but that's because we want to make a point that it could be better , and we show affectioness when other love do an affort to please us and by that we always reward them with something more and bigger.

  • Lynn Kelly profile image

    Lynn Kelly 5 years ago from Florida

    How true! I have a very good Libra "friend" (who doesn't deserve the title of ex-boyfriend!) He would seem so sweet and innocent but, to this day, I still find out little things about him that he hid(hides!) from me. Ironic. This hub is dead on and a little comical too. You can't help but love them though, they are quite irresistible. :-)

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 6 years ago from USA

    I appreciate having that new and compassionate point of view on Libras. Thank you.