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  • Dark Side of Aquarius: Erratic, Self-Absorbed, Tactless, Superstitious

Dark Side of Aquarius: Erratic, Self-Absorbed, Tactless, Superstitious

Updated on January 06, 2017
SylviaSky profile image

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You'll Meet Very Few Aquarians—Thank God

It is not unusual for Aquarians to go to the workplace, ignore their job, and work on their novel or new invention. Co-workers will soon yearn to give Aquarius a beating or a boot out the door. Or like Sarah Palin (birthday Feb. 11), Aquarians will simply abandon the job. Aquarius hates the whole idea of working for others, and wants short hours or none. They work best when they create their own jobs, like Oprah Winfrey (Jan. 29) or Simpsons animator Matt Groening (Feb. 15). They are, by nature, allergic to what's normal, so if you are normal, you won't see them in person much. Aquarius is also the least common zodiac sign.

Many Aquarians start out with glittering and tremendous potential, like Princess Stephanie (Feb. 1) and Paris Hilton (Feb. 17). Declaring they "have to be themselves," negative Aquarians then make a string of poor choices and, in defending them, finally lose respect. Because of their faults, the people who once counted on Aquarians turn against them. When this happens, Aquarians believe it is because others are incapable of appreciating them as prophets and geniuses.

Aquarians are proud rule-breakers. This can be good: Aquarian Abraham Lincoln (Feb. 12) decided to free the slaves (in part so the men could join his army). Lesser Aquarians think ignoring rules and common sense makes them rebels and rogues. Idiot U.S. politician Sarah Palin (Feb. 11) titled her book "Going Rogue." If caught in a sticky wicket, like Paris Hilton with her sex tape, Aquarians will give a speech about the violation of their rights, making everyone laugh.

Aquarians and Relationships

A negative Aquarius runs from problems and denies making mistakes, except to a few very close friends and intimates. Those people have the rare privilege of seeing past Aquarius' self-absorption and stubbornness into their well-meaning hearts. They get extremely attached or even addicted to the few who can break through their shells and get close. The "addicted" Aquarian will dismantle his or her whole life and personality to keep the relationship going, lacking the nerve to break it off.

Although their weird ways can be endearing, two Aquarian traits alienate lovers: First, they don't know what they want, but they always want what they don't have. This is the zodiac sign that will dump you to go back to their ex. Second, they overthink, analyzing a lover's every word and action, worrying, consulting friends and psychics and horoscopes; everything but asking outright, "Where is this relationship going? Is it working for you?" If an Aquarius can do that, it is a sign of maturity. It rarely happens.

Aquarians eagerly point out others' mistakes and imperfections. They are famously scared of relationships. If you have the right kind of ringtone or pass their other little tests they'll condescend to sex, but slink away within the hour saying they have to feed pets or prepare for tomorrow. If you're engaged or married (they think of it as "trapped for life" or "meal ticket for life"), he or she will want a dwelling with separate bedrooms, bathrooms, hobby rooms, and offices. They have no idea how deeply they're insulting you.

Aquarius gets used to seeing angry people, from parents on up, so he or she is always on the defensive and believes any criticism is unfair. Unless he or she has learned the hard way, the Aquarian has no clue that other people shouldn't be interrupted and that they have feelings. Even the most pathetic Aquarius or Aquarius Moon will bluntly tell you what your problem is and how to fix it. The scary thing is that they are often right. Astrologically at least, they are the Bringers of Knowledge to Mankind. For Aquarians, especially those on the borderline of being negative Aquarians, the best bet in life is not love or career but service.

Negative Aquarius Avatars: Football coach/sex criminal Jerry Sandusky (Jan. 26), Dick Cheney (Jan. 30), Rick James (Feb. 1), Kim Jong Il (Feb. 16), Paris Hilton (Feb. 17), Lee Boyd Malvo, Beltway sniper (Feb. 18).

© 2011 SylviaSky


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  • MarloByDesign profile image

    MarloByDesign 5 years ago from United States

    I know an Aquarian who works very hard - there may be exceptions to your Hub. What do you think?

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 5 years ago from USA

    Of course there are exceptions. A person is more than his or her sun sign. What Aquarius generally wants is to work on his or her own projects. For those, they have any amount of energy, and like Oprah can build empires with it.

  • gogogo 5 years ago

    I am an aquarian, born in January, and very little of what you wrote fits me, guess I am the exception. Good article enjoyed reading it

  • MarloByDesign profile image

    MarloByDesign 5 years ago from United States

    SylviaSky, that makes sense - this Aquarius I know does like their own projects! Good point.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 5 years ago from USA

    It will only fit you if you have enemies!

  • vanillavelvet profile image

    Angela Hart 5 years ago

    I loved reading this Hub! You hit the nail on it's head! I am an Aquarius and this article made me giggle to myself because it is so true of my character. Thanks :)

  • Hillbilly Zen profile image

    Hillbilly Zen 5 years ago from Kentucky

    This one invited introspection, Ms. Sylvia, and much to my chagrin I found several of my less attractive attributes listed. Yikes! Thanks for posting this, voted up, useful and interesting.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 5 years ago from USA

    Hillbilly Zen, I'm an Aquarius so I know!

  • reeltaulk 5 years ago

    I think your hub may be about february aquarians or aquarians who are driven by whatever negative experiences they have encountered. Let me start off by saying True Aquarians aren't really interested in "friends". You are either popular or not and most of the time being popular puts you in the bracket of having a lot of friends when in all essence you just know a lot of people. If you are a popular aquarian, that's all it is. Aquarians hold those that we consider true friends and family close. Given that we are the way we are, just like any other sign, there are certain distinct behaviors that come with the territory. Second! What exactly is "normal" what everyone else is doing and have no idea why they are doing it and just because you don't want to do it, is bored by it or think it is dumb you're not normal?!?!? Are you serious. To seal my comment maybe all that you have written stems from your experience and behaviors as an aquarian. Expressing such statements from your standpoint, view and experience isn't fair neither does it broaden the scope of how we make enemies as well as who "we are". If the truth be told there are so many other ways to effortlessly make enemies whether your sign is aquarius or not. Last but not least if anyone is considering themselves genius, they are desperate for attention, power and have a strong need to feel important

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 5 years ago from USA

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments. Your point about friends is frequently found in other personality assessments of Aquarians. Aquarians get bored by routine and by what everybody else buys and does and Aquarius thinks that is great but other people don't think it is normal, asking, Why aren't you married? or Why don't you own a tv? Or Why don't you get a steady job? The questions and criticism just prove to Aquarius that normal means conformist and mediocre. And to disagree with you on one point, Aquarius is just fine secretly believing in his or her own genius and doesn't need power or attention, just the self-satisfaction that enemies hate.

  • aquarianlady 5 years ago

    i honestly don't think sarah palin is a negative aquarian.

    paris hilton is frowned upon cause she was born into wealth and people are disappointed in her cause she didn't do anything with the wealth. why is it our problem what she does with her inheritance? it's iike people want to put down others because they are aquarians and wealthy? are aquarians supposed to be the saviour of the world or something if they're not born with a purpose? barbara hutton was a socialite, wealthy and did nothing with her life either, and this goes wth other socialites, but no one ragged on them as much as they do if she happened to be an aquarian.

    i think honestly that people put too much emphasis on aquarians to help heal the world or something but so what? can't they just be normal people like everyone else?

  • Thomas 4 years ago

    This fits me and my wife to the maximum. She would have her mouth wide open if she saw this article. Recently I was fired from my 5year well paid business plan because I didn't want to put down my super bowl planner and finish my daily task, it seems silly but I am guilty of this. My wife was laid off because of her poor attention skills top her work. Aquarius we need a change up haha

  • reeltaulk 4 years ago

    Lol Didn't realize I initially responded to this hub but I am writing to agree with aquarian lady who said that folk expect that aquarians should save the world and be humAnitarians when in all essence some aQuarians don't to, and most folk are seeking other offers. aquarians don't feel the need to be taken advantage of just because someone believes we possess something worth while "to entertain". CiaO

  • jan 4 years ago

    i feel a little sad about this article because it's kind of true. there's that "i will do it my way or screw the eff off" atttitude, which is very rebellious towards society itself. just yesterday, friday 13th, i had made quite a few enemies just because i spoke my mind, ever so bluntly and even DARED to question authority. lol. and on top of that, those who defended those in authority, got a glare and i had to bite my tongue to keep from blasting them one of my infamous quick death-words (fancying it up but it just means i would have made that girl cry) i interrupted in class, at work, during social moments with friends and acquiantances but i stood my ground. sure, i apologized because i realised that people are sensitive and i didn't want to be looked at as a cold hearted person, and people do have feelings. i wouldn't want that happening to me, no matter if i KNew i was right. and in the end, my argument was sadly correct. even though, it really brought out a lot of hurt. i really am glad there's so few of us aquas compared to the rest of the zodiac. we're not very nice when we want to be, meaning we will tell you straight out the truth about things that we seem to just understand. sometimes it is better to remain ignorant and do what everyone wants you to be.... a little.

  • ligitimate aqua 4 years ago

    jan I am confused and disapointed with your post. what is it that you are trying to say? Anyone that hates themselves and suggest to others that it's better to remain ignorant has serious issues. Are you really an aquarian? My aquarian instincts tell me you aren't and that you probably hate someone that is an aquarius.

  • jan 4 years ago

    to the poster above. yeah i am an aquarius and it's more like, you hate yourself for hurting other people through just the simple fact of knowledge. if someone is ignorant, you can go through life happy. ignorance is BLISS. so maybe you just don't understand, and that's fine. and funnily your instincts are incorrect. but that's ok too because the sun sign is only one part of your chart if you truly believe in astrology.

  • jan 4 years ago

    lol @ reeltaulk. :)

    i don't hate myself. i hate the part of me that acts so defiant for no reason than to act defiant and causes pain to other people. are you that emotional-less to actually act so self centered that the message was that it's understandable WHY ignorance is bliss. have you not heard of the term? if you go around hurting people, with your actions, what good is it to your soul journey? maybe negative aquas are really emotional-less and self centered and don't care about other people. One astrologer said that there are aquas who actually ignore wheel-chair people even if the handicapped person is in trouble. how disgusting. i was appalled and disgusted at that offensive remark about some aquas. so maybe all signs do that if they are negative, but it sure gives astrologers more fire to the pan to say how aquas lack emotions for other people in the world. that's truly disgusting, and this is probably why aquas are ready to go into pisces in the next incarnation. to feel all those emotions and get lost in it. supposedly we've traveled all the soul signs from aries, being no.1 all the way now to this sign. last stop: pisces. get ready, aquas, you're in for an ocean of pain there.

  • reeltaulk 4 years ago

    Ignorance is bliss and do whatever everyone wants you too has two different meanings. If you hate something about yourself..... correct it, plain and simple.....there are negatives in everyone regardless of what sign they are. btw I don't buy into what anyone says about me or "my sign"...they don't know me!

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 4 years ago from USA

    Jan and reeltaulk, your discussion is getting a bit edgy. You can agree to disagree.

  • mlclark11 4 years ago

    I AM A JEAN-YES hee hee

    Ok I was born Jan 28th and I can't lie...this is allllll me

    I don't like many guys after they start talking but the one that can get through to me, I end up wanting to stalk him. But its due to the lack of interest in most men I meet. I am picky so when I get one he must stay tied to me...I hate working for other people ..I constantly got mad when my desk phone rang and interrupted my poetry lmao! I can point a million things wrong out and tell you how to fix your life! But the thing is I CAN handle it when someone does it back ..I think that is important. I am right so much that it tickles me for someone to catch me in something! I am psychic. Not when I want to be but I most definitely am. My intuition alone blows most people out the water. I am always right. lol not always but damn it really really close. If people would do things the way I tell them to they could really go far. I find solution after solution. The reason Aquas hate work is because we are too creative to sit in a friggin cubicle and say the same thing over and over and over again like a robot. My mind feels wasted in those situations. You are not always where you want to be at the time to use that creative part of your brain so...someone must die. lol I hate normal people . People that do a job all day and don't even have another thought in their brain for 8 hours lol that's crazy..totally satisfied with life with no edge, no creativeness, no backbone to tell the truth, living scared all the time(wont try new foods, wont leave comfort level for nothing, don't trust their own minds to make decisions)...mundane world with a few Aquas in it. We have our own planet...damn I miss home :-)

  • EuroNinila profile image

    Fotinoula Gypsyy 4 years ago from NYC BABY

    This hub was quite funny to me considering about 90% of my family members are Aquarians. They are all different though, and we are all crazy in our own ways. Great hub, thanks for sharing!

  • Stevie Wonder 3 years ago

    Sarah Palin a negative avatar? She may come off as being a bit goofy, but you're throwing her in with the likes of murderers and life-long drug addicts. I realize you're probably an Obama lover and disagree with her political views, but she doesn't belong in that list.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 3 years ago from USA

    Aquarian Sarah Palin--she put the "air" in "air sign"!

  • Travis Moore 2 years ago

    I really don't like non-Aquarians trying to describe Aquarians, cause they usually do it from a failed friendship, or failed relationship perspective. Most people want to be in control or dominant regardless of their sign. Only the aquarius repects true freedom. People use intimidation, emotional outbursts, jealousy, cohersion or sex to accomplish this. None of these things will work on me. I am captivated by honest, a desire to know more and be better. Most people only want to be heard, validated and justified for whatever qualities they lack. What is considered the "norm" in this society is self serving and childlike behavior. There is a saying that goes " The haves shall control the have nots." As we enter the age of Aquarius this will change to " The thinkers will control the feelers." Emotionally driven people were never meant to be in control or positions of leadership. They have caused the decline of Western Civilization. Change is coming.

  • Reader 2 years ago

    This is the truth! This is the TRUTH about the DARK SIDE of this sign (not Aquarians in general).....THIS IS THE TRUTH!

  • AquariusRises 2 years ago

    Right on Travis Moore! (commenter above)

    Like any other sign, the dark side shows itself when we are not being sincerely nourished - mind body and soul. This manifests itself in different ways for different individuals.

    Aquarius is a powerful sign. With great power comes greater ripple effects. When an Aquarius is in despair - MANY MANY PEOPLE WILL FEEL IT. This is because when an Aquarius is joyous and fulfilled - Aquarians tend to share that with the world in highly effective and deeply reaching ways. You know its true. Happy Aquarians are the sweetest beings that will turn clouds to cotton candy and break down centuries old walls of hatred and separation. All just to see a smile on a child's face. However - an Aquarian in despair will fill the very heavens with thunder and erect impenetrable walls to lock out the cruel world.

    A powerful Aquarian who has been repeatedly betrayed and wounded will do even worse. We know this because with the Aquarian - the personal and the public are intermeshed on a fundamental level. Aquarians take public service more personally than any other sign - I daresay even more than Leos. This is because it really is NOT ABOUT US. Unlike other signs, Aquarians really and truly are interested in others. Not for attention. Not for glory. Not for fame. (Sometimes for $$$ - but that's another dark side element as well we can discuss later). Aquarians truly want change for the sake of change. Yes, this can get complicated.

    But I will say this. When an Aquarian goes dark -- and I don't mean a fit here or a tantrum there. I mean - Dark. Dark in earnest. It is for a damn good reason and it did not come out of any trivial slight. Humanity reaps what it sows. So if too many Aquarians find themselves unable to reach humanity they will doubt the entire fabric of existence. Then -- Watch out. The tides will rage. The earth will tremble. Fires will either be extinguished or inflamed.

    Treat your Aquarian with love and kindness. We need it too. We can't save the world all on our own. Even if we pretend we can. We need your help. Together we can make Heaven - or Hell - right here on Earth. The choice is ours.

  • Doesn't matter 21 months ago

    Lol. This post needs work.

  • shb 20 months ago

    I also don't like routines.

    can't take orders for long from anyone.

    i too like short hours in job.

    like my own business.

    don't give much attention to 'normal'people.

    Yet i don't have Aquarious anywhere in my natal chart !!!

    So .... isn't there some generalising in the article ?..

    Author knows better.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 20 months ago from USA

    Rest assured you have Aquarius in your natal chart. Every chart includes all 12 signs. Your natal chart might not have a planet situated in the house governed by Aquarius, but Aquarius is there, 100 percent sure.

  • shb 20 months ago

    Ok i got it.

    but ... the important planets are not in aquarious which make the basic fabric of a personality.

    my sun is in cancer,moon in aries,ascendent in libra,venus in leo,mercury and mars in cancer again.

    Aren't these enough to sketch the blue-print of a persons traits ?..

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 20 months ago from USA

    Ask a local astrologer to read your chart for you.

  • Mel 19 months ago

    Psssst....The listed names of famous "Aquarian's" are highly on the cusp of Pisces also..Explains their

    plus other personality traits are found within their astrology birth charts. Hence, why most Aquarian traits listed in this article above don't explain the truth about personality. Therefore, read about comment's written of being an exception. Agree-Full Aquarius are as so, although maturity, birth year ect differ..

  • Adalheid 19 months ago

    Of course everybody has negative traits, that is normal, and the good and bad make up the complex and interesting human.

    But to make page after page of 'the dark side of...' is really damaging to the soul. This really brings people down and makes them feel rubbish and awkward.

    You shouldn't be allowed to do this. Instead, people should be accepting who they are and working on themselves and their lives to mature and improve, not focusing on the dark side.

    I hate these blogs. I think you are hurting people.

  • 1st Decan Aqua -Equinox 19 months ago

    ok here's the following few neg-halfway pos about me as Aquarian:

    1. I get bored easily, I'm very agitated and restless.

    2. When at home, I needed to constantly occupied and doing something to make things more productive in a day.

    3. Definitely hate routinely.

    4. Love to work with everyone but I personally love to work alone. I can think more and do well on the job.

    5. I'm stubborn and always have my own reasoning but will accepts ppl's point view.

    6. Hate repeating myself over and over when confronting arguments.

    7. Hate arguments, I retreat from that situations.

    8. I am thinker, rationally and analysing the bigger picture.

    9. I trust ppl easy and fall hard with no limits and at end I get hurt so hard.

    10. When it comes to love, I will give the whole lot...jealousy is a no no no. I'm loyal will give everything for the right person but when deceived and lied about everything and anything.....I'm a person when fired up! Becomes a monster! Will say everything to extent, I will give up the relationship for good in order to get away from very hard and long frustrating relationships. I will wiped you out completely and no return or looking back. I will never be friend with an ex lover. Once i moved on is general moved on for good.

    11. I forgive but won't forget for many years.

    12. Sometimes, I see myself nothing's bad happen and back on track again!

    13. I get upset but in few hrs I'm back in a normal sense.

    14. Friend for life but once you do something that is unforgivable you're out of my sight for good. But in next decades if we crossed our paths once again. For me, is like nothing happened. Forgive and forget a little but from time to time reminiscing!

    15. I think before I speak just me I never will hurt not judged the person I only love (significant one). It's different if it's a friend.

    16. I keep quality good friends! I stayed and get touch even its for years ive lost touched.

    17. I'm creative but never finish the tasks. That's the downside.

    18. Overall, I see myself Aquarian but at the end is just another few qualities of me that are different from others. Very independent! Never scared to be alone for a short period. But willing to find the 'One' perhaps Oneday.....when I'm ready to open the book and start writing! Have a zen-sational namaste!7

  • Mr Reed 13 months ago

    This article is spot on, Sometimes I don't think we know that we are doing things that piss others off because to us it's normal and frankly we could give a shit less, if you get mad that's your problem and you shouldn't be in our space anyway, I married young and got divorced pretty fast, never knew it at the time but I slowly dismantled the relationship not realizing it until I got older and looked back, part of the deal w Aquas having a seperate bed is due to the fact that we cannot control our minds when it comes time to sleep, kinda like the mad scientist that wakes at 3 am to work on a project, sleep is hard to get and seldom deep BC we dream nonstop.......

  • Herman 5 months ago

    Oooo !!! So you're a Aquarian .....

    I know it because this article was not bad or dark side in compared of another dark side of zodiac signs But it normal because a Aquarian think is best person and cool but unfortunately she is Not overall wrost and unfaithful person i ever seen in my life was an Aquarian


  • Crystal 4 months ago

    I'm horrified that majority of this is true for me.

  • Brandon 4 months ago

    Every Aquarian is a potential Ayn Rand. Like Travis said, most people want control and to have their own way (astrologically this is especially true of the other fixed signs who more often than not are the biggest Aquarius haters) but because Aquarians approach all interactions with this cynical knowlege in hand, others like to project their own insecurites and denials about their own inherent selfishness onto the Aquarian..pretending that Aquarian is this huge rebel and shit stirrer when in fact they are doing things no differently than everyone else..well with one exception - they happen to not cave into the collective delusion of centralized authority. Aquarians remind everyone that we are all self serving and that the real enemies of satisfaction in human relationships are those who feign humility and subservience. Off topic a bit, but this is why I never could appreciate the bdsm lifestyle. There is no such thing as a true submissive. The world wants Aquarius to fufill that role but it won't ever happen. We already have the Jesus archetype for that.

  • Anom 2 months ago

    Self-absorbed, arrogant, lifeless, users and losers as well, hell y they r even born

  • Will 6 weeks ago

    I don't think so I would like to know the zodiac sign of the writer so I can try to understand what he is talking about because it makes no sense and it is absolutely incorrect

  • Anonymous 5 weeks ago

    I know what he mean cause im an aquarius and the writer is not incorrect.

  • TakeItOrLeaveIt 10 days ago

    So you say you are an Aquarius, I suppose then that your knowledge base for this article is yourself. I also am an Aquarius and although your points are well taken, the subsequent bashing explicates and peppered insults are, I think, totally unnecessary to get the point across. As knowledge seekers, it's been my experience that we are the hardest working ones at our jobs and virtually the only ones who take an interest to actually research what they do and how to improve...and what exactly is wrong with having your own hobby room if you don't share the same hobby? Perhaps you are feeling stuck in a position that doesn't allow you the autonomy to be an Aquarius. Time to get out girl!

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