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Horoscope Review: The Extraordinary Chris

Updated on December 11, 2016
SylviaSky profile image

Sylvia Sky, experienced astrologer, author of Sun Sign Confidential: The Dark Side of all 12 Zodiac Signs, at amazon. com.

I'd never heard of The Extraordinary Chris, and his email offer of a free psychic reading expired in two hours, so I clicked. His site shows a handsome white male, maybe 30, with a full head of black hair, and eyes so blue they are surely Photoshop-enhanced. It claims that on TV he hypnotized two million people, but it doesn't say where or when.

I had low expectations. “Glamour photos” of online psychics with no last name—and especially with a glowing crystal ball—always indicate a fake. I went ahead, because the site said he was gifted and serious.

Before sending Chris my name, email, and birth date, I read the Terms of Use pages, discovering that:

  1. His site "" doesn’t offer psychic readings, free or not, only “horoscopes and tarot.”
  2. Chris wants your phone number, “in case he has an instant vision about your future.” I say let him use his psychic powers to locate my phone number, because he's already got my email address.
  3. Chris's services "shall not be used as a foundation for making decisions" and are "of a recreational, cultural and playful nature." In short, they're meaningless.
  4. There are no refunds on personal readings. And requests for refunds must be in writing to: “The Extraordinary Chris,” 41 Walsingham Road, Enfield, Middlesex, EN2 6EY, UK. Refund requests must include the tracking number received when the purchase was confirmed.

Honestly, the Site Really Says . . .

Well, now I could hardly wait to get my psychic reading from a site that doesn't offer psychic readings and also makes refunds a chore.

Three and a half hours later I had four emails from Chris, and one was my free reading. It was done, it said, through stars, Tarot, and "astro-telepathic contact," and told me that from childhood my life has not always been easy and that I sometimes doubt my past decisions. That I prefer a certain amount of change and variety. That I pride myself on being an independent thinker. And, he wrote, "At times you are extroverted, affable and sociable, while at other times you are introverted, wary and reserved." In other words, I'm like everyone else on this planet, and this was a generic, "canned" reading.

Chris invited me to hear his six-minute audio, revealing his American accent and the voice of a man much older than Chris looks. He spoke of a “unique astrological conjunction in your birth chart” that comes only three or four times in a lifespan, and he would normally charge $300 for a six-month astrological reading, but asked for only a “symbolic donation”—one-fifth of that price—because I’m unique and the message is so urgent.

He's not an astrologer or he would know that a birth chart is set at the moment of birth and never changes.

Your Membership Renews Forever

In the entire "free reading" no zodiac signs or planets were mentioned, not even my Sun sign, disappointing because Chris is billed as an astrologer. Tarot was not mentioned either.

The Extraordinary Chris did not seem so extraordinary anymore. He claims to have been "elected" one of the world's top psychics, although he doesn't say by whom or when. His site says, “As one of the best psychic mediums in the world, my work is always '100% risk free money-back guarantee'" although his URL is "psychic-readings-for-free" so he shouldn't be taking money at all. If you become a paying member of his site and therefore eligible for "hypnotelepathic treatments," your membership renews automatically forever unless you jump through hoops to stop it.

This website says Chris's site makes $1000 a day and $390,000 (a third of a million) per year. Make sure that's not your money.

© 2014 SylviaSky


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  • Eggy 2 years ago

    Thanks Sylvia, my first reading was word for word as you posted on your site. I waited until the next day and then sent him my email for his so called reading even though the timetable below was at 00:00. I did this from my phone and couldn't listen to his BS until I was at home four days later. He continued to ask me why I haven't responded to his numerous emails each day because we had a connection and a special bond between us. He also wanted to make sure I put his astrology picture under my pillow so we could connect. So today he sent another email asking me WHY AGAIN, so I decided to look this guy up and now I'm here. I was going to tell him to find a real job but you can't contact him unless you pay money first. This is his job and it's all about scamming people out of their life savings to hear BS he comes up with. . You can get most of his offered information from any dime store astrology book. I hope people read your post and my comment before they give up their card number for his meal ticket. I'm sorry to say if they don't; their NEW job will be trying to stop payment on his monthly payment plan after they find out he is full of ....!

  • angelina 2 years ago from ms.


  • Melissa 66-2 2 years ago

    I need to know how to get rid of this guy. I was contacted by email the same as you folks, but he recently charged my account without my permission as I (thought) I had not "joined" anything. My bank has been notified and will not process any more attempts at debiting my account but How do I UNSUBSCRIBE ????

  • Wanda 2 years ago

    So glad I looked this guy up. I'm amazed that his conscious allows him to sleep at night. My 'reading' was word for word the same as I read above. I have to wonder how many people he has suckered into paying his fee. I will not be one of those. Thanks for the information!

  • Brian Garber 2 years ago

    THEY Had me down as subsribed, without even stating that it was a subscription, you're you're reading this cancel my subscription now!!!! P.s. no code was sent to me for canceling

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 2 years ago from USA

    Has "The Extraordinary Chris" been extraordinarily psychic for anyone yet? If so, please let us hear from you.

  • Hi I'm Isabel 2 years ago

    I just found out Chris is a fake. By sending my husband email for free reading. As I started to read my husband email from Chris and how everything he said to me was the same thing he telling my husband. Can someone tell me how I can get my money back?

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 2 years ago from USA

    As your first step, call your credit card company and dispute the charge.

  • Cynthia Secrest 2 years ago

    I have read all of the comments on this page, and I have to say that I believe that all of them are made out of envy. You see I have been in touch with The Extraordinary Chris for 3 months or longer,and everything that he has told me has either happened exactly when he said it would. He has told me things about my life that he couldn't have known about. So in my opinion you are all envious of Chris, because he has been blessed with a special gift that you don't understand!

  • ur ems not working how doail i 2 years ago

    Chris, your website and email is not working,need to speak to you about donation for Christine going on pilgrimage, you can respond on my email, Also I do have a credit card but debit card, please cater for that


  • Kathy 2 years ago


  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 2 years ago from USA

    If you have a good experience with The Extraordinary Chris you are part of a very lucky very tiny minority.

  • sisi002 2 years ago

    OK girls, this is my story regarding Criss. A couple of weeks ago I noticed I'm getting in-boxed by an astrologer named Chris. Not sure why but I become a bit suspicious the moment his reply arrived a few minutes after I sent my request for a free reading. He wrote that the he had a vision about the letter A, the moment he received my request, and he reckons it is the name of the city I live in, or around it. frankly, I felt a bit silly... anyone can figure that much, if you catch the moment a mail arrives .. all you need is to look at the time on the top of the mail, and check the world clock that display the exact time in every city around the world .. so I started to dig further and looked up Chris IP address which shows that it was sent from Africa, or it's a fake IP, but each of his mails contain the same message from his carrier.

    X-Sender: X-SMTPCOM-Spam-Policy: is a paid relay service. We do not tolerate UCE of any kind. Please report it ASAP to


    This is a message in multipart MIME format. Your mail client should not be displaying this. Consider upgrading your mail client to view this message correctly.

    So my guess is that Chris is a fraud, possibly after credit card details, and the reason he is pushing because he and his IP are on the constant move.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 2 years ago from USA

    There's a very commonly-used web tool that generates random IPs, and anyone can use it. Regardless of IP, Chris is using a "paid relay service" to send you generic emails. Report his emails as "Junk Mail" or use the "unsubscribe" button.

  • richard russell 2 years ago

    I just signed up chris but he said nothing for the 60dollars that I gave hem so I think that he or the site is a rash of shit

  • Toby 2 years ago

    Well, I was contacted by this Chris a while ago. I decided to see how far I could get with him (not paying him a dime) before he gave up on me. I gave him my name and birth date. He immediately sent me a "special video message" he recorded just for me. Mm-hmm. In the video, he reveals an Australian accent. Both his (what I like to call) good ol' boy American accent and his Australian accent are fakes. He's French. When he says "Hello", his lips say "Bonjour". Also, all the messages he sent me originate from French websites, administered by the same man, Laurent Lemonnier, who administers about 80 other websites. He also claimed to have a friend named Patricia who was making a pilgrimage to some holy place in France. He basically plagiarized a French Wikipedia article in one email to me. I never answered any of his emails, which alternated from desperate to friendly to downright rude.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 2 years ago from USA

    Thank you, Toby, for seeing how absurd "The Extraordinary Chris" could get.

  • sara 2 years ago

    Wow, Chris told me the same exact thing about my life. Before Chris I had Tara hitting me up with emails that sounded exactly like Chris's emails to me. I even said to Chris I'm not sure if your a real psychic. Your saying the same things to me as Tara the psychic would say to me and that ended up being a scam.Thankfully by seeing your responses I haven't spent any money on Chris. Thanks for taking the time to put your comments on here about Chris. You saved me money

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 2 years ago from USA

    Let all your friends know that all advertised psychics are scams. Real psychics do not have to advertise.

  • sisi002 2 years ago

    SylviaSky, I didn't paid a cent to Chris, only replied on his ad for FREEE READIG, And yes his words reveal every bit of a scam, after so many people received the exact same text ... better sign up, see it for yourself, cost nothing , find out how fast he is attached to you and calls you his best friend, Bet every words will match with those twenty or more mail he sent to me in less then two weeks time, before I unsubscribed. ~ bon chance.

  • Deborah Candelaria 2 years ago

    Hello Chris Iv'e been trying to get a hold of you I want a chance of a lifetime. thank you my number is 928 266 -4986

  • Virginia La Brie 2 years ago

    Have studied casting astrology charts mathematically --exhausting along this kind of work. He seems rather desperate for money? Good thing my Mac cannot access either his videos or Audio messages. Saved by a Flash Player that cannot be installed. Looks like his messages to all of us must have been a standard print out. No matter or many times we may reply, there is no reply from him to us.

  • Virginia La Brie 2 years ago

    If you all notice the bottom of his letter to you all. at the bottom there is a "Remove for receiving any more e-mails" from Chris-or something like that. Check it out.

  • shirley duefield 2 years ago

    The picture you see of Chris was taking many years ago. The

    voice you hear is more up to date. I am 79, and have seen the

    same picture for a long time. Check around, and you will find

    a up to date picture. My e-mail is down, so haven't heard from

    Chris for a while.

  • shirley duefield 2 years ago

    IF I GO TO THE STORE, BUY bread, will they bill me every month? that is how i feel about what i got ento, So-----I changed my VISA number. Hope this works, if not, thanks for the picture of where i can set with a flag, this old person is not going to set still for this. the love i had for him is over. go pound salt.

  • maca 2 years ago

    Omg thank you.i am so glad i look this guy up.

  • Haeana Ngaheu 2 years ago

    My name is Haeana Ngaheu and I am in contact with Chris now after having him do a free reading for me. After reading all your stories regarding this person I'm so glad I googled The Extraordinary Chris Astrologer - Psychic Medium - Parapsychologist and this sight appeared with all your experiences. I have also received the same exact letter that each and everyone of you has identified, I have tried in vain to contact Chris, through but my messages keep returning stating that it was not able to deliver my emails to him. I have also received untold emails from him as I haven't answered any of his emails. So I am very pleased with myself googling his sight, otherwise I would not have come across this sight in which I took the time to read all your comments. It's stopped me from making one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

  • SCAM 2 years ago



  • Francis Glassmire 2 years ago

    My wife signed up with this guy for only $5.00. He promised to "unleash her inner powers." She put my info. in the computer without telling me, and we both got exactly the same videos and e-mails. He suckered me for $29.00 for a talisman! I feel like such an idiot!!! I'm glad he took the money from a now closed Visa account!!!

  • Anne 2 years ago

    I have known a reputible psychic for many years now. I have learned to trust her. She does it the right way. I took a picture of him over to her house to show her what he looked like as I let him get that close to me enough for him to send me one. She took one look at it and said right away, without hesitation, that he is very dark, controlling and powerful. She ripped the picture up and had her housekeeper take it out to the trash as she wanted no part of him near her. She also told me to report him. How utterly sad this whole situation is. A grown man scamming people for money. What? Too lazy to work like the rest of us do, you gotta cheat people out of the money they earn? I have read everyone of these emails and I say if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck.....IT'S A DUCK. Someone or something has to stop him as he is a global problem. I also told him what I thought of him just as he was probably believing he had me really sucked in. I have not heard one word from him since. I also changed my cc numbers so he could not help himself to any of my money.

  • Keila1620 2 years ago

    Aim so happy I found this website..

  • 2 years ago

    I ve tried 20 email I can't get through to you please don't give up I don't know why your not getting them

  • Grey Wolf 2 years ago

    I am a business major and a lead supervisor at my workplace and I want to share something with you all. I know a lot of people out there seek guidance and wisdom from these physics (or whatever they want to title themselves) especially the ones advertised online. Are they fake or not is not what I'm going to get into with my comment. Although I do want everyone to know and understand there is a difference when they ask you for a payment vs a donations for their services. Here is the difference between them so you will know. A payment is buying or paying for a service (like a cell phone and airtime plan). A donation is a gift (like an offering in church). Therefore no matter if they 100% guarantee their services or not it becomes a buying beware situation. This is due to if they ask you for a payment or donation. Think of it like this you buy that phone service at Walmart and decide to return it for whatever reason Walmart will either give you your money back, give you a gift card or let you exchange the product due to it having a payment and service agreement between you and the seller. As to where if you donate money to a church they can declare it as a gift and then they don't have to render anything back to you because it would void out any payment and service agreement between you and the party involved. Now if you end up in a dispute it would be easier to get your money back from a payment and service standpoint but it gets much harder to do that with a donation issue. So my best advice to anyone reading this is to be careful of what you are getting yourself into and read the fine print and understand what it means.

  • Sally 2 years ago

    I received an email from him and was really curious. Thankfully my inner voice told me not to go there, and I didn't. I am so happy that I found this website. He must be desperate for money. I don't even know where he got my email address from - a bit creepy!

  • janinfl 2 years ago

    HE'S SAID THE SAME THINGS TO ME! I haven't paid him a DIME! He's now down to $39 after probably 30 emails. I've asked him for a phone #...ummm...won't give it to me. This guy WON'T leave me alone. The ONLY reason I don't block is it just keeps getting BETTER AND BETTER! What a PHONY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 2 years ago from USA

    Thank you, Janinfl, for letting us know that The Extraordinary Chris will crawl and sell his "extraordinary" powers for cheap--anything for money, although he is a fake at any price.

  • janinfl 2 years ago

    After numerous threats of reporting him to whatever agency I could think of, he has stopped emailing me.

  • janinfl 2 years ago

    This one cracked me up....."Well, it happened yesterday, in the middle of the night. I was in a paradoxical phase of sleep when I heard someone crying: "Help me! Please help me, I cannot keep going any longer". I asked, "Who are you?"

    At this moment I heard your name: Jan. I woke up in this middle of the night with my heart beating wildly.

    I said to myself that I must not leave you alone and that on the contrary, I must absolutely insist, in writing to you, that you need me more than ever!"

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 2 years ago from USA

    Wow, Janinfl, that's up-close-and-personal marketing. Thank you for letting us know that The Extraordinary Chris has dreams about each of us.

  • janinfl 2 years ago

    Just how CREEPY IS THAT?

  • sisi002 2 years ago

    Yup that's him, Chris, the man who hear voices, obviously!! (SMILE)

  • Lauriecen 2 years ago

    I had Chris do a chart for me and none of it came true. Now he keeps bothering me for more money and keeps sending me spells to get rid of the evil eye. I have tried to ignore his emails but he gets downright abusive and rude. I think my best bet is to just go to my bank and get a new credit card. He really does stalk you over and over in emails to try to get money out of you.

  • janinfl 2 years ago

    Did he charge $39.00? OH, that was down from the thousands that he charges his more affluent clients.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 2 years ago from USA

    Lauriecen, scams can sometimes access your new credit card numbers, so please call your card issuer and tell them Chris is a fraud, and block his email address.

  • Mary 2 years ago

    OMG!!! the same Chris is sending email too recently and I didn't mind him , but he keeps sending more and the same story he wrote to you all to me. I am smart enough to send my money to him. Something just told me to check him out and see .Thank you so much guys.

  • Mark 24 months ago

    Ha, I just got rid of this guy, He nearly had me though. Phew !!

  • Shearice 24 months ago

    I'm glad I read this! I was skeptical about the extraordinary Chris! He was really convincing as some of what he said stood out and seemed to pertain to my life but after reading this site I see that so many people have gotten the same emails as me! I'm glad I decided to look him up and caught on to his bs before I gave up my hard earned money! Thanks!!

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 24 months ago from USA

    You're welcome,and I am so glad you saved your money for yourself.

  • kerry overington 23 months ago

    I was on this website last month , at first I thought it was true , I subscribed to his website and thought everything was fine , but then I looked at my bank balance on the 1st february 2015

    52 pounds was taken from my debit card , and I did not authorise the payment , nor did I click on anything , I rang my bank and they said because I gave the card details , they could not claim the money back because it is not fraud , I don't know how to get this money back , please help me , thankyou

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 23 months ago from USA

    The Terms of Use page says 14 days is the limit for Chris's refund, and anything provided digitally by email is not refundable. Sorry, Kerry; your money is lost. Cancel your card; get one with new numbers. Even so, though, they might be able to access it. Below is "refund" policy verbatim; below that, the address you need to write to in order to cancel all services:

    "A period of 14 days is established from the time of the purchase to exercise the right of withdrawal. In any event, the right of withdrawal is excluded in any cases where, due to the nature of the goods/services that are the subject of the purchase, it is impossible to perform, including, specifically: Products provided according to the specifications of the consumer or that are clearly customised and/or digital files, supplied electronically, that can be downloaded or reproduced immediately for their permanent use. This aspect must be taken into account especially given that, unless stated otherwise, all products that, where applicable, are offered by way of this website and/or subsequent communications that are sent due to said website, will be digital, except for possible telephone consultations, being sent to the recipient by way of an email address that, where applicable, they have provided."

    "any individuals whose personal data is subject to processing may exercise at no cost the rights of opposition, access, rectification, blocking, cancellation and information regarding their data. These rights may be exercised through one of the following methods:

    In writing, by sending their request, along with the documentation proving their identity, to the following address:


    Room L, 3/F., Block Back,

    Ming Sang Industrial Building,

    No. 21 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong,

    Kowloon, Hong Kong

    Or to the email address:

  • Frogylushi 23 months ago

    I am so glad I came across this review. Currently not working and according to Chris at "crossroads" so I was chuffed to be able to receive a "free" psychic reading. Well, turned out for a friendly donation of $59 as for a friend.. With no income and a very little money left I almost fell for this scam!!! Of course all the emails were exact same copy of all these other believers who hopefully did not fall for this. It is just surreal what stuff people come up with these days praying on inocent people. Thank you for your help and saving me my last bit of cash Sylvia ;)

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 23 months ago from USA

    You're welcome. I am glad you escaped with your cash.

  • anonymous 23 months ago

    Wow same here !!! This guy is like the devil himself ! Smh I guess money really is the root of all evil. trust no one !

  • Andie 23 months ago

    i just had a email come and had a free reading but never went to pay anything or even put my card detail.. Do this mean I'm ok?

  • wendy 23 months ago

    Hey stop talking about Chris that way he is real I found out myself my name is Wendy I'm writing him letters not the e-mail he send you people

    I checked him out he is real!!!!!I believe in Chris!!!! I don't care what yall say bought him I'm with him no matter what .He is a great man I'm e-mailing him he is my friend he dose not want you women. he believes in me changed my life I'm writing him real e-mails I ant giving it to you people who make fun of him that's not right he is my best friend always will be. He is real I checked him out who ever you people are STOP making fun of him and his powerful man!!!!! if he sees me taking up for him he will like me better you women!!!!!you need check your selfs he is my best friend!!!!!!Lay off making fun of him please.....I found out he is real.If you see this Chris I love You!!!!

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 23 months ago from USA

    Hi, Wendy. Tell us specifically what The Extraordinary Chris has done for you, and how much it cost you.

  • Pamela 23 months ago

    well i never bought anything and yes he did send me a email and a picture of a weird drawing but i have to say as weird as it is it came at a really tuff time in my life and as weird it sounds my luck started changing and im not as tired. I wanted to order the talisman and stuff but $60 bucks is kinda steep right now... don't judge i told you i have been down these days, i just wanted to see what i would be getting for $60 dollar's or should i say two payments of $29.50 and of course i would pay with a prepayed visa duhhhh people

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 23 months ago from USA

    A great idea, to test out psychic services using a pre-paid credit card that you can ditch.

  • Mildred 22 months ago

    I want to thank everyone for their responses, I will not be giving up my money, but what I do realize is that there are so many times in life that need advice. I have decided to leave it all in the hands of the universe/God (whateva you belief is) and do what I feel needs to be done. If you make a mistake, learn from it and keep moving forward. Sylvia thank you for your site, you are helping so many people, myself included!

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 22 months ago from USA

    You're welcome, Mildred. I enjoy being of service and saving people their hard-earned money, and appreciate all who leave comments.

  • Kathleen 22 months ago

    I clicked for a free reading out of curiosity and as soon as I started reading,alarm bells started ringing.I think I'm more psychic than he is! I believe there is something out there and that perhaps there are people who can tap into whatever it is but people like "Chris" make me even more sceptical. In my opinion,he is preying on the vulnerable.

  • judy 22 months ago

    Exactly the same experience as everyone else. Delete him straight away. We all get down every now and then and life seems a drag. When someone like Chris turns up offering a brighter future we may fall for it. DO NOT GET CAUGHT OUT. Luckily for me I had enough since to Google him and found this sight. Thank you. IF IN DOUBT, LOOK IT UP.


  • sissy 22 months ago

    You guys won't believe this.. HE IS BAACK!! Chris is back with edited lies and promises. I couldn't figure .. then I realized he must be networking to obtain peoples e-mail addressees.

    CHRIS IF YOU READ THIS (I assume he is snooping around) BUGGER OFF!!!

  • Tiffanie 22 months ago

    Hi guys I have been getting constant emails as the rest of you he now offers it for $39 says he will send me a talisman that is really expensive with magic powers that will bring me luck and fortune guaranteed,offers me free astral birth chart reading, ect...Well the only reason why I responded back was the positive reviews and the videos off to the left of three reviews of people.....I see only one person who has had luck on here with him. It really is sad that people are frauds and people like myself and the rest of you need miracles to happen such as money, or love, or illnesses , or bad obstacles to go away and he promises no assures he can rid our lives of things that go away I sent an email of my disbelief and was written back by an assistant. So I copied it so you all can see what I was surprised to read back......

  • Drew James 22 months ago

    All psychics are con-people, ALL of them. Wake up and smell the coffee !

  • Hazard 22 months ago

    Wow I was taking aback reading all the comments you guys made about this guy Chris. I was laughing my head off and realised how close i was from being scammed.I kind of bought into the whole scenario because most of the things he said about me was right. So I thought to myself, do some research about this guy before paying any money. And here i am hearing the exact same things he told from other people. This means that the guy is fraudulent and taking advantage of vulnerable people.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 22 months ago from USA

    Hazard, I'm glad you escaped in the nick of time with your money, and you were smart to Google this "psychic" before paying him. Most such offers on the Net are ploys to part sad and vulnerable people from their cash.

  • Tiffanie 22 months ago

    Hi Sylvia Sky

    I don't know if you got a chance to read my copy of this guys latest scam improvement but here it is so hopefully you approve it so others do not believe in this.....

    I was upset that the reading said it was free and figured if he was a real psychic then he would know everything correct like if someone can afford to pay for his service in the first place.... so here is what I wrote and what was surprisingly sent back...and if I had not done some serious digging I would have fell for this play so without further ado here it is

    Tiffanie Mar 24, 1:12 PM:

    I have heard these emails are a hoax and if you truly were this psychic

    you'd know I'm broke.......

    chris, Mar 24, 4:13 PM:

    Dear Tiffanie,

    This is Mark, Chris' assistant.

    I wanted to clarify that Chris can't read your mind. He isn't going to tell you how many fingers you have up or how much you have in your bank account. However, you send off a signal that Chris is able to read energetically. Chris can pickup on your dominant feelings such as anger, frustration, depression, ect. When you accept Chris' offer you give him permission to access your guides so he can tell you what you need to know most in order to help you on your path.

    Warm Regards,


    Nice play sigh but because I was lucky enough to find your article and review you saved me some trouble but he is still sending me emails

    So thank you Sylvia Sky and everyone else for your honesty and I hope that I helped as well.

  • Tiffanie 22 months ago

    The only psychics I believe in now are the ones that actually give crime detectives missing clues to unsolved crimes abductions. There are realistically a handful that have been the cause of people found and killers brought to justice. Just saying that is where I stand now.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 22 months ago from USA

    Thanks, Tiffanie, for the sample of what we'll get if we ask The Extraordinary Chris about our finances. If he can't read our minds, we can forget about paying him for "psychic readings."

  • Hazard 22 months ago

    Chris is still sending me emails trying to put pressure on me to pay up in the form of a donation. He is desperate for cash in every mail that he sends. This is when you can really see him for who he really is, a fraudster.

    Be careful of this guy, he is dangerous... Am sure he must have made a lot of money doing this fake psychic reading. Like they say, if it's too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Reuben 22 months ago

    I have read some of the pages on HUB PAGES and the last one says about a fraudster I know a way out of this, First is to believe in GOD who sent his SON JESUS CHRIST into this World to die for us to pay the Penitly on the Cross. All a person has to do is BELIEVE in JESUS and be SAVED for ETERNITY in heaven, by saying in your mind LORD JESUS save me as the way I am AMEN.

  • Cat 21 months ago

    I'm such an idiot, I fell for his stupid scheming ways! I'm not sure why i did, i'm not usually one for internet marketing schemes or SCAMS, should i say. I'm also a student with not a lot of money, i'm was just feeling really desperate and coincidentally (as i'm sure many others were) am at a crossroads in my life and feel like i need a little direction. I should have googled him and I'm not sure why I didn't - strange! Anyway, he has scammed me for 19.90 so far which actually turned out to be 25.00 on my statement as i'm sure the next monthly payment will. Please tell me the best way to resolve this. Should I unsubscribe with him? Or should I cancel the debit with my bank stating it is a fraud? Or should I email the address posted above Sylvia? I feel if I write a letter it will be futile and will take months and months to get resolved. Please send advice, thank you.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 21 months ago from USA

    First, call your cardholding bank at once and tell them what you say here.

    Don't unsubscribe or block "him" yet. Email "Chris", although it is unlikely you will get the answer you want. This is some sleazy operation. Bombard until you get an answer.

    Find Chris's "terms and conditions page" (in the fine print at the very bottom of the webpage) and see what the rules are concerning refunds and how to get out of any "circles" or other things you may have opted into and might be charged monthly for.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 21 months ago from USA

    Yes, it's true, "The Extraordinary Chris," Tupak, Jenna, and many other online "psychics" simply send you form letters with only the name changed, hoping you'll be fooled and succumb to their hard-sell. They insult our intelligence with such tactics. Don't give them your money, and warn everyone you know. "Free readings" are worthless, and after they get your credit-card information they'll keep taking, and taking more.

  • Jeanne 21 months ago

    Why is it that they all sey its free but want a credit card #. I don't even have credit cards. They say thay want to help. Well then help. Not everyone has money on a damn card & if you say free those of us that could use advice that don't money try to believe it. But you're the spychic maybe u should have already known that. At least I tried though that's all I can do....without a credit going to let it get me down. Or take up anymore of my time.

  • Anonymous 21 months ago

    I don't think it's as black and white as it seems. Chris seemed to know a lot about my personal circumstances without me saying anything, when I was under a lot of stress and accepted when I said I couldn't afford to pay him. He didn't press the issue. I didn't sign up for any long term commitment as I wasn't in a position to do that. Overall he seemed very caring and compassionate with a strong desire to help me through that tough time. I guess everybodies experience is different.

  • Anonymous 21 months ago

    I found him to be rude and unprofessional. But you decide for yourself.

  • João Batista 21 months ago

    I´m a friend of George Tupak. But he has too many friends. I am just one.

  • Porkchop 21 months ago

    Chris has been sending me emails every day, his donation as he calls it went from $69 to $39 now.

    He just keeps lowering the cost, which is great, I'm going to wait till it drops to $19, & then probably I'll do it on a pre-paid visa, & see what ''JUPITER'' will bring me???

    This email he sent me is one of the recent ones: ''What is happening my friend? Haven't you understood that it is urgent for you to discover your Three Days of Light? (Jupiter is on its way to your astral chart and will stay there 3 short days. It won't return to this position until 12 years have passed)''

    What a load of ''S#@%", & the worse part is that I thought it was true. Good thing I researched first instead of giving in, although I have to hand it to Chris, he is very convincing, yet a con artist at the same time, because he sends the same readings to everyone. There's no phone number you can reach him, there's no videos of him at his desk ''live'' explaining anything, it's only voice recorded. There's not even a customer service center here in the U.S. to handle issues. Basically these are indications that he is a fraud. Don't give in, but do mess with him, because he messes around with people's emotions!

  • Porkchop 21 months ago

    You know who's real ''Criss Angel'' the magician..... Look him up, he'll surprise you!

  • Ashley B 21 months ago

    Omg I promise this guy is crazy! I know in my mind I have responded bc to his darn emails but yet he constantly writes to me saying that he is worried and wonder why I have not responded. So I just stopped emailing just because I figured out that he wanted me to pay him first before I get any response. Last week I happened to check my emails again and noticed that I had 6 more emails from him. And he act as if he was yelling at me just because I was not responding bc to his emails

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 21 months ago from USA

    No true psychic or astrologer will keep pestering you about how worried he or she is about you. Emailing you that he is worried merely a scammer's way to try to keep you off balance about who you are and doubting your decision not to communicate with or pay this guy.

  • JANET KOLWYCK 20 months ago


  • tim fahy 20 months ago

    hi chris I have did your request can u please send me my things please payment has gon through thank you.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 20 months ago from USA

    Good luck, Tim. You just paid a scammer.

  • Tammy 20 months ago

    I just got the free reading email. I looked him up and thank goodness I found ur site! I'm going to unsubscribe from him and hopefully never hear from him again!!

  • Past customer 20 months ago

    Not genuine, uncaring, is a good actor, just wants your money :(

    Don't get fooled :(

  • Chris 20 months ago

    I appreciate your willingness to do my reading but I just can't afford to pay anything for it.

  • Chris (not THAT one) 20 months ago

    For the people who had money taken from their account. You must have given him your bank details, meaning you are fucking stupid. Now that I know you people are stupid, please send me some money.

    Seriously folks, don't you KNOW anything. The extraordinary Chris is a con man/woman and the emails you receive are created by a computer, that's why the readings are all the same. I can't believe that there are people in the world who actually fall for this rubbish.

  • sandra shouse 20 months ago

    maybe you will read this---Chris I have e-mailed you 3 times answering

    your terms and I want to take advantage of your help. PLEASE READ MY

    E-MAILS they will explain why I have not responded yet

  • Rajonkins 20 months ago

    I just don't get it how he can get a merchant account to charge for this fraud?? Because my merchant account was shut down after few charge backs and I was doing legit business !!!

  • sylvia 20 months ago

    I sent Chris this email and I still get no response.......he is totally messed up. Thanks

    Hi Chris:

    First, I am a very special extraordinary person who has strength and powers .......that you say are out of this world and I agree. I know this and I practice this, sometimes a person like me is curious of people's other skills like yourselves.....that is why I contacted you. I did not contact you to make you feel I am desperate and my life is in ruins. I also do not like your emails that state I will loss everything if I don't pay you now. How bad do you need money?

    I will admit I research everything that you have sent me and I have become educated in magic through you but fearing me into paying you does not work with a person like myself. (I am your magical equal)

    I am logical and I do not like fear factor bullying. You have a physiological pattern I have been analysing: first you offer me a gift of knowledge that you want a donation for.....second when I don't purchase the item you start sending me emails that have fear contained in them........when I still don't answer you become offending......then after that you calm down and you tell me how hard my life has been to overcome. The final email contains a price drop. Why can't you just go to the price drop without all the drama contained in your emails.

    From a women who has enough powers to make your tarot cards vibrate off the shelf. Yes! I did that dear.

  • karen curley 19 months ago

    hi chris i paid on 29th may to receive my reading from yourself i was wondering why to date i have heard nothing from you

  • shreyasta 19 months ago

    Dear Sylvia, I'm glad I found out your site, as

    I had the same exact questions,and the childhood part , I was wondering mine was pretty awesome, how can he write something so shit moreover ,he used the exact same words for everyone, thank you for shedding light on this matter.

    I'm glad , I did some research before going through these bogus sites.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 19 months ago from USA

    Karen, you will be lucky to hear anything at all from this shameful con Chris.

    Shreyasta, you're welcome! "Chris" writes "his" free "reports" very generally so that the "reading" will apply to 80 percent of all people. It's very clever. Many other "psychics" online do the same with "free readings." Now you are experienced, so warn your friends.

  • JIS 19 months ago

    Look at "THE EXTRAORDINARY CHRIS" on face book. He helped me some but I just said I could not do it any more. I feel he may help some people but I told him that "KARMA WILL COME BACK AND BITE HIM IN THE ASS". I will not say how much I paid to him because that is my business. But if you feel something do what your heart tells you even if you are down. God sometimes will put something in our path and it is up to us whether we use it or not. I just do not want CHRIS to hurt any one no matter who they are in life. Because life is to precious no matter where we are. To those he may have help the best to them and to others do what your heart tells you and your angels will always guide you.

  • Mary 19 months ago

    I think Cynthia secrest is chris undercover! Ha

  • merchelle valencia 19 months ago

    Decided that i do not want this service after all i believe that this is so fake bc he told me that hes been thinking about me for days every since the first day he gave me my readding , when i had recived my free reading , that next day i sent him a post comment telling him that i couldnt get my message from the video bc i dont have a computer to receive my message that I had a cell phone that i didnt have a computer so I couldn't download it and I asked him to do it free for me and he said he's been thinking about me for days is only been one day , when i look up everyone els comment he told them the same thing he told me and i also trip out how fast he got back to me soon has i sent my comment to him , and the first time he said it would take him afew days to get back at me i recived it the same day i believe it was less than an hour , i dont thinks it cool to be palying with people mind ,and to be honest i dont even think its him that send me a message., so please do dont send me no more e-mail i have enough to worry about has it is i dont need some one els making thing worse for me

    That to bad i really thought he could help me i am just happy i didnt send no money

    Money that i dont have , so please this end here i no longer want to hear from u guys any more

    My name is merchelle valencia my e -mail was please just erase my email from

    Out of your system and i no longer want to hear from you guys , thank u , but no thank u , if u chris weren't fake u would told me something that no one knows about me , something to make me believe, but u didnt u just said u live or work with the letter H like hunt beach that easy.any one could find that out ,

  • Angelique 18 months ago

    I browse in a google looking for a forest that chris told me then i see this article and im so curious about it so i open it read the article about chris and i was so shocked about it,now i know now thanks a lot

  • quandeel 18 months ago

    chris i was send you messages daily before 3 days but they never reached to you please cheek out what's happen because i want to contact you forever

  • connie carver 18 months ago

    I have just read some of ur emails n same happened to me but I have just payed money to chris or not chris last night is there no other way u can get ur money back apart from writeing to him. Please help connie

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 18 months ago from USA

    Connie, as the article says, there are no refunds on individualized readings. If you have used a credit card, call the credit-card company and report the transaction as fraudulent.

  • rosemary 18 months ago

    After spending money on Chris a few times, I now realize that what he says is NOT what he does. He claims that someone and he knew who was putting a curse on my life, wishing me only bad things and says he knows who they are. After spending yet another $59, now he says he cannot tell me who that person is because it would only cause me negative energy! Well then, why in the world would he tell me that in the first place??? I now know why, because he only wants our money!! I asked for a refund, and now I want to see if I get it. Don't waste your time, energy or money on this fake.

  • Jessica V 18 months ago

    Thank goodness that I didn't spend any money on Chris and I started to have a feeling it was fake when he said that I always miss an opportunity when in reality I see the opportunity but have to turn them down sometimes. Another thing that I realized also that he told me that I have bad luck all the time and that is a damn life because half the time I get lucky, like how is it bad luck if I'm married and have a child? Thank you so much for putting this up.

  • Rose 18 months ago

    Waoool it like Chris is really dealing with people.he keep sending messages of which i have never first day of reading his message i knew he was a true person with true gift will keep sending one text messages about how Am the only true friend is really funny that Man is a scam

  • Mica 17 months ago

    Extraordinary Chris' email seems generic. I received the exact email content mentioned above too.

  • Case Solution 17 months ago

    I am so happy to read this. This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that's at the other blogs.

  • Betty 17 months ago

    I love Chris. He has helped many, many people. I have never heard of a psychic criticizing other psychics before. Especially on-line. It seems so many people need to dig deeper in their selves and find their heart again. Obviously they have lost it. We need more positive influence in our lives and Chris gives that. Maybe you could try a little harder Sylvia.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 17 months ago from USA

    Betty, my heart is with the customers who are likely to be unhappy and unsatisfied after spending their hard-earned money hoping for truth from The Extraordinary Chris. I've given "him" multiple chances and "Chris" is horse-collar through and through. I'm glad that "he" has been helpful to you, but you are in the minority. P.S., I'm not a psychic, I'm a journalist committed to the public good.

  • Betty 17 months ago

    Sylvia, thanks for the reply. I didn't know you were a journalist. I suppose there is a lot of controversy on Chris and on psychics. They try to help people, but can only do so much. Even with their help, life is still rough and its hard to have an easy way of it with the people in charge of our Country. What ever happened to By the people, For the people, Of the people? Where did that go?

  • Lilanne 17 months ago

    My question: I have had no contact with Chris. However I communicated with "Exceptional Ron". There are major similarities. Is there a chance these two are one and the same?

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 17 months ago from USA

    "Exceptional Ron" is exactly what it sounds like: an imitation of the "Extraordinary Chris" site. They aren't the same; it's two fake-psychic companies competing. "The Extraordinary Chris" site is registered in Hong Kong. The "Ron" website, created in 2014, is registered in Panama and bears a strong design resemblance (lengthy wording on the main page) to the known fake Zoradamus Medium, first registered in Panama also. My Zoradamus review is at:

  • Lilanne 17 months ago

    Thank you, Sylvia. That makes sense now. Here is something curious: You mentioned the "glamour shots" of the "psychic/mediums". I see Chris in his invitation page seems to be around 40 and you mentioned the voice from his site sounds older. It does! His voice sounds about 75% like the voice on the "RON" site and Ron's photo is an older white haired man. And Ron has only been around, website wise for one year. His bio is interesting but seems fairly unlikely! Do "online mediums" change voices and profile photos around with each other.? Or just steal one anothers' identifying info (which may or may not be true in the first place?) It's puzzling!

  • mercedes 17 months ago

    rest of the movie I found on the net, and from a young age about 75 years now, Chris.No, it is the one who writes the letters. O Spain, but prefer French

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 17 months ago from USA

    No, Lilianne, online psychics don't share photos and profiles with rivals. The Exceptional Ron is a ripoff of a ripoff.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 17 months ago from USA

    Dear No, only AOL members can access, so I can't see that URL. Wish I could.

  • Mrs Smith 17 months ago

    Ive had constant emails from this Chris for the last couple of months. Ive replied to him a few times yet his reponse back is angry asking why i havent replied. I went on his facebook page and commented on one of his posts telling him i have replied to his emails and if he was real he wouldnt be reacting this way with me. I told him i thought he was a fake and since then i havent heard from him for a couple of weeks until tonight when he emailed me and mentioned this Patricia woman. First thing i did when i read his email was report it as spam so hopefully now i wont hear from him again. If i do then i will continue to report it as spam. He is fake.

  • Sylviesta 17 months ago

    Hi Sylvia.

    I am one among those who got caught in his trap. I am a job seeker and have already spent heaps of money with this crook. Same history, same song like everyone. I would much appreciate if you would advise me on how to get rid of this guy. My bank account has already suffered a lot with him.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 17 months ago from USA

    Sylviesta, if you used a credit card, call your credit-card company and explain and they can help you cut off any further payments to "Chris". If you let him into your bank account, tell your bank and they can help.

  • ononymous 16 months ago

    To Sylvia Sky,

    God gave us brains for us to use. If you did not like Chris's Emails why not just push the button below the E.mail not to receive and then go about your daily chores instead of broadcasting him on the Internet, How would you feel if you opened the Internet and found that people had plastered horrible things about you , Just for a moment put yourself in his shoes and think how you would feel. No you wouldn't like it at all He has been a good and caring friend to me and has helped me to where I am today. You don't even know him so don't bother asking me to how he has helped me as I would not tell you as you are to untrustworthy Just remember we will all be judged by God on our judgement day.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 16 months ago from USA

    ononymous, Chris is not a person but is a figurehead for a corporation that cons people out of their money by offering fake psychic readings. If there was truly a Chris with God-given psychic powers he 1) wouldn't care what anyone said or posted, and 2) wouldn't advertise, because he'd have all the business he could handle via word of mouth.

  • Becky 16 months ago

    Well I I was talking to a medium a while back it was more money more money each week I was skeptical but kept getting his emails even still this am. I paid the $60 now he wants more miney for personal readings he has had a vision must live in a fantasy world. He hasn't even been close to his vision of my city... The guy is a fraud pretending and promising something he can't not deliver, his emails are all generic utter rubbish.

    If he's a psychic I have to say I am too!! Lol I wonder how many people sit in their living room with the circle of candles chanting. Thank you all for sharing!! Be safe!!!!

  • Nanno 16 months ago

    I dont have adobe feature so cant down load what you keep sending me.I have tried to send you this but i dont think you got it.So iam trying for the 3 time.Let me know if you got this and tell me how can read what you sent me please.Thank you Chris.Nanno Geller

  • Timothy 16 months ago

    I've tried getting a hold of you and no response I don't have the $39 to give sorry you have blessed life

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 16 months ago from USA

    Timothy, now you know that the Extraordinary Chris was never interested in helping you. "He" was interested only in your money.

  • fpherj48 profile image

    Paula 16 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

    Sylvia.....Good Afternoon. So nice to meet you. I went directly to "google" when I received my "invitation" for the FREE reading from the Extraordinary Chris.

    Of all the wonderful happenings, I was led to you, A FELLOW-HUBBER. LOL. If this isn't my special gift today, I don't know what would be.

    I don't fall for scams, obviously, since I immediately proceeded to check Chris out. I was hoping against hope I could received an "authentic astrological reading for free." Silly me.

    I am grateful to you for reconfirming my suspicions and preventing me from even bothering with Chris.

    Oh how scammers like this anger me!....Peace, Paula

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 16 months ago from USA

    Paula, I just HEART you. Thanks for writing.

  • Deb 16 months ago

    For one Chris does not care what you say about him . As for His web site none of you know what a generated auto website is from what I read. That is not His real picture as he is now . have you not heard of business logo guess not. These are automated emails and I can tell you he is real. Do you think one or two emails reveals the kind trustworthy person he is - no.

  • shine 16 months ago

    i have payed for a reading which it was for my destiny reading and still dont have it i want to email mail chris but it say there is a erro wat can i do i still want my reading or my money back

  • Sydney 16 months ago

    Yes, ALL OF THE ABOVE IS TRUE! Thank God I lost my credit cards a little while back and had to replace them. I no longer have the worry of Chris having access to my accounts. I don't recommend him to anyone. I tried him during a point in my life where I hit rock bottom and would've listened to anyone for a promise of a better life. My gut instinct told me he was full of shit, but I did it anyways for two months until I could no longer ignore how ridiculous it was getting. I will list a few examples:

    1. Charging $59 for a piece of paper with a made up symbol to put under your pillow at night.

    2.Have you all noticed that he is always "traveling" to mystical places. In the last email he claims to have met up with a powerful healer called MORDECHAI (or something similar) in scandinavia.

    3. He claims to meditate in a large high tech egg shell looking device (worth $50,000) where his assistant monitors his vitals because he could lose consciousness, due to his body being partially submerged in water.

    4. Apparently there is a curse on me...that was passed down from different generations of my family.

    5. His "personalized " videos are so generic and i'm sure we've all seen the same ones.

    I could go on and on with all the incongruent things I've spotted, but I have better things to do with my time. You all get the idea and have experienced this too. This man preys on the weak and on the fallen. Luckily I did not spend much money on him. I am not even angry...more entertained until it became boring and to where i don't even read his emails anymore. With that in mind...I am now gonna click "unsubscribe!"

  • Angel 15 months ago

    Got a free reading from Chris and have been reading the other emails about him have had the same things happen to me .

  • Johanna 15 months ago

    I was lucky not to fall for this scam and I am sure the few persons that made a positive comment about Chris are on his team! I am a victim of a scam and since then I google everything that seems to be "too good to be true" and I dont even need to use a prepaid credit card any longer :D

  • Tom 15 months ago

    Yer I,m from Australia an he's sent the same stuff to me I don't remember how I started getting his emails I did the first reading with him but that's all glad I came on this site though as I was skiptical of him as I,Ve never herd of him before?.. Anyways the sign under the pillow an to carry it with u pretty much same stuff.

  • Ronald Sanders 15 months ago

    I got the exact same message everyone else got. I thought it was a little vague or broad, but damn! Shame on him taking advantage of people this way. Im glad I read this before making a decision to pay this scamster.

  • Brittney 15 months ago

    Okay yes everything u said was truu to the bone! And here everything he was telling me was so true! That is just wierd.. And he said something good financially is coming way, i got all excited lol.. But i dont really knw if its real or not, but for one im sure as hell not giving him any money lol.. But yeah i guess he'll just keep sending me emails until he knows i wont pay a dime, and here i really wanted someone to help me out.. Oh well

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 15 months ago from USA

    Thank you, everyone, for letting us know about your experiences with The Extraordinary Chris and his "high-tech eggshell" and how he claims there's a curse on your family or there's big money that's coming your way, and so on, all to get to your money. Tell everyone you know, post complaints, and we'll get him shut down for lack of customers.

  • Tina chavez 15 months ago

    i believe in chris but i have no extra money to send im single an jus work to barley pay bills

  • Hi there, 14 months ago

    So stupid of me paid before I googled about if it was a scam or not...but does he continue to charge you? If so what should I do?

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 14 months ago from USA

    Email him, tell him to stop charging you.

  • Renee 14 months ago

    This guy is extremely dangerous! I have never believed in a thing. I have just been through the worst weeks of my life. He is what is in today an actual vampire. They astrologically travel to you abd drain your light force. I gave seen EVEN PHOTOGRAPHED the most vile spirits that were attavking me especially the last 2 weeks. Now i know i sound crazy F*ck i thought i was going skitzophrenic too until my husband was realizing the same things. Ive seen demons photographed them. Im now in the process of expelling every negative energy from my home and my children. I used to be the 1st person to reject all supernaturalily. Pffft, far fetched, bull & in your head is exactly what id say!! Well I was at a point i wasn't returning to my home all items in house could go to a tip I evdn thought of giving my kids to their biological father for good (whom is an alcoholic and very self centred hasn't been a great father in any way) just to keep ghem in a safer place than near me. Please guys if u notice things are not right.. DO NOT FEAR IT! DO NOT FEED IT WITH FEAR! PRAY. PRAY TO GOD JESUS AND ASK FOR ARCHANGEL PROTECTION! The angels are here for us. Dont waver. Im not all churchy either. I done like sunday school as a kid during holidays so i wouldn't kill my brothers n send my parents batshit.

    Try crystals for protection too they have helped me along my journey. As i said its not over yet.

    This chakta energy stuff helps but be careful with it too. Just remember these forces use the Internet as well.

  • Mike 14 months ago

    Hello and Thanks for writing this article.

    Having a bit of a tough time the past few months, including my mother recently passing, I thought I'll suss out this "Chris" fella and like others mentioned above, I too received word for word what the article above stated others received from "Chris".

    I am so glad coming across your article as there was a part of me that almost wanted to believe "Chris" was real and genuine, but on the bright side I am glad I didn't send any money (and I was seriously considering doing it prior to reading your article) so for that, I Thank you for saving me being ripped off by the scammer.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 14 months ago from USA

    You're welcome, Mike. I am sorry about the passing of your mother. Fake psychics know that vulnerable people--and we're all vulnerable sometimes--are their bread and butter.

  • kaz 14 months ago

    Hi Sylvia and Everyone,

    It's good to find your post something about the extraordinary Chris.

    I've been receiving a scheduled promotional email from him on daily basis for the last four days since I signed the free psychic reading with him.

    I've found no specific description about myself in the given reading so I decided not to sign up on the donation page.

    I've got something to share with you.

    The description about the charge has been changed in the donation page as follows.

    It was the description on the day I got the reading. "I usually charge $300 for my Great Psychic Reading inspired by luck."

    It was the description on the fourth day I got the reading and I've not signed up a further psychic reading yet. "I usually charge $120 for my Great Psychic Reading inspired by luck.

    I'm convinced the extraordinary is provided something fake or unsecure service to you. You can WATCH OUT and may spread the WORD.

  • Christine 14 months ago

    Sylvia, you seem to have a deliberate vendetta against Chris. .You have attracted all of the negative reactions, and they are always there and happy to complain. Do you realize that those with good feelings and results from Chris do not bother to write. Chris is a very gifted and beautiful man, whose talent was recognized as a teenager, and he has devoted his life to helping others. It is how he makes a living and he has a right to charge fees as he sees fit. He does not like attention and does not give his last name for security reasons. Others may but that is their choice. He has several talented people working with him who help with the thousands of emails he receives daily. Of course, I would expect a free reading to be computer generated - which may not be all that bad. Bottom line, each person has to decide for himself/herself and if someone does not hear what they want or think it should be, it is too easy to agree with all the complainers. At best, in my judgment, there may be a bookkeeping and/or letter coordinating problem. He is a very, very gifted man.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 14 months ago from USA

    "Christine," you can see from the above comments from all sorts of people that Chris is a fake and a money pit -- I mean, his "high-tech eggshell"? -- and treats clients poorly. It's not only me saying so. "Bookkeeping problems?" -- not likely. Ripoff is more likely. If you're on Chris's payroll, leave; he'll be out of business quite soon.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 14 months ago from USA

    You said what you needed to say, Christine. I let trolls like yourself have their say once, and then that is all. I am an astrologer whose specialty is writing about astrology.

  • tisha 14 months ago

    Omg I too received the same messages I received my 3rd email asking why I haven't responded yet as someone had mentioned he told me I was coming into some money I got excited then a light bulb clicked on in my head and said Google this man and see what's the real deal on him and I came across this solo glad I did because I was tempted to bring out that credit card lol woooooo. And FYI I Dont see why people are getting upset with the lady that wrote a review and gave her opinion on this so called extraordinary chris one people are entitled to their own opinion and she looked out for numerous people including myself as you can see who were about to be ripped off. From this airhead Chrishe won't be getting my money maybe I should email him back and tell him to f**k off and Dont email me NO MORE.

  • Leslie Salvador 13 months ago

    In all honesty is this real,or just for entertainment purposes. Please be honest about it.Because I'm too old for games or entertainment purposes. And living on a fixed income doesn't help.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 13 months ago from USA

    It's for entertainment purposes only. Look on the "Terms of Service" page where it says so.

  • GAIL MARITZ 13 months ago

    Dear Chris, I paid you on 24th November 2015 and was told it would take a couple of hours for you to do my 6 months reading. To date I have not heard from you. My purchase number is 2500064. ??????

  • nombi 13 months ago

    Plz help can i block this damn chris its iritating n he keep sending same emails of not sick n tired of his scamm emails i never invite him...plz help

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 13 months ago from USA

    Nombi, you can find the "unsubscribe" link at the ends of his emails and click on it and you'll get no more emails.

  • Carli 12 months ago

    Like others maybe, I doubt myself and my decision making from time to time, I doubt whether the path I am on is the right one and occasionally I feel a need to reach out, maybe looking for someone to tell me that actually I am doing okay. I consider myself intelligent and well read, but even I, in my lowest moments or perhaps more challenging of times in life, will doubt myself and be unsure....sometimes maybe we all want to believe in 'something' or 'anything' so badly, to feel we have someone or something looking out for us, that we fall for the hype. We want someone to tell us that all will be okay. Of course the harsh reality is, there are people out there who are more than willing to prey on us when we are at our most vulnerable, when we are weak and tired, lonely maybe...

    Like the rest of you, I could relate to some parts of what basically is a very generic email. I realise I am not the only one who maybe had a troubled childhood, I am not the only one with 'personality weaknesses'.... I am not the only one who is sometimes outgoing and other times wary and reserved. We are all human and we all share one trait, the want and need to feel loved and be loved. If we have a common bond I could guess that maybe that is the one thing we might be lacking in our lives. Love. Just a guess and just my opinion...

    This Chris is clever and devious and manipulative. Think about it folks. Would any of us exploit others and take money from them in their lowest moments, when they are unsure and in need? I wouldn't. Neither would you.

    Sylvia is right - as for the others who claim that Chris has helped them? I feel great pity for them. We can convince ourselves of anything if we want to believe badly enough. I'm glad I found this page and glad I am not alone.

  • Smirking 12 months ago

    I always wonder why people who claim to have gifts abuse them. Doesn't that seem karmaticly foolish?

  • Karin 12 months ago

    I got exactly the same automated Power Point reply that Sylvia got and I am pretty sure we were not born on the same day month and year.

    This guy seems to be a con artist

  • Ady safar 12 months ago

    I just paid him, so I want to know did any one actually get any good news or a load o bollacks it was

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 12 months ago from USA

    Ady: It was a load of bollacks. Herbert, you used a hateful word and I deleted your post.

  • Jenn 12 months ago

    This guy is a douchbag....He didnt get any of my money...but the emails are insane...almost entertaining. Watching him come completely unglued when I dont engage in his bullshit is fun....I think I'll let him think he has me....

  • Tyler 11 months ago

    I had the free reading last night and apparently i have good luck and happiness in the future, well never to fuck. Secondly my "reading" was word to word to everyone elses. "You have regrets in the past" dont everyone? All he said was how he was my friend and how because im special i can make a donation but its just for me and not to tell anyone. I honestly find this man insulating, and disgusting but at the same time humorous. He gaves physics a bad name as ive seen many and they've been great.

  • lise 11 months ago

    Actually Cynthia you are NOT the only one and yes his picture is younger of what you he would be now, do the research. He's been around has long has I can remember has a young child and yes he does speak French very well, its part of who he is and many other languages actually. He has helped me through an amazing journey and still is actually my life as change so much and I am so blessed and thankful. He as discovered things about me only that no one but myself deep inside could have known. The thing about people that are gifted, you need to beleive in them and you need to beleive in yourself,and behond that is the different. My set goals are about to take off and my dreams are becoming a reality and I couldn't have done it without his guided. He is the extraordinary Chris.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 11 months ago from USA

    Chris's own site says his readings are "for entertainment only." Were he truly gifted, it would not say that. Glad your experience was good. You are one of the very few.

  • spam goddess 10 months ago

    who doesn't love an email from a medium that says something is going to happen in your life. Well unless you are dead, you can pretty much count on events happening in your life...what a fool

  • Travis Godbold 10 months ago

    The psychic is for real although he is guilty of sending initial prefabricated guidance in mass, since he helps so many in the day with no time except to concentrate on interesting cases, the guy really is in touch with clients who answer to his services, and eventually he will help you at a personal level to achieve goals through his guidance. These are words from an actual skeptical client who became a follower later on when I got in touch with him via personal email. He confirmed having read and gone through the hypnotherapy sessions with me. It does look like a scam but in the end it's not. If you do win luck or fortune from his help, happiness to you.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 10 months ago from USA

    Travis, I think when, as you say, Chris wants to "concentrate only on interesting cases," the "interesting cases" are probably those willing to pay.

  • Obiwan 10 months ago

    I came accross Chris's website, in my first psychic reading he knew what city I was in or nearby, so I partly believed him. I told a friend of mine and he says"he probably ran your IP address from your email or something" or looked up your name on Facebook. He told me I was having a difficult time and had made some decisions that I regret, um what person hasn't done that. He told me the exact verbatim as others something about Jupiter and the stars and I have to respond within 3 days because the alignment of the stars the next 3 days are crucial, made it sound like if I don't I will not have positive things happen, and thus only happens every 12 years and I have a connection to him, he even lowered his "donation" which I almost paid but before I did, I decided to research and that's when I came upon these. I would get emails from him 2 or 3 a day pleading, kind of scaring me into accepting his offer. Any true psychic wouldn't email with the urgency, the urgency is fillng his wallet.

  • annon 10 months ago

    I used chris once paid money as everyone does. I got given a talisman... which as nieve as i was had no idea what a talisman was. Wasnt until later that i figured it was in fact a 5 point sigil. I was told to sleep upon it so his connection would be stronger so he would be able to effectively communicate with my own personal readings to get the most out of his services i slept on it for a week before tossing it to the bin.

    Ive never seen ghosts etc. Was a well skeptical type of person about such ideas of the paranormal and spiritual worlds. Hogswash to me.... then shit started happening. I was seeing eyes large eyes much like goat or a poisonous snakes eyes. I went to our local crystal shop in town... explained my experiences to the lady whom owned the shop. She was disturbingly alarmed and asked questions about ouiji etc. Ive never been apart of practicing such things but then showed her an email from the chris psychic. The wording etc she picked up on it straight away. It was then i told her about the sigil.

    I engaged with 2 preists one a Catholic preist to bless my home to rid of these beings. Not much worked. I was able to photograph most of what i was seeing with any device. The 2nd preist knew straight away. There was a portal opened in my home.... it was opened by the sigil right under my pillow in my room. Ive had since then experiences that are far beyond explaination and had to learn how to combat the fears they provoke in order to suppress them. My house was 7years old. I have since moved from the house and tried to learn more about this and other spiritual things since. I got to the point i had the only recognised govt affiliated company in our countrys paranormal and ufo research group involved with the head of the company calling from personal phone numbers to ask how me and my family were coping. This man must be involved in dark cult activities and is obviously a black magician which if you had asked me 6 months ago i would have said all myths and horror stories to scare kids with.

    Psychics just as any other people are not all good. Theres good and bad in every thing. As far as i see it this man robs you for fortune and then destroys your sanity.

    But at the same time they have a name for such types of people... vampires. No they dont suck your blood but yes they do feed from your light force.

  • Lil 10 months ago

    how do I cancel this? my bank tells me i will need to cancel my debit, anyone else have better solutions?

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 10 months ago from USA

    Do what your bank SAYS!

  • zeena 9 months ago

    thanks for warning me about this extraordinary chris , I received the same wards as you said , and now I subscribed him from my email , hopping I will not receive any more emails from him ....

  • Liz 8 months ago

    I got the same E-Mail, I didn't listen to his video but something told me to ck this site out. Glad I did. Went back and closed out my yahoo. I don't want anything to do , hear from him... I didn't give him any info about CCard . I should be safe. Thanks for listening

  • Maggie 8 months ago

    Chris is very talented. He starts out like they all do pulling you in but if you can be flexible and work with him it changes. Yes there are times when it seems like its boiler plate and I assume the organization he is in is huge therefore it takes a while to trickle down to Chris. He is a very talented and honest man. My Auras have been cleaned the baggage I felt was heavy and he managed to lift all negative thoughts out of me. I know feel more energetic and renewed. Any type of work or magic requires an exchange. I gave up my cable, my weekly pizza ... get my drift to figure out how to do it. Was it worth it yes. He's like any doctor or mechanic who makes suggestions to help things improve and you have to take part its a 2 way street. Some ideas work & there is alot of experimentation. In the end there is nothing negative I could or want to say. The criticism and this article are wrong without going the mile to know this entity and see what he can do you know nothing.

  • Tamichiko 8 months ago

    I actually received an email from the so-called Extraordinary Chris a couple of months ago. I flagged and then deleted the email because he wasn't the first online psychic to send me an email offering a free reading. At around the beginning of the year this guy who went by the name of exceptional Ron also sent me an email offering a free reading. I accepted the offer. Then after I got the free reading he offered to give me an advanced reading, which I paid $69.00 for. Then when he claimed that I had a containmenated aura and that he offered to clean it, I kept sending him emails telling him I was broke until the next month (I'm living on fixed income because I'm disabled). He wouldn't respond so I unsubscribed and asked for my money back...........which I still haven't gotten. This explains why I deleted Chris's email when I saw it in my inbox. And after reading this article and all the comments, I'm glad I did. Thank you for letting me know that I just prevented myself from getting scammed.......again.

  • Sonya 7 months ago

    I need to talk with him and I don't

    Know how. So help


  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 7 months ago from USA

    Nearly 50,000 people have read this article and avoided paying "Chris" for false readings. "Chris" will soon go out of business because taking people's money under false pretenses is wrong.

  • DianneS9 7 months ago

    I presume that you did not publish my article on "The Extraordinary Chris" Sylvia because I did not agree with your opinion.I find this appalling and i will not bother to comment here again. What is the point if it is only your opinion and that of those who agree with you that counts.

    very poor. DianneS9

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 7 months ago from USA

    DianeS9, I denied it because I thought it was a shill and not a genuine testimonial.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 7 months ago from USA

    DianeS9, I denied it because I thought it was a shill and not a genuine testimonial.

  • Linda 6 months ago

    Yes, I have the same e-mails and I was prompted the same as all of you were.

    Same readings etc. I am also experienced with supernatural events. The night I received the talisman which is actually a solomon's seal talisman which you can google. My response was, WOW this guy could be encouraging some pretty spooky things. And I closed the site right away. However that night things started to happen or they tried to happen. With out knowing how to keep these things out of your life ordinary innocent people could be encouraging Neg. and manipulating energies into their homes. Just saying.... watch your back.... and protect yourself there does seem to be something to that seal that most of us dont understand. I sure dont. I just know, stay away its creepy and goes above my pay grade to understand it.

  • kirsten 6 months ago

    i had no idea who he was i never heard of him or been to his site until this morning when i got a email from someone named 'chris angel' and i thought who are you? i don't know you but i clicked it anyway 'cause i was curious as to who it was and why they were using that name, because when i googled him all i got the magician 'criss angel' it wasn't until i googled 'the extraordinary chris' did he show up and i was kind of questioning who he was and why i received that email considering i'm not subscribed to his site or anything i was also wondering why it went to my inbox and not to my junk/spam folder, so i checked the email and got to the talisman part and was like 'whoa i'm not doing that' after researching the talisman was and what it did it made me want to not mess with it even more, i was going to draw it 'cause i don't have a printer but after reading about it i'm very happy i didn't. also the voice clip made me suspicious the second it started i was curious if i looked it on youtube if i would find it there too but after finding this site and seeing that he has sent the exact same email to others i realized that this may be a psychic reading but it wasn't going to be a free one as advertised which is disappointing to say the least but what's more disappointing is his 'symbolic donation' isn't very symbolic since the donation is you paying him for a reading in which he previously said was free although out of everything i'm just curious as to how he got my email since i'm not subscribed to him and why he used the last name 'angel' unless that's his actual last name in which case there's one question answered i guess

  • Carol 6 months ago

    I too got sucked into this Chris thing. I believed in him at first, but he did NOT show up for our first session. I threw $64.00 at him which I couldn't afford and I regret it. He too told me things that I already knew, that were SO obvious. He did give me one important piece of information, NEVER EVER trust anyone you meet on line, no matter how convincing they may seem. He won't get any more money out of me, nor any more connection.

  • Patricia 6 months ago

    I met Chris almost 1 1/2 years ago and if it wouldn't have been for him, I would have committed suicide by now. He has totally helped me get my sanity back and move on and only good things ave happened to me. Everything he has told me has been the truth and never lied to me. He has told e things that NO ONE ever knew and he always knows wha I'm thinking and not telling him. He knows more about me than even my own family does. He is a real person with feelings like you and I. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but as I was b brought up, if you can't say anything nice about anyone, don't say anything at all! I could tell you endless good things about his but you negative people don't deserve to hear them. He's been in the business over 40 years now, so of corse he's aged inn looks and the voice has matured. Don't we all! No one is forcing any of you to subscribe to his help. If you don't like it, delete and unsubscribe! End of story! He'll always be my very best and trusted friend. He is a human with a life like you and I and whether he has a child or wife or whatever, he's entitled. He is generous, kind, sincere, devoted to helping others and loves everyone. I respect him and what he does for others. I'll always love him for being himself and I would do anything to help him if he ever asked. He has never taken money from my bank accountant always been extremely honest and trustworthy with me. Shame on yo all for trashing others that you know nothing about or understand. Ignorance is NOT bliss!

  • Patricia 5 months ago

    Chriss Angel and The Extraordinary Chris are two totally different people and don't look anything alike. Get your facts straight before you say anything!

  • Mark 5 months ago

    I received an email from this guy and decided to do some research first, knowing the saying "if it sounds to good...." And knowing how many scams are on the web I'm glad I decided to ignore this dark psychic... After all real psychics don't ask for money for their services because that's a sure way to lose their gift. Be careful people, and please don't give this fake any of your hard eearned money.

  • Meg Adams 4 months ago

    Chris, I have received all your emails and responded to three of them, but my server will not send them. They are still in my outbox as we speak! I have tried six times to respond o your

    latest email & have tried to pay online 6 times & each time an error occurred. I am very

    frustrated. I will try again tomorrow.

  • Sharon 4 months ago

    Chris is a great man. He gives amazing advice. He has helped me more than anyone I know when it comes to making me know myself. I had been so self-absorbed in the past and blamed everyone for my shortcomings. He taught me how to love myself, therefore seeing myself for who I really was. His insight and advice has helped me to turn my life around and to become a better, happier person. I thank you again Chris for everything you have taught me and done for me. You are a true friend and one that I am very proud to have. Much love and many hugs to you. God bless.

  • Cherry 4 months ago

    Know the extraordinary Chris has been mailing me for at least 2 weeks, now I believe there really are people out there that do have a gift. Does he ?? Don't know but with all mail I got off him, it's saying, my time running out, my days of light are coming, it's a special time in my life now and changes are coming that I need help with, now in his last mail . I got its offering me it in a lot less then at first. I have sent him mail back saying I can not afored it, but thank you very much anyway, I have sent 3 or 4 mailed to him. Now each letter,mail I got off him, they all say I need help, he see I have had a very bad time in my life but it's now my time , and if I don't get the help, I will lose my chance, it will pass me by. Now to anyone that has gone through life with very hard things, to hear that it can upset you. And got me thinking, if he is real and if he see all this and knows he can help me, or even help anyone, then should he not do it without asking for money? Yes I am sure they need to earn money as a living as well but if like he says in his mail to me. If he knows how hard it is and it has been, then surely he would also understand that sometimes people just do not have the money . Not even a spare penny to give. And surely if he is good at what he does, then should he also not want to help the people that need it the most? . So I am sorry Chris but for one I do not have a pot to pee in, as the saying goes and for 2 , I think even if I did, I do not think I would send money to you, not after getting so much mail, you saying you understand its been so hard, and that you don't want ,ensuring to miss out just because of money. But then you still ask for money. The last mail saying you was talking to a friend about me and they told you that they did not want me to miss out , so they will pay half of the money, but YOU still want the rest of the other half? , now if you really felt that deep for my case or that you truly did not want me to miss out, you would do if for nowt, you don't have to send things to the people who need you, but you could at least tell them what they need to know, . Not everyone has money, I am sure I am no way near the only person that feels like this, all you are doing, is making the very unhappy, and the people who need help the most, you are making them worse by all the mail , saying you can help them but for a price . Xx

  • Jason Hicks 4 months ago

    I don't have any money so you gonna help me now? Your not so just stop bugging me. For goodness sake I will never get any where in life with no money. I think though that's what's gonna get me to heaven though.

  • Scott j thompson 3 months ago

    Thank you for your witty and perceptive critique. An email from Chris came when I was looking at tarot, so I was at first willing to suspend disbelief. I was and still am in a very life-threatening predicament. But...I quickly perceived that this man was a fraud. He never asked about exact time or place of birth, which is simply basic stuff. His "reading" could have been for any Gemini. There was nothing specific. His 'concern' for my well-being quickly was revealed as a concern for $80----a deal, he says, instead of the lofty $300 he supposedly charges all the important people he claims to assist. A total con artist. Don't believe a word he says. I also agree that voice on audio does not seem to correspond to the picture he shows of himself. Fortunately, I figured all this out within less than 24 hours and spent no money...nor should you. I agree with Crowley's important throw-away line on p. 249 of his THE BOOK OF THOTH. Regarding their use: "The ideal way is that of contemplation."

  • Patrick 3 months ago

    This is too funny. Years later the script hasn't changed. Been getting this sales pitch lately myself and it's verbatim! Why are you supposed to keep connected with the Talisman of Solomon(which is very real, I'm wanting one eventually), but you must have the one he creates and energizes just for you? And sorry bud but, I'm a chronic insomniac so I have 3 days of light quite often. After this long you'd think someone would at least change the storyline, geez!

  • DianneS9 3 months ago

    I notice that so many people on here post a message to say they are glad they saw all the negative posts on here.

    These are people who are afraid to take a Leap of faith.They are riding on the back of many others who have done the same thing and so on it goes down the line until you reach the person who posted the original bad mouth post. This person in all likely

    hood has not experienced Chris 's work and help. I also notice the few who do Dare to take a Leap of Faith are those who have been helped and admire the abilities of The Extraordinary Chris. Think for yourself and do not be misled by the negativity of those who have not even tried to give Chris a go . Do not prejudge something you know nothing about.That is very sad and a great injustice toward a person you do not know.

  • bumbbu 3 months ago

    chris has amazing powers he turned my life around in very little time i wish i could find him once more .he offered me his help at a very modest price.and then as i was broke helped me anyway from his heart. i beleave fully in his powers and as a person .thank u chris as soon as i can get back to you u have a friend on your side for life god bless you .silvia should be very proud of you.thank you so much from my heart jimmy b

  • K. Turbeville 2 months ago

    On may 24th 2016 I had an almost life ending wreck. If i would have checked my email i would have seen the warning that Chris sent to my email 6 hours before the accident occured. It was almost 3 months later that I saw the email and when i saw the date and time he sent me the prediction all i could do is sit there and tears came to my eyes because he tried to save me and I didnt get the message and I was in a head on wreck and was life flighted. I survived but I am the kind of person that takes warnings serious and would have been on my toes. I have never been a person to get involved in a conversation like this let alone putting my personal BIZ out there but from my experience Chris is the real deal and I thank him for trying to save me although i didnt read it till months later!

  • candace tarte 2 months ago

    i would like to fine chris and to know his last name not sure if any one can help

  • Penny 2 months ago

    I had beem working with Chris for almost a year, Patrica, I am glad he saved your life. Chris is very good and knew things about me I did not tell him. But, when he told me I had invisible evil enemies I replied back about a minute thought that went through my head of suicide and the evil enemies were probably the cause of that. He replied he could do know more for me and I needed to eat help. He dropped me not I left him. Then his assistant Mark tells me Chris is refunding the last 45 days. I got 4 of my payments refunded. I emailed them on it, I have tried to send statments to prove I haven't recieved anymore of them. Yep I must have been blocked, tried 8 times now to send proof he wanted and none of my stuff will go through now. It pisses my off because I deservey refund for Chris left me, not I left him. I was feeling good about things and yes I work with him again. But it hurts when someone say I will always be there for you and he is my friend and just like that they leave you.

  • Patrick 3 weeks ago

    You are all gullible and stupid for falling for these scams. If you're dumb enough to sign up (most of you), then you SHOULD be losing money. Maybe it's a good wake up call. One thing you all have in common, you WANT to desperately believe and/or are at a vulnerable low point in your life. WAKE UP PEOPLE! You may have better luck seeing a priest.

  • Meiraf 3 weeks ago


  • Angel 9 days ago

    Affable and social lmao. It gave me the same exact email word for word. What an idiot. Yes the man speaking on the video sounds about 70 and yes again the picture does look like a 30 yr old.

  • Francine 8 days ago

    I thank you very much for this information, I had a hunch something wasn't right, researching for the truth about ''Chris'' brought me here, I appreciate your answer to my hunch.......thank you again, have a great year 2017...:)

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