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Horoscope Review: "Padre, the Angels' Messenger" and Medium

Updated on May 17, 2016
SylviaSky profile image

Sylvia Sky, experienced astrologer, author of Sun Sign Confidential: The Dark Side of all 12 Zodiac Signs, at amazon. com.

Padre Pio, modern Italian saint (1887-1968), bandaged his hands because they bled like Christ's.
Padre Pio, modern Italian saint (1887-1968), bandaged his hands because they bled like Christ's. | Source

Would This Man (or his double) Lie to You?

The word “angel” means “messenger,” and history says that when angels bring messages they deal directly with people: Abraham, Daniel, Jacob, and Mary, for starters. Guardian angels, if you believe what people say, guard their people with no middlemen. Nothing in angel lore says they work through human mediums. So “Padre, the Angels’ Messenger”—the whole concept makes no sense. Yet because all things are possible, I gave “Padre” a chance.

Padre emerged as an online medium in November 2014, pictured on his website ( as a white-bearded older man. Says he’s not a priest and was nicknamed “Padre” as a boy. He’s on Twitter and Pinterest, tweeting “24 Pin-worthy Fashion Quotes that Never Go Out of Style,” and quoting the authors Kafka and Derrida. Only a student of literature even knows who those authors are, and they were no angels. In fact they were both atheists. Catholics might associate “Padre” with “Padre Pio,” a beloved modern saint canonized in 2002, and Padre the Medium’s picture (of a model) resembles photos of Padre Pio, especially the raggedy white mid-length beard.

But the question is, can Padre give true readings? I sent real birth info for my free reading. After confirming my email address, I got my guardian angel’s name: “Umabel.” At this point I realized that Padre is “reading” using a computerized version of the popular “angel cards,” harmless fun with a tradition dating way back to 1996.

Already convinced Padre was a joke, I let “him” rub it in. The free reading said bad people in my life don’t want me to be rich, and to imagine a protective bubble around myself (I guess Umabel is on vacation).

Your Special Day is Three Weeks Away

"As I was calculating the incidence of the great planetary transits and observing the movement of the Stars for you. . .Uranus suddenly changed its transit across your Native Sun and, in full ascending phase, came to rest next to Jupiter in your birth Sky. . .I decided to warn you most urgently…before the crucial date of May 5, 2015. That is the Day when everything will be decided for you.”

Uh, planets don't suddenly change their transits. Slow-moving planet Uranus, now transiting Aries, won’t transit my natal (not “native,” you fool!) Sun until the year 2077. “Padre’s” next email said my angel gave him revelations, and that I have “an extremely large Hyper-Beneficial Angelical Karma" like he's never seen. Cost to find out more: 69 British pounds or $103 U.S., although I once saw a price of $69. If a curse was placed on you as a child, Padre will remove it for $400.

My second "free reading" gave me a different angel, Hahasiah, and an emphasis on love life instead of money, but the same advice. Their computer slotted in a different angel, but exactly like the first reading it told me Padre got up in the night, opened his ebony chest, and discovered that Uranus had changed its transit to my Sun and my crucial day was three weeks away.

“Padre’s” site is run by a company called Sesam Ltd. in Hong Kong, with an office in Gibraltar. If you’ve already fallen for this operation, whose legal page calls it “entertainment only,” you have 100 days to try to email for a refund.

My guardian angel told me to write this to keep people from paying for expensive B.S.

© 2015 SylviaSky


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  • Phil Perez profile image

    Phil Perez 21 months ago

    The man in this picture almost looks like a much older, Sean Connery. I don't mean to ruin your Hub, it was just an observation.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 21 months ago from USA

    Phil, he does look like Sean Connery! But that painting (from a holy card) is copied from a well-known photo of the real Padre Pio.

  • Larry Rankin profile image

    Larry Rankin 21 months ago from Oklahoma

    Good to have someone looking out for the scams.

    Great work.

  • Angie 21 months ago

    I was scammed. I spent the initial $69 and lo and behold they wanted another 300 more. i asked for a refund. i should have done my research first.

  • Sylvie 21 months ago

    Thank you for your reserch as I almost fell for the scam but I did a google search and found out that the actual company is based in Hong Kong. I also found your research and changed my mind.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 21 months ago from USA

    You're welcome, Sylvie. Nice words like yours make my research work worthwhile.

  • Sheridan 20 months ago

    Padre told me I was down on my luck, no job no love life but it would all change on 21st May if I paid him 69 pounds to remove my karmic debt. How was I expected to pay this with no job or money? I asked him to perform the ritual and I would give him 10% of my massive soon to be windfall!! Don't fall for this scam. My life is amazing I am a nurse and have a wonderful loving family. They are preying on vulnerable people. Shame on them!

  • Sammy 20 months ago

    Thank you so much i almost paid for his reading until i decided to google him frist

  • Olivia 20 months ago

    Thank you so much for this review....I was tempted, but curious if the "dream" he had of me was the same he gave everyone...seems so. Thank you for the heads up. Much appreciated. It is a pity because there is genuine people who can do these things and scammers leave the credibility of the really gifted people in question.

  • Serif caltili 20 months ago

    I to nearly parted with my money. Thanks to this site i haven't. It us such a shame that there are people out there who prey on the vunerable and those who are so desperate for a solutions to problems that have plagued them for years including myself.

  • Denise 20 months ago

    OMG to yell it out loud to the universe. I almost got scammed too. I scoured the internet for reviews on the site and really only your site addressed the site I was wanting info on. Same orbital planet sequences and same shiza spat out. Thank you for your site. Shame on me for once thinking "wow cool to know my guardian angels name". Ignorant, ignorant...,,,weak moment...

  • Sarah 20 months ago

    I got a free reading for the fun of it, the moment in mentioned a "contribution" I was like here it comes, now the finincial buy in so made decision to leave it and Google scams related it.

  • Andrew 20 months ago

    I have been getting a lot of emails from Padre with great visions and life changing events due with money and love life to occur on the 25th of May 2015. I had a free `reading' which told me I had a spiritual guide working for me to change my bad karma debt etc etc. I was told I could have a further reading at no cost to me after Padre had had a phenomenal dream about my circumstances, one like he'd never seen before!!!! Then I was asked for a donation of £69 :) Needless to say I emailed them and told them what to do with the reading. I checked your site to verify the scam. Thank you :)

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 20 months ago from USA

    You're welcome, Andrew. Working together we can get the non-"Padre" angel medium off the Internet within the year.

  • Charles Grenier III 20 months ago

    Ol padre is a horrible con man reminds me of that Jamaican miss Cleo, I stopped worrying about the events in my life for when I die my adventure begins I forsake and forbid any gods and or goddess to reincarnate me into this third world hell hole or any other I claim my spiritual sovereignty for myself and pledge no aligence.

  • Katy 20 months ago

    So glad I checked this out before taking another step....this was the blessing I needed today.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 20 months ago from USA

    Thank your Guardian Angel!

  • Noreen 20 months ago

    So glad i looked up this site as im usually a bit naïve. Was just about to get my bank card so thank u! It's true that they prey on vulnerable people as I am one of them. Just wanted sumthing good to happen for a change. It's not right. Maybe tonight he will have a nightmare...

  • vanessa angel 20 months ago

    what he (padre) is doing is so wrong, and the universe, knows and can see, what he, and alota other crooked scam, artists are doing is evil and wrong. anyway the law of the uninverse is what comes around goes around aye .

  • juna 20 months ago

    That was exactly what he found out in my free reading. My crucial date is 12th june 2015 and i also have a hyper angelic karmic debt and blah blah. He dreamt about me etc.etc. Everything same as u hv written in ur post. I unsubscribed anyway after getting his 3rd mail and googled about him. Thanks to my angel dat i came across ur post. Thanks to u as well

  • stacey rafferty 20 months ago

    Ive just signed up ..bit upset at my readin. Im scared in fact..he said sumthing was prowlon around me..feel stupid looks like ove been scammed

  • Bruce 20 months ago

    I got exactly the same reading back from him. Like you, right away it was obvious that it was software generated. It's a shame that people like this prey on vulnerable seekers. Luckily, I've moved past vulnerable. :)

  • Rose63 19 months ago

    I received the same messages, n I w i get emails everyday with him saying he is surprised that he has yet to hear back from me. I am paying for someone else's karmic debt from my past lives and it goes on and on

    My special day will be june 15 2015. I didn't fall for his messages because i know there are a lot of scammers out there. I've had this done a couple times before. But i was curious if he really exist, and I came across this website. Thank you so much for the enlightenment. I hope someone stops him from preying on innocent people who are seriously needing some spiritual help. And not be scammed out of their money. So sad how people can take advantage of vulnerable people. Great job Sylvia

    Thank you so much.

  • Arnold 19 months ago

    Thanks for this i almost pressed the pay button but my better sense got me right to google and landed here. Shame on these scammers. U happen to share the same birthday week with me if your Guardian Angel was Umabel right?

  • Audrey 19 months ago

    I got caught big time i should have googled this first and i didn't i'm still well in my 100 days its been only about a month so i've mailed for a refund ill be lucky to get it back i suppose. Just want to say thanks for having this page and i hope no more of us are caught, its such a shame that there are people out there who use Angels falsely. No more on line for me i'd rather pay for a flight to go see Tony Stockwell in the U.K i'd have been over and back three times with what i spent. Money is coming to me alright my refund:-)

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 19 months ago from USA

    Arnold, I loaded the same birth date under different names, and got 2 different angels.

  • Asmita,India 19 months ago

    Thank u Sylviasky, u saved my money as i ws going to pay Padre to remove my Karmik debt of past life..Thank God i googled first..

  • Yadira 19 months ago

    I got the same kind of jargon from him. Wow, thank you so much for revealing this scam!

  • Evelyn Perth. W.A. 19 months ago

    I was almost going to be conned I could not believe that religious terms were used I am so thankful that my daughter googled and found the same examples were suggested Padre was getting impatient that I had ignored his emails and I am so happy that I did not fall in and escaped being used. It is unfortunate that there are people like this in our World today that prey on the vulnerable weak and use their powers using holy terms and ripping others off - I believe in Karma and what goes around must come back and bite you.Thank you for keeping us


  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 19 months ago from USA

    You are welcome.

  • Tiffany Nguyen 19 months ago

    He said the exact same thing to me about how someone stole all of my good karma so I'm in a whirlpool of bad karma that isn't meant for me, which actually seems extremely accurate. Another e-mail about how my angel guardiam Umambel was in his dream and was telling him more about me. It was tempting to pay him and all but I'm completely broke. I'm glad I did my research too. Stupid scams. Thank you for typing this review!

  • Vanessa 19 months ago

    Hi Sylvia

    Firstly I just wanted to say THANK YOU

    I was 'told' almost identical information from Padre and because I guess I am a bit low and wanted someone to tell me things will get better I was contemplating paying for the next step (other than the free info). So I decided to Google Karmic Debt and Hyper Beneficial Angelical Karma for my Protective Guardian Angel Seheiah. That is when I came across your article about padre. So I will hit 'unsubscribe' as I am pretty sure that the 27th June won't begin with a loud Thunder Clap in the sky followed by lots of $$$$$$.

    Again, Thanks Sylvia.

    Cheers Vanessa

  • Susan McMurdo 19 months ago

    I'm so glad I googled this site as like everyone else I got a free reading n now I'm getting e-mails wanting £69 as life changing things will happen in 3wks time thank god I've not sent any money, I believe our guardian angels will look after us without going through a third party xxx

  • Marci 19 months ago

    Thank you for posting these finding on your site about Padre. I knew something was up when a contribution for services need to be made.

  • Ray 19 months ago

    Absolutely disgusted by this. To even compare himself to Padre Pio a beloved Catholic Saint. May he receive all the bad karma thats coming his way. Angel with Black Wings is probably his Guardian Angels name. Shame on him, im a catholic and its mortifying knowing that people can scam by emulating our saints. Go and burn in hell where you belong with your Hong Kong devils.

  • Arleny 19 months ago

    He told me the same story but my intuition told me not to believe anything he was saying I always had this weird feeling about him.. Thank you so much for ur post.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 19 months ago from USA

    Trust your intuition! Unlike Internet psychics, it will not lie to you.

  • Annie 19 months ago

    Thank you Sylvia, you've confirmed both my intuition and my analytical brain. But not before I parted with the £69. Like You I thought, well I can afford to loose it so what harm can it do to give it a try. NO WAY! He's back for another £250 which is a discount from £400. I emailed him say "I've been gullible and you had there, but no longer", the cheek of him he emailed me back, and the email was quite convincing. He told me he understood my "fear" but he "needed my trust" and to go inside and ask myself to search for the answers he knows to be true. Needless to say I unsubscribed but have been looking for a blog I could post my feedback on - hurrah for Sylvia Sky and thank you to the universe and guardian angels for linking me to you. Thank you Angel Sylvia. Annie from London UK.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 19 months ago from USA

    Annie, how sweet; thank you. Responses like yours makes my research into these disgusting con artists seem worthwhile.

  • Roxanne munoz 19 months ago

    Omg thank god i didn't send no money i knew this was a scam ..asking for money cause i had bad karma in my life..and i always had goodluck before and he was gonna remove it for 50$ with a book of spells he can only perform. Giving me dates that my life was gonna change soon..with lots of luck . Thanku everyone for posting comments .

  • Christopher Sirrah 19 months ago

    hi, im a catholic who loves Jesus and my guardian angel and padre too, he told me my angel is Yelahiah and I have an extremely large hyperbenificial angelic karma like hes never seen before but so hes telling others too. I trusted in his divine intuition knowing qabbalistic mathematical gematria and my angel completely agrees with my star sign Scorpio wild on planet Mars. but im frightened to play their cosmic religion games, Jesus might damn them 5 star pentacle karmic debt rituals when my D Day comes up 1st July 2015. Padre even sent me a message telling me he had indepth information on the details of my live reality asking me at night 'what are you doing?' like mind your own bizness telepathic, but hay im just trying to jack up my karma fire man so I named myself after Yelahiah being free from desperation to take a seal of salvation away from somebody else who would pay for it, would that be a scam? I thank Padre for elevating my karmic happiness with some brotherly peace in our spiritual bond, but im not buying it with money, I may descend over forgiving this karma highjacker, i'll cross myself for this, bless us Jesus.

  • Nkosi 19 months ago

    My guardian angel is apparently Haiyael. And he seems to be sending the same messages that everybody else is receiving. I think we all should sue these guardian angels fro plagiarism and playing mind games. Like why have they sat and watched these evil people drown me in Karmic Debt. If you get the free reading when you're down on your luck and desperate enough you're going to fall for this load of temptation. Like thunderclap and that 'windfall' GOSH! If I pay the R699 that Padre needs I get to have a ritual performed for me, I get great angelic revelations and ...wait for it...FOR FREE, I, Nkosi, get the Archangels’ Seal of Supreme Salvation. I'm just going to wait for Haiyael to coff up the money cause clearly he's been doing nothing, or he can just appear to me in my dreams. :) He's a guardian angel right? He can do it yeah?

    Nkosi, South Africa.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 19 months ago from USA

    Nkosi, you're funny and you're right. We should ask Padre's opinion on which guardian angels are most likely to be slackers!

  • Aniks 19 months ago

    Thanks Sylvia... You are the guardian angel who prevent us from being scammed.

  • Nadia 19 months ago

    God bless you sylvia. For letting people know. Your an angel. Nearly got scammed.

  • W. 19 months ago

    Thank you so much Sylvia, I almost got scammed as well. Your right, trust your intuition something just didn't feel right! My response:

    Why are you sending these messages. This is an online entertainment outlet that appears to offers negative messages cloaked in fear hidden under a positive intention for monetary gain.

    How is one to ascertain the creditability of what is said. These gifts are not to be trifled with or disrespected it is not responsible or ethical to raise these concerns and elude to the fact, that if you are not paid to complete a ritual they won't go away it is manipulating to say the least. I have done my research and it appears that many are told the same exact thing. How can this be?

  • Phary 19 months ago

    Thank you, for this research and review,,was almost conned into paying 69 pound, God bless you for your work.

  • anonamous 19 months ago

    How long does the refund process take? I fell for padres scam too its sick what people try do for money

  • Roxanne (Scotland) 19 months ago

    Thanks to you I didn't fall for this scam I have had emails everyday for the last 6 weeks telling most of the same as everyone else, something just told me to go to google if that thought didn't come into my head I would have payed the £20

  • Love 18 months ago

    Did anybody's big day come true and did they hear the loud thunder clap? Just wondering.

    Sylvia, thank you for this post. Padre said the same thing to me. Sounded good til that free price turned into 69 dollars and finally it went down to 49 dollars. He kept emailing me. My big day is July 11. I sent him a message and received a message that he would get back to me. He did but with the same emails he had been sinding from the start. He never addressed my email I sent him. Today I googled him and was directed to this site and I heard people received the same email I did they just had a different "big day" they would receive love and money--a lot of money--and the loud thunder clap on that day.

    Thank you Sylvia for your research. I felt something was wrong when I kept getting the same email everyday and about his dreams, free just for me, but yet I had to pay a contribution (free?). Those became red flags. I didn't get scammed because I found this site. Thanks Slyvia. Does padre know about this sight. Maybe his guardian angel will send him this way just to let him know we are onto him.

    Thanks again.

  • Shawn Di Vinci Thomas 18 months ago

    I'm a little dissapointed at the lack of faith I read on. This page.. I'm disgusted that I ask for a refund... I can attest, regardless of the negativity on this page, that everything I received from padre, or computer or WHOEVER was 100% accurate... I care less about money, that is trivial, unfortunately we need that to survive..... I will say this... I gave ALWAYS, been in tune with the spirit real... With my god and goddess... I was curious about padre, it seemed, intriguing.... Does it matter where the money goes to.... Do u feel the same way about your pastor when you pay your tidings... Do u demand to know where your money goes to? What about that homeless man or womb u gave money to? Or do you even give money at all? Instead of asking for the money back... U pray the the money is used to help someone in need, and leave it to your god, or goddess... Where is the faith in your god! Where is the faith in your goddess! .... If u don't believe in yourself. How can u expect to believe in your god or goddess? Unshakable faith is king!

  • karin schultz 18 months ago

    Thanks for the update. Yes, I agree with you, Sylvia. The folklore on angels is that they go direct, not through a 'spiritual guide'.

    From the above comments, Padre seems to have a fixation on Uranus transits, so I pulled up my charts for July 13, 2015, the day the world will change for me according to Padre. To gauge the accuracy of his info, I cast an event chart for that day using my home co-ordinates, and ran it against a progressed chart based on my natal data.

    The results: the progressed composite chart showed no aspects between Uranus and Jupiter. But it did show a YOD to Uranus (inconjunct to Pluto-Neptune) and a Jupiter-Moon sextile as well as a Jupiter-Pluto trine. So there may be a chance that money (which was the emphasis in his email to me) could be coming in and around that date, but this is iffy given the YOD. Perhaps Manakel, my guardian angel according to Padre, will reveal the winning lottery numbers to me in a dream. But with Neptune in play, maybe this is all a pipe-dream?

    However, my progressed chart shows a Uranus-Moon-Mars water trine since January 2015, which is good both for money-making or money-losing opportunities, so Padre's prognostications for the next three weeks only confirms a trend occurring in my chart for the past 6 months.

    To sum up, my research using horary astrology shows that when it comes to wealth, Pluto-Jupiter aspects involving a "money house", is a good indicator of money, while aspects to Uranus can go either way (Mercury direct is a better indicator). A summary of my methods and results (over 3 year period) are in my Winning at Lotteries ebook.

    On the spiritual side, I have never read that a person can hijack someone's "Hyper-Beneficial Angelical Karma", whatever that is. So, either Padre has a very unique perspective on the nature of karma, or he doesn't have a clue. Besides, is there such a thing as hyper karma?

    What I will say, is that his landing page is well designed, but way too long and in need of serious editing to eliminate contradictions. Besides, baiting you with a free "Angelical Revelations" gift which you get when you cough up the dough, is disingenuous. As I do not trust his astrology, why should I trust his revelations? And, just how many angels are there? I've never heard of Manakel until now.

  • Mark 18 months ago

    I knew this was a scam when I started recreceiving emails in both of my accounts [in different names], they both were saying the same thing. Oddly both had the same angel givin. But thank you for confirming my thougbts.

  • sijabulisiwe 18 months ago

    People I feel like crying right now I have been scammed and I don't even know how to ask for my refund.first it was a woman named Espiranza who told me about my brilliant life and she kept on asking for more money now its Padre I paid him yesterday but the message he sent me was jus like the ones he sends to everybody else claiming my an amaizing event will occur on the 9th of this month but when I paid the date changed to can they be so heartless?I guess they target the most valnourable people

  • Angelique 18 months ago

    Dear Angelique,

    Something happened last night which is both odd and extraordinary. I had a dream about you. A silhouette of light, which seemed to descend from heaven, appeared before me.

    It was your Protective Guardian Angel

    He made certain important revelations which are intended directly for you. They concern the imminent upheaval in your life.

    It is clear that things are now starting to go your way. That is a fact.

    Do you want to know what is at stake, at this very moment, in your fate?

    Your friend, who watches over your happiness,


    Discover my vision.

    I always click for curiosity, but if your angels want you to know something they will let YOU know. not some guy you don't know. There are signs all around us, you just have to be aware. I see a very good spirit medium once a year and her predictions have always bin spot on. It's people like him the skeptics feed off and give the genuine gifted people a bad name. Feel for the ones that got drawn in by him and wish you luck in getting your refunds. Love this article, nice work :)

  • Gerry 18 months ago

    Thanks for this wa nearly caught

  • galleryofgrace profile image

    galleryofgrace 18 months ago from Virginia

    Thank you so much for this article. I almost fell for his offers . My gut instincts told me "no".

    Why is there no link for me to follow you?

  • Shirley 18 months ago

    Thanks for update I figured it was a bunch of huey LOL I hope people didn't send money. God is the only one to control my life from above and my Guardian Angel has been with me for years and never felt I needed to know a name.

  • Nanditha 18 months ago

    We all love to hold onto faith wherever we find it. If one wants to help using your gifted skill for free and then good karma will add to your kitty. Don't scam people when they are already low. Thanks for the review dear SylviaSky :)

  • Zandi 18 months ago

    OMW,I can't believe that I almost got scaled.thank you so much SilviaSky for doing your research.I've been getting the same messages from him and my guardian angel Imamiah.I kept on ignoring his emails,until yesterday she he offered to perform some miracles for me for free and that i had to burn 3 matches and keep them in white envelope with my picture and always keep it in my person.It sounded so scary,that i decided to google about him,and came across your research.Thanx a million Silvia for saving us from this for man.

    Zandi-South Africa

  • Anon girl 18 months ago

    I feel so ashamed...I fell for padre's scam log, stock & barrell. I feel extremely disheartened that all good things he "promised" will never happen as its just bogus. Fortunately I received full refund.

  • Jo 18 months ago

    have just found your site, that makes you our guardian angel. curiosity always kills the cat, and in this case hopefully a Padre. no I haven't been scammed, but it's great entertainment for the light hearted folk out there. thanks for looking out for these kind of dirty rotten scoundrels. I can't even begin to imagine what kind of forecast he will come up with about 'oh no I've been busted' we all know, Karma works in mysterious ways.....God bless karma, and all those people who expose fraudsters & con artists. Thank you.

    Jo - Australia.

  • Ana 18 months ago

    Call your bank. I almost did the same but decided to google him first.

  • Marsha 18 months ago

    All the same for me. I was trying to put it n my budget and then Googled him

  • Mags 18 months ago

    Shame on him using the Devine and higher level to rip off people in vulnerable situations......I would hate to be carrying his "BAD KARMA DEBT" say he is working from the dark side may God and the holy Angels forgive all of us that clicked on his site.....May our faith help us believe that any hurdle that's ahead of us GOD is already there. God Bless All.

  • Delilah 18 months ago

    Wow thank you so much Sylivasky I almost fail for what he said I got my 3rd email saying the same thing that in August 11 , 2015 everything was going to change for me .

  • dawn 18 months ago

    Wow, i only had to read about a dozen of the letters written by people on your site and after awhile you do see a chain of the same stuff just a few words changed here and there. He for me had those amazing dreams, , and the 3 week thing. And my karmic debt... can't someone stop them!!the money they must make, Padre being just one, must make a fortune, and i do know people personally that paid a lady by the name of Maria, loads of money for lottery numbers and talismans, to bring luck, etc etc. I remember reading her 12 page letter, a lot of words that said nothing much, but my friend was so taken in, that she could not stop. Despicable is all i can say.

  • Robin 18 months ago

    oh gosh, I am so glad I found your article. I am currently getting email from padra, I ask for his address for the contributing and finally got the address to Hong Kong I never planned on sending the 69.00 in that he said he would use clear up the adverse karmic debt. (Which only he knows how to do ) I knew it must be a bunch of bs. If you look at the web site all the testimony at positive ( to good to be true) thank you so much

  • mansi 18 months ago

    I don't believe this...he uses same statements with all of us!!!!how can everyone's reading be same??he told me the same that something good wil happen to me in next 3 weeks and bla bla bla...

  • Theresa 17 months ago

    Thank you

    You saved me from sending the USD69.90 for my first detailed readings

    From what I have read, everyone has received identical messages

    What a scam

    Thank god I decided to check if this was fraud

    Thank you once again

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 17 months ago from USA

    You're welcome, and thank you all for commenting. The more you comment, the more people you save from falling into this trap.

  • gspal 17 months ago

    Yes, Haaiah stood there, next to you. Immediately, the light that surrounded you intensified and enveloped as if it were heaven’s most powerful protective shield. Then, without further ado, he spoke:

    listen to Padre… it is through him that I speak to You. What awaits you is unprecedented… matchless Happiness. Agree to face the truth. Will you yield to divine will? Please, … Go forth and follow your Messenger from Heaven. He is the one who allows me to show you the new path your life must follow.

    Thereupon, Haaiah immediately disappeared, as surprisingly as he had first appeared. And that was when I woke up.

    I wasted no time and immediately decided to contact you! And all the more so as things seem to be developing very favourably for you, here on earth.

    I then spent several hours carrying out a very special task for you. And what I discovered concerning you exceeds all the good things I could have foreseen.

    Get ready for a pleasant surprise::

    Let me recall the facts for you: as I was calculating the incidence of the great planetary transits and observing the movement of the Stars for you, one unique fact caught my attention.

    Uranus suddenly changed its transit across your Native Sun and, in full ascending phase, came to rest next to Jupiter in your Birth Sky.

    Considering the enormous stakes such an upheaval represents for you, I decided to warn you most urgently… and perforce before the crucial date of August 22, 2015.

    That is the Day when everything will be decided for you. I know this, and I now have the proof.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 17 months ago from USA

    Golly, Gspal, "Padre" said it happened to you, too -- Uranus suddenly changed its transit across your native Sun and came to rest next to your Jupiter! Just like he said about mine! May no one be fooled by this.

  • Sathish 17 months ago

    Thank u Sylvia Sky, you saved my money as I was thinking to pay Padre to remove my Karmic debt of past life.

    You saved me from sending the USD 69.90 for my first detailed readings.

    Now the fees has come down to Rs.590/-.

    Thank God, I Googled and found your review.

    Good Job...

  • Shirley 17 months ago

    Well i just lost 19 dollars . said i would have a life change to my problems within a few days. He used st therese which is very ugly of him to do that. Cuz im catholic and i have prayed the novena to this saint. Im suppose to receive her medal in the mail soon???. Im going to pray to my lord like i always have. I feel dumb. Jesus is the only one that will change ur bad luck or sad situations if u really believe with ur heart. Pray pray pray and believe and lose hope in our creator.

  • Bubblie Gill 17 months ago

    Hi.. I had the same message as you all few hours ago about bad luck and the rest.. Padre was asking for £129 To clear all my dept with bad karma.. I nearly paid him but a inner voice said check who this Padre n his reviews n scams.. I landed on your page Sylvia..

    I am so glad n I thank you all for saving me from this person Padre... What a con artist.. Thank you Sylvia for your page..x❤️❤️

  • Robin 17 months ago

    I deleted all the emails from padra and made sure I unsubscribe to his emails, I thought that was the end of it. But today I had a personal email from him. Anyone else getting personal email?

  • Kristin 17 months ago

    He almost gave me hope and he just sent me a message saying he woke up in the middle of the night because my angel came to him named yeyalel something like that i have a karmic debt that costs 69 dollars to remove at first i felt wow this actually relates to me but if its free why do i have to pay? I then researched and researched and my angels led me here my angels and spirits come to me what Padre doesnt know is i actually have that gift but i dont use it to scam people angels good spirits loved ones of mine or others actually come to me its a gift i was blessed with and everything he said i felt wasnt right before the research my angels or spirits dont have to go through someone to tell them to tell me i need to hurry up and act on this amazing suprise. It angers me people like him exists it makes it hard for those who like me have this gift he said i would recieve lost of money and i have until September 1rst to give my donation just red flags i dont trust it took me a minute to put everything together but he comes off caring this site needs to be banned i would like to work with everyone who experienced Padre and lets get him and others off the internet . I didnt know this was in hong kong crazy he ran my whole life down telling me i need protection i have this malovent force adverse karma and he has to do a ritual to remove it and i have a hyper karmic beneficial karma and my angel name is ridiculous my guardian angel isnt that and god protects me everyday and every night when we all were born god sent a detatchment of angels that walk with us and protect us we didnt have to pay for just a heads up we are already protected. :) Happy i didnt send anything i recieved his messages today 8/12/2015 and yesterday 8/11/2015 glad i was led to this everyone remain blessed much love

  • Fran 17 months ago

    As soon as 'Padre' said that he could remove blocks that none else could, it made me realize that this man is not for real

  • tyrantduck 17 months ago

    For anyone who got refunds... how long did it take to get a response from someone about it? I've sent two emails now and nothing. I'm out around $110 otherwise. I should have known it was too good to be true.

  • redhead 17 months ago

    I read his claim and decided to google him i thought it was a scam

  • nicola 17 months ago

    Did pay 69 pounds .wish i had read this first . Never mind must look into things more . But thank you for this site

  • BabyDoll 64 17 months ago

    Wow omg these continues emails from Pedra never Stops wth bs ...the mam is a fraud in should be in jail ...takeing from the poor an giing to the rich scamers!! Thank s to all the reviews wrote from all so hopefully others wont be blinded by false readings. Of bs emails

  • Shashi Bhushan 17 months ago

    Thank you guys. I am also being bombarded by emails from "padre website' . When I didn't bite his 'bait' , he sent an email recently saying that bad luck will come on me in a few hours if I do not action. Fortunately having known the methodolgy of such scamsters, I didn't fall for it. However, I fell, there should be a check on such people and should be banned from operating.

  • Wilma 16 months ago

    Omw. I am also a sucker this man/ machine really had me going. I pd him the first R133. Is there anybody who got a refund from him? I read his t&c but must have missed the part where it said it is for entertainment. Maybe because I need something to give me hope. I hope his dreams will haunt him for doing such an awefull thing. Thanks Sylvia just a pitty I did not do research before I fell for this scam

  • prisha 16 months ago

    Thank you so much Sylvia. Even I was about to fall in this trap. Thanks to you! You have done an amazing job. According to Padre, I am also a victim of that hyper beneficial angelic karma. Its just same for what he has been telling others. not a word different from what i'm reading here.

    when he told me that something happened in the past two weeks that has left me shattered and made me lose my self confidence, and many similar nonsense I decided to look for his reviews before investing my money on him.

    once again Thank you very much.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 16 months ago from USA

    Prisha, your experience shows how Padre works: "He's" hoping you and others seek out a "psychic reading" soon after a shattering experience when people would be most vulnerable to his pitch. I am very happy you escaped with your wallet intact, and thank you for writing.

  • alan m 16 months ago

    Padre has told me about how my life would change in the next 3 months with love,money and the rest,ive just lost my dad and am wanting to believe he can give me messages from him or my son who died at 6months old???? Is it a con??? Or what???? If anyone can let me know my ph no's 07494825610Add Your Comment...

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 16 months ago from USA

    Alan, Padre is false; read the review and the comments. I am sorry you've lost your father and baby son. Online psychics won't help with your grief nor can they contact the beyond. Don't waste your money. Please talk to a counselor or other professional.

  • Ernie 16 months ago

    Wow! It's amazing to find that something as convincing as Padre's readings is a huge scam.

    What a world!

    Please Sylvia, does this mean that all psychics online are fraudulent (because it seems it's basically entertainment without considering that most people really need a psychic)?

    If not so, which psychics online are real? Please do you know about any?

  • Val 16 months ago

    Thank you Sylvia Sky! Great job!

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 16 months ago from USA

    Ernie, in my five years of investigations I have found no real online psychics. All those I have researched and contacted use ads to attract people with generic "free readings" that then try to persuade them to buy readings costing from $39 to $129 and more. I have seen these "second readings" and they are often just as generic and worse than bogus. The clients can be fooled into thinking they're receiving customized service, but they are not. No genuine psychic needs to advertise or give "free readings" as a sample; he or she has more than enough clients attracted by word of mouth.

  • anonymous 15 months ago

    thank you all for this research I almost paid this guy unfortunately my card declined thank God

  • Jose 15 months ago

    I had The same experience than everyone else here, I almost fell for Padre, but I thought how can I pay for something as important as Padre presented to me? that part of asking for money sounded false that is why after a few days of thinking the idea came to me of doing a research online and I saw your answer here. Thank you Sylvia because exposing this scam give us peace of mind.

  • Belshazzar Sirrush 15 months ago

    The real tellers never ask for money.

  • Beate 15 months ago

    I did not pay this guy any money, because I know that Uranus normally does not change his transit. I think world would fall apart if planets started chanching their transits. And when he wrote that only he could undo the karmic blockades or curses it was clear to me that this man or this machine is fake.

    But, to be honest, I kept thinking about this Padre bloke and found this website. He wrote exactly the same crap to me as he wrote to you.

    Apparently the operator of this site do not believe at all in angels or God, or else they would not do this. Keep away from this site!!!

  • Carlos 15 months ago

    Thanks Sylvia!:)) I almost got scammed. I received about 3 emails from Padre and almost purchased his secret Talisman for 9.95. I then reflected and spoke to my celestial father. I was then guided to see if this was real or a scam...beware of false profits! I then found your site. God directed me and guided me to the truth. Bottom line what is proven to me over and over again.... nothing like a direct line to my father and my angels!;) Thanks again and God Bless!!

  • Andrea 15 months ago

    I almost got scammed into this. I trusted my intuition to do some research. Thank you so much for this article!

  • Nilesh 15 months ago

    They say that nothing significant can be achieved without hardwork. The reason you are suffering because of your past Karmas or past actions. In testing times one should turn towards gods & not such stupid padre. Always pray to your esteem god. I would also add apart from padre there are name such as maria the medium, Gabriel, aasha, aalisha, tara. Internet is full of such BS. I have read somewhere on internet that this is computer generated crap & some people fall for it. Pls add more name if you have any. So people become aware & stay away from such stupidity.

  • Junk-Spam 15 months ago

    Hi, I have been receiving emails from Padre every other day for months now. He has revelations, money gains and bad luck regarding my future. Apparently he has done some urgent cleansing because I came to him in a dream and he prevented bad luck. I think when we are in a vulnerable place and seek hope we end up finding scammers.

    I think we have many crossroads in our lives and we seek many things to justify whether we are doing the right thing. We try and connect with other beings like our guardian angels and saints. When things go wrong and people like Padre tell us there is something bad that is blocking your path a light bulb switches on and we think 'that's why it's all going wrong'. In the end we hear what we want to hear, dismiss what our instincts and intuition is telling us, until people like Padre confirm what we originally thought. The only thing he preys on the vulnerable and its costly. Life has it's ups and it's downs, with many crossroads to deal with. People have different crisis to deal with in life and unless someone knows exactly what it is don't pay a cent. If Padre said something bad is going to happen next month and I stubbed my toe, I would be thinking Padre said that was going to happen. What we seek is hope, light at the end of the tunnel, help in a bad situation etc. Where do we find it - don't know, but we all hold on to something to get us through our crisis. Online psychics are not the answer, there are a number of them that do exactly the same.

  • tricia 14 months ago

    No one can do anything but God

  • Benita 14 months ago

    Thank you for saving me some money that I can't really afford to spend. I love my angel..who is Gabriel(I've spoken with him personally), but I will look into this Lehahiah, he may also be a guardian because of my birthday...we do have more than one, I'm told.

  • Greg 14 months ago

    I'm glad i found this cos I had the same experience about 3 months ago with this so called padre in my desperation to get help with some health and hair problems as a bald man lol. Though i know there are genuine psychics who can help but finding them seem impossible. But if you're patient enough, you could cos i did and for the reason I'm thankful Padre never got me.

  • Charlie 14 months ago

    But So many people have been saying they didn't fall into padre's trap cos they checked his review but in my experience i have found out that some of those websites that has all good reviews and not even one single negative review very ( too good to be true ) and my instincts were right cos lately i found out that the so called good forum/website was just a complete scam that has been taking advantage of people suffering from broken heart, just like Padre. Promotions are not allowed here, i would have pasted for all to see. We all have to be very careful as we can't understand no more what the spiritual community has turned into.

  • annah 14 months ago

    Wow, this padre! thanks for the info, actually i found out that he sends the same messages to my fiance, I almost got scammed

  • Emeka. 14 months ago

    this so called Padre has milked me dry. I'm deeply ashamed of myself coz I have made above $300 payment to him for nothing. It was the same story he fed everyone that he has for me. How I acquired hyper angelical karmic debt and co. I hope the authority catch him.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 14 months ago from USA

    Emeka, don't be ashamed that you fell into the trap. It's cleverly set up to trap even the most intelligent people. Your testimony here will keep many others from being taken.

  • roger 14 months ago

    its a complete scam .

  • tony 13 months ago

    great article, already has weary of this, but did some research and your article sealed it. So, in your opinion who are legitimate?

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 13 months ago from USA

    Tony, you will not find a "legitimate" psychic on an Internet website or by phone. Real psychics (very rare, and not all of them want to go into business) do not have to advertise; they have all the business they can handle thanks to word of mouth. I don't know any, nor have I met any who are genuine. Any psychic who advertises is fake.

    Why not decide what your own future is, and go for it?

  • chan 13 months ago

    Excellent research and sharing... Thanks..

  • kedi 13 months ago

    Thank you thank you thank you sylvia I was about to donet my my money to padre on this coming Tuesday course my D-date is on 19-12-2015. Telling me same story I even email him say I don't have credit cart n he reply I must go n buy something like you buy airtime n send the number so he will be able to receive the amount of 600 but always my angel tells me this is a devels work don't do that I listen to my angel but today I open my email come across with his email said I must be quickly the date is near he is so afraid I will lose everything I felt atempted. I desired to Google this hyper angelical karma its when I came I cross with this scam may the angels of God deal with him. Thanks again Sylvia sky may our great almaghty be with you for saving us to this scams. Kedi from nelspruit South Africa.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 13 months ago from USA

    Thank you.

  • Anuj 13 months ago

    This is completly fake .

    Same text has been used .

    thankfully i had searched on google first to check his credibility.

  • phil 13 months ago

    Thanks you saved me 29.00

  • godessi 12 months ago

    you maybe save 29.00 now but you lost a better days and life for future

    seriously do you really think one person can handle personally all demand received over internet ?? thousand of it and that all demand receive are serious person ? imagine all time lost to respond to all people of course not this why automated and there is prepared write email to help the most people possible do you think case are unique for all people no some repeat over time like every thing in world and nothing really free push your reflection deeper don't let others think for you !!be curious dig a bit do a effort i know there is scam but not all automatic response and prepared form email are ....this a ways to help more people possible and eliminated the no serious one without losing their time

    i never believe what i read on internet bad or good because if i had do i had miss some great things and try some garbage things be unique be you don't fallow and believe what society says because most of them just want to control you and keep unaware about your true potential and media are one method they use to........

  • christina 12 months ago

    Thankyou to all of you guys, and to you sylvia . I have been well and truly had . I would really like to recieve some kind of help as i do feel i have always had some kind of negative interference since the day i was born . I am very receptive and sensitive .

  • chlo chlo 12 months ago

    If it seems to good to be true it usually is. Good job on your research and thank you for sharing.

  • Balachandra Visvesvara 12 months ago

    Hi SylviaSky,

    My Heartfelt thanks to you. I just got those readings from Padre's website. At first felt its auto generated then the writings makes one feel as if they are real and done by authentic person.

    thanks a lot. Keep up your good work.. This is what I say is spiritual and good deeds to the humanity.


  • Pokemonmaster000 12 months ago

    Knew it, but they must've done something, because apparently tommorow my life will be trapped in karma, BUT 5 days ago he said he couldn't help me tomorrow because it's too late after that day. BUT, he says January 20th is the day my life is trapped in karma, I'm not paying. And he's sticking to my guardian angel's name is "Hariel" and didn't change it. But his "magic words that will save you" have changed like 3 times already! I knew it was a scam!

  • Kate Curry 11 months ago

    This man has bombarded me 21 times with angelic visions, "appearances", sudden changes in planets' orbits (this just doesn't happen if you know astrology and astronomy, he says adverse karma ruining my life, dragged down in spiral, will rid me of karmic debt blah blah. He's asked for monies to "do" ceremonies ranging in cost from initial £69, then £49, £59, £99, £198, £249, £297. There will be "thunderclap" when all resolved!! Oh really? He tried some applied psychology: "because of lateness of hour I am still working for you (me) although I am dead tired" to make me feel sorry for him presumably - well he should pace himself better and told him that when asked for my £69 to be refunded as he'd done absolutely nothing to earn it. It was refunded, thankfully. I was in Law most of life and recognised this as pestering and harrassment after receiving 21 missives, all saying same, all repeating dire warnings, all promising to perform ceremonies etc for more and more fees. Also, having been taught Cabbala to high degree, know full well you cannot chose name for your Guardian Angel. Naming another implies authority over the other. My GA is my instructor. I, and former colleague in Law, did some research, it appears all the totally unspeakable nonsense churned out for me by this man is exactly same as that "fed" to other unsuspecting, trusting people, only the dates of their joy and luck is changed. As for the name of my GA - never heard of it and can't trace. So avoid this "offer of help to change your life". It is nothing less than a take-on and, I am, reliably told by former Law colleagues, a scam.

  • Sandra Lynn Bainter 11 months ago

    Thank you! I have been receiving almost exactly the same type of emails non-stop for appropriately six months. So happy "your guardian angel" told you to warn us lol!!!!!

  • Lourdes 11 months ago

    Thank you Silvia Sky for your great work.

    I'm very glad I found your page. I am catholic.

    Padre emailed me several times asking for his help intervention and it needed to be done in less than 3 weeks because of my period of good luck. I did not respond to him because I have no money or a job. After a month when "my period of good luck ended" I thought I wouldn't hear from him again for an obvious reason. He approached me this time saying that he just arrive from the Vatican. He said he had some revelations from the superior power and the angels were whispering my name in this holy place. He offered me "The Vatican's Cross of Fortune" which is a picture to be printed. He said a miracle was about to occur in my life during the next week. I had to ask my best friend to pay for this!

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 11 months ago from USA

    I hope you get your miracle!

  • Lourdes 11 months ago

    Dear SilviaSky:

    I apologize if my previous message has not been delivered properly. I kindly wrote to let people know about I have been scammed by them. Everyone, please be aware of Padre, Maria Medium, Aasha, etc.. they are are all scammers! operating from Hong Kong.

    God bless

  • werdah 11 months ago

    Thanks a lot...even i was tempted and worried too as it said i am under some kerma debt ..few incidents got me moved as they coincidently were true..but really everything is in the hands of god..only he has the power and this world works under his control..even the angels work under god not the stupid lets pray and ask directly from god..he will ease all our problems..thanks for ur actually increased my faith in god

  • Jose Feijo. Me too. I got hooked on Facebook and liked the response to my first request. It started with $47.00 then the second respoinse $59.00 but when i got the third response i slammed my brakes.  10 months ago

    I will right in this space, so eager to share my "experience with "Padre" that i have typed a long description on the above box insteat of here.

    Well, yes i did get hooked by this padre too. Found it on Facebook and his picture as pretty convincing! So i gave it a try hoping for positive results... first response my Mastercard $49.00, second response $59.oo and then came the third eMail for another $400.00 (to release evil out of my soul), well that was a good enough reason and i slammed my brakes. Specially after a google search, found your article, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

    My 6th Sense kept on warning me, but i did allow "him the Padre" to take me for a ride, good job on those emails but not for me. I am 65, born August 3rd 1950 around 09:00, my star is the SUN, my Zodiac is LEO.

    This Hongkong people came barking to the wrong door, i as a military, served the Portughese army for 3 years, i was trained as a Commando and spent 2 years in the then colony of Mozambique, (1972-1974). Well "padre" this is for you: My commando soul and shadow are right not watching you, i do not need my machine gun to intimidate you, but rest assure that you are going to HELL under my orders (i was a Seargent), so get out of Facebook right now, if you dont, not me, but MY LORD will do what is deemed to what you have tried on me, you played with fire, dont you dare to take money out of my Mastercard, if you do then it becomes personal, believe me, dont mess with me, Our Universe under my guidance will hunt you for eternity, just read the following about me and think twice before you attempt other victims with your scam.



  • Chris Parrott 10 months ago

    Hi Sylvia,

    you are doing a grand job exposing these scammers. I nearly fell for it but I have been a member of channelling groups and have a wonderful spirit guide who helps me all the time, and I am aware of my Guardian angel who has saved me from harm so many times, though I was not often aware of it until later.

    We are helped and guided but we are still responsible for manifesting our own future and making it the best it could be for us. We need to let go of the need for things to happen and trust that all events are an important learning experience. It is sometimes very hard, even heart-breaking. Fortunately my dearest friend, also a therapist and light-worker is there for me and helps me see the dark side in me and helps me accept and honour it. Peace and love, Chris

  • Nayana Rahalkar 8 months ago

    I am so much grateful to my guardian angel that I did not respond to this scam by paying any amount! Today when I was thinking to do so my angel showed me your research & saved me! Thanks my angel & thanks SylviaSky for your noble work! Stay blessed!

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 8 months ago from USA

    You're welcome, Nayana!

  • Dindo 8 months ago

    Padre seems to be true. Because it tells you the events or hardships you are having. Just as I was experiencing right now. But thanks Sylvia for enlightening me. You are such an angel. But I will never stop praying to my angel Omael. because I also tried to google for my Angel Omael, and He was the same angel I dreamed of years back when I was all alone and missing my mom who just died back hen. And my angel came to my dream. So I won't stop believing in Angels. God bless you Sylvia.

  • Elaine 7 months ago

    Thank you Sylvia Sky,

    You have saved me from parting with my cash, for which I have decided will be better spent helping someone I know of who is in need. God bless you and thank you

  • Elaine 7 months ago

    an after thought, just before I was contemplating paying this Padre this scripture came into my mind Matthew 23:9King James Version (KJV)

    9 And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.

    This then led me to look up on google and I found your page Sylvia

  •  7 months ago

    I thank perhaps padre is just and elegant way of pronouncing PREY. As I see it most likely an individual whom is even slightly tempted to invest into what unfortunately seems to be a blessed miracle eventually reveals itself as a SCAM in disguise is likely vulnerable due to internal struggle & hardship to begin with otherwise likely wouldnt even consider this as an option. I speak for myself + dare to expand my experience and reflect it upon the masses. DONT FEEL FOOLISH if U had fallen "prey" to this parasite! More likely a wounded fragile being extending the extreme desire for external strength. In fact to label as a SCAM I believe is to gingerly this *company* straight ROBs people Emotionally/Momentarily! It seems the lesson here & always= that what ever it is we are seeking we need not look any further because the answers are found within OURSELFs! ~{GOD BLESS ALL}~

  • S.Cafferty 6 months ago

    I want to extend my gratitude that "any information" about this person was located and others took the time to share their personal experiences to protect another Christian. I do know once I received my third email, I prayed to Jesus to please let me know if this was true. I immediately thought to "lookup his name from the emails", and I embarrassed to say I should have done that first... My search instantly lead me to this website. It was the first result that came up on google. It was and is a blessing. I do not have the money to spare. I believe in Our Lord and Savior. I did not want to dismiss the possibility of an Angel coming into my life this way. I believe in Angels. I pray each time something is questionable that appears in my life quickly first and foremost going the the Lord and asking for clarity and protection. With the Faith I Know and Believe, I serve One God. I believe he lead me here. I don't think it is incorrect to say "Everyone has problems or issues they are dealing with or facing in their lives", so an email like Padre's CAN be interpreted into each persons situation. We see what we want. My advice is pray first to The Lord, Your Real Guardian Angels, Your Departed Loved Ones. You will be saved as I have! Thank you for the words EVERYONE shared. It helped me feel as though I had a team of protection. God Bless Everyone.

  • Catriona 6 months ago

    I knew this was crap from day 1. He makes out that your Guardian Angel will abandon you if you don't fall for this. I'm very sure that my angel would not choose to use the internet to speak me. My intuition told me not to fall for this and I believe it was my angel telling me that this was false. I feel sorry for people who genuinely fall for this kind of thing and are convinced its real. It's not right to play with people's lives and feelings just to gain a buck, and to use the name Padre as well, makes me sick!!!!!

  • Rayrayray 6 months ago

    I already been extraordinary chris by paying him half my money and who.knows what he might be capable of.doing... he probably overdraft my account because their shutting it down in 45 days cause I owe the bank money over 600$ ... Padre and extraordinary chris are the same exact person or they might be friends.who knows. But be careful who YOU trust because extraordinary chris fucked up my acct so bad that I had to file a police report . I found out that they know each other...

  • Val 6 months ago

    I almost believed what Padre was saying.. damn I most be vulnerable or something because I don't believe what any medium or psychic people say.. ugh glad I Googled his name first

  • Cynthia R. 6 months ago

    I feel so dumb. I paid The extrordanary Chris and paid Padre over 300.00 and supposably I was free of bad karma and was gonna live the life Im destined to live, and now today I was told Im in danger and that they have to perform more rituals for me and asking for more money. Padre almost 200.00 and Cris 67.00 they have no shame. I emailed both telling them I cannot pay because I do not have a job but they still keep asking. Im so glad I saw this site because if I wouldnt have then I would have lived in fear. All of our stories compare. We have all been told the same thing. I feel dumb. But Karma will come back and get bad people for scamming the good out of their money and for putting lies and fear in innocent peoples heads.

  • Thanks for confirming 6 months ago

    I'm grateful that my guardian angel knew that the Padre dude was a total lie and scammer before I even came across his site and before I even started reading the article I had a feeling that it was. Thanks to God. I'm grateful for you too for confirming my doubts bout him. Now I'm curious what my guardian angels real name is? ^^

  • Nazish 6 months ago

    This article put me in a really embarassing situation coz I'm one of the victms of Padre.I 'm a depressed woman who has been suffering through a very unhappy married life but since I belong to a rigid society I cant go for divorce.I'm financially unstable too.Thats why I was easily trapped by Padre.I paid him many times for that good luck I' m desperately looking for.Do laugh at me coz I'm a real fool.

  • eddym'sia 5 months ago

    thank you very-very much for your article..keep on produce more other articles to help those in the dark by this scammer fool(bs)...thanks sylvia

  • Agta_Power 5 months ago

    Words Are Powerful if The readers have strong Belief... My point is.. Just read it and apply it.. But dnt spend Money on it.. angelical Money seal? search an image what is look like? then DIY ;) it was cool ^_^ Light and Love to us all :)

  • eddym'sia 5 months ago

    sylviasky is the true angel..

  • Erica 5 months ago

    Thank, I believed him too. I didn't pay money, but was very close to doing so. One positive thing is that I remembered the power of prayer through this experience. Prayer helps as a stress release. Prayer and meditation on what I'm greatful of and my goals. I'm glad I came across this sight, a true blessing.

  • Meng Ni Xu profile image

    Meng Ni Xu 5 months ago

    Hello, fellows,

    I figure out something about this "Padre" guy that it maybe the real purpose behind doing this--beyond a SPAM just for money. it is--EMOTIONAL,MENTAL, financial ABUSER and ENTERTAINER of us who have been fooled ignorantly. YES, he could be someone who actually enjoys seeing vulnerable people being entertained by his words, and feel self-satisfied about his dirty trick on us--- who actually enjoys seeing us keep falling for his joke, seeing the vulnerable being abused and attacked emotionally and mentally. He does not care anything for which people say about him morally. Quite the contrast, his real purpose is anti-humanity and gets entertained from draining us, and seeing us complaining about our suffering!!!! Yes, what MORE enjoyable is that he could also earn much money from the fooled at the same time!. His real motive and character is anti-society and anti-humans.

    just like what he said in the spam email-- "an interesting face with look of self-satisfaction that as if someone has played some dirty trick on you-- trying to pull you to the hell and never being able to move back. " He is describing this purposefully, thinking"hey you idiot, cant you recognize that it is ME who is laughing and satisfied with seeing you being entertained and like an innocent idiot preying by me! hahahahaha ......and you think I am just a SPAM?? NO! " what a fun seeing his dirty and simple trick could actually entertain world-wide people?

    1. The reason why money is not his main target is because we could get full refunds safely if we act. Real money theives won't do that by wasting so much time and energies

    2. I read what other people's stories and they reported some extreme case like:" my relative was sucked in and tried to kill his wife because Padre told him his wife is SATAN and should be removed from it." and that relative has some mental issues. I think he received information about that guy is having mental issues. So he plays dirty trick by attacking him his weakest area.

    3, from my personal experience. I asked him why the "D" "Day" did not come, he replied patiently and kindly the following

    ". Angels have their own pace and are always extremely careful. Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread. An Angel will always choose to postpone, rather than fail.

    I feel your anxiety. You have all my sympathy and understanding. Yet I must advise you to take a deep breath and watch the world as if it were moving in slow motion. This way, you will be able to see how slowly, but surely, all the pieces are falling into place.

    Having Faith is like having wings. Sooner rather than later, you will be able to fly."

    YES. he immediately knows where our vulnerable points are what our personalities are, and taking advantage of this to entertain us, we the innocent humans. it is his real purpose

  • AJ Mosley 5 months ago

    Thank you for sharing your stories. I came across Padre and thought it was real so I paid 69.00 because I never knew I had a personal angel until Padre told me that my angel was Raphael. I went on Ebay and start buying all these angel status costing me 120.00. I looked it up on other sites for who my angel was, it showed Raphael but another site showed Gabriel. Padra has continued to ask me for 400.00 do perform a 4 Angelic Karmic Ceremony...I was seriously considering it until I just CAME ACROSS this SITE!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! and THANKS TO GOD for guiding me to this site! I will never send another dime and will unsubscribe to his site. THANK YOU GOD FOR LEADING ME HERE!!! BLESS YOU ALL!

  • laurine 4 months ago

    l almost fell for these scums l was about to respond to him l thank the Lord for showing me the light this research has helped me so much thank you once again

  • FREDERICKA 4 months ago

    I also sent off for a reading and had the same experience as you. got a computerized "reading" which was very general and then further messages stating he needed to do special "ceremonies" because my Guardian Angel had told him to because an evil spell was blocking my progress. I told him the evil spell was this scam and asked for my money back in 3 different messages. No luck so I started a dispute via PayPal and did receive a refund. Thanks Sylvia.

  • Abigail 4 months ago

    I feel so dump I really trusted him I played him 500 for that seal but nothing got better he kept on saying things so he can ask for more how do I claim my money back and thank u for this article

  • Johnnybass 3 months ago

    Dear Sylvia,

    Last week after a few beers found myself searching for unknown answers for questions that were probably irrelevant to my situation at hand so I decided to randomly Google my horoscope. Picked the first horoscope page that Google offered, and off I went with the hidden hope of some spiritual guidance, (or worst case scenario-at least a giggle to myself if horoscope forecast was beyond opposite and reciting quoats that we are more likely to hear on the '24/7 phone a psychic live on t.v. programs), as we all 'intuitively' feel and see just how dodgy and desperate those scammers are for a shred of evidence to keep the victim lingering.

    Anyway my horoscope was spot on to details that shook me up a bit. It was uncanny how even situations on my mind were outlined and all kinds of startling truths-that quite frankly, I needed to read! Hehe minute up came an advertising pop up for our 'Bleesed BE - ALMIGHTY messenger Padre'!!

    Based on the accuracy of unrelated horoscope I decided to try old 'padre's visionary skill set...knowing EXACTLY who my current angles are anyway, I took the bait, just like many readers above stated.

    Within minutes I had replys from this so called prodginey telling me that I too only had a matter of weeks before some massive abundance of tangible fortune was supposedly going to appear. His first give away to the signs of a scam artist was his Roman Catholic image accompanied with simple instructions to try harness and EXECUTE an invocation of the spirit spell, that contains links to witchcraft practices from centuries ago, but the interesting thing I noticed were multiple references to mantra style techniques used predominantly by devout Buddhists?

    I remember after reading his first email I had chuckled several times at how convincing he was trying to be and the emails kept spam-blocking my phone for days to come and I thought to myself "this guy really wants me to believe that at 5am Australian time ,(god knows where he's located), he suddenly ceased all daily functionalities to take heed to a premonition solely focused on me and my "extraordinary capabilities"- bla blah , I thought "if this so called medium who has sent me and angel reading from a database-my 'astonishing sign' will be evident if an urgent request for cash was outlined in his 'barter requirements' part of his spiel???. Email #2 eloquently written just like the 'complement sandwich technique' many employers use with they're staff, designed to butter you up before the pending intent becomes clear.... $89 cash sent directly overseas. ...had a feeling about his legitimacy? Hence my letter of appreciation to YOU for your article was the first I found, and could tell 'paragraph #1 that you were speaking truth based on your experience with him. By the way loved your wording too!

    Thank you for sharing your comments, hope it continues to save others from losing their dollars to such petty individuals.

  • Jaime cuhh 3 months ago

    Good shit I came across this cuz I was about to pay him 69$ ... To get my bad karma out ... Can't believe is fake as fuxk .. I kinda knew it but was curious

  • hilarious bara 2 months ago

    Dear Sylvia,

    Thank you and your Guardian Angel for saving me from the Trap which followed exactly in a computer generated standard format.

    I was searching something at the site of"Vailankanni Church of India" when accidentally came across PADRE popping up. No one has ever told me about my guardian angel so it was interesting and thus I followed.In my mail Padre revealed to me that my guardian angel is MANAKEL.Very next day I got another mail that padre saw me in the vision when my gardian angel also appeared.I was advised to follow Padre for angel's instructions.Then my past was described to have some hyper beneficial Angelical Karma and some adverse Karma about to impact my life within three weeks by 10th Nov 2016.Padre was to do something to to erase the adverse Karma of the past.For proceeding ahead I was supposed to make a payment of Rs.4490/- . On suspicion I searched for Padre and got the true information through you. Thank you very much for researching and exposing such exploiters taking advantage of human weaknesses on beliefs .

  • Vini 2 months ago

    Sylvia, you indeed are doing a good job. In this fast paced stressful world...all of us face difficulties, which are'nt easy to resolve. We look for certain answers to our dilemma and there are chances, one can get trapped in this world. I appreciate your effort to warn public about these scams. Keep doing the process...take care.

  • Natalie 7 weeks ago

    I also have recieved Padre emails

    Have done nothing does anyone know much about medium Angela also angel reader

    Thank you

    Appreciate feedback


  • Wilford Louvier 7 weeks ago

    I, too, was drawn in by Padre's revelations, after first being drawn in by Angela, medium to the angels. It was at first convincing that they both named the same guardian angel, Yelahiah, and both made generally the same predictions promising I would be coming into great wealth in about three weeks. I wanted so badly to believe although I was concerned about whether this conflicted by belief in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit whom I have put my total faith in. I was the beneficiary of a healing miracle on the day before Easter 2013 when a voice spoke to me telling me to do some things. During severe weather, thunderstorm, and tornado watch I did as the voice commanded. Last thing I recall that day was a loud clash of thunder. Next morning on Easter Day I awakened to find myself weighing almost 65 pounds less than the day before and totally healed of cirrhosis of the liver which the doctors said would kill me in six months without a liver transplant. I have not been sick a day since, feel 25 years younger, and have seen the doctors only once. They cannot explain what happened and call it a miracle. Since then I have tried to deliver this message to others without much success. I feel this is because I am not any kind of beautiful or wealthy person that people want to think are blessed. Instead I have encountered a few losses of friends due to death and otherwise and am strapped financially due to the death of my partner of 37 years from cancer. It is people like me who are easily swayed by these scammers saying I have been blessed and am due finally for financial reward. Thank you all for reminding me that things just do not happen that way and that we should put our faith in Jesus and the Holy Father who know our lives and needs. One must learn patience and have faith.

  • Aaron Cotter profile image

    Aaron Cotter 6 weeks ago

    Natalie I have heard of that woman Angela & had a friend that wasted hundreds of dollars getting told things that anyone could tell them for free & to Abigail that commented two months ago it claims on his site (Pardre) that you can get your money back & apply for a refund up to 100 days but i have also read that many people have had problems doing to when they have tried too. I feel so bad that you wasted $500 on that crap! I tried getting a free reading off him just to see what he would say & the information he gave me was all way off the mark & is something anyone could make up with a bit of good writing skills! I truly believe that some people are born with psychic abilities but i dont think they would be running scam sites like so many of these scamming assholes seem to be. My best advice would be to always research the person before hand to see what other people have had to say about them. You might always find one or two people that might not be happy about a reading they got but you can genuinely tell if they have many complaints then steer clear of them.

    I fully believe there are plenty of legitimate people with psychic powers or abilities that genuinely want to help people but the problem is they are few & far between & there are so many scammers & dishonest people that take advantage of vulnerable people that are doing it tough & would just like some answer to certain things. I have always had some sort of ability since i can remember like when i was 8 I was raised by my grandparents I told my grandmother that my grandfathers chest was going to hurt him 3 days later he had a heart attack im not making that up like its just strange i cant cant really explain it in words i dont know if you would call it Psychic ability or just good intuition but i have always been able to sense things & feel things that most people cant i cant. Its happened 1000s of times throughout my life like I cant really explain with words but so often the feelings i have had & thoughts that have entered my mind have come true for myself & those around me but i havnt really found a way to completely harness it & even if i did i wouldn't charge people anything let alone $500 for a bit of advice or for me to tell them what i see or feel! These scammers out there make me sick to my guts i genuinely feel ill when i hear about these stories but Karma is a funny thing & it might take years for it to happen but eventually those pricks that prey on vulnerable people & rip people off will pay a price whether its in this life or the next im not sure but Karma is real & all of us have it!

  • Regular Joe 6 weeks ago

    Besides the shame for being fooled by it, I did get the refund.

  • meenakshi 3 weeks ago

    All these reviews and feedbacks have really saved me from getting into the trap. Me too was about to pay Rs.4490/-. In mail Padre revealed my guardian angel as DANIEL. Further, he mentioned about beneficial Angelical Karma and adverse Karma affecting my life . So before paying i thought of going through the reviews and found all this stuff here. Thanks to everyone here for disclosing the facts..

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