How to Get Along With a Taurus Zodiac Sign

Updated on March 6, 2020

April 21 - May 21

Taurus the Bull

The Astrological symbol for those born with the Sun in the Taurus constellation is the Bull.  This could help us to understand a Taurean's stubborn streak, digging their hooves in and not budging in an area where they have made a firm decision.
The Astrological symbol for those born with the Sun in the Taurus constellation is the Bull. This could help us to understand a Taurean's stubborn streak, digging their hooves in and not budging in an area where they have made a firm decision. | Source

The Basic Taurus Personality

The Bull is one of the most stubborn of all the signs. Once his or her mind is made up, there is no going back. Taurus’ make the best friends. They are loyal, generous and trustworthy. As tough as they appear to be, they are really very sensitive to the feelings of others, and quite thin skinned until they are older and have a few hard knocks under their belts.

They thrive on things that are aesthetically pleasing. Taurus’ like pretty things and that’s all there is to it. Possessions are important to them; not necessarily to show off, or to use as a status symbol, although that can be important to some of them. Generally, they like to possess nice things just because they enjoy the finer things in life, and are a sign that requires visual pleasing. They are always stylish, generally preferring to dress according to their own taste, even if it’s not the current fashion. I once knew a little Taurus girl whose favorite color was glitter.

Taurus is one of the most creative signs in the zodiac. For the most part, they are brilliant in the arts, whether it be the performing arts or the arts of painting, decorating, writing, and sculpting. Bulls tend to be attracted to the art of psychology as well. They are curious, beautiful, independent, loving, generous beings; but a wise person won’t make them angry, for they will use their horns and hooves if provoked.

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Taurus In Love

When Taurus falls in love, it is forever. They love to be in love. The Taurus man likes his woman to have and wear pretty things, so gift giving is one of his favorite things to do to show her his love for her. He is one of the most loyal men in the zodiac. Grounded and responsible, he works hard to make a stable home for his family.

Miss Taurus is quite picky when it comes to finding a mate. Either he hits the mark or he doesn’t, and when he doesn’t she is quick to say goodbye. Miss Bull requires her freedom and independence. Mr. Right will accept that part of her personality, or she won’t waste her time with him. However, like the male Taurus, once she finds the man for her, there is no turning back. She will hold on to him for dear life.


The Ancient Bull

Here is an ancient drawing of the constellation of Taurus coupled with the symbol of the Bull.
Here is an ancient drawing of the constellation of Taurus coupled with the symbol of the Bull. | Source

Not all Taureans are the Same

A natal chart is your personal universe. It is a snapshot of the stars and planets at the exact moment you were born. You may know several Taurus' and each one has major differences in his or her personality compared to the others. That's because the rising sign (ascendant) and the moon sign have a tremendous amount of pull in the natal chart. You may appear to show a different sign because your rising sign is probably different from your sun sign. Your emotions and feelings may not match up either if the moon was in another sign at the time of your birth.

Thank you for your interest in my writing. Please feel free to leave a comment. Also, you may find more Astrology articles on my home page including other sun signs, moon signs, rising signs (also called the Ascendant), and basic Astrological lessons.

"Be kind to one another" ~ Ellen

God Bless You ~ Margaret Sullivan

Famous Taureans

  • William Shakespear
  • George Clooney
  • Robert Pattinson
  • Al Pacino
  • Cher
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Shirley MacClain
  • Uma Thurman
  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Leonardo DiVinci
  • Ulysses S Grant
  • Robert Oppenheimer
  • Florence Nightingale
  • George Carlin

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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    • profile image


      19 months ago

      very true people tell me that am somehow stuborn is anout tarus people

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Thank you for such well researched information.

    • Mmargie1966 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Gainesville, GA

      I'm glad you enjoyed the read, algarveview! Thank you for commenting.

    • algarveview profile image

      Joana e Bruno 

      8 years ago from Algarve, Portugal

      Hello, Mmargie, it has been very long since I read about the Taurus sign, always very interesting and always makes me smile, because it is very much true what is said about Taurus. Stubborn, picky... All that! Very interesting hub. Voted up! Sharing! Have a great day!


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