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Getting to Know the Scorpio Zodiac Sign

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I am a Scandinavian woman who has been writing online content for a few years. I love to write about and research zodiac signs.

Scorpio personality

Scorpio personality

Scorpio: October 23–November 21

Scorpio is known to be a powerful astrological sign because of the dramatic and intense characteristics they have when it comes to different things. Young Scorpios are also known to be smarter than their ages.

People who are born under the astrological sign of Scorpio are known to be smart because they often know every answer to every question. On the other hand, they do have problems finding answers when it comes to finding the happiness that they all deserve. Scorpios are very passionate and powerful in different fields in their lives. Typically, the most difficult challenge that they may encounter is choosing which path to follow when it comes to love.

This can sometimes be the reason why some of them don't usually have a long-lasting relationship with the opposite sex. Scorpios also have the tendency to hide their feelings whenever they are hurt, and these feelings will explode without any warning at all. This can lead to arguments and to serious discussions. If you are planning to argue with a Scorpio, then you should be prepared because they often win every argument that they encounter.

The Scorpio Person Within

One astrological sign that is often misunderstood is Scorpio, and the reason behind this is because of their contradictions with things that come their way. People who are born under this astrological sign love to know everything that is currently going on around them. The reason behind this is because they want to be prepared just in case things go wrong.

They are also fond of learning different things that surround them, especially when it comes to new places and new experiences. Scorpios are also interested in the occult, conspiracy theories and paranormal things. They love mysteries because they feel good when they figure things out that are unknown to most people.

People who are born under this astrological sign are known to be control freaks. They want to feel that they hold the reins in everything that they do, even if this means crossing someone’s path.

They find it very threatening when their control is lost; this is mainly because they feel very secure when they are in control of things. On the other hand, Scorpios are also known to be emotional when it comes to positive and negative things. Usually, the negative emotions include resentment and jealousy that they sometimes feel with the opposite sex.

Scorpios don't want failure, and they find this to be their biggest fear. People around them won't notice this kind of trait from Scorpios because they are good at hiding their real feelings. Usually when a Scorpio fails, they will surely use their skills that are adapted to be able to move on and leave that certain situation behind them.

If you're planning to comfort a Scorpio, you may as well forget it because they will not open up to you or to anyone they know. The reason behind this is because they find confessing their problems a sign of weakness. They want the people around them to think that they are always on top of everything that they do and that they never experience any problems at all.

Possible Careers for the Scorpio

People who are born under this astrological sign are known to be good surgeons, leaders, scientists and doctors. Typically, they are known to be perfectly successful in every field that they go to. Usually, they want to work in an industry where they can make a big difference in the field they are working in.

They also need to have a position where they can use their powers because they want to control the people who are under them. Of course, they tend to control people to help them grow, not to pull them all down.

Scorpios also know how to create money, but they will never share their secret with other people. The reason behind this is because they don't want other people to become competitors. They also think that the people around them might just use them because of their money.

Attracting a Scorpio

If you're attracted to a Scorpio, you need to make sure to stay true to them no matter what. They have the tendency to see if you are only pretending to be someone you are not. They will also know if you're just pretending to be interested in whatever they are saying or with whatever they are doing.

Scorpios need to know everything you have in mind; they have the tendency to know everything that is going on. With a Scorpio, it seems like you are not allowed to become mysterious as this will only irritate them, but they have the right to be mysterious whenever they want to.

Avoid telling them that they are giving out opinions that are wrong because they will surely get annoyed at you. Avoid controlling them because they like to be in control at all times. If you're someone who is real and ambitious, then pursuing a Scorpio would definitely be ideal.

Dating a Scorpio

Women who are born under the astrological sign of Scorpio are emotional, demonstrative and demanding. They have an intriguing personality that every man will love to challenge. They are also known to be good at seducing men that they like, and flirting is always fair game. If you think that women under the astrological sign of Scorpio are easy to get, then think again.

They don't easily give you the love that you need because they usually decide first if you are worth their trust or not. So if you're interested in a Scorpio woman, you need to make sure that they can trust you fully. Scorpio women are typically mysterious and very possessive; if you can handle this kind of woman, then the Scorpio is the one that you are looking for.

Men who are born under the astrological sign of Scorpio are known to be unique. Both men and women under the astrological sign of Scorpio have the same trait when it comes to dating. The only difference that they have is that men have a strong manly attitude while the women are quite feminine.

You can easily seduce Scorpio men, but you should know that if you're looking for a serious relationship, then you might find it hard. They want women who are very affectionate because they sometimes feel alone even if they are not. They are also very sensitive, so watch every word that you say to them.

Avoid nagging them because they will surely find you annoying, and they might end up leaving you without saying a word. If you're looking for a man who is protective and passionate, then the Scorpio man is what you are looking for.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Jodye on September 03, 2020:

Im a Leo female and its amazingly crazy how accurate it is to the Scorpio male

Mr D on July 27, 2020:

Well People Who Have Met Me Always Stop Talking To Me For Some Reason And Also People Who Have Looked Deep Into My Eyes Say Its Filled With Hatred Towards World And People Who I Hate And Im Unforgiving and Idk I cant Forgive Someone At All For Some Reason

Holly on February 13, 2020:

Thankyou for this so true

Addison on January 23, 2020:

i love being a Scorpio because everything about me is accurate

Boogah on December 10, 2019:

How accurate?? I’m 2nd November and I hate it when I’m not in control... I hate it when I can not control my emotions

Samuel on December 02, 2019:

Totally accurate! my birthday is on November 5th. It's kind of hard but good being this sign because of the emotional intensity and diverse interests that we have. Everything is pretty much an obsession and everything is worth knowing about for us.

Toya on June 17, 2019:

The best most accurate ! Ive ever read about myself. 10/26 Love being a scorpio

Vx on June 16, 2018:

Octor 30.

Intense , loyal, considerate, ambitious, passionate about the things i love, sensitive, mysterious, highly introvert and serious outlook but full of insecurities and imaginery fear..... on June 09, 2018:

November 12 & I'm everything you could ever imagine about A scorpio...I love every part of being born under this sign. I have truly watched myself grow & elevate over the years especially this past year & it's the most amazing feeling when you can actually see the difference in how you used to react & how you handle things now!!!! It's almost spiritual the challenge is maintaining a balance within yourself. I find it harder and harder the further I go to connect with someone on an intimate level it's always great at 1st but then goes sour. What's so frustrating is I can see & understand why & how it all went wrong but getting someone else to see it is impossible or to even have a real conversation without me offending someone.

Kittycatcookiemilk on April 10, 2018:

I'm actually two things....I'm Scorpio and Sagittarius, explains why I'm so good with a bow and arrow...

elle64 (author) from Scandinavia on December 31, 2017:

Glad it was a usefull article

Hazel on December 31, 2017:

Every article I read about a Scorpio describes me perfectly plus I was born on Halloween and I’m also a snake

phee on November 13, 2017:

heyAmy same here, I'm a scorpio snake!! the double poison..

Amy on November 04, 2017:

How about this one, I'm a Scorpion and a Snake in the Chinese Zodiac!!!!!!!

sherri on July 19, 2017:

you guys must be in my mans vincents head at all times!!!!

Jasmin on July 18, 2017:

I'm definitely a full blooded Scorpio

Austin B on July 11, 2017:

Very scary true I am a Scorpio born and I love and eat up anything paranormal and mysterious I really love this hub because it teaches me my true meaning of being a Scorpio. All and everything it says about me is true. LOVE being a Scorpio!

Sora on June 10, 2017:

I like this hub because it basically describe me and my personality

Belinda G on March 01, 2017:

@Romel Tarroza and tattuwurn it is women who are emotional, demonstrative and demanding. The male Scorpios rarely exhibit those traits. Male Scorpios are passionate and protective. They are also sensitive, especially to criticism from their mate. I have 5 planets including my Moon in Scorpio and this pegged me to a tee!

Raman on February 09, 2017:

Everything written here is so true about me. I am exactly the same , also I feel lonely at times. I did not find affection in any girl I have tried to propose until yet ,and may be that's the reason I am single till today. But I am not getting about how I will find a girl who will be affectionate towards me ?I will do everything for my love, I am striving hard to get that love , but I don't get that how I will find that true love?

mevi on January 31, 2017:

im a scorpio and im proud of it. although i dont really have a friend i can trust 100% and i always wondered if it was that i was weird but obiously i was born like this. i can also read people's emotionals effortlessly and i dont even know how i do it. although most of this is true i cant say im demanding because i dont like it when people do or get things for me as this makes me feel as though i owe them and i dont like that.

alyssa on December 28, 2016:

i love this summary, i am a Scorpio and these are all very true!!!!

............ on December 18, 2016:

I do hide my emotions but i dont think im demonstrative

kidee on October 27, 2016:

great! =D

Noah on September 21, 2016:

so me. I am really interested to hearing more about my zodiac sign

ishmael on September 14, 2016:

I'm also a scopio, I always wondered why I'm different. I'm a guy but my emotions are like women emotions. Another thing is this ability of reading people motive , it scared me a lot because I always wondered how do I do thought I was psychic or something but now I know better. What I'm looking into now is this evolvement I'm going through!

dane on August 26, 2016:

I have a boyfriend who is Scorpio I'm so damn proud of it. -Taurus here :)

Sumita on January 16, 2016:

So true

... on July 05, 2015:

i have alwaus acted like a scorpio bit i have no planet in scorpio could u tell me the reason?

Faye on January 05, 2015:

COMPLEX Scorpio women here!ha Boy or boy "sometimes" these INTENSE EMOTIONS get the best of me! I'll be honest at times I drain and exhaust myself! Also like a few of the posters, I'm not "demanding" or "demonstrative" at least I don't think so. ha However, I will admit I do "hide my feelings a LOT" and can bust out "emotionally" on someone. ha But If I'm in the wrong and I know I've hurt someone. I will go and appalogize and make amends with them! I think this is my saving grace!

tyler on December 02, 2014:

At times just the surge of pure energy drives people to feel threated by me, my emotions a far to powerful to control.aka slight detached mindset The sign fits like a shoe.

elle64 (author) from Scandinavia on November 05, 2014:

Do not deny it,if it is part of you.

jake on November 04, 2014:

i have been doing a lot of research on astrology and its meanings and thus far everything ive read about scorpio is spot on in my own life the good and the bad my mind is blown and i cant begin to describe the feeling i just get a constant shiver down my spine and honestly know the truth about all of my scorpio traits should i deny it or not it is the truth

gem on September 03, 2014:

I believed In this,,,I am a Scorpio so I know my self well...and all of this was truly amazing...

Christina on February 10, 2014:

I felt like this text was written about myself!That's really scary!! Anyway, I love being a Scorpio, because I feel a strong connection with my zodiac and I can relate so much to it. I think zodiacs are great, because you can find answers to things you didn't necessarily know before about yourself and your choices.

midnightbreeze on August 03, 2013:

i agree with livewirez. i'm not demonstrative. i AM straight forward and blunt but not about my feelings. i'm VERY complex. and its true that i love anything supernatural and mysterious and i love to know everything!!!!!! :D

Belle from staffordshire on February 11, 2013:

great hub. I enjoyed reading this as I am a scorpio. we are very easily misunderstood!

Romel Tarroza from Philippines on February 08, 2013:

@tattuwurn: This is opposite of me... Although sometimes I'm emotional but demanding and demonstrative is not likely my personality..