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Figuring Out Someone’s Zodiac Without Asking

Andrea has a background in Myers-Briggs and Western astrology. She mostly writes about relationships.

There are some ways you can figure out someone's zodiac without asking them.

There are some ways you can figure out someone's zodiac without asking them.

Identifying Someone's Zodiac: A Look Deeper at Each Sign

I receive hundreds of comments daily from people who have questions about love. These messages and emails can be simple or shockingly complex. I can't always keep up with all the messages, and sometimes writing out another post helps shed some light on the most frequently asked questions.

One of those questions: how can you tell someone's zodiac without asking?

Of course, this person was hoping I could list physical features, but physical features and the zodiac don't really line up that well. There might be some gestures or looks that pop out for some individuals. You'll find that by knowing a person's personality you can figure out their zodiac pretty quick—if you don't have the chance to ask for their birthday or look it up somewhere.

There are certain distinctions in the way people carry their zodiac.

Portrait of Warrior with his Equerry, circa 1509. Artist: Paolo Morando Cavazzola. | Aries is considered the first child of the zodiac and the warrior or fighter.

Portrait of Warrior with his Equerry, circa 1509. Artist: Paolo Morando Cavazzola. | Aries is considered the first child of the zodiac and the warrior or fighter.

Aries: The First Child of the Zodiac

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. With it being the first child, essentially, it comes with great responsibility. This is a soul that craves getting things started, will initiate contact, and is known for being guided by Mars, the planet of war. Aries is willing to live—therefore it is willing to take on conflict. This is a vibrant personality who can be edgy, attractive, and alluring. Aries is known for having great mental stealth and also tends to care about their looks, whether their status in society or their actual appearance. If you have a mouthy boss who likes to push people around—it could be an Aries.

What does this mean for gender? Aries teaches us that expression cannot just be imagined, but needs to be acted upon. They’re not really the asexual or introspective type, but rather the boldly out and in front type. Aries isn’t so much focused on the present, but the future. They put a lot of pressure on themselves to be there, but are not always as mature as later zodiacs. Aries is full of energy, from getting itself into other people’s drama to being too headstrong. Aries isn’t one for secrets but for confrontation.

It’s defined by the absolute shift from winter to spring. Winter starts to gently lull with what snow it has to offer, and Aries brings in the wind, rain, and the grass begins to turn green. Aries is all about getting the seeds planted for spring to thrive moments later.

Aries expresses its gender by action and less by tradition—in Aries mind tradition hasn’t even begun. It has the mentality of someone like Joan of Arc or Mulan; they’re trendsetters who focus more on what needs to happen as opposed to being held back by what people perceive as women. There is also the famous opera singer La Maupin who was also a fencer. She claimed whatever she wanted, and seduced whomever she pleased. These are women who the real story behind them isn’t so much what they are wearing, but the actions they’re taking—particularly with war.

Aries wants to fight for what it feels is right, and it won’t let people’s perceived visions of gender stop it from completing the task at hand. The war like spirit has a way of making you neglect other priorities, like managing resources and grooming. This is someone who will wrestle with demons until the end in order to get to the other side. Sacrifices can and should be made for the greater good. Display yourself rather than keep it inside, and be willing to lose parts of yourself to win the war: whether that’s having unruly hair, having a sore body, and being up late at night to take on your goals.

Aries is a storm. Sometimes it comes in gentle, and sometimes it comes in unbridled. There is great focus on prosperity, creativity, and the ego. All fire signs are playing tug of war games with ego. Aries is warm, charismatic, and argumentative at times. It has an appetite for the animalistic rather than the romantic. Some may find that women seem more masculine, but that’s really just minimizing their femininity and strength and trying to add it to masculinity. Women in this group are bold to give birth or bold to live independent lives untethered to a family. Fire is about freewill, and Aries really owns this and sets an example for others that they can be who they are, not just in becoming, but already are. Aries has the mentality that at birth you are already complete, and every moment after that is a series of adjustments and new angles on yourself. Aries accepts its shortcomings and use them as advantages.

Aries really is raw energy and this powerful spark of life that we all need. If we were to compare it to food it would be: earthy, spicy, and chocolatey. It would be like strong, tart fruit. Aries is connected to the Sun and all fire-like energy that is the spark that sets things in motion—with that spark, that zest for life gives us the option of carrying our species into the next generations. This is what begins our identities as humans, but not where the story ends. This sign is the breath of life, the spark of human consciousness—something akin to the mysteries of the Garden of Eden. Aries is about guiding the world around us.

Aries Description

Dominant CharacteristicsFire SignEarly Spring EnergyDark Side


Works hard to manifest ideas rather than leave things idle

Well-rounded, greeted by several seasonal changes as spring begins

Starts projects frequently, leaves projects unfinished


Master of freewill

Can come in strong and tumultuous or graceful

Rebel, stubborn to cause and will rebel against stupidity

When without energy, very down. Doesn't do well without fire

Sees challenges with open arms

Excellent vision for future

Crushing high standards

Wants to get projects started



Overworks into bad health

Jack of all trades

Bold and brave


Overworks into bad health and then into bad vices

Sharp witted


Focused on ways to help promote life

Instead of facing internal problems will lash out at others. Poor defense mechanism



Massively creative, not always sure how to maintain

Figures things out fast, doesn't like sitting around for others to catch up


Doesn't put up with poor excuses

Feels strong pull to spread, to travel

Battles and argues for the sake of battles and argues

Fierce temper

Excellent mentors to help others achieve goals


Sometimes aligns with bad people without realizing it

Loves select people

Warrior like, does not have fear like other signs


Anger issues

Finds themselves entangled in messes without seeing it coming

Can take on too much to promote negative mental responses

Strong leader


Paradise landscape with the Creation of the animals. Created by the workshop of Jan Brueghel the Younger circa 1678. | Taurus is known as the gardener of the zodiac and is often compared to the Garden of Eden story.

Paradise landscape with the Creation of the animals. Created by the workshop of Jan Brueghel the Younger circa 1678. | Taurus is known as the gardener of the zodiac and is often compared to the Garden of Eden story.

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Taurus: The Second Born

Taurus comes in next, and in order to be different from Aries, it counters it. Taurus sees where Aries has shortcomings and stands in it. Taurus is more traditional, materialistic, and conservative. A Taurus lives by traditions, and sees that routine gives health. Taurus is embarrassed by Aries for creating so many projects, but not standing to nurture those projects. These are your carefully cultivated men and women who desire to be easily readable on the outside, approachable, and honored. Taurus has its own ego and hates to be crossed. Where Aries is a forerunner and the seed planter, Taurus is around when the flowers bloom, when the trees are green, and when the berries are fresh. In some ways, Taurus is one of the most hedonistic; they’re in tune with the plants and make for exceptional gardeners and caretakers. They're in tune with their senses.

When it comes to gender expression Taurus is: chasing after beauty, symmetrical, both nurturing and a commander. A Taurus puts a great deal into the details, and can be tricked by the myth of perfection, which can lead them to body dysmorphia and paranoia when they fall short. They believe in the concept of the Garden of Eden and that this state is in reach. Taurus women, men, and those that fall somewhere else hold very precise visions about gender—whether traditional, on a spectrum, or some other mass mediated form. Taurus can be like Serena Joy from the Handmaid’s Tale: they’re very caught up in social rules, and want to gain family, status, or prosperity. Earth signs care about conservation, family values, and keeping things wholesome. Serena Joy’s vision is so strong she actually harms the people around her so as to get what she wants—this speaks to the level of stubbornness that can be found in the Taurus, which can be seen as disastrous when it is conveyed through someone like Serena Joy... or it can be seen as a zealous survival skill that speaks volumes about virtue.

At the heart of it, Taurus expresses itself through gender as a way of survival. This is why things that appear unique or of differentiation can make the Taurus feel uneasy, as though someone is trying to defy and abandon life itself. Taurus is not into edgy forms of lifestyle that could threaten it, and that is why Taurus is often seen as a traditional or rather distinguishable form.

When Taurus exceeds at being itself, it becomes a powerful force of attraction—think Aphrodite who knows herself and what makes her presence stand out and then uses that to attract whatever suitor she pleases. The traditional, distinguishable form can lead to hedonism, a love of wines, chocolates, romantics, and the senses. Remember Taurus is an earth sign that is grounded and fixed, part of its existence is given into physical pleasures as this is a way to connect with the material. Taurus has a difficult time seeing a point beyond what is in the senses, if there is no capital to be developed, no practicality to a building—Taurus will find it egregious. Life to them is about working hard to get to the fruits of labor, even if hard work doesn’t always equate to reward.

To be a Taurus comes with having a great, keen eye for the world and its pleasures. There is a temptation to hold so fast to this that the latest, greatest, and shiniest of objects can be misleading. Taurus is both the fall of humans in the Garden of Eden for this zealous attraction to the material, but it is also the crucifixion: the resurrection of Christ is in the spring. Taurus has the power to let go of the material traditions around it in order to sacrifice for others—Taurus in order to really grasp its gender needs to be willing to sacrifice its beautiful vision of reality and trust the human spirit within. It’s when hard work no longer equals gain but hard work equals sacrifice that Taurus begins to really understand and mature.

Taurus as a gender never means to shock, but to draw people near. Being well groomed, with nicely tailored clothes, and accentuating symmetry and health is done so as to express charisma. Taurus sees no point in disheveling etiquette. But it should be warned: etiquette isn’t always what it seems, and what appears polite can actually foster elitism.

Taurus Description

Dominant CharacteristicsEarth SignSpring EnergyDark Side

Hard worker

Financially practical

Fully inspired



Conservative with resources




Enjoys being out in nature

Great in emergency situations



Intelligence through 5 senses




Excellent with routine

Down to earth


Into fine tastes


Love for outdoors

Refuses to speak thoughts, withholds



Very into their own ideas

Tunnel vision

Thinks before acting





Has key preferences




Does not quit





Problem solver

Abandons to focus on stubborn regime

Peter II of Russia with his sister Natalia. Created by Louis Caravaque, 1722. | Gemini is known as the twins of the zodiac.

Peter II of Russia with his sister Natalia. Created by Louis Caravaque, 1722. | Gemini is known as the twins of the zodiac.

Gemini: The Twins

Gemini is one of the first genders that deals with duality. Twins symbolize this zodiac. Gemini has the ability to be objective about itself, all Gemini are quicksilver in intelligence. It can see both sides of a coin. Gemini won't put up with traditional forms of gender construction. They’re searching for something deeper. Gemini are Shakespearean characters; they’re deep thinkers, willing to take on various gender norms, and they enjoy having a good competitive spirit... while also being egalitarian.

You can see how Gemini can get itself into knots. On the outside, people at first glance will likely see Gemini as a defined person, whether Gemini likes that or not. Gemini doesn’t technically have a feminine and masculine side: they have a wide range to express themselves and meld to various groups, while also being idiosyncratic. Gemini is the season that comes after Aries and Taurus. It doesn’t need to initiate things to get spring started, and it doesn’t need to manage spring in order for it to function. Gemini gets the pleasure of enjoying the garden as is. This is someone who likes exploration, and because they like exploration—hard and fast rules can seem ridiculous. Gemini in part better express their gender in their romantic relationships where they are able to explore. When a relationship runs true to them, that means it also runs true to their identity. Here is another thing that’s quirky about gender expression in Gemini: they love to mirror people to better understand them. Gemini make for great actors and actresses—consider Johnny Depp. Gemini wants desperately to have a relationship, but needs to step away and see its independence.

Many of the goals Gemini seeks in life have to do with relationships, and in a way when a Gemini is single their duality is louder as they try to fill that vacuum of their other half—Gemini in part feels both masculine and feminine because they attempt to hold both at the same time. Gemini enjoys a relationship where they can hear their ideas bounced off someone else, they enjoy sexuality, and find that with another context is completed. Gemini are much more addicted to relationships than their predecessors. Aries could run around the whole planet seven times and never commit to anyone because they are so focused on leadership. Taurus is more interested in sensuality. They want to commit and have a family, but Gemini is more focused on having a partner, not the family. Gemini wants to enjoy their lover, and kind of fears having a family and what that could compromise for them. Taurus, on the other hand, wants to be a queen or king and see their genes passed down successfully. Gemini is surprised by this process. They find it very curious to see results when they come into the world when the stage appears already complete. The twin zodiac has the capacity to see things from multiple levels, and often feels this bubbling over as an argument in their minds. They can feel as though they are 2x feminine or 2x masculine. And some days they feel no qualitative gender experience at all.

The zodiac is trying to tell a story about our DNA. Most of us come with two chromosomes, whether XY or XX. Gemini is this story of identity, of being two different lineages and having to balance out the histories, complications, and diseases of each. Following these two chromosomes is what Gemini is defined by. Gemini has one eye from its mother, and one eye from its father. It sees the world in their different ways, and sometimes it can be difficult to see the world as the self and not just the parents who created it. Gemini has an impressive range that others would be envious to have. As an air sign, Gemini does exceptionally well in school and gaining knowledge. They want to be on your trivia team. They want to know where are the parties and also where they can read a good book—the best book.

When Gemini came into this world, it was meant to contextualize the space between lovers. Gemini is Cupid, curious and excited to see what happens when two opposing people come together in love. Gemini helps bridge once divided groups, Gemini is a disciple who ministers to the hopeless. It’s a powerful sign who without we’d never have the ones who follow it—and we’d be left with a strong leader and manager who only end up being a prelude to a story that never begins. Gemini is when the story starts: it is when the stage is already set.

Gemini Description

Dominant CharacteristicsWind SignLate Spring EnergyDark Side



Attracted to beauty


Nervous Energy

Vast knowledge

True nature: light, wholesome spirit



Abundant logic

Highly creative

Deeply distraught by failure



Raw energy, may elude teachers

Mutated, toxic thinking

Jack of all Trades

Quick action

Fresh, open minded

Overgrown, weeds, unkempt


Dots from one context to the next at record speed

Drawn to brillance

So complicated it isolates self


Hard to follow

Layers, texture

Refuses to process darkness, holds in existential energy


High potential


Stress and bad habits: teeth grinding, panic attacks, screaming



Musical in nature

Frustrated by people not seeing the light (or the answer), and frustrated communicating won't help them arrive there either


Socially observant




Bizarre blindspots


Worn out


Flexible, open minded, agility


Hard on self