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Figuring Out Someone’s Zodiac Without Asking

There are some ways you can figure out someone's zodiac without asking them.

There are some ways you can figure out someone's zodiac without asking them.

Identifying Someone's Zodiac: A Look Deeper at Each Sign

I receive hundreds of comments daily from people who have questions about love. These messages and emails can be simple or shockingly complex. I can't always keep up with all the messages, and sometimes writing out another post helps shed some light on the most frequently asked questions.

One of those questions: how can you tell someone's zodiac without asking?

Of course, this person was hoping I could list physical features, but physical features and the zodiac don't really line up that well. There might be some gestures or looks that pop out for some individuals. You'll find that by knowing a person's personality you can figure out their zodiac pretty quick—if you don't have the chance to ask for their birthday or look it up somewhere.

There are certain distinctions in the way people carry their zodiac.

Portrait of Warrior with his Equerry, circa 1509. Artist: Paolo Morando Cavazzola. | Aries is considered the first child of the zodiac and the warrior or fighter.

Portrait of Warrior with his Equerry, circa 1509. Artist: Paolo Morando Cavazzola. | Aries is considered the first child of the zodiac and the warrior or fighter.

Aries: The First Child of the Zodiac

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. With it being the first child, essentially, it comes with great responsibility. This is a soul that craves getting things started, will initiate contact, and is known for being guided by Mars, the planet of war. Aries is willing to live—therefore it is willing to take on conflict. This is a vibrant personality who can be edgy, attractive, and alluring. Aries is known for having great mental stealth and also tends to care about their looks, whether their status in society or their actual appearance. If you have a mouthy boss who likes to push people around—it could be an Aries.

What does this mean for gender? Aries teaches us that expression cannot just be imagined, but needs to be acted upon. They’re not really the asexual or introspective type, but rather the boldly out and in front type. Aries isn’t so much focused on the present, but the future. They put a lot of pressure on themselves to be there, but are not always as mature as later zodiacs. Aries is full of energy, from getting itself into other people’s drama to being too headstrong. Aries isn’t one for secrets but for confrontation.

It’s defined by the absolute shift from winter to spring. Winter starts to gently lull with what snow it has to offer, and Aries brings in the wind, rain, and the grass begins to turn green. Aries is all about getting the seeds planted for spring to thrive moments later.

Aries expresses its gender by action and less by tradition—in Aries mind tradition hasn’t even begun. It has the mentality of someone like Joan of Arc or Mulan; they’re trendsetters who focus more on what needs to happen as opposed to being held back by what people perceive as women. There is also the famous opera singer La Maupin who was also a fencer. She claimed whatever she wanted, and seduced whomever she pleased. These are women who the real story behind them isn’t so much what they are wearing, but the actions they’re taking—particularly with war.

Aries wants to fight for what it feels is right, and it won’t let people’s perceived visions of gender stop it from completing the task at hand. The war like spirit has a way of making you neglect other priorities, like managing resources and grooming. This is someone who will wrestle with demons until the end in order to get to the other side. Sacrifices can and should be made for the greater good. Display yourself rather than keep it inside, and be willing to lose parts of yourself to win the war: whether that’s having unruly hair, having a sore body, and being up late at night to take on your goals.

Aries is a storm. Sometimes it comes in gentle, and sometimes it comes in unbridled. There is great focus on prosperity, creativity, and the ego. All fire signs are playing tug of war games with ego. Aries is warm, charismatic, and argumentative at times. It has an appetite for the animalistic rather than the romantic. Some may find that women seem more masculine, but that’s really just minimizing their femininity and strength and trying to add it to masculinity. Women in this group are bold to give birth or bold to live independent lives untethered to a family. Fire is about freewill, and Aries really owns this and sets an example for others that they can be who they are, not just in becoming, but already are. Aries has the mentality that at birth you are already complete, and every moment after that is a series of adjustments and new angles on yourself. Aries accepts its shortcomings and use them as advantages.

Aries really is raw energy and this powerful spark of life that we all need. If we were to compare it to food it would be: earthy, spicy, and chocolatey. It would be like strong, tart fruit. Aries is connected to the Sun and all fire-like energy that is the spark that sets things in motion—with that spark, that zest for life gives us the option of carrying our species into the next generations. This is what begins our identities as humans, but not where the story ends. This sign is the breath of life, the spark of human consciousness—something akin to the mysteries of the Garden of Eden. Aries is about guiding the world around us.

Aries Description

Dominant CharacteristicsFire SignEarly Spring EnergyDark Side


Works hard to manifest ideas rather than leave things idle

Well-rounded, greeted by several seasonal changes as spring begins

Starts projects frequently, leaves projects unfinished


Master of freewill

Can come in strong and tumultuous or graceful

Rebel, stubborn to cause and will rebel against stupidity

When without energy, very down. Doesn't do well without fire

Sees challenges with open arms

Excellent vision for future

Crushing high standards

Wants to get projects started



Overworks into bad health

Jack of all trades

Bold and brave


Overworks into bad health and then into bad vices

Sharp witted


Focused on ways to help promote life

Instead of facing internal problems will lash out at others. Poor defense mechanism



Massively creative, not always sure how to maintain

Figures things out fast, doesn't like sitting around for others to catch up


Doesn't put up with poor excuses

Feels strong pull to spread, to travel

Battles and argues for the sake of battles and argues

Fierce temper

Excellent mentors to help others achieve goals


Sometimes aligns with bad people without realizing it

Loves select people

Warrior like, does not have fear like other signs


Anger issues

Finds themselves entangled in messes without seeing it coming

Can take on too much to promote negative mental responses

Strong leader


Paradise landscape with the Creation of the animals. Created by the workshop of Jan Brueghel the Younger circa 1678. | Taurus is known as the gardener of the zodiac and is often compared to the Garden of Eden story.

Paradise landscape with the Creation of the animals. Created by the workshop of Jan Brueghel the Younger circa 1678. | Taurus is known as the gardener of the zodiac and is often compared to the Garden of Eden story.

Taurus: The Second Born

Taurus comes in next, and in order to be different from Aries, it counters it. Taurus sees where Aries has shortcomings and stands in it. Taurus is more traditional, materialistic, and conservative. A Taurus lives by traditions, and sees that routine gives health. Taurus is embarrassed by Aries for creating so many projects, but not standing to nurture those projects. These are your carefully cultivated men and women who desire to be easily readable on the outside, approachable, and honored. Taurus has its own ego and hates to be crossed. Where Aries is a forerunner and the seed planter, Taurus is around when the flowers bloom, when the trees are green, and when the berries are fresh. In some ways, Taurus is one of the most hedonistic; they’re in tune with the plants and make for exceptional gardeners and caretakers. They're in tune with their senses.

When it comes to gender expression Taurus is: chasing after beauty, symmetrical, both nurturing and a commander. A Taurus puts a great deal into the details, and can be tricked by the myth of perfection, which can lead them to body dysmorphia and paranoia when they fall short. They believe in the concept of the Garden of Eden and that this state is in reach. Taurus women, men, and those that fall somewhere else hold very precise visions about gender—whether traditional, on a spectrum, or some other mass mediated form. Taurus can be like Serena Joy from the Handmaid’s Tale: they’re very caught up in social rules, and want to gain family, status, or prosperity. Earth signs care about conservation, family values, and keeping things wholesome. Serena Joy’s vision is so strong she actually harms the people around her so as to get what she wants—this speaks to the level of stubbornness that can be found in the Taurus, which can be seen as disastrous when it is conveyed through someone like Serena Joy... or it can be seen as a zealous survival skill that speaks volumes about virtue.

At the heart of it, Taurus expresses itself through gender as a way of survival. This is why things that appear unique or of differentiation can make the Taurus feel uneasy, as though someone is trying to defy and abandon life itself. Taurus is not into edgy forms of lifestyle that could threaten it, and that is why Taurus is often seen as a traditional or rather distinguishable form.

When Taurus exceeds at being itself, it becomes a powerful force of attraction—think Aphrodite who knows herself and what makes her presence stand out and then uses that to attract whatever suitor she pleases. The traditional, distinguishable form can lead to hedonism, a love of wines, chocolates, romantics, and the senses. Remember Taurus is an earth sign that is grounded and fixed, part of its existence is given into physical pleasures as this is a way to connect with the material. Taurus has a difficult time seeing a point beyond what is in the senses, if there is no capital to be developed, no practicality to a building—Taurus will find it egregious. Life to them is about working hard to get to the fruits of labor, even if hard work doesn’t always equate to reward.

To be a Taurus comes with having a great, keen eye for the world and its pleasures. There is a temptation to hold so fast to this that the latest, greatest, and shiniest of objects can be misleading. Taurus is both the fall of humans in the Garden of Eden for this zealous attraction to the material, but it is also the crucifixion: the resurrection of Christ is in the spring. Taurus has the power to let go of the material traditions around it in order to sacrifice for others—Taurus in order to really grasp its gender needs to be willing to sacrifice its beautiful vision of reality and trust the human spirit within. It’s when hard work no longer equals gain but hard work equals sacrifice that Taurus begins to really understand and mature.

Taurus as a gender never means to shock, but to draw people near. Being well groomed, with nicely tailored clothes, and accentuating symmetry and health is done so as to express charisma. Taurus sees no point in disheveling etiquette. But it should be warned: etiquette isn’t always what it seems, and what appears polite can actually foster elitism.

Taurus Description

Dominant CharacteristicsEarth SignSpring EnergyDark Side

Hard worker

Financially practical

Fully inspired



Conservative with resources




Enjoys being out in nature

Great in emergency situations



Intelligence through 5 senses




Excellent with routine

Down to earth


Into fine tastes


Love for outdoors

Refuses to speak thoughts, withholds



Very into their own ideas

Tunnel vision

Thinks before acting





Has key preferences




Does not quit





Problem solver

Abandons to focus on stubborn regime

Peter II of Russia with his sister Natalia. Created by Louis Caravaque, 1722. | Gemini is known as the twins of the zodiac.

Peter II of Russia with his sister Natalia. Created by Louis Caravaque, 1722. | Gemini is known as the twins of the zodiac.

Gemini: The Twins

Gemini is one of the first genders that deals with duality. Twins symbolize this zodiac. Gemini has the ability to be objective about itself, all Gemini are quicksilver in intelligence. It can see both sides of a coin. Gemini won't put up with traditional forms of gender construction. They’re searching for something deeper. Gemini are Shakespearean characters; they’re deep thinkers, willing to take on various gender norms, and they enjoy having a good competitive spirit... while also being egalitarian.

You can see how Gemini can get itself into knots. On the outside, people at first glance will likely see Gemini as a defined person, whether Gemini likes that or not. Gemini doesn’t technically have a feminine and masculine side: they have a wide range to express themselves and meld to various groups, while also being idiosyncratic. Gemini is the season that comes after Aries and Taurus. It doesn’t need to initiate things to get spring started, and it doesn’t need to manage spring in order for it to function. Gemini gets the pleasure of enjoying the garden as is. This is someone who likes exploration, and because they like exploration—hard and fast rules can seem ridiculous. Gemini in part better express their gender in their romantic relationships where they are able to explore. When a relationship runs true to them, that means it also runs true to their identity. Here is another thing that’s quirky about gender expression in Gemini: they love to mirror people to better understand them. Gemini make for great actors and actresses—consider Johnny Depp. Gemini wants desperately to have a relationship, but needs to step away and see its independence.

Many of the goals Gemini seeks in life have to do with relationships, and in a way when a Gemini is single their duality is louder as they try to fill that vacuum of their other half—Gemini in part feels both masculine and feminine because they attempt to hold both at the same time. Gemini enjoys a relationship where they can hear their ideas bounced off someone else, they enjoy sexuality, and find that with another context is completed. Gemini are much more addicted to relationships than their predecessors. Aries could run around the whole planet seven times and never commit to anyone because they are so focused on leadership. Taurus is more interested in sensuality. They want to commit and have a family, but Gemini is more focused on having a partner, not the family. Gemini wants to enjoy their lover, and kind of fears having a family and what that could compromise for them. Taurus, on the other hand, wants to be a queen or king and see their genes passed down successfully. Gemini is surprised by this process. They find it very curious to see results when they come into the world when the stage appears already complete. The twin zodiac has the capacity to see things from multiple levels, and often feels this bubbling over as an argument in their minds. They can feel as though they are 2x feminine or 2x masculine. And some days they feel no qualitative gender experience at all.

The zodiac is trying to tell a story about our DNA. Most of us come with two chromosomes, whether XY or XX. Gemini is this story of identity, of being two different lineages and having to balance out the histories, complications, and diseases of each. Following these two chromosomes is what Gemini is defined by. Gemini has one eye from its mother, and one eye from its father. It sees the world in their different ways, and sometimes it can be difficult to see the world as the self and not just the parents who created it. Gemini has an impressive range that others would be envious to have. As an air sign, Gemini does exceptionally well in school and gaining knowledge. They want to be on your trivia team. They want to know where are the parties and also where they can read a good book—the best book.

When Gemini came into this world, it was meant to contextualize the space between lovers. Gemini is Cupid, curious and excited to see what happens when two opposing people come together in love. Gemini helps bridge once divided groups, Gemini is a disciple who ministers to the hopeless. It’s a powerful sign who without we’d never have the ones who follow it—and we’d be left with a strong leader and manager who only end up being a prelude to a story that never begins. Gemini is when the story starts: it is when the stage is already set.

Gemini Description

Dominant CharacteristicsWind SignLate Spring EnergyDark Side



Attracted to beauty


Nervous Energy

Vast knowledge

True nature: light, wholesome spirit



Abundant logic

Highly creative

Deeply distraught by failure



Raw energy, may elude teachers

Mutated, toxic thinking

Jack of all Trades

Quick action

Fresh, open minded

Overgrown, weeds, unkempt


Dots from one context to the next at record speed

Drawn to brillance

So complicated it isolates self


Hard to follow

Layers, texture

Refuses to process darkness, holds in existential energy


High potential


Stress and bad habits: teeth grinding, panic attacks, screaming



Musical in nature

Frustrated by people not seeing the light (or the answer), and frustrated communicating won't help them arrive there either


Socially observant




Bizarre blindspots


Worn out


Flexible, open minded, agility


Hard on self

Goddess Diana leaning against a tree. Created by Pietro Rotari in the 18th century. | Cancer is often associated with the moon and femininity.

Goddess Diana leaning against a tree. Created by Pietro Rotari in the 18th century. | Cancer is often associated with the moon and femininity.

Cancer: The Mother

Cancer steps into the scene and is eager to show the world how to feel. Cancer as the first water sign is easily moved by the tides of the moon. Cancer finds Aries too eager to start without taking care of the self... then it finds Taurus too eager to work and not self check... and it finds Gemini too in its head to soothe itself. Where Gemini wanders the world enjoying it, Cancer is the mother doing what it can to feel and give life—and to find a suitable nest for its children.

The water signs each have a heavy burden as they are all sacrificial. Cancer is in touch with the way things are, with the slightest change in the air, and is willing to put its heart on its sleeve. A Cancer is open to expression, to getting itself hurt, and to being crabby. Cancer will do what is necessary to bring about children, and is the mother who eventually gives birth nine months later to Aries, Taurus, and Gemini. Cancer, like all water signs, feels misunderstood. This is in part because our current zeitgeist doesn’t equip us well to understand emotions—we push these aside and bury them which has resulted in deadly problems: suicide, hiding in eating, hiding in anger, violence, and a lack of poetry. If we were to give ourselves more to poetry and the arts, we could have a defense against our darker, unprocessed emotions. The water signs are not self-destructive signs, but their roles have been less actualized and realized compared to the others. We need emotional enlightenment, but we are far from having our perceptions healed in this area. The way to resolving toxic patriarchy has to do with looking at the emotional self.

Cancer requests that we know our emotions and this in their minds will allow false perceptions of gender and the self to fade so we can be closer to examining our souls. Cancer is open-minded about other gender and sexuality expressions. This is a person who may feel oppressed by current powers, and also feels a closeness to traditions as they want to nurture, mentor, and grow life as they see this as one of the highest points of creativity and virtue.

Cancer is willing to sacrifice its independence so as to become a parent. This can make Cancer people somewhat possessive and manipulative as they desire these bonds above all else—and balancing this can be a challenge. They need a world where they can help grow and mature souls, but sometimes it’s easy to cross boundaries and try to mature something that has already grown and is looking for something else to help it with its progress. Cancer is an empath. It is a sign that can go from positively connecting to others to being a vampire of emotion. Cancer has the free will to decide whether it wants to nurture or absorb and possess others. Cancer learns ultimately it must release people when the time is right, and that holding on too long can be damaging to both the host and the self. Cancer isn’t a parasite; it must learn why is acts as a vessel, a mentor, and a liberator. But sometimes the liberation part of letting go is too difficult, and the emotional cost ends up being too large. This can explain why the Cancer comes as a crab walking sideways—to naturally walk forward and without being guarded can be a burden and also too vulnerable.

Cancer has magical powers it can unlock in order to nurture several beings at once. If Cancer can see that letting go allows it to spread its love to others, then Cancer will mature. Cancers together can help mentor each other, work out their identity problems, and ultimately learn how to be with others.

Cancer is not alone in their quest and should seek like-minded people who also want to give more than receive. Cancer when they feel they have failed will wish they had their own parent to comfort them. This is a sign that can feel the weight of the world when it comes to pain, misery, depression, or failure. Seek art and expression as a way to combat this.

This sign overflows with its energy. It can feel hyper about its gender designation. It might feel things at 120% rather than at a healthy level. These feelings can make them change their thoughts frequently and be sensitive to the world around them. While heavily in their mood, they can passionately feel for something. Once the mood ends, they may no longer love whatever occupied them previously.

Cancer Description

Dominant CharacteristicsWater SignEarly Summer SignDark Side











Interested in recreation

Bad temper




Driven by lust



Instinctively paternal






Pulled in different directions



Kind-hearted to a fault


Pain connects to spirit

Sweet tooth


Seeking for great understanding, fine tastes

Changes mind, malleable

Variety in demonstrating self


Intelligent, but not showy


Warmth toward others

Overwhelmed by fear, loss, grief, and disturbances


Strong desire to get to the root of matters


Slightly inappropriate

Dreamer, idealist with an air of chill

Shifts into several different forms

Interested in aesthetics

Prey to serious vices

Lion of Nemea in a battle with Herakles. Painting was created by Peter Paul Rubens.  | Leo is associated with lions, kings, strength, and masculinity.

Lion of Nemea in a battle with Herakles. Painting was created by Peter Paul Rubens. | Leo is associated with lions, kings, strength, and masculinity.

Leo: The King

Leo steps onto the scene adding ego. Leo wants to prove that things can be accomplished, and doesn’t feel that things are impossible or impassable. Leos tend to be bright, bold and competent leaders. While Cancer is a matriarch, Leo is a patriarch. It wants to provide, to shine, to show off, and has a golden heart to parent. No, being the patriarch doesn’t mean that you’re automatically masculine. Matriarch in this sense would be guided by the moon, where patriarchs are guided by the sun. Leos burst with Sun energy; they want to be the center of attention, they have an immense amount of hope in the world and can be idealists.

Sometimes if this isn’t nurtured properly it can turn into egomania deluxe. The Leo wants to be a mighty warrior with a gentle heart—like the most noteworthy dads in history. Leo does not like to be usurped, embarrassed, or disregarded. This is someone who likes to shine and include. They can be decorative, loud, bossy, a great deal of fun and also insane. Without Leo, we wouldn’t have sunshine, and so we’d be miserable and well, not alive... Leo is essentially the dawn of civilization. This is the king who rises up to rule over others and create some kind of organization and collective identity among others. Leo finds a sense of self and even a sense of gender by establishing an order for which others must follow. Without a crown on Leo's head and some kind of kingdom to rule, the Leo might shrivel up—and bat about the world like an innocent and precarious kitten.

Leo is a gender that’s vibrant, ready to take on anything, and can be very, very masculine or very, very feminine. Leos are very protective of those they love and will fight for them. A Leo isn’t afraid to show its real colors. Leos tend to love sports, expressive arts, and physical activity. They do not do well to sit and be introspective—even if their throne demands it. The Leo will learn the art of introspection, but has a defined love for showing off what they have and charging forward—rather than falling into long-winded existential traps. Leo does not have the skills of its scholar friend Sagittarius. Leo would find pontificating after a certain while pretty boring and pointless. Leo wants to take action, but unlike Aries who want to go all over the planet without stopping—Leo wants his world and range more limited and focused. This sign is less of a wanderer and more of a champion of the people.

A Leo tends to have a great sense of humor, but be careful. Don’t rub their ego too much or they’ll likely find someone else to spend their company with. Leo will spend all its energy trying to overcome challenges that others say are impossible. Leo is a champion, a powerful force to reckon with, and also attuned to beauty. Again, a Leo would be the king or queen of the zodiac. They rule with majesty, wearing their lion’s mane bright and up front in center. Leo doesn’t fully understand what it is to be a commoner, because they are meant to learn, conquer, and establish. There is great luxury in being the royal. The zodiac needs the royal after the others have been born so as to create peace and harmony among peoples.

As a royal, Leo’s law, to them, should be the final law. It may be insufferable for children to have Leo parents. Leo makes certain that his family has only the best, that he marries only the best queen, that the house is cleaned just to his standards. The queen Leo will be well dressed, know her etiquette, and be able to switch gears from talking to high up politicians and then listening to the tales of babes. Bill Clinton is a notable Leo who carried his pride too far and almost lost what was close to him. Leos are supposed to be gifted with charisma, a warm heart, and sometimes a short fuse.

(Beware the wrath of the short fuse. DO NOT MOCK A LEO BECAUSE YOU THINK IT WOULD BE FUN UNLESS YOU WANT THE GALLOWS. Leos take themselves very seriously, even in humor. It is best to laugh with them when they find something funny, to cry with them when sad, and to not disagree with them outright for fun. They want to be THE authority.)

Leo Description

Dominant CharacteristicsFire SignSummer EnergyDark Side


Brimming over with energy to get things going

Warmth for all creatures great and small


Explosion of charisma

Wonderful laugh, great sense of humor

Powerful and amazing leader, a king or queen


Automatic leader

Very much affected by blows to ego

Compassionate toward planet

Disastrous blow to ego leads to chaos, isolation, plotting, abandon

Dexterity, agile, stamina

Power to make things happen


Intense, unbridled anger

Brilliant one way or another

Beats to their own drum

One with nature, not one with clothes

A whole world of deplorably bad acts




Pride, greed, lust

The most inviting person in the room

Can't sit still

Can handle the heat of an argument, the heat of a relationship, the heat of anything

Unaware of others' needs because so caught into self


Makes the first move


Their way or the highway

Strong need to understand the world and travel




Protective of dominion

Like a lion, powerful, protective of cubs, roams the planet

Must have passion



Sheds light on what seemed impossible



The Marriage of Persephone by Henry Siddons Mowbray circa 1895. | The story of Persephone is often compared to Virgo.

The Marriage of Persephone by Henry Siddons Mowbray circa 1895. | The story of Persephone is often compared to Virgo.

Virgo: The Worker

Virgo came into this world to work hard, do it right, and be successful. Virgo has been known to be the loner; they’re often perfectionists who can drive themselves to depression. These are people who want to excel. They can rely heavily on earth qualities—they believe that physical manifestations are truth, rather than emotional or logical reasoning. A Virgo will spend all their time focused on one endeavor, which can sometimes (frequently) be minus a significant other.

Virgo wants to show it has independence and doesn't need a ruler—like Leo—to boss it around. Virgo doesn't want Cancer to direct it how to emote either—Virgo wants to get work done. In some ways Virgo comes off as a rebel in disguise. This is a person who has desires to have agency over themselves, to get to carve their own path with their hands, and wants to show they don't need others to survive because they want to be the ones serving you. Virgos can be perfectionists, they can bottle up their temper, and they can stay single longer than any other Zodiac. This can both be by decision or by default.

Earth signs do have a tendency toward solitude, but all three manifest it in different ways. Taurus prefers the quiet and a sense of home instead of the anxious wanderings of Aries. Taurus values a lover and mate; this sign is when spring is in full motion which brings out sensuality. Virgo is the end of summer; it's this drive to set aside lazy days and meanderings and to now get jobs done. Virgo is done with cheap thrills and summer romances that catch the eye of Leo. And Virgo coming out of that summery season isn't really ready for something new. Essentially how the constellation dance here goes is Leo is the time of year for a puppy love romance that likely won't make it long term—Virgo is the breakup and solitary time—and Libra is when a more solidified romance happens. Jumping a few signs ahead, Capricorn's solitude is pronounced due to the harshness of winter, but Capricorn desires a family. The sign doesn't want to be huddled upon in a cabin alone, but wants others around for survival and company. These are lessons the later earth sign (Capricorn) understands that the Virgo hasn't realized.

Virgo people want to grace us by accomplishment. They don’t want the previous signs to be so distracted. They also fancy some dalliance for their senses. Virgo has a love-hate relationship with sleep and vices. A Virgo might overwork themselves and not get enough sleep leading to questionable views, crankiness, and poor health. This is a sign that should watch its mental health and seek therapy, but often rejects therapy because it feels like its going back a step. Virgo doesn't want to admit it, but it struggles to see the strength in asking for help. It comes off as a weakness to them that they couldn't handle something by themselves.

Virgo works itself to death striving for perfection. The faith that comes with them is a mean focus on perfection, and a lack of follow through is their nightmare. Virgos are prone to depression for this reason: they will never live up to their ideals and will be seeking to get to that enlightenment until they realize they can live in the chaos without everything being precisely organized. There is an aggression that comes from Virgo for this reason. They’ll consider it a grave offense to go against the grain for no reason. What they really want to do is create a harmonious living space where people thrive. Virgo does not do well to be lazy. Plus, he doesn't like lazy people or procrastinators. They need to be in the threshold of learning and going to new heights. Virgo comes off excessively hardworking to the point of deformity. The ones you meet will either be squeaky clean with a toned-down but pure fashion, or they’ll be in clothes meant for the hard worker, like a woodcutter, plumber, or carpenter.

Virgo cares about the track the earth provides us. Virgos believe the ground has provided us with nutrients to go forward, not just caring for the planet but improving upon the kinds of lives we can all have. This makes Virgos both grounded people and also ambitious. They can seem like the odd ducks compared to other earth signs, like Taurus and Capricorn. Virgos like tradition, but they prefer perfection.

Again, Virgos are the sign most likely to stay single or be loners. They see issues with the other signs, and having a steady relationship isn’t always in their life track. A Virgo may prefer solitude over large gatherings. Virgos can be surprising and get themselves into more trouble than expected. They can change life goals suddenly from teaching English overseas in Japan to going to Harvard law and then deciding they want to go into banking. They look for steady paths to work hard, make money, and prosper. Virgo is really the definition of prosperity-seeker.

Virgo Description

Dominant Characteristics Earth SignLate Summer EnergyDark Side


Extremely hard worker


Severe depression



Sensitive to aesthetics

Forthright to the point of delusion

Manager of tasks

Tuned into traditional acts, services, and manners

Prefers exquisite over mundane or slipshod


Notices the work of others and supports them with love and compliments

Fascinated by the things they can make with their own hands


Doesn't feel deserving of forgiveness

Well groomed, wants to look and feel well

Logical, finder of solutions

Drawn to understanding and care of others and ideas

Severely sleep deprived

Fine tastes


Feels deprived or wounded by the shift in seasons


Excellent sense of humor



Explosive temper

Highly intelligent


More relaxed than Leo

Hallucinations / delusions

Exemplary manners



Modest to the point of exclusion


Down to earth

Detail oriented


Colorful, saturated

Wants a hard days work



Venus and Anchises, a painting by William Blake Richmond. Circa 1890. | Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. Libra is often compared to Aphrodite, love, and justice.

Venus and Anchises, a painting by William Blake Richmond. Circa 1890. | Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. Libra is often compared to Aphrodite, love, and justice.

Libra: The Romantic

Libra is all about balance. This sign wants to create equanimity where it stands. This can lead to incredible headlocks as it strives to find moderation, but sometimes moderation isn’t the key—sometimes we need to stealthily run to a new direction and with great speed to solve a crisis. Libra is drawn to relationships, both friendships and romance. It can betray itself by not making steady ground and sharp decisions with friends. Because it strives so hard for harmony, the Libra isn’t always aware how it can betray itself, and how it can betray others.

Libras are not always distinct with traditional gender norms, but are looking for balance and blend. They reform the norms, essentially. Women Libras may find certain enforced traditions repulsive and too constructive—or pointless. The men may find that they’ve been held back from some charms that shouldn’t be categorized by gender anyway. Women may fret because they have extra hair in places they don’t want, but they shouldn’t get insecure about this—it’s normal. And men might find they like the company of a group of women rather than their male peers. Libras strive to be open, friendly, and balanced. Sometimes they are described as having both genders at once and trying to balance out that spectrum or feel there is no spectrum and just clusters of experience in various places that defy distinct categories. No matter the exact definition: they have potential for great social malleability, but can also verge on not really feeling certain who they are.

They reject their ego to suddenly be surprised by it. They love their friends, but sometimes they push their favorite people away. Libras are wonderful contradictions. They are more socially open and adventurous than Gemini, who can often geek out on the world. Geminis often feel more comfortable being argumentative or contrary.

Libra is strange but at a different speed than Aquarius. To put it one way: Libra still has some degree of modesty to the point of not showing their true colors, where Aquarius doesn’t care and has their mind fixated on progress. Where a Libra softens a blow, an Aquarius is blunt. A Libra holds to moderation as comfort, while Aquarius uses balance as a step toward progress.

Libra prefers to be charming, socially sound, and impressive without being overbearing. They tend to be collectors of something, hoarders, dreamers, and a bevy of strange positive energy. Libra seems like it should have been born around the time of Valentine’s Day. They are huge romantics, but they follow through more with a fall-romance—a more inverted Valentine’s Day. Due to their romantic ideals, they also unearth depression because things are not quite going the way they want, and they don’t know how to alleviate the problem.

It is best for Libra to spend time with others and not hide themselves in a cocoon. Libra needs social interaction because they are about social harmony. Alone time should be spent on bringing harmony to the inner self, not cutting off people and preventing social interactions. Inner harmony is the key to making better decisions. Libra needs a Gemini friend and an Aquarius friend. Gemini will help Libra be more comfortable with critique and coming up with stronger ideas. Aquarius will help Libra get off the couch and become more determined about living life with focus. Libras can enjoy the company of others, but it can start to feel like nothing is being accomplished and that's partly because they'll put too much emphasis on harmony rather than action.

Some dissonance is necessary in order to take the helm of life and grow. Some dissonance is necessary in order to make the right decisions. A political disheveled era is incredibly difficult for a Libra to stomach. The Libra will hope and hope and hope for the unpleasant time to disappear. Perhaps they can wish it away with their minds. They should listen to their artistic instincts to help society get back on track.

Libra does well to add romance in the home: have a tea cabinet, candles, flowers, music, clean working space, and pets. Libras do well to have a pet dog to take on walks and a pet cat to comfort them with their soothing purrs. Libra would like to bring peace among humans, animals, and nature. Libra is sad that humans have corrupted some of our natural resources and gifts in living on this planet. Libra wants to soothe those wounds and respect those boundaries. Libras make for great, supportive teachers. They will fight for the cause of a child left behind, and they’ll show children how to develop skills like empathy, love, and humility. Libra is not to be underestimated. They are some of the great hearts that move us all to be better people living peacefully with each other.

Libra Description

Dominant CharacteristicsWind SignEarly Fall EnergyDark Side


Fascinated by knowledge


Indecisive to the point of oblvion


Appreciates a wide variety of topics and hobbies

Enjoys a certain amount of complexity and layers

No discretion with friend choices

Strives to balance things, wants an objective view

Objectivity, egalitarian

Enjoys nature, likes outdoor adventures

Addictive personality, falls prey to drugs and alcohol

Amazing conversationalists and listeners

Wants justice and mercy balanced

Good sense of humor

Extreme difficulty after breakup, has extreme desire for a romantic relationship

Ability to make friends from a wide range of social circles

Has an admiration and affinity for weird and strange things

Prefers experiences with some spice to them; monochromatic humdrum experiences are a bane

Can neglect necessary steps for maturity whether moving to a new location for job growth, better handling finances, or getting married

Enjoys a positive atmosphere

Wants everyone to get along

Feels and bottles up emotions intensely and privately

Conniving without direction

Seeking global harmony

Mix of warm hearted and intelligent

Creative, artistic, philosophical

Have a surprisingly stubborn ego that makes them think they are right and there is no alternative

Strong interpersonal, romantic skills

Loves curiosity


Avoids conflict and criticism and can be terrible to navigate it


Can appear either shy or demonstrative

Has a weird streak

Avoids conflict and focuses on something completely unimportant


Wonderful friend


Stays in bad relationships way too long



Somewhat obsessive

Harms friendships by trying to keep too many and not be honest

Pottery found in Italy 350-325 BC. | Scorpio is considered the king of the dead and is often compared to Halloween and the Greek god Hades.

Pottery found in Italy 350-325 BC. | Scorpio is considered the king of the dead and is often compared to Halloween and the Greek god Hades.

Scorpio: The Supernatural

Scorpio is known for being intense, possessive, and cunning. Scorpios are sharp-edged who will do anything for their family and loved ones. They are not here to build you up with false compliments, they are looking for truth, stealth, ambition, excellence, and passion. Scorpio will passionately love you and drop you like a fly if you betray their loyalties one way or another. Their gender is defined with oozing attraction: they use whatever they see in themselves to seduce others.

Scorpios have a certain quality that brings a buzz in the air. They are somewhat predator-like in somehow getting people to have crushes on them. A teen Scorpio could have hundreds of crushes without realizing it. The men are handsome, the women are divine. Sometimes they're elusive loners; sometimes they're smart cracking extroverts. This is a sign that knows how to mesmerize. If you are bad at friendship, then you won’t have any Scorpios in your circle. If you are charismatic, the Scorpio will come to you—it will perhaps learn you down to the last degree and then drop you like a fly unexpectedly.

Despite Scorpio's occasionally wishy-washy ways: do not betray a Scorpio. They can't stand betrayal and have an affinity for revenge. It is egotistical that they don't play by the same rules, but they also don't want you to be as bad as them. They hold you to a higher standard. And they can also be manipulative, so be careful how you navigate this tango with the scorpion.

Whether you have a Scorpio boss, friend, lover, or family member—you need to strive to their expectations, or count the connection as a loss and focus on someone who might not be as draining. Scorpios come with great benefits—they can help you to be more successful, and they are great built-in defense-systems. Scorpio is a water sign and is in search of understanding sexuality and death. The sign has three distinct phases it cycles through: the snake, when it crawls on its belly at the most base and despicable carnal form, the scorpion who manages further connections with others but is always ready to strike, and the Phoenix who is willing to sacrifice itself for the greater good. Most Scorpios do not like staying in the Phoenix phase for too long—it is draining and vulnerable, and it takes time to learn how to stay in such a phase without collapsing all the way back to the biting, hissing snake form.

You cannot change a Scorpio and its ways. You may see the person's potential and even understand where they headed with the Phoenix form, but all of this is unstable. You have to accept Scorpio for its more deep and brooding nature. If the Scorpio isn't loyal to you, don't put up with them. Be kind and forgiving, but set boundaries. Scorpios can be bad about accepting or seeing boundaries as the fixed water sign who is designed to find people and merge. Those under this sign will demand to know you down to your last thought.

Scorpios are the only zodiac with three symbols. In a way this makes them the most complex and misunderstood. They will play to their own definitions of gender and sexuality at their own rate. A Scorpio tends to lean toward monogamy and is looking for the ultimate catch. Sometimes the Scorpio will find the ultimate catch and release it because it’s not worth their resources and time—because the weak Scorpio might not understand the ultimate catch. They love playing these games of cat and mouse. There is a great ego boost in catching the unattainable or mysterious. Scorpio is defined by its deep emotions and power to inflict damage on naysayers. This type of person is very meticulous about its friends, who it hires, and setting goals. It is important for Scorpio to set itself up with people who succeed partly because success is a sign of commitment to work—and Scorpio is all about loyalty. Because of this loyalty complex Scorpio can be stubborn, and even force themselves to get lost in old traditions it doesn’t even believe.

Belief isn’t as important to Scorpio as loyalty. Scorpios can live a long time because of how shrewd they are. They want to leave a mark on this world, they want a better world, and they want to leave a mark on the people they meet.

Scorpio also is the first sign of the zodiac of the more supernatural signs. The first seven set up the natural world; the eighth house gives us a glimpse of higher consciousness—it very well could be our own consciousness awakening as supernatural and not some unknown force. Scorpio takes us on a journey of the process of carnal nature and learning how to gain empathetic reasoning to find real existence. The process isn't easy, but this is why the Scorpio shifts from the snake to the scorpion, and finally the Phoenix. Sagittarius and Capricorn take us back into the real world, but Aquarius and Pisces again show us a door into another world—and they do so with such a different style than Scorpio that they can seem worlds apart.

Scorpio Description

Dominant CharacteristicsWater SignFallDark Side

Fierce loyalty

Shifting in different layers

Drawn to disguises, masks, costumes


Attractive force

Unending depth

Mix of maturity and immaturity


Driven by success

Deeply connected to the mysteries of life



Complex and shifting from the snake, scorpion, to the phoenix

Gentle like rain, powerful like a tsunami

Haunted by past



Strong desires, strong needs

Drawn to strength

Indifferent at absolutely the worst times

Often a loner

Always brooding, always cunning

Suddenly turns cold

Stupidity rampage

Drawn to power

Dark humor

Drawn to vices


Highly protective

Headaches, powerful bristling emotions


Unrefined ego


Wants to read others minds

Holds crushes and grudges forever


Open to less traditional people


Likes to be in the know

Blind sided


Attracted to money and physical manifestations



Painting by Edoardo Ettore Forti circa 1880 –1920. | Sagittarius is often compared to centaurs. Sagittarius is associated with astronomy, knowledge, luck, and scholarship.

Painting by Edoardo Ettore Forti circa 1880 –1920. | Sagittarius is often compared to centaurs. Sagittarius is associated with astronomy, knowledge, luck, and scholarship.

Sagittarius: The Hunter and the Scholar

Sagittarius types are intelligent, witty, uncommitted, independent, and dance to the beat of their own drum. A Sagittarius is the opposite of a Gemini, and these two have a really strange opposite dynamic. But before trying to tackle something like that, let's unravel the mysteries of the Sagittarius.

The Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the zodiac. It comes just as fall shifts into the more festive holiday season, but the leaves that are still on the trees have turned dark and mostly brown. It's the last zodiac before the winter solstice. In the United States it's when Thanksgiving takes place, and it's the build up before Christmas. Often Hanukkah takes place in Sagittarius, sometimes dipping into Capricorn.

Sagittarius is the last of the fire signs, coming after the initiator of the whole cycle Aries, and the child of the Sun, Leo. We often see Aries described as a warrior and Leo as the king, but Sagittarius is the scholar. Sagittarius doesn't have as much fire and free will energy as the first two fire signs, but it turns more inward. The later zodiacs are more introspective; they've learned from watching the previous signs, so they tend to be more wizened. Sagittarius has more humor than Aries and Leo, partly because it doesn't take its ego so seriously, and yet Sagittarius is ambitious: it's a wild horse who wants to enjoy life and is in the pursuit of knowledge.

Sagittarius is full of paradoxes. It wants to celebrate the festive and insane that is the holidays, but it also colors the world in dark shades and strips the trees of their leaves and takes away the vegetation as it prepares for winter. It is the opposite of Gemini who celebrates life in its beauty, color, the blossoms, and the light. Where Gemini has nervous energy running all throughout its veins, Sagittarius is steel-sharp, sometimes insensitive, and running aggressively from the strength of its thighs. Sagittarius isn't the most politically correct (neither is Gemini) but the two are inverted versions of each other. In a way, this can bring them together, but it can also bring out the worst sides in the other. Where Gemini is a brilliant genius, Sagittarius is a wise-cracking scholar ready to hunt. Gemini is more of a shepherd; Sagittarius is more of a hunter. Sagittarius changes the view of the land to make it easier to spot and kill the last harvest before the winter chill of Capricorn sets in for hibernation.

Sagittarius admittedly doesn't always fit in with the other fire signs. Sagittarius thinks to some degree that Aries and Leo are morons who haven't learned to cope. Where Aries uses the sword to attack opponents in close corners, Sagittarius picks up the bow and arrow to target those far away—so they never know who it was that killed them. Sagittarius is discrete in this manner, and should be taken seriously for its fighting style. Sagittarius borrows somewhat from Scorpio and less from Capricorn. Sagittarius prefers to set things up for Capricorn, but it doesn't want to chill out its festive fun. When Capricorn comes in, it harshly tells Sagittarius to bug off... people have had enough of its antics, it's complications, and demeanor. Sagittarius thinks Scorpio is a bit of a downer, and in part wants the end of autumn to be a fun and festive time, and not just gloomy.

Consider Sagittarius someone who is in their middle ages and has accepted their current state, but knows the next part of aging will come bitter and harsh... and death is knocking on the door soon. Sagittarius doesn't want to bode on that, but instead take the wheel of the vehicle and drive as far and fast and beautiful as it can before its flicker of life vanishes.

It would not be surprising if a Sagittarius came across some remedy for perpetual life that ends aging. Sagittarius is the one who hides the grays, while also pulls out all the old books and songs to learn. Sagittarius can seem like someone trapped at age 12 while also someone at a learned age, like 65 with a smoking pipe and robe.

The centaur is half man and half horse. It's also a sign of an android, of a human reaching a new consciousness to extend who we are. There's this paradox of reaching a new higher sense to our humanity, while also trading out part of our humanity for machine or the thighs of a horse. A half man and a half horse transforms the human into a fire bearing chariot who can race forth into a higher sense of transportation. Sagittarius' is a scholar because they're hunting to preserve life and extend it to a higher cause. This is why Sagittarius hunts in the field: to find food and sustenance to keep the living alive. Sagittarius doesn't like Aries and Leo because they are too fixed on the present, and don't understand just how close is death. Sagittarius understands this after experiencing the chaos of Scorpio. Sagittarius also understands it survived Scorpio's darkness and there is hope for the living to live beyond its current means.

Sagittarius likely has an interest in health, the new age, and the creative. Sagittarius often feels it belongs more with wind spirits, particularly Aquarius who also comes off detached (but that's more a facade for Aquarius).

Aquarius is forward thinking, and often feels like it belongs to the future. Sagittarius feels this too, but not to the same degree nor extent. Sagittarius can be present in part to partying, alcohol, holidays, great conversations with friends, cold hikes, bizarre towns, and humor. Sagittarius makes for an amazing travel buddy, they swoon at a great story, and desire to be recognized without being placed on a pedestal.

Sagittarius is also the accuser. It sees everyone as the cause to humanity's condemnation. As much as it enjoys the company of others and sheer merriment, it also sours and sees all our faults but as the toxic fruits in the trees. Perhaps this is why it strikes down the fruit and leaves; perhaps this why it strikes down the deer and the lamb. The hunter wants to take down with it the parts that are holding us back. It also hates the forbidden fruit that tempted it. And this is why Sagittarius strives for self-control, and sees the other fire elementals as needed to temper themselves rather than let their egos run wild.

But even if Sagittarius doesn't burn like the other two, it definitely can run a wild chase, but more for entertainment and hedonism than for war.

Sagittarius Description

Dominant CharacteristicsFire SignLate Fall EnergyDark Side

Laid back nature, general mess

More tamed energy than Aries and Leo; still a wild horse, but better handle of ego

Holiday like spirit

Betrayal, treason


Splendid charisma

Big on humor

Lack of commitment, lack of loyalty

Intelligent, makes for a great scholar

All over the place

Sarcastic, dark humor

Difficulty in keeping and maintaining healthy relationships


Needs change, needs flow

Maintains both a youthful spirit and a older mature voice

Excessive bargaining


Thinks they are the best


Reality challenged

Impressive competitor


Naturally respects a lot of people

Tormented from wacky circumstances



Wants to be a lover, doesn't necessarily want to be in a relationship

Uncertain of identity

Flare for life experiences

Fiery temper

Hot and Cold

Pulls strings behind events out of revenge



Affinity for colors, music, good alcohol

Sometimes gestures turn hollow

Quick witted

Agility, dexterity, stamina

Can think for themselves; can ignore bad input from others

Can drive a project ship to an unstable destination


Doesn't always know feelings till too late

Life of the party

Cruel for fun

Hermit Reading, by follower of Rembrandt circa 1630. | Capricorns are described as hermits who focus on surviving for the long haul.

Hermit Reading, by follower of Rembrandt circa 1630. | Capricorns are described as hermits who focus on surviving for the long haul.

Capricorn: The Hermit

Capricorn is seeking to be at ease with the world, not change the flow, but survive against it. Some refer to Capricorn as an older stage of life; the only problem with seeing the zodiac as an aging cycle altogether is that when you hit Aquarius and Pisces it transforms into something far more mystical.

Capricorn is a much more normal sign than its sisters, Aquarius and Pisces. Capricorn is their brother and heralds them in with stability. There is another supernatural sign but it precedes Capricorn: Scorpio is powerful but chaotic without the later aging process and finality of Aquarius and Pisces, who both in their own ways appear somewhat feminine. Aquarius may be a yang sign, but due to being so late in the zodiac, Aquarius is often characterized more as a woman—it is symbolized by a woman carrying water—for it also prepares the way for Pisces.

As for Capricorn? You can tell a Capricorn by how much attention they pay to their family and making absolutely sure they are stable. Capricorn understands that it can and should take care of the signs before it as they have aged or will age. Capricorn also understands that more is to come, and things must be ready for the younger people. Capricorns are family driven—or they adopt friends as family. A Capricorn who calls you family will never see you any other way. You are one with them. Capricorns work hard, pushing deeply into the ground to create and protect. This earth sign feels vastly different from Taurus and Virgo. Where Taurus and Virgo bring in life and sustain it, Capricorn is the beginning of winter and sees the fading of life and knows how to handle fading life and the beginning of life. The winter signs are mysterious in their tasks; they're unlike the previous seasons that celebrate and adore life. They are much more existential, wise, and crafty. They are aware of what life is and the next steps to come.

Pisces, Aquarius, and Capricorn tend to get along because they understand each other and the work necessary for their season. They operate much different than say the first three signs of the zodiac, which usher in life and have less refined egos: Aries, Taurus, and Gemini are the caretakers of spring. Cancer, Leo, and Virgo are the ambitions of summer. And Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius are the complications and recognition of death found in autumn's sudden change in season.

Capricorns have great sense of humors. They are often sarcastic. Just like Sagittarius loves vices, from smoking to drinking alcohol—Capricorn too likes a good vice. It's because these two signs like to mock death. Capricorns tend to be highly logical, dedicated, and resourceful. They often understand and embrace solitude. They are protectors of the strange and whimsy, even if that isn't the same stack of cards they deal with. Most Capricorns—as well as the earth signs—come off somewhat traditional. They tend to dress to gender norms, and often like muted colors. Capricorns don't really have a taste for the ostentatious, they might have an appreciation of it in another person, but it's not really the role for them. They're more about being sturdy, reliable, focused, and diligent.

Capricorns are self-aware. They excel in school—with application they become engineers, doctors, scientists, lawyers, and some of the most necessary people we need. If they do not apply themselves, they'll be great thinkers. Their homes tend to be down to earth and approachable, warm, smelling of tobacco, and humble. Capricorn opens its arms to humility. They make great teachers, farmers, and managers. This is some who takes responsibility seriously, and they are not afraid to have candor. Capricorn straightens up its laces compared to Sagittarius. Capricorn doesn't want all the aesthetics and emptiness of the holidays; Capricorns are seeking for authenticity.

These are good people to know, even if they can quarrel at times and even have bad tempers. For some reason bad tempers run in the earth signs: something about grinding and digging heavy into the planet becomes burdensome. Capricorns can do well in a variety of locations, but living somewhere more in the wilderness will do them some favors. This is someone who would like some degree of privacy and isolation.

Capricorn Description

Dominant CharacteristicsEarth SignEarly WinterDark Side

Cool, calm, collected


Appreciation for minimal activity


Family oriented / friends are family

Likes to work with hands

Accepts that life has problems

May neglect cleaning and grooming


Careful with spending and resources

Would sacrifice anything for a tight circle of loved ones

May neglect personal growth

Maintains certain grace



Afraid to spend / earn money


Not trying to impress but trying to be self / authentic


Can corner self out of growth



Can read people really well

So minimalist may wear same outfit on end


Goal oriented

Wants to be seen as a human not a robot

Bitterness from realist point of view


Cares about basic needs of others


Doesn't show heart when really should

Strong sense of direction

Understands and accepts conflict instead of ignoring it

Gets the job done to the best of abilities


Old soul

Amazing listeners

Can see through people's nonsense

Severe isolation / hermit

Hard worker

Finds joy in solid work

Tends to form strong sense of priorities

Can be too candid to the point of harm

Water Carrier by Francisco de Goya y Lucientes between 1808 and 1812. | Aquarius is described as the water bearer who changes the flow of things.

Water Carrier by Francisco de Goya y Lucientes between 1808 and 1812. | Aquarius is described as the water bearer who changes the flow of things.

Aquarius: The Utopian

Now things get really bizarre with Aquarius and Pisces who are the most misunderstood. These two signs come from a place that's from the beyond. They live in both a dream world and the real world. They are people who are beyond death and can view things with a strange out-there kind of way. It's really easy for everyone else to view these two incorrectly because they're not carrying the same burdens as Aquarius or Pisces at all.

Aquarius is one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac and this is because it hasn't been realized to its full degree in the real world. We haven't reached the age of Aquarius yet, which should bring about a renaissance of ideas, a portal to a new world, immortality, and greater understanding of things we do not understand yet. People often describe Aquarius as emotion-less, but this couldn't be anymore wrong. Aquarius is mature, refined, and bottles up emotions and displays them in ways that often elude others. Wind signs are bad about bottling up emotions and trying to control themselves at excess. Aquarius loves the mind, but also the heart. It does not go the direction people want it to go whether in conversations or life plans. Aquarius gives humanity hope and has the most charisma of any sign. It can jump from any social circle it pleases while also having refined introverted skills. Aquarius is full of ideas and people. Even though Aquarius eludes people, it somehow pops up anywhere it pleases whether at the king's side, as a prison guard, at a school, in far flung regions, and in hippie communes. This soothsayer goes wherever it feels the call, and can ignore feeling low self-esteem in social situations to press forward. If you hang around an Aquarius long enough, you'll be surprised by the friends that gather near it.

Aquarius types are open-minded. They don't separate people into different camps, but see us all as humans with the common goal of taking care of the planet and holding it to the standard of a paradise. For if we cannot treat out planet as a paradise, than why should we deserve to be in some greater paradise out of our reach? Aquarius people tend to be quirky, creative, intelligent, difficult to understand, and friendly. The Aquarius person loves people around them and has a hunger for truth. They can be blunt because they feel honesty now is better than honesty later.

Follow around an Aquarius and many of the secrets of the world will be revealed. An Aquarius person will be attracted to such careers as: politics, journalism, the arts, writing, sciences, ministry, and charity. The Aquarius person is constantly seeking for new ideas. They have a focus that is unbeatable. It is a terrible idea to argue with an Aquarius for the sake of winning, because if they so decide they will not run out of stamina, and they have enough objectivity to see the whole argument and have some kind of way of tapping into the universe and downloading what they need within the conversation to come to their conclusion.

Aquarius applying itself will reach excellent conclusions, but can also run into a wave of anxiety or nervousness by refusing to yield to their bodies' needs.

Aquarius can exhaust herself if not careful. Not everything is about the mind, but sometimes you need to stop and let the body heal. Aquarius as the ankles of the zodiac must constantly be on the move, so it will be a difficult task to find adequate time on the move while also finding ample rest. Without this focus on health, an Aquarius can spiral out into insanity, or a panic attack that makes them feel closer to the spiritual world. Aquarius is a deeply spiritual person, even when denying the existence of a higher power—it's hard for them to escape the idea that there is something more.

Aquarius sees the way of the future. They dress in bright colors and in cutting edge outfits. They are often particular about their appearance. They know the latest trends, and often appear younger than they are. They take a long time to attach to someone romantically and are seeking for an ideal soulmate. Some Aquarians will flounder in love because they don't believe a central love is to be found, and yet it honestly is kind of what they want. Aquarius types desire to be creative and find original ways of looking at things. Their identity is based on originality, which will flow in the way they express their gender as well. If they feel like a carbon copy of someone else, then they don't feel they are really allowing their true self to exist. Where Gemini is the ultimate copy cat to study how others work, Aquarius is the ultimate individual. It's pretty obvious how these two can attract, because Gemini will have a never-ending appeal in trying to copy this person, while Aquarius constantly evolves and changes to be an individual.

Aquarius Description

Dominant CharacteristicsWind SignWinter EnergyDark Side

Extremely creative

High level intelligence


Whisked away by conspiracy theories

Hard to get to know


Can sharply handle situation, directive

Sleep paralysis

Unabashedly themselves

Impressive logic

Keeps thoughts to themselves



Deeply searching for originality and authenticity


Takes a long time to attach to someone romantically

The definition of clever

High appreciation of the weird


Incomprehensible to others

Strange and peculiar

Socially complex


Lost in the dream, forgetting to live

Highly loving

Headaches, migraines, insomnia

Knows highs and lows

Afraid to create consequences

Excessively cerebral

Impressive focus

Taken away by inner world

Finds other people's plans tedious, hates lack of independence

Overflowing compassion

Unrelenting thoughtstream


Will hold grudge forever



Innocent and nefarious

Sharp tongue

Force to be reckoned with

Deeply caring

So calm, so very, very calm

Strong remorse

Aquatic Plants and Fish by Giuseppe Castiglione in the 18th century. | Pisces is considered the twin fish. Pisces is associated with sagacity, love, and sacrifice.

Aquatic Plants and Fish by Giuseppe Castiglione in the 18th century. | Pisces is considered the twin fish. Pisces is associated with sagacity, love, and sacrifice.

Pisces: The Magician

Without Pisces we would be nothing, it is because of the sacrifices of Pisces that we live. This sign is the symbol of Christ in all its complexity. A Pisces person will be gentle, kind, meek powerful, capable of oblivion, capable of redemption, and everything here and in-between. A Pisces person lives on the edge of a dream, because they are both here and in the next life, they are both the wise sage and the newborn child, and they are both humble and exalted among their peers.

Pisces has magical energy that can move mountains; these people are wonders of light, complexity, and intelligence. They love deeper than almost any of the other signs; they can get lost in a sea of vices because of the paramount task they have at hand: Pisces' sacrifice is what gives to life. This is a person who is a discipline of love—for it is the bonds of love and empathy that will help take us into the next generation, the next level of consciousness, the next level of reality, and perhaps the next world or dominion.

Without winter letting go of the year, spring will never come. We can't hold onto this world because then we will be stuck and never move into the next phase, whatever it may be. Our human bodies right down to the cells can't last forever in this form, and Pisces is aware of this and has some insight on how to peek into an afterlife, or at least the conditions of the next generation. Without older generations passing the torch to younger generations, societies can fall backwards, even into fascism. Spring will never be reborn, and everything turns desolate. Pisces is right at that magical, crazy point of the year when snow takes a hike and things begin to warm up after a long, annoying winter. Aries then take this energy and runs for it. Pisces isn't afraid of the door of death like Scorpio and Sagittarius who just start getting a taste for it. Pisces accepts that it is part of reality and that through the door something more awaits.

Pisces people have charm. They are pristine individuals, they see the good in people, they see the bad in people, they are experienced, careful with their choices, and sometimes somewhat sloppy. They make incredible writers, thinkers, and workers altogether. Pisces can be attracted to the dark side of things, and so should watch their addictions. Every force in the world wants to attract a Pisces and add exceptional pressure to them. Pisces needs to be careful about what is recruiting them. There are people who want to take advantage of this sign because they're jealous of it and the role it plays.

The serene, kindred fish sign can make huge differences in the lives of others. It's someone who holds close to their ideals, their wisdom, and their disparity. These will be interesting people to watch age. They would take a bullet for the people they love. They are incredibly protective of those they love. Even if that person is wronging them, they will stand for them.

Many Pisces hide aspects of themselves out of fear that they'll be burned at the stake. Pisces loves a mix of the traditional and the obtuse. They can be both sharp witted and judgmental and overflowing with compassion. This is a hard sign to carry and balance out. It comes with great responsibility, and that responsibility can be crushing, which is why so many Pisces have existential crises and wanderings. They know how to be good—exceptionally good. But they also see the price of it, and they refuse to be self-righteous. It's this denial of self-righteous behavior that makes them incredible.

The Magician will find a great friend in the Utopian. Pisces and Aquarius will get along because they have similar temperaments and life lessons to tackle. Aquarius may come at those obstacles more with a wind like energy of fast thinking and intuition while Pisces moves like a fast moving water current. Pisces is much more graceful than Scorpio which goes down to the depths of Mariana Trench. Pisces is more like snow falling—it isn't as cold and off putting as ice. Pisces doesn't have steam or the mix of summer emotions Cancer has. Pisces is like the clear sky hanging over Antarctica away from pollution. And this fits because Pisces is about a renewed sense of clarity.

Pisces Description

Dominant CharacteristicsWater SignLate Winter EnergyDark Side

Brilliant inner world

Huge day dreamer

Yearning for warmth

Nuclear option: oblivion in 3....2....1


Very in tune to emotions. Both their own and others

Believes somewhat in magic



Can tap into other dimensions -- well, imagination, drugs, religion, etc.

High appreciation for metaphorical language

Way too critical and afraid


Huge lover of art and culture

Love of knowledge and people

Driven by curiosities to chaos


Old soul, yet eyes of a child

Kind heart

Can confuse right and wrong

Incredibly understanding

Full of paradoxes

Sharp tongue

Selective about people


Great at connecting ideas together

Can handle absurd conversations

Difficulty mustering courage


Better control of emotions than Cancer and Scorpio


Difficulty adjusting to change


Much lighter soul than Scorpio


Difficulty saying goodbye

Natural teacher

At times... divine


Sacrifices self in crisis rather than other option


Can see people beyond their disguises


Cunning and great at long strategy

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ThePaganSun on September 09, 2019:

This was a better and more fair description of Leo (and the other signs) than many other websites. And it offered a fairly detailed description of all the signs' personalitiesand energies.

However, I've noticed a tendency of modern astrologers to compare the more introverted Leo to a "kitten" or "cat" (started with Linda Goodman, I assume which I will always resent her for) and I find it a bit demeaning and unfair because I don't see them compare the more introverted Aries to "lambs," Taurus to "cows" Scorpio to harmless "spiders" (and there are plenty of those types too) and so on so Leo should be afforded the same respect. Our animal symbol is not the "domestic cat" or kitten" or even a "cub" but a powerful and fully grown male LION. And our archetype isn't just the "royal" or "king" but a WARRIOR-King and conqueror. Lions fight and hunt to protect their pride, they do mot just sit around and do nothing (contrary to a gross modern misconception). Leos were regarded as "bestial," "feral" (fierce temper), "strong" "solitary" and "barren" in earlier astrology.

Lions were the most feared creatures in the gladitorial games, not rams, horses or even bulls. Leo is every bit a warrior as Aries and in some ways, even moreso seeing as our animal symbol is stronger and fiercer than theirs. So it is not just Aries or Sagittarius with martial or fierce qualities. Leo is a militant, physical active fire sign too symbolized by the only natural apex predator of the Zodiac. And this aspect of Leo is something modern astrologers need to better emphasize rather than the exaggerated show kitty traits that unfairly seem to dominate nowadays.

So please don't compare Leo to a "kitten" or "cat" anymore unless you plan to make a similar comparison with the other bestial signs to their weaker animal versions which is what Linda Goodman should'v done before including"pussycat" as one of Leo'ssumbols but conveniently did mot include "lamb" for Aries or "cow for Taurus" and so on. Doing so only for Leo is inaccurate, demeaning, and unfair. Leo is symbolized by the mighty lion for a reason and she should've known better.

I did still agree with most of the article and I think it's very informational and creative, but I just wish modern astrologers would drop the whole exaggerated "kitten" thing for Leo. We are LIONS, not "kittens."

Thanks for listening.

Andrea Lawrence (author) on May 16, 2019:

Glad to hear that!

Andrea Lawrence (author) on May 16, 2019:

I'll be honest and say I don't put as much weight on moon signs and the like. My preferred way is to look at the sun sign, and then maybe the sun signs of the parents because I feel like that will pull in a lot of information. Someone who is a wind sign with a strong water sign parent in their family will likely grow differently than say having two parents who are both wind signs. I suppose I could look more into moon signs, but I feel it tends to muddy up the water for me. I also find cusps can pull from two signs. So a Gemini born closer to a Taurus may pull from those characteristics rather than from Cancer. I also write a lot about the people I have met, so my basis for say a Leo comes from really distinct Leos who have watched grow and change.

Bre2019 on May 11, 2019:

This is so accurate! I can’t even believe it thank you!!

Sustainable Sue from Altadena CA, USA on May 10, 2019:

These are really great descriptions! I studied astrology for a long time, but never saw the signs so accurately and personably described.

I would like to know, however, how you would balance the moon and rising signs with this. I'm a Virgo and your Virgo description describes me well. I know two others who are Virgos (married to each other), but who don't fit the description so well––she is more like her moon sign (Leo). How would you weigh the sign descriptions of those three planets?