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Everything You Need to Know About a Taurus Boss

Andrea has a background in Myers-Briggs and Western astrology. She mostly writes about relationships.

A Taurus boss likes organization and practicality in the workplace.

A Taurus boss likes organization and practicality in the workplace.

The Taurus Manager

You could do far worse than having a Taurus boss. As the second sign of the zodiac, Taurus came into the world wanting to prove himself against the firstborn—Aries—and is meant for management and administrative roles.

Taurus has some natural abilities that are helpful for leadership roles:

  • Natural organization skills. Taurus (and earth types) are naturally resourceful.
  • Taurus likes to be busy. They like to get involved, especially if it comes to work they can do with their hands.
  • Taurus lives to work!
  • Taurus is practical due to their earth-based energy.
  • Taurus is a fixed sign and is therefore decisive.
  • Taurus makes timely decisions, strong hiring decisions, and stays fairly predictable.
  • Taurus is reliable and is not aloof—unless they were born close to Gemini and borrow some of Gemini's qualities.

A Taurus boss is a hard worker who wants to impress, to succeed, and to make sure all the basics are covered. This is someone who can balance a budget, make sure you have the tools you need to do a good job, and likes to keep things in motion. They usually don't like to get lost in details or new projects unless they can see the validity of them.

Taurus wants you to like your job. They seek out the best talent they can find, but also looks for individuals who click with them.

Get to Know Your Taurus Boss


Dates of Birth

April 19 – May 20




The Bull



Ruled by




Rules in the Body


Leader or Manager


Yin or Yang



All shades of blue, deep green

House of Cards

Pentacles / Coins / Diamonds

Motivated by

Matter / Physical Reality


Hard working, careful, grounded, practical, into their five senses, crafty, resourceful, diligent


Working too hard, trying to impress others, ego, narrow focus, perfectionism, dismissive and intolerant

Understanding How Taurus Sees the World

Taurus Wants to Be Better Than Aries

Part of understanding Taurus is understanding a little bit about Aries. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and they also make for great bosses but in different ways. Aries is all about getting projects started, getting things into motion, and aggressively taking on opponents, competition, and motivation.

Taurus came into the world to counter Aries—where the fire sign falls short, the earth sign picks up the load. Instead of having great intuition about how to start projects, Taurus knows how to complete and finish them. Aries is a natural leader, while Taurus is a natural manager. Depending on your work environment, one or the other might work better.

Taurus Expectations of Workers

Taurus likes to stay busy. They were born in the middle of spring, so they work hard to bring out the fruits of the soil. Taurus believes steady, consistent work is the key to success, and this is a boss who prizes time. They want you to be punctual. They want you to have a sound routine. They want you to stay passionate because that passion and love for your job will bring out better results.

Earth signs focus on practical matters and physical reality. Taurus can think in abstract ways, but if you want to speak to them and really get their attention, try to stay down to earth. They are more likely to follow your train of thought if you stick to normal business terms. Try not to speak to them with too much fluff, metaphor, or in long, drawn out sentences. Keep things concise, precise, and down to the facts. Be aware that Taurus is somewhat confused by big emotions and doesn't fully connect to them in the workplace. On this point, Taurus can be a little bit out of tune to emotions and may not recognize them in the workplace.

Some advice to Air signs: think before you speak. Write out what you want to say, then cut it down.

Taurus can be a bit bullish when frustrated.

Taurus can be a bit bullish when frustrated.

Taurus Can Be Conservative, Controlling, and Argumentative

If Taurus is the manager, your workspace will likely be clean, straightforward, and will have a clear purpose. Taurus doesn't like jobs that seem flighty or whimsical. Things need to have their purpose, they need to make sense, and they need to be practical.

Basics About a Taurus Boss

  • Your boss cares about the budget and can be somewhat conservative.
  • They believe moderation is key to progress. They don't want to spend everything at once.
  • They're not the best risk takers, so they really shouldn't gamble too much or rely on luck. Other signs in the zodiac have better odds with luck.
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A Taurus boss thinks in their five senses, so they have good eyes and ears for the workplace. However, they can have a narrow and tight focus and are therefore not the best at multi-tasking.

Avoid the Raging Bull

If you upset the Taurus, you could have the raging bull on your hands. Don't argue with a Taurus because they will go down a crazy path to prove they are right. Even if you know how to navigate around the bull, it can be a dangerous game to play. Often the Taurus will run themselves into the wall rather than you. Show your boss you have some respect for them by not triggering them into the raging bull. Know that they likely won't know that you're working hard to avoid triggering them.

Taurus can be a little bit of a control freak. They like things their way because they think they have the right way. They can also get overly focused, which can be frustrating for employees as sometimes a Taurus boss won't do anything else until a task is complete. Taurus needs to learn to step back and not always charge straight ahead at a target. It would do them well to pace themselves, and to step back and make sure they have their priorities right.

You may have to set some boundaries for the Taurus, so they don't control your every action. In order to do this, you need to earn their trust by proving to them that you can do your job. It's helpful to know that sometimes they might just be trying to help you and don't realize they're being controlling. Taurus can sometimes get so focused on the task at hand that they're not aware of other people's emotions, or even their own emotions.

Compatibility With Employees of Different Signs

Fixed Signs

If you're also a fixed sign personality, you'll need a little more patience with your earth sign boss. Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius can all get a little annoyed with Taurus. Since all four personalities are stubborn, this can turn into a battle of the gods. They all think they know what is best and they all want things done a certain way. Keep in mind the chain of command. In some businesses, the chain of command might not be clear, so you may want to look into it and figure it out.

Earth Signs

Earth signs should get along with the Taurus boss overall. Two Tauruses can work together great because they have a similar focus; however, two raging bulls can be quite a disaster for a workplace. They should always try to be in line with each other. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn all share similar qualities: they are hard workers, practical, care about matters they can see, hear, and touch, they're reliable, consistent, persistent, smart, dexterous, crafty, resourceful, focused on material gain and money, and like things concise.

Multiple earth signs in an office can be a good thing. They make sure every item is handled carefully and are the backbone of solid work. Taurus will appreciate Virgo's mental capabilities and Capricorn's priorities. Taurus would do well to hire lots of people born under earth sun signs because they mesh well together and can amplify the goals and guidelines set by the Taurus. Work, finances, and the like are based in the earth element, so these people readily understand it.

Air Signs

Air signs may struggle somewhat with earth signs. Air signs bring some amount of charm, high-level skills, and brilliance that earth signs find desirable—but not always practical. Most earth-based bosses will find air signs talk too much or have too much nonsense about them.

A Taurus boss really shouldn't have too many air signs on staff or it will drive them crazy. That said, Taurus loves the mind of a Gemini and automatically sees the value of having a Gemini on staff. After all, Taurus adores people who can prove their intelligence and show its value to the workplace. Gemini is also Taurus's neighbor in the zodiac, so this makes it easier for Taurus to relate to the twin air sign.

Taurus can be somewhat confused by Libra and Aquarius. Taurus will be charmed by Libra's ability to understand others, but only likes Libra in small doses. A Taurus boss will push Libra to make decisions, to stop trying to please everybody, and to stop trying to find harmony in everything. In the right position, Taurus will like a Libra, but if you somehow end up in a role that requires decision-making and speed, Taurus might show you to the door. Libras tend to be artsy, compassionate, spiritual, or philosophical, and Taurus doesn't necessarily need that in the workplace. Libra should focus on getting tasks done and being punctual to win the favor of the Taurus.

Aquarius is going to be a tough nut for Taurus to crack. Taurus understands that Aquarius is highly intelligent, but will find those born under this sign to be too abstract. Taurus has ideals, but those ideals are based in earth, while Aquarius has ideals based in heaven. Because of this dynamic, Taurus will need Aquarius for highly specialized jobs. If Aquarius can show great results through performance, Taurus won't mind them and may perhaps even be charmed by them. Aquarius can win favor by masking their emotions, filtering their speech, and focusing on doing excellent work.

Water Signs

Water and earth tend to go well together. Earth might not fully understand emotions, but both water and earth are resourceful and are both better as managers than leaders. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces can bring much needed nurturing to Taurus's ideas. Earth focuses on the soil, while water focuses on bringing flowers and flora out of the soil. Earth-based Taurus wants to have people like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces on their team. These signs bring the kind of magic that Taurus needs, while still being compatible with their practical ways.

Cancer's moods may confuse Taurus because Taurus is fairly out of touch with their emotions. They may not take Cancer as seriously as other people, and this could be a tough conflict if the Taurus is masculine and the Cancer is feminine. Cancer should strive to be careful about their emotional displays at work. Try to stay calm, show that you are ready to work, and keep personal matters for time outside of work.

Scorpio and Taurus may have some conflicts because they're both fixed; however, they're on opposite sides of the zodiac, with Taurus at the center of spring and Scorpio at the center of fall. As a result, Taurus and Scorpio have an "opposites attract" kind of relationship. They can feel a strong connection between them that can be highly compatible. These two can connect in a way that Taurus can't with anyone else. If they like each other—great. If they don't—not so great.

Taurus will adore Pisces because they have a lot to offer in the workplace of a Taurus. Pisces brings wisdom, grace, and nurturance. Pisces isn't moody like Cancer, nor brooding like Scorpio, and is generally seen as the kinder, gentler, and more mature water sign. Taurus and Pisces energy is generally really good for the workplace—it has that "soil meets water" kind of feel that's really good for turning a profit.

Fire Signs

Fire signs have the willpower that Taurus wants. As a result, Taurus may have some jealously issues with fire signs. Aries will bring out Taurus's competitive side, which can be good if it is in good nature. Taurus will want to show off. Generally Taurus shows off regardless of what sign is in the room, but especially with an Aries. Taurus will also likely be competitive with a Leo because Taurus generally thinks of Aries and Leo as the cool kids and wants to be part of their club. As a result, the Taurus will want to impress the Leo.

Sagittarius is a wild card for Taurus—and Taurus doesn't really like or understand wild cards. Taurus should play things conservative and doesn't normally have the kind of luck that Aquarius has. Taurus isn't really an intuitive type but a more practical learns by their five senses type.

Sagittarius will appeal to the Taurus because of their potential and their fantastic brain. However, Taurus and Sagittarius are not the best mix in a workplace. Sagittarius can be all over the place, is inconsistent, flaky, has commitment issues, and does things by their own liking—none of these traits is really compatible with a Taurus. Sagittarius is meant to be spontaneous, somewhat cheerful, and somewhat weird, so a Sagittarius will have to push really hard to be more consistent, punctual, and concrete if they want to succeed with a Taurus boss. All of that said, in the right position, Sagittarius could work well for Taurus even though the Taurus boss might prefer other signs (e.g., they might prefer to hire a Gemini or Virgo instead).

How to Impress the Taurus Boss

Taurus will develop favorites in the workplace based on a person's:

  • Reliability
  • Workplace performance
  • Consistency
  • Ability to set sane priorities
  • Punctuality
  • Love of family
  • Popularity with co-workers

Taurus is somewhat old school. and they like some good old-fashioned rivalry. They like sports and want people to be competitive, including in the workplace. Signs that come later in the zodiac favor a more collaborative workspace, while earlier signs like competition.

Taurus may look to hard numbers, facts, and easily discernible items to make decisions. They like to keep things easy. They don't mind thinking, but abstract thinking doesn't necessarily give them the results they want.

Taurus may punish or dismiss people who do not fit their protocols. For example, you may get worse assignments, less pay, demoted, or even fired.

Taurus is good at discerning sketchy actions or conversations. They are annoyed by flighty, buzzing words and want things clean, direct, and sensible. Your boss probably doesn't care about a whirlwind of perks and strange things (e.g., break rooms with pool tables and hidden speakeasies). Taurus wants work to be work. Leave the thrills and excitement to something else.

Practical Advice for Employees Working for a Taurus

  1. Keep your emails short and to the point. Be crystal clear. Be affirmative.
  2. Use clean fonts and bullet points,
  3. Stick to facts, dates, and mechanics.
  4. Dress clean and simple. Dress to impress, but be clean. Hygiene is important.
  5. Arrive 15 minutes early. Your day always starts 15 minutes earlier than the stated starting time.
  6. Keep your desk simple. Don't have too many pictures, don't bring too many items to the office. I suggest that for any sign that you keep your desk simple. You never really know when you might have to leave a job, so you don't want to have to pack everything up in multiple boxes.
  7. Do things the tried and true way. If you're going to do something out-of-the-box, then you should discuss it and get permission. Taurus doesn't like shaking things up just for the sake of it. There needs to be a reason.
  8. Take the quickest and shortest paths. Earth signs are reasonable and grounded and will think something is sketchy if you meander.
  9. Find common topics of interest. Try talking about: coffee, sports, TV shows, music, weather, dogs, or things your kids do.
  10. Be efficient.
  11. Be cooperative.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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