Everything You Need to Know About a Cancer Man

Your Cancer Man

A man born under the sun sign of Cancer is a very complex machine indeed. He has an intense love for the fine culinary arts, a hatred of instability and complete inability to be decisive make him a wonder to behold for any partner lucky enough to be aloud into his inner world.


Before going on, I would like to note that a persons sun sign is not everything and that you will have a lot more luck learning about your man by also looking up his Moon Sign. With that being said, here are some of the more common traits seen in men with a Cancer sun sign.

  • Nurturing - Cancer men are the "mothers" of the zodiac. They need to be nurtured and need to nurture others, which often causes the creation of a strong bond with their mother, making them appear as a stereotypical "mama's boy". Though this trait is also the reason most cancer men make a great family man.
  • Insecure - It is in the crabs nature to distrust just about anything and anyone around. That is what helps him survive in life. The real question isn't whether or not you man is insecure, the real question is 'how thick is his shell'.
  • Artistic - Oh boy! There are very few signs that are as artistically gifted as Cancer. He could be the greatest guitar guru, creative with the canvas or skilled with the skill saw. No matter what area he feels drawn to master, there will be no avoiding the artistic side of your cancer man. Not that it'll be a problem, as it just makes him sexier.
  • Charming - From his dashing smile to his gorgeous eyes, you won't be able to pull yourself away from his charm. What's more, is that he knows just how captivating he can be and will often use that to his advantage when he lures you in.
  • Passionate - Cancer men are notorious for their passion, though it does vary depending on their mood and current obsession. Either way, he's got lots of energy to pursue what ever ends are currently on your goal list and If you're lucky, you might just be on that list.
  • Indecisive - He wants strawberry, no wait! Make that chocolate.... or did he really want vanilla? These kind of thoughts will plague your cancer mans decision making, and if you're not a sign who can't stand a man who takes forever to make up his mind or who would rather have you make most decisions, then a cancer man is probably not for you.
  • Sensual - A cancer man has no problems being the ultimate seducer and sensual sensi you've ever experienced, when he wants to be...
  • Moody - As if you couldn't tell already, your cancer man is a very moody being. His emotions can change quicker than a flash of lightening and back again before the thunder claps. One minute he's hiding in his shell, then next he's holding you close and before you know it he's got that pincer hooked to the most painful place you've ever felt, then he's back to crying in his shell again.
  • Secretive - Cancer men have a hard time just spitting it out and telling you what's wrong because they never want to be the bad guy they've made themselves out to be in their own heads. Because of this, they also have a hard time telling you when they're done with the relationship and are often caught cheating on their former mate because they didn't have the heart to tell them it was over and he found someone else. Though on a good note, being able to be so secretive is part of what keeps the mystery alive for most women involved when a cancer man, as she never can quite be to sure what he's going to be up to next, and it might just be hunting down the ultimate Valentine's day gift for you.


Cancer is a water sign and is ruled over by the Moon. Your cancer man is going to be most compatible with earth signs or other air signs, though it's not unheard of for their to be epic romances between a cancer man and a woman of air or fire nature.

Instead of covering this blog with every womanly sign and it's compatibility with cancer men, I'm going to list the top sun signs that are most compatible with Cancer men. If you're sun sign isn't on this list, don't fret, it doesn't necessarily mean you aren't compatible, it simply means it's time to look up your and your beloved's Moon Signs and see what's going on there.


  • Cancer and Capricorn are polar opposites and because of this the synergy between the two signs is captivating. The cancer man is enchanted by the capricornian woman and all her might, and the capricorn woman feels like the only time she can relax is in the presence of her understanding cancerian man. The cancer man needs LOTS of security to feed his insecurity and the Capricorn woman is just the one to provide that for him. The Capricorn woman needs a man who will love her for who she is and keep up with her everlasting energy, and cancer is just the guy to fan the flames.


  • When venus and the moon coincide the sparks will fly, and it is obviously so between the Cancer man and Taurus woman. These are two passionate creatures who love the luxuries life has to offer, which gives them much in common. Though the male crab must be mindful that even in play the female bull can be brutal and he shouldn't take things to personally Though miss bighorn must remember not to crush that crab shell when he goes into hiding, as it is the only place in the world that makes him feel the safest and taking it away will only send him in search of safer waters to find another shell.


  • Cancer men and Scorpio women just seem to 'click'. Their watery ways twist and bubble like the intricate swirls in a babbling brook. Cancer man is interested in scorpio woman's spontanious ways, while miss scorpio is very much enticed by his sensual charm. These two are highly likely to have vary passionate physical relationship, though it will take a lot of work for their togetherness to be more than just that.


  • These two are a mellow but well to do couple when they aren't wallowing in their woes together. Though even doing that can be rather enchanting for the cancer man and virgo woman. Both of these signs are comfortable just snuggling on the couch for eternity.

Turn On's

  1. Being listened to
  2. A clean and uncluttered home
  3. A woman who can take the reigns
  4. Moonlit walks follow by sex on the beach
  5. A Hot Meal - just about any kind will do except for seafood, and the meal will be especially savory for him if you prepared it yourself.

Turn Off's

  • Being in crowds
  • feeling smothered
  • Undercooked food
  • Overly bossy women
  • Not being appreciated
  • Seeing you flirt with other guys
  • Hearing about your past relationships

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Haiki 4 years ago

uhm you forgot Pisces on the compatibility ans its being most compatable to other earth and WATER not air signs

Red 3 years ago

If i had known that cancer men were a special breed, it might have saved me and others a lot of heart aches and pain. 27 years later, im finding out that being born between July 2 and July 12 means i will exhibit stronger cancer traits than others. I assumed every other intelligent men exhibited the same tendencies

BizGenGirl profile image

BizGenGirl 3 years ago from Seattle Author

Astrology makes an interesting study Red. It really cannot be used alone, and we all have several dozen signs in different areas that make up our "personalities" and predict how we might act or behave naturally, which is why I wrote about that in the beginning.

You're right on target though, about Cancer men in the 3rd quarter of the sun sign, tend to be "more" Cancer-like than those in the 1st and 2nd part of the sign. You might be interested in looking up "Personalogy", which studies the different sections of our sun signs in more detail. =)

Fandango 3 years ago

The last two turnoffs are absolutely true. I hate listening to my crush's past relationship and seeing her flirt with guys. Really makes me made.

darren 2 years ago

HI how is it possible my being a cancer july 3 to be in love and get on like a house onfire a with some one born april 11th aries . I have read that we not ment to be compatable together and yet i cant bare being apart from her .

BizGenGirl profile image

BizGenGirl 2 years ago from Seattle Author

Good afternoon! Thank you for the confirmation Fandango, readers always appreciate hearing straight from the crabs mouth

Darren, you bring up an interesting point. Let me give you two things to wrap your claws around.

1st: Know that your Sun Sign is not the "whole" you, it's just a larger part of you. So in order to truly understand the dynamics between you and your Aries lady, it would be helpful to know your Rising and Moon signs as well, and your Mars and Venus signs, to start.

2nd: Cancer's are very well known amongst astrologers for being one of the most romantic and most 'clingy' signs out there in stars. It's because you care, you're loyal and you totally believe in love at first sight. Even if you find a partner who is a down right horrible match for you, as a Cancer, you can find a million and one reasons to love her anyways and that will drive you to keep her close to you in any way you can. Just be careful, as Aries and Cancer's tend to make better business partners than love partners for several very good reasons. One of the most important being that while she will love that you faun over her (anything to boost the ego), she will also demand a high amount of freedom at the same time. Aries want to have their cake and eat it to, by themselves. You might be lucky to get a nibble. If you beg. lol

As a word from a concerned friend, make sure you look into the rest of your and her natal charts. Take special care to pay attention to what your Mars and Venus signs are, as they will give you greater insight into your compatibility as lovers. I'm the first to admit that there is no "set in stone" rules to astrology, and you two could be the couple made by the stars. Just be careful, as if she isn't the right partner for you, you're going to find yourself going through years and years of struggle trying to let her go if you're not a bit cautious now. You don't have to immediately throw your heart at the first person who seems nice.

King Bry 18 months ago

I am a Cancer man and everything on here is pretty much accurate to me 100%. I feel everything right down to the point about seafood is all very truthful. im in a relationship with a capricorn female and we tend to have difficulties due to here insensitivity. She always flirts with other guys and I keep trying to be nice and trust her over and over sadly...its just a fucking waste of my time apparently cause now matter what I do its like I am always at falt. On other topics though so i dont get feuled into my relationship. This article is very true and I believe who ever wrote it knew exactly what they were talking about and the note about Pieces being the best beet fora cancer its actually Scorpio. :D Thanks for reading :P

Dipesh 13 months ago

The turn on's and off's are 100% true except i like seafood....and sex on the beach...!!!!✌️

fiona 6 months ago

Iam friends with a cancer man and just wondering why he won't invite me to his home we have beenwork mates for the last 2years and friends out side work for the last 8 months.Ihave not had sex with him he has kissed me three times and I kisses him ie peck on the lips twice Ihave spoiled him with buying meals and just loving him Iam I the door mat?

XO 5 months ago

Cancer men are too complicated. They make every thing difficult and sometimes impossible for someone to reach out to them and when they actually decide to come out of their shell its to late. The mystery is all nice and stuff but people have to be careful with these types of people because they can really play with your head and heart.

Hopelessly confused... 3 months ago

I am a scorpion female madly in love with a cancer male who is 14 years younger than I am. In the beginning he acted like he was really feeling me but once we had sex he started distancing himself. Taking long to text/call back, waiting 3weeks to see/have sex again. He says he is focused on making money so he can be set in the next 5 years but he always makes time with his friends. Everytime I try and break it off thinking he's just not that into me he reels me back in! Ugh I'm so frustrated because I really love him but am I wasting my time!?

Please help!!!

Mawi 3 months ago

Hi i am with a cancer man (ascendant leo and moon scorpio) i am virgo (ascendant capricorn and moon aries) its a love hate relationship i feel you have mentioned oreviosly that aries is it good for cancer is that true? Even having virgo and capricorn?

James 7 weeks ago

So true

andre 7 weeks ago

I like what I'm reading about this cancer topics I'm one my self I been to hell an back with this relationship I been in for 20 years and I don't trust her at all she's a libra we have kids together but she cross me to many times I'm just waiting for the right time to move on an it want be a libra that's for sure.

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