Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Gemini Personality

Updated on April 17, 2016

Gemini: May 21-June 20

Are you wondering what Anderson Cooper and Paula Abdul have in common? Yes, they are both born under the astrological sign Gemini.

According to the mythology of the Greek, the zodiac sign Gemini is known to be the ruler when it comes or sending certain messages to the heavens of the Gods. This may be the reason why people who are born under the astrological sign of Gemini are always on the go.

They are always eager to learn new things and the experience different things that they see. They are also known to be very mischievous and curious at times that is why they are characterized as people who are eager to learn every little specific detail about a particular topic.

People who are under the astrological sign of Gemini love talking, and that makes them a good writer. Some of them also have the passion to learn languages that are foreign to them. Geminis are very talented, that is why people around them are so fond of them.

People love talking about Geminis, along with the other astrological signs such as Virgos and Scorpios. Geminis have their own way of living uniquely that is why other astrological signs sometimes feel jealous of the way Geminis live and see their lives. They can also act detached and mysterious at times, that is why they are often misunderstood by a lot of people.

The Emotional Aspects of Geminis

Geminis are known to judge other people by the way these people treat them. That is why they often create a bad impression about the other person, which can of course cause certain problems between their relationships with each other.

You will never see a Gemini feel moody or be discouraged about something, especially if you're not close to them. They are comfortable letting these aspects of themselves be seen by their family and friends. The reason behind this is because, they love giving people an impression that they are stress-free, wonderful and happy.

People who are born under the astrological sign of Gemini have endless energy that is why some people love to be around them all the time. They also have the ability to adapt in every situation that they come across.

Gemini people hate to relax and watch everything pass; they want to know everything about the world and the people around them. They always want to get involved in everything, which can sometimes make a Gemini too nosy.

Gemini people love attending social gatherings because they love communicating with other people. This is the reason why the astrological sign Gemini is known to be the most sociable sign of them all. The good thing about Geminis being communicative is that they talk about sensible topics.

They love sharing their thoughts and their knowledge to other people. Geminis are also known to be superficial and will share these things to you without even studying the situation first. That is why some people tend to think that Geminis are known to be the know-it-all astrological sign.

The Gemini Career

People who are born under the astrological sign of Gemini tends to multi-task every time they are in a hurry. This can often leave other things unfinished and can cause certain problems along the way.

That is why they need to learn how to focus on just one subject for them to successfully complete it. They have the power to be creative with things that is why they have the possibility to be successful in certain projects that they focus on.

Typically, most managers are born under the astrological sign of Gemini because they have the ability to motivate and manage every team that they handle.

They also have the tendency to become great sales personnel because they love communicating with different kinds of people, which will allow them to sell everything that they have in hand. Manipulating and persuading things are their things.

So You are Attracted to a Gemini

If you are attracted to a Gemini and you want them to feel the same way, then talking to them is the key. But you can't just talk about anything that you have in mind, because they want to talk about things that are totally interesting.

They want someone who is knowledgeable enough to talk about interesting news. Gemini people are very knowledgeable and intelligent when it comes to certain topics. Feel free to teach them new things because they will surely appreciate it.

Attracting a Gemini means being loyal and honest to them every time. You need to earn their trust and avoid breaking the trust that they have with you because once that trust is broken, you will have a hard time getting it back.

Dating a Gemini

Dating a woman who is born under the astrological sign of Gemini is enchanting. But don't get offended if you feel like she is treating you like a friend. You don't need to worry about anything because this is how casual she is. If you are a man who is not into romantic dates, then dating a woman under this sign would definitely be ideal.

Of course just like every woman, you need to make them feel that they are loved, cared and nurtured in every different way possible. She is also demanding so you need to make sure to give her what she needs or else she'll be looking for another adventure too quickly.

You will know that she is also interested with you if she gets jealous. Making an effort to date her is definitely worth it, because they are under a sign that is very exciting.

Men who are under the astrological sign of Gemini are known to be adventurous, talkative, clever and very funny. If you are planning to date him, and then make sure that you have the right amount of energy to be with him.

A lot of women love Gemini men because of their enthusiasm when it comes to life. But you should avoid making him feel like he is yours, because they are not the kind of guy who like to be pinned by the rules of women. He also has the ability and passion to use words that will surely persuade you.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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      • profile image


        4 months ago

        I'm a cancer girl and my bestfriend's a gemini boy. My first impression of him was really cool, social and wonderful. But when I get to know him more, I realised that he's actually very shy and loves staying home and relaxing with friends. he loves our deep talks because it makes him appreciate everything around him more.

        People might say that seeing a gemini being friends with a cancer is rare. Guess what, I have been friends with a lot of geminis and I didn't know it.

      • profile image


        7 months ago

        The zodiac sign is just one side of our sign we have 12 planets that are there in our 12 houses, Some houses don't some have. The moon represents our inner moods caused by our subconscious. That's our inner or private self. It also represents how we perceived our mother and our relationship with her. The sun represents our zodiac sign and also how we perceive our father. Each 12 houses in our zodiac signs represents different aspects in our lives they are also ruled by different zodiac signs and there are planets in there that symbolizes our challenges in different angles of our lives.

      • profile image


        9 months ago

        I just wanna know why people got negative things to say about the most fun sign.

        It's bad when u interested in someone they find out u a Gemini then they face change give you that dry ass oh

        Why lord..... is all I can say

      • profile image


        10 months ago

        I'm a libra woman I'm with a Gemini he is friendly and likes to talk

      • profile image


        11 months ago

        I'm a Gemini woman and HATE social gatherings, I'd prefer to be by myself.

      • profile image

        Common Gemini 

        12 months ago

        I agree with most parts of this.

        I’m not the very social and I’m very shy. This is why it’s hard to open up to just anyone , gaining my trust is key. Break my trust that’s it.

        I don’t like social events , tend to hangout with a friend one side.

        Thank u

      • profile image

        Some Gemini 

        14 months ago

        Yeah you got the social part right but um...social gatherings? I mean I like getting to know people...but I'm a shy person when it comes to people I don't know . Yeah if my best friend is beside me, pft, I'll be the life of the damn party ok

      • profile image

        Olanrewaju adedayo adeojo 

        15 months ago

        This is just so me, i cried when i got to the part that a Gemini doesn't really focus which can lead to certain issues, because surely i have learnt a lot and left onto another without finishing the first, now i will know how to handle myself for i am still young... Thanks for this article , i am grateful

      • profile image


        15 months ago

        yeah a lot of it seems like me but the communication I suck at I feel uncomfortable talking to people

      • profile image


        16 months ago

        I agree with Kay, I'm a guy though and I'm the same way, I don't like the social gatherings some times

      • profile image


        16 months ago

        Love this

      • profile image


        19 months ago

        that is 100% me

      • profile image


        19 months ago

        Hahahaha i was really surprise, coz im dating a Gemini man that I liked lot but yes i felt like im on the friendzone

      • profile image


        19 months ago

        This is almost correct I have to disagree

        I'm a Gemini female and I like to be by myself most of the time

        I also feel cluttered and uncomfortable at most sociable events other than that you got most of this correct

      • profile image

        Shah Anam 

        21 months ago

        I'm a Gemini and I truly believe in astrology after reading this article , yeah! All of it is true as per me

      • profile image


        23 months ago

        Me being a Gemini, you nailed it. I enjoyed the article.

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        its all true

      • profile image

        Muta Kabaka 

        2 years ago

        It's surely nice to here truth at some point, though I keep asking myself how you figured this out cause it's all true..

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        so interesting lol

      • profile image

        Kelita hope 

        2 years ago

        It is nice to react because I am a Gemini and it is hard to talk to a boy

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        In Gemini professional life they always have one secrete aim in there life that they never share with others unless it happend and i think that is way people think that they are not focus because no profession matters to them but just a one step forward to there aim.....

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        I have to disagree with one part. I'm a Gemini and I would love it for a guy to take me out on a romantic date every now and then.

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        this is so me. i pictured myself who am i when im at work. haha ... thanks for this..

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        geminis love independence and do not want to be pinned down.

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        geminis are best of all zodiac signs

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        My doctor says I have ADHD, I think I just have Gemini zodiac. Haha

      • profile image


        3 years ago

        True true lol gemini bihhhhhh

      • profile image


        4 years ago

        Omg! Soo true! I just read everything about myself. So weird LOL

      • profile image


        4 years ago

        You hit the jack pot babe lol,that's me all the way,the only thing I know for sure was definitely true if I loose trust I fall out of love right then and he never could trust me nomore ill cheat then for sure.......

      • elle64 profile imageAUTHOR


        4 years ago from Scandinavia

        Mishaz,thanks for commenting

      • profile image


        4 years ago

        This is really true you didn't try to make it right . Though aim a Gemini thi is correct . Thank you

      • Sharkye11 profile image

        Jayme Kinsey 

        6 years ago from Oklahoma

        Nice hub! I think you are the only writer who has ever listed "adaptability" as a Gemini trait, but it is very true. Voting up!


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