Donald Trump's Astrological Profile

Updated on April 17, 2019
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President Donald J. Trump

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license
This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license | Source

Donald Trump's Presidential Campaign

Donald J. Trump is the Republican nominee for President of the U.S. in the 2016 election. He emerged as the front runner as he outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted seventeen other candidates, in a drama nastier and more mesmerizing than a season of Survivor. Trump has no political experience at all, and has somehow turned this into a plus. He did flirt with politics a bit prior to coming on the political scene when Barack Obama was elected President; insisting that he was born in Kenya, and thus an illegitimate President. Just the other day he admitted that Obama was born in Hawaii, but now is questioning that again.

He seems to have tapped into an anger that people have been harboring about Washington insiders. He wants to deport all Hispanic immigrants who have entered the U.S., insisting this will happen “on day one” of his Presidency should he win. He wants to build a large wall on the Mexican/U.S. border, and insists that the Mexican government will pay for it (despite President Enrique Peña Nieto’s denial). He wants to squash a woman’s right to choose what she does with her own body, although he says he “cherishes” women. He wants to stop letting any Muslim people into the country. He was cruel, and belittled all his running mates before he became the nominee. He even mocked a disabled journalist.

Although Trump claims to be “a self made millionaire”, his father gave him five or six million dollars, and had to bail his son out of several deals that failed. So although Trump has parlayed this into somewhere in the billions, he had more help than he admits, and his father had to "fix" Trump's mistakes to avoid embarrassment. He will not disclose much personal financial information. This sounds harsh, but he has said and done all these things; many of us witnessed them on T.V. If the public gets enraged by his remarks, he walks them back or changes them. So you get the Trump you want. If you want the truth about a statement he or other politicians have made, is a reliable source to check on them.

Trump's Campaign Slogan

"Make America Great Again"
"Make America Great Again"

2016 Presidential Choices

He fills huge venues and whips crowds into frenzies. They are sick of gridlock in Washington, and of political correctness, and Trump seems like a breath of fresh air. He promises to “Make America Great Again.” And many of his supporters are nostalgic for an America that looks like the 1950's. They do not want to admit we are a nation of people of color; that in a generation white people will be in the minority. Industrial/blue collar jobs are declining. Even in the 1980’s it was very hard to advance in any job without a college degree.

We now live in a world where acceptance of LGBTQ people is on the rise. Same sex marriage is legal in all fifty states. Time is marching on. But the Republican Party doesn’t want to. So how did Donald Trump, a billionaire who builds skyscrapers all over the world (and used to be a Democrat) become the Republican standard bearer for “the little guy?” As this is written, Trump has still refused to release his tax returns, and if he does not, will be the first Presidential nominee to do so since 1976.

Before the 2012 Presidential Election, this writer wrote and interpreted astrological profiles on both the Democratic and Republican Party candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. I’ve been asked to do that again, even though Hillary’s was written months ago. So let’s take a look at Donald Trump, the man, and try to get some insight into who he really is and why. Although I am a staunch Democrat and will be voting for Hillary, I will do my best to be fair in my astrology reading. So after a few facts about Trump's upbringing and education, onward to the chart!

His trinity is Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius, and a Leo Ascendant. His birth time varies in different sources, but only by an hour, so I’m placing his Ascendant in 29 degrees of Leo. He has fears about germs. Watch him in a crowd. He will autograph something, but avoids shaking hands as much as possible. This is a Virgo trait, but I can’t see someone with his fiery personality with a Virgo Ascendant, so stand by my original choice.

Donald Trump's Early Years

Trump was born and raised in Jamaica, Queens, NY, and later in New York City. He is the son of Fred and Mary Trump. The original family name was Drumph, changed in the 17th century, and he is proud of his German ancestry. Donald was one of five children, the next to youngest. He has three siblings still living; and his one brother Fred Jr. died in 1981 of alcoholism. This seems to have deeply affected Donald, and he has always had a strict, “No drinking, no drugs, no smoking” policy for himself and with his children. His father had a real estate and construction firm, and often Donald worked for him between school breaks.

Trump attended Fordham University for two years, and then transferred to the Wharton School of Business in PA, one of the few schools in the U.S. which offered extensive Real Estate studies. He graduated in 1968, with a BA Degree in Economics. He has been ridiculed for not attending an Ivy League School, but if Real Estate is your chosen field, most states have one 75 hour course and you have to pass the test to be licensed. After that you are on your own. So Trump was lucky to find a school offering more education in his field, and much of real estate depends on intuition. I know this because I hold a NJ Real Estate License.

His father gave Donald control of his company in 1971, and by 1973, he renamed it The Trump Organization. By 1983 The Trump Tower, a 58 story skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan was completed, and now Trump conducts all his businesses from there, and his family lives in the Penthouse. Trump went on to build skyscrapers all over the world, as well as gambling casinos, golf courses, and hotels. Trump is a canny businessman and often renegotiates the terms of his loans to keep on with his ventures. He feels that his extensive travel and deal making will be a great asset to him as President. It probably would be good experience if he applied it to renegotiating trade deals, as IMHO, the U.S. never gains from them.

As I revisit this article today, June 27, 2018, Trump has placed strict tariffs on some of our staunchest allies, resulting in discord around the world. Trump has also walked rudely away from a G7 meeting of our friends to meet with dictator Kim Jong Un, alienating the U.S. further from countries with which we had long time working relationships.

Donald Trump's Astrology Chart


Donald Trump is a Sun Sign Gemini

Trump is a Sun sign Gemini, and this makes him very wily, although he doesn't display the usual intellectual curiosity of a Gemini. He loves to be sociable, and he thinks and acts quickly. He is a good speaker and likely to skip from one subject to another, forcing people to keep up with him. But his ease of speech is a good attribute, especially while in real estate development, and now while trying to win a campaign. The Donald (as first wife Ivana once called him) is always eager to learn something new. He has an inventive imagination and an aptitude for writing.

He has often brought up his book, The Art of The Deal during his campaign. Geminis have quick mood changes, so he may contradict himself from one moment to the next, another Gemini trait. He gets flashes of brilliant ideas with Uranus conjunct his Sun, but they aren’t always practical, and he changes his mind too much to develop the good ideas. Geminis have the most potential to lie compared to other zodiac signs, or at least they like to stretch the truth. He believes that variety is the spice of life, and has a high strung personality. He is generally an optimist, but can become depressed when things don’t go his way. Geminis are happiest when they have more than one interest, and Trump seems to have many balls in the air at once.

His nervous temperament allows no physical or mental tranquility. So he can stay in control during emergencies and often provide unsuspected solutions to problems. Mr. Trump wants to be popular, he loves witty conversation, has mental agility, sociability, and intuition. He is always searching for personal intellectual security in the middle of his constantly changing circumstances, and often contradicts his former statements. He loves constant travel and changes of atmosphere.

What first jumped out at me was Donald Trump’s Sun in the 10th house. This indicates a person who is ambitious, who wants to attain positions of responsibility, power, and authority. Many politicians and well known people have this Sun position. He wants honor and recognition, and will work hard to get the necessary information and skills. Trump has strong managerial talent. Usually people with the Sun in the 10th house are from families of high social standing, and have strong morals; abhorring anything demeaning to their respectability. Once again, in 2018 this writer must remark that Trump has a strong streak of narcissism and has stooped to low levels in the respectability area. But that Sun does represent a "must win" personality.

His Sun is conjunct planet Uranus, which allows Donald to have the ability to understand certain intellectual concepts by applying his strong will. He can experience, understand, and work with forces expressed primarily through new and untried ways of doing things. He will act powerfully, suddenly, and decisively. Uranus is the planet which rules sudden changes and is often represented by lightning, so he can seem unpredictable and eccentric in some of his views. People with this conjunction are not subject to ordinary limitations. He is also likely to change his positions often, because of the Sun/Uranus closeness.

President Trump's Moon and Mars Aspects

The Donald’s Sun is sextile his Mars. This gives him courage and energy; we have witnessed his high energy level for a man of 72 years. He can produce intelligent and constructive enterprises. He is capable of being a good leader, and communicates well with friends, associates, and groups. His creativity is often expressed in a positive manner, especially when learning and traveling, or dealing with powerful people. Opportunities will arise for him, he is somewhat lucky. He shows endurance in pain or hardships, and has courage in the face of danger.

Trump’s Sun is opposite his Moon. This creates a conflict between his conscious will and his unconscious mind and feelings. He has stressful relationships with women, as seen through his three marriages. Ivana, his first wife, was helpful to him in building his real estate empire, and he had three of his oldest children with her, Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka. Trump had a high profile affair with Marla Maples, who he met when she was performing in the play Cats, made her wife number two, and had a daughter with her, Tiffany. Now he is married to Melania Trump, and they have a son together named Barron. He has admitted that, “I may not always have been a good husband, but always tried to be a good father.” He does seem to have a lot of pride in his children, and the older ones all work for him; Barron is 10 years old.

So this aspect causes domestic issues and marital affairs. This can often affect the person’s health too, since both Sun and Moon affect our energy levels. Another issue is restlessness, nervousness, or psychosomatic illnesses. His energy fluctuates erratically. Natives often have trouble with their children; although this astrologer thought each time he was seen in the presence of his children, he seems very calm and happy.

He does need to get away from the past, so it does not block his current happiness or growth. He should not endeavor to accomplish great things without duly considering the detail and hard work necessary. Does it seem to my readers that he has thought about his duties at POTUS should he get there? Sometimes he seems like a young boy who is playing “King of the Hill”, but isn’t considering what he will do when he reaches the top. He says he has “great plans” but never reveals what they are. Of course, I'm sure there is a large learning curve to the job.

Trump Tower, Manhattan
Trump Tower, Manhattan

Donald Trump's Sagittarius Moon

Donald’s Sun is also trine his Jupiter. Once again, we see his optimism and outgoing personality. He thinks a lot about philosophy, religion, legal, social, and community affairs, seen as the skyscrapers he has had made all over the world. He needs to gain the confidence and cooperation of others. He is the idea person, and needs others to help carry out his elaborate ideas. As a President, he will have his cabinet to do that. This leads to good fortune and success.

Trump is protected by spiritual forces when his safety is concerned. He will never be “down and out.” This is good for him, but may affect his understanding of people who are truly down and out. This was a problem for Mitt Romney, who thought that after parents spent $50,000.00 a year to put a kid through college, the parents could buy them a company to run. It’s hard to understand how regular people live when you have such wealth. He has insight into the future and a degree of farsightedness bordering on prophecy. Some people with this aspect withdraw from worldly affairs in order to pursue a life of contemplation. This is highly unlikely with Donald.

His Moon in Sagittarius is what rules the inner, emotional part of him that the public would not normally see, but will see more of in such a public figure. Trump has a lofty, optimistic, and idealistic nature. Sag natives aspire to make great achievements in life, but may lack realism. We see this in candidate Trump when every time someone questions how he plans to send millions of what he calls “illegal aliens” back to their countries, he says he will have it done in his first 100 days.

But Sag Moon people really don’t like to have inharmonious relationships. They have strong attachments to religious or philosophic beliefs that were instilled by them from their parents. Trump loves to travel (important things come up more than once) to move quickly, and can easily take up residence in a country far removed from his place of birth. He has numerous properties all over the world, so can easily do this. Sagittarius is a restless sign, but also one that is very intelligent. He tries to remain cheerful and upbeat, and never stops learning.

Sagittarius Moon people often blurt out things without thinking of what they are saying. When asked by a moderator if he thought women should be punished for having abortions, he said yes, but then looked confused and never brought it up again. Trump’s Moon is in his 4th house, ruling both family and real estate. He has a strong emotional attachment to home and family; family relationships affect his whole outlook.

Donald also has two planets in Cancer which make his family his rock. He seems really sincere when he speaks about his family, and has said “I am very lucky that my older children work for me, some families could not work that out.” Although he has been married three times, he seems to have good relationships with his ex-wives, or else they signed non disclosure agreements! Real estate and construction is how The Donald made however much money he has. We are still waiting on this, Mr. Trump.

Donald, Melania, and Barron Trump
Donald, Melania, and Barron Trump

Donald Trump's Mars and Uranus Cause Instability

His Moon is also sextile Jupiter, making Trump generous and charitable, especially where family is concerned. He also has eight grandchildren, so it’s a large family. He uses a lot of money in the home to make it a place of beauty and comfort. Contentment, optimism, and a cheerful attitude accompany this aspect and also to his success and accumulation of wealth. He has a lot of aspects that mean that things come easily to Trump, he doesn’t have to try as hard as others do to get what he wants, it all sort of falls in his lap. He has genuine fondness for people who contribute to his success. Donald has a strong imagination, which combined with his mental abilities; give him insight into how to take advantage of the good things in life.

Moon Trine Mars means he is active emotionally, and has a lot of psychic energy. Once again this points to his success in business and building up his homes and domestic life. Donald has a lot of strong feelings, but they are controlled and constructively used. He will fight for what he believes is right. His robust health and energy lead to an intensity of experiences which improves his imaginative faculties.

The Moon opposite planet Uranus can cause emotional instability and perverseness. The Donald has frequent, unexpected changes in mood and attitude, which confuses others. He can be undependable and his actions are hard to predict, so this may exasperate family and friends enough that they will begin to avoid him if possible. Often he may make many new and sudden acquaintances, but they will not last long. He demands loyalty from anyone close to him, almost to the point of the kind of loyalty in The Godfather.

Think of his current man crush on Vladimir Putin. The public has seen this when Trump uses bad language in front of large audiences, and changes his opinions on serious issues of National Defense, like whether nuclear weapons are on the table. This is an issue that scares many, who fear that Trump will be too quick to nuke a country rather than try diplomacy.

There is instability in the family life and frequent changes in residence. We have touched on Donald’s three marriages, although he seems to try to be close with his children. Of course, he can travel wherever he wants; he has his own jet and properties all over the world. Right now he is acting like The Bible is his favorite book, trying to get the Evangelical vote. This is a secular country, and no religious group should influence our politics so much, especially one who wants to take the country back fifty years. Trump’s tendency to seek out unusual experiences can drain too much time from his main responsibilities. What effect will that have on a possible Presidency? This Moon/Uranus aspect is the reason he is a womanizer, although Donald has blamed Hillary for Bill Clinton’s indiscretions. Remember how Clinton got impeached over an affair?

In a 2018 update, we know now that Trump's "fixers" have paid off both a porn star and a Playboy model to hush up affairs, one during third wife Melania's pregnancy and first few months as the new Mother of Barron. I wonder what Republicans would have said if Barack Obama had such a lack of morals, but so far the party is spineless and backs him no matter how immoral his behavior.

In order Tiffany Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Mrs.Melania Trump, President-Elect Trump, Ivanka, Eric, and Barron Trump
In order Tiffany Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Mrs.Melania Trump, President-Elect Trump, Ivanka, Eric, and Barron Trump

Trump's Leo Ascendant, Problematic Cancer Planets

Mr. Trump has a Leo ascendant, as we all have a façade, and this makes him come across as powerful, in charge, and confident. This is what charms his followers or potential voters. He is frank and outspoken, something people don’t expect from a politician, and they like that. He is independent, impulsive, forceful, and demonstrative in manner. His nature is electric and inspiring. He has great hope, faith and fortitude, and is lavish in the way he uses his energies. He is ardent and passionate in romance. He is philanthropic, loyal, and adaptive. He is generally good tempered, though high strung and quick to anger. He receives and grants favors easily, and is usually fortunate in the long run. He is ambitious, self confident, fearless, impulsive, and determined to achieve his goals. He seeks power and distinction.

Donald has Mercury in Cancer in the 11th house. This is a hard position, because Mercury represents the way a person thinks, and Cancer is a very emotional sign. So his thoughts and decisions are based on the way he feels. You shouldn’t think with your heart, you need to think with your head. This results in the reversals and confusion about where Trump really stands on some issues. Unconscious desires may cause him to look at some facts and ignore others; the results being bias, prejudice, and interference with objective thinking. As his Presidency continues, his interviews and constant tweets constantly give us conflicting views of what his thoughts really are.

He has a good memory because of the emotional intensity of his thoughts. He is highly susceptible to the thoughts of those around him, so when he is having one of his rallies, he can zero in on the thoughts and feelings of the audience, and tell them what he knows they want to hear. He is very sensitive personally, and believes whatever is said is or done in his environment is directed towards him. Of course, as we learned earlier, many of his thoughts are about home and family, and matters of real estate, because of the 4th house Moon.

Trump and VP Elect Mike Pence
Trump and VP Elect Mike Pence

Trump's Achilles Heel

Mercury in the 11th house represents those interested in communications, and exchanges of ideas with friends in groups. Trump seeks out people who will stimulate his mind and increase his knowledge. But his thinking is very colored by the ideas of his friends. We see this as this prolific tweeter often consults Sean Hannity of Fox and Friends and other old allies. He can be concerned about scientific investigation, astrology, and humanitarian goals. His attitude is impersonal but friendly. He is open to talking to people from all walks of life. This openness to humanity broadens his mind and compassion, giving him broad insight into social issues.

The Mercury Square Neptune aspect can cause absentmindedness, woolgathering, and mental disorganization concerning details. Sometimes the unconscious mind plays tricks on the conscious mind when it is preoccupied, and this tends to make Trump forget facts. Maybe this is what we are seeing when his facts are so far removed from the real ones. However, this aspect gives the insight from Neptune and the understanding of Mercury, so can be positive at times. All aspects are activated by where the other planets and Moon are at the time. Some with this aspect are mental escapists, but they have a feeling of realism anyway.

Donald Trump’s Venus is in Cancer in the 11th house. This, along with the conjunction of his Sun and Uranus is Trump’s Achilles Heel. The often erratic ideas he expresses that are not thought all the way through, and clash with his Venus in Cancer. This is a very sensitive position, security and stability is important to him. He is loyal and possessive, but can behave erratically if his security is threatened. His feelings get hurt very easily, but although he tries to hide it behind a dignified exterior, he can’t do it. If somebody hurts his feelings once, he has to hurt their feelings back twice. We have learned he is very vindictive and believes he is above the law.

We saw this often during the period when all seventeen Republicans were seeking this nomination. He insulted them all by giving them mean spirited nicknames, and always struck first. One would think a sensitive person would be more sensitive towards others, but with Donald Trump, it doesn’t work that way. It is like this with most Venus in Cancer people. His moods are fluctuating and unpredictable, and put together with a Mercurial Gemini Sun conjunct Uranus, he lacks the emotional stability to be a leader of a whole country with so many diversities.

Trump is Often Misunderstood

He wants a stable home life, but we see that he has trouble achieving a lasting marriage. He cherishes his family and homes, and wants them to be places of comfort and beauty. But his restless nature won’t let him enjoy this, so he is always at war with himself inside. He does have warm friendships formed through group activities. He gets along best with women who are more like friends with him.

His Venus opposite Saturn is often the cause of emotional frustrations. He often experiences disappointment in love. When he gets depressed, Saturn takes away from his natural tendencies of joy and happiness. He is often misunderstood by people, and has a lot of friends older than he is. This aspect is why he often is unfortunate in marriages that don’t last. Venus is also square Jupiter in Trump’s chart, and he tends to indulge himself too much.

He loves idle luxury and meaningless social niceties. The latter are usually camouflage for bad feelings which the natives do not want to openly express. He wastes much of his work day tweeting to friends to see how popular he is and to get their opinions. Emotional hypocrisy is the prime danger of this aspect. Sometimes the natives lose through marriage and partnerships as a result of legal difficulties or secret involvements. We see this in non disclosure agreement he has made with mistresses, and his trait of suing people left and right, usually over hurt feelings, and the case is dropped. Trump is likely to take too much for granted; there can be waste and a lack of appreciation of the true value of things.

Donald’s Mars is also in Leo, but in the 12th house of secrets and sorrows. He has Scorpio on the cusp of his 4th house, representing home life, and Mars used to rule Scorpio before Pluto was discovered. I believe this shows his sorrow for the loss of his brother, he speaks of him often and discusses why Trump never drank alcohol, and urged his children not to, because it caused his older brother’s death. Pluto is also about change and transformation, and on the 4th house shows how changeable his home life is. As I update in 2018, Melania Trump won't even hold her husband's hand in public, and its rumored she wants to divorce him after his term as President is over. Who can blame her after the humiliation she has been through?

Mars in Leo makes a person energetic, creative and bestows a lot of will power, something we have seen before in this interpretation. Mars in Leo people like to express themselves through art, for Trump it can be the skyscrapers and golf courses he builds. This helps his stability and determination, as Leo is a fixed sign. This reinforces that he has self confidence and the ability for leadership. He wants to be in the front of whatever is going on. He is competitive in anything that is important to him.

He has strong, undeviating beliefs, which can arouse opposition to those who do not agree with him. His love is strong, but he is jealous and possessive. We’ve seen that before too. Since Mars is in the 12th house, The Donald’s actions and desires are strongly influenced by his unconscious mind. Work and other activities will be carried on in secret or seclusion. So maybe the budget, domestic, foreign policy plans, and his immigration plans are in an undisclosed location! He tends to act in secret so it doesn’t give others a chance to openly oppose him before he unveils his plans.

Trump has Secret Enemies

Mars in the 12th house can also be a person who has secret sexual involvements (discussed above and more expected to be revealed). They often work in large institutions where they can lose their personal identities. I don’t think there is much danger of that with Trump. He has been known to use the name “Barron” in some of his deals, now his youngest son’s name. He probably has many secret enemies. He needs to be more open and honest about his own unconscious anger. It could affect his health.

Mars squares the Midheaven in Trump’s chart, the part of you that wants to be noticed for all you do. This indicates that Donald may not be able to get along with landlords, superiors, or employers. Since he is usually the one calling the shots, it really doesn’t matter to him if he’s liked, as long as whatever he wants gets done. His career and domestic life are subject to strife. He has a tendency to transfer to the job the conflicts that result from quarrels at home, and vice versa.

So, issues in his profession or home life are likely to affect other spheres of activity. He has to use his head more and his feelings less. This is another manifestation of the Venus in Cancer (his emotions) and the Sun/Uranus conjunction (his thoughts). There is an inclination to get in trouble with legal authorities, and in 2018. many of his closest allies have been indicted for money laundering and the investigation of Russian involvement in our 2016 election process continues. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, and Trump insists we have a huge voter fraud issue, when it's been proven we don't. He must have fun getting all the permits and variances he needs to build his towers. He can be unwillingly pulled into military affairs. Hmm…I have a bad feeling he’s pretty willing, but again, as Commander in Chief, doesn’t have any military experience of his own.

Trump Experiences Changes in Fortune

We discussed planet Uranus along with the Sun, but didn’t cover what it means to have Uranus in the 10th house. This is a person considered to be unusual by reputation. But it produces leaders in science, electronics, and technology. Whatever career is chosen, there will be innovations of techniques and methods. Donald has a driving ambition to achieve prominence through unique contributions to his professions. Natives are generally liberal or radical in politics, they have no tendency towards conservatism. That’s interesting; Mr. Trump was never associated with the Republican Party before his strange involvement with the “birther” movement. His changes in fortune and status can be sudden. He will have many different jobs in his life and problems dealing with authority.

Saturn is in the 11th house, and this is the karmic planet which teaches you lessons. It indicates a sense of responsibility concerning friendships and group associates. Donald wants to seek important and influential people as a means of advancing his own status and career. Wasn’t that a nice way of saying he’s a social climber? Jupiter squares his Saturn, so this causes difficulties in business and financial affairs. Trump’s judgments, planning, and pursuing of long term goals are likely to be faulty, especially in the financial area. Although we know about his failed casinos, we have not yet seen other evidence of this. Sometimes, if Saturn is strong, he lacks the initiative to take advantage of opportunities that do occur. Or he may initiate activities and take on responsibilities without sufficient preparation. Let’s hope this is not what he is doing with the Presidency. If the Jupiter is strong (the sky is always changing) natives have too little discipline and experience. His timing is bad; he is often at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Pluto is the planet of intense changes, and Trump has it in his 12th house. This shows a need to regenerate the unconscious mind by bringing its contents into consciousness. Donald is interested in psychology, and would be good at metaphysical subjects. He has great insight and clairvoyant talent should he decide to use it. He does tend to use intuition to make decisions. He has the capacity to help the unfortunate. He can sense the thoughts and feelings of others, useful in negotiating with others. He is often mentally preoccupied with his own problems, which causes him to ignore the ideas and morals of others, making it hard to work with him.

Most Things in Life Come Easily for Trump

Neptune, the planet of dreams, is in Trump’s 2nd house, which rules money and feelings of security. He is idealistic about money and the use of material resources. He will generously donate to humanitarian causes. He has an intuitive knack for knowing how to make money and acquire great wealth. However, money may come and go due to mysterious and unusual circumstances; and as this position makes one extravagant, he may have trouble holding onto his funds. He has shown that he doesn’t want to account for what he does with his money.

Jupiter is also in the 2nd house, showing substantial business ability and expansiveness, giving good fortune regarding money and property. Jupiter in this position is a good sign for someone in the real estate/building business. Donald needs to be careful though, he can be oblivious to unforeseen contingencies in business enterprises.

Most of the planets are on the left side of the chart, or the Eastern Hemisphere. Donald Trump is a self-motivated person, who always wanted to go his own way. He alone will choose his life path, and will only find difficulties when others stand in his way. He values his independence and would not be happy working for anyone else. He enjoys being sociable, but only if he has enough freedom to enjoy his own pursuits too. He needs to watch out for egocentric and selfish behavior.

This is the astrology chart of someone who got what he wanted out of life pretty easily, without having to struggle. He started with money and used what he had to make more. He is strong willed and determined; but bullies people when his feelings get hurt. He wants things, but gets bored easily once he gets them. He has brilliant ideas, but doesn’t think them through. He has no political experience. Many Americans view this as a positive thing, but he’s never even served as a local Councilman; so has no idea about procedures.

And a President has many, many procedures. He may be the most important man in the world, but with that comes a lot of responsibility. And even the President doesn’t make all the rules; he has large groups of people with whom he must compromise to accomplish his goals. It also seems like when Trump is questioned by journalists, the bar is lower for him than it is for Hillary; he gets away with one liners. Then she tries to explain something with her depth of experience, and gets cut off. So when we watch the debates, will we see the loose cannon Trump we saw at his rallies, or the new and improved Trump who reads speeches written by more politically experienced people and off a teleprompter?

Can Donald J. Trump use his talents to win the Presidency? He has flaws, but everyone has flaws. The first time I saw the Sun in his 10th house, I knew he could win. But that’s because the country is in the mood for an outsider. If he does win, can he follow the rules and behave in a way appropriate for the POTUS? Only time will tell.

Now in 2018, we see the country leaning towards a conservative and religious direction. Trump has been viewed as a racist and has been proven so on many occasions. Although Christians love to complain about how they are maligned, this is a secular country and we all have the right to worship as we choose, or not to worship at all. Trump has shown us that he thinks he is above the law, and many believe he should be impeached. He is appointing ultra conservative judges whenever he can, also in the Supreme Court.

He is also trying to overturn Roe V Wade. It seems a shame that so many conservatives want to turn the country back when we have made so many positive social changes. It's as if they fear anyone who isn't an old, white male, and religion is not how the Founding Fathers wanted our country to be ruled. There are situations even they in their great wisdom never could have foresaw. I hope the midterm elections of 2018 tell us a different story, as many well respected Republicans seem to have buyer's remorse. But again, time will tell.

Original Group of Republicans in the Race
Original Group of Republicans in the Race

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

  • Has your prediction about Trump come true according to your astrological profile of Trump?

    I don't use astrology to make predictions, that's an old fashioned interpretation of it. I did Donald Trump's Natal Birth Chart, and Hillary Clinton's, as I have done with both D and R primary winners in the last two U.S. Presidential elections. I use astrology more as a personality profile, an explanation of why people do and act as they do. We all have free will, our lives are not predetermined. So even if there are significant challenges in your chart, there are also ways to work them out, if you choose to.

    I try hard to be objective in these charts, but I am always honest about my D political affiliation. I have to add to the articles to keep them relevant, and so some of my own opinions did get in there regarding Trump. I think this is Jack? I did really try to be fair, but you are familiar with my political views. I did think Trump would probably win when I saw he had the Sun in his 10th house, but as I said, I don't use astrology as a prediction tool. It's mostly astrologers who live in India who use Vedic astrology, a method I am not familiar with.

    If someone wants a prediction of the future, I use the Tarot, it's a much faster way to give a person an idea of what's to come in the year ahead. An astrology chart like I did for Trump takes about 10-12 hours to draw and interpret. I used a chart from a site because it looked prettier on the article, but I did actually cast one myself as well.

© 2016 Jean Bakula


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    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      12 months ago from New Jersey

      I am confident in my casting of the chart and interpretation. Each astrologer uses their own methods, and I do the math, I don't use a program. I use the tropical method, so that can change things a little. The ascendant has to be right within two hours. You will see small variations depending on what astrology method the person uses, but the differences in interpretation will be small. Thanks for your contribution.

    • profile image


      12 months ago

      Aloha Ms. Bakula,

      I'm sure you'll be interested to know that the popularly accepted birth time of 10:54am EDT for Mr. Trump could be an intentionally incorrect one.

      The birth time that evidently Mr. Trump's mother, his wife Melania, and one of his daughters use for readings is 9:51am EDT. This places the Ascendant at 17 Leo 34, NOT 29 Leo 55.

      Also, if one is able to obtain older versions of well-known astrology software, supposedly one will find the earlier birth time indicated for Mr. Trump in their celebrity chart files, up until some time in 2011, when, it seems, Mr. Trump posted his birth certificate, with the later birth time, online.

      With this rectified Ascendant, I think you'll find his natal chart will more accurately reflect his personality and life.

      You can validate this information at:

      Be Well!

    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      18 months ago from New Jersey

      True. Romney is a nice guy when he wants to be. He has been critical of Trump already, but I don't think he's planning on running for POTUS either. I just wondered what you thought.

    • jackclee lm profile image

      Jack Lee 

      18 months ago from Yorktown NY

      My thinking on Romney is he will try for a 2020 run agains Trump but he will not succeed. Our system is too biased for the incumbent. He would not be able to match Trump on debates either. As we have seen in 2016, Trump can talk and he can get to the gutter and fight dirty while Romney is too nice a guy.

    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      18 months ago from New Jersey

      Thanks Jack. I think I was born in the Year of the Sheep, but that's all I know about Chinese Astrology. I have also found many contradictions in people's charts over the many years of my practice, but I guess we all are contradictory is some ways, right?

      I have always been fascinated by not only astrology, but mostly that, I began learning about it when I was 10 yrs. old! Later, I took formal classes with my then BF, who I married, but he passed a few years ago. We were married for 34 yrs. I am interested in all metaphysical topics.

      I do the two charts of the D and R primary winners. The Obama one is still displayed, the Mitt Romney one is still on HP, I am trying to update and move it, especially since he won the Senatorial race in UT. Do you think he would primary Trump in 2020? His chart doesn't make for a really focused person, but the thought did cross my mind! Take care, Jean

    • jackclee lm profile image

      Jack Lee 

      18 months ago from Yorktown NY

      I was curious about you and Trump.

      Found this article and very interesting. Many of his qualities are dead on. Others not so much. That has been my experience with astrology. I am Chinese by heritage and the Chinese astrological signs is by year. Depending on the year you were born, you have certain traits. Quite different from the Western astrology based on birth month.

      Anyway, in the Chinese astrology, I found many of the general traits dead on. Many of my relatives and family members have similar experience. The problem is, it is not 100%. There are always exceptions.

      Such is true of all astrology in general. There are some hits and misses.

    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      2 years ago from New Jersey

      HI Nadine,

      Thanks for adding to my analysis! I think you pointed out his better traits. He's been a controversial President so far, and our country is very divided over him. So much that it's hard to even talk about politics with our own friends, it's that divisive. But we are hoping for the best. The country has to come together, and right now it's very split between conservatives and liberals. But President Trump does have the good qualities you brought up. Plus it hasn't been so long yet, he was not a politician, one reason he was elected. Take care.

    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 

      2 years ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      I read your article with interest. I NEVER comment on any political posts on social media, but I loved reading your astrology chart. All the attributes I've read- and more, come over very clear for us in SA, so for us, he was the best choice during these times. Having mentioned that by mistake to a family member who lives in the USA, that was a huge mistake and from then on disowned me...

      I do recognize these following traits from the TV and the internet

      He is frank and outspoken - philanthropic, loyal and adaptive. He is generally good-tempered, though high strung and quick to anger. His thoughts and decisions are based on the way he feels. He is a very sensitive person, and believes whatever is said is or done in his environment is directed towards him. He is open to talking to people from all walks of life. This openness to humanity broadens his mind and compassion, giving him broad insight into social issues.

      Donald may not be able to get along with landlords, superiors or employers. Since he is usually the one calling the shots, all those attributes come over very clear for us in SA

    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      3 years ago from New Jersey

      Hi Coffeequeen,

      I tried to be as neutral as I could, but with his personality, it's impossible. I can do your astrology chart, if you visit, the details and what I need are there. Take care, Jean

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 

      3 years ago from Norfolk, England

      I've often thought about having my astrological charts done. It'a quite interesting I think. I enjoyed reading your article about Donald Trump. It would do for him to read this himself!

    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      3 years ago from New Jersey

      HI DzyMs Lizzy,

      It was very hard for me to write that hub. I agree with all the positions you lay out here. But as an astrologer, the chart has it's say too. He has the free will to use those good qualities but obviously isn't. He is intelligent, but that doesn't mean he is using it, and so on down the line. They can't impeach him fast enough for me! I also don't believe he won, he's a terrible narcissist, and is making us a laughing stock all over the world.

      Each Presidential election I do charts on the two running for POTUS. I live in NJ and Trump is no stranger to people in my area. But I never realized that his company doesn't even have a CEO or Bd. of Directors. So he did whatever he wanted, whenever, with nobody to answer to. The dumb idiots who elected him aren't hearing the truth about all Trump isn't doing, they still think he's good.They still believe all that "drain the swamp" stuff, when he only has other billionaires and more people from Goldman Sacks on his team. Kelly Anne Conway is a moron, and what is her position anyway? We have to get new, younger D's out there. The R party is totally bonkers and hates women. I finished knitting my pink pussy cat hat last night for the revolution!

      The Astrology charts are so hard, I have to be neutral, and those potentials are there. But I wonder if he came to office planning to ruin the country, or is so stupid he just is making a mess anyway. When he said he had good people, I thought maybe if he had experienced people in their fields, a person without political experience could work. But he's hopeless. I sat up all night and cried the night he won. And he's committed treason, and look how mean they got with Hillary? Can you imagine what would have happened if Obama did half of this crap?

      JFK"S grandson is thinking of getting into politics, and one of the cousins is in the house. We need younger, enthusiastic people, although at least Hillary knew what she was doing. She was more qualified than most men in the WH have been in the last few presidencies. No wonder Melania stays in NY. Of course, she must realize how he operates, they have been together for some time. And Jared and Ivanka have no business sitting in on his meetings. I hope they get rid of him ASAP.


    • DzyMsLizzy profile image

      Liz Elias 

      3 years ago from Oakley, CA

      Well, well, well! And the debates and elections have come and gone, and much mischief has been discovered. We (my husband and I) maintain that he did NOT 'win,' but rather, was INSTALLED by moneyed forces working illegally behind the scenes.

      Intelligent? It seems like is IQ is smaller than his shoe size. He seems clueless about many facts he ought to know; tells lies, gets caught, and denies having said the prior thing. Does he have no concept that it is ALL on record in many forms of media?

      Communicating? He sounds like a spoiled 3 year old having a tantrum; seems incapable of stringing together a coherent sentence, (and during the debates, his constant snuffling made folks wonder if he was indulging in 'nose candy').

      He offers the world a picture of an angry man; an angry man with a lot of money, and that makes him very dangerous in this money-can-buy-anything world.

      He has already broken many laws with his executive orders and his unilateral actions, and the firing of people who are looking into his malfeasance smacks of a would-be dictator.

      He is rude and classless. Did you see the news clip of the NATO gathering, and the way he actually shoved the Prime Minister of Montenegro 'out of his way,' so HE could be in the front row in the photo?

      The way he made a lot of his money in years past is from outright theft and cheating. For example; my husband's parents sold a parcel of property to him back in the 1970s. He paid a down payment, turned around and sold the parcel within a very short time, for a profit, then filed bankruptcy, and never paid another cent, TO THIS DAY, despite losing a lawsuit ordering him to pay. He owes over half a million dollars on that one transaction. That's how he conducts his business and made (makes, still?) his money.

      He is unprincipled, and narcissistic. I don't see him as any kind of philanthropist, unless you count "donations" (read bribes) to those in a position to do him favors, or the placement of his billionaire cronies into cabinet positions for which they are as equally unqualified as he is to be POTUS!

      I only hope the karmic planet deals him OUT of office in a big hurry, before he does any further damage to our Democracy!


    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      3 years ago from New Jersey

      I can't do a whole chart because i have to charge, it takes many hours, I don't use computerized soft wear, what I know is from years of study and experience. I can tell you a few things like you see here if you tell me your Sun sign, moon sign and rising sign if you look it up. I am not a mind reader (though I have psychic abilities). You ask me, but you don't give me anything to work with. All these people did work to find out where some of their planets are. I don't want a list, just the Trinity would help. I charge $100.00 to cast a chart, and am thinking of raising that, it takes me more than 10-12 hours. But if you know your sun sign (it's easy to look it up) I have articles on and Hubpages that can help you. If I have a bit of info, I can do yours. But you have to provide me with something to work with. Take care.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Great job Pakula!

      Are you ready to do mine?

      Many thanks

    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      3 years ago from New Jersey

      Hello Tammy,

      Bless you for your work with teaching special needs kids, you are a true light giver. Trump was once a respected businessman, and now it's unclear if he just stirred up a lot of people by saying what they wanted to hear. Now he's acting better towards Hillary, and realizes he can't just take away Obamacare unless another plan is in place the next day, leaving people insured.He's talking about working with VISAS to see if people have overstayed their welcome in the U.S., but no more mentions of the wall between us and Mexico. So he may not be as bad as we thought. But I am heartbroken, it shows America is still inclined to choose a man with no experience over a women with more than all the men she ran against. Take care.

    • profile image

      mrs. tammy davis retired from teaching special needs kids 

      3 years ago


    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      3 years ago from New Jersey

      My intent was never to predict a winner, most people are more intelligent and don't need to be spoon fed an answer. I never said Trump would win or lose because he was a Gemini. I have been doing these charts for people at Election time because they enjoy them, and ask me to do them here at Hubpages. I never predict the winner, because I think that would spoil the ending, although it's obvious it will be HRC. I learned Astrology in formal workshops 40 years ago, and although I respected Linda Goodman in her day, had many teachers and mentors. I have made a good living from it. Not to mention the spiritual gains I've made from helping others. Sorry if you got up on the wrong side of bed. I realize others use different methods, but mine work for me. You have Free Will too.

    • profile image

      R.J. Smith 

      3 years ago

      Hello Jean:

      Much of your commentary about the natal chart of DJT and his chances of winning the POTUS, (which you did not formally address in this article, leaving the reader, hanging) uses sun sign technology and tired stereotypes to describe the Donald's behaviour about this and that. Come on, but haven't we as astrologers progressed from Linda Goodman's Sun signs to real astrology, using the various progressed planets. Trump has some pretty compelling solar arcs, like SA Pluto - Jupiter and he also has SP Mars sextile Pluto and son on. To say that rump will lose because he is a "Gemini" reduces mundane astrology to a pile of rocks.

    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      3 years ago from New Jersey

      I can't disagree with that Betty. He seems to think he's still winning though. And as far as Hillary, I still don't see why people think she's worse than any other politician. Most of these "scandals" are things people bring up each time she's near an election for something. She didn't kill Vince Foster. Obama wouldn't let her tell the whole truth about Benghazi because the CIA was involved and nobody was supposed to know. How many more "commissions" to they need where they find no evidence? It's pure harassment. As our first woman President, she'll go through the same as Obama. She may be obstructed less because she does have working relationships with R's.

    • profile image

      Betty McCain 

      3 years ago

      Trump is a megalomaniac bordering on complete insanity and collapse. He's a pathetic individual.

    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      3 years ago from New Jersey

      I'm Cancer, but have Mercury and Venus in Gemini. If I didn't have a Scorpio ascendant and a Capricorn Moon, I'd be a flirt at least, and would probably stretch the truth a bit too!

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 

      3 years ago from England

      Coming from England its a bit bewildering to figure out who is going to win, but I did smile when you said Gemini people are the best liars! LOL! yep we are,!

      Not sure who I like to be honest, neither really. but interesting stuff, nell

    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      3 years ago from New Jersey

      Hello Naresh,

      Thanks for your input, I love hearing from other Astrologers. I learned more years ago than I want to admit, but apparently there are other methods now, and I don't know Indian Astrology. I do know planets are going into Scorpio soon, which is good for Hillary.

      Not that I wish Donald anything bad, but he is too unstable to be a President. He should say with real estate construction. He looks silly with a woman as young as Melania, although she surely has had a lot of plastic surgery. From what I've read, Ivana was really the love of his life and business partner who helped him decorate all the hotels. Marla Maples was in her early 20's when she pursued a married man with 3 kids, a no/no for me. I'm sure he regrets the way his married life worked out, but we see how immature he is.

      If it's costly, he has the cash (or does he, he won't tell us much about his financial status. Thanks for adding your findings! Take care.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      According to Indian astrology is running sade sathi, ie saturn in Scorpio where the Monn was at the time of his birth.

      His days of success will begin to fall by end of this year.

      He will lose the election and in 11 months time will suffer a great financial reverse. Unfortunately the Mars now in Scorpio will add to his problem and since Mars was in Leo at the time of his birth he will have another divorce before Sept 2017. The alimony may be very costly. When Saturn transits from Scorpio in Jan 2017 his troubles will multiply.

    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      3 years ago from New Jersey

      Hi Tes640,

      The biggest liars in the Zodiac are Geminis, and Trump has already been caught in some whoppers. Hillary's no angel either, but she is highly qualified for the job. Scorpios are determined and hard working. Donald hires people to do his work. Scorpios are also symbolized by the Eagle, to soar, or the Phoenix, to reinvent themselves to do whatever they have to. It will be close, and interesting to see what happens. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    • Te5640 profile image


      3 years ago from Texas

      Scorpio will sting you! That's a fact for scorpions and a person born under this sign. Gemini will push to get through the rat race. And usually mean what they say, even if it doesn't work out like they planned.

    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      3 years ago from New Jersey

      I sure hope so, mio cid. Venus is in Scorpio now, and by Election Day the Sun will be there. Hillary has 3 planets in Scorpio, and is tough. I can't believe he got this far, acting so insulting and cruel to everyone. It's touching that so many readers are writing me from other countries. The American people love others and want everyone to try to get along. It's always the governments that get in the way!

    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      3 years ago from New Jersey

      I can't believe it's serious, my son is a political junkie, and I thought he was kidding. They are starting to sound like two kids fighting in the sandbox, like three year olds. And we have time to go yet. Unbelievable.

    • mio cid profile image

      mio cid 

      3 years ago from Uruguay

      I think the stars will align tomorrow to make sure even though his bar is set so low so that he can't even clear that standard because if there is any natural order in the universe this shyster should not win the election to become the president of the United States.

    • fpherj48 profile image


      3 years ago from Carson City

      Your son is not kidding you. LOL Donald personally invited Jennifer to the debate in response to Hillary inviting Mark Cuban! A couple of teenagers fighting back & forth if you ask me....but no one has asked me! According to the news I heard this morning, Jennifer accepted the invitation & DT is assuring her a front row seat NEXT TO MARK CUBAN LOL!

      Thank you so much for the link to your site. Paula may give Paula a Xmas Gift!! I'll visit soon.

    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      3 years ago from New Jersey

      Dear Paula,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment on The Donald. I always appreciate feedback on these profile things. I still have Obama and Romney's charts up! I found that Romney is really such a nice guy, the party needed him and he couldn't say no.

      I know Hillary has done questionable things, but I believe all politicians do. I'm happy to maybe see our first woman President. Women are still so unequal in our society. You probably have seen all the black people shot and killed by white cops, it's a travesty, even if the person was committing a petty crime, he didn't have to die. And the ONLY cop who got indicted was a woman cop. We have a long way to go.

      I do Astrology charts for individuals. They are sort of like this one, but I don't have to relate all the info to something you've done politically, so it flows better. I charge $100.00, but it's about 10 pages long or more and I cast and interpret it myself, I don't use programs, finding them too inaccurate. I have more info about what I need on, and should you want a chart, I'd be happy to do it. They make good gifts too!

      Yes, I'll be watching the debate tomorrow too. My son just told me that Trump invited Jennifer Flowers, Bill Clinton's longtime flame. I'm not sure if he's pulling my leg! Take care.

    • fpherj48 profile image


      3 years ago from Carson City

      Jean....Hello & good to see you. Although this is very long, I was happy to read every word and absorb it all. Excellent astrological research! I am a fan of astrology and it's relationship to us (who & what we are etc.) It's another "one of those things' I have always wanted to study and become far more involved with. However. somewhere in my own chart it absolutely must state that I have a penchant for biting off more than I can chew!" LOL If my life was any busier or I was more active than I am constantly, I'd wear myself down to "invisible." This aside...

      Your writing is superb, lest I neglect to mention this....and I'm fascinated with The Donald's chart. I didn't see too much I can't agree with. Although, even as high profile as this man is, there are always major factors about someone we just can't know.

      I am stuck in the mud (pun intended). Under no circumstances can I vote for Hillary. ( I won't reiterate my staunch opinions which I have made public numerous times. ) I also have serious issues with DT. Since voting 3rd party is wasting one's vote, I'm looking at staying home~~something I have never done in all my years of voting. I'll have to make my final decision after the debates..beginning tomorrow night. It won't surprise me if tomorrow night's debate breaks all records in terms of number of viewers in the history of POTUS elections!

      This is a fascinating read, Jean. Thank you for such a detailed chart.

      BTW....Do you do this sort of thing for a fee? Please tell me! Paula

    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      3 years ago from New Jersey


      Are you saying Trump should be an Astrologer, or that he's a stronger man (which makes no sense since he's running against a woman. You are welcome to clarify.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Trup as astronger man

    • Jewels profile image


      3 years ago from Australia

      He is certainly erratic and the instability.............! It's a topic that has so many talking and not in a good way mostly. Good luck with your writing Jean, you're certainly prolific, hope it's even more successful for you. We should skype and compare systems.

    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      3 years ago from New Jersey

      Hi Jewels,

      I was hoping to hear from you, and trust you are doing well. The first time I looked at his chart and saw that Sun in the 10th, I didn't want to believe it. But being so close to Uranus, and opposite the Moon, it shows how unstable he is, and even if he has ideas that could work, he's not going to stay with anything long enough to see it concluded.

      I heard that Trump put a family member up to asking John Kasich, one of the 17, to be his VP and wanted him to handle all domestic and foreign affairs. That's the job! I fear Donald just wants the title and doesn't have a clue about what he would do about anything. He is a grown man who is really a little boy.

      This is the system of Astrology I learned when I was in my early 20's, and as the years went on I wasn't paying attention as much, until I began writing about Astrology at HP. I didn't realize there were other systems. It works for me though. I have a program, it's not the best, but perhaps I could get to learn the Sidereal system. I can't even recall what my Astrology teacher called the system I use.

      I've been getting a lot of business for online Tarot Readings now, based on referrals from past clients. I'm also writing a monthly column on Astrology for another blog. I was able to go on Social Security/Disability when my Husband passed (I have scoliosis), and although I was left fairly well off, the extra money is good, and I have more time to write.

      I think I want to write a book and maybe will take a class in fiction. I have a relative who was falsely accused of a serious crime, and it caused him to lose his job and reputation. There is no outcome from the court system yet, the general thinking is that it will be dropped due to lack of evidence on the other side. I'd like to write the book about that, with a foreword about the legal system. Time will tell.

      I'm still hoping Hillary will win, she's sane, and really one of the most qualified people in years to run for President. I don't know why people dislike her so much. Women in our age group would love to see another women President, the U.S. is behind in putting women in high positions.

      It's amazing how facts don't count anymore, she didn't do a lot of what she was accused of. In the Benghazi affair, the gov't. wouldn't allow her to speak out, one of the men killed was from the CIA, and it wasn't supposed to be known the CIA was involved. So she had to hold back info because Obama wanted her to. As far as emails, the system in so antiquated, there seems to be a real need for a cabinet member or a new position just to see to Technology. And Trump gets away with blatant lies. They are crazy times indeed.

      Let's send positive light to Hillary on Election Day.

      Take care,


    • Jewels profile image


      3 years ago from Australia

      Jean, his chart looks so much more Trumpf using the Sidereal System. It places his Sun conjunct Nth Node & Uranus in Taurus in the 10th. While the cluster is ok in itself, I'd be dubious about having Uranus in the 10th leading a nation, especially when it's opp Moon. His property acquisitions fit well with these planets and Nth Node in Taurus more than Gemini. His desire for fame, fortune and the presidency shines with this placement (as if he would see it as his birthright), not sure of the wisdom of it though. His Mars is on Asc in 12th house in Leo. That speaks volumes about the his enormous will to get what he wants. Lower mode of course there is the tendency for arrogance and narcissism. And Mercury in Gemini in 11th. Whilst in itself that is fine, but being square to Neptune shows, on lower mode, the inclination for a lot of BS. Interesting times!

    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      3 years ago from New Jersey

      Hello Ehimen,

      Thank you for writing and commenting on Trump's hub. I dislike him a lot, but since I'm an Astrologer, tried to be fair. I think he will be a disaster for the U.S. and the rest of the world. Hillary has the support of women and older people, but older white men still unfortunately make a lot of the decisions. The young people loved Bernie Sanders, and are not committing to Hillary, though they don't like Trump. I hope that people in my country can see how bad he is, if you can see it from Nigeria. Take care of yourself.

    • Ehimen Aimakhu profile image

      Ehimen Aimakhu 

      3 years ago

      He is someone who is scared of losing. The best thing for him to do to get attention, is to make empty threats and when he becomes Commander in Chief, he does nothing because he's a Lilly.


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