Christian Grey Is a Gemini With a Libra Moon: The "Birth" Horoscope of Mr. Fifty Shades

Updated on November 26, 2016
SylviaSky profile image

Sylvia Sky, M.A. is an astrologer, tarot professional, and author who writes about spiritual matters.

A Man Who Needs a Better Half

According to the first three Fifty Shades novels and the Fifty Shades wiki, Christian Grey, fictional hero of these novels, was born on June 18, 1983, in Detroit. I made his birth chart for fun. When I saw Christian’s natal Sun in Gemini, I thought, “Of course!” The whole series of novels is named after his shifting moods and double lives.

The story goes that Christian's mother, a crack-addicted prostitute, died when he was four. A loving upper-middle-class family adopted and raised him, unaware that a “family friend” seduced him at age 15 into a secret and sadomasochistic sex relationship. When the novel begins (five weeks before his 28th birthday), charming handsome Christian is a sexual dominator with a private home playroom for bondage and discipline. Sex is the core issue that he and his new girlfriend, Anastasia Steele, must work out if they want to stay together. Anastasia (called Ana) is a virgin when they meet and is concerned that she can't be the sexual submissive Christian seems to want.

Christian’s birth time is never stated, but astrologers can set up and read a birth chart using a default time, in this case 12 noon. Christian Grey's birth chart, an eye-popper, truly fits him. Most of his planets crowd into one half of the chart. Four planetary conjunctions--when most charts have only one or two--give Christian amazing drive and focus. Yet almost half the chart is "blank," leaving him a very vulnerable man. He literally needs a "better half." He can't play in his playroom without a partner!

Reading a Fictional Hero's Stunning Astrological Chart

June 18, 1983, Detroit, Michigan USA; birth time unknown; chart is set for 12 noon.
June 18, 1983, Detroit, Michigan USA; birth time unknown; chart is set for 12 noon. | Source

Other Notables Born Near a Solar Eclipse

  • Mohammed
  • Pope John Paul II
  • Charles, Prince of Wales
  • Prince William

His Turbo-Charged Bright Side, His Needy Dark Side

If you've read the book, you know our hero is turbo-charged with testosterone. His aggressive and fiery conjunction of the Sun and Mars in Gemini is opposed by Neptune, planet of dreams and fantasies, so the adult Christian rarely displays the explosive or violent temper a Sun-Mars conjunction leads us to expect. He was a troubled and angry child, but has learned to divert his aggression into a sexual preference for inflicting pain on submissive partners.

This Sun-Mars conjunction occurs on the chart’s North Node, and in any chart that aspect indicates birth near the time of an eclipse. And it is true: A total solar eclipse took place on June 11, 1983, one week before Christian’s birth. Leaders and royalty are often born soon before or after eclipses. Of course many others are born then, too. Astrologers agree only that people born near eclipses have dramatic and karmic lives. These people do a lot of “heavy lifting” in life. Readers know Christian is a leader, but now we know he is a born leader.

Mr. Fifty Shades’s Mercury sits in Gemini, its home sign. Intelligent, moody Christian Grey is indeed “mercurial,” and, like Mercury, a quick communicator. If either Christian or Ana lets emails or phone calls go unanswered, the other worries that something is seriously wrong, and it usually is. In conjunction with Mercury, the asteroid Chiron sits on Christian's 29th degree of Taurus, what we call a "critical degree." If he were real I'd say he had to feel materially secure before he could risk opening his heart.

With his Moon in Libra, Christian wants a balanced emotional life, but his Sun-Mars conjunction gives him the spirit of a five-star general. He gives Ana a written contract specifying the terms of their relationship. Because he has a Libra Moon, the contract is negotiable, but even after setting it aside, Christian keeps issuing demands. His own boundaries are very strict, but when Ana draws her boundaries, he fusses. Eventually Ana’s acts of resistance charm him. She is special because his other women wouldn’t tell him “No.”

The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy is told from Ana’s point of view. She intuits early on that something in him needs fixing. Like everybody's Moon, Christian’s Libra Moon has its dark side: control and neediness. Ana learns that Christian’s desire to dominate partners is not a choice, a “fault” or a mental illness: It is rooted in childhood abuse. The Fifty Shades three-volume erotic-romance novel can be seen as a long fantasy about a successful emotional rescue—rare in real life. Ana, a practical Virgo, trains Christian to accept compromise and “normal” “vanilla” sex. Because this is fiction, she is rewarded ten times over for this emotional repair job. She gets Christian’s exclusive devotion, material luxury, and lots of hot sex, both vanilla and kinky.

Now there's a new novel called Grey, the affair described from Christian's point of view!

What Saturn and Pluto in Libra Say

Christian’s Saturn and Pluto are also in Libra, also in conjunction. Cold and weighty planets, all business, a burden on the soul, they are warmed by a favorable 120-degree (trine) aspect from Christian’s Sun-Mars conjunction. Although the trilogy doesn't detail his career history, Christian’s horoscope shows that he earned his material success. In his business and personal life he is very responsible. When a crazed ex shows up, he ensures she is properly hospitalized and treated. He is extremely protective of Ana, but also of himself. In the bedroom, he takes all responsibility for contraception.

Pluto governs our deepest desires as individuals and as a group. This remote planet spends an average of 21 years in each sign, and therefore governs the souls of whole generations. Born in 1983, Christian belongs to the Pluto-in-Libra “Generation Y” which yearns for stability and partnership. Unlike the Pluto-in-Leo generation of young Baby Boomers that called marriage “just a piece of paper,” Generation Y wants to settle down and decorate a house. They are also money-minded. An annual study by UCLA showed that 70 percent of college-age Generation Ys thought wealth was important, compared to 36 percent of college-age Baby Boomers. With Saturn and Pluto in conjunction in Libra, Christian not only likes power but “knows how to be rich.” Ana finds his wealth and power startling and exciting, but the novel is mostly about the personal vulnerability he's hiding.

Born to Make History

Christian’s “fifty shades” Mercury at 6 degrees of Gemini precisely opposes two planets in Sagittarius: Jupiter in conjunction with Uranus. A very rare and highly significant aspect occurring only once every 13 years, this conjunction brings a new phase in history. The last time it occurred before Christian's "birth" in 1983 was on July 20, 1969, the famous date of the first moon landing. The character of Christian Grey, and the fact that there's a book that tells his side of the story, will certainly affect all romance novels in the future.

Ana seized Christian’s attention from the moment she fell through his office door. In keeping with his red-hot Mars-Sun conjunction and Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, it’s a fast-track romance, sealed within a week. Ana tries to concentrate on her job and friends, but it’s like concentrating while a hurricane hits. Neptune opposing his Sun and squaring his Moon shows us that at birth, Christian’s ego and his unconscious mind were not in synch; there is a gap. With some prying and snooping, and a few bold moves, Ana fills that gap, and Christian changes for the better. (Astrologers, he can change because he’s got six planets and the Node in Mutable signs!) He is "freed." (The final novel in the series is called Fifty Shades Freed.)

Neptune is the “leader planet” in Christian’s “birth chart,” very prominent. Neptune, planet of illusion, might also speak to real-life women who have made “Christian” a newly popular baby name and who wish real-life men were more like him. Neptune reminds us that Christian is imaginary.

What Christian Wants

Finally, let’s look briefly at Christian’s Venus in Leo. Venus in a man’s chart shows what kind of women he favors. Christian seeks goddess types, real head-turning knockout babes, for dramatic Hollywood-style romance—and his and Ana’s story became a Holllywood romance with the movie version of Fifty Shades, released in February 2015.

Sylvia Sky, experienced astrologer, also charted and read Ana Steele's horoscope plus the couple's compatibility horoscope, all three now available together in one book on To sample, click on the "Ana Steele's Horoscope" link just above. Copyright 2014 by Sylvia Sky. All rights reserved.

© 2013 SylviaSky


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  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 2 years ago from USA

    His and Ana's birthdays are given in the actual books. He's a Gemini and she's a Virgo.

  • profile image

    Lebelin 2 years ago

    I think It makes more sense if we all agree that Christian Grey is a scorpio and that Ana Steele is a Pisces. Christian Grey is possessive and secretive like Scorpios are. Scorpios like to hide secrets an have their own world, they're dominant and want to know everything about their partner, and they love sex and they're kinky. Hard to look as Christian Grey as a Gemini when he's so intense and sexy, according to the book.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 2 years ago from USA

    Ana Steele is a Virgo!

  • profile image

    Jenny 2 years ago

    And thank you very much Sylvia your blog is excellent ! Very good job! Congratulations!

  • profile image

    jenny 2 years ago

    A Virgo ascendant if we take 12: 00 pm for the birthtime : very good. In the book Grey is excessively control freak.This birthtime is the good one.So what could you say with this element about Grey? With Virgo ascendant and the Sun and Mars and Mercure in 10th and North Node of course professionaly very successful and hard -worker. What else?

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 3 years ago from USA

    Scorpio Sun people are intense and can be possessive. But they aren't necessarily evil or into BDSM.

  • profile image

    Kayla 3 years ago

    I thought he was a Scorpio. It would've made more sense to me.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 3 years ago from USA

    Scorpios are capable of deep and lifelong connections good or bad. It's Geminis, air signs, who, as their negative trait, build "their own little world" with themselves at its center, a world populated with UFOs, video games, cameras and gadgets, or memories of toxic parents.

  • profile image

    Andres 3 years ago

    He should have been a scorpio.

  • Jean Bakula profile image

    Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey

    Most Scorpios view sex in a spiritual way and love deeply, seeing that as a way to express that. If there are bad aspects to their planets in Scorpio, that's when they sleep around and such. I have a neighbor with a chart like that. Scorpios are very good, or very bad, no in between.

  • profile image

    une fille 3 years ago

    i thought he might be a scorpio :-) because of his crazy sex ideas

  • Jean Bakula profile image

    Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey

    That's so true! I think you did a great job though. Even though Christian seems awful at first for the way he treats women, we do get to understand more about him in the second book. I felt sorry for him in a way, because he does loathe himself. Then when Ana makes him the chocolate birthday cake, and he's as enthused as child, it reminded me of my Libra brother, who always showed his feelings so much! I know I'll be taking a better look at this later, great work!

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 4 years ago from USA

    Christian and Ana, who is six years younger, are astrologically much alike, both with Sun-Mars conjunctions (square to each other) and charts weighted toward one hemisphere. I also read all three books because there was a time when one couldn't have a conversation around here without the book being mentioned!

  • Jean Bakula profile image

    Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey

    What a neat analysis! I usually don't read hyped up books, but finally I caved in. I was sort of captivated by Christian and Ana. Since she was a virgin and he only had sex on his terms, they were really a couple who had their first grown up relationship. It's the closeness of that and the little things you find out about each other that charmed them and kept them coming back to each other. Plus reading them later than others, I read all 3 right in a row, so didn't have to "suffer" wondering what would happen when Ana leaves him after her first experience when he hurts her.

  • SylviaSky profile image

    SylviaSky 4 years ago from USA

    Lucky, you are partially right. Christian is 27 when he meets Ana in May 2011. His birthday is June 18; he turns 28 then. Thus the correct birth year is 1983.

  • profile image

    Lucky 4 years ago

    "Age 28 when the novel begins" - No, he was 27 ) I guess, he was born in 1984 )

  • profile image

    PWalker281 5 years ago

    Wow! What an incredible analysis of Christian Grey's birth chart. Didn't think you could do one for a fictional character that's so accurate. Voted up and shared.


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