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Cancer Moon Children (Hidden Talents, Traits, and More)

Being born with your moon sign on the cusp of Cancer gives you a unique outlook on the life that is surrounding you.

Being born with your moon sign on the cusp of Cancer gives you a unique outlook on the life that is surrounding you.

The Hidden Talents of Cancer Moon Children

Cancer Moon Children's unique gifts and abilities bring healing to others when they need it the most. Being ruled by the moon and Neptune and guided by Arch Angel Gabriel gives them great healing potential.

Because they are born with the ability to get in touch with the feelings and moods of others, they can naturally read the energy of any room or place that they find themselves in. This extra-sensory perception gives them a unique outlook on life that most people appreciate.

"All planets ascending or rising in the horoscope are important, but those nearest the cusp of the ascendant have chief influence."

— Alan Leo from his book Esoteric Astrology: A Study in Human Nature

What Career Comes Naturally for Cancer Moon Children?

With their creative mind and in-depth understanding of others' emotions, writing comes easiest for them. So any career that offers an opportunity for them to write and create freely is where Cancer Moon Children thrive. In order to continue to thrive, their minds have to be challenged to think outside the box on things that they have not tried before.

They tend to take on drastically different jobs and activities so that they can uncover and learn new skills and discover hidden abilities they didn't know they had. It's because of this lifestyle that most write about their adventures and experiences that have challenged them.

Even though challenges are how they learn about themselves, these adventures they take are soon realized to be easier than they expected them to be. It is because of this that Cancer Moon Children have a hard time understanding why it doesn't come easy for those around them.

These tense, challenging situations are needed in order for them to continue to grow and develop their deep hidden talents.

What Does Life Look Like for Cancer Moon Children?

Since learning new things comes naturally for them in their life, where they live and who they are surrounded by places a major role in their development. Their environment either helps them move forward at a fast rate or keeps them stuck in one place.

They seem to know no boundary, which to those around them, it may seem like Cancer Moon children are acting irrationally. The truth is that public display of anything gives them anxiety, so they use their looney sense of humor to work through their anxiety. So you can now understand why being around others for a short time seems to drain their energy. If they aren't careful about the amount of time spent around people, they will start shutting down and blocking out the world around them just to escape their anxiety.

This imbalance leads many Cancer Moon children not to realize that they have taken on others' problems, and this is the true source of their anxiety.

Remember, the moon drives one's personality, while Neptune is responsible for mental and emotional responses to life, love, and other human beings. Learning more about these two planets will further increase your understanding of Cancer Moon Children.

"The moon represents the lower part of the brain, the spinal cord and the sympathic system, and is thus is closely connected with the senses. It demotes the interaction between thought and feeling, or the psychic nature, with all its rapid and fluctuating moods and changes of consciousness."

— By Alan Leo


Why Are These Undesirable Traits Necessary?

Each of the traits in the graph above have their place in Cancer Moon Children's life.

Their ability to absorb and retain events from the past gives them an accurate memory of whole situations, not just their side of the story. These memories can be overwhelmingly strong, and they tend to cause many unnecessary problems in their lives. This is the hardest lesson for these Moon Children to understand, accept and learn from, but once they have let go they will begin to flourish in all areas of their life.

Cancer Moon Children have to learn to step into change without fear of failure, and stop taking the hard way every single time. The hard way does have lessons they need to learn, but once they have learned it, there is no need to do it the hard way again.

Being born with many gifts, Cancer Moon Children sometimes have trouble learning when their dreams and visions are a message and when they are wishful thinking.

Once these obstacles have been tackled and learned from, Cancer Moon Children tend to become highly motivated, creative people that encourage and help other human beings learn new skills about themselves.

These traits are what is keeping these moon children from their dream life.

Deeper Understanding

Cancer Moon Children go deeper than can be written in this article. To get a full understanding, I strongly recommend reading and learning more about Estoric Astrology and the Seven Rays of Ceremonial order and magic.

To take it even one step deeper, learn more about the Druids, Irish astrology, and astronomy from the past.

I am here to answer any important questions arising out of this article. Feel free to comment or send me a message.

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