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Updated on January 20, 2018
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Cancer is a cardinal Sun Sign, ruled by the Moon, and symbolized by the crab. This means that gentle Cancer Sun Sign people have reserved and retiring natures, yet somehow have a tendency to end up in the public eye anyway. Cardinal signs are people who lead, and a Cancer person likes to be in charge, but in a behind the scenes sort of way. They are good leaders because they have cautious natures, and will carefully and sensibly consider all options and opinions before making a decision.They can also trust their highly developed intuition and psychic senses too.

Their crab symbol tells people quite a lot about the nature of a Cancerian. The hard shell is a means of protection so not many people see how vulnerable that Cancer sun sign people really are. The Crab can hide very quickly inside that shell when necessary, or for a stretch of much needed privacy or quiet time.

Crabs also move sideways and backwards to do things, so if you watch your Cancer friend work on something, you will notice that their problem solving skills are rather unique. It may seem unusual to some, as Cancers do approach difficulties either sideways or backwards, in ways that make sense only to them. But it gets results, so that is all that matters.

Cancer Sun Signs Change Every 2 1/2 Days!

Birthdays for Cancer sun sign people fall from around June 21st to July 21st, but as always, the date should be checked in a book called an ephemeris, which gives the signs every planet is in for usually a fifty year period. Cancer is considered a sign of “long ascension.” This just means that the Sun stays in the sign slightly longer. I know several Cancers whose birthdays run as late as July 23rd. So do not fall for that, “Oh, my birthday is on a cusp, I’m two signs" business. Your Sun is always in one sign, and the cusp has nothing to do with it. Cusps exist, but are the dividing lines between the houses of a horoscope, they have nothing to do with sun signs.

Cancer is also the sign of Motherhood, so they love family and children, and are very emotional people. This may be a good time to discuss their ruler, the moon, and how it affects the Cancer people in your life. Earth’s moon makes a trek through all twelve signs of the zodiac in approximately 28 days. So each sign change will alter the mood of your Cancer sun sign person at least a little bit. The moon stays in each sign for around 2 ½ days, and if you pay attention, (or keep a chart), you may begin to see how their moods fluctuate with the changing of the moon signs. It could be wise to keep a moon sign book or astrological calendar handy. Some calendars do contain sun sign and moon sign information, but if not, they are usually made by the New Age business of Llewellyn, though I personally feel they have gone downhill. They seem to have a corner on the market.

Cancer sun sign people are always a little changeable, but are very kind and caring souls who have a natural tendency to nurture others. So what if their moods change every two or two and a half days? It will not be a huge change; they are still the same loving, patient, and somewhat shy people you like or love. They warm up to others once they know them better, but will act reserved with newcomers at first.

Don't let that shyness or quiet facade fool you though, because they are very strong emotionally, and can be very independent in handling almost any crisis that comes up. They always rise to the challenge, and will go to any lengths to keep their loved ones safe. They adore their families, and have close friends from childhood who they consider family, so if you want to criticize them, your Cancer friend does not want to hear it!

Cancer is all about Motherhood and Family


Protective Amulets for Cancer Sun Sign People

Silver is the metal most associated with Cancer, so when wearing jewelry, a silver chain or setting is most fitting for them. The moonstone is obviously associated with the sign. They are not always called moonstones, but are found in varied, light milky blue shades, and some have more brilliant shades of blue that shine through. I have one that is all light blue, and one that is a mixture of several clear blues, with a little of the milky blue, and it looks like a full moon does at night. The stone in one of the necklaces gets very warm when I wear it, even in the winter!

Emeralds are also protective stones for Cancers, as long as they wear one and it does not chip, the wearer is supposed to be safe from harm! When we got engaged my husband designed a beautiful ring that was an emerald set in silver. I am Cancer and he was Taurus. But silver is softer than gold, and an emerald is softer than a diamond, so unfortunately the stone had a small chip as the years went on, and as it got bigger, I lost the stone. I have a "replacement", but it's a smaller stone set in white gold that serves as a remembrance of his thoughtfulness! The beautiful green of emeralds is supposed to be due to the presence of copper or chromium. Emeralds have been held in high esteem through much of history. Many are found with Egyptian remains, and faith in the emerald's qualities of courage, faith and immortality are well known in Asian cultures. It is believed in India that emeralds give you better memory, and a knowledge of future events. The Romans believed no evil could remain in the presence of an emerald. Columbia is another country that provides many emeralds to places worldwide. So along with their beauty, they are thought to possess many powers!

Champion of Charity, Changeable Charmer

So we have established the fact that a Cancer person will never bore you, since they wear so many facades. The comfort and happiness of their spouses, children, parents, and anyone they let into their hearts is the most important issue to a Cancer. They do not want to see anyone suffer if they can help it, and are quick to back up their sentiments with actions. Cancerians crave security, but are hard working, industrious, and frugal. Most have a heightened sense of psychic ability, and have visions or intense dreams. Metaphysical topics are very interesting to them, as they have probably been aware they see auras or feel the presence of a Guardian Angel for a long time, but have not mentioned it out of fear others would view their “powers” in an insensitive light. As they get older they will find others like themselves, just as any person who feels “different” does.

Cancer people have a great dramatic sense, and make fine actors. They also will be active in the arts, as painters, poets, writers, singers, interior decorators, nurses, doctors, midwives, or psychotherapists. Cancer people also have a good head for figures, so can be found as bankers, real estate agents, or financial advisers. Cancers also like things of beauty, so can be makers of jewelry, have makeup businesses, be cake decorators or party planners, owners of a restaurant or catering business, or owners of a garden center.

Our Moon Rules Cancer


Psychic Energies and Loving Parents

The key phrase for psychic Cancerians is “I feel.” Cancer sun sign people have highly developed protective and defensive instincts when it comes to themselves or anyone they love. They are afraid of being teased, but hide that behind their shells. They withdraw and spend time alone when they are hurt by the world or by others. These people seem to have two sides, because the Sun reverses direction in Cancer, it stops moving in northern skies and starts its journey southward in the summer in the northern hemisphere (the “long ascension"). Although changeable themselves, they are good at diplomacy with others, and can often get a group of people to come to a consensus or to work together on a charitable cause. They are good at being in charge, especially if it is a matter of great importance to them. Cancer sun sign people are very possessive of their loved ones, and worry too much about them, so they need to learn to relax and chill out a little.

They have powerful imaginations, and you do not want them to get it in their heads that they have any kind of illness. They are very neat and clean in appearance. They dislike being told what to do, and it is better to let them figure things out on their own. They have their own way of doing things, and both of you will only get more confused! When Cancerians work on a project, they are on time, exact and efficient, and will see it through to the end. They are curious people who have many interests and like to research them all. Most sun sign Cancers like to be married, as they want children and enjoy family life. But they will not stay in a relationship for long if they do not think it is leading to something more long term. They do not allow anyone to toy with their affections. Cancers make doting spouses and parents, and will be active in school systems and any activities their family is interested in. For some reason, many Cancer men have trouble staying married, and most I know have been married either more than once, or not at all. But they will go out often and Cancer sun sign people are active people. They have nervous energy and with all their varied interests, will always find ways to remain occupied.

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      • Jean Bakula profile image

        Jean Bakula 2 months ago from New Jersey


        I can't just look up the date and tell you about yourself. It's a long process to cast and interpret an astrology chart, and I charge for it. You can find me on

        As a Cancer, you are kind, sympathetic and also need time to yourself. You are sensible, yet moody, and usually are a hard worker. You like to be the leader behind the scenes. You are probably artistic. I need 10-12 hours to cast and interpret and can't do it here for free. So sorry.

      • Jean Bakula profile image

        Jean Bakula 13 months ago from New Jersey

        Cancer is a cardinal sign of leadership, and many Cancers are successful business people. In fact, they don't like to be bossed around by others. Although it is a sign which cares a lot about family and close friends, it doesn't mean Cancers want to feel trapped with a ball and chain. You have a good head for business and are probably creative and sensible. Go for it! Good luck.

      • Jean Bakula profile image

        Jean Bakula 6 years ago from New Jersey

        Thanks for reading and commenting. Do you know if your Venus is in Cancer? My Venus in the signs series is on my blog, it's a work in progress. Best wishes to you!

      • profile image

        Leeya 6 years ago

        Great article describes me perfectly, also read ur article about moon in aqurius and that was spot on as well, i soooooooo love being a cancer ;)

      • Jean Bakula profile image

        Jean Bakula 6 years ago from New Jersey

        Hi There,

        I could swear I answered this, I'm just hanging out fixing up some hubs. I must have not clicked the post comment button, it was 2 months ago. I'm sorry, I always answer my mail. You may be a Sun Sign Cancer, but have Mercury (how you think) and Venus (love and social nature) in Leo. All the planets are in a sign, not just the Sun. If you know your birth time within 2 hours, look on my hub about ascendants, and also on one of the Moon signs. Your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and Ascendant are all really important, called "The Trinity." I have links on the hubs that can help you. Your ascendant and moon could be in any sign, probably a more outgoing and direct one than Cancer. I read your hubs and you do "come off" more as a Leo! And I would never yell at you! Best Wishes.

      • d.william profile image

        d.william 6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

        Good hub. Don't yell at me now - but i was born a few days after the end of the Cancer sign dates. Although i am under the sign of Leo, i have always read the horoscopes of Cancer first, and then the Leo. I will most often, fit into the Cancer horoscope, and rarely into the Leo. I have often thought that my parents (or the person who recorded my birth date) made a mistake and wrote July instead of June. What does this all mean? Perhaps, this only reflects the way i have led my life - never really wanting anyone to see the true nature of my own existence?

      • Jean Bakula profile image

        Jean Bakula 6 years ago from New Jersey

        Hello Ihsaan M,

        Isn't that the truth? Actually Cancer is a cardinal sign of leadership. I'm one myself, and although I can charm people, I do like to get my own way! Cancer rules the home, so another pastime could be real estate, a Cancer could buy cheaper homes, fix them up, and flip them. Or be interior decorators. Cancers are practical, and understand they need money to live, but won't get really attached to a job. It's the creative things in their life that matter to them the most, and possibly their families, if they have good relationships with them. We are very resilient too, so people should not underestimate us (though it can work in our favor sometimes if they do, lol). Thanks for commenting!

      • profile image

        Ihsaan M. 6 years ago

        This is the most accurate artice I've read on this. Most aim to box everyone into some lame mold of a doting homebody who is weak.