All About the Cancer Astrological Sign

From SkyView / NASA
From SkyView / NASA

A Historical Reference Guide

The Moon.
The Moon.

This is the true, original analysis of astrology as pertains to Cancer by Professor Fredrick White as written in “A Guide to Astrology”, published in 1901-1904. In other words, here is your information from the source; without the 100+ years of modern interpretation and commercial modification by others.

This 100+ year-old manuscript has been cleaned up and somewhat paraphrased for easier Third Millennium reading. However, as promised, an image of the original, unaltered manuscript is also included. Ctrl+/- will adjust the size. For historical perspective and additional nuances it is well worth the read.

Information for this article was compiled from United States (U.S.) government archives.

There is a short metaphysics experiment at the end.

Cancer is movable, watery, cold, moist, feminine and is ruled by the Moon. The Sun enters Cancer on June 2lst and passes into Leo on July 22nd.

The Moon. Spectrum scanned and color coded to display composition differences.
The Moon. Spectrum scanned and color coded to display composition differences.

Personality Traits

The personality traits of people born under the sign of Cancer are retiring, patient, sensitive, kind and gentle. This personality is very averse to discord and disharmony. People born under this sign are known to conscientiously, tenaciously, and quietly pursue their goals.

Other personality traits include industriousness, prudence, and frugality; yet sometimes overly anxious in acquiring things. They are proud, but need encouragement.

Those born under this sign are easily influenced by their surroundings; and are often intuitive and mediumistic. They are greatly attached to home and family. They can be very changeable, subject to the phases of the Moon.


People born under the sign of Cancer can be inclined towards jealousy, can be subject to periods of depression and fear.

Compatibility and Harmony

Cancer people are compatible and harmonize best with Virgos, Scorpios, or Pisces; and reasonably well with Aquarius or Taurus.

Moon formation.
Moon formation.

Best Career Paths and Jobs

Cancers succeed best in careers requiring persistent effort combined with patience, such as business management. People born under this sign can do well in certain medical and service industries.

Best Places to Live

Cancer people want to live near large bodies of water. They do not like cities.

Birthstones and Gemstones

The ruling gemstones of Cancer are Emeralds and Moonstone.


Paraphrased Quote: (Editor’s note: circa 1901)

Cancer is said to rule all Africa, Holland, Scotland, Constantinople, Amsterdam, Venice, New York and Milan.

The Original Manuscript


Astrological, astronomy, and other 2016 calendar events.

A planispheric astrolabe from the 14th century. Used for surveying, astrology, timekeeping, and navigation in the 14th century and beyond. More info at source.
A planispheric astrolabe from the 14th century. Used for surveying, astrology, timekeeping, and navigation in the 14th century and beyond. More info at source. | Source

Solar System Symbols - Used in both Astrology and Astronomy

Sun Mercury Venus Earth Moon Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto
Sun Mercury Venus Earth Moon Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto | Source


Previous months' data and additional information are available at SkyCal.

Times are GMT/UTC without DST.

October 2016

01 Sa 00:12 New Moon

01 Sa Venus: 30.9° E

03 Mo 17:30 Moon-Venus: 5.6° S

04 Tu 11:02 Moon Apogee: 406100 km

06 Th 08:04 Moon-Saturn: 4.2° S

08 Sa 06:03 Moon South Dec.: 18.5° S

09 Su 04:33 First Quarter

13 Th 09:43 Moon Descending Node

15 Sa 10:15 Uranus Opposition

16 Su 04:23 Full Moon

16 Su 23:36 Moon Perigee: 357900 km

19 We 06:18 Moon-Aldebaran: 0.3° S

20 Th 23:38 Moon North Dec.: 18.6° N

21 Fr 04:45 Orionid Shower: ZHR = 20

22 Sa 19:14 Last Quarter

25 Tu 04:01 Moon-Regulus: 1.7° N

26 We 01:45 Moon Ascending Node

26 We 10:54 Venus-Antares: 3.1° N

27 Th 15:53 Mercury Superior Conj.

28 Fr 09:33 Moon-Jupiter: 1.6° S

30 Su 01:47 Venus-Saturn: 3° N

30 Su 17:38 New Moon

31 Mo 19:29 Moon Apogee: 406700 km

November 2016

01 Tu Venus: 37.7° E

02 We 19:38 Moon-Saturn: 4.1° S

04 Fr 13:04 Moon South Dec.: 18.7° S

05 Sa 05:13 South Taurid Shower: ZHR = 10

06 Su 02:00 Daylight Saving Time Ends

07 Mo 19:51 First Quarter

09 We 15:57 Moon Descending Node

12 Sa 04:29 North Taurid Shower: ZHR = 15

14 Mo 11:23 Moon Perigee: 356500 km

14 Mo 13:52 Full Moon

15 Tu 16:50 Moon-Aldebaran: 0.4° S

17 Th 09:32 Moon North Dec.: 18.8° N

17 Th 10:47 Leonid Shower: ZHR = 15

21 Mo 08:33 Last Quarter

21 Mo 10:08 Moon-Regulus: 1.4° N

22 Tu 02:48 Moon Ascending Node

23 We 18:48 Mercury-Saturn: 3.4° N

25 Fr 01:47 Moon-Jupiter: 2.1° S

27 Su 20:08 Moon Apogee: 406600 km

29 Tu 12:18 New Moon

December 2016

01 Th Venus: 43.2° E

01 Th 19:56 Moon South Dec.: 18.9° S

03 Sa 12:34 Moon-Venus: 6.3° S

05 Mo 10:39 Moon-Mars: 3.1° S

06 Tu 17:35 Moon Descending Node

07 We 09:03 First Quarter

10 Sa 11:03 Saturn Conjunction

11 Su 03:59 Mercury Elongation: 20.8° E

12 Mo 23:27 Moon Perigee: 358500 km

13 Tu 04:14 Moon-Aldebaran: 0.4° S

13 Tu 23:57 Geminid Shower: ZHR = 120

14 We 00:05 Full Moon

14 We 21:43 Moon North Dec.: 18.9° N

18 Su 18:14 Moon-Regulus: 1.1° N

19 Mo 04:46 Moon Ascending Node

21 We 01:56 Last Quarter

21 We 10:45 Winter Solstice

22 Th 08:00 Ursid Shower: ZHR = 10

22 Th 16:37 Moon-Jupiter: 2.7° S

25 Su 05:55 Moon Apogee: 405900 km

28 We 18:41 Mercury Inferior Conj.

29 Th 03:30 Moon South Dec.: 19° S

29 Th 06:53 New Moon


Object-Other: Object occults Other.

Occults: Passes in front of.

Earth Aphelion: Earth farthest from the Sun.

Earth Perihelion: Earth closest to the Sun.

Moon Apogee: Moon farthest from Earth.

Moon Perigee: Moon closest to Earth.

Moon Ascending and Descending Nodes: The moon's orbit passes from south of the ecliptic to north of the ecliptic (ascending) or from north of the ecliptic to south of the ecliptic (descending).

Ecliptic: The Earth-Sun plane.

Conjunction: Earth is in a direct line between Sun and outer planet.

Superior Conjunction:Sun is in a direct line between Earth and Inner Planet

Opposition: Sun and planet on opposite sides of the sky.

Inferior Conjunction: Both planets in a direct line on same side of Sun.

Elongation: Greatest angle from Sun-Earth plane.


Depending on your location, your results may vary. Astronomical data source: Fred Espenak and Sumit Dutta (NASA/GSFC).

Succeeding months scheduled to be posted in due course.

Metaphysics Experiment for Cancer:

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Constantino Brumidi - Fresco, 1860
Constantino Brumidi - Fresco, 1860 | Source

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Dee aka Nonna profile image

Dee aka Nonna 5 years ago

Just found this one. I, too, am Cancer. I headed an organization for years...dealing with the public was part of the job and I did very well, but I loved being at home and my friends often wondered why. This was great....I'd never read anything but the "modern" books, etc.

KFlippin profile image

KFlippin 5 years ago from Amazon

Very much enjoyed this, it is interesting to see the interpretation of the zodiac signs from so long ago. And yes, I was born a Cancer, with Leo rising.

Motown2Chitown 5 years ago

This is REALLY interesting! This part I found particularly eye catching - "Cancer people want to live near large bodies of water. They do not like cities." The first is completely and totally true about me. I love, love, love living near large bodies of water. But I also adore city living. Find it interesting that I live in a city on a Great Lake. Think there's something to that. I also love your sourcing and research. Useful, interesting, and UP. :)

Mark Bronze profile image

Mark Bronze 5 years ago

Great article, the spectrum moon image is wonderful but the fresco image is even better. Being a Cancer I enjoyed reading the hub very much, thank you.

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 5 years ago from New Jersey

Hello Paradigmsearch,

It's great to "see" a fellow Astrologer! I used to have info about good cities for each sign, but don't know where I put it. I have always loved the ocean, no surprise as a Cancer, but went on a Caribbean cruise 7 yrs ago. Due to bad weather, there wasn't much island time, so I knew I had to go back. I went to Jamaica, fell in love, and have been back 4 times! It's my dream to retire there. I live in NJ, but love New York City. I grew up in a large city about a half hour from NY, and it's a great city which I also feel at home in. But I live on a one lane road in the woods. So it's fun to have that peacefulness at home, and be close to the city. Wonderful hub!

clarice 4 years ago

Great article it's funny though I from NY and I used to live in the country and I hated it I don't like country living at all im a city girl so that one threw me off but I have to live near water and thank God NY is surrounded by it I love where i'm from wouldn't go back to the south for no one

wavegirl22 profile image

wavegirl22 4 years ago from New York, NY

you should have a picture of me on this Hub because I am the poster girl for being a Cancerian! Love this read.

John Sarkis profile image

John Sarkis 4 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

This is a great hub. You're very knowledgeable in the field of astrology. All said though, I didn't fully understand myself until I found out my moon and rising signs; I'm a cancer. Jean (the lady that commented) is one of the foremost astrologers and she's taught me quite a bit.

Voted up


janshares profile image

janshares 3 years ago from Washington, DC

Interesting take on Cancer from historical perspective. The descriptions are more accurate in describing me than others I've seen. However, I've never been "chubby" in my entire life, only long and slim. :-) Informative hub, voted up and interesting.

Best Astrologer India 3 years ago

Hi, interesting post. I have been wondering about this topic , so thanks for posting. I’ll definitely be subscribing to your site. Keep up the good posts.

aesta1 profile image

aesta1 9 months ago from Ontario, Canada

I never knew there is so much info on my Astrology sign. I am a Cancer and I am glad I live right on the lake.

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