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13 Bad Things About Virgos

Amber is a writer and a Virgo who enjoys sharing her experience and expertise across a wide array of topics.


Virgo Is a Mixed Bag

I know we are here to discuss the "bad" things about a Virgo Sun sign. While people born under this sign are often known for their reliability and intense loyalty in friendships and their ability to set emotions aside in the service of solving problems, they also have a few weaknesses. After all, with the good there is always the bad.

There are several bad things about Virgos that you might want to keep in mind before you start interacting with this Earth sign. I am a Virgo and I can assure you that, unfortunately, most of these are painfully accurate.

1. Virgos Are People Pleasers

While it's a great thing that this Sun sign isn't known for letting other people down, it can also be a negative trait. Virgo tends to put so much emphasis on not letting other people down that they often forego taking care of themselves in favor of being reliable. This self-neglect can lead to a cranky Virgo.

2. They Have High Standards for Themselves

Virgos have surprisingly high standards for everything, but especially for themselves. You'll never have to point out a flaw to a Virgo because they are already well aware of all of their flaws. This can lead to them taking longer to get ready and being nit-picky about everything for themselves, whether it's their appearance or a project they are working on.

3. Overly Critical

While wanting to do everything to the best of their ability is a wonderful thing, the perfectionism in Virgo is one of their bad traits as it often spills over into everything that they do. In a personal relationship, this can lead to Virgo pointing out flaws in other people in an attempt to help them, even though most other people perceive this as mean. This is also seen in their work, long-term relationships, and even in their friendships. The tendency to criticize is unfortunately one of the bad things about Virgos that is often present.

4. They Are Overthinkers

Virgo tends to have a more logical approach to life than other signs. They think of every committed relationship or daily plan in a logical fashion. However, this same logical thinking tends to go into overdrive and often leads to them overthinking.

A Virgo in a healthy relationship can quickly find things to stress about because they overthink everything possible. They overanalyze behavior and then believe that they have everything figured out before mentioning it. This can lead to quite a few problems.

This can also mean that Virgo is not as impulsive as other signs. They tend to think more with their head than their heart, so spontaneous vacations are definitely not their thing. This can kill the romantic vibe in a budding relationship, and make them one of the least fun zodiac signs.

5. Virgos Are Stubborn

Their stubbornness and tendency to dig in their heels is one of the worst traits of a Virgo, in my opinion. They typically believe that they are right about everything, which means they often think their way is always the best way. In fact, a Virgo might believe they know the only right way to do anything, even if others know a more efficient way to do something.

6. Hard to Please

Another of the bad traits of Virgos to keep in mind is that they can be rather hard to please. Trying to make them happy can feel impossible, especially for their partners. This is because they if something isn't perfect, it can really bother them. This pickiness can be hard for them to relinquish, no matter what sort of effort their partner put into something.

7. Excessive Worry

Virgos tend to overthink everything. While this often makes them flawless performers at work, it can lead to them worrying so much about their future that it gives them anxiety. They will overanalyze possible situations and stress themselves out to the point of being irritable.

8. Tendency Toward Pessimism

Because Virgo tends to worry and overanalyze every possible thing, they tend to see the negative aspects of every person and situation before they can see the positive. This often leads to them having a pessimistic outlook on life in general, which can make them quite depressing at times.

9. Hard to Work With

Some of these bad traits make Virgos very difficult to work with. They are often the person in the group that would prefer to work alone so that they know the project gets done right. When having to work with other people, Virgo will often be so critical that they can irritate the rest of the group. They insist on everything being perfect. This can make them so meticulous that projects often take longer than they need to, which can cause collaborators to feel frustrated.

10. They Hold Their Emotions Inside

Because Virgo is logical and wants to appear logical to the world, they tend to suppress a lot of their emotions. If there is one sign that is known for having a resting bitch face, it's Virgo. While this can be beneficial in the midst of a crisis or at work, there are other times that bad traits like this one will cause problems for Virgo. For example, it can make it difficult for them to maintain relationships and have proper communication with their partner. Because Virgos often let their emotions build up over time, this sign is also know for emotional explosions when they can no longer handle everything they have repressed.

11. Highly Skeptical

It often seems as though people born under this sign are born with trust issues as they tend to be instantly skeptical of every person and situation. Before moving forward with anything, they have to look at every aspect of a situation or person, which can be frustrating for other people.

12. Workaholism

Virgos are known for their intense work ethic. They will never give up on their dreams and have the patience to spend months or years working to achieve what they want. However, there is a downside to this. Virgo can neglect relationships with family, friends, and lovers in an effort to work towards their dreams. They can have a hard time breaking away from work in order to have a healthy work/life balance, which often leads to burnout and problems in relationships.


13. Judgmental

Because Virgo tends to analyze everything, including every person and their actions, it leads to them being naturally judgmental. They judge every person and every situation, and it can be rather offensive. On top of judging everyone, they have a hard time hiding that they are doing it.

Not All Bad

We have covered all the negatives about this sign, but it's important to remember that Virgos also have a few wonderful traits. Each zodiac sign has pros and cons, and not every individual person struggles with the same negative traits or the has the same strengths as another.

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