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Lennon and McCartney Astrological Comparison

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John Lennon.

John Lennon.

Astrology Charts of John Lennon and Paul McCartney Contrasted

John Lennon and Paul McCartney gained worldwide attention as the Beatles, and were one of the most loved and prolific songwriting teams in history. Both had dreamed of being in a band since they were very young. They met each other at school in Liverpool, England—what was it about the two of them that gave them such artistic chemistry?

It has been said in many biographies, one of them The Beatles by Bob Spitz, that John and Paul could finish each other’s sentences when they were writing together. Or that John would write one line, and Paul the next. Sometimes, one of them would have half of a song, and the other would find a creative solution as to how it could be finished.

John Lennon's Astrology chart.

John Lennon's Astrology chart.

The Perfect Partnership

John Lennon was a Sun sign Libra, and Paul McCartney is a Sun sign Gemini. Both of these are air signs which rule communications. They are also in an easy aspect called a trine, so this is what contributed to the ease with which they could practically read each other’s minds when they were working on material for albums. John’s Sun in the seventh house of partnerships means that he was happiest while working with a partner.

This is true in his personal life as well as in his musical career. He and Paul became friends who hung around all the time before they formed a band. Later, John married his girlfriend Cynthia when she became pregnant, to do the “right thing” by her. Finally, John’s partnership and second marriage to Yoko Ono became the most important part of his life. So John should be viewed as a person who really doesn’t like to be alone, or work alone.

John Regarded His Music Career as Just a Job

Paul McCartney’s strong Gemini Sun in his ninth house, but very close to his midheaven, makes it almost impossible for him not to express his ideas and words in a public manner. His Mercury in Gemini gives him a mind that’s always going, always thinking and forming new ideas. Paul is very ruled by his thoughts and intellect, a cerebral sort of person. A person with Mercury in Gemini is a somewhat nervous person, but a quick thinker who can come off as being sort of playful, which is descriptive of Paul’s public demeanor. Because Paul’s Gemini Sun is so close to his career house, it is very prominent, so he was destined to be an achiever, someone who was going to be sure to implement his plans and dreams.

Once Paul had a taste of fame, he wanted to move out of obscurity fast, because he had a need to shine with his strong Sun, and was very success oriented. The honors, prestige, and recognition that being one of the Beatles provided were very important to Paul’s sense of self worth. Paul had loads of charisma, and was a bit vain, though many always thought he was the best looking of the guys, so his looks were played up. Many of these traits came from Paul’s Leo Moon.

John’s Aquarius Moon was in opposition with Paul’s Leo Moon, the body which rules emotions. Although this caused difficulties in getting along at times, it’s also positive energy which was useful as a creative outlet, which happened with John and Paul. John is more impersonal in his emotional responses, and preferred to involve himself in large projects which affected many people. This trait was accentuated in John’s later life as he met Yoko Ono, and organized rallies for peace, and concerts to help people in need.

It is interesting that when most people think of the Beatles, it is usually John they think of as the spokesperson for the group. He was a natural, because he had an Aries ascendant, so he liked attention. John also had a very blunt and direct manner of speaking. That Aries enthusiasm, frankness, and courage, made John quick to blurt out whatever he thought.

He caused a huge uproar with his quote that the “Beatles were more popular than Jesus.” That was just his style of speaking; John was a little naïve and came off as being more assertive than he really was because of his Aries ascendant. But when one takes a closer look at his horoscope, it’s obvious that it is not a role he really wanted! Being a Libran, John wanted to please people. He was charming and likable.

Also, people tend to forget how young Paul and John were when they went viral all over the world! They were only teens, and not at all ready for the media blitz all over the world that they suddenly had to contend with everyday. People still hold that one remark about Jesus against John, who was a bewildered 20 yr. old, lived with no semblance of privacy, and was already a husband and father! Later, it was George who described the "Beatles experience" as "four really crazy years of my life." Truly, that's how long they all stayed together, though that huge body of work makes it seem much longer. Plus after the break up, John and Paul (plus George and Ringo) all went on to record many more projects.

Paul Wanted to Be Viewed as the Leader

It was actually Paul who always wanted to be the leader, with that prominent tenth house. As Paul began achieving more, he had higher and higher goals. Paul had strong organizational skills, because of his Virgo ascendant, also noticeable in the appearance of Mercury (how you think) Jupiter (where you are lucky) and the Sun (where you shine) filling up his ninth and tenth houses. He was going to be a leader in whatever he chose to do with his life. But Paul began having conflicts of authority early on in the Beatles' careers, as he kept trying to rise above the others in the group. He didn’t really care that much about the money, although when the Beatles later began their own Apple label, and it dissolved, Paul made sure he got good financial advice and took advantage of his band mates to a certain extent.

Paul’s Mercury in Gemini made it hard for him to make decisions. This is because that position would make him ponder an issue from every side, to be fair, and make it hard to settle on one choice. He tended to over intellectualize issues, but also Paul had a strong will. His Venus in Taurus made him sensual and charming in social situations. His Mars in Leo, a fixed, fire sign, and in his eleventh house, meant he was used to getting his own way when it came to friends, and his hopes and dreams. It did aid him in making new starts though, as when he married Linda Eastman and began their new band Wings. Paul’s Virgo influences in the twelfth house of secrets gave him a sense of perfectionism, and also made Paul the “organizer behind the scenes.”

John’s strong Sun in his seventh house of partnerships meant that he really did not like to be alone or work alone, and he always was part of some partnership in everything he did. But his Mars in Libra in the marriage and partnership house proves that he involved himself in active and dynamic partnerships where he was willing to fight for what he believed in at the time. John was never afraid to take on an adversary, be it the U.S. government when G. Gordon Liddy tried to have him deported, or in his active anti-war efforts, when he and Yoko Ono spent huge sums of money for billboards declaring, “Merry Christmas, War Is Over If You Want It.” When John Lennon cared enough about something, he would try to move mountains to achieve his goal.

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Paul McCartney.

Paul McCartney.

John's Family Life

John’s dominant Saturn in Taurus in his second house meant that he had a grave and rather serious side when it came to security issues in his life. He actually saw his mother run over by a car as he watched, only a helpless young teen. His father, also symbolized by Saturn, was a Merchant Marine named Freddy, who never acknowledged John as his son until he realized John was rich and famous. Sadly, John was no better a father to his son Julian, as he was on the road and living like he was single while Cynthia took charge of his son’s upbringing. Recently, Cynthia Lennon published a book about her life with John, before he became famous and in the early years, then describes the last years of their marriage. It's called John.

In later years, John was more mature and a better father to his and Yoko’s only child together, Sean. But even today Julian sounds bitter that Yoko and Sean “stole the stage” from his mother and he. Many believe that Yoko served as more of a mother image to John, but he was jealous and possessive of her, while expecting her to accept that he do whatever he wanted. John’s Aquarius moon in the eleventh house shows why he was attracted to Yoko, an avant garde artist and someone who could act as a friend, mother, and lover, all in one. He admired her strength because she was one of the few women he knew who had a serious career of her own, and that attracted John.

John’s Jupiter, planet of abundance, is also in his second house of money and security in Taurus, and of course, he was financially secure. But John never gave priority to wealth just for the sake of power. Although these planets are accentuated, John used his finances to further his sensual and seductive lifestyle. John still craved a family life, because he never had one. It was said he insisted that Yoko accompany him everywhere, even at the studio, and the Beatles never let anyone in the studio. His jealousy and insecurity caused these actions.

His Jupiter/Saturn conjunction here shows that social and humanitarian causes meant much more to John Lennon. John’s Venus in Virgo in the sixth house of work means that even though he loved his career, he considered it as work, just a daily occupation that took up much of his time. He was very close to his colleagues, a necessity in the days of Beatlemania. Ringo Starr, the group’s congenial drummer, later discussed that fame was so hard on the group, that one had to be part of the Beatles to really understand the crazy lives they had, the demands that were made on their time. Plus John and Paul tried to take over and make all the rules, and George Harrison and Ringo Starr did not have much time given to their songs and singing. So many do not realize how talented the two “other” Beatles were.

John’s need for security confused him and made him feel as if emotions were burdens, a reason he had many “lost weekends” he could not account for. His Mercury in Scorpio made him somewhat sarcastic, but he was an original thinker with a unique sense of humor, and always a non conformist. When John believed in something, nobody could change his mind.

Paul McCartney's Astrology chart.

Paul McCartney's Astrology chart.

Paul as a Family Man

Paul McCartney’s full ninth house made him love travel, or at least he thought about it often. He also had an interest in philosophical and spiritual matters. When Paul met the Eastman family, he attended concerts and became more interested in classical music and art. Paul needed approval from others because he wanted to shine, but was warm, loyal, and generous because of his Leo Moon. Paul always gave the group a sense of whimsy with his Mercury in Gemini, he could sense when they needed a break from the intensity of their work. He loved exchanging ideas, but got annoyed with others who could not think as fast as he could, or skip from subject to subject. Paul rebelled against much of what his parents taught him, as his life and travel opened his mind to many new ideas, but his father was also a musician.

Paul’s Venus in Taurus made him want to settle down and be a family man, and the public saw that for the many years he was married to Linda, and the whole family went on the road together with their band Wings. In the years since Linda’s tragic death from cancer, Paul has remarried twice, so obviously he does not like living alone either. Yet he was quite the playboy before he married, and with his Sun in Gemini, many women bored him, so he needed one who appealed to him on a mental level. In time he found that with Linda.

Paul’s desire to be the power behind the scenes was in full swing by the time the Beatles broke up. It was inevitable with so many planets at the Midheaven of his horoscope. But it was not evident on the surface how much he resented that John was the spokesperson of the band, even though it was the last thing John wanted to be! All the elements for the breakup were in place by the time John met Yoko, although many blamed her for the group’s breakup. They were already doing solo projects and finishing what would be their last album before Yoko came along.

In later years, it seems they all led separate lives, which they needed, as everyone wanted the Beatles to get back together. It has been said that one night Paul was at John’s apartment at the Dakota, and Lorne Michaels of Saturday Night Live was offering them thousands of dollars just to show up. They considered doing it as a lark, but decided they would only get mobbed. In later years, Paul seems to still consider himself a “Beatle,” and cannot let it go. Perhaps because the years Paul was a Beatle was the time in his life when he felt the most loved and powerful.

We Can Work It Out

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Tiffany on August 01, 2017:

That's true, John and Paul may have opposing personalities, yet in the spite of their personality differences tehy could work tigether so well. May John and George rest in peace. As for Paul and Ringo, good luck to them

I am interested with Chinese astrology because I have a great interest on Chinese culture.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on August 01, 2017:

That's great, Tiffany. You seem to be learning fast and having a talent for it. Jean

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on August 01, 2017:

I was not trying to pit John against Paul, they just had great but different talents, and sang like angels in some of their songs.