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Mitt Romney's Astrological Profile

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2012 Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney.

2012 Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney.

Romney's Astrological Trinity

The trinity is my starting point—this includes the person’s Sun, Moon, and Ascendant positions. Mitt Romney is a Sun sign Pisces. Every astrologer begins a chart expecting to see certain things, so my first surprise came rather quickly. Mitt has three planets (known as a stellium) in Pisces, not too far from his Midheaven. Mitt Romney is a dreamer! Who knew? He's a sensitive guy who knows he can make a difference. His Mercury (representing his thinking processes) and his Mars (the way he acts in a physical manner or what kind of activities he enjoys) are the other planets in the stellium. He loves being near the water and it is very soothing to him. This grouping of planets is important, and I will address it further along in this work.

Senator Romney's Trinity Continued

Romney’s Moon is in 27 degrees of Scorpio, making him a very emotional man, because Scorpio is a water sign, as are all those Pisces planets. His Jupiter is also in 27 degrees of Scorpio, a very close conjunction. Jupiter is about luck, and the Moon is about women, so Mitt should have terrific relationships with the women in his life, and work well with them, as the conjunction is in his 6th house. And since this conjunction trines his Pisces Sun, in his 11th house, the house of friendships, hopes, and wishes, I am sure he gets along well in his marriage and with his female friends and relatives.

I have watched him when his wife Ann is speaking on the stage, and he looks at her with what many used to call “the Nancy Reagan Gaze,” the one she always gave to Ronald Reagan when he was speaking. It is obvious that Mitt adores Ann, and works well with her. But during his Presidential campaign against Barack Obama, he seemed to have had tough times communicating with women. Why was this? Let us just check on his Ascendant, or Rising sign, and this can be explained.

Mitt’s Ascendant is only 58 seconds into Gemini, an air sign. This is the way a person appears to those who do not know him well, which is most of us. A Gemini Ascendant makes a person seem very changeable, but also very quick witted and able to think about many different things at one time. Romney has planet Uranus in his first house, the Ascendant house, so this causes him to do or say things suddenly, without thinking about them. Uranus rules Aquarius, which makes thoughts move at lightning speed. So he would say or do unexpected things on the fly. He may already have practiced a speech he worked on with his speech writer, and in the middle of giving it, decided to wing it.

Mitt and Ann Romney (he's doing "the gaze.")

Mitt and Ann Romney (he's doing "the gaze.")

Romney's Mercury Retrograde and Stellium in Pisces

Another thing I notice is Mitt’s Retrograde Mercury in Pisces. Retrograde Mercury can be the cause of stuttering, or some other kind of speech impediment. None of this is apparent in Mr. Romney, but I suspect it is the reason he may blurt things ouwithout thinking about them enough. This could be the reason this writer has often heard him described as a “flip flopper.”

His Saturn, planet of limitations, is opposite his Venus, ruler of women, so this does not help to endear him to them. The alleged unfair and intrusive measures he wishes to take on women’s issues is front and center, because that Venus is right there sitting in one of the most prominent spots of the chart. Yet I have never heard Senator Romney say anything negative about women. He needs to tell the people in the far right of his party to stop causing these problems for his campaign. But he does not like to tell people what to do. I suspect as a UT Senator, now that Donald Trump is President, Romney may go easier on social issues.

Because of the three Pisces planets, Mitt Romney dreams big, but it is a mutable sign, so it is harder for him to assert himself than it appears. Then top that off with a Uranus and Mercury that cause a person to blurt things out in a way they do not mean to say them, and this is an issue which needs to be overcome. He is ruled by his emotions, and they are very influenced by the people around him. Water signs just soak up whatever emotions are around them, just as a stream follows the banks. When another person has a different view then Mitt, he can think about it, and if he likes it, well, he may decide that is his latest opinion.

Astrology Chart of Mitt Romney

A copy of Mitt Romney's Astrology Chart I drew out my own, but it doesn't copy well as it's written in pencil.

A copy of Mitt Romney's Astrology Chart I drew out my own, but it doesn't copy well as it's written in pencil.

Possibilities for Romney With Pisces Planetary Positions

Let us discuss those three planets in Pisces more, because they are important. The Sun is where you shine, and for Romney it is in his house of friends, hopes, and wishes. He’s a great entertainer, and a good story teller. The Mercury in Pisces (how he thinks) gives him a great way to visualize his thoughts and memories, even to a photographic level. He is very telepathic and intuitive on the unconscious level, so must be careful he is not influenced by the thoughts of others around him, if they differ from his. He does not arrive at decisions in a logical manner, but on the basis of his intuitive perceptions that float up from his unconscious mind. This may sound like his thinking is spacey, but he does have good instincts and can trust them. In fact, he would get in less trouble if he did trust them.

Mitt is very sensitive and artistic, and should be able to imagine himself in other people’s shoes pretty easily. Yet he seems to care more about keeping taxes low for the rich, when there are so many needy people who need a break. So what is squashing the normal, humanitarian Pisces tendencies? His planet Uranus in his first house makes a square (a challenging or difficult aspect) to both his Sun and his Mercury.

So Romney must beware of being too easily swayed by people he trusts when it comes to expressing his thoughts, and should trust his own self about how he wants to portray his image. He tends to be whimsical and scattered, and has trouble planning long term actions. One would hope he has staff that are all earth signs. His intuition and imagination compensate for any lack of efficiency and discipline.

Romney Must Rely More on His Own Instincts

We do know that his successful healthcare plan while he was Governor of Massachusetts is almost the same thing as the one proposed by President Obama, yet Romney did his best to distance himself from this success story, calling it “Obamacare", and acting as if it was a failure. This is an example of him acting on bad advice which never helped him or his image. He loves new ideas, but they are strongly colored by the people around him, and right now it appeared his handlers were hurting him more than helping him in that Presidential run.

The Uranus in Romney’s 1st house means he is determined to come across as knowing what he wants, without caring much what others think. This seems in contradiction to his Mercury or thoughts being influenced by friends, but it is the norm to see contradictory things like this in astrology charts. The houses the planets are in tell us what areas the conflicts are in. So he can feel confident about his appearance, a 1st house issue, and he does look like he's out of central casting. But he needs to be wary of the 11th house planets, because he is a dreamer, and may be prone to trusting the wrong people or letting them color his ideas too much.

Mitt’s planets in the 11th house of friends and wishes and Moon and Jupiter in the house of work means he has many friends ready to help him as soon as he says the word. He cares a lot about his friendships. This astrologer believes here is where he best expresses his warmth, and that he has the ability to make lasting friendships, because as a friend he is responsible and probably has many of the same friends for years, with his Scorpio Moon. His Sun in the 11th house means he loves group activities, and this is what draws him to be ambitious and to believe he can lead a large group of people, like the U.S. His Mercury (mind) squares his Uranus (appearance) and so sometimes his ideas seem eccentric and impractical, not helped by the stellium in Pisces. He tends to jump to conclusions without getting all the facts.

This can also manifest as innovative methods and techniques for problem solving. Romney does not appreciate advice from others, and often changes his mind several times a day regarding issues (something we see in the media). That retrograde Mercury tends to alienate others because he sometimes makes tactless remarks, and then he acts foolishly opinionated and his views show some intellectual conceit. He really has to depend on his intuition more.

The Romney Family.

The Romney Family.

Romney Believes People Live Like Him

Venus in his 10th house in Aquarius means he has strong artistic talents, and that he approaches things in a heart centered way, rather than a logical one. But Aquarius on the Midheaven can make a person original to the point of eccentricity, and also, air signs make people seem distant, probably because they are usually wrapped in their own thoughts. Once again, we find evidence that he has trouble understanding cold, reasoning abilities, but also has that clash where he will do something unexpected because of the Uranus in his 1st house, and not care what others think. Once again, important conflicts or issues show up more than once in a horoscope, in different ways.

Mitt Romney is sympathetic and generous, and he really thinks he can make a difference, to bring good into the lives of the people in our country. He was a Governor, Presidential hopeful, and now a Senator. He has concerns about social welfare and good health. He just has trouble asserting himself with all those planets in Pisces, and has to fight to get his real views out in the public eye.

He does not trying to be mean or to hurt poor people, it is just that he has never been exposed to their kind of lifestyle, and cannot understand how other people’s upbringings and circumstances are so much different from his. He really thinks everyone can borrow money from their parents to start their own businesses, after said parents spent $50,000 a year to put each of their kids through college. They had to take out 2nd mortgages to do it, or hit up their 401k plans though. Didn't everyone grow up like Mitt did?

Scorpio moon people have very strong attachments to their family members, and enjoy their home lives. They actually do not like to travel that much, and would prefer to be home with their loved ones and familiar things. Scorpio is a strong sign, making Mitt an astute and strong person, who can overcome hurdles with ease. But at times he can be his own worst enemy, destructive or intolerant, since Scorpio moon people see everything in terms of black or white, with no in between.

He is what he is, and does not want to change. He is a proud man and is not afraid of confrontations. As a Scorpio Moon person, he is secretive at times, and even those closest to him may not really understand him that well. Sometimes he takes on tasks because of pressures from the family, even though he does not want to, but this pertains to family only. He has difficulties with religion and can be rigid in his philosophical, educational and religious values.

Romney’s Jupiter/Moon conjunction makes it so that he tries a little too hard to smooth over differences of opinion, he dislikes it when his relationships are not in harmony. Again we see this contradiction, where he has a difficult or unusual opinion, but wants everyone to be happy and getting along. His Neptune (dreams) is in his 5th house of romance, so he does have the ability to be romantic and creative in romance, perhaps this is what we see in his face when he looks at his wife.

Astrological Peek Into Mitt Romney's Life

The stellium in Pisces means he really is a very emotional dreamer, a sensitive person. But he shows a lack of clarity in his opinions and actions at times. He needs to trust his impressions and gut feelings, because they are strong and will not fail him. Mitt has a more dreamy temperament than anyone suspects, is a tad absent-minded, and with Mars in Pisces, has a low energy level.

Saturn is the karmic planet of burdens and limitations, and Romney has it in his 3rd house, which means he does not open up too much emotionally when communicating, even to the people closest to him. This may account for his lack of concrete ideas regarding what steps he would have taken as President besides replace President Obama. Now that he is a Senator, he seems more comfortable speaking out about some of President Trump's behavior. He has some trouble sharing his deeper feelings and affections, though he feels very strongly, with all those water signs.

We have explored the fact that he gets some of this emotion out of his system with his friends. The full 11th house of planets makes it important to Romney to be strong willed and to succeed, but sometimes he fails to take advantage of opportunities and does not have enough foresight to plan for long range goals. He must be careful not to initiate activities without sufficient preparation. He also has bad timing—Saturn opposite Venus—and this can make it difficult for him to present his case in the right manner.

My goal in interpreting Governor Mitt Romney’s astrology chart is to show you a picture of Mitt Romney the man, not the politician. This is only a sampling of what information can be found in this horoscope, and I am going to insert a copy of the horoscope with the article, should any of my readers want to interpret it further. Hopefully this exercise has been a successful one, and Senator Mitt Romney is wished all the best as he moves forward in his life.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2012 Jean Bakula


Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on May 30, 2017:

True. I think most people vote for who they like the most. But in the last elections, as our country gets more polarized, most vote for the one who wins the presidential primary for their party. I do it too. But sometimes I wish we could be big enough to vote for who would be the best person to serve our country, and make the necessary changes. Even if somebody could commit to infrastructure, jobs and a good health care system. That would be monumental. Do you think sometimes the US is too slow to change or act on the things that no longer work? I wrote in a political forum that if I was POTUS, I would study up and see what and why Socialist countries can give health care to everyone, and really got jumped on. What's wrong with borrowing a few ideas that work somewhere else, it doesn't mean we need to change into Socialists. I don't care, I'm opinionated. Anyway, nice to "talk" to someone about politics without arguing. Take care.

Robert Sacchi on May 30, 2017:

Interesting. Then again one doesn't have to like someone to vote for them.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on May 30, 2017:

Well, a lot of D's are seeing how Trump is in over his head and we aren't getting answers to all the Russian ties. I voted for Hillary. But a lot of D's disliked her, and joke that if Romney had run instead of Trump, they would have voted for him.

Robert Sacchi on May 30, 2017:

Wasn't that his problem? Why would a Democrat vote for Romney when there is a real Democrat they could vote for.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on May 29, 2017:

I always had the feeling he didn't really want to run, but the party needed him, and he's the kind of guy who doesn't like to say no to people if he can help it. I would vote for him today despite being a D if it could get Trump out of office. I don't know why he's allowed to break so many rules and the R's in particular aren't standing up to him. It's been proven he had ties to Russia and they worked for him to win because they hated Hillary and wanted to break up Nato, and a year has passed and nobody does a thing about it. After all that "Lock her up" with Hillary.

Robert Sacchi on May 29, 2017:

I read this article with great interest. Do you feel Governor Romney's post-2012 election have validated or refuted your initial profile of him?

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on June 06, 2013:


You know, I actually forgot that Nancy Reagan was interested in Astrology and consulted them for major decisions. Thank you for reminding me and for reading, and for your kind wishes. This one was fun to do. When I begin someone's horoscope, I have a picture of what the person is like, and this one was a big surprise! I didn't think Romney was so emotional, and it made me look at him differently. So it's always good to keep learning. Take care.

Dubesor on June 06, 2013:

You seem to be very good at what you do. Very good. Of high quality and I wish you success. But I feel I just can not get over your thoughts on Nancy Reagan, a pioneer in the field of astrology. The astrologer who brought the notion of waiting for just the right time to make your bold political moves to the forefront of consideration by every serious politician. The same one who suggests that pot use clouds the galaxy from revealing the truth, the truth that might include the actual dark soul of an incompetent President Obama. Have a great day and keep up your quality of work, and maybe improve upon it, which I foresee as the cause for your future success.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on November 19, 2012:

Thanks Jillian. I wonder what poor Mittens will do. Oh wait, I meant rich Mittens, lol.

Donna Lichtenfels from California, USA on November 18, 2012:

I am glad that it stays!

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on November 18, 2012:

Hi Jillian, I'm so happy you've come to look at my work, I will do the same. Cool, we're part of a Sisterhood now! Be careful not to waste too much time on the forums, it cuts into your writing time. I considered taking down this hub on Mittens, but I put a lot of interpretation and Astrology work into it, so it stays.

Take care, Jean

Donna Lichtenfels from California, USA on November 18, 2012:

Dear Jean,

I have come late to the party, I know, but now that we are members of the same proud sisterhood-have always loved Mighty Mom- I had to start reading some of your articles.

This is fascinating! I am headed next to your analysis of our President! Can't wait! I have a lot of catching up to do- love it!

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on October 26, 2012:

I will. You be careful too. It looks like the storm will pick up heat after it passes your area. Our Gov is coming home too (not a fave of mine, lol). I will stay in touch.

Linda Crist from Central Virginia on October 26, 2012:

I'm glad you have a plan. Stay in touch.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on October 26, 2012:

You too. I called a hotel down the street from my house, and they are already filled to capacity! I've been watching the Weather Channel, and it didn't seem that serious. We live on a one lane wooded road though, and often trees fall on the power lines. I did find a room in a different hotel for Tues, in case we are out of power Monday. A generator only saves the food in the refrig, and gives you one light or the TV, so it really isn't much. We have electric heat, so it can't help with that, it's not worth it to buy one. Be safe.

Linda Crist from Central Virginia on October 26, 2012:

Hi Jean. I'm watching the storm too. The governor here in VA declared a state of emergency this afternoon. Hope it misses both of us. Be safe!

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on October 26, 2012:

There are so many good writers here, and on other sites too. It's hard to find time to write your own articles and then to read everyone else's. I wonder if this hurricane is going to hit us? I'm in NJ, and we went 6 days without power last October. It was awful.

Linda Crist from Central Virginia on October 25, 2012:

Hi Jean. I'm hoping to get to your page in the next day or two. I'll soak it all up like a sponge. :-)

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on October 25, 2012:

Hi there!

After the second debates, the families came on stage. Anne hugged Mitt, and he just stood there with his arms at his sides. I think it's silly for the whole family to get up on the stage and act friendly when they likely can't stand each other, it's so forced. The Obamas seem just like regular people. I began writing about all Metaphysical topics, so the blog is a bit broader. But everyone likes Astrology the best. I make up fictional characters based on their signs there, so it's a new challenge for me. Take care, I know life gets busy!

Linda Crist from Central Virginia on October 24, 2012:

Hi Jean! I suspect you are right and the handlers have him under their control. That would explain why I keep feeling like he is robotic. He body language has bothered me from the beginning and I often feel like his words are hollow. It would also explain why he is wrong so often. It is hard to keep memorized work straight when it has no significance or relationship to the speaker. I would like to "see" the real Romney but I don't want him as the President. lol I am so excited to find you Jean. I will be reading your hubs and visiting your blog in a day or two. Things are crazy busy this week. :-)

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on October 24, 2012:

Hello Irc7815,

Thank you for reading and for your kind comments. It was hard to try to be objective, as I also am a confessed Dem. But interpreting his chart was quite a surprise. I never would have suspected he had all those Pisces planets and a Scorpio moon. He's a very emotional person. So how can he have the cold attitudes that he seems to have on so many subjects? Unless his handlers are not letting him show his real self. That was what happened with Al Gore. I trust the Astrology! People who were in MA when Romney was Gov say he was awful, and now he's just lying to pretend he's more moderate. I have lots of Astrology on my blog too, the address is in my profile. I am following you too!

Linda Crist from Central Virginia on October 24, 2012:

This is quite interesting and a view of Romney that explains a lot of what we have seen. I am a confessed Democrat and do not like Romney but it useful to understand why some things are the way they are. Great job and I for one appreciate the work you have done to write this.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on September 29, 2012:

Hi Sylvia, hope all is well with you! There is a big old 28 degrees of Scorpio sitting on Obama's Midheaven, and Romney's moon and Jupiter are conjunct in 27 degrees of Scorpio. This should add more to the fireworks. I agree about Romney, he seems to scattered anyway, but when I saw those Pisces planets and Gemini Ascendant, I don't think we'll ever know who he is, although that's the charge against Obama all the time. It was fun, I'll be taking one of the pieces down after Election day! Take care.

Sylvia Sky from USA on September 29, 2012:

Jean, this is smart and timely and very revealing. Dreamers don't seem to make good public servants. Voted awesome and up!

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on September 01, 2012:

Hello Jaye,

It is very scary. I can't believe the lies the R's told at their convention. They have blocked virtually anything Obama tried to do, and then pretend they had nothing to do with it. We should stop electing people like that to Congress, but people don't care much about their local elections unless there is an issue specific to their own lives.

Jaye Denman from Deep South, USA on August 31, 2012:

Very interesting, indeed. Although the very thought of Romney and Ryan in the White House scares me, the additional consideration of an easily-led Romney as president and Ryan as another VP with too much power (remember the Bush/Cheney debacle?) is even more frightening!

I, too, will look forward to reading your analysis of President Obama's horoscope.

Voted UP+++

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on August 26, 2012:

Hi Patrice,

I was hoping you would weigh in since you have such good insights, especially about Pluto. It's good to see you. I didn't get into the nodes, because there has to be some stopping point for me, but I am interested and will research that. I love learning so much by interpreting, there's always something new! But I will look into Pres. Obama's sun degree of Leo. Romney's Jupiter/Moon conjunction in Scorpio interested me more. I feel that Romney really doesn't stand on his own two feet much, it's like his way has been paved in gold. You always have insightful comments on Pluto as well. I have the Scorpio ascendant, and sometimes just feel those power struggles and ignore them, I'm so used to it! I don't argue the points unless it's important to me. Thanks for stopping by!

Hi Hollie,

Thanks so much. I tried my best to stay as neutral as I could, since it's really the horoscope and the understanding of the person that it explains. Happy to see you!

Hollie Thomas from United Kingdom on August 26, 2012:

Hi Jean,

This was really interesting. I also thought your analysis of Romney was really balanced, despite being a Dem you said many positive things about him, too. Very professional indeed. :)

PWalker281 on August 26, 2012:

The two things that stand out for me in Gov. Romney's chart are the north node in the 1st house and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Leo. I'm wondering how close that conjunction is to Pres. Obama's Leo Sun. If it's close, there's a big power struggle going on between the two, one that can teach (Saturn) Romney a lot about the dynamics of power (Pluto - and let's not forget the Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio, as well as Chiron, the wounded healer), if he's open to learning.

As for the north node, I'm thinking he needs to stand on his own two feet and be more of an individual, having relied on partnerships and relationships in past lives (south node in the 7th). He's comfortable in relationships, but for soul growth, he needs to be his own person. Check out what this site has to say about north node in 1/south node in 7 (http://www.cafeastrology.com/nodesofthemoon.html). It highlights some of the points you made about trusting his instincts more.

Excellent analysis! Looking forward to one on Pres. Obama.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on August 26, 2012:

Hello Carol,

Thank you so much, it was fun, and I hope other Astrologers will feel free to add any comments. As you know if you were interested, a person can always find new things in charts. I was rushed as I forgot the Republican convention is this week, I'm not an R, and it was important to get it written. Thanks for stopping by!

carol stanley from Arizona on August 26, 2012:

Being an Astrologer..well I was and still have an interest. Great analysis of Romney and family. I like the photos as well and the careful work you did on this. Great job. and yes the stars don't lie.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on August 25, 2012:

Hi John,

Great to see you, I knew I would on this one. I had the idea to compare the candidates ages ago, but was busy on my blog and writing elsewhere, and had to whip this up fast, as the convention is already next week! Yes, those tensions are really strong. Just a sneak peek for you, Obama has an Aquarius Ascendant! Most people act a little like their opposite sign. Obama's moon is in Gemini, 4th house, so you know about Gemini moons. It's going to get interesting. Romney and Ryan together have the least foreign policy experience since any team running since before the Civil War. It's scary. Take care and I hope your family is doing well too.

John Sarkis from Winter Haven, FL on August 25, 2012:

Hi Jean, so smart of you to write this excellent hub. ...hope you and your family are doing well....

I've been wondering about Romney...additionally, Ryan is an Aquarius and like Palin -another Aquarius - I can feel the strong tensions against Obama who is their polar opposite - Leo. ...nonetheless, it's like you've said in the past, we must see the positions of all the planets at the time of their birth to truly understand.

Voted up


Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on August 25, 2012:

Thanks, Mhatter99. The stars don't lie.

Martin Kloess from San Francisco on August 25, 2012:

Fascinating analysis,