Astrological Profile of Hillary Rodham Clinton

Updated on April 17, 2019
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Hillary Rodham Clinton


History of Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary. That one name has a different effect on so many people – depending on who is talking about her. Now she is the Democratic nominee for America’s first woman President, something many would love to see. Hillary is highly qualified to fill this position. She was the first commencement speaker at Wellesley College in 1969, and entered Yale Law School in 1973.

She married Bill Clinton and they moved to Arkansas in 1977, and Hillary became the first partner in the Rose Law Firm in 1979, when few women were partners in law firms. She worked there for 15 years. She was listed as one of the 100 most influential lawyers in America two times. She was a two time Governor’s wife when Bill governed AR, at the age of 32, the youngest Governor on record. She was the First Lady during his two terms as POTUS, and he always claimed the country got “two for one” when it came to the Clintons. Then Hillary became a two-term Senator of New York, and went on to be Secretary of State during President Barack Obama’s Administration.

A Democratic Astrologer

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am a Democrat, and intend to vote for Hillary. But as a professional Astrologer, I promise to be fair. I am currently working on Donald Trump's chart. It's certainly an entertaining election season! I hope to finish work on his Astrology chart soon. We had some fun with this during the last U.S. Presidential election, and I’ve had requests to do the same again.

Fans and Detractors of Hillary Rodham Clinton

Despite her stellar achievements, Hillary has a lot of detractors. Many Republicans still throw Bill’s indiscretions in her face. They harp on Benghazi, although there have been numerous committees who looked into it and found no evidence of wrongdoing on Hillary’s part. She never was indicted or went to trial. She was aware the embassy was understaffed and in danger, and asked for more money and protection for them. But the Republican majority in America’s Do Nothing Congress denied what was necessary, because of their hatred for Obama. Afterward, they blamed her for the deaths they could have prevented. If they had freed up the money for more security, as HRC asked them to, this event would never have occurred.

There have many issues about emails Secretary of State Clinton wrote on her home server, and the fact that she erased the personal ones. Firstly, since it was the same server that was in the home when Bill Clinton was POTUS, I’m sure it had more security features than yours or my computer. Secondly, now that the emails have been handed over, they are being labeled “Confidential”, but after the fact. Legally, that’s called ex post facto. You can’t go back and change information after the fact to cause trouble for another person.

Today, 12/12/17, almost a year into Donald Trump's presidency, he and his family and staff are also using their own devices, and nobody cares when Republicans break the rules. The hypocrisy in the two party system in the US is astounding. Apparently the tech department is so outdated they actually have hard copy files lying around that anyone can see.

Some judge Hillary by her husband’s actions, although she has a strong Scorpio identity of her own. It’s not that people dislike her husband; he’s one of the most popular Presidents of all time. But as a Leo who likes attention, will he “get in her way” again, like he did the first time she ran for President? What follows in an interpretation of Hillary’s Astrology chart, to get some insight into what her personality is really like.

Hillary's Astrology Chart

I worked off a sidereal I drew out myself, but it was in pencil and had so many notes it was unreadable.  I invite input from other Astrologers!
I worked off a sidereal I drew out myself, but it was in pencil and had so many notes it was unreadable. I invite input from other Astrologers! | Source

Stelliums of Leo and Scorpio Planets

Hillary Diane Rodham was born in October 26, 1947, in Chicago, IL. When an Astrologer interprets an Astrology chart, certain things jump out right away. Hillary has three planets, the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, in her 12th house. This is called a stellium, and means that several planets in the same sign are grouped close together, so their influence on the person is strongly intensified. This is the house ruling private matters, secret sorrows, and indicates a person who values their privacy, who likes to stay behind the scenes. Hillary also has a Scorpio Ascendant, which is the façade a person hides behind, before they allow people to really get to know them. How could such a private person endure the very public life that being a President ensures? This seems to be a potential problem. I won't lie, that Sun in the 12th always gave me a bad feeling, and I did Hillary's chart before I did Trump's.

But Hillary also has three planets in Leo, another stellium, in her 9th house. Leo is a much more outgoing sign, whose natives love to be in the spotlight. This will combat the part of Hillary that craves privacy and quiet time, because at times she also requires drama and enjoys being the center of attention. Mars, Saturn and Pluto are the planets in Leo which are also intensified in her personality. The 9th house in Astrology rules education, law, philosophy, religion and travel to foreign countries and cultures.

A Children and Women's Advocate

She already has shown us that law is a very important part of who she is. Hillary worked tirelessly as a women and children’s advocate all through her legal career. Education is very important to her too, and she has worked on different types of educational committees as well. Hillary was the most traveled Secretary of State the U.S. ever had, so this bodes well for her foreign policy experience. So part of her is quiet and craves time to herself, and part of her loves the limelight, and has a lot of knowledge to share. Any Astrology chart has contradictions in it, and any traits that are really important about the person will normally show up in more than one way. We will be seeing how Hillary's Scorpio and Leo planets work for and against her.

Power is the Name of the Game with Scorpios

Scorpio is Hillary’s Sun sign, a fixed, water sign, meaning that she is strong willed and determined to achieve her goals. She can charm people into getting her own way, and they won’t even notice she is doing it. She has great intensity, and will completely throw herself into any task she deems worthy of her time. Hillary has a strong mind of her own, and her motivation is Power. That’s what Scorpio is all about. Not prestige, not authority, not attention. It’s Power. She feels very strongly about issues she tackles, and learns every little detail about them. Scorpio people make excellent research scientists, because they will study any topic of interest to death. Scorpio is a very powerful sign, because it deals with transformation on all levels, so Scorpios like to take what’s there and make it into something new, or change it into something better.

Most Scorpio people see things in terms of black or white, with no gray, but there are other factors in Hillary’s chart that will allow for a few shades of gray, and she will consider more sides of an issue than many Scorpios would. When a Scorpio makes a decision, they act upon it with all their power. They are never superficial; whatever they involve themselves in is a matter of serious consequence. Most Scorpios are ardent defenders of justice, and we have seen this in Hillary’s battles for women and children’s rights, and during the period where she worked so hard to build a health care plan so that all people in the U.S. had health coverage. She was not successful, and it was a big disappointment to her.

But she has the blueprint of The Affordable Care Act as she comes into office, and surely she can expand upon that and make it much better than it now is. Scorpios despise any weaknesses in themselves; but are surprisingly generous and compassionate on the behalf of other people. Scorpios never give up, they have tremendous staying power. They are not intimidated by anything or anyone, and confrontation is not a problem if it is necessary to make a point.

Running Mate Tim Kaine


Commitment Matters to Scorpios

A Scorpio Ascendant makes a person appear very serious and studious, but also a bit unapproachable too. This ascendant gives a person a lot of stature or presence. They are not loud, but come off as powerful and determined. You either love them or hate them, until you get to know them better. I have a Scorpio Ascendant myself, and people often tell me that they feel like I don’t want to be bothered by them at first. That isn’t true (for the most part). But Scorpio Ascendant people can read you like a book, and that feels intimidating to others. They can tell if you are superficial, in which case they do not want to waste their time on you, since they value their privacy so much. They try to get a feel for you before they take steps to get too involved with you, because these are careful and deliberate people, and like to control their surroundings as much as possible. But Scorpio rising people are very down to earth and trustworthy. Commitment is very important to them, and you will find these people to be very reliable.

So it’s going to be tough for a person who is so private to appear so much in the public eye, but Hillary also has Jupiter in her 1st house, the one of how we appear to others. This is an optimistic and social person, who focuses on the bright side of life. She is jovial, expansive, dynamic, kind and altruistic. Hillary has good judgment, is tolerant, and likes food, so must fight off a tendency to gain weight. She has a good education and a prosperous life. She is friendly, popular and well liked, plus Hillary’s Jupiter is in Sagittarius, so this is a great help in combating her issues with wanting privacy.

Interests in Foreign Travel and Formal Education

She is great at inspiring others. Hillary has much ability in social and educational affairs, and a love of travel. Hillary loves to learn and study, and is interested in philosophies, likely a big help when she was Secretary of State, and essential in understanding all the world leaders she will encounter as President. People with Jupiter in Sag are generally lucky in life, they have divine protection. Hillary is not a flashy person, but a highly intellectual and educated one, who prefers to spend her time with people like herself, who care about serious issues and have curious minds. Since her Jupiter is conjunct her Ascendant, she is optimistic and self confident, inspiring goodwill in others. Her best outlets of self expression are teaching, philosophy, law, and foreign policy and culture studies.

Hillary’s Sun is in the 12th house, and this usually represents a person who likes privacy and is retiring in nature. This is normally a person who is more the power behind the scenes. But they can find fulfillment in service to others, so even though Hillary would love to have more quiet time, she is committed to helping others find recognition and fulfillment. Although this looks like it could be a liability, what does a President do? They devote themselves to helping others and to making their country a better place. So this is not an obstacle. There will be times when the Moon, Mercury or Venus transit (come close to and affect) either that group of Scorpio planets. Then Hillary will be quiet and researching whatever issues are most pressing at the time. When those planets are affecting the group of Leo planets, then she will take her ideas on the road, and use her good relationships with other politicians to get support for them. All her former experience means she knows a lot of political people, really helpful in making deals with others in our own government, and also those in other countries.

A Very Hard Working Woman

Hillary prefers to lead behind the scenes, but this is tempered by all her Leo planets. But she does get lonely; and easily estranged from others. Psychology interests her, and she enjoys working for large institutions, as service to others brings her fulfillment. Venus is also in her 12th house, the planet which rules your love and social life. Once again this endorses her love of quiet and solitude. Her personal and social contacts are often secretive. She could be involved in a secret love affair. Hmm…any ideas? This Venus placement makes her very creative and emotional. She is kind and sympathetic towards those who need help, having a great deal of compassion.

The Sun in her chart trines Uranus, so she is an individualist who questions traditions. She does not necessarily want to break all the rules, but she does question them if they no longer make sense. Hillary does not really like a routine, even if it’s a time when one of the Scorpio 12th house planets are active, she would be restless. But she works best when she is in control of what to say and how to get things done. She has a lot of integrity. She does not like to label people, and is offended when others try to stereotype her. A champion of the underdog, she loves to embrace new things and to express herself in unique ways. The last two sentences would be true of Hillary’s Pisces Moon too.

Hillary’s Sun sextiles her Midheaven (the part of the horoscope which shows how much attention you get in life), making her very skillful in expressing her ideas, especially in a career or professional capacity. She can be enthusiastic, dramatic and creative in both her career and personal life. She knows what she wants on a professional level, is aware of her objectives, and will go to the ends of the earth to achieve them. There was little time when she did not work in her life, and her reputation is important to her.

Hillary, Bill and Chelsea

Many Don't See Hillary's Sense of Humor

Her Sun also trines Uranus, meaning she has personal magnetism and spiritual insight. She is a devout Methodist and always travels with her Bible. Hillary has great management ability and creativity. She has flashes of genius which occur when transits of other planets trigger them off. Hillary is strong willed and willing to experiment in new realms of experience. This writer believes this is important, because other countries seem to reassess where they are and where they wish to be by a certain year, and readjust their plans accordingly. This regards social ideas, the environment, the economy, trade deals, and involvement in other country’s affairs.

The U.S. seems unwilling to revamp old patterns and ideas that are necessary to change with the times and circumstances we find our Country to be in, even when the old ways are not working anymore. Maybe President Hillary could shake things up a bit and get others thinking in new ways! Recently I read that our Founding Fathers thought the Constitution should be re-evaluated every 25 years to see if it was relevant to a growing and changing society, and it would have been great had that been implemented.

Secretary Clinton’s Moon is in Pisces. The Moon rules our emotions, so this makes her very sensitive and she has an emotional nature. She soaks up her surroundings and other people’s thoughts like a sponge, which is an advantage for her. It’s really helpful to be able to read your opponent’s mind! Once again we see her sensitivity to others, and she also has strong psychic ability, with a vivid imagination. She is most likely very artistic, loving poetry and music. She understands what it’s like to be in another person’s shoes, and can easily relate to people from all walks of life. She has a silly sense of humor which the public does not get to see. She is a very perceptive soul who can get in touch with all of the nuances of human nature.

Hillary is More Emotional Than She Seems

She is so complex that she can be easily misunderstood, but in personal relationships she is very giving and yielding. She is delightfully accepting of others, and this can be interpreted by some as a weakness. Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, and carries with it a little bit of each of the other eleven signs. So Hillary can see a bit of herself reflected in the behavior of others, and has boundless compassion. Sometimes she does need a short retreat from the world, if only to gather more strength to face all the issues and problems again. Although she needs solitude at times, she also needs people, so her retreats will be short ones. Most Moon in Pisces people are obsessed with shoes (check their closets), although Hillary seems to suffer from some back pain and wears sensible ones now.

Secretary Clinton’s Moon also is trine her Ascendant, so she is a good influence on her family. She loves travelling, movement, change, and likes contact with other people. So we are beginning to see how she manages that mix of solitary and sociable person.

Moon in Pisces people are great storytellers, and I’m sure she has a lot of them. This will aid Hillary in talking to Republicans she has already worked with, and possibly getting more done than in the prior administration. A President must know how the system works, and Hillary does. Right now several people are trying to be nominated based on the fact they “are not Washington insiders.” But it seems to me that a President really needs to already have established ties to the people they will be working with, and as Obama was only a one term Senator when he was elected, he never had time to do that. It ends up hurting the Presidency and the population. A person needs more experience than one term of any office before becoming a President.

Hillary Has Had an Unusual Home Life

The Moon in the 4th house means she has a strong attachment to her home, wherever it is. Her family is very important to her, and Hillary would not be happy without a meaningful home life. She was very close to and influenced by her Mother Dorothy, and both she and Bill dote on daughter Chelsea, son in law Marc, and now Granddaughter Charlotte, and Grandson Aidan. Her family relationships affect her emotional outlook; and she is fond of cooking and just relaxing at home when she has the opportunity

Hillary’s Pisces Moon squares her Uranus in Gemini, in the 8th house. She is a genius and has exceptional talent. She experiences inexplicable changes of mood, and can become bored with one activity and turn to another one that promises more excitement. She will have a cabinet to see to most matters once she discusses the basics with them, so that can work well. Hillary has a refreshing view of the world. She will suffer external misfortunes in life, the Monica Lewinsky debacle comes to mind, though she handled it gracefully. We will discuss her marriage when we get to that cluster of Leo planets, because Bill is Leo.

Frequent changes of residence come with this aspect, because the Moon is in the 4th house, and it rules the home. This is true, as Hillary left her home in Chicago to live in AR when she married Bill Clinton, and they moved several times because of their careers. I don’t believe they had a home when Bill Clinton’s presidency was over, and then they bought the one in New York State. So Hillary has had an unusual and disruptive home life. She seeks out mentally stimulating company, has a strong desire to throw over conditions of the past, creating scope and opportunity for emotional excitement.

Views on Mystical and Money Matters

Uranus in the 8th house means she has a brilliant, original and intuitive mind. She is often the progenitor of new ways of thinking and can pioneer new concepts. Hillary cares about science, literature, education, economical issues, and communication. She is very restless when she has a new idea and can’t wait to follow it through to completion. Great freedom in thinking makes a person open to great ideas, because we create our destinies with our minds. Hillary has the ability to break through old habits and patterns as a result of awareness of alternative modes of activity.

She has concerns about the mysteries of life beyond mere appearances, and probably an interest in telepathy and life after death (especially with the Pisces Moon). She has a flair for science and is likely one of those people who got an “A” in physics. Hillary will experience sudden changes in fortune through inheritances, business partnerships, and corporate finances. We know she has written several successful books, and had some troubles with business investments. The Clinton Foundation is now being transitioned so that Chelsea can take it over so it won’t be a conflict if Hillary wins the election.

She may suffer a sudden death, possibly through an accident, and may have foreknowledge of this. She needs to detach herself more towards sex and material wealth (8th house matters). This position brings awareness that spiritual values are the only thing of lasting importance. Life is seen as a dynamic process. The only thing constant in life is change, and she is very aware of that.

Hillary, Bill and Granddaughter Charlotte

Chelsea and Marc also have a son named Aiden.
Chelsea and Marc also have a son named Aiden. | Source

How Hillary Thinks and Acts

Mercury rules how a person thinks. A lot of Hillary’s decision making comes from how she feels. Impressions filter up from her unconscious mind to color her thinking, and she tends to be secretive about her inner thoughts. But then her planets in Scorpio will keep her from doing anything impractical, and the planets in Leo will make her reach out to advisers and the like to bounce her ideas off of them. Valuable ideas and knowledge is to be gained from her intuition and active imagination.

Planet Mercury is also conjunct her Ascendant, giving her intelligence, with quick and lively reflexes. She is preoccupied by her circle, likes to exchange ideas with her friends, but also with strangers, a great help in campaigning. She has an open nature, and will reach out to others first.

Now let’s move onto those Leo planets in the 9th house. Mars in Leo is a person with tons of energy and willpower, usually expressed publicly. She is a person of dramatic actions, takes positive initiative, and has much stability and determination. Mars is another fixed sign, like Scorpio is. So even though Hillary has a soft side, she has a tough one too. She is a natural leader and inspires confidence in others. She wants to be in the forefront of new things that are happening, and has a great public persona when her Leo planets are “on.”

She loves group activities and has great math and science aptitude. She can combine advanced ideas with system and discipline. This contradicts the 3 planets in her 12th house in Scorpio, as I said, either way of acting can be triggered off at different times, but it helps that she has the Leo planets, or she would be too uncomfortable in a role as President. She is very competitive in her activities, and has strong, unyielding beliefs and opinions, which can arouse opposition. We have seen that when she tried to revamp our health care system in her husband’s first term.

Bill and Hillary Followed Each Other Around as They Got Their Educations

Hillary attracts people with her intensity because of her Venus in Scorpio. She is willing to commit herself to things (or people) and has a strong and concentrated way about her which suggests that her feelings run very deep. Her actions in love promise deep commitment, and her appeal comes from giving people all of her focus and attention. She is intensely loyal. Scorpio Venus people want to possess those they love. Some can find this flattering, and some may find it really unnerving. She has a strong need to control her partner, but may never come out and admit that.

That deep body/mind/spirit kind of love can be so intense that it doesn’t feel like fun anymore, and loving someone that serious about you can be a heavy experience. Then even though she wants to explore every little thing about her partner, she is not willing to be so forthcoming herself. She loves romance, and tends to make her partner her whole life. I’m sure this has been a big issue in her marriage to Bill, because there comes a point where one person’s needs and another’s need to separate, at least for some things. I’m sure she was shattered when he began having affairs, and threw herself even harder into her professional life. When she gets upset, her loved one will know it!

Her aspect of Venus square Mars shows emotional problems in romance and relationships, and Venus also squares Pluto, so her passions are very intense, and can often overwhelm her. This is a fated aspect that often has to do with some karma from another life shared with a loved one in this life. Hillary began dating Bill in Spring of 1971, and he followed her to CA when she interned at the law firm of Trehaft, Walker, and Burnstein. She worked on child custody cases then, and wrote a scholarly article, Children Under the Law which was published in Harvard Educational Review.

Venus also squares Pluto, so her passions are very intense, and can often overwhelm her. This is a fated aspect that often has to do with some karma from another life shared with a loved one in this life. Hillary began dating Bill in Spring of 1971, and he followed her to CA when she interned at the law firm of Trehaft, Walker, and Burnstein. She worked on child custody cases then, and wrote a scholarly article, Children Under the Law which was published in Harvard Educational Review.

Would Bill and Hillary Know What to Do without Each Other?

Bill returned to New Haven with her the following fall to live with her at Yale. Then Hillary received her Juris Dr. degree, and stayed at Yale an extra year to be with him. He proposed to her several times before she would marry him, as her friends all thought she was crazy to move to AR. Since Bill is Leo and Hillary has so many planets in her 9th house in Leo, I think they probably fell in love with each other’s minds at first. They still have a strong mental connection and compatibility, and I think this is the reason they continued to stay married despite his indiscretions, although she was badly hurt by them, with her sensitive Pisces Moon. Her Mars and Pluto are in a strong conjunction, both in 14 degrees of Leo, and they love being one of the ultimate power couples. Don’t forget, Hillary is driven by power. She has tremendous energy and can endure no matter how bad she feels, and can accomplish things beyond the scope of an ordinary person.

When Bill Clinton was Governor of AR, and the couple lived in Fayetteville, Hillary did not want to take his last name, she was afraid her own identity would be lost, both a Scorpio and Leo trait. Since the state was conservative, she finally gave in and did use his name, but when they moved into the White House she began using her maiden name as a middle name.

A Mars/Pluto conjunction is extremely powerful. If Mars is stronger, it intensifies lust, greed and egotism. This can be dangerous and destructive. But a person must be highly developed to control Pluto’s energy; it has great powers of regeneration and spiritual leadership. I think she’s up to the task. She has a wish to improve humanitarian affairs. The Saturn in Leo makes her a natural at taking responsibility, and she receives favors from patrons who recognize her merit for well accomplished tasks. When she works, she can be very serious and austere. She has systems of beliefs judged according to the practical value and contribution to social stability.

So although the this couple has had a tempestuous marriage, I think they have a strong mental attraction and a magnetism towards each other that keeps them together.

Hillary is Very Magnetic

Saturn in the 9th house is a person who seeks education at traditional institutions of higher learning—a gateway to status = professional advancement. Lately she has been discussing the high cost of college and how she would like to see students have access to refinance their student loans so they would not be so burdened by them. Hillary seeks positions of power and authority within important institutions. She likes to reflect and meditate. Business and professional activities deal with law, teaching, publishing and travel. While Hillary worked at the Rose Law Firm, she also specialized in patent infringement and intellectual property law. People with this position take long journeys more for business than pleasure, certainly true for her.

Hillary’s Leo Saturn sextiles her Gemini Uranus, once again affirming her interest in the topics discussed above. She is game to tackle endeavors that require ability to apply original ideas in a practical way, also something we have seen before. This aspect represents true freedom and opportunities that result from self discipline and from conscientiously facing one’s responsibilities. She is loyal, dependable, and a friend who can be relied upon. Hillary is very truthful and brings great and constructive solutions to problems.

The Mars sextile Neptune is another indication of super physical energy which can be used for healing. Normally it has a therapeutic effect on people to be near a Pisces Moon person as well. Hillary has strong personal magnetism, and is skilled at carrying out orders in secret, bypassing obstacles and opposition. This can be important in matters of national security, even though the public wants transparency, they would panic if they knew too much about the many threats our Country faces every day. Hillary is a great strategist and planner of military maneuvers, and being a woman will not hinder actions regarding the country’s relationships and security. She is in control of her emotions, can detect insincerity, and is not easily fooled.

Hillary Communicates Well

Her Moon trine Mercury gives her a good memory and more practical mental and emotional ability. Her mind and feelings work together. She is motivated to put her thoughts into actions. Health and diet matters a lot to Hillary, and she carefully plans this out. She is the epitome of neatness and cleanliness. Her home life is well organized and she has good family communications, also good business ones. Her ideas are easily put into practical, profitable use. She is very efficient and does not like to waste time.

That Pisces Moon of hers also trines Jupiter, making Clinton pleasantly composed, because she has an inner sense of balance and harmony. This contributes to her overall “luck.” She is able to get a good perspective on emotional matters that benefit her outlook, and she is able to offer support to others when needed. Broadmindedness is a wonderful quality to have. Hillary is quick to find humor in situations, and is generally warm and fun to be with, according to friends. Deep down she really believes in the basic goodness of people and of life in general, helping her to attract positive circumstances and to make good connections. She is frank, honest, optimistic and generous. She tries not to always take life so seriously.

Hillary also has a very conscious awareness of thoughts and feelings of others. So she naturally knows when to be tactful, but this also gives her an advantage in dealings with others. Her emotions are well regulated and her ability to convey ideas simply and directly are helpful qualities in a President. She is also a good lecturer (especially when transiting planets are near those Leo planets) and is also a good writer, as evidenced by her books.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Debate


Details Matter to Hillary

Mercury conjunct Venus gives Hillary grace in expression, in both her speech and writing. She has great literary talent and will make money through writing and communication, as we have already seen. She is diplomatic when communicating with others, as her actions are based consideration of what will produce the most beauty, balance and harmony. This can go a long way in foreign relations.

Hillary’s mental endeavors are often carried out in partnerships. She has a lot of science and math ability (this keeps coming up) and is able to understand relationships because she enjoys exchanging ideas and is able to inspire others with her ideas. Her mind is tuned towards love, and she bears goodwill towards people in general.

Her Mercury square Saturn, both in 21 degrees of their signs, gives her the tendency to worry about unimportant details. Sometimes she has ideas which have trouble gaining acceptance because of opposition from established ways of thinking. This can sometimes get her into trouble. She is a strict observer of law and order at all costs, and has a rigid adherence to discipline.

Hillary Has a Lot of Friends

Hillary’s Neptune is in her 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes. She has unusual and idealistic friendships and group associations. She is generous to friends and will gladly give them spiritual guidance when asked for it. She loves to help her friends to realize their goals. She is very sensitive to the needs of humanity and joins groups which espouse humanitarian purposes. She may be attached to secret or mystical organizations.

Venus appears in her 12th house, and Hillary is devoted to people who are sick or impoverished in any way. She would have done well in the medical profession had she decided to go in that direction, although with all her 9th house planets it’s clear she followed a more Sagittarian path.

Secretary Clinton has Jupiter square her Midheaven, so aims big and is sometimes disappointed with the results she gets. She is not happy with small advancements, and always wishes they were better. But that’s how it has to start sometimes. She can tend to bring every conversation around to herself, a Leo trait, but tries to keep it in check. Bill has the same problem, so that must be interesting when they are both trying to have a conversation! She will experience highs and lows in her professional life, but that’s how we learn.

A Force to Be Reckoned With!

Venus is conjunct her Ascendant (how she appears) and her personal mannerisms and appearance are pleasing. She seems to have adopted pantsuits as her main wardrobe staple. It is a practical decision; I would certainly not be able to decide what to wear every day on the campaign trail. Hillary is able to bring beauty and harmony to her surroundings through her abilities to express these qualities. When she was First Lady, she often traveled to other countries with her daughter Chelsea, on matters her husband did not have time for, and to give her daughter a bigger scope of the world. It remains to be seen if Chelsea will decide if politics are in her future.

So there is more than a year until our next Presidential election, and it should be interesting, we certainly are seeing an eclectic group of people emerging to run on both sides. Many of the Baby Boomer generation would be thrilled to witness the first woman President in the U.S., because they strongly recall the First Feminism movement too. Hillary has had so much experience at many levels of government, something which will definitely help her keep the Country moving in a positive direction. She has a lot of skill in dealing with people of many Nations, another plus, and is highly intelligent. She is driven to succeed. Hillary Rodham Clinton is a fascinating and complex individual. Regardless of your political persuasion, she is a force to be reckoned with!

Election Night 2016 Sorrow and Shock at HRC's Loss


A Shocking Turn of Events

This is one year later, December 13, 2017.

Many people disliked Hillary, maybe they felt she was around too long, or didn't understand all her accomplishments. Sometimes women feel threatened by women who achieve more they did, even if their own accomplishments are in a different field. I was shocked to hear many of my male friends were not willing to vote a woman in for President.

She lost the Electoral Vote, but won the Popular Vote by three million people. Many want to get rid of the Electoral vote, it is based on the population of each state, those with many people have a lot of votes, little populated states have as few votes as 3. We need a new system, or otherwise, politicians could win on the votes of several large states, unfair to the rest of the country. In some ways, just a popular vote would be fairer. One person, one vote.

This has divided the US in so many ways. Donald Trump hired a lot of his own family and friends to be part of his cabinet, and they are woefully uneducated about how to run a government. The day after the Election results, millions of people took to the streets in protest.

He wants to cut taxes for the rich and raise them on the poor. He wants to take away any rights women have fought for after decades. Democrats and Republicans are so divided right now, a year later, we can barely speak to each other. He ran his own real estate business like a dictator, and that's how he thinks he can run America. But he's wrong.

As the election year went on, Donald Trump gained a lot of attention for wanting to "Drain the Swamp". They wanted to kick everyone who worked in government out and start anew. It was a backlash of eight years of a black POTUS in a country which is a lot more racist that it wants to admit. Much like George Orwell's 1984, Trump has brought an element of "doublethink" and "doublespeak" by saying anything he doesn't like is "fake news." He has shown little intellectual curiosity and gets his news from Fox News and gossip papers. He doesn't even want to read what the strategists and highly educated people around him want to tell him in daily reports. He tweets non stop and bullies everyone, he never made good deals, he bullied his way through life.

Nobody knows what to believe anymore, and he is under investigation for colluding with the Russians so Hillary would lose the Election. But his behavior is so outrageous, many in the White House think he should be impeached as he is exhibiting crazy behaviors.

But things are looking up. Even moderate Republicans vote against him. In several run off elections, Democrats are winning. So there is hope.

Also, a word about Bernie Sanders. How could he not be loved? His sincerity and hard work for the working poor and middle class of the US are unmatched. What the millennials didn't get was this. Had he won the Primary, the minute he did, the R's would have been running ads with Hammers and Sickles, as Bernie's heart is in the right place, he is smart, but he is an admitted Socialist. They are too young to remember the Cold War and hopefully will learn from this. They hold the future of our country in their hands. Stay tuned!

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2015 Jean Bakula


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    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      4 years ago from New Jersey

      Hello Miz BeJabbers,

      I wrote a long reply and it didn't take. Thanks for pointing out that BC was never the Gov of Alaska! I proofread this so many times, and never caught that. Sarah Palin never would have liked that.

      It's a crazy election. I think Hillary is a private person, with all her planets in Scorpio. I admit she is hard to like, and suspected it was an open marriage or that they had some kind of arrangement. She would be secretive about it. I'd love to hear all the gossip you know about the Clintons!

      I agree, she has the most experience. Obama didn't as a one term Senator, and I was surprised when Rubio and Cruz were popular, having the same problem. A person needs more political time to gain skills than that.

      Yes, I will be working on The Donald's chart soon, horrors. I am afraid of his Nuke policy and that his temperament is all wrong for a President. But I have seen his Sun in the 10th house, so he does have a good chance of winning. Hillary may have to make a VP deal with Bernie to get the young people on board.

      Thanks for reading and commenting on my work, and picking up on that error, I'm mortified! Take care.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James MizBejabbers 

      4 years ago from Beautiful South

      Jean, the politics are proceeding along very interestingly now. You may have to chart Donald Trump. Unless there is the same kind of hoky poky that went on when Barry Goldwater was bumped out of the nomination. I remember it well because both Hillary and I worked in his campaign. We didn’t know each other then, of course. Different states.

      As a reporter in Little Rock when Bill and Hill were Guv and 1st lady, I do know a few things about her, some of which I ain’t tellin’. While Bill reminded me of a big ole loveable hound dog, Hillary was more like a snapping schnauzer. She hated reporters and wouldn’t let us within arm’s length of her. I was the brunt of her snapping a few times, and I never gave her any reason to snap and push back. (I never had the chance had I been that kind of reporter, which I wasn’t.) I did see a softer side of her one day when she didn’t know a reporter was watching, though, and I let her keep her privacy.) Now as far as the love lives of Billery, don’t be too quick to feel sorry for her. Word on the reporter beat was that they had an open marriage, and that’s all I’m going to say because that was their business.

      BTW if I sound harsh, I’m just reporting the facts, ma’m. I am voting for her, just as I did in the last election because I think that she is the best qualified candidate, in fact, she may be the only really qualified candidate. I admire and respect her, but I’m not sure I like her as a person. I don’t like Michelle Obama either, and I’ve never met her. I think that Mr. Obama did not and still does not have the experience to be President, but with reticence, I did vote for him after Hillary lost the nomination.

      BTW no. 2. Bill never was Governor of AK and they never lived in AK. I don’t think Sarah Palin would have approved. I never have understood why Hillary’s mother remained in Little Rock AR after the Clintons went to Washington. We Arkies are glad she did because they come back ever so often to see her mother.

      Oh yeah, the pants suits. Hillary does have a pear shape, and the pants suits help hide the fact that the first place weight goes is to her hips and thighs. They are an advantage though because she doesn't have to worry about guys leering up her skirts when she is on a platform.

    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      4 years ago from New Jersey

      Hello Shyron,

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my hub. I still hope I don't have to chart Donald Trump! Astrology is a lot more work than most people realize, I learned it before I was married, so had time, though my BF, later my husband, learned with me.

      I'm surprised Cruz isn't getting more trouble on this issue of citizenship, especially after what Obama was put through. His Mother was American, but his Father was Canadian. They were working and living in Canada when Cruz was born. To me, that makes him Canadian. He doesn't "remember" though. Interesting. How many times have you told your kids the stories of when they were born?

      Maybe you'll have time to pick up Astrology again. I still use the books, or if I use a site to cast the horoscope, check it with the books. Most of the sites are pretty bad. Cafe Astrology is OK. Take care.

    • Shyron E Shenko profile image

      Shyron E Shenko 

      4 years ago from Texas

      Jean, I found this fascinating, and appreciate all the work that went into charting Hillary.

      I use to study astrology but when my boys (2) were small and I had to work to care for them it left little time for anything else. I do still have my books.

      I hope that Donald does not become the nominee for the GOP, But, he is a better choice than Cruz. Cruz thinks that he is eligible but the Constitution states that;

      No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.

      Blessings and Hugs


    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      4 years ago from New Jersey

      Now in the beginning of September, Joe Biden is considering a Presidential run, possibly with Elizabeth Warren as his VP. I have her chart ready, hoping she would jump in at some point. There are just too many people right now, so I'm waiting until the field narrows down a bit.

    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      4 years ago from New Jersey

      Thanks for reading Vic, even if you don't believe in Astrology! I'm hoping for a woman President, other countries have evolved that far. Take care.

    • Vic Dillinger profile image

      Vic Dillinger 

      4 years ago

      I loves me some Hillary! I would welcome her as prez any day, and I'm glad you wrote about her (even though I don't believe in one solitary thing about astrology).

    • Jewels profile image


      4 years ago from Australia

      I agree. I really like Elizabeth Warren, if she was running Bernie Sanders may not be as popular, not sure. What seems to be happening is a slide away from the 'norm.' People have had enough corruption and slight of hand politics in favor of the rich. I believe social media has a lot to do with more awareness and a swell or wave of change.

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 

      4 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      Hillary is a very powerful and self-assured woman. She is a Scorpio, in fact, a very strong Scorpio. Scorpians are very determined people. They refused to permit obstacles to deter them. One can say that obstacles make Scorpio more resolute and determined to achieve his/her goal. Scorpio is one of the signs that DON'T suffer fools gladly. Excellent synopsis on Hillary Clinton.

    • Jean Bakula profile imageAUTHOR

      Jean Bakula 

      4 years ago from New Jersey

      Hello Jewels,

      Nice to see you! I also have some doubts, many feel that her Presidency would be "a 3rd term" for either her husband or Obama. Both men got a lot accomplished, Obama more than he gets credit for. But then the Bushes are running for the 3rd time too. Nobody wants the status quo, so, I agree, it's going to be an interesting time. Thanks for stopping by. I've been asked about Elizabeth Warren, very well liked, but she insists she won't run. She's a fresh face with experience, very populist, what the country needs right now.

    • Jewels profile image


      4 years ago from Australia

      There's no doubt she is a strong woman. I've used the sidereal chart and bypassed the constellations because the time also is questionable. Having said that she certainly has some very strong aspects - Uranus/Sun, Pluto/Mars/Saturn, great Mercury. You can see how all these elements have played out in her life.

      As far as her being elected - I wonder about her Chiron - aspected to so many planets. It may be the saboteur unless she has overcome her adversaries and learned to be in the higher mode of what's required from her. Either she won't get in or if she does, her reign may be disappointing on a global level.

      Currently the Pluto Uranus square, in addition to the Pluto Neptune sextile is bring forces for awakening and change, no longer the time for restrictions and incarceration of the mind. If the US president does not go with these changes and stays with the status quo nobody will care who the president is! We are in very very interesting times.


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