Astrological Personality Traits and Relationships of the Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Updated on June 16, 2014
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Cynthianne has a B.S. in Psychology and is licensed in Astrology. She is autistic, as are three of her children.

Gemini Symbol: Twins
Gemini Symbol: Twins

Gemini: An Overview

The Gemini has the guiding principle of thinking. They love to test out ideas and theories, gathering facts and putting that information together. Gemini are the mediators -- seeking answers to problems before they arise.

Here's what else you can learn about a Gemini here:

  • The Gemini personality
  • The Gemini Symbol and Glyph
  • Gemini mirroring
  • Gemini relationships (romantic or professional/business) with other astrological signs

The Gemini Personality

  • The Gemini is a very curious person -- they're curious about almost anything that crosses their mind. This makes for a very busy person (and perhaps a seemingly distracted one). But, regardless, Gemini are delightful and entertaining to be around. If you want to learn about something, ask a Gemini. If they don't know the answer, they'll likely be glad to research it and let you know.
  • The Gemini also tends to multi-task -- almost to a fault. They always have something on their minds.
  • The Gemini loves to communicate and express what they have learned. This makes them very good at relaying information, and translates into particular careers such as that of a news reporter, teacher, or even an ambassador.
  • They seek out the underdog and spearhead programs to help anyone in need. Gemini are not biased usually, and thus able to easily see both sides to every story.

Always Learning

The Gemini Symbol and Glyph

  • The Symbol for the Gemini is the symbol for Mercury, ruler of Gemini. This symbol is the circle of the spirit and the crescent of the soul. The shape of the symbol is a circle with a crescent lying on top; a cross on the bottom pointing downward. This symbolizes soul, spirit, and body linked together by the mind.
  • The Glyph for the Gemini is the Roman numeral II. This symbolizes the identity of the twins that the Gemini are known for. Ancient astrologers believe that the Gemini has no male or female energy, but instead is the symbol of neutrality. Because of this, and according to ancient teachings, the Gemini has the capability to become whole.

Mecury: Ruler of Gemini

Mercury: Ruler of Gemini
Mercury: Ruler of Gemini

Gemini Mirroring

Another trait the Gemini often possessing is mirroring, in that he or she may seem to mirror your thoughts because they are so flexible in their thinking. "All opinions warrant being heard," is often the mantra of the Gemini.

Gemini Relationships: Romantic or Business

  • Aries. Aries are exciting and energetic -- true to their fire sign. Gemini feed off this energy and love every minute of it. The Aries and Gemini combination may be perfect for both romance and business. You each share an enthusiasm for exploring and moving, and nothing will slow you down. You are both busy and creative. Romantically speaking, the hardest part of this relationship will be because neither Aries or Gemini spend much time looking into their emotions, as they're too busy learning and creating, exploring and being adventurous, even if that means never leaving the local library. Once the emotions kick in, and the Gemini falls in love with an Aries, there may not be a better match. For a business partner, you can be sure that your Aries partner will be just as excited about the project as you are and will bring different, but complementary insight to the table.
  • Taurus. The Taurus' focus is on home and making life stable and predictable. The ever going, non-stop energy of a Gemini may find the Taurus to be a bit boring. While opposites usually attract, romantically, this pairing will likely need work. Either it will be wonderful -- everything you ever dreamed of, or, it'll be less than ideal and something to walk away from. In the workplace, there could be some issues with the Gemini being a bit too energetic and wearing out the Taurus, causing Taurus to stress out and get moody.
  • Gemini. Two Gemini together may just be perfect. The Gemini, romantically or in the workplace, may find that another Gemini is a perfect match -- like finding a lost twin. Both will be fast-paced, un-stoppable and creative. They'll understand each other in times when others can't -- such as when it comes to making a commitment. Gemini find it hard to settle down because they have so many things going through their heads at one time. For a Gemini, it's difficult to imagine staying in one place for any length of time, let alone getting in touch with their emotions. Another Gemini would likely be able to understand this and be more patient than other non-Gemini signs. On a cautious note however, this same energy and constant on-the-go attitude may leave little time for romance. This may make maintaining a solid relationship difficult. But, with this knowledge and forethought, it can work.
  • Cancer. The Cancer and Gemini may seem like a good match -- both are gentle, happy people, but the gentle Cancer might not enjoy the noise and excitement of the city like their Gemini partner. Business-wise, however, this is a good balance. You have the quiet of the Cancer to balance the excitement of the Gemini. In the office, this will be a dynamic duo -- a force to be reckoned with as each can see what the other sees and act in different but complementary ways. However, in a romantic relationship, this may not work as nicely. Cancers like to be settled, to have the white picket fence and apple trees out back, they like quiet and predictable. A Gemini would feel stifled and perhaps suffocated in such a relationship. It may work, but keep in mind that this may take a bit of work and patience from both parties.
  • Leo. The Leo and Gemini is a fiery and exciting combination. The powerful Leo will lavish the Gemini with attention and praise. The Gemini will praise the Leo and pick the intellect, igniting the Leo’s love of debate. A Leo loves to be right and in charge -- this can help reign in the Gemini, as long as it doesn't drive the Gemini nuts. Leo is a fire element and Gemini is an air. Air feeds fire, and as long as the air sign sees some return of this energy, this is a perfect match. Leo and Gemini, whether in a working capacity or romantic setting, is something that might just be a soul-mate match. If you want a lifetime business partner, this is a perfect match, and any endeavor will have potential for succeeding. Leo can be possessive, but Gemini will have the ability to bring Leo back to the situation and calm that aspect a bit.
  • Virgo. A Virgo tends to be a workhorse, spending a lot of time on one project and then producing fantastic results because of it. This can be frustrating and exciting to the Gemini. Gemini prefer things to work quickly, where Virgo will check every detail. In a relationship, this can cause much tension as the Virgo may look at every aspect of the relationship where the Gemini will be very spontaneous without much thought. Both signs tend to worry a lot so this may cause insecurities in a romantic relationship.
  • Libra. An almost psychic connection can develop between the Libra and Gemini. Libra have the energy and excitement of the Gemini. They share the enthusiasm for learning and moving. Libra do not sit still. They seem to have an instinctual ability to know what others want and need -- this is something that the Gemini needs, something to fill in where their busy minds might forget. Gemini and Libra is a very good match both in the business sense and romantically. Either way, this can be a lifetime union.
  • Scorpio. Scorpio are intense and secretive -- they are also moody and possessive. This, much like a puzzle to be solved, can be very intriguing to the Gemini. Scorpio may find that the Gemini’s love of communication is too much, but Gemini may find that the Scorpio’s intensity in reading a news article, for example, to be a little dark. Both will find the other interesting because they don't think the same way. Scorpio will want to learn more about the Gemini and the Gemini about Scorpio. This will be a delightful and intense business union, but it may be too intense for romance. Of course, that's not to say it can’t happen because the placement of the sun and moon in each sign can make a difference -- so, give it a try to see what happens.
  • Sagittarius. Sagittarius is intense, intriguing and a fire sign. Fire and air; like the Leo combination, can be very exciting. Sagittarius are active, talkative, and honest. Like the Gemini, who can be spontaneous and blurt things out at the oddest time, Libra can be honest -- almost to a fault. Gemini might be taken aback by this at first, then find it amusing as they'll see that they're not the only ones who do that. This union, romantic or professional, is a perfect match.
  • Capricorn. An intense sign, the Capricorn also loves to work, build a nest egg and have a family. They're organized, and are mainly focused on climbing the business ladder. This is a good combination in the workplace -- fantastic for a business partner. However, the pairing may be less ideal in a romantic relationship. Gemini are a bit flighty compared to the Capricorn and may find the intensity of the Capricorn a bit depressing. Although this is not the best union romantically, it can still work if the Capricorn understands that the Gemini needs to be moving, active, and social. Capricorn will need to plan to put things aside to do something fun, on a regular basis, with the Gemini or their Gemini partner will feel neglected.
  • Aquarius. The Aquarius and Gemini -- you can't get better than this, except with your own twin (another Gemini). Aquarius loves the energy of the Gemini and love to learn, to be up on the news and exploring the latest technology. The Gemini loves the intellect and independence of the Aquarius. Both signs want to have a relationship, on their own time, but the Gemini and Aquarius are so in sync with each other that they will be ready for commitment at the same time. This can apply to a business relationship as well. This union shines.
  • Pisces. Pisces are the sweet fish of the Zodiac. A Gemini may find this quiet personality a bit boring or needy for them. A Gemini’s constant energy will exhaust the Pisces who may just want to read a book or be on their computer. While unintentional, a Gemini may find that they can run over or take advantage of the Pisces. If the Pisces feel that the Gemini is taking advantage of them, or worse yet, laughing at them, they'll leave and never come back. This relationship, business or romantic, will take work because of the opposite personalities of the two signs.

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        Shane 15 months ago

        Nailed it, I'm a double

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        This is really me GEMINI

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        Arielle Sterling 4 years ago from Arizona

        Excellent description of Gemini traits! As a Double Gemini (both sun sign and moon rising), I strongly identify with much of what you described. I found the symbolism of Mercury to be particularly fascinating, as I had never considered how those aspects are at play as well.