Astrological Personality Traits and Relationships of the Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Updated on May 27, 2016
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Cynthianne has a B.S. in Psychology and is licensed in Astrology. She is autistic, as are three of her children.

Taurus Symbol: The Bull
Taurus Symbol: The Bull

Here's what you'll learn about a Taurus in this article:

  • The Taurus personality
  • The Taurus symbol and glyph
  • Taurus relationships (romantic or professional/business) with other astrological signs

The Taurus Personality

  • The Taurus personality finds comfort in material things, steady surroundings and a secure structure in their life. Despite that, they are still always the adventurous one though, as the Taurus enjoys shaking things up now and then.
  • The stubbornness seen in a Taurus, like the bull, will not be swayed once a decision is made. When a Taurus has made up their mind, step back and accept it.
  • This same stubbornness will also be seen in friendship loyalty. The Taurus can be very loyal to the right person.
  • While loyal, make sure you do not cross them either. Stubborn and strong-willed is the mainstay of the Taurus personality. This is not a bad thing because the Taurus also feels a lot of emotions and without the strong will, they might fall apart. As stubborn as this sign is, they are also very gentle.
  • The Taurus can be seen as moody and flighty as they move from subject to subject and project to project. This is a sign that the Taurus is either thinking or possibly over-thinking, but thinking nonetheless. This intellect is tied to emotions. If the Taurus feels stress, it could be that something is not making sense to them. Once the Taurus figures it out, the emotions reset and all is well again.
  • The Taurus loves a challenge, as long as their household is not upset. This loving bull wants the home to be a place of joy, a stable environment, somewhere that they can relax and be themselves. They love order amidst the chaos of life, and having a place to call home grounds them and helps them be the best they can be. Their creativity can be seen throughout their home or office.

Taurus the Bull

The Taurus Symbol and Glyph

  • The symbol for the Taurus is a circle with two extensions representing bull horns. The Bull is stubborn, gentle and creative.
  • The Glyph is a circle with a downward pointing cross; looking much like a mirror. The Taurus is always checking their emotions and actions, so this is fitting.

Taurus Relationships: Romantic or Business

  • Aries. Being with an Aries can be quite the challenge for the Taurus, as they may lock horns on occasion. Aries likes to change around the home or office decorations while the Taurus likes them the way they are. Aries is very creative, but in the opposite direction of the Taurus. Opposites may attract, but this relationship may take a lot of work. Taurus is the steady rock in the life of the Aries and Aries is the constant change for Taurus. This can be as exhausting as it is exhilarating.
  • Taurus. The Taurus and Taurus relationship is a match of perfection. This romantic relationship or business partnership is a perfect blend of grounding and excitement, stability and adventure. You just can’t go wrong with this match.
  • Gemini. Gemini are quick to act, which may appear a bit hasty to the thoughtful Taurus. Gemini tends to get frustrated at the Taurus, because they see the creative and zealous side of the Taurus. The Gemini personality wants that to be the most constant personality aspect but the Taurus has many sides to their personality and this can be a problem for the Gemini. It would take some work and definite commitment, but the Gemini and Taurus could work together in any relationship as long as they understood each other’s thought process.
  • Cancer. The Cancer and Taurus can work together very nicely -- perhaps even at a soulmate level. The gentle and quiet Cancer blends well with the equally as gentle and quiet side of the Taurus. The obstacle in this relationship, however, kicks in with the stubbornness in both signs. As long as both agree on the subject, all is well. But, if the desires are different, the claws of the Cancer crab will grab the Taurus by the horns. This can be either exciting or exhausting.
  • Leo. Leos are passionate and exciting, which will appeal to the Taurus sense of excitement. Both signs are creative and will go for what they want. Both signs are also emotional. This seems like a perfect match, and for business, it can be. The two would work together for a goal and be nothing short of amazing. In a romantic relationship though, this same energy can cause a lot of stress. The Leo doesn't like to budge on their ideas and neither does the Taurus. Leos prefer to be right all of the time, leaving Taurus feeling neglected or unloved.
  • Virgo. Virgo and Taurus are another perfect match. Virgos tend to be the worriers, while Taurus likes to fix things, calm things down, and make things better. Both are creative and outgoing, but also like to be at home, be quiet, and recharge. In a business relationship and romantic one, this would work very well. The balance in this relationship would be obvious to others -- everyone could see the “click” between the two. If you are romantic in the office with a Virgo, others already know -- it can be seen.
  • Libra. Libras love to talk -- this sign is very sociable and open, honest and engaging. The Taurus may find this very attractive at first, but then tire of the constant attention that their Libra partner receives. You, as a Taurus, want close friends, those you can trust with your most intimate secrets. While on the other hand, the Libra likes people in general. You may see someone that the Libra likes as irritating, but your Libra partner will brush it aside as personality quarks and not a big deal. This match may not be the best choice, but the Libra can make a good party friend. They will be the one that everyone is drawn to and wants to be with.
  • Scorpio. The Scorpio personality is the best and the worst thing in the life of a Taurus. If the Taurus were to be around someone who gets on their last nerve, that just might be the Scorpio. Scorpios are outgoing and vivacious, but tend to act in ways that irritate the Taurus. In bed, this can be very exciting. But, on the day-to-day, while working or in romance, this may not be the best choice.
  • Sagittarius. Outgoing and careful, Sagittarius often think before acting. But, often times take more time to make decisions than the Taurus. In a relationship, Sagittarius may not want to commit, while the Taurus is ready to. This can cause some hurt feelings and confusion. In the workplace, this can mean delays in projects, or the project taking an unexpected turn. This isn't a bad combination, but is one that will take work to succeed. The different moon and sun signs can affect this relationship for better or worse, as well.
  • Capricorn. The Capricorn and Taurus may just be a match made to perfection. A bull and a goat may not seem like a good pairing, but the horns will lock in all the right ways. Both understand each other and think very much alike. The intellectual minds will flourish and grow in this relationship, romantic or business.
  • Aquarius. Aquarius are very much the individual. They tend to think differently than any other sign and like their independence. Taurus and Aquarius will get along as people and in the business world -- much can be accomplished with this union. A romantic relationship will be more of a challenge because both signs are fixed. Both tend to be unmovable in their ideas and opinions. This doesn't mean that it can't work, it just means that there is more stubbornness than usual in this combination to deal with.
  • Pisces. Pisces is a very gentle sign, while it may be hard to picture the two together, it's a good match. The gentle Pisces brings out the deep emotions of the Taurus. Pisces like their home and workspace to be a safe zone, just like the Taurus does. This desire for grounding draws the two signs together in a powerful and wonderful way. The main obstacle to a good relationship may be the tendency for Taurus to take over. The stubbornness may rear its head and cause the Pisces to withdraw a bit. Going into a relationship with a desire to balance things at all times will make this a very good match.

The Taurus: Ready for Anything

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        Cynthianne Neighbors 23 months ago

        Thank you, Taurusgal, I am unsure why that got changed on the editors end...not in my original. I will change it now. Thanks for catching that!

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        Taurusgal 23 months ago

        In the Libra section, Virgo is being used in place when describing the Libra. So no one gets confused while reading it like I did at first. :)

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        Cynthianne Neighbors 4 years ago

        Hello, Imitaz,

        When I do readings for people I am careful to not say such things. The planetary alignments may show good fortune, something wonderful happening, etc...but good things come in many appearances. For example, my horoscope alignment was positive for a good deal of money coming in. The reality of that was that I got a good discount on my energy bill for the month. The discount helped tremendously so in that sense, the reading was true, but I did not win the lottery. When readers write up the predictions, they, like myself, see a set of information and make interpretations on it. I hope this helped. :-)

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        Imitaz Ali 4 years ago

        yes its all about taurean is true but one thing i always thinks that why the predictions not comes true when it is being told me that u r lucky man u will win lottery of heavy magnitude? can u guide me about this madam cynthianne

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        Cynthianne Neighbors 4 years ago

        You are welcome. The personality aspects do change a bit depending on the sun and moon at time of birth. I tried to add in the personality write-up a little of everything. :-)

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        Rayne123 4 years ago

        HI, how are you

        this is so me, I usually do read or am into signs, as to me they don't make sense because how can every Taurus be the same. However its only in general. The ones I read are always saying I am materialistic and I am not. I deserve the finest things in life for not only me but to help those in need right now. This describes my personality to a tee. Thank you