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Aries Moon Sign Emotions

Jean teaches astrology, tarot & metaphysics. She is an author, ordained nondenominational minister, & member of the NJ Metaphysical Ctr.

The Ram represents Aries. Picture made specifically for author, not for commercial use.

The Ram represents Aries. Picture made specifically for author, not for commercial use.

Aries Moon Sign People

The zodiac sign that the Earth's Moon was in at your time of birth tells the story about your emotional makeup. It is also one of the areas of interpretation called the astrological Trinity of Sun sign, Moon sign, and Ascendant. These are important keys in telling who you are and what you are like. Your individual moon sign tells how you feel and how you express feelings (or perhaps how you may hold them in). It describes what is important to you and what makes you feel both safe and insecure. It can also reveal your greatest emotional strengths and weaknesses. Your moon sign is the part of you that is not apparent to others—only those who know you best see many of these traits in you. Or only people you let in enough to see them.

It takes the moon approximately 28.5 days to make a complete trip through all 12 signs of the zodiac. To find what sign your moon was in on your birthday, you need an ephemeris (the book that contains the information on what sign each planet and our moon was in on a given date) or a moon sign book. The latter is published every year by Llewellyn Publications. This gem includes much wisdom regarding subjects and areas affected by the moon. Information will be provided on how to locate these books if you never had a formal horoscope cast by an astrologer.

So, don't you want to find out what your Moon sign is?

Aries Moon Sign People Traits

Since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, Aries moon signpeople have a sort of “me first” attitude towards life. They do not mean to be self centered, but are outgoing souls who do not quite understand why everyone does not feel the way they do on a particular topic. They may treat a group of friends to dinner, and order for everyone at the table. Why wouldn’t everyone want whatever the Aries person likes? They also tend to believe that their emotional wounds or joys are much greater or harder to bear than anyone else’s are. They are the babies of the zodiac, and are immature until they grow or learn better ways to handle the expressions of their emotions in a better way.

When Aries moon sign people are happy, they take everyone along for the ride. But when they are sad or overwhelmed they have trouble expressing the enormity of all they feel. They are not especially emotionally "deep" people. You need to draw them out and try to make them understand that it is normal to feel very upset or angry in certain situations, such as illness or deaths. Even when older they may exhibit behaviors where they refuse to do something that would benefit them greatly, and feel that they are proving a positive point. Actually they are hurting themselves, but are unable to see that, thinking it’s the other person they are spiting. Aries moon sign people really do not care to get too deeply involved in other people’s problems. They believe they have enough on their plates. They are not cold people, they just are a bit self centered. Why should they concentrate on other people?

Aries Moon People Are Optimists

Now, I may have sounded a little harsh about Aries moon sign people, and I feel guilty. My husband had an Aries moon, and he was very affectionate. He often blurt out the most backhanded compliments which really melted my heart. He would tell me how pretty I looked when I was wearing my Bob Marley T-shirt with the holes in it. Or that I reminded him of the Empress card in the tarot when I would wearing a long sleeved, flannel nightgown. But since they say what is on their minds, it's honest, and comes across as very endearing. Aries moon people also have their own, unique take on emotional matters. So although it may seem like they don't care, they really do. They just want to do something about it, rather than to sit around chatting or whining about whatever the issue is.

The Leaders of the Zodiac

Aries people like to feel in control, so are usually the leaders of a group. Since they have sunny and warm dispositions, others are normally happy to follow. They have a pioneering spirit, and have a unique way of expressing their feelings and ideas. So it comes as a great surprise that many of them actually suffer from slight inferiority complexes. It seems impossible, as Aries moon sign people are always very knowledgeable about any topic of interest—well, at least for the amount of time it holds an interest for them.

They move fast from one thing to another! Aries moon sign people like to try new hobbies and activities often. They know facts and display so much information on the topic at hand, it obscures the reality that they are afraid you may see them as a failure or that you may know more about a subject than they do. So the next time your Aries moon sign friend is getting long-winded with obscure facts, keep in mind they do it so that you will not see their insecurity. They need more emotional “stroking” and reassurance than other signs, sometimes seeming “high maintenance". All they really want is a hug, or for you to give them some indication that you care.

A Mars, Aries Full Moon.

A Mars, Aries Full Moon.

Assertive in Love

Aries moon sign people are very demonstrative and romantic in love, and they make enthusiastic partners. They are a tad jealous, so will hold your hand, hug you a lot, and keep close to you in public to make sure it’s obvious that you are “theirs.” They are very devoted, but also deep down they are afraid of losing you to someone else. Once you have established yourselves as a couple by living together or getting engaged, they will be much less attentive, and may withdraw more into their own selves. This does not mean they will be unavailable emotionally, just a little less available.

If you are a person who needs more attention from a lover, this is a topic that you will need to discuss and get out into the open. Thankfully, Aries people are straightforward and will talk about relationship issues fairly easily. They may not realize they left you sitting alone at a party where you did not know anyone. Or that they never introduced you. So you need to remind them what you need or expect from your social life together.

They are very generous, and will often shower you with gifts and flowers, whatever they know you like. Fiery moon signs are very charming, and difficult to resist! Aries moon sign people also have a way with children, as they are lots of fun and like to think of ways to keep little ones happy. They are very proud of their loved ones and like to show you off to others. It’s just that they can get distracted very easily. Aries moon sign people are kind, and do not realize their actions can make others feel like they don’t care. If you are a touchy person, Aries moon sign people are not the best partners for you.

Watch out for that Aries anger!

Watch out for that Aries anger!

Aries Moon Sign People Never Follow!

Those with Aries moon signs are leaders, not followers, and will gain great satisfaction by being self-reliant and independent in their career and life choices. They are not people who take kindly to being ordered around by anyone, and want to call the shots themselves. They often own their own businesses, or work at a company or in a situation where they do not have to answer to anyone too much.

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This works well because they are active, and have very inventive and original ways of approaching problems and other dilemmas that may come up in the course of life. They will happily stride off onto a path of their own making, and have a good chance of being successful at whatever endeavors they decide to pursue. It is important that they vent all that fire energy. So if you know something is bothering them, make sure you ask questions about it. Aries moon sign people will bask in your attention, and be very happy that you care enough about them to ask! All they really want is to know for sure how important they are to you and the ones that surround them the most. And isn't that really true of most people?

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

Question: I am an Aries moon, and I display a lot of these traits. I am currently in therapy working on my temper, but I get so confused because my therapist doesn't know astrology. My rising is Pisces, sun cancer, moon Aries, mercury Leo and Venus in Gemini lol! I am all over the place! I have a hard time keeping a mate as I get SOO bored easily and start picking fights. I don't know what to do. What moon sign would I be compatible with? Also Mars in Taurus.

Answer: I don't like to give relationship advice before someone starts a relationship, because too many people are doing this lately. You should feel attracted or interested in someone and be seeing them for a while before you start getting into the astrology aspects of it all. Plus if all you have is a Moon in Aries, that's not enough to cause anger management issues. I think you should listen to your therapist. Again, lately, people are writing and telling me their therapists don't know astrology. Astrology can give insight into your personality and why you do certain things, how you deal with challenges. But it's not a substitute for therapy.

Question: I’m a Libra Sun (10/06), with a Leo rising, and Taurus Moon. My boyfriend is a Libra-Scorpio Cusp (10/21), with an Aries Moon. We can have such great times together, but his impatient side mixed with his selfishness really bothers me. What can I do to try and mitigate my boyfriend's astrologically driven tendencies? I tend to get angry and upset myself, and he’s so hard on me that I shut down. Then it’s like I’m still angry when he’s ready to be all normal again. Do I let my boyfriend get his tantrum out or do I fight against him?

Answer: Birth or Sun Signs are never on cusps, so without the year of birth, I can't tell if your BF is Libra for sure. It has to be one or the other. The Sun doesn't really move to each new zodiac sign on the 21st of the month, that's sort of an average. So look it up using his year of birth too, just to be sure. People exhibit traits of the sign next to them because usually their Mercury or Venus is close to the Sun but in the different sign. I just want to clear up this "born on a cusp" business first.

In all my years of practice in astrology, I only know two successful couples who stayed married and are the same Sun Sign. Both have Sun in Capricorn and are very serious. So I don't usually recommend being with your own Sun sign. In physics, there is a rule, "Like forces repel." So you are so much alike it can be as if you are with yourself. But the other planets matter too.

Libra is the marriage sign, they love to be in a relationship and often can work together too. It rules the marriage house. You tend to be stubborn or persistent, with Leo rising and a Taurus Moon. But Leos are strong and regal, and if he is Libra, he will appreciate that about you. Taurus Moon is sensual and romantic. You know what you want in life and have goals.

The Aries Moon can make him temperamental and a little immature. You always want to think you are right and are bossy. I don't know his rising sign. Your Leo or Fire sign rising goes well with his Fire sign moon though. I don't really have enough information to know why he is behaving as you say he is. Libras can be very patient if it's for someone or something they want. It's not a really selfish sign. So he must have other planetary placements which make him selfish or difficult. Taurus is a peaceful Moon, so I am not sure what makes you so angry. He gets over it faster because of the Aries moon.

I don't think it's worth it for anyone to stay in a relationship where they are deciding whether to let the other person throw tantrums or decide how to fight against each other. This situation sounds negative and I would just get out of it, astrology aside. None of the questions you asked were positive, it's all about tantrums and fights. I don't think either one of you is mature enough for a serious relationship right now. Try to talk it out, and see if it gets better. If not, move on.

Question: Can you explain my Moon in Capricorn, Sun in Pisces, and Ascendant in Pisces?

Answer: I'm puzzled that you asked this question on an article about Aries Moon Sign Emotions, because the Moon and Sun sign articles I wrote are in a series of 12 zodiac positions each, and you could have read a whole article about Capricorn Moon Sign Emotions---- and also Sun In Pisces Personalities-- It's time-consuming for me to answer these requests for information about zodiac positions I've written full-length articles about and could easily be found if the querent even puts a little effort in and Googled it. The Ascendant in Pisces is the way others see you. You come off as mysterious, secretive, kind and sympathetic. You probably have dramatic or pretty eyes and an aura of interest around you, sort of stylish. So if you read about your Sun and Moon, and put that together with the ascendant, you should have a good picture of your trinity.

I am not trying to push you away or be rude. It's just if a person sees an article about one Sun or Moon sign on this site (usually or, it's obvious its part one of a series, and there are articles about the other 11 zodiac signs in that series. They are even listed in the sidebar of the articles you aren't bothering to read. So it's hard to answer a question which has been much more adequately explained in the full-length article I wrote, and this is a public forum, everyone can see your question and my answers. These are a tiny part of what a whole horoscope is, which is my true writing purpose in writing these instructional articles, and nobody looks or reads the articles that are informative before they ask the questions. I want to inform readers that these articles on Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus signs are available for all 12 zodiac signs if you look, and answer these questions better than I have time for here.

Question: I’m a Sun Capricorn and Moon Aquarius. My partner is a Sun Sagittarius and Moon Aries. Is that a good match?

Answer: Yes, I think this has potential. Sagittarius and Capricorn are signs next to each other. So you can understand each other. You probably have Mercury or Venus in Aquarius, and he likely has planets like that (close to the Sun) in Capricorn. You are a little more serious than he is, as Capricorn is an Earth Sign. The Aquarius Moon makes your emotions quickly changeable though, so that will keep him on his toes! You have a strong will of your own and a stubborn little streak.

Sun in Sag is a smart person who is interested in many topics. He gets restless and likes to travel, also enjoys being outdoors. Sag rules law, philosophy, religion, and long distance travel, also education. So he can engage you in long talks about all of them. He may fall in love with another country's culture or something about it. He is open and generous. The Aries Moon means he can be a bit immature about emotions, as it's the first zodiac sign. But he's ardent in love and shows his emotions. He will be proud to show you off to people. You are both outgoing and fun, and I think you are a good combination.

Question: I'm a Virgo Sun and Leo Moon. He is a Leo Sun with an Aries Moon. Are we compatible?

Answer: If you are continuing to see this person, why don't you know if you are compatible or not? If I were dating someone, and had to ask another person if we were compatible, I would assume the answer was no. I'm not trying to be mean spirited, I just don't understand the reasoning behind these questions which ask me for a small percentage of what an astrology chart is, and for purposes, I don't use it for. I use astrology charts as personality profiles and for life coaching.

Leo and Virgo are signs next to each other, and normally people with Sun signs next to each other do get along fairly well. This is because Mercury and Venus are the planets closest to the Sun. So, although you are Virgo, it's very possible you have Mercury and Venus in Leo. He is Leo, but it's possible his Mercury and Venus are in Virgo. Mercury rules the way you think, and Venus your love and social natures. So having these planets in each other Sun signs (a distinct possibility) would help things along.

Being Virgo, you are intelligent and somewhat serious. You are careful about your health, and may even work in a health profession. Most Virgos like cats for some reason. You are a hard worker and a reliable person, usually always doing what you say you will do. People rely on that and trust you for it. You are a good communicator and willing to talk out your problems. You are also a worrier, and tend to be too critical of those you love.

The Leo Moon rules your emotions. You are strong-willed and possessive in love, but also very romantic and demonstrative. It's a fixed sign, so you will likely stay with the person you decide is the "one." He is a Leo Sun, so is outgoing and well liked. He is generous and fun to be with. Since he is Leo, and you have the Leo Moon, he can understand your emotional makeup more easily than some.

An Aries Moon can sometimes be a little immature, but they are very ardent and also romantic in a love relationship, and will enjoy showing you off and introducing you to people who are important in his life. He is competitive and likes to be first. He sometimes blurts out things without thinking, but isn't trying to hurt anyone's feelings. Both Aries and Leo are Fire signs, and your Leo Moon is in a Fire sign, so I like that. Based on what I know here, I can't see anything bad, and think it's worth taking this relationship and seeing where it goes.

Question: What is the compatibility of Aquarius sun, Aries moon, and Pisces sun, Gemini moon?

Answer: This is a pretty good combo. Sun signs next to each other generally get along well. The Aquarius Sun is a nonconformist, interested in getting involved in community projects, or in helping others. The Aries Moon rules emotions, so being the first zodiac sign can be a little bit immature, or "me first." But they are fun to be with, have original ideas, and like to show off their partners. The Pisces Sun, Gemini Moon is more changeable. Pisces is also a humanitarian, very psychic, so can read others very well. They love new shoes. They are good storytellers. The Gemini Moon means they can be hard to pin down emotionally and can get bored and restless in a relationship if they don't have enough space. But I think it can work. Take care, Jean