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Aquarius Moon Sign Emotions

Jean teaches astrology, tarot & metaphysics. She is an author, ordained nondenominational minister, & member of the NJ Metaphysical Ctr.

Aquarius is represented by the water bearer.

Aquarius is represented by the water bearer.

Aquarius Moon Sign People

One of my heroes, Henry David Thoreau, once said, "Each man hears the beat of a different drummer, and must step to the music he hears." I am sure he would not mind if I update his famous quote to include women too. Especially Aquarius Moon women and men. These are our friends that have those endearing (and sometimes not so endearing) eccentric traits. They have very strong likes and dislikes. They are independent and unconventional souls who do what they think is best and do not especially care if you approve of their actions or not.

But they grow on you, and you begin to respect the fact that they do not follow trends, and that they stay true to themselves. Since their Moon is in that erratic and unpredictable Aquarius sign, these people experience many sudden and unexpected changes in their lives. Another reason is that Uranus, the Planet of Lightning is their ruler. They are strong-willed people who can roll with that. And when the changes are hard ones—like deaths or divorces—you will respect the grace and sensibility with which they handle what life deals out to them. It could be easy to label someone who changes so much as flaky, but since you cannot categorize an Aquarian, you would be wasting your time and opinion. They have their own view of the world, and nobody will persuade them otherwise. Life would be such a bore without them!

Aquarius Moon Sign Personality Traits

Aquarian Moon sign people are air signs, and thus are very intelligent. They have many interests, and knowledge in many areas. They are the original DIY kind of people, they do not need help, thank you! They do have a humanitarian side, and are often leaders of groups to feed the hungry, or to raise money for a worthwhile cause. It is not their leadership abilities that surprise other people, but the kindness and hard work an Aquarian Moon person will put into any kind of project to benefit the less fortunate. They often do volunteer work, and care about groups of people a great deal. They like people in a detached sort of way. So that's why you will find them off fighting for causes, yet not letting too many people get close to them personally.

Most Aquarius Moon sign people are quite friendly and agreeable, in an impersonal kind of way. They have kind hearts, and really do listen when others speak. Just don't tread on their personal space and you will get along fine. I realize they may seem hard to understand, but once you get down these few basics, you will find you have a very smart, well-read, and interesting friend who is worth the time you put in to get to know them better.

Aquarius Moon sign people get bored easily, so make sudden changes in life that a faint-hearted person would not consider. Marriage does not really suit their independent spirit, unless they find a soul mate who understands their need for autonomy and realizes this is a person they cannot hover over, no matter how much they love them. They are perfectly capable people and know what they want and what they are doing. An Aquarian Moon will not put up with a situation not to their liking for too long. Either you toe the line and shape up, or you will no longer be welcome in their life! They do not waste time on lost causes.

Aquarius Moon sign people are usually interested in things that others might find unusual. I know one who is a mortician by trade. She thinks gory stories about autopsies interest others as much as they interest her, which results in some awkward moments. You can often hear them talking about something strange at a party, and others are trying to get away or are rolling their eyes. But they do not want to be like everyone else, and do not understand why others cannot see that.

Aquarius Moon sign people are very inventive and love to take things apart to see if they can put them back together. They like science and have mechanical abilities. The women know how to fix their own cars or motorcycles. They most likely have a few tattoos as well. Their way of dressing will also be different. Say, it's 2016, and the Aquarius Moon person you have your eye on likes to dress in clothes from the 1950s. They just like to be their own person, and you have to go with that. Although they grow up to be very productive members of society, they will always dress or act a bit differently than the average person. And that's fine, because they will never be "average." Why be average when you can be original? That's what makes them so much fun to be with when you go out. Aquarians like to go to concerts and shows, and like to have a good time. They really are a positive addition to any group.

Aquarius woman who expresses herself.

Aquarius woman who expresses herself.

A Fixed Sign Who Can Cope With Change

Aquarius is a fixed sign, which normally makes its natives resistant to change. It is more complicated in the case of an Aquarius Moon sign person. Their basic outlook on life will stay pretty much the same. But their Uranus ruler will cause chaos and upheaval in their lives, and so they will have to deal with more change than the other fixed signs, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio. Add in their low tolerance for boredom and bright and curious minds, and you have a person who is much more open to change than their other fixed partners in the zodiac. This is what makes them such great conversationalists, and so open-minded about the way other people live.

When somebody is discussing their problems, and the Aquarian has had that experience, they do empathize. They will offer suggestions and advice. But chances are that the Aquarian Moon was able to pick themselves up faster and get life back on track much more quickly. Why waste time on something that is not worth the trouble? The world is an interesting place with places to go, people to see. Aquarian Moon sign people have a practical side that they do not normally let out too much. But they do make quick decisions once they have all the facts. They are also interested in occult subjects, and have psychic abilities. Since they are so independent, you will often find them as owners of their own businesses. And it will not be a mainstream business.

They will own a store that sells mostly organic and vegetarian products. Aquarian Moon sign people put much thought into whatever they put in or on their bodies. Perhaps they make their own line of body creams and cosmetics, or practice some kind of natural healing, or own a metaphysical store. Whatever they decide to do, their brilliant minds and commitment to the task at hand will make it a success. And you will be delighted to stop and chat once in a while to catch up with whatever is going on in their lives. Whatever it is, it sure will not be boring!

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Aquarius the water bearer. Picture made specifically for author, not for commercial use.

Aquarius the water bearer. Picture made specifically for author, not for commercial use.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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Questions & Answers

Question: I am a Libra sun, Leo moon, Sagittarius rising. What type of people are good for me? What type are not? What is my overall persona?

Answer: Libras are independent and care a lot about balance in life. It's the sign on the marriage house, so you like to do things in partnerships, and hope to be half of one some day, being a romantic. It's an air sign, so you are intelligent and curious. You are ruled by Venus, and don't like to argue, you are the peacemaker in the group.

The Leo Moon represents your emotions. You are generous and loving. You have great friends and will do anything for them. You love to be in the spotlight, and in a love relationship demand attention. But you attract attention too. Leos are fixed about what they feel unless they learn otherwise. You are romantic and want someone to fuss over you. But you will do the same for them.

Sag rising is the way you appear. You are probably tall. Sag people are easygoing and accepting of others. You like travel and may be interested in different cultures, or an art from one.. Sag rules education, law, and philosophy. You are talkative and generally have strong ideas.

So having air and fire signs in your trinity, you will get along with other air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. I like Gemini because having Sag rising, it's on the cusp of your marriage house. Aries could be a good choice. I think earth and water signs would bore you. But be aware this is only a trinity, all of the planets in your zodiac chart are in a sign and one of 12 houses. So there's a lot of info I don't have here.

Question: I'm Taurus Sun, Aquarius Moon and Leo Rising. What type of person I am, and with what kind of person I'm most compatible with?

Answer: All three parts of your Trinity are fixed signs, so you are very persistent and stubborn. You need to accept that others may not share your views. Taurus Sun means you are kind and gentle, and will go out of your way to help others. You love the outdoors, and don't speak unless you have something important to say. The Aquarius Moon means you run hot and cold in romance. You do care a lot about people, but in a detached sort of way. You need freedom in a relationship. Leo rising is the way others see you. So that's generous and warm, and a good host who likes to go out and have fun.

As far as compatibility, you need to be with someone who can stand up to your rigid idea that it's your way or the highway. This is a hard one, as Taurus is Earth, Aquarius is Air, and Leo is Fire. Unless you have other planets in Earth signs, I would say another air sign, like Gemini or Libra, or Fire signs, like Aries or Sagittarius.

Question: What is the personality profile for Aries Sun, Aquarius Moon, Leo rising?

Answer: Sure. The Aries Sun is a cardinal sign, so you are an ambitious leader. You are fun and outgoing, often having original or new ideas, and friends like that about you. You have a little bit of a "Me First" attitude, it comes from Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. But you are ardent in love and are proud of a lover, you love to show them off and put them on a pedestal. The Aquarius Moon rules your emotional makeup. Aquarians like freedom, so although you may enjoy a relationship with someone, you need some space and don't want anyone too clingy or someone boring. You crave excitement and someone who provides interesting conversation and intelligence. The Leo Rising is the way others see you before they get to know you. Leo is a warm and caring sign, usually very sociable and loving to go out or to entertain at home. Leos care deeply about friends and family because others just gravitate to them. A Sagittarius would be good for you. You need a lot of stimulation in life and in romance. I hope that helps sort this out a bit.

Question: Can you give a personality profile for the following: Scorpio Sun, Aquarius Moon, Aquarius Rising?

Answer: This is a trinity of all fixed signs, so you are stubborn, or the good side of it, persistent. But there is hope, as all the planets in your chart are in a zodiac sign, and I am sure a few are in cardinal or mutable signs.

Scorpio Sun means you are driven and passionate, and want to figure out all the mysteries of life. You are strong and ambitious, also sentimental and very emotional. You care deeply or not at all. Scorpios are good people, they are much maligned, if you check my profile; I recently published a piece on Scorpios to defend them. You are serious, and although reasonably sociable, need some private time too. You are secretive and can read other people very well.

The Aquarius Moon rules your emotions, and this is a Moon which is hard to pin down. You can tell someone you love them and then not call them for a week. You are a nonconformist, Aquarius, as well as Scorpio, tells me this, but you don't mind. Aquarians fight for what they stand for and are very principled. You have pet causes you to support and are intelligent and up on the trending issues. You have all different kinds of friends. In love, you need freedom and don't want to feel too tied down. You are likely to fall in love with a person who is more like your best friend (which is good IMHO). You are a humanitarian and probably could be a leader in an organization you support.

The rising sign is the way others see you, the mask you put on. Aquarius people are normally tall. You seem brainy and come off as friendly. You can find something in common with most people. You have many interests, and it's hard to keep up with you. You have high ideals that others may not understand, but won't mind. I hope that helps.

Question: Can a sun Aries moon Aquarius Male and sun Capricorn moon Aquarius female be a good match? He seems very distant. A book I read called “the book of lovers “ says he needs an Aquarius with some Leo in her chart... I have no Leo in my chart, but a lot of air. Should I still pursue him or leave it alone?

Answer: The Aries Sun and Capricorn Sun are what we call a square. It means there will be challenges in the relationship, but in a romantic one, it often means sexual chemistry. Aries and Capricorn are both leadership signs. You both are ambitious. Capricorn will carry out all the goals, but Aries has great ideas, and maybe you can help bring them to completion. Capricorn is more serious, Aries lighthearted, so you have something to learn from each other.

Both of you have Aquarius Moons, so this means emotionally you can understand each other. You may agree on a partnership considered nonconventional to others, but having those Moon positions, don't really care as much what others think. Both of you run a bit hot and cold in romance, so you both feel a distance towards each other. Having Gemini in your chart is good with an Aries and with the Aquarius Moons. That book probably said Leo because it's the opposite of Aquarius, and opposites attract. But without knowing your whole astrology chart, that info is useless, so forget it.

My philosophy is to try it. If it doesn't work, you can always leave. I think there's no reason not to try based on what you told me. I see some chemistry here.

Question: What do I do to make it better? He doesn’t communicate; we never go on a date, no gifts no romantic msgs., I am an aqua Moon and Venus Virgo. I am married to a Virgo moon and Venus in Taurus man. No matter what I do for him, he never appreciates me or never gives me any gift.

Answer: Was it always like this between you when you dated? Or did it change somewhere along the line?

Virgo is the hardest placement for Venus. It's not a particularly romantic or sensitive sign, it's ruled by the head instead of the heart. It's not a real sexy placement either, so there aren't any fireworks. It is an earth sign though, and his Venus is in Taurus. He seems to be the more romantic one. Taurus is sensual and usually very communicative in love. They show it more physically. He may be talkative unless he has something important to say.

Your Aquarius Moon is aloof, and you run hot and cold in your emotions. This is a good sign for communicating, being an air sign. But you don't really want to be tied down, and that could be part of the problem. Maybe you don't like being married. His Virgo Moon means he can be too critical and analytical about his emotions. So all this Virgo can make you both practical and sensible, but not particularly romantic. It is usually a talkative sign though.

All you can do is talk to him and explain that these gestures of romance and love matter to you, that you need them to show you that he cares. But I think you come off as very independent and like you don't need these things. I can't even see how you got together in the first place, but I only can interpret the Moon and Venus positions based on what you gave me. There must be other planetary aspects or planets in houses which drew you together; you did get married. Communication between you does have the potential to help, but you both have to talk it out. He may not realize how much his inattention to little things hurts you. Try to get it out into the open.

I don't know how long you were married. Aquarius Moon and Taurus Moon are in a square aspect, so it is a challenge, but not one you can't overcome. I don't know your Sun signs, which would have been helpful. If you are that unhappy, you could try counseling, but try talking it out. I don't think he will ignore you if you tell him what you told me here.

Question: I am a Gemini Sun, Aquarius moon, Taurus Venus and rising Capricorn. I have been dating this Aquarius Sun, Pisces moon, Capricorn Venus, and rising Cancer. Is the combo good long term or marriage?

Answer: Yes, it is, I like it. Both Sun signs are air signs, so communication is good. Aquarius Moon means you can be detached at times, the Pisces Moon is more romantic, but still not really a problem. Taurus and Capricorn Venus are both Earth signs, so you are both lusty and sensual but show it more in private. You both want security, especially with Cancer and Capricorn rising. These are opposites, so there is a big attraction there. You will be fine together! It's very good for the long term. Best Wishes. Plan the wedding.

Question: My sun sign is Scorpio, my Moon sign is Aquarius, and my ascendant sign is also Scorpio. What does this say about me and how I come across to others?

Answer: Scorpio and Aquarius are both fixed signs, so it isn't easy to sway your opinion. These three positions are called your Trinity. You seem very Scorpio, having the Sun and Ascendant there. You are independent, strong, capable, psychic and able to read people well. You are very willful, a loyal friend, and although you won't tolerate fools, do have a soft spot for ones you love or people who truly need your help.

The Ascendant is the way others see you. Some are intimidated by Scorpio Ascendant people. You are reserved and not inclined to let people into your life until you know them well enough to trust them. You come across as serious and strong, and that scares some people. But they probably aren't worth it anyway, or will change their minds as they get to know you (I have a Scorpio Ascendant too, and see this all the time).

Aquarius moon is the way you show your emotions. You need freedom and don't like to be tied down, though with all the Scorpio in you, you will be possessive in love. Aquarians are very philanthropic, and you care much for the needy. You communicate well in relationships. You may not be happy in a conventional relationship, but will find one where you can make your own rules. Try to compromise more!

Question: I am a Sag Sun, with a Cancer Rising and an Aquarius Moon. I sometimes feel very torn between these three. I get thrown off course, lose myself in daydreams or new interests, and sometimes have trouble focusing on one thing. Does this have to do with my signs?

Answer: All three of these signs can cause interests in new things, which is actually a good thing, it makes you interesting! But I see what you mean. The Sag Sun rules the 9th house of law, philosophy, religion, foreign travel and cultures, and education. So this can cause involvement in movements or trying to involve yourself in organizations regarding these topics. Sag people are normally easy-going and well-liked by others, but it's a mutable sign, so you get bored and move on fast. That's why you lose focus.

The Aquarius Moon is a fixed sign and rules your emotional makeup. You have specific ideas of what qualities you love in a person, and can be uncompromising in that. I think you are attracted to someone who is different in some way, a nonconformist, or someone who likes to shock other people. You like to be considered different too, and don't like to get in a rut. You need freedom in a relationship and will have issues in love if the other person is too possessive.

But Cancer rising is the way others see you. So you seem kind and approachable. You are gentle and come off as kind of sweet. But Cancer also has goals and wants to achieve. They care about family, but also need change and get bored fast. This is what makes you a dreamer. All of these signs point to easy boredom and many interests, so you do need focus. Since Cancer is your Ascendant, that puts Capricorn on the cusp of your marriage house, and Scorpio on the cusp of the 5th, ruling romance, games, love affairs, children and sports. Both a Scorpio, but particularly a Capricorn, could be a stabilizing person in your life, but Scorpio would be a passionate fling!

I don't know what other zodiac signs your other planets are in. The most important part of a chart is how far the planets are from each other, or the aspects. So that's the best I can do with the info I have. Best Regards.

Question: Can you please explain the personality of a Scorpio sun, Aquarius moon, and Taurus rising person?

Answer: This is one stubborn person, as all three of these zodiac signs are fixed signs. Good luck getting your way! Scorpio Sun people are strong, capable, loyal, sensual and normally accomplish their goals. They always seem to know where they are going and what they want. They can read you like a book and are very psychic and creative, often knowing what will happen before it does. This is an intense person.

Aquarius moon people are a little detached emotionally. They love everyone, but may not pay attention to you as much as you would like. This is a non-conformist who plays by their own rules. But they are fun and quirky, and this is the sign here that will change most often. Because it's about their emotions, you may never know what to expect. An Aquarius moon needs freedom, but Scorpio and Taurus are more settled, so this person isn't as complicated as it would seem.

Taurus rising is the facade or public face they wear. This is practical, gentle, quiet or just talkative when they really have something to say. Taurus is a gentle sign, and this person won't judge others. They are kind and helpful. As long as you are changeable and can compromise, this shouldn't be an issue.

Question: Could you tell me a bit about the compatibility between a Scorpio Sun, Aquarius Moon, Leo Rising woman and a Leo Sun, Cancer Moon, Scorpio Rising woman?

Answer: Sure. Both of you are persistent and stubborn, so that can be an issue. Scorpio Sun people are independent, intelligent, intense, and usually, are very good at whatever they want to accomplish. You are loyal and care deeply about those you love, although can tend to be secretive and need some time alone. The Aquarius Moon rules the emotions. So you are someone who cares, but will forget anniversaries, or make plans to go out Saturday and forget. You get sidetracked because you care about so many things. The Leo Rising means you are warm and generous, love to go out, but expect to be treated like a Queen. You want to be shown how much she cares, because Scorpios are very passionate. All three parts of your Trinity are in fixed signs, so good luck to her for trying to change your mind about things. Because of the Aquarius Moon, she needs to learn to use logic in your arguments

Having a Leo Sun, she is also strong-willed and outgoing so she will respect and have good times with you. She also wants to be treated like a Queen, so you have to pay attention to each other, as with the Scorpio rising, she also needs time alone, so it's going to be tricky. But I think you can both hold your own. Scorpio Rising people seem intimidating, or like they don't want to be bothered. That's not totally true, but they do consider how they want to spend their time and are serious about it. If you have been seeing each other for a bit, that means she cares. Also, she's really a marshmallow when it comes to her emotions. The Cancer Moon makes her very changeable, but also very nurturing and caring. Her family matters a lot to her, so I hope they like you.

I think as long as you talk about your issues and don't butt heads so much because both of you like your own way, it can work. Her emotions are a little more tender than yours, so don't hurt her feelings. Otherwise, as long as you agree to disagree about some things, I think it will be fine.

Question: What will be the personality and obstacles thereof for a sign with the Sun in Capricorn, Aquarius Moon, and Capricorn Rising?

Answer: Having both the Sun and Rising sign in Capricorn, you need to be careful not to work all the time and forget to have fun. Capricorns are very ambitious when it comes to rising the career ladder. You are a leader and don't take kindly to being told what to do by others. You are sensible, reliable, and can be counted on in an emergency. But you also have a wry sense of humor which comes off as hilarious, because nobody expects it. Family means a lot to you, and you are conservative, wanting to marry and have a family someday. The Capricorn rising is the way others see you, so it's the way you are since it's also your Sun sign. So what you see is what you get. You are approachable though, and won't even ask anyone to do anything you wouldn't do yourself. You are the first to roll up your sleeves and pitch right in. This makes your friends very loyal to you. I like the Aquarius moon here; it is the way you express your emotions. Aquarius is a nonconformist and likes to shock others, so it's fun with the rest of your trinity in Capricorn. You may be uncertain when you meet someone important and run hot and cold until you decide if they are right for you. But you are intelligent and love to be going out and meeting new people. You have a mind which works like lightning, and may make sudden decisions and changes that are very unexpected. So once people think they have you all figured out--oh no! All I saw as an obstacle was being too dangerous, and the Aquarius Moon won't let you, so I think you will do well. I see you dying your hair teal to shock others. Or maybe some red and green highlights for the holidays.

Question: I have a Cancer sun, Aquarius moon, and a Virgo rising. Is this an explosive mixture?

Answer: I don't understand what you mean by "explosive." The sun, moon, and rising sign positions are merely what astrologers call the trinity of your chart, and it's a very small percentage of what a true astrological chart would tell you. I fear that so many are writing me with these trinities and think they are coming away with a whole horoscope, and it isn't even the tip of the iceberg. I have a whole home business to cast and interpret charts, and it takes between 10-12 hours. I wish people would read the articles and some of the answers I gave others, and they could probably figure out their trinities themselves. I wrote articles that are detailed and explain sun signs and rising signs, and you wrote this at the bottom of the moon sign, so that should have explained the meaning of your Aquarius moon. The other articles are on

Cancer and Aquarius are both changeable, Cancer because the moon's small changes rule it. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which stays in one zodiac sign for 12 years, and causes HUGE changes in your life. I can't predict where without a chart, as I don't know what house it's in, although if you really do have Virgo rising, that would put Pisces on the 7th house cusp and Aquarius moon would be in your 6th house. That rules health, jobs as opposed to a career, and small pets. Are you experiencing a change in health, or perhaps beginning a new health regimen? You are a hard worker and give a lot of energy to your job, and with that moon sign, get along well with coworkers. Are you up for a promotion or thinking of changing jobs?

Virgo rising is the way you appear to others, the mask you show. You seem witty, intelligent, health-oriented, reliable and kindhearted. Its a nice combination for a trinity, but I've really never seen an "explosive" one.

Question: I'm a Sagittarius Sun, with Sagittarius Moon and Libra rising. What can you tell me about that?

Answer: What you have asked me about is called your Trinity. Sag Sun people are easy to get along with, they sort of go with the flow. They love to be surrounded by friends, dogs, kids, family, everyone, and it never phases them. You always feel at home or accepted by a Sag. I find there are quiet Sag people and talkative ones. You may be one of the chattier ones with the Libra rising. Sag people are ruled by Jupiter, so you have big ideas and do everything in a big way. You tend to be lucky. Sag rules the 9th house, so you are interested in education, philosophy, travel, and religion. You may fall in love with a certain country or culture, or marry someone from a different background.

The Moon rules your emotions, and is also in Sag. This is an independent sign, so you may not be so in a hurry to settle down. You want to travel and have fun first. You probably want to be in a relationship, with Libra rising, but not one that doesn't allow some freedom. You won't rush into a relationship, and if you do, may travel and wait or postpone having children to later. You have a warm heart and are very generous.

Libra rising is the way others see you when they don't know you well. It's ruled by Venus, so you are the peacemaker in the group. You are well liked and do have some leadership ability, since it rules your first house, a cardinal one. You like nice clothes and care about your appearance, though maybe not as much as a Sun sign Libra, you have all that Sag. As far as love, I like Fire signs for you, Aries or Leo. Air would be good too, Gemini (sexual tension), Libra, or Aquarius.

Question: I'm Libra sun and Aquarius moon, I'm dating a man who's sun and Moon are both Pisces. How compatible are we?

Answer: The Libra Sun means you can't imagine life without a partner, as Libra is the marriage sign. It's an independent air sign, so you are a leader and a good communicator. You love nice things, but will work hard for them. Libras are symbolized by the balance, so you may often not express yourself, for fear of starting a fight. But the Aquarius moon makes you more opinionated and fixed in your views, and you do stand up for your beliefs. You are a humanitarian and get involved in causes. I can see you getting involved in politics.

A person with both Sun and Moon in the same sign, Pisces, means what you see is what he is. Pisces is a spiritual sign, and he is dreamy and loving. He is very sensitive and may not have clear goals. He is accepting and if you are close and are in pain, he feels your pain. His emotional nature is also very loving and sentimental, he's artistic, charming, a good lover, a good story teller. His attention wanders and he needs time alone.

It's hard to predict relationship futures without having a chart. I think you are the stronger one in this relationship and have to be careful not to over power him. He's gentle and not as goal oriented as you are. But he is a romantic guy and that can surely have it's appeal. I think it can work if he has planets in stronger signs that give him more direction and ambition, just knowing this I have concerns he's a charming dreamer without clear direction.

Question: I have a Virgo Sun, Virgo Ascendant and Moon in Aquarius, how does this affect me?

Answer: Virgos are intelligent and witty. You are reliable and say what you tell others you will do. You are hard working. You are a loyal friend and a partner the right person will appreciate this. You probably like cats. The Virgo ascendant is the face you show the world, so you seem the way you really are. Virgos are always interesting and up on the issues of the day. You like to talk a lot.

The Moon in Aquarius is more complicated. This rules your emotions. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, so you are inclined to make sudden and erratic changes without really thinking about it. But the Virgo in you may calm that down. You run hot and cold in love, as Aquarius is not conventional, but Virgo is. So it's not a real easy trinity. One minute you can seem friendly and in love, the next day you don't even call the person. So others may be confused by you. This is a hard one. I interpret these trinities, but without casting a whole horoscope, I can't tell how to help you with the issues of seeming like a home-loving, settled down person, and craving wild and exciting times.

Question: I'm Aries sun, with a Sagittarius rising and an Aquarius moon. Can you tell me something about this combination?

Answer: Yes, I can. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so you like to be first and are competitive. You are original and have good ideas. You have leadership abilities, but may not like to follow through with minor details (someone else can do that)! You are ardent when in love and pay much attention to a partner, being very romantic.

Sag rising means you may be tall, and like to engage in outdoor sports. You are interested in foreign cultures or travel, law, philosophy, and religion. You are easy going and accept people for who they are. You are outgoing and keep busy. There are talkative Sag people and quiet ones; you could be one of either. With Aries and Aquarius, I'd say talkative.

The Moon represents your emotions, and it looks like you wrote this at the bottom of the article where I wrote only about that topic, so that's a longer and better answer than I can give you here. Aquarians don't like to be too settled down, nor does Sag, so you need a partner who respects that you want to go out with friends and have some freedom. You have quirks, but those who love you probably think they are adorable or cute. When you care about someone or something special, your opinions are very fixed and hard to change.

I can see you with someone with planets in air signs.

Question: What is your evaluation of a Leo sun and an Aquarius moon?

Answer: Leo and Aquarius are opposites. The Leo Sun makes you the boss who wants attention, but also very generous and kind. You like to be in charge. Leos are fun and outgoing. They are fond of nice clothes and want the best in life. You are romantic and like children.

Aquarius Moon rules your emotions. This is a bit harder. Aquarians crave freedom and don't particularly want to be tied to a conventional relationship. So this can confuse you when you are in one. You have a rebellious streak and like to be different. That's not a bad thing in itself, but can be hard when in love. This isn't a lot of info, so maybe there are mitigating factors like planets in other signs and that make good aspects to each other. But don't worry about one opposition, we all have them.

Question: My Sun, Moon, and Mercury are all in Aquarius. Is this bad?

Answer: No, don't worry. I don't look at zodiac signs as being good or bad, or any other factors in astrology. They are normally positive or negative, but you always have free will, and there are aspects in everyone's chart to help them through difficult times.

You are stubborn and opinionated with three placements in Aquarius. But also very intelligent, so you research topics and know what you are talking about. The Sun means you are a nonconformist who has to do things your own way, and there is nothing wrong with that. It makes you interesting.

The Moon in Aquarius means you can act detached from others at times, but again, you probably do care about people quite a bit. You don't always show it or tell them. They won't know unless you do, so work on communicating your feelings. Your emotions change often, and that can seem confusing to you and others, but again, it's nothing you can't straighten out.

Mercury rules the way you think. You are interested in so many things, and your mind is always going, I bet you can't turn it off to sleep. But it's highly intelligent, and you understand complicated subjects that baffle other people. It's great for communication in any form if you are in a tech field or are a writer. You are slow to change your opinions, and will be accused of being stubborn, but I don't know the other planet placements.

I think you would be attracted to someone with many fire signs in their chart. Also, it seems like an odd combo, but Cancers are very changeable too, and I know many Cancer/Aquarius couples. It's hard to express why it works, it just does. Aquarius has big revelations and changes, and Cancer changes every 2 or so days when the Moon does. I hope that helps; it's not bad, don't worry.

Question: Can you tell me about a Taurus Sun and Aquarius moon personalities, such as their negatives and positives?

Answer: Taurus Sun people are usually kind and easy to get along with. They are sensible and reliable, and like to have security in their lives. Being loyal, they will often work a job for many years as long as they get promotions and raises. They are family oriented and conservative for the most part. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so they don't like to argue. It takes a lot to get them mad, but once every few years they do, so watch out!

The Aquarius Moon is how the person's emotional life works. This sign doesn't work as well with Taurus. While Taurus wants security in a relationship, Aquarius thrives on change and excitement. It's hard to pin down an Aquarius moon person regarding their emotions. They may love you madly, and then ignore you for hours. They get involved in causes they care about, and put time into that. They are nonconformists.

Both are fixed signs, so this person likes to get their own way. But just knowing the Sun and Moon position doesn't give me much to work with. Every planet was in a sign when you were born, and in one of 12 houses, all with 3 or 4 meanings.

Question: I'm a Pisces Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Libra rising person. What can you tell me about my personality?

Answer: Pisces Sun people are kind and sensitive. You like other people, but as a dreamer, also need time alone. You are creative and should try to develop that if you aren't doing so now. Pisces is the last zodiac sign, the most evolved one, so you are spiritual, in whatever way suits you. The Moon rules your emotions, and in Aquarius, you need freedom in a relationship, so confuse someone who is romantically involved with you. One minute it seems like you care very much, the next you forget to call. The Libra rising is the way others see you. Libra is a leadership sign, and ambitious, mostly because you like to have money to buy nice things. But you always look good and may have a dimple on your face or body. You love clothes. Libra is fair, so you look at situations from all sides, and it seems like you can't make up your mind. Since you have a Sun water sign, and the Moon and Rising sign are in air signs, I'd like to see you with an Earth sign Sun person, with the Moon or Rising in a Fire sign, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius.

Question: My partner has Gemini sun, Aquarius moon and Taurus Venus. What does that say as far as personality, love and family relations?

Answer: Gemini Sun people are intelligent and get bored easily. They are interesting and know a lot about many things. They are logical and ruled by their head, not their hearts. They are good communicators. The Aquarius Moon represents the emotions. This is a person who runs a bit hot and cold about love and needs space in a relationship. But they have unique ideas and ways of looking at the world, so life is never dull when around them. This is not a person who wants to hang out with family and watch TV every night; this is a person who wants to go out and trip the lights fantastic. If you are a real homebody, I don't know if this can work.

The Venus in Taurus is loyal and loving, and the most family-oriented part I see here. This gives reliability and a sensible aspect of the relationship. It's also a romantic Venus. Plus the person could have other sides, all of their planets were in a zodiac sign at the time of birth. So there's more I don't know here than what I know. All of these questions on this group site require a whole casting of a Natal Birth Chart, but I can't ask for them to pay for one from here, although I do have my site. Without a whole chart, this is such a little bit of info, but I am doing what I can with what I have. I hope this answered a little. Take care.

Question: Can you give a personality profile for Sagittarius Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Leo rising?

Answer: You are an outgoing and fun loving person. Jupiter rules Sag Sun people, so tend to be lucky and also very generous. You love to have a house filled with people, and like your home to be "lived in." You probably like outdoors, sports, and pets. You tend to be a little bit clumsy, so watch out for broken bones and other injuries.

The Moon rules your emotions. Aquarius is a fixed sign, so you have definite opinions which are hard to change. You like some freedom in a relationship, and can seem emotionally detached at times. You care about big issues, but can tend to ignore the little ones. But since Sag and Leo are Fire signs, that should warm you up a bit!

Leo rising is the way others see you. You look very well put together, almost regal in bearing. You like nice things. You come off as having a strong personality, and the Aquarius in you also bears this out. You want to be the boss! You are a great host and know how to throw a party. People seek you out because it's so much fun to be around you.

Question: I’m a Leo sun, Aquarius moon and Scorpio rising. What kind of person am I?

Answer: You are a persistent and stubborn person. All three placements of this trinity are in what are called fixed signs. So you can be bossy, courtesy of the Leo Sun. But Leo is also a warm and gracious sign. You are generous and outgoing. You like nice things and probably dress well or have a lovely home. Leos expect to be treated like royalty, and need to think about life from other people's point of view.

The Aquarius Moon rules your emotions. You are ruled more by your head than your heart. You would tend to be attracted to someone mentally first. Aquarius isn't a really romantic sign, you can enjoy a relationship, but need freedom in it. You also want to be best friends with a partner, and they may not share all your interests. Aquarius is a humanitarian sign, so you do care about others and want to get involved with charity projects.

Scorpio rising is a little intimidating to others, you come across as reserved and take your time deciding if you want someone to be in your life. You are independent and strong-willed. You are a loyal friend though and can keep a secret. Once you open up to people, they tend to like and respect you. Just try to not always get your own way!

Question: What are your thoughts on a Capricorn sun, Aquarius moon, Scorpio Rising and Venus?

Answer: Your Capricorn Sun means you are ambitious and want to be noticed and make a name for yourself. You plan for the future, and have leadership ability. You are serious and reliable, but do have a dry sense of humor. Capricorns are emotional, but don't show it in public, but you do have strong feelings.

The Aquarius Moon makes you a bit of a nonconformist, and I like this because the Scorpio gets sensible again. You have strong views on most things. Emotionally you are confusing to be with, as one day you seem to care a lot, and others you can be very detached. You need space in a relationship, but that can work with the right person.

Scorpio rising makes you seem reserved, I have it too, and people tell me I sometimes seem like I don't want to be bothered. But Scorpios take time to get to know others, and do sort of decide if they really want certain people in their lives. Your serious demeanor can be intimidating to others. But you are a loyal friend and get very involved in issues you really care about. You are good at reading people.

I think you mean your Venus is in Scorpio? That's a passionate Venus, but can sometimes run hot or cold, especially with the Aquarius Moon. It's normally a passionate Venus. It can be described as jealous or possessive, but I believe the Aquarius moon works well in this case, and you are not as detached as a usual Aquarius moon person, although you still want some space. If somebody doesn't interest you a lot, you probably won't just date for a little while; I think you would figure the person out fast, and be all in or all out.

Question: Can you do a profile for a Leo sun, Aquarius moon and Taurus ascendant?

Answer: Leo Sun people are fun and optimistic. They have a strong presence when they enter a room. They like a lot of attention and have fixed ways of doing things. But Leo is a star, and also very generous and loving.

The Aquarius Moon rules your emotions, and this means you need some distance from others. It can be confusing for others in a love affair with you. You run sort of hot and cold, and need freedom. But you are a humanitarian and care deeply about people.

Taurus rising is the way others see you. So that's kind, gentle, quiet unless you have something important to say. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so you give off a sexy vibe. You are reliable and sensible.

This is called your Trinity, but is nowhere near what a whole astrological profile is. Just so you know. Also, all three of these signs are fixed, so you are stubborn and slow to change. The Leo and Taurus in you may make it easier for you to settle down in love.

Question: Can you give me a personality profile of Scorpio sun, Aquarius moon, and Leo rising?

Answer: These are all "fixed" signs, so you are very stubborn or persistent. Scorpio Sun people are interesting and like to get all the information on things. They can read everyone really well and have great intuition. You are strong willed and can be very gentle with people in need. Aquarius Moon rules your emotions, which are difficult to change. You may love someone but then want distance from that person, confusing and hurting them. You are a nonconformist and have to do things your way. This is the sign of the humanitarian, so you may like to volunteer or have pet causes. The Leo rising is the way others see you, and you are outgoing, generous, and a good host. Leos are warm people and good friends. Again, you want everything to be your way with three fixed signs, but may have planets in other signs which help you to be more flexible.

Question: Can you give a short description of a woman with a Libra sun, Scorpio moon and Taurus rising?

Answer: It's a nice trinity. Both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Being a Libra, you are kind and popular and like to surround yourself with luxury. This is a leadership sign, and you are fair and balanced, or at least you like your life to feel like it's in your control as much as is possible. You want to be in a partnership and even like to work in them. You have a social part to your personality.

The Scorpio moon rules your emotions, so they are deep and intense. You can be very sensual and passionate, but also jealous and possessive. Since Libra is an air sign, you probably need to be around people sometimes, but need privacy too, as Scorpio moon people are secretive and need that alone time. You are honest and speak your mind, and you finish what you start.

Taurus rising is the way you come off to others. You are approachable and kindhearted and will go out of your way to assist others. You like the outdoors and possibly hiking or other activities which get you outside. Taurus makes you practical, and you are a calming influence on others.

Question: Can you tell me about having Cancer sun, Aquarius moon, Capricorn rising?

Answer: Yes, I can! Having a Cancer Sun and Capricorn Rising means you are a sort of conservative, family oriented person, with a nonconformist steak coming from that Aquarius Moon.

Cancer Sun people are kind and gentle, yet have a way of sneaking into the public eye and getting attention. It's a leadership sign, like Capricorn, so you are good at managing situations and people. You are reliable and a loyal friend. I bet you have friends from elementary school. You are sentimental and romantic. The Moon rules you, so since it circles the zodiac and all 12 signs every 28+ days, you change a lot and can be a bit moody. But if you pay attention to the Moon signs (Llewellyn has a good Moon sign book and calendar), you can learn what days are best for which activities. I have a Cancer Sun too, and as a beginner astrology student, learned a lot about my moods and self that way. You are charming and want to marry and have a family someday, though you will have a career or an important hobby which makes money.

Capricorn rising is the way others see you. You seem reserved, and a little like you don't want to be bothered at first. Capricorn rules time, and you do decide if people are worth your time. Not in a cold way, but you can put on the chill if you really want to! Capricorns love family and friends as much as Cancers, but don't wear it on their sleeves. This is another ambitious sign, so you are an achiever and won't fall in love with any starving artist anytime soon. You work hard, and others depend on your sensible advice. You are sensual, but don't broadcast it, only those with excellent taste see that!

The Aquarius Moon is how your show your feelings and express yourself, and is the twist in this trinity. You are a nonconformist, so are more open about letting people in than most Cancer/Capricorns would be. You may fall in love quickly or make fast decisions which surprise others. You like to get your own way. You have a stubborn streak, but I like this about you, it livens up your personality. You often surprise those around you by being more fun than they expected!

Question: I have a Cancer ascendant and an aquarius moon, how does this combination effect my emotions?

Answer: The Aquarius Moon rules your emotions, so they can be somewhat erratic. It's hard for a person to know where they stand with you. You like freedom and unconventional romantic arrangements. The Cancer Ascendant is how others see you. Cancers are kind and fun, nurturing and get bored easily. Actually they change often too, as the Moon rules Cancer and it goes through each of the 12 zodiac signs every month. As couples, Cancers and Aquarius people are commonly found couples. So you should be OK, you need someone who can cope with a person who changes often. Both of these placements change, Aquarius in big and sudden ways, and Cancer, in small and almost predictable ways. Just find a person who gets bored easily, you're like a new person every few days!

Question: Would you please explain the personality of someone with these sign combinations Gemini sun, Virgo rising, and Scorpio moon?

Answer: A Gemini Sun sign person is smart, fun, gets bored fast, but then is never boring! Their minds are going a mile a minute. They talk about several things at once.

Virgo rising is the way this person seems to others. Virgos are serious, reliable, good, loyal friends, health conscious, and hard working. Both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury, which rules how we think, so this is a very intelligent person. They may be attracted to someone because of the way the person thinks or because they are smart too.

Scorpio Moon rules emotions. These are intense and sincere. This person has secrets and needs time alone once in a while. They feel a lot or not at all, its there or it's not. Scorpio isn't big on compromise, though the Gemini and Virgo love to talk things out. Its hard for me to do these trinities, it's a small part of a chart I don't have.

Question: Can you do a profile for an Aries Sun, Aquarius Moon, Aries Rising and Capricorn Midheaven?

Answer: I think you are very independent, goal oriented, and know exactly what you want out of life and are taking steps to go there. Aries is a cardinal sign of leadership. You are optimistic and outgoing. You are competitive and like to be first, and are often a pioneer who loves to start something new (though I would need to see a whole chart to know if you follow it through). The Aries Rising is the way others see you, the mask or facade you show to people you don't know well. Aries here means you seem pretty much the way you are. You reach out to others first, and love to meet new people, to do new things. You can be a little immature, as Aries is the first sign.

The Aquarius moon shows the way you feel and express yourself emotionally. You don't like conventional relationships and need a lot of freedom within one. Plus you expect a lot from another person, even though you may not be willing to give that much. You are a nonconformist when it comes to love, and will have to work that out with a partner. The Capricorn Midheaven can show about your career if you have planets in the 10th house, which I also can't see. What you gave me here is called your Trinity. It's a good starting out point to interpret a Natal Birth chart, but that's all it is. So many write me and could get a chart and have a whole personality profile, but seem to think this little snippet is something an astrologer can work with. I do think you will be a success career-wise.

Question: Can you kindly provide me a profile of a Virgo sun, Aquarius moon and Leo rising with Taurus in career chart?

Answer: Without casting a whole Natal Birth Chart, I can't tell a thing about your career or any area of your life in particular. I'd say with the Aquarius Moon you like to work with people and don't judge them. Leo rising means you are very personable and well liked by others, although you demand a lot of attention. Virgos are hard workers, so you will be dedicated to whatever job or career you choose. Virgo is an Earth sign, so sometimes accounting, statistics, or planners do well, as Virgos are critical and love details. Sorry, without a chart I don't know what houses any of this is in, or what aspects the planets make to each other. All of your planets are in a zodiac sign, not just this Trinity.

Question: I have a Leo Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Pisces rising. In what way do these three interact?

Answer: Astrologers will tell you first that your Sun and Moon are in opposition to each other--but don't fret. So are mine, and many other people's. Centuries ago, people interpreted astrology with a much more "doom and gloom" attitude than that of what we have in our time. Both your Sun and Moon are in Fixed signs though, so you are a tad stubborn, and it's hard to change your opinions. This means that the way you are publicly and the way you feel emotionally are opposite each other. It's not a difficult thing; your emotional side is more detached than one would think when they first got to know you.

A Leo Sun means you are very outgoing, a good host, sort of lucky in love and lotteries. Every time I go to an event where there's a lottery or 50/50, a Leo always wins! You have a sort of regal air about you, and like getting attention. But you are sunny and always good to those around you, so you deserve it.

Aquarius Moon represents your emotions. You are changeable in what you feel. The changes are sudden and can often be a complete turnaround. This is because Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the biggest planet of change. You like all people and don't judge them but in a sort of detached way. Even in love, you can be affectionate one day, and emotionally unavailable the next. So that's something which can be confusing to those around you.

Pisces rising is the way you seem to those who don't know you well. This means you seem kind and approachable. You also have pretty eyes or have a dreamy sort of look about you. Others feel comfortable with you, and you will go out of your way to help them. You have creative ability depending on how you use it. Since Pisces is Ascending, this puts Taurus on your marriage house, the 7th, so will fall in love with a partner who is sensual, calm, likes the outdoors, reliable and sensitive, someone, you can be sure of, who makes you feel secure.

Question: I am a thirty-five-year-old female with a Leo sun and Mars, Scorpio Moon and Libra rising, Virgo Venus and Mercury. People write the Scorpio moon is such a detriment to anyone! It's a pity, but I guess it makes my emotions intense. Would you mind giving a brief overview?

Answer: The Scorpio Moon represents your emotional makeup, and there are so many misconceptions about Scorpios in general, especially the Sun and Moon positions. Here are two articles I wrote which explain this better: Also, But you are intense, passionate, independent and sensual. You know what you want out of life and will go for it. The Leo Sun means you are outgoing and love to be with people to socialize. Leos like to be treated like royalty, and you probably do carry yourself well and dress in great clothes. You like your own way, and with the Mars in Leo need to be careful not to bully people, as you are strong, with fixed signs of Leo and Scorpio.

Libra rising is the way others see you, and softens some of those fixed signs a bit. Libras are the peacemakers and actually can get ill when people around them aren't getting along. Some will just let a lot pass even if they don't agree, just to keep the peace, but you are too strong to do that. But Libras are charming and well-liked. Venus in Virgo is the hardest sign for Venus. It means you are so independent; you don't really need another person to be complete. You may find sex icky, but Leo and Scorpio don't, so that helps. Mercury is the way you think, so in Virgo, you are intelligent and analytical. You can be too critical, so watch that. The Virgo planets make you talkative and a good communicator. Having Libra rising puts Aries on the marriage house, so you want someone who is passionate and competitive, an original kind of thinker. Just be careful not to criticize others, Virgo planets can make you fussy. But you care about your health and probably watch your diet and exercise.

Question: I have an Aquarius Sun, Moon, and Venus. My Mercury is in Capricorn. What does that mean?

Answer: You are very opinionated and a tad stubborn with your Sun, Moon, and Venus in Aquarius. But Sun in Aquarius people are very fair and treat all people as equals, a great trait to have. You are friendly to all and are a nonconformist. It's an intellectual air sign, and you always stand up for your principles and ideas. You are likable and good-natured for the most part. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of sudden change. So you can surprise others with quick changes of direction, and that's OK, you will feel that it's the right thing for you.

The Moon represents your emotions. You are one who likes freedom in a love relationship, and don't want to be smothered. I wrote a long article about Moon in Aquarius Emotions and another on Venus in Aquarius Love, which are more than I can explain here, they will be very helpful. The Moon one is on, and the Venus in Aquarius one is on You are likely to want your partner to be more like your best friend. There will be a meeting of the minds first. As long as you get a breather now and then, I think you can be happy in a partnership, but since I don't have a chart, can't tell where the Moon and Venus are. I think you will settle down later in life. I am clairsentient, I "feel" things when I work with people.

You are slow to change your feelings about anything. But Aquarius is fixed, so with this Moon your emotions are strong, and you can be faithful to another. You have strong likes and dislikes, and are very unconventional. You care about others, but in a sort of impersonal way. You can tell someone you really care, then not call them for a month.

Venus in Aquarius is also a position where you want an unconventional arrangement. You are attracted to people either much older or younger than you. You will confuse a partner a lot.

Mercury rules how you think. Capricorn is an earth sign, so this is a calm and centered thinker. So your thought processes are about more practical types of things, and the Capricorn way of thinking helps counteract some of the worst of trying so hard to be different. You have a good, sensible head on your shoulders. You plan things more than others think.

Question: I have a Cancer Sun, Aquarius Moon, and a Taurus Rising. What do the signs say about me?

Answer: Cancer Sun sign people are very creative and good natured. They care deeply about friends and family. You are sensitive, yet strong too. You change often because the Moon is your ruler, and travels through all 12 zodiac signs each month. So you always keep others guessing. The Aquarius Moon represents your emotional makeup. In Aquarius, you care about people, but all people, in a humanitarian way. You crave freedom and are prone to making sudden changes. Aquarius Moons can say they love you, then forget to call you for a month!! You are eccentric in your own nonconformist way.

The Taurus rising is the way others see you. So your mask or facade is gentle. Since Taurus is a fixed sign, this can make you a bit less changeable than a usual Cancer/Aquarius. Taurus people want to be comfortable in life. They want good food, a nice home, and nice possessions, but also aren't fussy. You want home to be lived in. This is the sensible side of you. People trust you and come to you for advice. It's a nice Trinity.

Question: What are your thoughts on my signs? Sun -Taurus, Moon - Aquarius, Ascendant - Lion.

Answer: These are all fixed signs, so you are a persistent person who doesn't give up, and it's not easy to get you to change your mind! Taurus Sun people are gentle and kind, and don't like to fuss a lot, they like comfort. They are usually willing to work hard to obtain the comfortable things in life which are important to them. They are sensual and love the outdoors. You are sensible and respected by others.

The Aquarius Moon rules your emotional life. You care deeply about someone for a bit, then turn 180 degrees, and this can confuse others. You need freedom in a relationship, and have a nonconformist side to you. You like to help others and do care about people, but more in an impersonal, humanitarian way.

The Leo Ascendant is the way others see you. You are warm and generous. You want to be treated like royalty, although the Taurus and Aquarius mitigate this a little. Leos are great hosts, would do well in the hospitality industry, and also are very creative.

What I have interpreted for you is called your Trinity. It only represents a tiny portion of a whole astrology chart.

Question: Could you give a personality profile for a Gemini sun, Aquarius Moon, and Pisces Rising?

Answer: Gemini Sun people are witty and smart. They are interested a little bit about everything. You get bored fast, and it's hard to turn your mind off. You are a flirt! But you are also charming.

The Aquarius moon rules your emotions, as the article described in detail before you asked this question at the bottom. You don't like to be tied down too much and may have unconventional ideas about relationships. You need some space. But you are creative and like to try new things and go to new places, so you are fun to be around.

Pisces rising means you come across as spiritual and kind, accepting others for who they are. You are a good storyteller. Pisces rules the feet, and I bet you have many pairs of shoes. You are artistic and maybe a little psychic. You probably don't like organized religion, as you are a thinker with the Gemini and Aquarius influences in you. Plus add in the Pisces, and you may always be searching for your own truth. But there's nothing wrong with that. You change often, and I think you will have more than one really important relationship in your life. You aren't the type to marry one person and stay together forever. Your attitude is life is a journey, enjoy the experience!

Question: My sun sign is Capricorn, my moon sign is Aquarius, and my Ascendant sign is Leo. Could you let me know about the traits and the general behaviour of this combination?

Answer: Sun sign Capricorns are reliable, ambitious, and serious, but they have a dry sense of humor and can be social climbers, especially with a Leo Ascendant, because you want to reach out to others. But being ambitious, it pays off to reach out to the right people, doesn't it? You are down to earth and can be counted on in an emergency.

The moon in Aquarius was answered in the article that you asked this from, did you read it? You aren't quite sure you want to be tied down but like the idea of being part of a power couple that is noticed. You have a nonconformist streak and can be a little stubborn. You will work hard for causes you believe in and are generally well-liked and accept people for who they are.

The Leo ascendant means this is the mask or facade you wear towards people who don't know you well. You have a presence, and like to get attention from others. But you are generous and a good host. You want the good things in life, but are willing to work for them. You run a little hot and cold in romance, so it takes someone a while to figure you out. I have articles written about all of this and all trinities, to understand them is only a matter of reading them and putting the info of what your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant mean together. It's nowhere near a whole astrology chart though; it's the most basic interpretation.

Question: I'm a triple fix sign Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon and Leo Rising. Am I fixed in all three ways?

Answer: Yes you are, all three parts of your Trinity are in fixed signs. But the other 7 planets can be anywhere, so although some of them can also be in fixed signs, at least a few have to be in cardinal or mutable ones. You are stubborn, but the up side of that is persistent, so this doesn't have to be a hard thing.

Taurus Sun people are ruled by Venus, and are gentle and kind. You will go out of your way to help others. You love the outdoors and probably gardening or hanging out on the beach. This is the calmest part of the trinity. Taurus people don't like to argue and it takes a lot to get them mad. You are sensual and love good food and good drinks, also like all things comforting, well made furniture in your home. But for Taurus, it has to be sensible and useful.

The Scorpio Moon is opposite your Sun, and represents your feelings and how you express them. You are passionate and sometimes confused by the depth of your own feelings, but care deeply about those you care about and research any topic of interest to you. You like to win and are a bit intimidating in love and social life. You don't mean it, it's just the Scorpio vibe. You do express those feelings very well. A Leo rising means you seem like a showoff at times, you have a need to be noticed. You like nice things, not for comfort or usefulness like the Taurus in you, but in Leo you just figure you deserve the best. The Scorpio and Taurus in you will keep your budget in mind. You have a regal air about you and command attention from others. You are a very loyal friend. Barring other influences I don't know, I think you would be faithful in a relationship, as you don't like change. Also, Taurus and Scorpio emotions are strong.

Question: What do you know about a Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Capricorn Rising woman?

Answer: Libra Sun people are ruled by Venus, so you are pleasant, probably good looking, fair, you like good things, and are ambitious because both Libra and Capricorn are leadership signs.

The Capricorn rising is the way others see you. That's reliable, smooth, careful, in charge, a little bit reserved, sensual, and wanting to climb the corporate ladder (or whatever ladder you choose). I think you work well with people.

Aquarius Moon is about your emotions, but you confuse others because you want to be involved one minute and want freedom the next. You don't always want to be tied down. Your emotions often change. You would have Cancer on the cusp of your marriage or 7th house though, so I do think you want to be married and have a family one day, especially with the Capricorn rising too. So the Aquarius part of you is the stubborn and rebellious part, but can work since the other signs in this trinity are more serious and less adventurous.

Question: Would you tell me a little bit about an Aries cusp Pisces Sun, a Gemini Rising, and an Aquarian Moon Woman's personality?

Answer: Well, there is no such thing as a birthday on a cusp. I know people have believed this forever, but it's wrong. The Sun has to be in one sign or the other. It doesn't always change on the 21st of a month either. So you need to look it up on an astrology site, try http://CafeAstrology, it goes by your year of birth. Why don't you figure that out (I'd do it for you, but don't know your year of birth. Then come on back, and we'll talk again, OK?

Question: My girl is a Pisces Sun, Aquarius Moon and cancer rising with Mars in Capricorn. Could you please throw some light on her personality? I am a Capricorn Sun man, Libra Moon with Capricorn rising. My Mars is in Aquarius. I am concerned about the Aquarius moon and their polyamorous tendencies. Will she be a one-man woman?

Answer: I think the chances are pretty good she can be faithful. She has Cancer Rising and Mars in Capricorn, both family oriented signs who don't like surprises or change that much. Pisces will make her a romantic, and the Aquarius Moon could make her run hot and cold now and then, but since you have three cardinal, leadership signs yourself, the Cancer and Pisces in her will feel safe with you. Cancer and Capricorn are opposites, nice sexual tension there. And you like the tender, ethereal Pisces part of her. Your Libra Moon means a partnership is way important to you, but don't be a stick in the mud with all that Capricorn. Hearts and flowers, please.

Also, Cancer and Pisces make a person need time to be alone. So that doesn't mean she's cheating. She probably likes artistic pursuits, or reading, meditating, has a solitary interest. It doesn't mean you should worry. Just don't boss her around a lot, Capricorn and Libra are leadership signs, and a relationship entails compromise. She's strong, and so are you, so you will have to agree to disagree about some things. But that's how love is. I think this is a nice combo, don't worry. Take care.

Question: I'm a Cap Sun, Aquarius Moon and Aries rising... what would be the best compatibility for me? I had a relationship with a Scorpio sun/Aries moon and I got very hurt.

Answer: First of all, I am sorry you got hurt. That takes time to get over, or at least to understand. On the surface, it seems like a Capricorn Sun and Scorpio Sun would be good together. Scorpios are possessive though, and with your Aquarius Moon, you are a little unconventional and need some space. Maybe you felt too restricted? And Aries Moon people are a tad immature, as it's the first sign of the Zodiac.

We all get along with our opposite sign, have you ever dated a Cancer Sun? Cancer and Aquarius is a good match too, both are changeable and a little nonconformist. Cancer would square your Aries rising, but that's OK, both are leadership signs, so you would respect each other. I like Sagittarius Sun for you too. It's the Sun sign next to yours. It's a good aspect to your Aquarius Moon, and also a real easy aspect to the Aries in you.

Question: I'm a Leo sun, Aquarius Moon and Capricorn Rising. What kind of person am, I and with what kind of person am I most compatible with?

Answer: Leo Sun people are warm and gracious. They love interacting with others, going out, and entertaining. It's a fire sign, so you are outgoing and will be kind to others. The Aquarius Moon rules your emotions. In that vein, you are sort of a nonconformist and may do better in a nonconventional relationship. You run hot and cold in love. Having Capricorn rising though, puts Cancer on the cusp of the 7th house, so mitigates the Aquarius Moon and you do want to settle down with someone. You are attracted to nurturing and sensitive people. The rising sign is the way others see you, but you do act that way too. Capricorn is a stable sign who wants security. So much of this means you want stability in love, just need a little time to yourself and don't want to be smothered in a relationship. Since it's a Fire Sun Sign, Air Sign Moon, and Earth sign Rising, I can't predict. Also, I don't think people should choose who they date by an astrology Sun Sign. All of everyone's ten planets are in an astrology sign, and I need a whole chart to see what motivates a person. Astrology isn't really about fortune telling anymore, it's about self-understanding, and I do personality profiles with my clients. It's only in India people still see it that way.

Question: I’m a Virgo Sun, Aquarius Moon, Scorpio Rising, Leo Venus and Leo Midheaven. What type of person am I? What sign am I most compatible with?

Answer: Virgo Sun people are perfectionists. They care a great deal about their personal health and that of those they love. So you are careful about diet and exercise. This is a sensible Earth sign, and you will do what it takes to help a good friend in need. Virgos are intelligent, but can be too involved with small details of life, and can miss the forest for the trees. If you can stop obsessing about trivial matters, that intellect could be better used. You are a good worker, but not a leader. You do take pride in what you do though, and it will always be meticulously researched and very neat.

The Aquarius Moon rules your emotional side. Aquarius wants freedom and independence, so you may tend to be close with someone for a day and forget to call them the next. This is a very philanthropic sign, and you want to help others. You will volunteer time and energy for a good cause. You may have trouble understanding your own romantic nature, or want an unconventional relationship, though the rest of the Trinity really doesn't bear this out.

Scorpio rising is an ascendant that many people find intimidating. Scorpio is an independent, blunt, strong-willed, and loyal sign. It is hard for others to read you, it could be the best day of your life or the worst, and they can't tell. But you can read them! You are really trying to decide if they are worth getting to know better because you are a little bit reserved about who you let into your life. Scorpios are intense and can be jealous in love, so this contradicts the Aquarius Moon, as does the Leo Venus. So I would say you need a little space from a relationship or just time to yourself once in a while.

Venus in Leo is a warm and generous one. You are a good host and enjoy going out with other people. You are persistent, as Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are all fixed signs; it's hard to change your mind. Or heart, with the Aquarius Moon. You want a lover to be your best friend.

As far as what sign you are most compatible with, I can't pick one, just as you chose more than one planetary position to ask your question. Water signs go well with Virgo. But your Moon is in an Air sign and Ascendant in Water, so it's hard to tell. I get a lot of mail lately with people asking me this. I don't think it's a good idea to go out looking for a person of a particular astrology sign to date. Find someone who interests you and go out a few times and see if they are worth seeing more. That should eventually take you to a place where either you are compatible or not compatible. I learned astrology with my boyfriend many years ago, but we already knew it was serious and made plans to marry. Some people are married and ask me if they are compatible. There is something seriously wrong there if they are married and don't know. Astrology is fun and I find some truth in it, but it's not a replacement for common sense.

Question: Can you tell me the compatibility between a Gemini Sun, Aquarius Moon, Leo Rising woman and a Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon, Aries Rising man?

Answer: The Sun signs are the most challenging. Geminis are lighthearted and like to talk about romance. They are ruled by their heads. Scorpios are ruled by the heart, and are more passionate, and will show you how they feel, not talk about it so much. An Aquarius Moon is a person who needs space in a relationship, and can be a little cool. But opposite the Leo Moon, this is sexy and will cause an attraction. He wants to be treated like a King, and with Leo rising, you need to be the Queen. He needs attention, and Gemini/Aquarius may be distracted by other things in life. Aries and Leo Rising is good, both are Fire signs, so you both come off as outgoing and friendly. The Aries Rising means he wants to show you off to his friends. It can work, but you need some space. There is a basic attraction here, if you can work around some of the issues or discuss them. Plus you can tell if you are compatible without astrology!

Question: I am Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon and Pisces Rising. What is my overall personality? When I have problems, what things do you suggest for me to work on in my life?

Answer: The Libra Sun means you are friendly and like to be in partnerships, whether a business or romantic one. Libras are ruled by Venus, so you are gentle and will go out of your way not to argue with others. You love nice things and have a good eye for clothing and art. You look at situations from all sides. So it may seem like you can't make up your mind, but that's not it. Fairness is important to you.

The Aquarius Moon rules your emotions, so you are ruled by your head in love, though the Libra and Pisces in you helps that a little bit. You want freedom in a relationship, and have a lot of interests. You will be fine as long as a partner understands this. But Aquarius is a fixed sign, so you are a bit stubborn. You have an independent streak.

Pisces Rising is the way others see you. So you come off as kind and a good listener. Pisces is a psychic sign, so you can read others very easily. It's also a creative sign, so you are probably good at art, music, or something of that nature.

Being Libra and Pisces, you could let others take advantage of your kind nature too much. But Libras can assert themselves and usually have goals. The Aquarius Moon is fixed, and you have a philanthropic side. You may want to volunteer someplace that matters to you. I can't really tell a lot from the Trinity we have here. You are a likable and fun person, with an unconventional streak. Also, all of your planets are in a zodiac sign, so I can't see them without casting a chart.

Question: Hi! I’ve recently started to get into astrology and I decided to look at my dad's chart. We always bump heads, and I can never seem to get through. He’s a Taurus sun, Aquarius moon. I’m a Taurus sun, Sag moon & Leo Rising. What can I maybe do to try to understand and level with my dad?

Answer: It looks like you both have fixed signs in your astrology lineup, and that makes you both persistent, but also stubborn and wanting your own way! Taurus is a fixed sign, and you both have Taurus Suns. But Taurus is ruled by Venus, a gentle planet, and so you both probably don't want to argue but are a bit passive-aggressive, and Taurus people don't like to talk about issues and problems, they would rather wish them away. Try harder to talk out some of your problems if you can. Things can't get better if you don't get them out into the open.

His Aquarius Moon rules his emotions, so he runs hot and cold. He is unconventional in his relationships, and may truly not realize he is hurting your feelings or not connecting with you. But you have a Sag moon, and Sag and Aquarius make what we call a sextile aspect, so if you do talk, I think you can get through. Sag people are usually talkers, although you could be one of the quiet ones. The Leo Rising means you want to be treated like royalty, all Leos have that, so maybe he thinks you don't need his advice or he doesn't feel comfortable approaching you. But Leos are warm and generous, and maybe you have to be the one to reach out to him.

Gentle Taureans don't want to talk about harsher aspects of life, and you both are Taurus. So somebody has to start talking. He may not even realize he's hurting your feelings with that Aquarius Moon, he's sort of in his own emotional world. Maybe if you start talking to him more, not about problems at first, just get talking about anything. Taurus doesn't usually chit chat, they only talk when there is something important to say, and you both have this issue. But I think if you start to talk more, it can get things going in a better direction, Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius are all fixed signs, so there's a lot of stubbornness there. But it's family, and I think you would be the one to reach out first.

If you are starting to study astrology, go to a site called, and see what zodiac sign his Mercury is in. That tells you how he thinks and could be a valuable clue about what to talk about. Also, Taurus people care a lot about family, and this is in your favor; you want to work it out.

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Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on June 27, 2020:

That's a hard one. Scorpio people are normally direct. But they take time to decide if they want to get involved. Aquarius Moon people run hot and cold. Go with the Sun and see if he acts interested. Then don't crowd him.

Lara on June 25, 2020:

Can you tell me how to know if a Scorpio Sun Aquarius moon man is trying to get back in my life ? Will he make it obvious or play games ?

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on January 05, 2020:

Hello Jcorey8,

Capricorn rising means you have goals, are ambitious and know what you want, or dream of, and seem very together and organized to other people. Taurus and Aquarius are fixed signs that don't like change, and you probably need to make changes to take the steps to achieve those Capricorn goals. So I think those parts of you that are wary of change are what cause the frustration. You aren't a dreamer, but the Capricorn and Aquarius in you does take calculated risks. The Taurus in you wants more of the same, even if it's not happy with it. Taurus gets into ruts. Try not to let that happen, and that may help. Take care, Jean

Jcorey8 on January 05, 2020:

Can you help me with Taurus sun Aquarius moon Capricorn rising. I seem to feel confused and frustrated a lot. Always searching.

Lawrence on December 26, 2019:

My sun is in cancer, Moon in aquarius and rising in gemini. And im male. What kind of person am I? Any advice?

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on December 10, 2019:

This would require a casting and interpretation of a whole horoscope, which I can't do from this writing site, and I charge a fee. I'm sorry.

Ziah on November 08, 2019:

I'm cancer sun aquarius moon, how does that fit?

Amy Lerma on October 27, 2019:

Hi I have done my natal chart and read all that was there but the wording made it a bit difficult to understand. Can you help me understand it better? I was born on February 24, 1971 at 1:50 PM in Long Beach, California

I find your explanations much easier to comprehend.

Sun - Pisces

Moon - Aquarius

Mercury - Aquarius

Venus - Capricorn

Mars - Sagittarius

Jupiter - Sagittarius

Saturn - Taurus

Uranis - Libra

Neptune - Sagittarius

Pluto- Virgo

Lilith - Virgo

Asc Node - Aquarius

Ascendant - Cancer

Descendant - Capricorn?


II - Leo

III - Virgo

IV - Libra

V - Scorpio

VI - Sagittarius

VII - Capricorn

VIII - Aquarius

IX - Pisces

XI - Taurus

XII - Gemini

Midheaven - Aries

Midheaven - Aries

azaleah on October 01, 2019:

im leo sun aquarius moon and libra rising can u tell tell me about my personality and my emotions etc

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on September 10, 2019:

Hi Kathleen,

Your Ascendant could be Sag, or you could have other planets in Sag. Also, is the birth time correct? Taurus and Sag are very different signs. Having planets in Sag would be the only way you would have Sag traits. Sometimes opposite signs have similar traits---Gemini is opposite Sag. Do you have a planet in Gemini?

kathleen on September 02, 2019:

Hi Jean,

My Moon sign is Taurus but it doesnt seem like it fits, I feel more like Sagittarius fits. When I put my info in for the chart no matter what time I put it comes up Taurus moon. Any thoughts on why I dont think my moon sign is correct.

Thanks Kathy

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on August 26, 2019:

It's very hard for me to answer this without drawing out two charts to make it easier to compare them. His Aquarius Sun works well with your Aquarius Moon, you should be able to understand his emotions. The Sag and Pisces Venus are at a square, but this adds chemistry. His Aquarian Sun and Mercury plus Gemini Mars, make it hard to pin him down. Having slow moving planets in the same house has little to do with compatibility. Is "True" node the North or South one? One has to do with past lives, one has to do with this life.

I would throw astrology out the window here, sit down, and try to figure out if you just are going to be friends or if there is enough there for an adult relationship. The 9th house is about travel, foreign cultures, religion, philosophy, teaching. You may travel a lot together. But if you once were a couple, and now are again, there must be something there. See how it goes. Take care.

bellewinter on August 05, 2019:

Hi Jean!! :) So I like this guy again (again, bc we dated back in 2011 for six months, but we never stopped being friends after that idk why). We're seeing each other again and I'm curious about our compatibility.

I'm a girl, cap sun/aquarius moon/aries rising with sag/venus, mars and mercury. He's an Aqua sun/sag moon and taurus rising, with Pisces Venus, gemini mars and aquarius mercury.

I understand little about astrology as a whole, but i find kinda "curious" that we both have Neptune, Uranus, Mercury and "True" Node in the 9th house. Can you help me understand? THANK YOU dear.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on July 30, 2019:


I wrote about how to cast your own chart a few years ago. I will forward the URL: It sounds hard, and will take about an hour the first time. Plus somebody gave me all the books, my Aunt. So I don't know if it's worth it to you. But I find the newer astrologers and sites do all kinds of odd things. If a planet is a few degrees away from a house, they push it into the next house. The think asteroids matter a lot more than they do. I write a good 18-20 pages when I interpret a chart, and don't need all that filler. Plus the sites read aspects of the planets that are not that important. You can probably find tables with the info. The best book I ever had and still use is The Astrologer's Handbook, by Louis Acker and Francis Sakoain. It was used as the basis of computer chart meanings. Newer books don't have much to add since astrology is old, but you can probably buy it cheap on Amazon used. Take care! Love, Jean

It's interesting the 2 of Cups always comes up. With all the Capricorn, could he be saving money, like for a ring? Just a hopeful romantic. Keep in touch.

KK Cee on July 30, 2019:

Hi Jean, thanks I'll keep you posted about this one! It's looking iffy... he basically wants to put us on pause for a month because work is so busy (theres the capi scorp+ aqua) but said he's still interested. I like him, but it's all a bit cold being ignored. Probably best just to detach for now and see.

Gotta say though (I feel like I'm speaking to the right person here) I read his tarot cards, 4 separate times over the span of 3 months. Just a small spread. Every time the 2 of cups came up. Every time. He was spoked because he's a scientist, though very open "the statistics on that are like 1 in 6 million" was his response haha. Tarot is strange.

Anyways thanks for your insight. I agree on the water signs! Need those deep chats. Definitely a connection there.. me and scorpio's are like magnets but they usually kill me. I like the idea of a loving water sign like a cancer sandwiched with a bunch of air-though ;) haha

Question: Can you recommend any books that are good starting points to calculating natal charts by hand? I've always calculated everything online using generators but I'd like to start doing things by hand and really dig into the practice.

Thanks again!

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on July 29, 2019:

Hi KK Cee,

Great self analysis. I understand the dating two at the same time, even being in love with them at the same time (I have Venus and Mercury in Gemini) and though interesting, not sustainable. Damn. Especially once they find out about each other....

I was liking the guy with the Capricorn stellium, but the Gemini and Aquarius would make him aloof.

I like water Suns with Earth. How bad was the Cancer? If they have planets in Gemini, (almost everyone has planets in the sign next to their Sun) and maybe an Aquarius or Libra Moon, that could work. Pisces can be clingy, so I can see how that would be an issue.

I do like that Earth stellium, let's go back there. You could find someone with an Air or Fire Sun sign, and if that stellium, or even Venus was in Taurus, that could do it.

Also, how long have you been with Mr. Capricorn Stellium? He needs security too, especially with that Scorpio Rising. He needs time to trust you to let you see through the facade. I have Scorpio rising, and people often tell me I seem like I don't want to be bothered. I am trying to decide if I can trust others, or how much I like them. I would give him more time. Really. Come back and let me know, tell me what article this was if you do in the future, I love hearing good love stories that work out! Take care, Jean

KK Cee on July 29, 2019:

Hi! My main signs are squared and I need help because it creates chaos between wants and needs in relationships.

I'm Taurus Sun & Venus. Aquarius Moon, Libra rising. I find myself most interested in eccentric, humorous and adventurous minds like gemini, aqua's, sagi's, pisces, but given the prominent taurus in my chart I always end up feeling insecure in these types of relationships because I fundamentally need stability and love. They capture my mind but not my heart. My heart is comforted by other taurians, virgos, cancers, sometimes leo...but I end up feeling bored or in need of space! My heart and my head need completely different things, and it's tricky to find them in one individual.

Right now I'm seeing an Aquarius sun, Gemini moon, Scorpio Rising. Capricorn stellum. We connect mentally and through humour, but his general aloofness drives me up the wall and it's not built to last.

Advice? How do I find a balance??? Should I preference one before the other? (at one point I just dated two men a t the same a taurus the other an aqua and they balanced each other perfectly but this isn't sustainable haha)

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on July 23, 2019:

I think I just did in the Q&A section.

Brian on July 21, 2019:

Can you tell me more about my sun in cancer, ascendant in scorpio, and moon in cancer?

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on May 29, 2019:

He may be a little shy even though he's a Leo. But otherwise the planets are good together. Try a little bit, and see if you make any progress.

parkwayame on May 29, 2019:

hi, i have a question regarding a leo sun/aquarius moon man. we've hung out a couple of times and i want to hang out with him again, but i'm not sure if he feels the same way. he also has a cancer venus and mars. i am an aquarius sun/leo moon with a pisces venus and scorpio mars. i just want your input and ask if i should keep pursuing him, or just leave him be. thanks!

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on May 22, 2019:

You both have Scorpio rising, so that puts the same zodiac signs on all twelve of your houses. This means you have similar attitudes about important areas of life, so is good for marriage. Gemini and Cancer are next to each other, normally positive. The Aquarius Moon is ruled by the head, and the Virgo moon is critical, but otherwise I think it's a good pairing. Best Wishes.

Hope on May 19, 2019:

Can I ask about my marriage compatibility?

I have Gemini Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Scorpio Rising.

My husband is Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon, and Scorpio Rising.

Do you have any insights about this pairing?

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on May 16, 2019:

Virgos are talkative, intelligent, restless and run people. They care much about health and fitness. The Aquarius Moon rules emotions. So they can care much about someone at the moment, then forget to call them the next day. It's a Moon which needs freedom in relationships. And also time to themselves. They will be be a nonconformist in emotional matters. The Leo Rising is the way others see you, so that's warm, generous, outgoing. It's an interesting mix, and don't forget, all the other planets are in signs too. Virgos are critical as well, and Aquarians always think they are right. Be strong!

Jennifer Smith on May 07, 2019:

Hi I was wondering if you could give me some insight and best compatibility on a Virgo Sun, Aquarius Moon, Leo Rising, and Taurus Midheaven?

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on April 25, 2019:

Leo Sun people are warm and generous. They love to entertain and are regal and think they are royalty. They expect to be treated as such. Moon in Aquarius rules your emotions, and they run hot and cold. You need space in a relationship, and don't like being tied down. You like to do your own thing when you want. Capricorn rising is the way others see you. So you are sensible and reliable. You don't waste time on people who you think aren't worth it, and are a bit of a social climber.

Aryan Vir on April 18, 2019:

Can you please tell me the effects of having Sun in Leo, Moon in Aquarius and Capricorn being the rising sing.

mononoke on April 13, 2019:


Could you give me some insights on Libra sun, Aquarius moon, Aries rising please? Thank you and kind regards.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on April 08, 2019:

Since they are both fixed signs, someone less persistent. A Cancer would understand you and your Aquarius changes, also compatible with Scorpio. Libra may be an OK sun sign as they want a partner, maybe with a water sign moon, like Pisces.

vishal agrawal on April 07, 2019:

I am a Aquarius moon and scorpio sun.what would be the best match for me?

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on March 26, 2019:

Both Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs, so you are persistent. Leos are outgoing and gracious, usually look good, and love to entertain and go out. Since your Rising sign is the way you seem to others, what they see is what they get, since that's Leo too. The Moon rules your emotions. Aquarius is ruled more by the head than the heart. You would be attracted to others in an intellectual way first. This is also a humanitarian sign, so you are the first to volunteer to help at whatever interests you. You may run hot and cold in love, although the Leo in you gives you a lot of warmth. It all depends on what houses of astrology these planets are in, so I can't tell more without a chart. I hope that helped a bit. Best Wishes.

Christa Glover on March 26, 2019:

Hello. Could you please help me understand mine as I am all new to this

I am a Leo sun, moon -Aquarius . Rising - Leo

Thank you in advance.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on January 25, 2019:

Yes, Libra and Aquarius are both air signs, so you are a thinker. Libra wants to be fair, so overthinks too much, looking at everything from all sides (a good quality, but it makes it look like you have trouble making decisions). Aquarius Moon means your emotions are ruled by your head, but it's a fixed sign, so that makes your opinions more hard to change, cancelling the long Libra decision making process at times. The way out would be the Leo rising. Leos seem warm and loving, you are generous and kind. It's a fire sign, and actually goes well with Libra and Aquarius. Leos are romantic and love children. Plus all your other planets are in astrology signs too. I think there is hope for you, hang in there. Best Regards, Jean

Brittany on January 25, 2019:

Hi, could you give me some insight on Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Leo Rising? I'm having a difficult time trying to connect the three without being so dang analytical. lol!

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on January 18, 2019:

A Capricorn sun person is ambitious, and plans ahead for everything. They are orderly and don't like surprises. The Pisces rising is the mask we wear, but Pisces means the person comes off as dreamy, imaginative, creative and romantic. The Aquarius Moon is the nonconformist streak, but being Capricorn, it lightens the person up a bit. Happy you liked the article!

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on January 18, 2019:

Hi John,

No, I don't have an article on asteroids. There is already so much in an astrology chart, I take 10 hours to interpret without them. There is a site called Cafe that may have info on th em.

John on January 18, 2019:

Hi Jean. Do you perhaps have an article on asteroids? I have a keen interest in Juno. Maybe because I’m thinking of marriage. My partner has a sag Juno whereas I have a cancer Juno

Raye on January 14, 2019:

Hi, can you tell me about someone that is Capricorn Sun, Pisces rising and Aquarius moon? Also, great article!

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on January 08, 2019:

You are changeable, as you have both Cancer and Aquarius in you. The Cancer Sun means you are strong and sensible, with a creative and artistic side. Family is important to you, as well as close friends. The Aquarius Moon is about emotions, and since Uranus rules Aquarius, your emotions go through big and unexpected changes. You run hot and cold in romance. But Cancer and Aquarius sort of go well together, change doesn't scare you, so you will take chances. Sag rising means you accept people for who they are, and love to be outdoors, having a lot of friends. You like travel and may have a love affair with a foreign country, or someone from one.

Annie on January 08, 2019:

Hi can you tell me about the personality of a person with cancer sun, Aquarius moon and rising in Sagittarius? Thank you

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on December 19, 2018:

Hello Shau,

All three of these signs are fixed signs, so you are persistent or stubborn. This is helpful for following through on plans and goals you make. This is an important time in your life, but remember, you don't have to make a big decision about job or career right away. Being Leo, I see you working with the public, and your stick to it ness will help you deal with difficult people. Aquarius moon means you are a humanitarian, and care about causes which help people. A paying organization which interests you would be a good start. Taurus rising means you seem friendly and don't judge others, they trust you. You are a bit of a nonconformist with the Aquarius Moon. I would start in a job where you deal with people, a stuffy office is not for you. See what you like, this is the time to do it. Let me know how it goes!

Shau on December 19, 2018:

hi jean, im a leo sun, aquarius moon and a taurus rising! any tips for me? i’m turning 18 next year and that is a big change coming! love your work :)

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on November 05, 2018:

Libra Sun people are fair and intelligent. You are a romantic who likes to do things in partnerships. You like and need a good work/life balance. The Aquarius moon rules emotions. You can seem hard to reach at times. Or run hot and cold. You like to shock people or have a nonconformist streak in you. Leo rising means others are attracted to you, because you are generous and a good host. You want good things in life and always make sure you look good before you leave the house.

Almeotan Pasha Khurshid on November 01, 2018:

I am Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon and Leo Rising... What does it tell about me?

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on October 28, 2018:


Chalk it up to experience and I hope you find someone else before too long.

YNS on October 28, 2018:

I appreciate that Jean, I just find it strange because usually when they’re done with a person they don’t seek them or whatever. They turn the cold shoulder. I’m very familiar with their mind games like a Scorpio but it’s different their approaches, same as their arrogance, I don’t know to explain it.

Honestly the only good thing he taught me was to love and focus more on myself, do care about others but always put yourself first and my dog too, that he gave me. Other then that hell riddens to him haha have a wonderful Halloween!!

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on October 15, 2018:


I think your judgement in this issue is sound, don't let him back in your life.

I am Cancer and my first love was a Capricorn. I feel like you are telling my story (also the "go eff yourself and die." Men. They are opposite signs, and most of us are attracted to our opposite and many of us have a love affair with them. But as you were affected, my Capricorn was also arrogant. He hurt me as well. But he would keep coming back into my life. I don't know any astrology reason that Capricorns would be stalkers, but I think he probably did have feelings for you at one time and they get nostalgic. He used to also come back when I was seeing someone else. Don't ruin something good over him, especially since you know he's not free to be with you anyway.

YNS on October 14, 2018:

I’m a Cancer with an Aquarius moon and Leo ascendant, and this Capricorn man I chased after broke my heart years ago, when I saw he had someone else I moved on, because it was time, and it was affecting my health after three years of not speaking to each other, I thought I blocked him on everything except through email quite honestly I forgot that I made contact on there sending him a document at one time. Recently he messaged me like if nothing had happened between us, he mentioned that he saw the apartment complex I use to live in on a murder crime TV show, the very last time I spoke to him I told him off to go "eff himself and die" hahaha (he hurt me bad.) I just feel that he’s so arrogant and I had to make closure for myself when he wouldn’t give it to me. Frankly I'm not so thrilled that he messaged me, I feel awkward and very confused. I have moved on and I'm with someone else. I'm just curious as to why he would message me after all this time? also I unblocked him to snoop around, he's still with that woman so I don't know why unless perhaps he's trying to show off or that he's unhappy with her, or that he still has power over me. I wish I knew his chart but I only know his birthday 01/13/1989

I refuse to reply back because then it shows that I care or nostalgic which I’m neither and I don’t want to let such a person like that back into my life.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on August 21, 2018:

Hi Jessjay,

I think go along with your nonconformist ways, because that's the way you are. I find that as we get older, we are more accepting of ourselves, and it gets easier to not fit the mold so much. I bet you would rather be a bit lonely than have to be pretending to be someone you aren't. It's brave. Confidence comes along with maturity, and I think you will be fine! Hang in there and take care!

Jessjay on August 20, 2018:

Thank you Jean! I’m shocked at how closely this resembles myself.

I find that l never seem to fit in anywhere in any group, it’s lonely but at the same time I don’t want to be the type of person that would fit in. Do these feelings or the loneliness it creates ease with age? Any incite?

Thank you

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on August 11, 2018:


I can't really answer this as an astrology question. I don't know anything about his astrology, and very little of yours. If you can't even talk to him and communicate with him enough to see if you have anything in common, and you already feel uncomfortable, I don't know how to help you. If you want to know if he is interested, you have to do the work and try to get to know him. This isn't astrology, it's common sense. Good luck.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on August 11, 2018:

Hello Simarae,

This is a lot of information, and it would take me at least two hours to compare two completed astrology charts. What I have to work with here is just planets in Zodiac signs, and it leaves out so much. But since you've read so many of my articles and have been so kind, I will try to interpret what I can, because when you read my work, you are putting your time in too!

I'll start with your Virgo Sun. This means you are reliable, practical, intelligent, and get bored easily. A Sagittarius Sun squares your Virgo one, but this adds challenge to a relationship, and in my marriage, which was a good one, we had several squares. This can cause attraction, and besides, we don't want to be with a carbon copy of ourselves. Sag Sun people are outgoing. They have strong principles, which you will respect with your Virgo Sun. You both like nature and spend time outdoors. A Sag person is broad minded and likes sports. Some of them are chatty, and some are quiet, but they are easy to get along with and usually fun too.

Your Sag Moon shows me you want some emotional distance in a relationship, or in any emotional area of life. You are restless and don't judge other people. I think you like to travel or love a particular foreign culture.The Aquarius Moon is a nonconformist who may care a great deal, but will be hard to pin down in a relationship. It's a very changeable person, in a sort of fun and quirky way. So the Sag and Aquarius moons will work well in a partnership.

Mercury rules how you think, and in Virgo you are analytical, smart, and big on common sense. The Scorpio Mercury is also serious, but has a need to research and get to the bottom of everything. It's a persistent or stubborn thinker. But Virgo and Scorpio are Earth and Water, and compatible as far as thinking goes. Venus in Virgo is a hard placement, it's hard for you to express yourself in love, and it may be that sometimes you settle for friendship with a person rather than a romantic relationship, because you don't want to lose a good friend. A Scorpio Venus is very sexy and intense, and that intensity can scare you, although you have it in you to be sensual. Scorpio Venus is possessive, but since there is also the Aquarius Moon, that can make jealousy less. Mars rules the physical things we do, yours in Virgo and the other in Pisces are opposites, Pisces is a dreamer who is good at creative projects, and you are the balance who helps keep things sensible. Opposites are fine, I don't know why people are afraid of them. You both want the same things, but go after getting them in different ways.

I can't tell much else without casting a whole horoscope, as I can't tell what houses these planets are in, and each house has at least three meanings. I also can't see how far the planets are from each other, so this is a small percentage of what a horoscope would be. It's not a bad combination, it's worth a try and I see some positive points in it. I wish you the best and let me know how it goes. Best, Jean

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on August 07, 2018:

Same to you. I'll get to your questions as soon as I can! Take care.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on August 07, 2018:

Hello Simarae,

I've searched all my life for a religion to believe in, but have never felt at home with any of them. My Dad was a Catholic, but the Church was scary to me as a child and I stopped going, it gave me nightmares, and my Dad got disillusioned with the hypocrisy. Long story. My Mom was Dutch Reform, it's very strict, you can't drink, dance, play cards, sing, it's very repressive and she spent her life rebelling against it. I have studied many religions. A Pagan is just someone who worships nature and the Earth, or appreciates it, it's not Wiccan or anything evil. I do astrology as personality profiles and tarot readings to help people who are stuck in their lives. You can decide if you want me to answer the other question.

Simarae on August 07, 2018:

Oops sorry there was a error in the last message. I misread something in your profile sorry about that. I need to find out more about what is paganism.

Simarae on August 07, 2018:

By the way, just wanted to say, your articles and knowledge is really a gift. Thanks for sharing your insight. I've clicked into your profile to check out your other articles. My Virgo Mercury loves your concise yet in depth way of expression; haha. And it's so awesome to live out in nature, I'd want to make such changes too. And I like how you mentioned that you don't identify necessarily as pagan but get messages from nature. I felt the same way growing up. So many messages in the patterns and cycles around us. Anyways thanks and wish you well too. Cheers!

Simarae on August 07, 2018:

Hi Jean, your article is very informative and easy to understand! Thanks! I'm just curious about how to understand a combination of Sagittarius Sun, Aquarius Moon, Scorpio Mercury, Scorpio Venus, Pisces Mars, Jupiter Aries, Saturn Sag, NN Aries.

I am Virgo Sun, Sag moon (in 9th house), Virgo Mercury, Venus & Mars, Jupiter Aries, Saturn Sag, NN Aries. Pisces Rising.

Much love

Asha on August 06, 2018:

Hi I am Taurus moon and suggittarius sun. I like one guy from work almost right away ! He knew I liked him. We never felt comfortable talking or communicating properly though! We just stair at each other

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on July 17, 2018:


It's not hopeless. But I don't want you to hold onto false hope either. Give it a little more time, not much if it's been going on this long. See how it goes and maybe give him an ultimatum--but be prepared to walk away if he balks. Somebody devoted could be near and you aren't meeting him as you waste time on someone who won't commit. He's old enough to stop blaming his Mother for his faults. Don't make excuses for him.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on July 17, 2018:


No astrology doesn't rule us. We always have Free Will and the power to change things. I just don't want you to be hurt.

AnnaChava on July 17, 2018:

I suppose what I mean to ask.. (pardon my previous Pity response!!) But in truth, do you feel we would have something that would be of solid foundation in our relationship for a positive successful future? I understand the sexual square attraction and chemistry but that may not always last. Also, he is actually mercury in cancer!(not gemini- my typo!) Just looking for some encouragement if it is actually appropriate in this star compatibility with him and I. Like what would work in our favor to support a cancer sun/Venus/mercury/8th house and aquarius moon allowing himself to attach/commit emotionally long term. He did have a narcissist maternal figure who I do think affects his ability to demonstrate love, either out of fear of further rejection and/or criticism. Thank you for your time, insight and kindness. I'm not ready to let go quite yet but you're right, I don't want my heart broken and I dont want to wait another 2 years until I sense a whole hearted committment. Thank u.

AnnaChava on July 17, 2018:

Hi Jean! Truly, what a remarkable response to my question! I am so thankful. My heart almost breaks reading how his cancer and Aquarius influence seems to show he is easily bored and not one to settle .. it almost seems that long term we may not stand a solid chance even if he does stop stalling or whatever it is he is doing now. We've been together almost 2 years, both 31 now. I have given him freedom and the option to let me go, but he does not choose this, however avtions-wise, he tends to keep very busy fixing anything and helping everyone, even me.. however intimacy he doesn't focus on much. I know you stay it's not hopeless but I'm reading it seeing that it is not engrained in him to settle down.. if so, maybe in another decade! Does astrology rule us or can we become more than what the stars depict if we are emotionally aware and invested? Oh dear.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on July 16, 2018:

Hi Anna,

I think I answered this in another question. All I can add is with his Mercury in Cancer, he thinks with his heart, not his head. The 8th house ruled by Cancer means he will probably inherit money or work in the insurance industry or with other people's money. The Gemini on the 7th means he likes change and may not settle down. He may be afraid to based on past family issues.

I didn't know you had Venus in Pisces. That's a very psychic and sensitive placement. His detachment can hurt you and I wouldn't like to see this. I think his moods change often, now that I see he has another planet in Cancer. It's the Aquarius/ Cancer combo that causes all the change. I think my advise above still applies. Take care.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on July 16, 2018:

Hello Anna,

Well, you are a very ambitious woman! Aries and Capricorn are both cardinal signs of leadership, so knowing what is called your Trinity tells me you will accomplish what you set out to do. Your Aries Sun gives you an outgoing and adventurous attitude towards life, and you like to try new things. Aries people are ardent and demonstrative in love. You are warm and fun to be with.

The Capricorn influences are a little different. The Capricorn Moon shows that you often hold your feelings in--though the Aries Sun helps with that. You are a bit at odds with your feelings, because Capricorn Moons like to show them in private, and Aries wants to shout it from the rooftops when in love. The Capricorn Rising is the way others see you, and you come off as reserved. You don't like to waste time on people if you don't think they are worth it. You are also family oriented and like to plan ahead. This causes you frustration with your BF because you like security in your love life. You are sensuous and loving. But you do want commitment and to tell others where this is going.

You are right about your love, his Aquarius Moon and Sag rising do mean he likes freedom. But I like the Cancer Sun and Venus. This sign is a square to your Aries and Capricorn, meaning a challenge, but this can be sexy and exciting in a love relationship. People tend to think planets need to be all in easy aspects in love, but that would get boring. So this is good. Cancers also want security, but in the Sun sign, they get bored easily and Cancer men don't do well in marriages for some reason, many get divorced and have been married two or three times. Maybe too much Yin energy? But the Cancer Venus is romantic and gentle, he is sensitive and caring, nurturing, and probably wants a family some day.

The Aquarius Moon means his emotions change suddenly, and actually since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, Cancers change all the time. The Aquarius in him makes bigger, more sudden and drastic changes, the Cancer, smaller changes, like a few times a week. The Sag rising means he likes the outdoors, and Sag people either appear really chatty or very quiet.He has a high moral code and may love foreign travel or philosophy and higher education. Since he has Cancer in him, I think he's the chatty type. I also like the Sag rising with your Aries Sun.

I don't know your ages or how long you have been together. I understand you would like a bit more of a clue where you stand with him. His signs are contradictory. I think I would continue on, but keep your eyes open, and if he isn't ready to commit within a reasonable length of time, let him go. You know what you want out of life and want to start planning that, and he may be too changeable for you. I can't tell if he's just stalling with you, or if he really isn't ready to settle down. I think he can with the Cancer in him. Just be aware he can change his mind down the road even if you marry him. Don't let him break your heart. Give it some more time, but if you aren't making progress, you may have to walk away. I wish you the best. It's not hopeless, there are good things here. It's a matter of how long you want to put life on hold for him.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on July 14, 2018:

Thanks so much for your feedback.

JMo on July 12, 2018:

That was a great article =) I have Sun/Moon in Aquarius 8th house. Relate to all of that.

AnnaChava on July 10, 2018:

Hi Jean. This article is quite insightful as I am dating an aquarius moon. I was wondering if you could provide more specific insight into our relationship as sometimes I find we aren't connecting as well -- sometimes i attribute this to childhood wounds and sometimes i look at astrology and i see how profoundly it can affect us. He is Cancer sun (not a very affectionate/caring mother), Sag rising, Venus in Cancer and Aquarius Moon. Mercury in Cancer and his 8th house in Cancer as well. 7th in Gemini. I am an Aries Sun (also rough start with mother/daughter relationship, no father), Capricorn rising AND moon, and Venus in Pisces, my 7th house in cancer, 8th in Leo. Thank you for your time and insight :) I love him very much but sometimes I feel like his words don't always match his actions - perhaps it comes from his detached side? Either way, I guess I'm also seeking some guidance.

Anna on July 09, 2018:

Hi Jean! I am an aries sun, cap rising/moon -- I am having a bit of trouble fully connecting/understanding my cancer sun male with aquarius moon, cancer venus and sagittarius rising (more freedom!). We match on so many levels and then when it comes to the future, or commitment, he really just doesn't know what to say. He doesn't even care to know where he will live in the next year! I would follow him anywhere if he only asked me to. Anyway, just looking for some insight into this pairing. His signs seem to all contradict themselves a bit, but i am no astro expert! Thank you.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on July 06, 2018:

Hi Nikki,

I'm Cancer too, and my first love was a Capricorn as well. I was also young when we met, and saw him on and off for a few years. As I got older, I realized I was achieving more in life than he was, and he had me on a pedestal, and that's not as easy as it sounds. Capricorn is our opposite sign, and most of us fall for our opposite one time or other.

First I will warn you that if Mr. Libra still hasn't kicked the substance abuse problem, he isn't going too. Why set yourself up for that, astrology aside? What you say about the house alignment is true, if you have that it means you have similar feelings and attitudes about the important things in life, and that's positive for any long term relationship.

As you say, Cancer and Libra are squared, but that's not bad in itself, we need challenges or it can be boring in a love affair. People over exaggerate squares. The Taurus Moon means he does want to settle down with someone and is very sensual. Being Libra and having Venus in Libra he really wants to be half of a partnership, Libra rules the marriage house. This bodes well for your Aquarius Moon. Being a Cancer with an Aquarius Moon you change all the time so he won't be bored. You are strongly your own person and nobody can change that.

The Leo and Sag ascendants are also good, both fire signs who want to go out and have fun, but you want nice things in life, and his in Sag means he's more lax about things in general. He likes the outdoors. Your Venus in Gemini means you get bored in a relationship if it isn't exciting enough, or you will have two great loves in your life. You also may have been seeing two people at one time.

I can see why you were reunited with him, you are very compatible from the info you gave me. But I have qualms about the drugs. Can you really talk about it? I think you can communicate well, but in the end it takes strength for him to walk away from drugs, and we can't change somebody, change has to come from him, from within.

People have trouble with unconditional love. Some of them didn't have parents where they always felt love, and some, like us, were hurt by first loves. What's the saying, "the first cut is the deepest?"

I think you will give Libra another try no matter what I say, so do it if you must. Just promise to keep your eyes open and don't let him drag you down, OK?? I am not saying he can't change, he has the potential, I just don't know if he will. Best of luck to you both. Jean

Nikki on July 06, 2018:

Hi Jean, what a great article! This describes me so well haha it’s eerie haha, I wanted some insight and an honest opinion.

I’m a Cancer with a moon in Aquarius, ascendant in Leo, venus in Gemini but there’s a man that has caught my interest but I’m hesitant to continue to pursue him since I’ve learned some things and have noticed...I feel uncomfortable with. We had similar upbringings but I think the way we both handle pain is extremely different from one an another.

I know his chart he is Libra, Taurus moon, Sagittarius ascendant, venus in Libra I’ve read bits here and there trying to make sense of it all. He has a substance abuse problem and though he claims he doesn’t do it often it still irks me. It would be a no brainer but the thing is he and I met long ago when I was 18 and he was 24, now my the time I was in love with a Capricorn man, so I pursued the seagoat but it was fail attempt, and I distant myself from the Libra man because I don’t like to string along others. Anyway eventually over the years I asked the universe to reunite me with him and one day, well it happened but now I feel confuse because I can tell he’s a great person but it’s that one thing that I just don’t like and when I don’t like something it’s an intense dislike. I thought I could overlook it at first but I don’t want to change him either because I wouldn’t want someone to change me but I don’t have a substance abuse problem. I feel like I’m a square next to him. I’m not sure if you need any other alignment but what I have noticed is that our houses are complementary to one another I’m not sure if that’s more important then the planets. Eventually I’m going to have to talk to him and discuss what’s bothering me. Also the Capricorn man broke me down and because of him he taught me many lessons, one of the being to be more like him less emotional more objective, not spreading yourself thin for others and focus more oneself. I’m a sucker for love but knowing that I cannot love unconditionally, as I did the first time. I feel detach more so now with people and things, l feel a more realistic approach to life and all it’s shenanigans.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on June 28, 2018:

You are smart and precise about what you want, but also witty and fun to be with because of your many interests. The Cancer Moon makes you nurturing and considerate. Libra Rising shows you have ambition (so does Cancer) and you like being half of a partnership in work or love.

The Aries Sun is square to the Cancer and Libra, but this can make an exciting difference between you that keeps life interesting. Her Aquarius Moon means she is distant at times, but it isn't personal, she's like that with everyone. Give her some space and don't get too clingy. Scorpio Rising means she has a strong presence and likes to finish what she starts. She is very sexy. I think the Scorpio in her will go well with the Virgo and Cancer in you, and the rest will keep you interested enough to wonder what happens next. Why not?

matthewsavenue on June 26, 2018:

I am a virgo male with a cancer moon and libra rising. She is an Aries female with aquarius moon and scorpio rising.

Will you give me some insight on how this may work.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on June 10, 2018:

That Cancer Moon creativity will help you get ideas for your fiction! I think there is hope for this combination. Cancer and Aries Suns are squared, and this is a challenging aspect, but we need some of that if we don't want to be bored to death in a relationship. Being Cancer, you do need some distance or time to yourself, but you can explain that it's not because you don't want to be with him. An Aries can be emotionally less mature than a Cancer, and he wants to be front and center all the time. But adults need to understand that others have needs too. He may hurt your feelings without meaning to, Aries people just blurt out whatever is on their minds.

Libra and Aquarius Moons are good, they are air signs, representing emotions, so you can easily communicate your feelings to each other. Once again, the Aquarius Moon of yours also needs some distance, and you probably seem disengaged to him at times. His Libra Moon craves relationships, and once he decides it's you, he wants you to be with him every minute. He has to learn you have other obligations. But I think you can work through this issue. Your Cancer and Aquarius both make for a changeable person. But so do his Aries Sun and Aries Ascendant, so you both change on a pretty regular basis. So you should see this in both of yourselves.

I like the Aries and Sag Ascendants. You are both approachable and friendly. He is a sort of "life of the party" kind of guy. You can come off as either talkative or quiet at first, there are two types of Sag people. You are philosophical and take the long view of life, a grounding influence on him. He is a very ambitious person and a born leader. You know what you want, but have a quirky side and may be sort of unconventional, but want security. But that's fine, be yourself.

I don't see any big complications here. You have a Cancer Sun so like to know where you are going, and an ambitious person will be attractive to you. He can find you lovable and quirky. I think this is a positive mix. Best of luck in the relationship, you have what it takes to work it all out. Have fun.

APandaAFoxABear on June 08, 2018:

Cool article. I have a few questions regarding my moon and it's compatibility with other moons. I'm a cancer, with an aqua moon and sag ascendant. The person I love is an Aries sun, Libra moon, Aries ascendant. Some astrology sites say that it's not going to work with that mash up, which disheartens me because I was really late bloomer when it came to feeling romantic love and this person was my best friend before we became a couple. I'm female, he's male, if that helps. I had loved people before of course, but I often just felt a strong friendship and kin connection with them and assumed that was the same as romantic love, but when I became close to this Aries, I realized that it was different. I'm hitting a rough patch lately because he started a new job and I'm struggling to make my way into my chosen profession (fiction writer-there now you know I'm broke lol) and I think I've been making myself distant and it's not helping our relationship but the last thing I want is cause a rift or distance. I just want it to be okay with us, because I have never loved like this before. I'm not sure what I'm asking here lol. I'm very out of touch with my emotions.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on May 16, 2018:

Hi John,

I'm so happy what I wrote was helpful to you. Teaching astrology is always a good refresher for me! The Moon is all about your emotions, so yes, the aspects to the Moon are very important. The aspects to your Sun, Moon and Ascendant are the most important.

Since all your planets are in an astrology sign and house, many of them have aspects to other planets. When I interpret a horoscope, I usually interpret the most important ones, and try to keep it at around 15 aspects or so. I am long winded, and when I interpret a chart I always end up with 20 pages, even when I try to be concise. Astrology is a lot of information, enough to be a life time study.

I've been having a devil of a time trying to remember how to cast a composite chart. I only ever did the one for myself and my late husband, and I have been searching piles of folders of notes. I have a computerized one which agrees with my findings on the one I did myself, but mine is a copy, and I didn't copy the math it originally was cast from. I finally realized about two days ago that it's about the times of both births where I have to start, and I was able to get the degree of Sun for the both of us. But that still makes it hard to find the average point of the midheaven, ascendant and all the other planets and house cusps. I am still working on it.

It's a great thing to have. Because of Prince Harry and Meghan, I wanted to try one, and still can't find any directions. I don't like synergy charts, it's no different than casting charts for both people and just reading, "Well his Moon is in Cancer, so he's very family oriented, and he Moon is in Capricorn, so she's very ambitious." Then you sit and compare each planet to planet, that's what sites do. So they would have opposite Moons, not really a problem, they just go about showing their feelings in a different way.

A true composite is a 3rd chart. It's not the chart of you or the other person. It's the chart of the relationship itself, a 3rd entity. Believe me, it's driving me crazy, though I am closer to recalling how it's done now that I can get a composite sun. When I finally recall how it's done, I'll look you up on this hub, or you can find me at I never developed it much, it's mostly a landing site for orders, but I do check it and want to make it different. Maybe more posts, but smaller astrology tidbits.

Thanks for your continued interesting questions.T Keep studying! Take care, Jean

John on May 16, 2018:

You articulated your reply very well. Thank you Jean.

I was wondering, how important are moon aspects in the chart? or any other planet. negatively or positively aspected. essentially how important are aspects in the chart?

Also, in one of your replies on this article, you briefly mentioned that you had a composite chart done and reading it 39years later it was spot on. Do you perhaps have an article about this experience?

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on April 24, 2018:

Hi John,

Did you check out the article about houses? It explains more than I can here.

Yes, the degrees matter. But I think newer astrologers get too caught up in them. There are 30 degrees in each astrology sign, 0-29.. They are split into something called decans. So 0 degrees to 9 would be the first decan of let's say Aquarius, 10-19 degrees would be the 2nd decan ,

and 20-29 degrees would be the 3rd decan. In my experience, the degree only matters if it's really close. Let's say a Sun is in 29 degrees of Aquarius. Now, newer astrologers would MOVE the Sun if it was within 3 degrees, and put it in the next house.

I'm a purist, and have a Sun like that in the 8th house. So some would insist on putting it in the 9th house. As my personality goes, it could really be in either one. But the 8th house is correct, and reflects my life experience the most, although many of my interests and love of travel are in the 9th house.

I say stick with the real position. The seconds don't really matter, 1 minute or 60 seconds isn't going to change your life.

Some also think if the planet is in the 1st decan, you don't feel it or exhibit the traits as much, exhibit them more in the 2nd, and early in the 3rd, still like the 2nd, but as it gets farther towards the 29th degree, you take on traits of the next sign. I think it's BS.

I hope that helped and wasn't too confusing. A site that I trust and is pretty good for a computerized site is Cafe But I'm happy to answer your questions. I have hopeless people who write to me, and I have sophisticated ones who are really trying to learn, and I feel so excited by that! I want to cry when I get a naysayer who still thinks it's all about where your Sun was at birth. I've been studying this since I was 10 yr. old, and still have a lot to learn! Keep going, there are a lot of directions to go in!

John on April 24, 2018:

Thanks Jean. I enjoy your articles. Its very different to the cookbook interpretations I frequently find on the internet.

Does a degree of the house have any effect on the sign and the house? for example, Venus 9th house 21 degrees 30' or moon in Aquarius 12th house 4 degrees 42'

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on April 23, 2018:

Hi John,

The house placement has a HUGE influence over the planets. I preach this until I can't take it anymore. When people give me the trinity or a sun sign, I can't tell much. It takes around 12 hours to cast and interpret an astrology chart, and I charge for it. There are 12 houses that have at least 3 meanings each. I have the link to an article I wrote that explains this: The picture is large and you will be able to see some of the house meanings yourself.

The 9th house does rule foreign countries, but in most love relationships it is more likely to mean she may be from another country or will love foreign travel a lot. The house also rules higher education, so she can be a teacher or is well educated or smart. It rules law and philosophy too. So has she been involved in lawsuits or is she a lawyer? Does she read about philosophies often, or read a lot for the love of reading? That would be a more complete look at her Venus. Librans are romantic, and she probably is good looking, needs attention and likes beautiful things.

The 4th house is about home, but also real estate, and your relationships with family. So you may want to putter around the house, or could invest in real estate often. You do love home, but basically having Venus in the 4th isn't about stability (though you know yourself), that would be your Moon sign when we look for what gives us stability. You are more possessive than she is, but that will keep you close, and Libras like to be with a loved one practically every minute anyway. You'll be fine.

I have other articles on Exemplore, explaining Moon signs and Sun Signs. I also cover Venus signs on, where I made up fictional couples, but made them with the same Venus sign. You can find them there and read Libra and Scorpio to get the idea. Have fun. Jean

John on April 22, 2018:

Hi Jean

Thanks for a great article.

I was wondering, does the house placement of the moon (or any other planet) have any influence ?

For example my partner has a Libra Venus 9th (squared Uranus and Neptune) and I have a Venus in Scorpio 4th. Astrologically speaking, from my basic google interpretation, is that she is attracted to adventurous foreign types while i'm more attracted to home and stability.

Would love to get your thoughts on the house placements of signs.


Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on April 08, 2018:

Hi LaLee,

You are very welcome! I am always happy to hear a positive outcome. I have a good feeling about you two! Jean

LaLee Bee on April 08, 2018:

Thank you so much! He is being absolutely wonderful. We are still a very new couple and are creating our boundaries with each other as well as the foundation of how we relate... It seems like he just wants to philosophize objectively with me at times when I'm interested in being intimate! But the troubles seem to have opened us to new intimacy, so maybe my sag moon is ok with his meandering aquarian thoughts... as long as that ascendant in leo makes my cancer feel like a queen & his virgo makes my scorpio feel safe... we're pretty golden. I will totally be checking back in with you! I love your site. And thank you!!

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on April 07, 2018:

Hello Kyra,

Since the Moon rules emotions, Aquarius can make you seem a bit aloof at times. You may be really close with somebody one day, and forget their name the next. You need freedom in a relationship and like to do things our own way. So a clingy person or someone who is too needy may get annoying.

The Cancer Sun makes you nurturing though, so you may experience that need to have some space, and not tell people. You are basically kind and gentle. The Cancer Mercury means you think with your heart, and the Venus Mercury shows you are a true romantic. Three planets in the same sign is called a stellium in astrology. So you exhibit many Cancer traits. You are tender and part of you does want security, and you are artistic and likely psychic too.

Cancers are as changeable as Aquarians can be erratic, so this can work for you! I actually know many Cancer/Aquarius couples. Both signs get bored easily, and crave change, or can want it suddenly. So it works in an odd sort of way. Cancers need time to themselves, and Aquarius needs to be aloof because they are so interested in learning new things.

The Leo rising is the facade you show, or how those who don't know you well see you. Leo is a warm and outgoing sign, loves to entertain, throw parties, go out a lot. So on the surface you seem more sociable than you are. The messy part is because you do need occasional solitude, and emotionally both the stelllium in Cancer and your emotional nature of Aquarius demands it.

Leos and Cancers hate to say no. But you can try to practice it, I think that's causing emotional confusion and disarray. You want to socialize and have fun, but need "down" time. Work on that, you'll get there. Best Wishes.

Kyra on April 07, 2018:

Hi Jean,

Love this article so much. Truly a pleasure to read.

I'm a Cancer Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Leo Rising. Lately I've been experiencing a lot of mental disarray, especially with understanding my emotions. They've always been messy, and I think my Cancer Sun, Mercury and Venus contributes to that greatly.

Still curious if you have any insight or advice for an Aquarius Moon.

Thank you!!!

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on April 04, 2018:

Hi La Lee,

That Moon in Aquarius will make him "check out" emotionally at times. I don't know how long you have been together. Your Moon and Venus in Sag should be OK with him not being a clingy kind of person, but it does hurt when it seems like someone isn't listening, or is expressing things in a hurtful way. Your ascendant in Cancer does make you super sensitive, and Scorpio Sun means you are possessive, even though the Sag in you is a help in the relationship. His Sun in Virgo also works well with your Cancer and Scorpio.

His Ascendant and Venus in Leo also bode well for your Sag planets. I think you hit it on the head. You need to decide if you can handle that aloof part of him, because at times when you need him, he may be in his own world. I don't think he intentionally wants to hurt you, it's just how he is. I do believe there is hope. We all go through phases, and maybe the timing is just bad lately. Take some more time and think about it. If he keeps putting you off for a long period and you can't get any answers, then you may have to move on. But not just yet, wait a bit. Keep me posted, we can always do a tarot reading.

LaLee Bee on April 04, 2018:

Hey Jean, thx so much for this. It's really well written. I'm seeking insight on my partner (moon in Aquarius, sun in Virgo, both asc & venus in Leo) and his really strange way of behaving since we've gotten comfortable. He loves me, is devoted to me, is flying across the world to be with me, an generally takes great care with me when I'm upset, but has recently started to kind of disengage when he's talking to me. He rushes home to talk to me and then says thoughtless things that do not matter to us at all. Sometimes they're things that upset me. He doesn't get hoe I feel uncared for when he seems to lack intention when communicating. It keeps happening. (I'm both moon & venus in sagitarius, sun in scorpio, ascendant in cancer so I feel like I'm losing my mind here.) I just seem to be upset a lot (it's irksome how he's changed) and it only gets better if I complain. He admits there's an issue, and is fully present for a little bit, then seems to slip out again. He's made & is making enormous changes in his life for me/us and swears he just needs time (we need time) but I'm wondering... could there be an element of 'checked-outness' in his moon that will simply be? Is this just part of him I need to decide to take or not? I thought with my sag influence I'd be all on board for the freedom aspect of his moon, but I'm actually super hurt by what I sense is detachment. It is merc rx in fiery aries, and we are definitely going through changes, but I wanted to ask (you put it so politely in your post) do moon n aquarius ppl tend to 'check-out' w/ ppl they love? So much so as to seriously hurt even a sagitarius moon? Or is there hope??

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on March 31, 2018:

Hi Lauren,

Happy you enjoyed the read! Best Wishes, Jean

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on March 31, 2018:

You really can't unless you have a horoscope cast. People go to astrology sites and cut and paste all the signs their planets are in, but that's not what an astrologer needs, and is only part of the picture. You need the day, month and year of birth, and most importantly the TIME of birth, to get your ascendant or rising sign. Also, the city and country where you were born. I can do it, but can't give a URL here, though there is a way to contact me. A site I trust is, you can learn from that. When I answer questions about planets in signs, it is part of the horoscope. But it leaves out all 12 houses. I have an article about that on Exemplore, and also about Sun signs, moon signs, Mercury and Venus. All that takes time to interpret. Then it matters how far all the planets are from each other. It's a lot more work than people understand. Thanks for inquiring. Take care. Jean

Lauren on March 31, 2018:

Thankyou this is super accurate in terms of personality, and I'm average height and a sort of athletic build (but always feel tall haha.)

Carly on March 31, 2018:

Hi Jean,

I am an Aquarius but not sure of any other aspects, how would I figure that out?

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on March 23, 2018:

Hi Lauren,

Yes, Cancer is ruled by the Moon, I'm one as well! The Moon travels through all 12 Zodiac signs in about 28+ days, like a menstrual cycle. So it affects us Cancers more than anyone. People around us should expect a change every 2 or 2 1/2 days!

The Aquarius Moon rules your emotions. So even though Cancers like stability, our changeable nature makes us open to Aquarius influences. Both signs are nonconformists, and I know several Cancer/Aquarius couples. So there is no "tension" between your Sun and Moon.

The Ascendant in Gemini again is how others see you, and that's intelligent, lively, someone who likes to go out and learn new things. You probably excel at many things. I think you are tall.

The Venus in Leo means that you can be stubborn in love, but also expect many displays of affection. You want to be treated like a Queen. And why not?

Cancer people are gentle and need a long time to open up to others. The Moon and Ascendant in air signs makes you more outgoing than a Cancer description you might read, and more adventurous. Sometimes the Cancer need for security may clash with your emotional, Aquarius Moon, which wants freedom and novelty. But it's not a bad thing. I hope that helps. Take care, Jean

Lauren on March 23, 2018:

Hi Jean, I have a Cancer sun, aquarius moon, asc in gemini and venus in Leo. I think there may be tension between moon and sun (in terms of what motivates me.) Does the moon sign have a particularly strong influence over Cancer? thanks xx

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on March 17, 2018:

Thank you for responding and reading my work!

Maureen on March 17, 2018:

Thank you for your response,that's interesting about Scorpio.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on March 02, 2018:

No, everyone's chart is a picture of the sky at their time of birth. There are no "family" influences in it except for one I can think of. When a Scorpio in a family dies, another one is born.

Oppositions or squares like you mention are challenging, but also add excitement to life.

Maureen on March 01, 2018:

Hi was just reading your analysis of Aquarius I've been so curious of the moon sun combinations in my family, I'm a Taurus sun Aquarius moon and my daughter is Aquarius sun Taurus moon. My husband is a Capricorn sun Leo moon while my son is Leo sun Capricorn moon. Is it weird or do families have this placements often.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on February 09, 2018:

Hi Martin,

The house a planet is in is very important. I answer questions here about planets in astrology signs, but it's about 1/6 the meaning of a whole chart, which takes about 10-12 hrs. to cast and interpret. Aspects are the distance each planet is from the others, and means more than what sign a planet is in. These are the 3 biggest factors when interpreting a chart, and there are more.

I haven't written any articles on these, although my audience is more sophisticated about astrology than they used to be. I had to stop answering people who cut and paste all the planets in the signs when they look up their B-days, because it's so little info in reality, and too many were doing it. I then got a nasty email last week from a girl (I assume a teen, she was so rude) and she ranted how I probably was a fake and only cared about money.

I spent years paying for good astrology books, taking courses and workshops, and I don't think she would have spent that much time on me if I asked for free info (she was on my comments page for weeks getting free answers). It really hurt, as my best friend passed away that week.

Venus in Libra in the 9th house is this--Libra is the home of Venus, so it's a great place. It shows the person loves romance and even working in partnerships. The 9th house represents education, foreign travel and countries and philosophy and religion. So the person would excel in these areas. The Moon in Aquarius is another air sign, also the moon represents emotions. So it means attraction to an intellectual person who likes those topics too. But the 12th house is about secrets, and secret sorrows. So there may be heartache in this relationship, or one of the parties is not telling their true feelings and being secretive, or both are keeping it secret.

Close aspects like a conjunction intensify the Venus in Libra. Let me see if I have an article on this. But as you see, all these factors have to be put together like a puzzle, and it takes time. I'm glad you are learning the right way. I may have an article on this at But a site I trust, not for charts, but astrology basics, is Maybe this should be the next thing I write. Thanks for the question and idea. Best Wishes. Jean

Martin on February 08, 2018:

Hi Jean

how much effect doesn't the house placement of the moon or any other planet have on a aspect ? For example, How does a venus in libra 9th house natal have a impact on ones chart or moon in aquarius 12th house.

If you have any articles on hard venus aspects in the natal chart, please do share :)

All the best,


Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on January 28, 2018:

Happy you enjoyed it!

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on January 28, 2018:

Hi John,

Ok, well first off, squared or opposite moons are not as bad as some people seem to think they are. If we all got along so easily, wouldn't life be a bore after a while? The square is more challenging, but can bring excitement into a relationship. The opposition means both want similar things, but have different ideas about how to achieve them. It's easier than a square. My husband and I had squared Venuses and Moons, and were married for 39 yrs, (he passed 4 yrs. ago) everyone thought we were the perfect couple. His Venus was in Pisces and mine in Gemini, Moons in Capricorn and Aries. I planned and he had no foresight.. I liked to talk things out about our relationship, but he was a total romantic and probably would forgive me anything. It's older astrology books that make these aspects seem so dire.

As far as synastry charts, I think you can get a lot out of them, but I don't like to do them. Basically, event though I can predict issues you will have and easy areas for you, I can't predict a couple will stay together forever or a huge length of time. Sometimes we meet someone and are together for a few months, and it changes us forever, that's our soulmate. It's two Natal birth charts compared.

A composite takes both your Natal charts, and creates a 3rd entity, your relationship. I had ours done a little before we married, and reading it 39 yrs. later, can't believe how accurate it was! I have been considering offering them, but in the beginning of the year I am swamped with people who want Natal charts, they are making resolutions to know themselves better, and want to utilize the knowledge in the chart.

So I am deciding if I want to do composites. That's the better thing. If you want one I can suggest two good astrology sites I even trust, Cafe Astrology and I don't know if they offer them, they will be computer generated and will have jargon you won't get, but what they say about the relationship will be accurate. Otherwise, ask me again in the Spring. I learned how to cast charts when I was 21, and it's been so long I have to recall how to do composites! But people are asking, and I do know how good they are, so once I dig out from my pile now, maybe I will refresh my memory and start doing them again. Take care.

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