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Aquarius Characteristics You Need to Be Aware Of

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I am a Scandinavian woman interested in the compatibility of different astrological signs.


Aquarius: January 21–February 18

Aquarians are known to be the new millennium's leader of all astrological signs. People who are born under this astrological sign tend to be the most up-and-coming trendsetters of the future. Some famous Aquarians include Thomas Edison, Matt Dillon, Jennifer Aniston, Christie Brinkley, and Copernicus

Aquarians sometimes suddenly feel the pressure to change personally, especially when it comes to their personal values and the things that will typically make them happy.

Typically, Aquarians are known to think of things all the time because they prefer that their minds work hard every single day. This is also the reason why people who are inventors and trailblazers are usually born under this astrological sign.

They have the passion to think of things that will help them grow as a person and as an individual in this world today. Pleasure and pain can both be experienced by Aquarians because of their ability to think on different levels mentally.

Aquarians love to be involved in organizations that will let them help other people who are in need. The good thing about the people who are born under this astrological sign is that they tend to keep their emotional feelings at ease to avoid affecting the programs that they are involved in.

Aquarians are known to be very amiable and outgoing, which makes people attracted to them. They tend to gain more friends, and these people will surely experience how loyal an Aquarian can be.

Major Traits of an Aquarius

  • Intelligence: An Aquarian is usually on the lookout for gems of wisdom. They are typically observant of the people around them. This is the reason why they can often gather different information about the people surrounding them.
  • Can be very direct: They have the ability to ignore their emotions and speak their minds to the people around them. Sometimes their attitude can hurt other people's feelings, but this is usually not their intention.
  • Emotionally detached: Aquarians tend to be very detached from the feelings that they have, but this doesn't mean that they are insensitive and unemotional. They just have the tendency not to trust their feelings that much, and their ideas are more important than their emotional feelings.
  • Firm in their opinions: At times, whenever someone doesn't agree with what an Aquarian has in mind, they tend to get hurt. But the good news is that they are driven intellectually and not emotionally. This is why they can instantly forgive and forget everything.
  • Often overanalyze themselves: Sometimes Aquarians wonder why they are emotionally different from other people. They tend to think that something might be missing in them. This is also the reason why most of them stay single or unattached for a long period of time. This can sometimes lead to an Aquarian feeling like they are incapable of having a relationship. It can also make them wonder about their existence in this world. Luckily, they tend to regain their self-esteem instantly because they know how special they are in this world.
  • Amiable and exciting: They are also very adventurous, smart, and funny whenever they are around someone that they like.
  • Lack of envy: You will never catch them being jealous or clingy. They are very unpredictable and have a thing for surprises.

Best Careers for an Aquarius

Most Aquarians love to do something that makes them feel useful. As a matter of fact, they want to be as useful as possible with everything that they do. This makes people feel amazed with them as a result. They are not likely to be content with any career that is mundane or repetitive. Most of the people who are born under Aquarius are progressive thinkers, which is why they tend to form great theories and ideas. They are also great at researching things that will help them in every aspect of their lives. Here are some jobs that an Aquarian would be a good fit in.

  • Political activist: Aquarians always like to have a cause to fight for. Working for a political cause can keep them engaged and make them feel like they are helping the greater good. They can become really invested in whatever cause they helping with.
  • Social Worker: Water bearers genuinely care for people and have a strong desire to help them. Working as a social worker allows them to do this while remaining fairly independent. They don't get rattled emotionally very easily, so they could perform very well in this career.
  • Aid Worker: This job allows an Aquarian to really make a difference by helping others and improving lives. This role often sees a lot of travel, and an Aquarian can enjoy the frequent change of environments.
  • Mediator: Folks with the Aquarius sign are well-suited to being objective and persuasive when it comes to solving problems between two parties. They are often determined to set things right and have the best interests for everyone involved.
  • Project Manager: Aquarians love to come up with new ideas and plan things out. They are skilled at organizing a team and creating initiatives to make projects succeed.

Attracting an Aquarian

  • Aquarians tend to join verbal battles for fun and engage in conversations that are not too deep. But for you to be able to understand them, you need to be able to stimulate their inner minds. You should know that their brain is always craving for exercise and that is why, when conversing with them, it is ideal to capture their attention first.
  • One of the key factors needed to attract an Aquarian is to have the time to communicate. If you are not really into talking for hours, then you might want to look for a different person. You need to be compatible in communication for an Aquarian to be attracted to you.
  • Aquarians love going out and they love being adventurous once in a while. If you are willing to pursue an Aquarian, then make sure to think of different trips and adventures for an Aquarian to enjoy your company.
  • If you are having a hard time thinking of nice things to do, then asking an Aquarian to plan your trip would definitely be ideal. You will be surprised at how they plan everything instantly. Make sure you are flexible because Aquarians tend to change their plans in an instant.
  • If you are trying to attract an Aquarian, make sure to avoid complaining and nagging. They hate negativity when conversing.

Dating an Aquarius Man

Here are some things to keep in mind when you want to start a romantic relationship with an Aquarius man.

  • They look at relationships as something playful. They can be calculating when deciding the time and place to flirt.
  • Don't expect him to show affection in traditional ways. You can expect more exotic date ideas from him.
  • Mental stimulation is the best way to attract him. You can enchant him with mind games. Doing so will make him more passionate toward you.
  • The biggest trait they are attracted to is intelligence. They will likely be attracted to anyone that they feel understands all their complexities.
  • They can be a bit challenging to commit to a relationship. However, they will happily settle down if they've found the right person. They will be clearly unhappy in a relationship that is not satisfying them.
  • An Aquarius man treasures his independence. You must make it clear that you are not threatening it.

Dating an Aquarius Woman

Here are some tips regarding being in a relationship with an Aquarius woman.

  • They can be aloof at times. They may seem distant even when they are next to you.
  • They tend to focus more on a conceptual relationship than what is at the present. They like to imagine and plan what a relationship can be in the future.
  • They may be capable of having a long-distance relationship, but expect frequent messages and texts late at night.
  • They may cool down in a relationship once a daily routine or repetition sets in.
  • Aquarius women are very independent. They don't like to be set in one place for very long. Be sure to give them space when necessary.
  • Communication is very important to them. Be sure to reach out to them often.
  • They like to try new things with their partners.

Compatibility With an Aquarius

Here are some astrological signs that work well or poorly with Aquarius.

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Signs That Get Along with Aquarius

  • Gemini: People of this sign tend to enjoy surprises and changes. Gemini tend to be easy going and are willing to go along with any idea an Aquarian comes up with. These two signs have a strong romantic connection, so there is a possibility of developing a strong relationship.
  • Aries: Folks with this astrological sign have a love for adventure and have a diverse set of interests. Their imaginative character can compliment an Aquarian's passionate character. The drawback in a relationship is that Aries like to lead while Aquarians do not like to follow.
  • Libra: Libras tend to join an Aquarian to satisfy their needs for the arts. This pair is the type that you can often find at parties. This pairing is effective as Libra tend to be oblivious to how stubborn an Aquarian can be.
  • Sagittarius: The imaginative mind of an Aquarian can be nurtured by the optimism of a Sagittarius. This pairing can be very passionate towards each other, but jealousy will rarely strike between them. There may be potential for them to grow apart since both sings allow each other to live as they like.

Signs That Don't Get Along with Aquarius

  • Pisces: People of this sign need affection, are sensitive, and like to be the center of attention. These traits can annoy an Aquarian while a Pisces can see them as being unsympathetic.
  • Capricorn: A Capricorn likes to make detailed plans. This is something that an Aquarian might not have patience for. Capricorns are often more traditional and restricting, so they may not like the unique and independent personality of an Aquarian.
  • Cancer: An Aquarian can see people of this sign as being clingy, whiny, and having too many restrictions. A Cancer can see an Aquarian as lacking tact and being emotionally detached. Many of the traits of these two signs are complete opposites.
  • Taurus: An Aquarian and Taurus are both stubborn, and neither are willing to give up their beliefs or change their attitude. A Taurus is often focused on security and feels like keeping a tightly-knit family. An Aquarian treats the whole world like family, and they have little regard for their own security. A Taurus can often see an Aquarian as being careless.
  • Scorpio: People with this astrological sign are famous for being intense and for easily being jealous. An Aquarian can be very turned off by their jealousy and possessiveness.

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tiya garg on June 18, 2020:

i truly agree with you i had researched a lot about the aquarians and i have seen all the values and thinking traits are almost matched to me as i am also an aquarian. i always thought why i am so different i always make people hurt even with no intentions but i always remained happy no matter how anybody hurt me or i hurt anybody else. i was happy as well as sad for my nature. but now i am very glad to know that i am an aqaurian and i am very special too .

well, i wanna say one more thing that every person is different and unique in its own way so don't get sad no matter whatever happens and just ignore it and try your best.

AQUA on March 15, 2020:


i think they r individuals, most Aqua do not

RealWinger on February 27, 2020:

Seriously I had the misfortune of working with five Aquarians out of a twenty person crew at a stupid pizza joint most of them old enough to have careers instead of working in fast food. Most of them are stuck up and make snide backstabbing comments about people and when around others will talk to each other about the other person in the room and think that their intentions aren't transparent. They will then act shocked when you use their tactics against them thinking you didn't even know what they were up to. They are also incredibly envious if they have any doubts about their level of intelligence in relation to yours or really any doubts in regards to how they measure up in any way. Always comparing themselves, petty and lying and putting others down. They are mean ugly people and perfect examples of the Dunning Kruger effect.

Real Aqua on January 11, 2020:

Aquas don't like shifty people. A lot of water signs and select earth signs like to sht test people. Instead of playing the game we will just observe you a few times until we out your idiocy for thinking you could fk us over. Then we just leave you in your misery.

Here's what we think of other signs.

Aquarius: The men can be misogynistic and the women are going to be all very different but direct and not give a fk inside regarding our opinions. Although evolved ones will at least have finesse. Strong distaste for rude and lying people. You will find the classy Amal and trashy Draya alike in this group. Dislike shiftiness. The women can be all intellect and no feeling but they are air so don't expect them to baby sit your drama. Often good with money but like to hide their wealth. Modest.

Pisces: Low key manipulative, insecure, a bit spacey, into the occult and can often be obsessed with tarot, witchcraft, and spiritual related things. Secret addictions. The men can be into weird fetishes.

Aries: Also don't give a fk but will tell you about it without finesse. True leaders who don't care what others think but can end up alone in relationships due to their vanity and cheating. Will stand up for their friends unconditionally (unlike conditional Scorpio loyalty). Both the men and women intimidate others with their confidence.

Taurus: The women are so uppity. They never smile. They are usually pretty but very petty and stereotypical gossipy, hateresque type females. Likes to put others down for fun. Can be sullen and obsessed with getting attention and compliments. Good with money but snobby and very nose in the air (Queen Elizabeth). Men can be overly flirtatious. Can become money obsessed (Bernie Maddoff).