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Aquarius Sun Sign People

Jean teaches astrology, tarot & metaphysics. She is an author, ordained nondenominational minister, & member of the NJ Metaphysical Ctr.

A water-bearer is the symbol for this interesting sign!

A water-bearer is the symbol for this interesting sign!

Basics About Aquarius Sun Sign People

Aquarius is symbolized by the water-bearer and is ruled by the erratic planet of Uranus. What is a water-bearer? It is an old symbol of someone pouring water out of a jug. In astrology or tarot, the element of water equals the pouring out, or gift, of Spirit. Our current time on earth is often referred to as the "Age of Aquarius" because of the open way in which people live, and the way institutions have changed or broken down in the past generations. Advancements in science and technology are also ruled by Aquarius, and in the past years the world has experienced a great explosion of changes in both areas. Formerly, earth was influenced by the Age of Pisces, the fish, most importantly affected by the spiritual advances brought and taught to the world by the Master Jesus.

People born in the sign of Aquarius have birthdays which fall approximately between January 21st and February 21st, but this must be verified in a book called an ephemeris. It is a book of planetary tables which lists the positions of every planet and which astrology sign it was in every day for a period of at least fifty years. Nobody has a birthday "on a cusp", as we so often hear. Your Sun sign was in one specific sign on the day and time of your birth, no ifs, ands, or buts. The time does matter. My husband is Taurus, and his Sun is in 0 degrees of Taurus. Does he exhibit some Aries traits? Yes. But that's because his Mercury is in Aries, and his Moon.

Every planet and the Moon were in an Astrology sign at your birth. Your Ascendant, Sun sign, and Moon sign are your "trinity." There are twelve houses, and the planets could be in any one of them. The distance they are together or apart matter, they are called aspects. So those who dismiss astrology are the ones who think those horoscopes in the newspaper based only on where your Sun was are valid. Actually, if you know your ascendant or rising sign, read that blurb, it's more accurate than the Sun sign description of you in a non-astrology publication. But let us get back to our Aquarius Sun sign friends!

Gemstones and Talismans

Gemstones that are lucky for Aquarius Sun sign people are garnets, which are normally found in a deep red shade with a bit of orange in them. The garnet is supposed to attract good health and cheerfulness, also protection against lightning, important for a person ruled by Uranus! In the Middle Ages it was used as a remedy for inflammatory diseases, and to confer fidelity and faithfulness in love affairs. Like the ruby, emerald and other stones, it is said to warn of approaching danger by changing shades if the wearer is in trouble.

The zircon or hyacinth, is white and resembles a diamond. They also are available in the bright red color. The gem called hyancinth is Greek, because it resembled the hyacinth flowers which Apollo cause to spring from the blood of his favorite Hyacinthus, whom he accidentally killed. The remaining varieties of this stone come in yellow, brown and green. Zircons can strengthen weak hearts, allay jealousy, and protect a person from contagious diseases.

Talents and Traits

Aquarius is a fixed air sign, and since it is ruled by Uranus, the natives tend to do things suddenly and without warning, making you feel as if you were hit by lightning. They possess extremely complex minds and are very intelligent. Yet they have a talent for passing on that knowledge so easily to interested companions. Their interests are widely spread and far reaching, and they love to engage in lively debates. To say Aquarians are stubborn is an understatement. They are very opinionated, and can get fixated on their own ideas.

At times they are irritable, obstinate and eccentric, and in this way they can create their own enemies and misfortunes. Yet they are accepting of other people's flaws and accept them as they are. Aquarius Sun sign people are very concerned about social justice, and think that everyone should be treated as equals and have the same opportunities. They keep busy with humanitarian causes, and can be very personable, charitable and friendly when doing what makes them happy. They are curious, philosophical people who think hard about tough issues, going out of the way to seek information about the causes they care about so deeply and want to change.

They make terrific inventors, metaphysicians, scientists, actors, artists, literary critics, and of course, electricians and computer experts. They do not really care what others think of them, and will follow their own course. Aquarians are comfortable in their own skin, which is normally flawless skin, by the way. You can look around the room and pick the Aquarians out just by their clear and glowing skin, no matter what age they are.

Attention Grabbers

Aquarian Sun sign people go out of their way to be different in some way, whether by wearing unusual clothing, or just in trying to get attention. See that woman with the purple, spiked hair, working in the soup kitchen? She's Aquarius. They have much artistic talent, often singing, or playing musical instruments, writing novels, updating blogs. Yes, these are people that create blogs and actually keep them up to date with the latest info.

I have an Aquarian friend who owns a New Age store (we both hate that term) and she works hard on that blog so people know what new merchandise is in, and what classes are being offered. It's one of my places where I read tarot, and a great meeting ground for all kinds of people, whether they are Wiccan, or whatever they are. I love hanging out there.

They are "idea" people, and often think of unique ways to solve problems. It's just a lot of fun to be around them. They always have an interesting assortment of people around them, and make good marriage partners if their spouse has a good sense of humor, lots of energy, is openminded, and has enough interests so the Aquarian does not feel too tied down.

Aquarians have friends of both sexes, so if that is a problem for a partner, they better get over it fast! These are freedom loving people, and not only in relationships. They do not follow the well-worn groove of thought, Aquarians are original, and do not like established ways of doing things. They definitely prefer acting on issues in their own way.

Humanitarians and Helpers

Aquarius Sun sign people are very independent themselves, but worry about all the people in the World. They are likely to be the ones on trips to help build homes for Habitat for Humanity, to join the Peace Corp, or help run the local animal shelter. They will do anything to help a fellow human being, but will also try to help them get started on a path of self help. Aquarians are hard working, but are not the type to sit at a desk and work a nine-to-five job.

They also are not big on routines, especially boring ones, and prefer a varied one suited to their tastes. Aquarian Sun signs look at life in their own unique way, and expect others to conform to their ways, not the other way around. The weakest part of their body is the ankle, so they need to be careful if they go skiing, or are walking large dogs in icy weather. They are also natural "joiners" and most likely belong to all kinds of clubs and groups formed to assist others. Aquarians are popular because they do not play favorites, and treat all people the same.

Friendship and Brotherhood

The key phrase for Aquarians is "I know." These people are born under the sign of Brotherhood and have the symbol of the Water-bearer, who spills out life force and spirituality to all of mankind. Friendship and companionship is important to all Aquarius Sun sign people. These are intellectual people, who will tell the truth and help you look at life objectively.

They love meeting new people and exchanging ideas. Aquarians are very busy and have active minds, just like the other air signs, Gemini and Libra. It would be helpful for them to take up meditation or hiking, to clear their minds and enjoy nature. Sometimes their interest and sympathy for others comes off as kind of impersonal, but they are involved in so many activities and work tirelessly if they believe in what they are doing!

The Water Bearer is the symbol of the Aquarius sun sign. Photo made specifically for author.

The Water Bearer is the symbol of the Aquarius sun sign. Photo made specifically for author.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

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Answer: The Northern Part.

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Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on August 22, 2016:


OMG, thanks for pointing out that typo! I've had that up for ages and have fixed it. As far as gemstones, some people go by the traditional birthday ones, and some go for the Astrology ones. I'm Cancer, and according to calendars and the old way it was done, my stone is the Ruby. But in Astrology, it's usually the Pearl, or any stone I work with that helps me in some way. Amethyst is one of the best stones, it will protect you and calm you. Thanks again!

baekkie_12 on August 12, 2016:

um i'm an Aquarius and I was born February 11th not dec or jan!! and they gemstone is amethyst

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on April 20, 2015:

Hi misterhollywood,

Well, A Scorpio/Aquarius household must be a lively one! I love Aquarians though, they are so unique and fun to talk to. And I know Scorpios can actually try to be a more flexible when it means enough to them.

Fixed sign to fixed sign is called a Square in Astrology. It's challenging, but if we didn't have challenges in a relationship, life would be awfully dull. Well, unless you're a control freak I guess. I think I recall this is a pretty long term relationship, so it seems you've got through your important issues, and decided to let the less important ones go. You have to choose your battles, right? Take care, always nice to hear from you.

John Hollywood from Hollywood, CA on April 19, 2015:

You nailed Aquarius Jean! My partner is this sign and you covered all of the essentials well. Because we are both fixed signs, we sometimes have issues but because I have learned how his zodiac sign operates, I have adjusted my self to help things move along better. This is a VERY unique sign for sure. Great job!

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on August 27, 2014:

No, the dates a Sun sign fall in CHANGE every year. The 21st of one month to the 21st of the next month is just a very general rule of thumb. You are correct that Aquarius and Capricorn dates seem to change more than many of the others.

If you actually read the hub, I say the Aquarian dates fall APPROXIMATELY in those general dates, so my reputation is still quite in tact. Go take your anger issues out on someone else.

..... on August 26, 2014:

Aquarians (( SUN placement, that is )) fall between January 20th & February 19th ...

I'm both in absolute shock and disbelief that this kind of error is on the AQUARIUS SUN SIGN page. I'd advise to immediately fix it, as evidently it's knocked down your reputation quite a bloody bit.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on August 28, 2013:

HI Deborah,

Thanks for stopping by!

Deborah Demander from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD on November 23, 2010:

You do a great job of summarizing the Aquarian. I enjoyed this hub and look forward to reading more.