The Lost Atlantis

Updated on October 22, 2011

There are many mysteries in this world that have existed side by side with the evolving mankind. Ever since man started to ponder and study the things around him he learned new lessons. Man has always tried to study the nature and tried to find the answers to all the mysteries that nature has kept hidden underneath its beautiful veil.

No doubt many of these mysteries have been unfolded with the passing time and as more events pass on, more things are discovered and we end up with a bunch of new mysteries to solve. This will continue on till the world ends. our quest to search for the hidden answers will never finish as mankind is meant to do this and he should be finding answers to what nature wants us to know.


There are many mysteries that have continued to be mysteries as our world has evolved. So many mythological things are supposed and even believed by many but their existence remains unverified as there simply no evidence about the existence of these things.

Some other place I discussed the mystery of the Yeti and at times I discussed about mythological creatures all these are legends that exist in our literature and this literature demands answers with evidence. Although there are many things that are false claimed and people have no real proof to claim the existence of some stories yet there is a strong following of these false claimed myths, E.g. the superstitions that exist in almost every society are simply the false ideas and thoughts that engulf our lives.

Atlantis, Myth or Reality?

It is really hard to say about this because so far there hasn't been any scientific evidence related to the existence of Atlantis.There has been a lot of research carried out on this subject and so far it is still not clear whether any such thing as Atlantis ever existed.

Atlantis Background

The story of Atlantis is famous and is a long one but what we get from mythology is that Atlantis was a great empire full of riches and prosperity it was the center of commerce and had plentiful resources to support the life of the beings dwelling on it. It is known that the Greek god Poseidon was the most powerful of all in Atlantis. Soon the people living in Atlantis turned cruel and corruption began to prevail in this pure land. As a result Zeus gathered other Gods who decided to punish the people of Atlantis and the whole city drowned into the sea.

Although the above mentioned story really appears to be a myth yet many people are confident about its existence. The above story is only mentioned in the famous dialogues of 'Plato' famous by the name 'Timaeus and Critias'. This is the only authentic account of Atlantis found in the mythological literature and as such no other thing exist in history which supports this story about Atlantis.

Atlantis in Modern Times

The Plato's dialogues related to the lost city of Atlantis were mentioned around 360 BC and after that so many other accounts were mentioned in different literature but all of them refer back to the original Plato's dialogues which makes it the only reference regarding existence of Atlantis. Plato's dialogues was the center of interest for many historians for ages and till now it is the only one thing from where one should start his search for Atlantis.

Present day researchers are trying hard to find clues related to this myth. Although the way the story about Atlantis is told it appears to be some sort of fiction but some time in the 1960s scientist began to think about it seriously as theories related to 'continental drift' became popular and many started to suggest possible movement and eventually drowning of the Atlantis.

Search for Atlantis

The search for Atlantis is still on and one of the primary things to worry about is, where to start the search because the Plato's dialogues hasn't mentioned any location of Atlantis. Some scientists think that the word Atlantis has close resemblance with Atlantic Ocean which suggests that Atlantis may be somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore it is the first place to search for Atlantis still many other argue about this hypothesis and have their own proposed sites in the vast oceans of this world.

These proposed sites include;Indian Ocean,Bermuda Triangle,Bahamas and many more. Each scientist comes up with his own theory trying to suggest a location of Atlantis but no evidence has been found about this lost city.

It is strange and what I feel is funny that all the mysterious things in this world are related to the Bermuda Triangle, which itself is considered to be a land of mystery. It has been a long time since Bermuda mysteries became stories of past but still some people try to link Atlantis with Bermuda.


Atlantis in Bahamas

The most recent and popular location of Atlantis came out to be the Bahamas, even many started to think Bahamas to be Atlantis itself but this is not the fact. The reason why Bahamas became popular was due to the discovery of the 'Bimini' road which is actually a paved path under the water. It is thought that this road is much to precise to be a natural formation and may be considered some part of Atlantis.

There has also been claims that some divers found pottery in this area that may belong to the Atlantians. The region of Bahamas is strong a candidate as many think the city might have been destroyed due to the large number of hurricanes and storms that develop in the region but this is merely a speculation as no one knows what conditions existed 11,000 years ago.

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      • profile image

        keith 6 years ago

        my topic is atlantis and my class is having a debate i vote for real because that's what i believe these other people think its false if you can read this choose your side

      • profile image

        Charlene Roberts 6 years ago

        I was watching NAT GEO today and only found out about Plato and Atlantis. Is a tricy obne to believe as they found rocks beneath the sea not from the Bahamas but from as early as only 50 yrs ago these rocks have been put there, but who would have put them there is what scients and historians are trying to find out some rocks are not even from Atlantis times also the road that was built that they built under the sea, did humns build that road or is that just a myth and does that road is it called the Bimis road or something like that does it remain a mystery or did humans really build it and if they did and it was a lost city, there is no evidence to suggest that they have even found human bones form as long ago as that?

      • profile image

        _*UniXs0ft*_ 6 years ago

        nice helped

        me a lot..thankzzz

      • profile image

        lanena 7 years ago

        Well I hope they return one day, if its true of course...

      • profile image

        Richard Welch 7 years ago

        Your readers should be made aware that Roberto's remarks

        (above) contain a common but grievouos error. Plato never called Atlantis a continent; the term is a modernism. He referred to it only as an island.

      • hassam profile image

        hassam 7 years ago from Pakistan

        Noah ark is a myth just like Atlantis, researchers cite many places that may possibly be the place where Noah ark may exist, the most recent existence was found to be in Mount Ararat Turkey. They found a ship which was believed to be Noah's Ark.

      • profile image

        siara 7 years ago

        is this where the noah's ark originated?

      • profile image

        Antonio Roberto 7 years ago

        Please refer to porofessor Arysio´s book and his wonderful comparative table of possible Atlantis sites in his website. Atlantis was located in Indonesia - and according to Plato it was not an island - it was a Continent. Nothing that big could hide itself under the sea. Besides - as it was sunk due to the raise of the ocean level - it evidently is at short depth. Ocean level has raisen 150 metres only from so it must be on a continental shelf and not anywhere else.

      • profile image

        Richard Welch 8 years ago

        It is inaccurate to say that Plato does not describe the locale of Atlantis. He stated it was beyond Gibralter, facing the region of Gades (Cadiz). Actually, it was a supervolcanic island off Portugal that exploded and sank in the 17th century BC, i.e., it was just where Plato said (See Roots of Cataclysm: Geopulsation and the Atlantis Supervolcano).

      • motricio profile image

        Mauricio Rodriguez 8 years ago from Bogota DC, Colombia

        Very nice hub about Atlantis, like pics and the whole data was fantastic, awesome men. Congratz' =)

      • profile image

        Kim Garcia 8 years ago

        Nice Hub!! I'm your newest fan and look forward to reading more!! I always thought that Atlantis was close to the Isle of Crete. Being of Greek heritage this was an interest and study of mine. Peace n' Blessings! ~K