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Summary of "The Emerald Tablets of Thoth"

Anita is an accomplished novelist and short story author. Her first novel, "Circe," was published by Mojocastle Press.

The Egyptian God Thoth was believed to have written "The Emerald Tablets of Thoth" the Atlantean

The Egyptian God Thoth was believed to have written "The Emerald Tablets of Thoth" the Atlantean

The Foundation of Hermetic Philosophy

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth are the foundation for Hermetic philosophy and alchemy. Read on to learn about each in detail.

The Emerald Tablets in This Article

  • Tablet 1: The History of Thoth, the Atlantean
  • Tablet 2: The Halls of Amenti
  • Tablet 3: The Key to Wisdom
  • Tablet 4: The Space Born
  • Tablet 5: The Dweller of Unal
  • Tablet 10: The Key of Time
  • Tablet 11: The Key to Above and Below
  • Tablet 12: The Law of Cause and Effect and the Key of Prophecy

Tablet 1: The History of Thoth, the Atlantean

Scholars say that Hermes Trismegistus was the fictional hero of the Corpus Hermeticum, but in Arabic Hermetic literature, Apollonius (Balns) of Tyana is associated with Hermes. Apollonius is a historical figure, unlike the legendary Hermes Trismegistus. He was a physician, a magician and a spiritual person. Here is a fragment from The Letters of Apollonius of Tyana, translated by Robert J. Penella (Leiden 1979): "All men, so I believe, belong to the family of God and are of one nature; everyone experiences the same emotions, regardless of the place or condition of a person's birth, whether he is a barbarian or a Greek, so long as he is a human being."

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth are said to reveal secrets of creating the Philosopher's Stone. The Emerald Tablets of Thoth (1–13 of which are part of the original collection and 14 and 15 supplemental) were translated by Dr. Doreal, who, as the book claims, had a connection with the pyramid priesthood and was instructed to recover and return the tablets to the pyramid, but before this, he was allowed to translate the work and keep a copy. The translation was done in 1925, and only now has permission been granted to publish parts of the work.

Despite its mysterious origin, many have imputed great significance to the text—its famous translators include Roger Bacon, Isaac Newton, and even HP Blavatsky.

It seems that the reader is destined to read this ancient cryptic work, and if he is spiritually aware, he will read between the lines.

Thoth is an Atlantean Priest-King who ruled ancient Egypt for 16,000 years. After the sinking of his land, he went to Egypt, where he established his colony. It is Thoth who built the Great Pyramid of Giza, not Cheops, as a repository for Atlantean knowledge and a place for initiating great souls such as Solomon and Jesus Christ into the Mysteries. Hermes, in his third incarnation, the Thrice Born, wrote The Emerald Tablets which became the basis for the ancient Mysteries. The tablets were left in the care of pyramid priests. From here, they were taken to the Maya of South America.

In Tablet 1, Thoth refers to his kind as Mighty ones and those that he lives among in Egypt as little men.

Wise were we with the wisdom of the Children of the Light who dwell among us. Strong were we with the power drawn from the eternal fire. And of all these, greatest among the children of men was my father, Thotme, keeper of the great temple, link between the Children of Light who dwelt within the temple and the races of men who inhabited the ten islands.

Thoth speaks of the degeneration of the hearts of the Atlanteans that led to their downfall and the great cataclysm. Only the Temple of Light survived atop a mountain on Undal, and within it, the fortunate few who were saved. But it sank too beneath the waves to emerge in some future time, and those that were saved, including Thoth, left in the great ship of the Master, rising above the temple as though in a submarine.

When in Egypt the inhabitants tried to destroy them, Thoth paralysed them with a ray of vibration from his staff and only released them when they groveled at his feet.

Some say the sage Hermes Trismegistus wrote "The Emerald Tablets of Thoth"

Some say the sage Hermes Trismegistus wrote "The Emerald Tablets of Thoth"

Tablet 2: The Halls of Amenti

According to Thoth, there is a passage to Amenti (the Underworld beneath the sunken islands of Atlantis) from beneath the Great Pyramid. The pyramid he built using the power that overcomes Earth's force (gravity). This passage to the halls of Amenti reaches almost to the summit of the pyramid. At the apex, he placed a crystal that drew the force from out of the ether.

He who in courage would dare the dark realms, let him be purified first by long fasting. Lie in the sarcophagus of stone in my chamber. Then to reveal I to him the great mysteries.

The Children of Light sleep in Amenti, beneath the sunken islands of Atlantis. Once in a while, they incarnate to teach and guide, leading men from darkness to light. Here in the Halls of Amenti, Death frees Thoth from his bondage to live as long as he wants and choose his own moment of death so that he can be a guiding light for men.

Tablet 3: The Key to Wisdom

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth (or the Emerald Tablets of Hermes) are believed to have been discovered inside the Great pyramid. Said to be written by the Egyptian god Thoth or the Greek sage Hermes Trismegistus (Hermes the Thrice-Great') at least 36,000 years ago, the work is the foundation for Hermetic philosophy and alchemy. Readers accompany Hermes on his journey from Atlantis to ancient Egypt and learn secrets to spiritual attainment and immortality on the way.

Tablet 4: The Space-Borne

When Thoth died, he travelled through space and saw those who had conquered the ether, constructed a planet and created out of the ether cities of rose and gold. They created these from their thoughts. We are not of the Earth but children of the Infinite Cosmic Light. Only wisdom can free us from bondage. In the end, nothing but the progress of the soul matters.

In the following passage, Thoth seems to be telling us how to create:

Deep in the silence, first ye must linger until at last ye are free from desire. . . Conquer by silence, the bondage of words. Abstaining from eating until ye have conquered desire for food, that is bondage of soul. Centre thy soul in the place of thy consciousness, shaking it free from the bonds of the night. Place in thy mind-place the mage thou desireth. Picture the place thou desireth to see. Vibrate back and forth with thy power.

Once your soul is free from bondage, you can seek wisdom free from the fetters of the body.

What Does Thoth / Hermes Trismegistus Teach Man?

  • Wisdom is power. Don't be proud of your wisdom. Discourse with the ignorant as well as the wise. Listen to the knowledgeable as wisdom is everything.
  • Speak up in the face of evil. For Truth, like sunlight, shines above all.
  • Follow your heart.
  • Do more than what is demanded of you.
  • Use your riches in the right way. Share your resources with your friends.
  • Seek out a spiritual guide. Those who are guided don't go astray, but those who are lost cannot find a straight path.
  • Don't listen to gossip or gossip yourself. Silence is great.
  • The senses are illusions. Turn thy thoughts inwards.
  • Know O man that Light is thy heritage. Know that darkness is only a veil.
Plato Initiated The Legend of Atlantis

Plato Initiated The Legend of Atlantis

Tablet 5: The Dweller of Unal

In mighty Atlantis, the Keeper of the Way Master of Unal Horlet dwelt in the temple built not by children of men. Horlet, not of the race of men, showed the path to attainment. He divided Atlantis into 10 kingdoms ruled by men, and in another, he built the Temple from his thoughts. It covered miles; deep in its heart, the Essence of Light.

He filled its chambers with forms called forth from the Ether. Three of them became his messengers to the kings of Atlantis. On the island of Undal, he placed the teachers of light to men. Each trained for 15 years.

Thoth was summoned to the Temple by one of the three messengers. There Thoth trained and then found Amenti.

Atlantis fell because some too proud of their knowledge dared to enter Amenti in order to get greater knowledge. All the islands were destroyed except Unal and the part of the island where the sons of the Dweller teachers of the light lived. The gateway to Amenti was also destroyed.

Thoth was then instructed to take the sons of the Dweller (Sons of Atlantis) to Egypt in his spaceship, which today lies buried beneath the Sphinx.

That is a most fascinating detail. A spaceship hidden inside the Sphinx?


  • The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean - translated by Dr. Doreal

Tablet 10: The Key of Time

Thoth further beseeches the children of Khem to turn away from the darkness to the light. He speaks of the great Void from which all existence was created with the power of thought.

When he asks the Dweller whether this thought was eternal, he is told that the Law of Time came into being so that eternal thought could exist.

"Time does not move; rather, we move through time. Time does not change; rather we change in time. Time separates events and gives them coherence. And even though in time ye are separate, yet still are One in all times existent."

Thoth gives us the powerful word which can open hidden planes to us and bring us power: Zin-Uru.

Tablet 11: The Key to Above and Below

This section is essentially about oneness. In Infinity, there is no above or below. Only oneness. The consciousness of the masters of wisdom is within us.

As the Lord of the Nine tells Thoth, in the end, nothing but the progress of the soul matters, for the body is transient, as are worldly achievements. Thoth reveals another startling secret:

Know ye that in the pyramid I built are the Keys that shall show ye the Way into life. Aye, draw ye a line from the great image I built to the apex of the pyramid, built as a gateway. Draw ye another opposite in the same angle and direction. Dig ye and find that which I have hidden. There shall ye find the underground entrance to the secrets hidden before ye were men.

Athanasius Kircher's map of Atlantis, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. From Mundus Subterraneus1669, published in Amsterdam. The map is oriented with south at the top.

Athanasius Kircher's map of Atlantis, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. From Mundus Subterraneus1669, published in Amsterdam. The map is oriented with south at the top.

12: The Law of Cause and Effect and the Key of Prophecy

I was amazed and delighted to come across the subject of karma cause and effect. In fact, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth seem Buddhist in essence. Thoth tells us that we can know the future if we know the cause of the future. As The Buddha says, to know the future, know the present. According to Thoth (and The Buddha, too), the future is not fixed but varies according to the effects created by causes.

Thoth warns of wars which will halve the races of men. Then men shall again conquer the ocean and the air, and once man has harnessed the lightning, the great wars will shake the Earth. And then when the Sons of the Morning come to guide man, the ancient home of my people will rise from its place neath the dark ocean waves. Man will progress until he dissolves into the Light and becomes one with the source. Aye, in a time that is yet unborn, all shall be one and One shall be All.

In the end, Thoth urges us to call on him. Call his name three times in a row: Chequetet, Arelich, Vomalites


The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean translated by Doreal


Sivart on May 24, 2020:

Man that Thoth is something else!!! I think it is hilarious to the gods to have a sick sense of humour, lay in a sarcophagus?? Hey man I already had my share of fear factor withought any money OR knowledge of what was going on!... I definetly feel as if I've been granted certain knowledge's and am so grateful for litterally the light in the eyes! Let me know it was time to stop fearing the unknowned. Im righting this as a thanks to the ones involved lately with helping me to completely conquer and shatter ever thing I set my mind to lately. I've been essentially doing a super cram session of all the most important things in this world and this universe, and every second and minute and every time I ask for direction, you all are like right there right now! I know I tend to be selfish and go on tangents but it allows me time to soak in and comprehend! It's crazy to me how much GODLY like knowledge I've been given! Whats more trippy is I'll have an understanding of something I have no info on and draw out a plan to supply a very large entity with zero.point energy only in the hopes of helping erradicate such greed and division in this world.Just to be met with a few weeks later important info backing my math and disign,math computers need to evolve, did that also!!! Connected all the dots from here around the universe and back And even tried to send a warning to the future about how we most likely destroy Orion and have no clue because we are all back to the future! There's no more restarts to this world! They used to be able to set everything where they wanted it and get rid of what they don't. They are messing with frequencies which make it harder to elevate and vibrate your atoms to a higher level to walk innerdimensionaly. I can't even talk to people anymore without completely losing them but it's awesome! I'm a weath of knowledge And getting back on my initiation to pilladeas to meet that deadline. I'm too vested now not to see and improve and guide others along with! People have had enough and I'm sick of people acting aloof, and standoffish or confrontational because they lack knowledge on their behavior that's seeded their by others but watered and fed by the inhabitant. It's time to rise up And gain back the knowledge that was bestowed unto us and to use it for good this time! Power warps people, knowledge makes me happy and smiley again! It's hard to believe I could sit with someone and almost walk them through how it possible the designs of the universs,but I don't know it all, I do know this though, how funny is it that everyone looks up to the skies for an answer and in all these old drawing you see these different god's with something peeking out from under their robes, maybe it's their little friend lol? No one who ever spends their life looking to only find answers backed by modern physics and math will ever see what they seek! People should think about the state of this globe right now! We have less than 30 years and this place with be needing new owners if we can't all pitch in and start learning how it works! Faith based program!!!!! Come on everyone it's our planet, we deserve the right to take care of and upgrade it and it's our responsibility to try harder at ever turn and I'm no exception. Well that was therapeutic for me! Just wanted to share some of what I've been into the past 3 months, just picked back up from 11 years ago!. Everyone I love you all! And id say it to yer faces too

KyleB Ewing on December 27, 2019:

The original building code, for the Great Pyramid-of Egypt....was located, or discovered, yet identical to Sacred/ celestial Geometry. Also realize-Thoth, whom- both, knew this entire code. The blueprints were recently unlocked/ meaning what? Numerology combined with Cubits found in Sacred Geometry. The numbers are a sequence, of mysterious phenomenon/ 3: 8: 11: 19: 22. The Flower Of Life, etc..... KyleB. Ewing

Anita Saran (author) from Bangalore, India on December 08, 2019:

Thank you Silas777. Mallet-McDonald that’s THE question! To know more about Thoth do read Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life. I’m reading the first volume and I’m amazed. It seems Thoth was the advisor of the controversial Pharoah Akhenaton.

Mallett-McDonald on December 08, 2019:

I was wondering re: Tablet 11: Is "... the great image I (Thoth) built...": the Sphinx? And if so, if one were to draw a line at the angle and distance stated - from the apex the exact opposite way - and dug there - what would be found? And, has that already been done? I so, by whom? Who holds those keys?

Silas777 on November 08, 2019:

All hail Hermes Thoth Mercurius Trismetigus, the Keeper of the Eldritch Tome of the Book of Thoth and the Emreald Tablets! Nice article! Wonder what other books Hermes/Thoth wrote! Well, technically he wrote all of the spell books in the universe, since that all Arcana was written in the Book of Thoth.

Milo jones on October 22, 2019:

very intresting

d on July 12, 2019:

nice one miss thoth..good summary, well written

for a pretty deep material, so many stages to clear.

thank you very much..x

Don Cavins on June 23, 2019:

The Light is positivity. Gratitude, love, peace, happiness, self control, self discipline, strength, honor, integrity are the attributes of the Light, but to truly walk in the Light, you must honor the Mother and Father. If you dishonor a parent, you dishonor them. If you dishonor a particular race, you dishonor the Mother and Father because we are all one and come from them. They want us to live peacefully and glory in their creation with them.

Tracy on June 14, 2019:

Yes, James, most of his travels are speaking of Astral travels. This is how we gain wisdom and to be aware of those that have a "dark light" . so much of this is of his Astral travels. It is very important to Astral while in the flesh.

James on June 11, 2019:

In tablet 4, I think Thoth may be giving info/directions on astral protection.

Zachary on May 11, 2019:

Thoth holding the merkava on my right breast in emerald ink. Loved the read.

Anita Saran (author) from Bangalore, India on May 10, 2019:

Thank you for reading Chino!

Chino on May 09, 2019:

Thank You ! Great Work !

Ricky on August 31, 2018:

If you have read anything else by Doreal you would understand what a bullshitter he was. This may be his best piece of fiction but its still fiction. If this crap resonates with you and makes you a better person then fair enough, good luck with that, lets just hope it has raised you to such a level where you can accept me for thinking its a total load of crap for simple minded people who are too lazy to research the source of their newly found beliefs.

Beta belladonna on July 04, 2018:

Thoth, also known as Enoch & Metaron. The top of pyramid went missing centuries ago. Maybe it sank with Atlantis, or went to space. Who knows, but I bet it had information of ancient wisdom regarding the Sphinx, Alchemy & who knows what. Very good read indeed!

yuri fyodorov on April 24, 2018:

so the green ones are fake? Cause wiki says it's only a page long and published by an arab in 6 century.

Reese on October 15, 2017:

The Bible calls Lucifer, Son of the morning.... and the Arthur of the tablets said his people are Sons of the Morning....


Anita Saran (author) from Bangalore, India on March 31, 2017:

Thank you Buildreps for reading and the info.


Leo_The_Indigo on October 06, 2016:

Awesome information! I crave anything about the ancients.

threekeys on May 05, 2016: never know.

Thankyou for the interesting read

Anita Saran (author) from Bangalore, India on May 05, 2016:

Thanks for reading threekeys! Yes some of us feel deeply connected with certain ancient civilizations - as I do with Egypt. Perhaps a past life!

threekeys on May 04, 2016:


I am going to start reading this material. I was going to read and research it last year but I let it go. This is a reminder.

You know when I was 4 years of age a family friend gave me my first colour in pencils filled with many shades of the rainbow. But more importantly was the impact of the Egyptian Pharoahs, the tombs and heiroglyphics painted on the face of my colouring tinbox had on me. I just felt such an unexplainable sense of awe and I had no idea why. But I felt I was exposed to a kingdom of great mystery and magic.

Ta-Iset from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on July 06, 2015:

No thank you! I been looking for anything I can about Ancient Egypt. This was very helpful to me and my path work :) thank you so much for posting this. I hope you post more about ancient Egypt!

Anita Saran (author) from Bangalore, India on July 06, 2015:

Thank you for reading and commenting, Buildreps and Ta-Iset.

Ta-Iset from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on July 05, 2015:

Amazing, I will add this to the learning I have collected of the Ancient Egyptians.

Buildreps from Europe on July 14, 2014:

Hello Anita, interesting Hub and your writings about the Emerald Tablets. Good work you find connections with Buddhism, because it's correct as with Christianity. I studied them thoroughly using other works to cross reference the Tablets, works like The Holy Science and the Gospel of John (found in the secret bible Nag Hammadi). What Thoth describes is mainly about the inner Human, like Amenti and Unal.

Thanks for the nice article and keep up the good work!