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Ancient Mysteries: Puma Punku in Tiahuanaco, Bolivia

Updated on June 14, 2016

The Ancient Structures at Tiahuanaco

They are arguably the oldest, and most baffling ruins on the face of the Earth. It is hard to imagine how they did not come to be known as one of the wonders of the world like the Great Pyramid. Spectacular in its own right, the Great Pyramid is, yet it pales in comparison to the ruins of Puma Punku in Tiahuanaco, in South America.

The ruins of Puma Punku are one of four structures in the ancient city of Tiahuanaco. The other three structures are the Akapana Pyramid, the Kalasasaya Platform, and the Subterranean Temple.

Even with modern day technology and information, these structures defy logic, and confound those who seek to solve the mysteries that lie within them. The ruins of Puma Punku are said to be the most fascinating, and most confusing of all.

Who built these structures?

How were these structures built?

Why were these structures built?

These are all questions on the minds of those researching these ancient structures, and they are not easily answerable, if they can even be answered at all.

Puma Punku

If pyramids were almost superhumanly difficult to create several thousand years ago, then how much more difficult would it have been to build Puma Punku?

Puma Punku is believed to have once contained a great wharf, and a massive four-part structure. Yet all that remains today are megalithic ruins from some cataclysmic event in history. A great earthquake? A comet that came too close to the Earth? A worldwide flood? These are all possible causes to the destruction of the once great structure that is now the ruins of Puma Punku.

Not only is there evidence to support the claim of a cataclysmic flood, but there is even evidence to support the theory that people once lived there before such a flood even occurred. The suspected flood could have happened somewhere around 12,000 years ago, and there is scientific evidence of tools, bones, and other material within flood alluvia, which suggests that a civilized people were there prior to any flood. Other evidence, including carvings of bearded people that are not Andean, has been recorded throughout the area.

Could the ruins of Puma Punku be evidence of a long-lost civilization?

What Makes the Ruins Unique?

It is highly unlikely that any of the stones in Puma Punku were cut using ancient stone-cutting techniques, at least not those that we are aware of.

The stones in Puma Punku are made up of granite and diorite, and the only stone that is harder that those two, is the diamond. If the people who built this place cut these stones using stone cutting techniques, then they would had to have used diamond tools.

If they didn't use diamonds to cut these stones, then what did they use?

Not only were these stones really hard to cut, but they are also extremely heavy. One of these stone ruins weighs in at about 800 tons! These are big stones, and they are really heavy. The nearest quarry is at least 10 miles away from the site of the ruins. How in the world did these people move these blocks that weighed many tons, and how were they able to form a structure with them?

With the technology that we currently have today, it would be extremely difficult to recreate the site of these ruins, if possible at all. If we can't do it, then how did these ancient people accomplish this task? This could have taken place anywhere from 500 b.c. all the way back to the Ice Age.

These ancient people had to have been very sophisticated, knowing astronomy, geomancy, and mathematics. However, there are no records of this work. To build a place like Puma Punku, there must have been significant planning, and writing involved, but there is no record of any of this.

Interlocking Stones

There is one more significant thing to mention regarding the ruins of Puma Punku. Not only were these stones cut somehow, but they were finely cut. The cuts on these stones are perfectly straight. The holes cored into these stones are perfect, and all of equal depth.

How is it that these ancient people were able to cut stones like this?

It is as if only master builders were allowed to come in and construct Puma Punku. All of the blocks are cut so that they interlock, and fit together like a puzzle. There is no mortar. There are only great stones that once fit together creating a structure some four levels high.

If these people could have moved these large stones to this precise location, then obviously they also had a way to place them one on top of another, but how in the world was this accomplished?

There are no trees in the area, the nearest quarry is at least 10 miles away, and we have no records as to how any of this could have been done. As far as most are concerned, there is no way that the Andean people could have done this 2500 years ago. If they couldn't have done it, how is it possible that an even older group of people accomplished it?

Who Did All This???

The simple answer; we have absolutely no idea who did all this, or even how they could have done it.

There have been a few suggestions, but as you could imagine, they are widely criticized for the most part.

One suggestion has been made that there had to have been some kind of ancient aliens who interceded on humanity's behalf, and our ancestors learned how to do all of this from them.

There are actual records of mythical origin, regarding gods and the part that they took in the creation of these places. Not sure how we have certain mythical records, yet no records of plans or writing that contributed to the creation of these places?

Another suggestion, is that a cataclysmic event such as a flood, wiped out these ancient peoples along with any records they may have kept. There is some evidence to support this suggestion. Perhaps these ancient people were technologically advanced at some point, and all but a few were wiped out by a major flood. The remnant would have had to start civilization all over again, and of course the ancient records would be lost.

These may be stretches of the imagination, but places like Puma Punku were constructed somehow, and if it would be very difficult for us today to build a place like Puma Punku, then how did these ancient people accomplish it?

Did they have advanced technology similar to ours, and then die off?

Maps have been found that would seem to support this theory. Maps such as the Piri Reis (1513), and the Oronteus Finaeus (1531), have been found that pre-date European discoveries. Not only are these maps precise, but they seem to claim that they are copies from even older maps.

These maps show the coastline of South America, rivers, and even part of Antarctica which was not thought to have been mapped until 1818. These maps contain landmarks, as well as depictions of the areas which appear to be very accurate. Some people don't believe that these maps could have been made without flying over these areas in the sky.

Just how much did these ancient people know, and what were they able to do?

The Bible records a worldwide flood that killed off everyone except for Noah, and his family. Some legends claim that there have been a total of 4 cataclysmic events that have wiped out the majority of the worlds population thus far.

Is this what happened to these ancient people who built Puma Punku?

To this day, it remains an ancient mystery.

Sources include Mystic Places, as well as Ancient Aliens on the History Channel

The greatest mystery of all time is...

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    • Vladimir Uhri profile image

      Vladimir Uhri 8 years ago from HubPages, FB

      Thanks, very good hub.

    • maanju profile image

      maanju 8 years ago from India

      NICE HUB

    • profile image

      John K 8 years ago

      FYI, Diorite is only about 5.5-6 on the Mohs hardness scale, so there are ample amounts of materials that exceed its strength and resiliency (for carving).

      Because diorite tends to contain proportions of quartz (<5%), it's likely a harder material was used, though that's still a non-issue, as I see it.

    • profile image

      Russ 7 years ago

      Living in the northwest of America there is solid evidence of a cataclysmic flood (DRY FALLS, Wa.) all over the state supporting the theory of a great flood. Is there that evidence in the Puma Punku area?

    • profile image

      Charles 7 years ago

      Had to be built by aliens or an advanced culture. Forget doing it today, Im an engineer. Can't do this.

    • livingsta profile image

      livingsta 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Something new that I came to know today. thank you for sharing

    • Kosmo profile image

      Kelley 7 years ago from California

      It's good to see the work of an enthusiast of all things ancient, and Puma Punku certainly qualifies as that. I'm also going to write a hub about this mysterious site. Fortunately, the subject is relatively untouched. Very good work! Later!

    • Headstrong Farm profile image

      Headstrong Farm 7 years ago from Rhode Island

      Good hub. Thanks. My take on the mysteries of these types of structures is that these ancient peoples were *not* less intelligent than modern man. In a thriving culture, the methods of building, especially with stone, would have evolved over centuries. You also have to realize that the workers would have been much more inclined to strive for perfection. How? I would think that either through abrasion or chemical methods, or perhaps even thermo-chemical. As for the uniformity, that's pretty simple through the use of a template. I admit that we may not be able to do these things as precisely today, but no one *tries* to do them, or feels the need. That doesn't explain all of the amazing things about these sites, but it should allow you to focus on the really amazing feats like the transporting of an 800 ton stone...

    • profile image

      Truth 7 years ago

      "The stones in Puma Punku are made up of granite, and diorite, and the only stone that is harder that those two, is the diamond."

      What about corundum and topaz?

    • profile image

      Felix 7 years ago

      Perhaps the stones are a casting. Then finished smooth with abrasives later. It looks like it. Advanced machining is evident as well.

    • profile image

      wade 7 years ago

      kinda crazy but who is to say that somebody from the future could have fallen into a flap of time through space. Its possible that as they came into that flap of time they had an effect on the ancient people of our people. They could calculate more than what we can now. Kinda like some star trek stuff but why not?

    • profile image

      Terry 7 years ago

      The Bible says that Adam walked with God. Since all knowledge comes from God then I belive that Adam was by today's standards a Super Genius. I believe that he and his decendents were responsible for all those structures. And they were quite advanced which is very obvious. Much more then we are today. Then the flood described in the Bible came along and killed them all and destroyed all their records etc. This is why we can't find any today because of the total destruction. The Bible says there will come another destruction but the next time it won't be by water but by fire. Could that be talking about a magnetic reversal that we have only recently gained knowledge?

    • profile image

      Native American Man 7 years ago

      Why does this have to fit into your breadth lacking, minuscule View of our past, As humans is it not possible to comprehend the fact that America was not some primitively inhabited "Eden" from middle eastern Mythologies or Western mind sets. We are not the lost tribe of Israel. We had explained to you though our own stories the world had and will be destroyed in five ages-

      let us not forget who invented the number 0.

    • profile image

      Mystery Hunter 7 years ago

      Who did it? Nobody knows...

      How did they do it? Nobody knows...

      When did they do it? Nobody knows...

      Why did they do it? Nobody knows...

      Man can only speculate on all these things. So really nobody should be ashamed of their perceptions cause for all I care, everybody is wrong and uses a lot of imagination to explain these mysteries like puma punku and tiwanaku. If someone asks me to explain these mysteries I allways honestly say I have no clue, only my own thoughts. Over the entire world you can find these crazy buildings with no explanation on how, why,... You can only see clues that point to something like they must have been made by the same building team because of the resembling technologies, ways of cutting stones and materials used in the structures; like the mortarless fitting of stones together etc.. Then there are some cheap knock-offs probably built by the local people to immitate the structures they found on their land (or like cargo cult). Some really good knock offs, some really poor. So in my view it could have easilly been aliens as well as Atlanteans who had the desire to be looked at as gods by the primitive peoples instead of sharing their knowledge with them. They eventually died out and so did their knowledge. I personally begin to have a strong believe in the alien theory. Why? Not because of the unexplainable technologies but because of our own bodies and legends of gods creating mankind. The human body can't withstand a lot of UV-light, yet our world is full of it. If you look at evolution.. I don't think that we would evolve from an ape that can withstand the UV-light of our world. It is said we use only a small amount of our brain capacity and our forefathers like apes are using it all. I'm sure they can come up with a good explanation for this, but that still contradicts the evolution theory in my opinion. Evolution adapts to your environement. Did we live in shadows for milions of years or what? Why are we an inperfect species while no other living thing on this world is? Evolution must have had a bad day (read couple of milion years) when it decided to give us a push towards the human race... And I for one doubt 'GOD' created man with that many flaws in him without correcting his mistakes. Unless it was to prevent us being smarter than him. Wich sounds more like a precausion for a cloning/creating experiment wich brings me more to an alien belief than a belief in an all loving God.

      I'm sorry I've been going a little of subject with this but for me personally it is the most likely explanation I can come up with to explain buildings like tiwanaku and Puma Punku... Not some primitive indians who became super smart and did all this just to let the future generations forget about it again.

    • profile image

      Terry 7 years ago

      This is a pet subject of mine and my elder Brother and i talk back and forth on it. I have read alot about what is called (sky people) and tend to think it has merit.

      Just one area,the Nazca lines,why would people carve out things that can only be seen from the air?

      It was the nd of the Pleistocene when the maga mammles died out,it seems thst Puma Punku dies around the same time.

      I have trouble with the stone axe people building this sort of thing. And why would a people forget how to build this again, the Spamsih showed up and this sort of tech was not there then,so what happened? More questions than answers.

    • profile image

      white man trying to wake up 7 years ago

      I really liked what Native american man had to say, and I further liked the site he linked us to. The fact is that society as a whole is spiraling on a downward path and judgement may be closer than most people think. It's not to hard to come to this conclusion when you look at the big picture. The fact is that there is no "wrong" religion, they all inherently say the same thing. Ancient voices are begging us to see that we have to do something to correct our ways. Humanity has forgotten where we came from. It's almost as if Ancient societies are trying to warn us of something and trying to preserve knowledge through some of their structures and writings. Humanity is in a state of absolute confusion at present. There is an imense fog around the world at this very moment. If you can't see it then I feel sorry for you. There are so many problems in this age and nobody seems to know what to do about them. We are so caught up in the riptides of smaller issues to see the larger picture. At first glance the religions of the world are seen to disagree and contradict each other, and disagree with one another. 3 of the world's major religions are killing each other right now over some land, buildings, and money in the middle east (all worldly things). The funny thing about that is the fact that the scriptures of each of these religions tell us over and over again to abandon worldly things, they will never satisfy us. Greed, anger, gluttony, sloth, envy, pride, and lust all are what the fog itself is made up of. We are to focused on this fog to see the one emotion that can fix the problems of the world-Love. Humanity at one point was in tune with what god wanted us to be. We had more technological knowledge and a greater understanding of the universe than we have now. It becomes pretty evident when you look at cities such as this. The city is estimated to be about 15,000 years old. If any man made city today was abandoned it would fall to dust in about 300 years due to lack of maintanance. Yet this city has survived 15,000 years and a great flood. We can't even build a sidewalk that won't crack and erode within 10 years because its all about money. Matierials today are built to fall apart and become obsolete purposefully so we can spend money to maintain and replace them.

    • profile image

      OpenlyGay 7 years ago

      I think ancient astronauts made the Annuniki! No way did prehistoric man right out of the stone age make these!

    • profile image

      ThinkAgain 7 years ago

      So, technologically advanced aliens visited earth so they could teach humans how to quarry & stack blocks of stone? Wow, what a great contribution. What a high-minded & advanced civilization they must have been. Seriously, stacking stones? Then they hopped back in their spacecrafts and laughed all the way home. Oh, I almost forgot; the aliens had humans build stone landmarks and designs viewable from space because ... um .. they needed to leave breadcrumbs so they could find their way back? Crop circles, anyone? lol

    • profile image

      ThaChoppa 7 years ago

      Life was seeded an eon ago by aliens. They see to it that we do not destroy ourselves or by outerspace objects such as asteroids. Only problem is when humans influence the extinction of certain species will there be a "visit". Not a pleasant one...not erradication but not pleasent all the same. If aliens did "visit", can you imagine the chaos that would insue? All those people living in the dark ages, still believing in the franchise fairytale that is god, would go "apeshit". They (our precursers, aliens) are waiting for a time in which a certain percent of the population of the planet see past the lie and get out of the dark ages. ThinkAgain is a troll that has nothing to offer. What a trying to explain what the crystal skulls are for and how they were made. "Bring the Knowledge of the Fathers (crystal skulls)to the Temple, all, to the Temple and on the Altars set them. All will be answered when they come. (after skulls are placed the "beacon" will be sent and in the span of one earth year (mayan calender year) The Fathers will "touch" us all."

    • profile image

      Phil from NOR 7 years ago

      All very interesting to consider. I am going to go with some ancient civilization (a la Atlantis) much more advanced than ourselves that have long since been destroyed by some natural disaster. I could go for aliens, but can't get over the problem of travelling such long distances in a reasonable amount of time. Although, I suppose if they figured out how to build such structures, maybe they also figured out light speed + or worm hole travel. Beam me up, Scotty....Thanks everyone.

    • profile image

      Michel from Belgium 7 years ago

      I also have more believe in a forgotten civilization instead of really smart indians and egyptians etc... If it where the indians...Why did they all lose their knowledge then?

      While a civilization before recorded history could have easily been very advanced... They where wiped out due to cataclysm(s) at the end of the last ice age and therefore had to start all over again.

      If there were survivors, why did the knowledge disapear?

      I don't think it did... completely.

      I know that if I was to survive such a thing I could pass on some of my knowledge but immagine that I was a construction worker. I know how to build but know nothing on how to make the tools and machinery for constructionwork. I would need another person for that. I could teach my knowledge to someone else in a certain way.

      But personally I think after a disaster like a cataclysm I would worry more about staying alive than about me starting a school for construction workers. So instead of focussing on teaching others how to build, I would prefer learning more on how to hunt and make fire with a stick from the natives in the region where I ended up. Therefore my knowledge WILL pass on, but in a small amount. Giving the effect from starting civilization all over again (practicly from scratch).

      This is just my point of view, I realize this theory has some holes in it but wich doesn't? In accepted history and archeology I can find thousands of holes. Still mainstream uses the argument of; 'There are to much holes in 'a certain' theory to support it.' A bunch of hypocrits if you ask me... But hey, I'm just a simple guy, so who am I to point my fingers at anyone or to figure out our past.

      If there is one thing I am certain of, it's that main stream should be more open minded and accept some proven facts instead of dismissing them because it contradicts an accepted theory made up by some guy 1 or 2 centuries ago. For example the theory of evolution. If you look at it, it looks like some swiss cheese full of holes but still it stands in mainstream. but i know the line between open minded and pure science fiction is very thin as well so main stream will just keep doing what they've been doing all this time.


      from a digger into the past from belgium.

    • tutemaven profile image

      tutemaven 7 years ago from Syracuse NY

      Two questions: to no one in particular.

      Cool place, what was it for?


      Who made it?

      It seems reasonable from what has survived that this is the only place like this and that it must have been special. Commemorating, or marking something to leave a message.

      It was either us, (or our ancestors) or strangers. Duh.

      While the Imara indians may have watched I can't believe they were in charge of constuction.

    • profile image

      ben garfield 7 years ago

      baffled all of us are.could the structures been built by peoples that took to the air many years ago?maybe these people are still here but in the sky. u.f.o. makes you wonder!

    • profile image

      KnowItAll 7 years ago

      It isn't among the wonders of the world because that list was completed over 1000 years before this site was built.

    • profile image

      Mutumbo VanGundy 7 years ago

      I want to know what Daniel Jackson says who built it!

    • profile image

      Rossandro from Mass USA 7 years ago

      The big area was built for a woodstock concert, but later on they realized that the place was to far away from everywhere and there was no water or bathrooms around so they abandoned the construction leaving everything behind and moved to california, I was there, I helped them to load their flying trucks... they had the best weed ever

    • profile image

      omnipresent 7 years ago

      we are with you, we are one.

    • profile image

      steve 7 years ago

      Good work,seems there lots to learn about the past.

    • profile image

      Sasha 7 years ago

      First, I would like to clear up a common misconception about evolution. Humans did not evolve *from* monkeys or chimps or gorillas or bonobos, etc. Humans evolved separately from monkeys which evolved separately from chimps, etc. We *share a common ancestor* that diverged into two or more separate species millions of years ago that have evolved into primates we know today. Essentially we are very distant cousins of chimps and other primates, and on a larger scale all other forms of life on earth. It's all semantics, but there is a big difference. Also, no life on earth as we know it can tolerate much UV radiation. Life developed first in the oceans as ancient forms of bacteria and archaea and eventually evolved to be photosynthetic (still in the water because it protected against UV radiation). The earth's atmosphere contained virtually no O2 until the development of photosynthesis that produced oxygen as a by product. This O2 entered the atmosphere and through a reaction with high energy UV radiation (UVC I think) ozone was formed, hence the ozone layer which is what protects us today from the most harmful form of UV radiation (I think there are three forms? UVA and UVB cause sunburns and skin cancer, while UVC is used to sterilize medical equipment and would kill all modern life on earth if exposed to it). Ozone formation is what allowed life as we know it to develop on earth, and it is also the reason we do not tolerate UV radiation well. However people with darker skin (higher melanin deposits in their skin) are more resistant, not impervious, to damage from UVA/B radiation.

      As to who built Puma Punku and other incredible sites around the world, I have no idea! It seems just as plausible that it was aliens, or some super-advanced human civilization that died out, or whatever considering that there isn't a whole lot of tangible evidence that says definitively one way or another who built the place. The use of chemical tools to carve such perfect lines in rocks seems much more plausible than using stone tools, but still pretty incredible. I think it will be a while before we will even come close to knowing one way or the other.

    • profile image

      Alan the Calvinist 7 years ago

      God is the answer. When God confused the languages at Babel people split up for two reasons. 1. They now spoke the same language and 2. they shared the same ideas for a temple that would "take them to Heaven." All smart people that should have not tried to get to Heaven without God.

    • profile image

      Lothar 7 years ago

      Maybe only a few of the rich servived not enough to control all the other people that also did, so different tribes learning only how to eat and stay alive were left. then wars between them for control of better fertile land and gold/diamonds oil ect. Now this is who we are.

    • profile image

      Robert Shrewsbury 7 years ago

      What a very interesting and fascinating ancient City PUMAPUNKU is. I have spent much of my life doing exploration work in ancient places. At present I do detection work for precious minerals. The technology I use would sure be good to take to Pumapunku and find any underground articles that may be there.

      Sincerely, Robert

    • profile image

      Mark Berings 7 years ago

      It just defies believe... The way the stones are cut, the size of some of the stones, the way they kept the stones together with metal clamps (They've had to have had portable melting ovens, wich is just ridiculous), the way they 'machined' the stones.

      And than you have to believe this site was made by some ancient american people (the aymara) who didn't even had writing.

      I was never really going along with what my history teachers at school taught me about 'who and how' with all the ancient great monuments like the pyramids, it just didn't sound logical. But I'm slowly getting really convinced not much of our history books before the middle ages is correct. Just assumptions to let our coming out of the middle ages make sence.



    • profile image

      Michael 7 years ago

      Nice hub but a little dated, they know how the blocks were moved but the query now, the energy source. It was in early 90’s that experiments showed just how the blocks are moved and there is several places on the web right now showing prove of that, one is on utube. The hub is missing a few small details so before making any further judgment. Check this information. More exact measurements and polarized grid photos are available on Yandex. If you want to email the researchers use the Bat or Outlook but most is in Russian. Some is in French. The region around Tiahuanaco and the five other temple complex centers are in what was heavy wooded forest and very heavily farmed. There are no trees or much farming there now because of the lack of rain. The temperature was almost 15 C higher; all this is tested and proven by carbon dating. Three things have happened since the temples were first built ((not last occupied, big difference)) several universities in Chile and in Bolivia have geology studies with some very exciting photos of previous farming and irrigation channels. Again, there are now thousands of tested results on this on record. The land itself was almost 300 meter lower ( and was tilted a bit differently) it has risen because of up-lifting of the Nazca plate. That and the lower ocean levels brought in moist pacific air. The latest estimates are 400 to 500 thousand people lived there. Just a couple of years ago two large temples were found underwater in the south end of the lake. Lack of money is holding up further study of this right now. BY going to any of the satellite photos like Google you can see the river valleys. You can follow old river beds that have dried up because of lack of rain. The Nazca plate movements and the end of this ice age together made growing crops unsustainable. The drought in this zone is still happening today.

      OK this next part is not yet proven; new (June 2009) information might explain how the blocks are scattered with such violence. First check is Valparaiso, Chile. Just off shore you will note a huge crater and you can still see the streak debris trails from the meteor. Next, go to other satellite photo showing sea levels 12 to 15 thousand years ago when earth was leaving it last ice age. Keep in mind that most of northern Europe was under ice at this time period. And North Africa was a jungle of life with huge fresh water lakes and not the arid sand place it is now.

      Some other questions before making any judgment, the temple of Kalasaya complex. Show faces of every race on earth. How could they do that unless they had travelled to those areas. Most important, check the education and credentials of those who give you professional opinion. Example and just a couple of examples. Some names have been left out here on purpose, but of the two universities teachers who claim that the sight is only 900 to 1200 years old will not explain or prove how they get those dates. One popular investigator who made these age claims was Pedro Cieza de Leon, but where was he educated and by what educational institution. Where did he get the aging technique or show evidence. Yet he is quoted????? Another teacher in an Elto university claims that his church taught him that only savages lived there and it’s impossible to be older than 6000 years as that is when his god made the earth. But the people were not savages and they had complex mathematics, if you don’t believe measure the blocks. We are still hoping to decider the few hieroglyphic markings and perhaps one day find other writings.

    • profile image

      Bill 7 years ago

      Like most of you, I first learned of Pumapunku through the history channel. To me the place and its alledged history is all, interesting, fascinating, intriguing, confusing, incredible, cool, etc, etc.

      If in fact the place predates even the earliest known written language (Sumarian) some 3000+ years ago; Why aren't archeologists, mathmeticians, physisists, geologists all over it? Or perhaps they are?

      If anyone care to comment on where to find actual work, websites, books, etc., not opinions nor third party references nor biblical references. Please post the information I a way that can be easily followed by an average joe. Thanks.

    • profile image

      Michael 7 years ago

      I learned of these structures in July 1986 at the College of the Virgin Islands, St Thomas. From one of my professors writing a paper for Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro. He was a Jesuit Priest. I did not read Spanish but he gave a lecture called Ancient Societies of the Americas. The age of these buildings and other old structures defies the church so its existent is argued against with passion. According to some fundamentalist churches the world is only 6000 years old. There is a very strong resentment that any people before the Spanish invasion could have any higher mathematical skills. But proof lives on. Knowledge, takes time and patience to be considered normal. In 1999 a grave site was discover in Sahara desert. The next year it was marked out clearly and in four years (still to this day being excavated) found many people 5 foot 11 inches tall that DNA tests and carbon dating shows to be 11,300 years old. Some buried holding children. Do your homework before you criticize! - June 2007 in Israel several graves were uncovered and fully reported in National Academy of Science, Photographs and data was first released, it took years for the information to be collimated and proven conclusively by several authorized universities. The date for these graves between 14,000 and 12,000 years old. Even the flower pedals and seeds in the graves have been dated. Mendel, a monk, showed (in about 1850) showed how evolution worked. Now called genetics, Darwin was not the first by a long shot but he published the first book on how children look like their parents called heridity. He was a deeply religious man dedicated to family. A dedicated minister of his community. This is deeply deniabed by today’s fundamentalist. Both are example of men who recognized truth above fear. (Now these fears are nick named a mental virus, something you just believe) As 1951/53, Rubin and Pauling finally were able to figure out how it might all fit together. The same church that said in its 14th century doctrines that woman should not be schooled. And the same church that claimed that a women of the Middle Ages who had healing potions had to be a burnt as a witch. There is a lot of wemen in medicine today who may disagree with that church doctrine. Before you argue, check the history books. Joan of Arc was burned alive by the church, her crime, if you check the history was “she worn men’s clothing”. It says very clearly in the Christian bible, in the Old Testament, that women are not allowed to wear pants. It also says we should not eat shrimp, craps, trout, catfish, and pigs. And just like Noah, Abraham, and King Solomon had many wives and many mistress. And do you know the name of Adams first wife. So church doctrine, well???? But with a lot pain and grief we slowly grow up and realize that these religious beliefs are just that. Nothing more than empty beliefs that limit and hurt all of us. They are feelings, feelings lie to us, and feelings are like children that only want our attention. By the way Rev. Craig, a Baptist minister, invented blended whiskey.

    • profile image

      Simon 7 years ago

      Check the Beck papers, from Center for Archaeological Investagations, Sorthern Illinois University. The thick layer of dried mud and and layers of dirt on southern shore of Lake Titacaca showed it to be 800 B.C. – it is suspected that the melting of the glaciers are the cause of the thick dried mud that is covering the building blocks. Since this 2 m layer covers these blocks then the blocks must have been there earlier. Also the Institute of Anthropological and Archaeoloic Research: Arqueolog Andina y Tiwanaku - Andean Tiwanaku – 2001 El Periodo Intermedio en los Valles de Cochabamba una perspectiva del an lisis de asentainmientos humanos y uso de tierras Boletn de Arqueologa, Pontificia Universidad Catlica del Per, there are agriculture remains dating 1400 B.C. about four km east of the Tiwanaku Temple. But if you really want to see some weird buildings, maybe from the same people check Tlajinga section of Teotihuacán

    • profile image

      I built these temples 7 years ago

      I find things like this humorous: "we can't build temples like this with today's technology" - first, yes it can be done... easily. Next, why would we? And last - If there was some nut-job king wanting to enslave his entire population to build his final resting place or house of worship (like the egyptians) then, with that kind of man-power darn near anything can be accomplished (the pyramids are a fine example).

      The mention of a "higher intelligence" or aliens makes me laugh also - what, they are sooo very intelligent that they wanted to make it out of stone - instead of mining for ore and making metal (i.e. iron,steal etc..)? Or possibly teaching these lowly earthlings how to actualy survive and become a world power... nah, we will just show them how to make pretty rocks.

      There is also the mention of no trees. I assume this was meant to show that there wasn't any way to "roll" or transport the stone to it's final resting place: Did you know that the plains in Spain used to be a forest? That is until the Romans needed the trees. Not to mention that any type of trees that possibly could have been used would have long ago rotted away leaving just stone. This also goes for any type of plans or construction techniques.... rotted long ago, hence the reason for no way of knowing how they did it, or why. My guess is that their psycho king-type-dude enslaved a bunch of poor schmoes to build him a summer house with a view.

    • profile image

      Steven Schlah 7 years ago

      I am writing a book on the whole history of Ancient Egypt and how it was interconnected with many other regions in the old world. So I have read about many mysterious things in those relationships, but this whole Imara, Tiahuanaco, Puma Punku thing is more of a mystery to me than even the Nazca lines, which I thought was at the top of the "Gee Wizz" ladder. I must reas more.

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      It took me a minute to find this hub but i think you did a fantastic job on it. Now i might be a backwards redneck but i do know for certain that the moron that calls himself the realist needs to run spell check before his stupid inbred mouth. I am by far not the most intelligent person on earth but i believe beyond any reasonable doubt that people like you are the weak link. To me someone like you is a walking punch line. You are nobody and your opinion is no better than wade's. His thoughts are his and your's belong to you. His mind is open and your's is closed. I would bet the most brilliant thought you had today he had when he was five. But unfortunately for wade and lucky for someone as amazing as you; maggots go far in this world. Your a punk bud.

    • profile image

      Don B. 7 years ago

      even today with all our modern equipment it would be difficult to transport stones that weight 960,000 lbs so how did they do it...????????????????????????????????? I am a believer that we have be visited in the past and the history of that visit has been lost but will be unearthed one day as it is buried currently.

    • profile image

      SteveInTheFalls 7 years ago

      Hyper-critical comments like idiotic do nothing but stifle someone's thirst for knowledge. And while yes, some ideas may be far reaching, it is usually a far reaching idea that gets most people's wheels spinning and helps them form a starting point from which to build on. Without questions, there can be no answers. If you do have information or solid evidence that disproves somebodies ideas, then help them to learn the truth. Now, as for my theory as to how puma punku was created, I think Larry King commisioned it shortly before he got married for the first time as a gift to lilith, i mean his first wife.

    • profile image

      ras dru 7 years ago

      this is by no means idiotic my friend, these people could nt have made these nor could we with all of our technology replicate on materials such as these, truly remarkable evidence of advanced beings working w/&living amongst humanity...there are many other conclusive examples in all monolythic culture ruins,you just need to look past all the historic lies you been endocturinated to of luck truth seekers

    • profile image

      Armo 7 years ago

      Why is everyone so quick to judge others beliefs until you can prove differently shut your pieholes

    • profile image

      Peter2012 7 years ago

      When built?

      "As Above, so below".

      A study of structural alignments and the night sky might provide some resolution to this issue.

      How built?

      "'About ten minutes later I bent over the rock and casually examined the pool of spilled liquid. It was no longer liquid; the whole patch where it had been, and the rock under it, were as soft as wet cement! It was as though the stone had melted, like wax under the influence of heat.'" – Col. Percy H. Fawcett. Joseph Davidovits has done some interesting work in this area.

      Who built?

      Look in the mirror.

    • profile image

      satii34 7 years ago

      some of the blocks were held together with metal but they don't say what kind of metal or what happened to it. why? does any one know?

    • profile image

      Peter2012 7 years ago

      Yes Satii34, someone was in the scrap business and took the metal. I mean, after 12,000 or so years don't expect the "good stuff" to be laying around anymore.

      Just saying ...

    • profile image

      Native 7 years ago

      Here check this out, what if as a species we kick out a really freakin smart person every few hundred years? And we as a species have a been round say 50 thousand or so years. Think how many Tesla's, Einstein's, Etc,etc.And remember a few thousand years ago, the climate was different all over the globe., maybe warmer, maybe colder, but surly different.

    • profile image

      Doctor Swerve 7 years ago

      It is tough to say who built Puma Punku, however any culture that claimed giants built Puma Punku and then were killed off by the gods using a flood certainly didn't build Puma Punku. They obviously had no clue who built it, therefore it was built by a much older, lost civilization.

    • profile image

      Rob C 7 years ago

      Two thoughts, first in the book of Mormon we are given several examples of our father in heaven giving instructions to his children on how to build ships to cross the oceans, how to make books of ore for record keeping, among other things, including the building of a temple similar to Solomon's. Next if one believes that all good gifts come from our father in heaven, then it might not be to much of a stretch to think that the technology was given to the Jaredites and the nephites to perform these tasks to further his plan. For further explanation read the Book of Mormon.

    • profile image

      anon 7 years ago

      rob c, the book of mormon has been debunked. for example, why would the 'golden tablets' follow the wording/style of the king james version bible of the 1600s when the book of mormon was translated in the 1890s?

    • profile image

      Mel Flores 7 years ago

      Of all the ancient places in the world Puma Punku is by far the most facinating place of stone structures. No one knows who or how these great stone structures were built but i truly believe people from somewhere outside our earth came here to live. why is it that most ancient people of our past have no record of all the ancient structures built. It seems that all the civilizations at one point way back in time lived in all parts of the world and probably built these stone building at the same time. Our world is not the only planet in this vast universe. The people whoever they were came from other different areas in space. Earth most have been very beautiful and liveable for any civilization back than so why wouldn't E.T. come here with their technology and build such amazing structures all over our world. these people came here so long ago way before modern man appeared. If we are desendence of these people somehow because of wars they may have had back then probably many people or cultrals were wipe out. also history mentions great earthquakes, cataclysmic floods really did happen in our past. These ruins all over the world are there for us to see and wonder what happened to everyone. we are the children of whatever civilization that lived in our past. we are them and they are us. i feel all the things that happened in our past they are telling us to live in peace with all people on this earth so the same thing does not happen over again. at the rate we are going we are heading in the same direction as the civilizations of the past. we need to learn from our great ancestors past not to make the same mistake and disappear like they did. thanks for reading this, Mel Flores from Hawaii.

    • profile image

      bobowo 7 years ago

      Read Zacharia Sitchin's books regarding the discovery and translation of ancient Sumerian clay tablets over the last hundred years or so. This and more is explained and cross referenced with known history, including many events reported in the Bible. He's been researching and writing books on the Annunnaki and their contributions to the creation and advancement of mankind for about 40 years.

    • profile image

      Words 7 years ago

      Ugh...sigh. Please do not read Zacharia Sitchin's fantasy/entertainment books. And quit watching the History Channel for Pete's sake, which in recent years has become "The Conspiracy Theory Channel." (Did Hitler have alien superweapons?) Please DO read an actual history book. Not only will you avail yourself of some historical context in which to place "mysteries" such as Puma Punku, but you might, in the process find that you no longer need to make up wild myths concerning aliens or Atlanteans to make sense of things you don't understand.

      I apologize for sounding snide in this post, but I have read far too many posts that go something like this:

      Dick: "I've got it man! Look at those really straight lines and perfect corners. Its clear that they CAST these stones, you know, like concrete!"

      Tom: "But their made of Diorite."

      Dick: "Well, maybe they melted diorite!"

      Tom: "But dude, even if they could heat diorite hot enough to pour (which they couldn't) it would separate into its constituent parts or become something other than diorite."

      Dick: "Well....maybe they melted it with acid or super sonic sound waves."

      Tom: "Erm...I'm not sure it works like that?"

      Dick: "Well if it was none of those, then how did those ancient people manage to carve lines on stones, man?! Someone a few posts up said they were an engineer and that he couldn't even to that today! Clearly aliens came with laser beams and carved those rocks man."

      Tom: "Engineers could easily do that today. No problem. And if aliens visited those people, wouldn't you think they would quit carving temples and stuff and start carving, like, statues of ALIENS WITH FUCKING LASER BEAMS!"

      Our ancestors were every bit as clever as we are today. Do a little reading about how other cultures moved large stones. Read about conventional lapidary techniques for rock carving. You'll find that none of them involve ancient aliens with rotary diamond laser beam rock melting tools. If you really want to blow your mind, read up on Angkor Wat, which is a much more intricate and impressive work of stone carving (+- .5mm precision, twice as accurate, on average as Puma Punku.

      Also this "you need diamond tools to carve diorite" is just something someone said that seems to have been repeated by many times. Many materials can be used to carve diorite, including....yep: diorite itself.

    • profile image

      JoeInJax 7 years ago

      While the interlocking shape and the cutting of the block is most interesting, I find the "repeatability" (forgive me) most interesting. Was there one little old lady with the recipe for "blocks" (legos) or were there entire crews devoted to their construction? Assuming the latter, even utilizing jigs, this is a remarkable achievement when you consider the size and fit of each.

    • profile image

      random_name 7 years ago

      anon, the book of mormon is in no way debunked. "why does it have the same writing style as the bible when it was translated in 1830?" the key word there is 'translated.' it wasn't 'written' in 1830, it was written in a period of time spanning from about 1300 bc, not around 300 ad. (sorry I don't have more exact dates) anything that science has throw at the book of mormon has been counterred by intelegent members of the LDS church. but this is beside the point. this isn't a religious descussion and shouldn't became such.

      as for the topic at hand.........

      why is it so hard for people to believe that mankind was once really smart, and now isn't. are we all forgetting about the several cultures that willfully destory the knowledge of there conquerred foes? look at the sacking of the library of alexandra, the destruction of the mayan and aztec records by the spanish. the burning of books by the nazis. we don't have that knowledge anymore becuase we like destorying knowledge so that no one can be smarter then us. it wasn't some great cataclyms (not that I'm saying one didn't happen) but our own egos that caused this great knowledge to be lost.

    • profile image

      Alex 7 years ago

      Indeed Puma Punku is the most mysterious ancient site I have ever heard of and nothing is explainable with traditional theories. The two most popular theories that explain the high technology involved is UFOs having been involved or the ancient Atlantian Civilization has built it. While I do believe in the existence of UFOs, my choice is the Atlantians, however the Atlantians might have been able to communicate with the UFOs and learn from them. Just as sooner or later we also will be able to communicate with the UFOs.

    • profile image

      mark 7 years ago

      I always had this poetic (very Star Trek) idea that an aliens have tried to pass on technology through 'temples' and such, but have failed to do so after realizing how people use these ideas for killing and enslaving others. (note that all these older stone structures are kind of clues to our positioning. Stonehedge is a perfect demonstration of our solar system. The Pyramids are perfect alignment as a compass and maximum equilateral distances on the Earth, and can teach through architecture, building instuments, and unique shapes such as a triangle (assuming primitive people find it unique). Also, maybe because of alien significance to Architecture we put so much emphasis on it instead of identical shapes and designs?) They would try again via the Egyptians only to see the same suffering from slaves. Seeing the belief of gods as a destructive and unproductive force, they installed monotheism, only to see even more hatred and bigotry. Thus they stopped directly dealing with us, and instead focused on observation. The belief of god or some supernatural force coming from people far advanced from us is not that out there. Its either outsiders trying to help us by catering to our primitive ideologies, or just very smart people who died off and magically forgot their brilliance in using laser precision in cutting granite or diorite, and using electricity in Egypt.

    • profile image

      Pauly 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Mike 6 years ago

      Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

      I Googled my way here hoping to learn something about this site which I visited recently. Sadly all I got was a good laugh. Aliens? Lost civilsations from 12,000 year ago? It's next door to Tiwanaku and Carbon dating puts it at around 500AD.

      Still, fantasise on if you will.

    • profile image

      the real slimgrey 6 years ago

      So many dumb people in the world!!! I cant believe!!

      I know why aliens left the earth long ago because of the retards.

      So many things to correct, who can be bothered.

      1- Ancient peoples built stone buildings because they knew that granite lasts for thousands of years. If they made it out of steel it would rust within a few hundred years.

      2- Carbon dating only dates things with carbon left in it, eg skin, bones, wood etc. The ruins of puma punku are all made of stone and so cannot be carbon dated.

    • profile image

      Aaron 6 years ago

      Amazing place Puma Punku is. Like someone said above, for anyone to claim to know the answer is completely ignorant. The only way for us to know who, when, why, and how sites like this were built, we would need to dig something up that says "I or we built this, This is when we built this, this is why we did it, and here's how we did it". It certainly would be nice if someone left records like that for every ancient site. The fact that there are no records answering even some of the questions people have about Pumu Punku may be more astonishing than Pumu Punku itself. Whoever built it, certainly should have had some sort of writing. But to say, "hey we already have answers, here's a link to Wikipedia!!" is crazy. We only have "accurate" dates for things because the archeologists find something they can date on the site, date it, and conclude that because it was found on the site and is, say, 1500 years old, that's how old the site is. When questioned, they simply say, "Well, that's the only answers we have at this time. Until more concrete evidence comes along, this is all we have". For anyone to by into that is lunacy. It's the same with anything, even the pyramids. There's evidence for many different theories. People seem to just accept the most acceptable to them and then count it as the truth. People need to realize that there is very little truth about the ancient past. Much of the "knowledge" is just speculation. This is true because one person can have one theory and provide proof, another person can have an opposing theory and provide proof, and so on. Sites like Pumu Punku only prove that whoever built it were pretty smart, creative, ingenious, capable. People can only speculate who, when, why, and how.

    • profile image

      Marcos  6 years ago

      "The arrogance of every generation is to think that they are the culmination and epitome of every generation that has gone before." (Not sure who said it.)

      Mysteries such as this require revelation, not study. There is no way to evaluate the ancient peoples who built these structures, or how they did so, while viewing them through the lens of what we know and can accomplish today. We have lost so much bandwidth and capability over the course of time that we little resemble the people who built them.

      We aren't getting better, we're getting worse. They blow our knowledge, technology, and methods away!

      What pride and arrogance we have, and it's only that which leads us to believe that we are sooo brilliant now.

    • profile image

      dmb127 6 years ago

      lol cmon ppl,do you really believe aliens came here and the only thing they taught us was how to stack stones?check out this link,and we know who did this,and angkor wat is much more precise then puma punku,but keep fantasizing if you must,i know a good site that says the easter bunny is also real

    • profile image

      Pejon60 6 years ago

      One of the failings of our modern civilization is to be so arrogant as to think that we are the ONLY advanced civilization to have ever existed on planet earth.

      Homo Sapiens existence has been now traced back for 400,000 years approximately

      In that time there has been 3 major Ice Ages.

      Times when 95% of planet earth was covered by ice up to a mile thick.

      Ice that thick would, because of weight and friction obliterated any evidence of advanced engineering and invention

      There have along with ice ages been times of massive tectonic upheaval which would have collapsed many built structures

      We only have written records going back 7000 years

      So we think that prior to that there was no civilization...yet 7000 is only 1.75% of the estimated existence period of our species

      That leaves 98.25% unaccounted for and unknown

      I personally feel that it would be a HUGE assumption and a massive mistake to think that the current period of 200 years of advanced technology is the only time in 400,000 years that this type of technology has evolved.

      Whether or not this planet has been visited by extraterrestrials is a separate argument

      The natives of Micronesia during the 2nd World War viewed the Americans and their aircraft as GODS.

      It was the first time they had ever encountered that kind of technology. But the Americans were not ET's

    • profile image

      mauricio 6 years ago

      everyone please read the book of enoch. meditate and put perspective.

    • profile image

      stones the way to go 6 years ago

      The smartest thing to build anything out of that you want to last a very long time is,STONE. The piramids, stone. stone hynge, duh stone. man makes cars out of steel what a concept rust slowly but surely the car dissapears. wood also rots. the best building material on this planet is stone.

    • profile image

      micky 6 years ago

      you dont get tiny holes to 1 thousand of an inch by using diorite to "carve" it....

      have you any idea the precision it takes to get something to the thousanth of an inch, using modern day diamond drill bits with a jig is nay on imposible, no two depths are the same no matter how hard you try.

      get yourself a piece of diorite and modern day tools and see if any of you can drill 10x 100mm depth with a 3mm drill bit and see what your depth measurements are, see if you can get your depths to the thousanth of an inch.

      good luck with that.

      i would love to know how it was done.

    • lone77star profile image

      Rod Martin Jr 6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Awesome Hub, Dave.

      And Mike (about 9 posts and 2 months earlier), carbon dating can't be done on stone (as others have pointed out). And those who built later would certainly copy some of the symbols of the ancient structures surrounding them. This could easily make it look like the two cultures are the same, rather than one very old and one a "copy cat."

      Not every ancient mystery can be attributed to aliens or Atlantis. But for all the skeptics, use a little restraint. Be skeptical of your own skepticism. Quite simply, we do not know. Period.

    • profile image

      Maureen  6 years ago

      For the "most oldest ruins on the face of the earth" this site has many pieces showing very little erosion. Sharp edges abound. The great pyramids are younger and in an arid climate yet are much more weathered than these ruins. Pix are not quality but some closer-ups appear to be of poured concrete molded only a decade or so ago. I'd say much of these 'ruins' are recent additions. Perhaps a new-age hippie cult tried establishing there, or the most striking pieces are left over from some movie set that needed more 'old' stuff around. Not real impressed with the claims for this site.

    • profile image

      Colonel 6 years ago

      This is a most fasinating site.As one who has always been curious about our past,I can omly wonder.Since God is supposed to have created it all,the only explaination I would have is he did it for some reason.I'm not a narrow minded relegious freak,but since no one has an answer,I guess I can put my two cents worth in.I personally don't think the alien thing is too far fetched, since I have seen flying objects in the sky I can't explain,and I'm not talking about airplanes either.When you can see a light stand still in the sky,and then move from the north direction to an entire Easterly direction in a mater of 10 or 15 seconds something don't add up,And when You see a ball of fire come down out of the sky and make 3 circles around a house,I don't see how that could be a meteor.So why couldn't there have been aliens that show ancient people how to,or built them themselves.Who knows but I'm not going to be so narrow minded to think that nothing is impossible.Just look at what I'm typing on.The internet.A few years ago who would have believed I could talk to the world from my living room. I say keep looking,and I'll keep wondering.Since I'm 64 years old I may not have too much time left to wonder,but who knows they may come up with something that will let me live a 1000 years. Thanks for reading my comment

      Colonel Sanders

    • profile image

      cabgpatchkid 6 years ago

      when we believe we are the pinnacle of human knowledge and advancement, we need to regroup and rethink our position. any evidence of who these peopple were has been washed away. clues will lie in the alluvial depositions perhaps hundreds of miles from the original site and may already erroneously recorded as artifacts of other civilizations.

    • profile image

      Chris 6 years ago

      @ Colonel Sanders continue to make your delicious chicken!

    • profile image

      Merlin 6 years ago

      The consideration or rather lack of, given to our more ancient ancestors continues to amaze me. Like If we can't do it now it couldn't have been done before.

      And yet we have managed to make a huge leap forward in just the last hundred or so years. People were still saying it was impossible to travel out into space 50 some years ago. But look at us now, landing robots on far distant planets and moons. While other craft was still traveling outbound.

      The other thing is the higher the technology the less likely it is to last. The only thing that does last through the ages is Stone. Today we build almost nothing out of tone, certainly nothing large.

      Who is to say that in the thousands of years between ice ages mankind didn't excel and create a high technological society now and then greater than our own; which is still in the infant stage. I mean what's a few hundred years but less than a tick of the clock in geological time.

      We know that during the last ice age the oceans were some 420 feet lower than they are now. And where do we cluster if not at the edge of the oceans. Those that look are finding ruins and man made structures off the coasts of many countries on every continent. The evidence is there if you bother to look in the right places, like where the cost lines were at certain points in time, which is not where they are found today. Man has been finding things that don't fit into the more mainstream ideas of today longer than many will admit. For them if it doesn't fit their model of history then it must be a fraud, a hoax of some kind, a total fabrication of fantasy. And the most ancient writings and stories are all pure fantasy because nobody bac.k then could possibly have recorded the truth as it happened. But all those things found they can't explain are still real like it or not.

      Just reflect on our own time and the amazing machines and power sources we have, and how they would be viewed by people just a hundred years or more in the near past, words like impossible, pure fantasy come easily to mind.

      But how easily we buy the theories that pretty much overnight societies like Egypt appeared out of nowhere, fully advanced, and started right out building huge structures out of massive stones but using only the most primitive hand tools, and already having mastered the most advanced mathematics required for such designs and engineering. That there need not be any evidence of a learning how period, no evidence found of the years of trial and error building in much smaller structures as the knowledge required for the huge structures was slowly gathered one step at a time. That is somehow not a problem. So interesting how what we should be finding, but aren't, such as the stepped evidence of learning to build huge massive structures using perfectly precision cut and shaped megalithic stones, some weighing more than 100 tons each, is so easily dismissed as unnecessary, and unneeded evidence.

      We actually know so little of our real history, and nothing really of our origin. But are so willing to believe almost everything written in a handful of books supposedly authored by, or dictated to someone by their choice of deity, only the technology that exceeds our self imposed limits on our most recent ancient ancestors is disputed, can't possibly be true, while the rest no matter what claims are made, is of course divine and indisputable truth How arrogant is that?

      Well it falls right in with our idea that We are the lone lifeforms, and the only intelligent one, based only on our own ideas of what that means, in all of the universe and that we, our tiny planet, is located at the center of everything, to boot.

      We have a lot of theories, and very little proof. Plus we measure everything by only what we can see, or think we see right here on our own planet.

      The universe is most likely teeming with life. It's a whole lot of wasted space if it isn't. We have no idea at all what is really possible, what really exists out there among the trillions of galaxies we can't see, yet alone in the thousands or millions we can see, or just in the one we are a part of.

      We can't yet even imagine the truth of life and the universe. If we don't already know about it then we say it can't exist, yeah right.

      Aliens, why not, been here for a long time, why not. Maybe they are us, why not? Show me the proof it isn't possible and I may consider it for a short while before dismissing it as nonsense.

    • profile image

      Dee Dee D 6 years ago

      makes what the Pharohs built look like childs play. It clearly shows cultures excisted and had technoligy far beyond what we've been taught. We need to re-examine our past. Aliens built it? why not i say.

    • profile image

      Talkatics 6 years ago

      From ancient times a lot has been written about Gods traveling around the Earth. They may have traveled around in spaceships. But how did they get here? Did these ‘gods’ come here in spaceships as well?

    • profile image

      kid isnt reaera 6 years ago

      God isn't real, aliens are a lot more plausible than a bearded man who lives in the sky and grants wishes, that's ridiuclous but whatever idiots nothing in the bible is possible its proven but go ahead and think what you want kbye

    • profile image

      whatdoyoubelieve 6 years ago

      There is a lot of talk of "aliens" and "God", and it is up to each individual to decide what sounds "realistic" to them, however no one that has written here has touched on the theory of inter-dimensional travel. The "fabric of space" (I don't mean outer space, I mean the space that surrounds each of us) can not be identified by its particles, scientists don't know what the fabric of space is, however it exists. Perhaps way back or even now, today there are "entities" that are capable of manipulating the fabric of space between the universes to "travel" through to others. Say the fabric of space thins out in spots and creates an anomole which allows transcention, these "portals" so to speak, would allow passage from point-to-point, even if relative time separates them. One of the posters is correct to say that mankind is "extremely arrogant" in our thoughts that we are a supreme species, we are not. It is mankind's own arrogance that will eventually eradicate him from the face of the planet.

    • profile image

      13u9ok 6 years ago

      This is how this kinda thing happens and so to others of "its age"....

      When we see something new,mysterious and unlikely to us, there is only one thing on our mind:"WOW!THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!".From there,we make speculations.From those speculations,we make mystery.And from that mystery, we would never know anything about it! And just later on, after years of wondering mindlessly,we take that seriously and just then study.

      That's just the first thing a person(not all,maybe)would go.

      If taking it as a study,only scientists will do,other people would take it a thing worth studying,and half or more of those who know this would make more speculations.

      Right now,most of us wait for what will happen on the discovery;that's just pointless.

      perhaps,its just anything under the sun.....we just don't know what is that....or.....DO WE USE THAT??

    • profile image

      floathouse 6 years ago

      It is entirely fascinating to read this post and the pros and cons included in the responses. When I read folks speculating about issues they have absolutely no empirical experience with, it kind of sounds like 4 blind men describing an elephant by touch and feel.

      First of all, until you have physically moved a 100 ton solid object, you have no earthly idea how complex a task that is. I have participated in a team that moved a 110 ton jaw rock crusher down 1800 feet of steep mountain slope, (no roads) on Dahl Island in South East Alaska back about 1962. We had a D-8 Caterpiller triple drum, a single winch D-8, 4 3,000 ft rolls of high tensile 1-1/4" cable, 1 roll of high tensile 3/8" cable, 80-24" steel rigging blocks, 30-12" steel tackle blocks, a crew of 10 men and a cook.

      It took us 4 long days to build a spruce sled and mount the crusher. The spruce logs cut for sled runners, were locally grown, cut and shaped, and about 8' thick on the butt end. The cross members were hand made 4' x 4's. Thats feet, not inches.

      It took us another 7 days to move the sled down 1,800 feet of fairly steep rough mountain terrain, to an ocean loading dock.

      I relate that, so you know that I have very clear empirical experience when talking about what it takes to move an 800 ton single object. (One of the larger slabs at the Puma Punku site.)

      I have spent a considerable part of my 50 year working career in the industrial trades. I know and have worked with brilliant world class civil and industrial engineers. To a person, they agree on one thing; Megalithic stones on the scale of Puma Punku, Sacsahuaman and Baalbek were not worked, dressed or moved with primitive technologies. They will not jeoprodize their careers going public with those ascertations, but it is what they know on an emirical basis.

      What it takes to move an 800 ton monolith is beyond the scope of this comment, but suffice it to say, that we have very few engines (machines) on the planet that could do it in on a standalone basis.

      If you can imagine for a moment, an extant civilization that existed before the great cataclysm (not the one at 12,500 YBP) but the one that took out all but about 3,000 to 5,000 breeding pairs of humans, as defined by geneticists based on a population bottleneck in the DNA record about 63,000 years ago), then that civilization might have enjoyed the benefits of some very sophistated technologies including sonic and wave generation, gravitational manipulation, ad infinitum. We can barely speculate on what might have been possible from a civilization that may go back to the previous bottleneck of mitrocondrial Eve at something around 280,000 YBP. IF, and it is a big if, that civilization survived 200,000 plus years, it is not so far fetched to think 'aliens' are just our ancestors from an earlier civilization. They may have conquered, or at least harnessed, space and time, gravity, and electromagnetic force.

      Admittedly, it is speculation, but so is every other opinion expressed here. No one knows anything about the when and why the site was constructed, let alone how. The when side of the story is the most important, and that is the hardest piece of the puzzle to solve. Soon, we will be able to measure 'patina' on stone to a date certain of + or - 500 years. When that occurs, the argument then can focus on WHO, HOW, and WHY.

      I will be interesed in seeing those dates in my lifetime.

      If you are interested in ancient structures, visit our website at:


      John Jensen

    • profile image

      SatoriZeski 6 years ago

      Anyone suggesting this is somehow the work of 'god' or 'Adam' or someone who 'talked to god' is totally missing the point, in my humble opinion. The idea is to try and imagine how a civilization could have constructed this. I am an admitted and proud atheist so to me god is off the table. I lean towards the ancient alien theory myself...

    • profile image

      tinman 6 years ago

      elevation of the line where trees grow is at a much lower elevation than 12,000 ft. more in the 7,000 ft. range. Kind of blows the forest idea?

    • profile image

      aztech 6 years ago

      It's interesting to see how arrogant we all are to think that we are the most advanced people to have ever lived on this planet. The mere fact that no one can figure out how this was done quickly disproves that theory.

      Imagine, if you will, we experience a world-killing event that no only takes out most people, but all records of all that we have done here. Only a few lucky humans survive and go on to rebuild the world, but knowledge of how things were built is eventually lost and we are starting from scratch again. Fast forward 15,000 years and the explorers of the future unearth, for example, NORAD in Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado. Can you imagine the speculation that place will generate?

      The only point I am trying to make here, is that just perhaps our ancient ancestors were far more advanced than we can comprehend. Our priorities are different so our technology evolved differently than theirs.

      Just open your minds.

    • profile image

      kor-ay-sihn 6 years ago

      look at my name, "crazy hen" you know like a mad phoenician. now look up phoenician. sounds funny right well now here's the kicker look up the meaning of Chorazin. one last thing look up how you pronounce the word Chorazin. LET THE MIND WONDER

    • profile image

      Buba 6 years ago

      The fool says in his heart "there is no God."

      Next your going to try to tell me this and other sites has nothing to do with fallen angles or giants as mentioned in the Bible and other antient texts.

    • profile image

      Thinker 6 years ago

      Read the book of Enoch, man was given knowledge way, way, way back. But we don't want to think it was the influence of angles. We would rather think it was some aliens. Creatures that were smart enough to bend space time and yet didn't leave any written testament to their purpose of being here. God does work in mysterious ways.

    • profile image

      Ancient Aliens 6 years ago

      Most religions and myths in the world mention a return of the Gods. Lately a lot has been written about the year 2012. A certain date is mentioned as well as the consequences. Some say there will be a catastrophe, an apocalypse. Others say it will be a transition to another world or dimension. What actually happened, who were the Gods? What information can ancient sources give us about what will happen? Read more:

    • profile image

      Arwil Smith Denison Tx 6 years ago

      From the first known language from about 5,000 B.C. the giants, Annunakis were there as well as the new world. I have a paper on this subject. The more I research this, the more confused I get.

    • profile image

      Alman 6 years ago

      All history books are wrong . Most ancient sites were "discovered" before our understanding of "modern" math , physic etc.. If these sites were all discovered today , mainstream views of history would be quite different because they would not be governed by 19th century concepts . Ancient texts would be taken at face value and not discarded because "We cant do this ; therefore they could not have possibly did this" type of thinking.............

    • profile image

      mark 6 years ago

      did anyone think that these places were built by ancient alieans with the help of the people of that time left for man as a test when we can figure out how it was done and rebuild them that the "sky people" will return. each ruin city is a test getting harder as they go with each level of understanding we can rebuild it and move on to the next until all of the mystories are solved showing we are ready to move on and up. our own way to teach is the same way we start off in kindergarten and progress to 12th grade each year getting harder. do you all realize how muich we as human could learn and acomplish if we would stop the bullshit and fighting over stupid things and just work together. every great leap forward in technology was made by people working together from all over the world. this city is amazing who did they carve these stones, move them, put them in place, or even came up with the idea in the first place and pick what to use to build with. how did they know how hard that rock is it is truly mind-boggling

    • profile image

      Dave 6 years ago

      There's just so much disinformation on this subject here, it's ridiculous.

      The info given all seems to be sourced from that over-hyped, inaccurate History Channel special on "ancient aliens", not from any reputable source, of which there are several.

      According to actual Andean specialists and archaeologists who've dug and researched Puma Punku,

      The age is most certainly NOT 14,000 years old-

      carbon dating of the lowest, oldest layers puts the beginning construction at anywhere from 300 to 600 AD.

      The same folks, in addition to the geologists who've explored and consulted on the site, will also tell you that the stones are NOT made of "granite and diorite", but common sandstone.

      Where these two key pieces of information came from is entirely unclear, as the History Channel has never revealed them, and no other original source has ever made the claim. (Though others have repeated the claim, citing the History Channel, only.)

      This article is, sorry to say, complete bunk, and the believers in the great Puma Punku "mystery" have all been duped.

    • profile image

      Angkor Wat 6 years ago

      For those of you who think that Angkor Wat is a greater feat...they made that childs playhouse out of sand stone...we can carve that with our nails. Also I didn't hear of 800 ton stones (1.6 millions lbs, modern day cranes can only move 300 tons) at Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat is cardboard compared to puma punku.

    • profile image

      bbqman 6 years ago

      I know but it'd be a waste of time and fall on deaf ears. Science and history "experts" don't want to admit their ignorance and/or rewrite their books. The civilizations of humanity have come and gone many times with varying degrees of technological advancement. WE...have arisen to our current level of technology in a mere blink of an eye (geologically speaking. There is much evidence to support this fact falls on deaf ears.

    • profile image

      Ken 6 years ago

      These were advanced structures, Built by an advanced people. There really is no other explanation. It would appear that more and more "scientists", are coming to the reality that these people, on different sides of the planet, were not primitive people. When the masons built Rome, and all the other fascinating stone and brick structures that are on the planet, they DID NOT leave there construction equipment behind. So I can't believe the surprise of not finding tools, and most likely, the large machinery obviously required for projects of this "unexplainable" magnitude at these places. I believe that places like this were not only, knowingly, built to stand ALL the tests of time, but were our ancestors' way of warning us of what is to come, because eventually, just like clockwork, comes mass destruction. Another theory would be that these monstrous structures, if built at strategic locations around earth, may have been an attempt to balance the world, somewhat, to lessen the affect of a catastrophic magnetic shift of the poles. Nonetheless, where are all the other structures that, in all actuality, should be surrounding these great structures. Shouldn't we be digging up the world around these areas and trying to get to the bottom of who built them, how they were built, why they were built, and why everything around them has either been buried or destroyed?

    • profile image

      RobertO 6 years ago

      We exist in a universe of unlimited space and time within infinity.To conclude that the origin of a marvel such as Puma Punku must have been constructed using only methods within our present day understanding and by speculative means is inexcusably egocentric.Chipped with hand tools? Rolled on logs? Cut with with ancient lazers? Carved by the hand of God? Made by ancient man with assistance from extra-terrestrials?All possible. How?See first sentence.

    • profile image

      bosquared 6 years ago

      From the fact that there were ancient people who built these things, we can say that the time span from the point they began to think like modern people up to the day when the "flood" came could be enough for them to learn techniques different from ours today.

      For the question how it was forgot, it's the mechanics of history, anything from the past will be buried by time, lost for some years,decades,or centuries, then rediscovered.

    • kentuckyslone profile image

      kentuckyslone 6 years ago

      Excellent topic and some deep stuff to think about. I believe ancient man had some help and knowledge we dont have today

    • profile image

      chris 6 years ago

      u people are idiots. u think if the mythbusters cant figure it out, it must b aliens that are responsible. seriously grow a brain. one truth is that our way of life and society is developed utilising individualization and specialization. a large percentage of people are bumbling idiots. probably 50% of the remaning 50, 30, could tell you a few good ideas, and the remaining 20%, people like me, know the secrets of freemasonry, we are the illuminati. and we hate u idiots. so keep guessing.

    • profile image

      Midwest Media Critics 6 years ago

      This site is no longer the oldest ruins found.....Archeologist have discovered ruins in Turkey in which they are working on which about to rock the foundations of all the major Religions on this planet. Especially the Judeo/Christian/Islamic faiths. For the site in Turkey predates anything thought to be the Cradle Of Civilization......

    • profile image

      Ryan 6 years ago

      Dave, have you ever been to PP? I have read first hand accounts of those who have, and they all say the stones are andesite and diorite. No sandstone. Wikipedia says sandstone; since when is Wiki the end all be all of facts?

      Carbon dating layers? Layers of WHAT? Stone? You can't carbon date stone, dude.

      The date on wiki would make the builders the Aymara indians, who they themselves say the place was built in one night by "the Gods". I wonder why the so-called builders of this once amazing structure would not claim that they were responsible for its construction.

    • profile image

      Archaeologist 6 years ago

      As a certified archaeologist I believe this site to be approximately 14-16 thousand years old. Alien theories are rubbish as there are far more tangible explanations for how a site like this could have been made. The Earth has undergone many ice ages. After the end of an ice age I believe civilization developed mostly near coastal lands, and at the end of the ice age civilization is destroyed and the cities are flooded and lost in time. There are many examples of sites that defy our knowledge of the past like "The city of our lord Krishna" the Jomon culture in Japan amongst many more. Civilization may have developed to an advanced stage many times in our past only to have been destroyed by floods and other natural phenomena. This would explain the gap between the birth of the fully modern Homo sapien roughly 100 000 years ago and the roughly 90 000 years that humans apparently did nothing. This makes no sense because if the human mind is fully developed then why would we sit dormant for 90000 years then all of a sudden start civilization at many different places around the same world at the exact same time. This clearly does not make sense. As for critiques about the lack of perfection in human nature, all can be explained. The reason a human brain cannot work at its full capacity is because there is no need, evolution will not make a species make more efficient use of there brain when the species is booming all around the world. The human brain cannot technically get any bigger because if it did women would no longer be able to bear children. Child birth is far more painful for humans than any other species, because of the fact we have pelvises that support bipedalism. If our hips were any further apart women would lose to ability to walk upright. Darker skinned peoples on Earth have a very high resistance to ultra violet radiation, because they live in a part of the world receiving a lot of sunlight. White skinned people evolved to have less resistance to ultra violet radiation because they lived in areas of the world that receive very little ultra-violet radiation. If we all lived at the equator we would all have a large resistance to UV light as it would be necessary for survival. "Tales" such as Noah's flood, the Epic of Gilgamesh and epics in the Mahabharta speak of massive floods and correlate with the end of the ice age. Alien theories are rubbish and are supported with nothing but circumstantial evidence. Whenever people see people worshiping a disk they claim it to be a UFO when is obviously the sun. If anything Ancient civilizations of human origin once gained the knowledge of flight and some say even nuclear technologies and maybe that is what is depicted as "aliens" by ancient primitive human cultures. My Theory makes rational sense and can be proved by scientific and archaeological fact. Tiahuanaco is the remnant of an advanced civilization that was made almost or totally extinct by the last ice age.


      Doctorate in Ancient History

      Masters in Archaeology

    • profile image

      Cee 6 years ago

      First of all, I would like to say that the world is full of closed-minded fools who refuse to believe anything that contradicts their own comfortable, pre-conceived beliefs, no matter how much proof you shove under their noses. Anyone who thinks that something like Puma Punku can be created "easily" clearly knows absolutely nothing about engineering or construction. Mr. Jensen (floathouse) is absolutely right. Until you have actually moved an object that massive, you can't begin to comprehend just what an enormous undertaking it actually is. I spent 13 years in residential/commercial construction, and the reason we don't build with stone today is that it's so hard to work with. Wood, steel, and concrete are much easier to use. Mixing and pouring concrete on site is so much easier than dragging around 800 ton slabs of rock that there's really no comparison. I have not been to Puma Punku personally, but I find it hard to believe that it's possible to get that kind of precision with hand tools. If the stones used in its construction were sandstone, wouldn't pounding away at it with hand chisels break off huge chunks of it? Sandstone is extremely soft. Having said that, I'm no expert at stone carving, and would be very interested to hear what someone who is would have to say on the subject.

      Secondly, wikipedia is less than useless because anyone can post whatever they want and make up any sources they want. Anyone citing wikipedia immediately loses all credibility in my eyes. The mere fact that one person says it's this old, I can prove it, while another says no, it's this old, I can prove it, only proves to me that there is at least one, and probably many, completely false "facts" floating around. People who know what they are talking about mostly seem to believe that the ruins are many thousands of years old. I don't know if that's true, but I do know that when a person who is uninformed on a particular subject goes up against someone who has lived and breathed that subject for years, the uninformed person generally accomplishes nothing more than making themselves look like a complete idiot. Not being an archaeologist myself, I respectfully defer to those who are.

      Thirdly, while Archaeologist makes some very good points and is clearly knowledgeable on the subject, I wouldn't be quite so quick to dismiss the ancient astronaut theory. One seems about as plausible as the other in my own uninformed opinion. I do know that the Bible in particular is so full of contradictions that I have to wonder if it's more of a cronicle of alien visitation than a religious guide. For example, in Genesis, it clearly states that God did not want Adam and Eve to eat the fruits of the trees of Life, and of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Why not? God says: "Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil, and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of Life, and eat, and live forever." What is "God" afraid of? Why would an all-powerful God be at all concerned that His creations would become as powerful as He is? And what's this "us" business? Isn't there only one God? Is God referring to the angels? Aren't they beneath God as well? Something just doesn't add up here, and it's not just this one isolated case. Such instances abound in the Bible. If God is all-powerful, why was He so concerned when people began building the tower of Babel? If He is all-powerful, then why would a bunch of mere mortals building a tower be so threatening to Him that He felt compelled to destroy the tower and set about ensuring that it could never happen again? These are the actions of a mortal whose power depends on keeping those under him ignorant, not a supreme deity with absolutely nothing to fear.

      I could go on, but I'm already probably starting to bore anyone reading this to tears, so I'll make my conclusion: nobody really knows who made these ruins, or why, or when, or how. The one thing I'm convinced of is that it wasn't done by people just out of the stone age with hand tools. There was some other force at work here, be it aliens or a highly advanced, long-forgotten human civilization. I would be equally happy if either were proven to be true.

    • profile image

      Anonimous 6 years ago

      I agree with what Cee says about some people that feel confident by believing only what their short-sighted minds permit them. They probably have capacity, but rely it only on earthly reasoning. We as humans must understand that there are certain things that do not have an explination, and so we must believe it all, then forget it all. As for me, I believe with certainity that God is the motor of all this. Some say they had no reason to come here to Earth to help our ancestors who apparently were of no significance for them, but I say they did have a purpose: they had a message to bring. The man "Words" posted a comment about 8 months ago that said something about us believers making up myths in order to find an explanation for these happenings. And to him I say that the myths that he is talking about are the real evidence of their existence in between it all. I mean, ancient people were so supersticious: they must have confused the reality, the Extraterrestrials, and their benevolent purpose in helping mankind evolve with the real myths: Dwarves, goblins, monsters, probably even angels (without contradicting Religion). Do not try to be inteligent, Words, try to be wise and open minded.

    • profile image

      IlluminatiSuck 6 years ago

      The Aymara? Seriously? They didn't even have a written language. I don't know who built it but it surely wasn't the Aymara.

    • profile image

      NIck 6 years ago

      There are 5 minerals that I know of harder than granite and 2 that are equally as hard sometimes harder depending on the exact make up of the granite. The 5 are Alexandrite,Chrysoberyl,Ruby,Sapphire,Diamond. Spinel and Topaz are ranked as 8 on Mohs scale with granite being a 7-8.

    • profile image

      mike 6 years ago

      first things first the native population of puma punku were not the first people there when the spanish arrived they were told that they did not build it it was already there.second many of the buildings were toppled by the spanish looking for those very same metal joiners (looking for gold )and found they were a combinnation of bronze ,also it did not met with the churchs view so it had to be destroyed as best as possible .the site was in ruins when they got there .some have claimed aliens,super race,whatever even a flood ,but here are some things we do know giant floods do not reach thousands of feet into mountains and miss seacoast civilizatios (check caral over 5 thousand years old )but just like the minoans of crete used lumber between stone to absorb shock wave from earthquakes so these people used metal locks to keep blocks from shifting .peru was and is famous for there they cut and moved these stones not with flying saucers but with what all these people had TIME.if it took a hundred years to move some stones so what they did it for the greater glory of whatever gods they believed they cut and shaped the stone ,i dont know perhaps they used water and wool to create a abrassive cutting blade .thats my 2 cents worth one thing for sure people the world over were smarter than we give credit for.

    • profile image

      Rocket Engineer 6 years ago

      moving 8oo lb stones{instead of smaller ones} for long distances & uphill? Forming precise,smooth inside corners in a hard material with such apparent ease,with primative tools? No,not gods,not mormons, not fremasons,not magic.not aliens. I've got to go with the ancient,completely erased civilization. I'm happy except for one thing I can't figure. Why no significant errosion on those very sharp,smooth surfaces after such a long time exposed to the environment?

    • profile image

      edu 6 years ago

      cavemen cant build castles so i would go for the aliens option

    • profile image

      Dave 6 years ago

      If you really want to find the answers then read the fourteen books written by Zecharia Sitchin. His fourth book The Lost Realms is written about Puma Punku and Lake Titicaca.

    • profile image

      cassanova frankenstein 6 years ago

      the round and straight mortises were made to house metal tie pins to hold the stone together during earthquakes. the metal used is a tungsten-steel alloy, only created in the 1930's when gas furnaces could get above 2000 degrees f.

      did they really date puma punku at 17,000 years old?

      proof that our history, beginning at gobekli tepi, 11,000 years ago, was not the first civilization on planet earth.

      an archeologist once said, "we know about 20% of what actually happened on earth."

    • profile image

      Ryan Pope 6 years ago

      I have a few ideas. ether earth like a giant zoo with a mish mash of pretty animals gathered from every corner of the Galaxy. or maybe we are just like rats that hitched a ride and got left behind. as far as the crazy carvings i have no idea how they did it. if it was my guess i would say that humans have been hear alot longer then most people think. if we look at the DNA evidence humans have a very shallow gene pool. one of the smallest divrsity in all of the animal kingdom. ADAM AND EVE i doubt it. i think that a mankind was almost destroyed and most of our past knowledge was lost. it only take one generations to lose a tradition and what about 100 of them. in the aftermath of a globe shift do you think giant buildings would be the first thing father would be teaching his son. no he would be focused on eating and drinking and shelter for his family. guess what happened to the knowledge,it is lost in time. the humans where the same humans as today for the most part. there brains had the same hardware just different software. and with so many thousands or years separating us and them we have know way of thinking the way they did. the Kai in my fish tank swim around in the space they have. they have fins gills and every thing thair carp ancestors have but they know nothing about how to swim up river. if all the fish in the world died and just the two made it breed and 100 generations pass would the life in the tank make any scenes, let alone the life of the ancestors 100 generations before the tank life. is my email feel free to give me your two cents i could use the money.

    • profile image

      Bob Plaza 6 years ago

      One should be aware that Puma Punka was built when the Pacific Ocean was not yet born. And there was land all the way to the lords of the Easter Inlands! About 17,000 years ago. the great earth Convulsion allowedb the land to break up. records and most of its Civilizations. one needs to look closer. What do think caused the pacific ring of fire?

    • profile image

      NEO 6 years ago

      It would seem, as usual, that opinions without knowledge and actual facts, are indeed, worth the paper they are written on. At least digital paper. I await real unfettered scientific truth, rather than personal truth. However, I do not expect to live to see it in this case. In the mean time, has there been any data collected, such as actual measurements of surface runout, repeatability of cavity dimemsions and tolerances,ground radar results,exactly what items were carbon dated, detailed photos and data regarding various surface intrusions, grooves, slots, etc.

      I see some good data here, even some commonality between opinions, rare as that may be, but opinions they are, without provable evidence.

      I would love to find that there were indeed visits by some alien race, but? I would love to think that there were civilisations, long gone, that would account for many of the things proposed. But, even as I enjoy the possibilities, they are just possibilities until we have more data. Supposition may or may not end up being fact, but in the mean time, life would be so dreary without these, and many other occations where we must strive to understand. Many if not most of the time, it's all about the chase.

    • profile image

      Commonsense 6 years ago

      Seeded by aliens really wtf people, I seeded your mom last night.

      Keep religion out of it all it does is dumb us down that much further.

    • profile image

      snowyriver 6 years ago

      technology far beyond what we know today

      who-- unknown

      why -- unknown

      when -- unknown

    • profile image

      Cee 6 years ago

      It's been some months since I visited this site, and I'm glad to see that a number of interesting speculations have been posted here in that time. I would, however, like to say to Commonsense (who did a poor job of choosing a name in my opinion) that this is a forum for intelligent people sincerely seeking the truth, not a chatroom for low IQ put-downs, so if you have nothing to add to the discussion other that moronic grade-school remarks, please keep them to yourself and don't muck it up for the rest of us. This is a forum for people to post their ideas, and regardless of whether I or anyone else believes they're true, all theories are equally valuable, at least until the truth is proven. Clearly, none of us knows the answer for sure and, sadly, I'm forced to agree with NEO that the truth will probably not be known for sure in our lifetime. I would also like to answer the question posed by Rocket Engineer: While not the hardest materials in the world, granite and diorite are nevertheless extremely hard and dense, and in an environment where their only real enemy is wind-driven rain, these stones will remain practically unchanged for many millenia. It has been estimated that the faces on Mount Rushmore, carved from solid granite, would show considerable erosion but still be quite recognizable millions of years from now.

      I would also like to point out that the reason I tend to agree with the ancient astronaut theory is that the myths and legends of practically every ancient civilization show amazing similarity to Christianity, in that someone always descends from the sky, quite often in some sort of "chariot" or other device, usually accompanied by great clouds of smoke or steam, and tremendous noise. In Ezekiel 1, verse 4, the prophet states "And I looked, and behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire infloding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the color of amber, out of the midst of the fire." And in verse 24, he states, "And when they went, I heard the noise of their wings, like the noise of great waters". This sounds to me like a rocket landing or taking off. Despite the impression I may have made in my previous post, I do believe in God, and I don't think the Bible (as well as other religious texts) are wrong, just misinterpreted. My God doesn't need a flying wheel to travel around in, but intelligent, mortal beings from other planets do. Our ancestors were just as intelligent as we are, and maybe even more so, since they didn't have computers to think for them, and were forced to think for themselves. Yet they did not have the technological frame of reference we have, and were forced to describe what they saw in the terms they had.

      Anyone with a differing opinion is more than welcome to disagree with me. I welcome a good debate, and am intelligent enough to realize that I don't have all the answers, or even most of them. Just keep it professional. Nothing is more annoying than people who resort to making personal attacks when you disagree with them.

    • profile image

      mark 6 years ago

      k so as for what we think we know about the creation of these structures seems errelivent to me as more to the question of why even if your alien or just ancient with an anti matter plasma gun,, why cut stones, seems a primative art for vastly smart tools, so why because stones last tell tails for eons, and if thats the case for who us or ancient aliens , heavy stuff man

    • profile image

      Bars and Clubs 6 years ago

      Just watched the History Channel show on this. Very interesting but as with the hardness of the stone it seams to me that they exaggerate for effect, which is a shame because it is a fantastic place as is.

    • profile image

      Neo 6 years ago

      Well, CEE seems to have a coherent understanding of much of what we don't understand. I would like to see some data on whether or not ground penetrating radar has been tried, dimensional comparisons of a number of the stones that have similar inside corner depressions, how do they compare, one to another. Just how flat are the large stones. It's possible to measure the surface runout with a minimum of equipment. It may be possible to scientifically test certain areas, especially internal areas, for decomposed products of the material of tools

      that were used. I think that it's a known that these kinds of inside corners could not be produced with known tools, even less than 1000 years ago.

      Where can we get actual physical data instead of throwing rocks in the dark? Anybody? Sometimes we get caught up in jargon and terminology that is not shared by all involved. (and yes, I am a detail guy) Thrill of the chase and all that. A subject can be fascinating without a provable answer popping up.

    • profile image

      Haneke 6 years ago

      I would like to believe That we were visited in the past From people not of this world. December 21st 2012. Maybe they come back.. I hope so... Time to turn the page We as a race Are screwing up our planet There's got to be a better way.

    • profile image

      Neo 6 years ago

      Does ANYBODY know where actual data has been gathered to date?

    • profile image

      Got the answer 6 years ago

      Someone commented 16 months ago if aliens came why arent buildings made of steel. Simple, it rusts. Eventually it will corrode away. Stones have been proven to stay around for millions and some billions of years. If one would want to build a monument, building...etc, why not build it out of stone. It will still be here long after you are gone. Steel has to be manufactured and is more involved then finding rock at your feet. Keep it simple.

      I dont think humans are desendants of monkeys, apes, chimps...etc. They are still monkeys, apes, and chimps. If we evolved they would have too. Are we, or could we be genetically engineered race? Possible. Even the bible says "let us make man in OUR image" Who is "our"? Who knows.

      In my opinion the bible is a bunch of storys told to people with limited understanding. Not to be confused with limited intelligence. If you have a 10 year old son, he is still highly intelligent but with very limited understanding. He probably can not comprehend that the earth was created over billions of years, but can comprehend it was made in 7 days. He probably would not comprehend the Big Bang Theory. So you tell him 7 days. He grapse that and it is all good.

      Now, we take that idea and try to apply it to today in relation to Puma Punku. Humans from back then are as intelligent as humans are today, but did not have the understanding of complex mathematics, geology...etc. Could they have done this work, yes, with lent knowledge and lent tools. Kinda like going to the rental place and borrowing a saw and going to the library and checking out a book. It is not your saw, you cant build the saw, but you can be tought to use it. The book, knowledge provided to you that you dont have either. When you are done you give it back. What you have is a finished product and no tool and no knowledge. This is also a race of people who didn't have a written language, because it wasn't written down, the knowledge is lost and they didn't have the ability to put into writing how it was created.

      So either from a so called atlantian race, aliens, or the divine...etc the natural inhabitants of that area did not posses the knowledge or understanding none the less it was provided to them.

      I can probably offer a little proof. How many people can figure out how to manufacture these stone items, then move a 800+ ton item 10 miles or more with items they had and the knowledge they had if it was not given to them. Replicate what was built then with what they had, and show me proof it can be done.

      When did humans design a crane in modern time to lift 800 tons? How big is it? what is it made of? What is powering it because it does not operate on its own.

      I beleive man built everything on earth, the question is who/what provided the technology and tooling? Remember if you lend and help your sun build his first bird house, you tke the knowledge and the tools with you when your done. He will undoubtbly remember the build and even may tell his friends that he built it, but cant replicate it. If we look at what the acient people with writing capability has written, knowledge of stars exact locations that have not been detected until the last 20 years using the hubble telescope. It just begs that

    • profile image

      Neo 5 years ago

      GOT THE ANSWER has put forward a hypothesis that may be one of the most reasonable for consideration, without attempting to "prove" their own position. I still want detailed data. I would like to reconstruct some of this in CAD, just because.

    • profile image

      Joe 5 years ago

      Humans did not build these way!!! had help or super-smart brains to levitate the stones as no crane was used...modern machining used also. Im an engineer and say--forget it! They had advanced tools, machines.

    • profile image

      AFireSnake 5 years ago

      Just awesome that peps even have interest in this subject :) Granite.., made up of feldspar,quartz,mica,silica all have unique properties uses and effects, no doubt a deep earth indigenous rock would at least imply the makers of such amazing structures had deep connections love wisdom understanding and ties with the land, needless to say it does not mean they could have only been from this planet alone, the universe is a grand place, but an understanding of the substances used as a building matter an quite possibly its reactive tendencies with other minerals sourced from wherever possible at the time or multi-times he he most certainly shows advanced technological mindedness..take for example the hypothesis, mayby minerals were dusted on granite, and or sound wave vibrations lifting and levitated the stones, or race of giant people endowed with grand strength ( either way reasons for most creative existence on this plane or planet nourishment, water, sun, air, shelter, warmth(fire) protection, reverence, honor, awareness, togetherness, family, love. :)

    • profile image

      Amazing 5 years ago

      Here is the deal! When God first made man we (Adam & Eve) were, in a practical sense, super human. They (Them & their children) lived for hundreds of years with the full use of their brain "powers" and super human strength. We only use a fraction of what they did.

      Here's the other thing! It is possible that angels/gods or THE CREATOR, made those structures.

      Our generation is not technically advanced compared to those before us. We simply think that.

    • profile image

      gottheanswer 5 years ago

      @ Amazing, questions for you. In Genesis, it states "And Cain knew his wife" This is after God kicked him out of the Garden of Eden for killing Abel. Did Cain commit adultry if Adam and Eve was the first people or were they the first in the Garden of Eden? Did others live on earth? If so, who were they? If Adam and Eve and their desendents were technologcally superior to man today, where is the evidence of there technological society or did they intentially destroy that technology? What equipment did they use, and where is it? What happened to our intelligence along the way in comparisson to theirs? What happened to the people/society of these people? Where did they go? If the angels/gods or the Creator made the structures how are Adam and Eve and their descendents technologially supieror to man today?

    • profile image

      Mr.Kriket 5 years ago

      Many mysteries for sure,so we speculate....It's in our nature.

      Myself i do believe in Aliens E.T. call them what you will.Most of us can't wrap our minds around the vastness of space.... in our galaxy alone there is how many millions of stars,and further how many millions of galaxies out there? do a few calculations and walk along a beach and for every grain of sand you see equate that to one star... we don't get it we can't comprehend it.

      say one billion to one of those grains of sand is a star with a life bearing star capable of supporting life of any kind microbial what-ever.stands to reason that out of those capable a millionth of those may (now or in the future) develop into sentient beings. it's not only possible but more likely a reality.WE ARE AFTER ALL HERE TO TALK ABOUT IT.

      As for space travel,Einstein therorizes that as you approach light speed time slows down so if we speculate 99.9 % light speed then for all intense purpose it's non-existant.(you still with me on this?),so at that point time is almost irrelivent....the only real aging any E.T. would incur would be say at take off and slowing to land?!? I would furthur speculate that if this is the case not only would you age in minisule amounts you would also require miniscule amounts of enery(ie. calories ) to maintain a life because the biological clock would also have to slow down.Soooo if a space traveller aged at a rate of say one year to a thousand earth years they would only need one years worth of calories to travel 1000 light years (only an example).

      what im getting at is it would be possible to store that amounts needed for a four 'being' crew in a relatively small area, leaving space on a ship for fuel and other consumables (if it was even required due to the possibility of some propulsion that was a perpetual engine say.......

      If you consider the age that our scientist figure our earth is (some four billion years) then put into perspective the age of man-kind it leaves massive amounts of time for a race to develop on some other world and even if it is only two times as old as humans it's still not un-thinkable to believe they would be much more advanced than we are today!!!!Consider (hopefully)the advancements we should make at our present rate of growth in say 100 ,1000,or even 10,000 years???? just look at what we have today we didn't say three hundred years ago when the king james version of the bible was written.

      That brings us to the next cunudrum...... the Bible.

      how many religions are there today??? the king james versoin isn't that old,but it is the basis of many religions.the bible is a collection of writings not ONE book,The story of Noah and his ark isn't even a christian story,it is a much older story,adam and eve weren't tempted just once with an apple but many times over.the bible talks of angels and beings from the sky in many passages,it even says that these beings were enamoured by human women and mated with them.....

      Moses was told to follow a 'column of flame in the night skies and a pillar of cloud in the day time to lead his people from the desert' for forty years no less....what a cruel joke that was jesus.and why take forty years to do it?!?

      Natural disasters are indeed a FACT!we see it happen,Tsunami's,Earthquakes and Volcanic eruptions for a few... The Earth IS Alive! and we need to acknowledge that fact. If the is a cold period(ice-age)it only makes sense that there is a HOT period(global warming)???

      if a few degrees can plunge us into the depths glacier covered continents the same few degrees should by the same theory heat up the earth enough to warrant what we already know is happening GLOBAL WARMING.further wasn't it approx.12000-14000 years ago that was what was the issue faced by our ancestors? strangely that is damn close to half an age according to the MAYAN calender(260000 years for the earth to rotate through the tilt in the earths axis)???? FACT NOT FICTION!!

      Trial by fire I believe is supposed to be the end of this age....scientist know that the super volcano under the yellowstone basin is due for its next blow anytime now(approx. every 62,000 years) which is how long ago they figure it blew last??? coincidentally next year is the end of the MAYAN calender(December 2012).scientist know that the yellowstone basin is rising a few inches every year,thanks to a realitivly new science called Global Positioning Satelites.FACT

      As for god that is the name of the race of Aliens that made the biggest impression on our ancestors.God from the planet Godite,in the Heavenly solar system.Beware of other beings from space as they may not be as nice as us,(the devil).

      So what does the bible really tell us? be nice to others and treat people the way we want to be treated,basically,pretty much the same thing the laws of most countries try to enforce on it's native peoples isn't it.will the people excavating washington in the year 8972 say the same thing we say now about the ancients we speculate about now.undoubtedly they will how could primatives build these sites with-out modern equipment (by future stardards).

      WHY??? well i'm prtty sure if a global disaster does occur i won't be worried about making sure my children know how to splice atoms, i would want them to know important things like how to plant food to eat to survive,how to shelter themselves against the elements how to kill the native beasts that are teaching their off-spring the same things- THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TO SURVIVE!!!DONT WORRY ABOUT DISTILLING FOSSIL FUELS FOR YOUR CAR OR TO BURN IN YOUR CAVE IT WOULD BECOME IRRELEVANT.....

    • profile image

      wood67 5 years ago

      ok.....first thing,the guy that said..or might i say persons that stated "we couldn't make these today"is full of.....second,for the one that said he couldn't make a hole within a thousandth,with the tools we have today....come on!!!!ok now down to buisness,I dont have any idea how an ancient civilization constructed these.that is my answer. I do however have some ideas,and i will have to go along with the person that believes that this isn't our first time around on this planet we call earth,and posibly we are from another planet in our solar system,we as humans take it for granted that we are more intelegent than any of our ancestors,this alone leads me to believe that we will eventualy kill ourselves off,like a parasite we will devour our host,or like the person above me stated the earth will renew itself and only a few will survive,like bacteria we will again multiply,and start all over again!!over and over until we learn not to kill mother earth,someone someday will have a collection of glass coke bottles and wonder how an ancient civilization created then,along with lazer and chem etchings,we cant even do this with the stuff we have today how did they do it is what they will say,lol...have fun with this blog

    • profile image

      wood67 5 years ago

      oh...if i was unclear when i mentioned that it was very posible to construct,drill,cut,these with today's tools and equiptment then let me clarify,YES WE CAN!!!would we?probably not,we can build almost anything we want to for the right price,for instance..have you ever seen the rock most railroads were beded with?you know how hard that stuff was?lol,i have found perfect arrowheads made from it,beads,ect...but for the person that stated they couldn't drill a perfect hole with the machine and bits they had at work,i have a core drill that will drill through anything,and drills the hole the same everytime,and thats just something you can buy from greybar,granted it would take a new bit and also abrasive sizer for every hole,and i doubt its down to the thousandth after centuries of decay,that is an exageration im sure.with today's abrasive hydraulic cutters,in combination with computerized drills and sanders this is no great feat,a couple of hours...and they could also be formed and poured on site,they make marble today that will last longer than the real rock,we make our own diamonds,with 3 d9 hitrack cats and several dollies they could be moved from mine to site,no big deal,the great pyrimids were cut and built by hand,the work camps have been excavated and cuneforms told of the construction,they have found the tools,imperfect slabs,blocks,that were left behind,men willed there positions to there sons when they died was a great honor for them to participate in the building.verry few slaves were used,they were built as a gift to there king.and were also payed,the main reason for missed work was to make beer.scribes kept records of everyone that worked every day down to the hr,if they missed too much work they were if you look at the construction with open eyes it would have been posible for them to do it as well.there have been cocoa leaves found in egypt carbon dated to relieve suspicion of a hoax,so there must have been a trade rt between the continents,why wouldn't they share trade secrets?an army of ants......they have had the knowledge of geometry trig,calculus,since the civilization at summer.alien knowledge possibly,but still they posesed it and knew how to use it.sorry for no pronunciation but you get the drift.......

    • profile image

      Got the answer 5 years ago

      @ Mr. Kricket - If we look at your hypothisis, leads to one question. If man today were to die off tommorrow with the exception of a few so that repopulation could occur, how many years would it take to erase all of modern mans moderen technology? I would think 10-15 thousand years wouldn't do it. So it begs the questions, where is all there technology? I can agree with the floods, earthquakes, volcanos, meteorites...etc, but are we to assume, only the uneducated of them have survived near human extinction(s)?

      @wood67 - Same question basically, if this isn't our first time around, where is the remmmenants of their technology? The peoples of Puma Punku didn't have a written language. How did they teach their skills or the use of what equipmet/tooling? How did they move 800 ton rocks? Who planned this construction? Since this blog isn't on the Pyramids and the Egyptians I wont ask question on that.

      The greater question is, the complexity of the design that was used in Puma Punku is higly advanced interlocking blocks like keys to a lock. I can accept supierior intelligence, it just begs to ask, where is the technology/tooling used to make all of this? Without a written language, one has to ponder how they accomplished this technological design without a written plan? Again, where is all the advanced technology used to create what is left?

    • profile image

      Mr.Kriket 5 years ago

      Last week i was out side my home splitting fire wood(no i dont live in a cave,it's for my fire pit).i was side tracked by something and left my tools sitting on a log,yesterday i was out side doing some yard work and came across those tools,it had rained once since i had used them.both my axe and my splitting wedge were covered with RUST.....that was only 8 days and one rain-fall.

      So where are the tools used by ancients???Hmmmmmmm,think about it?!!

      Earlier this spring i built a fence to keep my dogs in our yard,i measured it out,staking out the boundaries,and because i wanted it to be realitively straight did what i figured was the simplest way to keep a straight line reference i used a piece of string.ya you know, a few plant fibers twisted toegether drawn tight,same stuff professional builders use today to do it.some even dip the crap in coloured chalk and snap a straight line down on flooring so they keep walls straight.pretty simple concept for our advanced age!!

      will my fence still be here 10,000 years from now,unlikely(hope my mortgage is gone by then),how about my tools?? again very unlikely!i doubt the remains of my house would be either,more than likely as we do today it will have been recycled,used for land fill or simply just rotted away.

      We speculate that the ancients had no written langauge,but we don't KNOW IT because we can only argue that we haven't found any remains of it....

      WHAT would they have used as a pallet ? paper? wood? how permanent are these things? not very,we re-print books regularly.a book a few hundred years old is worth no small amount of cash,WHY????

      Collectors of books,worth anything,have climatically controlled rooms to stop them from decaying,the ink from fading,the paper turns yellow etc.etc.....

      So where are the plans for these monoliths?probally in the same place the plans for my 82 year old house is,THE TRASH!!!

      Steel is eroded by rust,wood is eaten by incects and bacteria,paper the they tell us that plastics will take a very long period of time to decompose,maybe that technology had never been obtained by our ancestors?,maybe this time these materials will last long enough into the future that our decendants will be as perplexed as we about our ancestors(if you go with the supposition that world wide calimities have devestated 'man' before) now we have silicon,platics etc.. that will (supposedly)last for millenia,but what of it?will our decendants be able to decode any information that may yet be readable,will they be able to reproduce our machines and drop in a C.D. and say 'wow' pretty smart cookies considering they were wiped out by some thing or other?? will they in turn look at it and say 'this had to have been of extraterrestial origins because it is uncomprehendable that we could do it? considering that fact that anything else would have been buried in the depths of time?(assuming that there was some catastrophy that wiped out most of us?,'our' infastructures would be gone and any suvivors of such would basically be back to hunter/gathers... they would in fact be saying the same things we say today because all we have is a few scattered reminants of a forgotten people.

      not that great a stretch of the imagination to think that if a calmity did occur and our sciences were lost they would not comprhend plastic because it would be beyond their knowledge of naturally occuring substances. would a person living in the 12 th century A.D. understand a compact disc with the science of their day? NO they would say there is no explaination for this it MUST be from somewhere other than earth.

      there are many thing we see today that we don't comprehend about our forbearers,how and why they made some of the things they did?

      i don't think we have any idea of how long ago man left the forests and plains to take up permanent residences,man can manipulate our enviroment,we wear clothes to ward off the cold. probaly not that hard to figure out if you see the animals you are eating survive in frigid climates to understand that they can survive on open plains etc. that it must be because of the difference between fur covered skin as oppossed to bare skin,so we don cured animal skins!?!

      how about fire? you really think it was some genius who discovered it eons ago? i live in a heavily forested country and every year we have forest fires caused not by some careless camper,but something much less intelligent,LIGHTNING !! wouldn't take to much to understand that once the wood is burnt the fire stops.

      we learn that it produces heat which we exploit and take to our caves and have a sanctuary against the cold of winter.we watch the birds and rodents store food for the cold times and mimic the same things that we see. we no longer have to migrate with the herds,we think ahead and plan for it,caching nuts,dried berries etc.... and we survive.we remember through stories that differing food stuffs grow in differing places,we make trips to bring things that grow there to bring back for variety,and to get us through tougher times.we find other tribes and perhaps strike up trades for the benefit of both .you live here where this grows ,we live here,we'll give you some of the things we have abundance of for some of the things you have an abundance of.there for we don't have to make a 2 month trip to replenish our supply,nor do you.we now have commerce of sorts......

      are calmities an on-going cleansing of mankind ,hurling us down to base needs from a monetary based society,not that much of a strecth of the imagination.

      topographies change ,volcanoes erupt,vegetation dies off,forests are used up the under growth that keeps the life bearing soil dry up and the 'good' soil is carried away by the wind.that area has now become unsuitable for sustaining life,we move on to exploit some new area ,and do it again and again.the nile valley wasn't always a dessert it was at one time fertile plains ,droughts un-restricted de-forrestation made it what it is today.we see it happening today in the rain forests and strip mining operations that we know will lead to it.we are learning that we cannot rape the earth with-out consequences.....if we are finding tombs buried in the sand why couldn't there be more things buried there.we know there are ancient abandoned sites world wide.must be reasons for their abandonment,natural of self induced?? can't say but they are there!what other marvels are buried hiding in rain forests etc.?until we look we won't know.

      not beyond my imaginings that once before mankind was indeed advanced,like i attested to earlier once civilization breaks down for what-ever reasons that sciences would indeed be lost,because we would revert to suvivor mode,food and shelter would be paramount,what good would coins be if no-one had anywhere to spend it,would it be important to keep hydro electric structures up and running if there were no infastructers to transport it to homes.afraid not,after the initial lawlessness and dog eat dog mentality,we would start to crawl back up out of the darkness that overshadowed many generations and rebuild our societies ,hopefully we would beome a more ethical peoples,not the pirriahs of our past,preying on our own race.hopefully through lore we would remember our own past and build a better place for all we are appalled by some of the things we 'see' in some societies,past and present.and there is world wide efforts being made to help the less fortunate.11 million people in africa facing devestating droughts,dying for a drink of water.maybe we should take 1 billion from our north american space program to build some deep earth wells that would help them.should it be left to joe average to take money out of his own pocket to help or should our elected officials hear our pleas and do what is right,we are after all paying the frieght on those programs through taxes,and also we pay for their carribian holidays and summer homes in's all bullshit politics!! space race against who? the goverment has information they don't share,they waste money on space flight when they have no clue about life in the oceans etc.... makes sense to some

    • profile image

      Got the answer 5 years ago

      Intresting. I dont buy the we havent found a written language yet idea. We as modernized humans still inscribe in rock, head stones, monuments, landmarks...etc. Even our recent ancestors documented on rocks before using natural fiber products to communicate with.

    • profile image

      wood67 5 years ago

      @got the answer,they found a written language in the excavation at summer,there record keeping and knowledg of the universe are interestingly enough similar to ours,this is the oldest known civilization,where did they get the skils to map our solar system.....or any of there knowledg from....?this leads me to believe on older civilization existed,they didnt just spring up out of there tents and caves and create an advanced comunity like this,so the question of the day is not whether or not they had the knowledge its how the knowledge was obtained in such a short period,or meybe we dont have all the pieces to the puzle yet,they had the know how,but who tought them???im thinking that our roots are a lot bigger than we think,the same stories in the bible have been around since summer,were not going back far enough

    • profile image

      Got the answer 5 years ago

      @ wood67 where is this written language? What is it written on? I would like to see it. I agree that the area of Puma Punka and Tiwanku is the eldest known civilization. The area is said to been inhabited around 1500BC. Some say it mat be around 14,000 years old, so more research needs to be accomplished. The anciet Sumarians had a written language prior to 1500BC. Our roots may be bigger than we think because we didnt evolve from monkeys slinging their poop at each other, because they are still here.

    • profile image

      Mr.Kriket 5 years ago

      What I find perplexing is how a culture could disappear in such a short period of time?it was only some 500 years ago that cortes discovered the Inca's(and erradicated them?!?)i know that him and his troops killed a LOT of them.Did he kill every last one?I doubt that,there had to have been some survivors?why doesn't anyone understand the anything about them?Is it all educated guesses?Really,does anyone know? I don't.Even aside from the Incans,what about the other cultures from s.america?mayan's,peruvians etc...?posssibly it was because their culture,beliefs,what have you seemed so bloody and savage compared to christianity no-one took the time to try to learn about it before massacring them? why can't some of today's s.american people's understand any of it(as far as i know)?i would think even n. american indians would of had some contact with them? do they make mention of this in their lore at all?

      probally,like today there were'tradesman' who did the carvings,is it possible that written langauge was reserved for the priests/shamen or the elite?or was it really even required for their culture to function?(more points to ponder).

    • profile image

      Columbia_MO 5 years ago

      the reason this site (and all other south american sites) are not included in one of the wonders of the world list is because none of these sites were known to exist when the list was made.

    • profile image

      Cee 5 years ago

      Excellent! I'm glad to see there have been many insightful comments made since my last visit to this site, and that a very lively and interesting debate has sprung up, and I feel compelled to put my two cents worth in. The first thing I would like to say is in response to the views expressed about evolution. Four weeks ago, Got the answer pointed out (correctly) that human beings are not the descendants of modern chimps, gorillas, etc., and only four days ago again stated that we are not the descendants of monkeys. However, this is one of the biggest misunderstandings about evolution. No one is saying that we are descended from chimps. They are not our anscestors, but rather descended from the same species we are descended from in the distant past. To put this in more easily understood terms, think of them not as our parents or grandparents, but rather as our cousins. The apes that modern science believes our race to be descended from are no longer here, because they evolved into modern primates, which includes humans. This species competed successfully, and therefore spread out over a very large area, and over many millions of years, slowly began to split into various different species, including ours. Modern apes are still here because they, too are descendents of this ancient species, NOT our ancestors. Why they did not reach the same level of intelligence as humans is still unknown, but maybe it was less neccessary for them, because maybe they developed other advantages which allowed them to also compete successfully, or maybe it was just a quirk of nature, or maybe (as I personally believe) that evolution is directed by a power far greater than any of us, either God or some extraterrestrial species with technology and knowledge that the human mind is simply too primitive to comprehend, and maybe that spells God in the end. I'm not discounting Got the answer's hypothesis of us being an artificially created species, however, because that could easily tie in with my own hypothesis of God being an ancient, hyper-advanced alien species. Maybe over many eons they subtly manipulated the DNA of humans and that of other species to produce what we call evolution? One final point to make about evolution: It is an EXTREMELY slow process, involving many, many minute changes over countless generations. An ape didn't just suddenly give birth to a human baby, but very, very gradually their offsping developed new traits that allowed them to better survive, and these traits were passed on, and eventually resulted in others, which were passed on, which resulted in others, etc. Human minds have great difficulty comprehending the vast scale of the time before us and the time it takes for one species to evolve into another. Everything we believe about evolution comes from the fossil record, which is woefully inadequate. When's the last time you found a preserved skeleton of a modern animal? The conditions have to be just perfect for an animal's bones to be preserved, and the vast majority of the time it simply doesn't happen, which means the fossil record isn't just full of holes, but actually comprised of a relative handful of "snapshots" with HUGE gaps in between. This means that we find a representative of a species, then much later a representative of another species, similar to the first but with enough differences that it is considered a different type of animal. This doesn't mean that that animal was suddenly born just as it was, but that we simply haven't found the many subtly different iterations that came in between, either because none of their bones were preserved, or because we simply haven't dug in the right place yet. Anyway, enough about that. This isn't a blog about evolution, after all.

      I agree with Mr.Kriket's reply to Got the answer concerning where the advanced technology disappeared to only a few thousand years ago. If you watch Life After People and/or Aftermath: Population Zero, they actually explain about how long it would take for virtually all traces of our civilization to vanish. Without humans to maintain them, wood-frame houses would completely vanish in about forty to fifty years, massive skyscrapers would fall in about a hundred years or so, and even great monuments like the Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty would be gone in just a few hundred. Corrosion, rot, insects, and bacteria would reduce them to a new layer of topsoil, which along with unchecked plant growth would quickly cover anything that was left, and while such modern materials as plastic and styrofoam might indeed last millions of years, they would be buried so deep that a future civilization would likely only be able to find them by pure dumb luck. Interestingly, the only traces of humanity that would survive in a recognizable form would be great monolithic structures, such as the pyramids and the Great Wall of China, which due to their size and composition, could conceivably last for millions of years, with no evidence left of who built them, or how, or why.

      I do agree with Got the answer on the subject of simplifying stories, such as those told in the Bible, in order to make them understandable to people with limited scientific understanding. Our ancient ancestors did not look up at the night sky and see many suns whirling through the cosmos hundreds, thousands, or billions of light-years away like we do. They had no knowledge of outer space, and no concept of other planets that might be out there, or of other civilizations living on them. The idea would have been unfathomable for them, so instead they were told that a great being in the sky magically created the world in seven days and simply snapped his fingers to create the many forms of life found here. This concept seems ridiculous to modern science, but was quite believable for ancients with no knowledge of genetics. Let's not forget that only a few hundred years ago, our ancestors believed that solar eclipses were cause by a dragon or wolf or whatever eating the sun, and would do all kinds of things to scare it away, and genuinely believed that their actions brought the sun back. The possibility of the moon moving between the earth and sun and blocking out the light was beyond their understanding.

      I could go on for some length, but this post is already long enough, so I'll save the rest for future posts. I'm delighted to see the many thoughtful discussions that have been posted here, and let me say that in no way am I saying that one idea or the other is definitely right or wrong. As I stated some weeks ago, none of us has all the answers, but by throwing them all together and holding an intelligent debate as we are doing here, maybe, just maybe, we might find some of them. At any rate, I'll be VERY interested to see the reactions my own ideas, either for or against

    • profile image

      Landru 5 years ago

      I think ancient ppl had more open minds their pineal glands were fully opened and had more of the brain open - 40+ % back then. This is why they could build such things that we cannot today because all of our 'academics' dulled our real minds.

    • profile image

      Tom 5 years ago

      Made by ppl who were trained in mental powers...only levitation was used as no way a crane built this place! 12k years ago ppl. had superior mental ability.

    • profile image

      wood67 5 years ago

      i have to agree with cee,of course its just an opinion,as all of have opinions,the evolutional development theory is not just a theory,every lifeform of this earth evolves,every one down to the smallest one cell organism that is why the flue virus is so hard to kill,it changes every year,that which dosent kill us makes us stronger,enough of that,our ancestors have been on this earth for many thousands of yrs,its funny that in the last hundred or so yrs we advanced to the point in which we are today,i also believe we had subtle help to boot us along throuout our evolution into what we are today,we will continue to change we are not locked in to a stalemate of growth,if we are then we will perish@ tom-and landru.....we can build these things today..not a problem...why do people think we cant!!!i really dont understand this thinking,they could build them back then!!it just took a multitude of people..levers..rollers...animals...and above all TIME,to acomplish it,they have proven the great pyramids are man made.reaserch history more thoroughly before coming to snap judgments.believe what you want but reaserch what you are talking about first.the human species is verry ancient,it has progressed and regressed many times,our history is here for all to see...but you have to look at it with an open mind,did we have help..of course we did in my opinion..but dont think we are the smartest most creative and advanced time in our history on earth.we are just in a progresive stage,we may misplace our tools again....think about it,and everyone together will come up with the real answer,like i said this is just my opinion,some of the other posts have made me re think some of my beliefs...this is a good thing,a closed mind has no chance of finding the truth

    • profile image

      ZorroTech1 5 years ago

      I have read alot of posts here, I agree with some disagree with others, but the ability to express ourselves freely should never be taken for granted.

      Science helps us to find the truth through method. One worth mentioning is the ability through computer modeling to accurately project what a person of youth will look like when projected to an older age. This is done by calculating the parts of the skull which grow at statistically different rates per year. It is successfully used in locating missing persons, dentist/orth, and other areas.

      When the human skull is projected out as if a person would live for up to 900 plus years it takes on the form of what is thought of as a cro-mag skull or caveman if you will.

      Allthough i'm sure most evolution believers will get upset and argue with this point it remains to be seen by any genuine seekers of the truth that a monkey wrench has been thrown into the works.

      If man over time has grown in population then there were less in the past, and if digs only uncover on average a small percentage of those remains if any at all, then only a few of the ancient of man would have ever been found.

      If according to computer enhanced bone growth projection a mans skull projected 900 years looks exactly like the ancient "caveman" skulls found, then possibly these may actually be the remains of men no different than us who lived a whole lot longer. (the means by which they did so based on atmosphere, genetic, nutrient, etc.)

      So why rely on some theory or belief that has no applicable sci. foundation? It takes nothing less than faith to believe that which has no proof. And a group of people who live their lives following a set of beliefs based on faith is really a religion. So faith or fact? My personal opinion is that it is ok to believe in something with no proof so long as it does not blind you or prevent you or create a closed mind. And by fact I mean highly probable based on current available evidence.

      So why bring all this up in a hub on Puma? Because men who potentialy live up to 10 times longer have ten times as long of a life to obtain knowledge, gain skill, carry blocks, build structures, etc. Not to mention the perception of such a person would be significantly different than yours or mine. For example you think something 10 miles away is far because of the amount of time it takes you to get there, a long or short amount of time is understood based on the percent of the whole from which it is derived, a day, year, or lifetime.

      Also consider a man who goes to the gym everyday, his first day lifts only a small amount of weight, at the end of his first year he has grown in both strength and endurance. Now project that into a lifetime, now into ten times a lifetime.

      A person who says it cannot be done means only that it cannot be done by them or a group of them or by someone, anyone within their perception or realm of possibility, but the one thing consistantly proven is that nothing is proven to be impossible only improbable. Many men have thought outside this box and brought success to the impossible.

      Perhaps men never lived 900 years, perhaps monkeys built Puma, perhaps giant green lizard men came from the center of the earth and built it. As for me I will only know for sure when every possibility is Methodically exhausted.

      This is only partial thoughts on a large subject and I am open to discuss any.

    • profile image

      ZorroTech1 5 years ago

      Another brief comment if I may about carbon dateing, its about as reliable as the weather man, sometimes right sometimes wrong and when no one holds u accountable either way maybe its just a guess. One thing it is for sure is not a good foundation to build a proof to say anything is a "proven fact", but I do not dismiss it all together.

      Something else, as far as the article saying only the greatest arch. and eng. were allowed to build at this site.

      That is one possible explination, but it is also possible that they were slaves, but understand that slaves were the greatest possible constructors because that is all they did everyday their entire lives. And it is also the most probable reason the building tech. was lost.

      Because the "kings" or "god men" of the day did not posses the knowledge themselves. Any sudden wiping out of most people would probably result in one of two scenerios,

      First the elite survived and did not possess the skill or knowledge or ability or willingness to do the work themselves and continue building such things and also there werent enough people to make or be made to do so.

      Second the slaves survived and allthough they posessed the skill and knowledge had no desire whatsoever to continue or rebuild these places only to spend the rest of their lives doing voluntarily what they were made to do forcefully.

      What about the mental status of those left behind after such a large tragedy.

      Slaves only knowing their slave work their entire lives would most likely not be free thinkers but operating on allmost a subconcious level, looking to the kings as gods. A large scale destruction would only leave such people who thought in such ways believing that another or higher god caused the destruction and there by thinking that "god" didnt want such things built.

      This being only a small part of any one of hundreds of possible explinations.

      If you actually read this thank you.

    • profile image

      Got the Answer 5 years ago

      @ ZorroTech1 - If a computer can say this is what a human skull would like like if man would live to be 900 years old, believing in that would also be faith, because as we know it, man has not lived 900 years. So the projection of what the skull would look like would be a theroy and not a fact. Even when theyuse the computer to take a 7 yoa skull and say this is what it would look like at the age of 35 yoa would also be speculation, because many factors affect bone gtowth, enviroment, genetics, diet...etc. Just like your arguent about carbon dating. It gives us a place to start from in the absence of fact(s) or the missing puzzle pieces to put all the facts in order. If a man was to take one step, it does not prove he can walk. We would need to see many steps to deterime that man can walk. So now we look at Puma Punku and we have taken a step. Hypothesis and theroys can be made based on the one step. Remember at one time it was a fact that the Earth was flat, and the Earth was the center of the universe. It was a step based on the technology of the age, even though others believed the Earth was not flat and that the Earth was not the center of the universe. Those were theroys back then, but facts today. We have to start somewhere.

    • profile image

      wood67 5 years ago

      ok....the thing is..we have more than ample tools..knowlege..everything that we need to build these things today..having said this...i believe that they could have been built then(there there arent they) i mean is by humans..its been proven that humans built the great far as being made from diorite...this is verry interesting...and i think it could still have been like the ancients made atalatle points...drilled holes..ect.but like john k pointed out you dont need a harder material..just perseverence..the native americans chiped stone tools with antlers..this is definitly not harder than the substance the tools were made out of..the harder a substance is..the more brittle it is also..add have the begining of whatever you are making...this was ancient mans specialty...making things from stone..and im going to say this again..i have found perfect arrow heads made from the stuff the railroads bedded there tracks with..this is beyond harder than diorite..this is an iron slag and unprocessed iron ore from when they made the track(the stuff that they couldnt melt that stayed solid + excess slag= verry hard)and these arrow heads were made by indians in the 19 century that came from asia...newcomers..they were still like i said i think it could have been done by a more advanced stable society..that already farmed..ect...ect..because if you think about it...this is what they did.........that was there speciality..working stone,any way interesting blog..lot of good stuff here..ive read most everyones

    • profile image

      Landru 5 years ago

      Id like to see the truth our govt hides...aliens, ancient knowledge, hidden from us ppl. Glad to see someone show it here.

    • profile image

      shahrzad 5 years ago

      it's a theory of me...................................

      I assume that the world had finished once and in those moments before there were human with knows for example using of the energy of something else like earth... and perhaps they were more intelligence of us. for more info contact me!

    • profile image

      micky readman 5 years ago

      i think that every so often an asteroid hits the earth at such force that it obliterates everything and evrything goes back to molten metal and there is no trace of anything from previous and man and dinosaur included...everything is just so hot and everything is just turned back into what it was before we were anywhere near existance.

    • profile image

      Mr.Kriket 5 years ago

      have been thinking about this hub and been in to catch up on new posts.not really much to add to it but.....

      if god threw down the tower of babel why would he allow us to build sky scrappers and edificies like the cn tower? wouldnt he be even more worried about structure that were ten times higher or more?

      more than likely the tower toppled due to poor foundation than an act of god,or gods. which is it?

      for me there are to many discrepencies in the bible for it to be a real book of god.if it was gods words wouldnt he make it so there were NO discrepencies?why would the bible talk of beings from the skies as anything but angels demonds or god?if man was created in 'his' image why would beings from the sky find the females so beautiful they would want to fornicate with them?does it make sense to anyone else?2000 years ago much that was not understood was accredited to god,the movement of the stars the changing of the seasons etc etc ,today we understand these things so it isnt god at all in fact simply the laws of the planentary movements.

      people here still refer to acts of faith,really are you serious?!? we dont have the answer so it is in fact god that helped them?ok,you keep believing that.where has god gone to? why doesn't he make himself known to us why has there been no miracles of late,i'll tell you why ,because we have science today that discredits such occurances,which i'm sure it would have done the same thing 2000 years ago if it was common knowledge then.

      if you look at historical paintings even of biblical scenes why would the authors/artists feel so compelled to put alien aircraft in said paintings?there are many of these!!

      who is to say what is hidden in the vatican libraries?i would assume that which wasn't destroyed by zealous believers in acts of 'faith' in their religion is secreted away there.if it went against the church view it was heathen knowledge that had to be destroyed.but if you really think about it the bible tells us that only the believers,that only those with faith in god would be given eternal life why would they even worry about it?let the heathen believe what they want because they won't be saved.

      the bible talks of no material possesions,that men of god should be as the poor,do unto others....blah blah blah....

      funny how they can rationalize things like the crusades,salem witch hunts etc etc as being done for the good of the church when the bible clearly states otherwise.

      it wasnt for the good of the church it was done for love of money and material possesions,the same as it is today.the goverment?, ha that isn't even worth getting into because again it is all about greed and keeping the people 'down'.

      all people today are weighted down with the dogmas of thier societies so it is hard to have a completely un-biased opinion wheather or not we admit it.we are a product of our in our advanced times we still have war over religion instead of understanding each other or at least tolerance for that which we don't can we possibly understand that which has little or no fact when we cant tolerate things like that? and no i'm not saying EVERYONE has that mentallity but more that enough of it still exists for it to be a problem.

      i do believe that the knowledge we seek to understand these mysteries is 'out there' but until we can learn to get along it won't is probally a good thing anyhow because we all know what a little knowledge in the wrong hands can do....oppression,fanatisism,racial cleansing, etc. etc...

      it may be that the knowledge wasnt lost but more than likely it was erased by fantics who fear the truth and it's impact on thier own beliefs,so with that said,until we have proof we will just keep speculating.and please lets keep faith out of it,for me at least that has no merit for this discussion.i mean refering to historical or biblical statements may have some relevance but don't try to tell me that because we can't explain it it is gods handy work.

    • profile image

      Chuck 5 years ago

      What a super find!!! I want to go there and see it.

    • profile image

      mikey b 5 years ago

      for the person who put up the totally unrelated comment about discrepancies in the Bible, it seems more likely to be a lack of understanding on your part than inconsistancy on GOD's part.

    • profile image

      The Ricker 5 years ago

      Facts are Facts ,We (Mankind) doesn't have the abilty to make lazer light go to a point and stop which is what i believe was used to make these blocks.A wise man said "The more we know, the more we know nothing".

    • profile image

      Antonio Travieso 5 years ago

      Ancient people on earth knew our universe gets pyramid's form. That why they built pyramids to represent the greatest mystery of it. Also they knew our universe gets a gate, that it is located traveling along our universe from south of our planet, which connect to a parallel universe.

    • profile image

      Graham 5 years ago

      Zachria Zitchin, learn more.

    • profile image

      don 5 years ago

      civilizations rise and fall, when they fall so do their abilities, puma pucco, something aint it, perhaps an intellar craft carved and built from an asteroid in extreme low gravity, really rough landing here.

    • profile image

      Billish 5 years ago

      I did it. There. Now you know the truth.

    • DareStiney profile image

      DareStiney 5 years ago from Norman, OK

      The large stone slabs are made from red sandstone. According to Wikipedia, "The other stonework and facing of the Pumapunku consists of a mixture of andesite (diorite) and red sandstone." The small faces were carved from a mixture of diorite and red sand stone. Ancient Egyptians carved diorite vases in 3600 BC.

      Just because it's an ancient civilization doesn't mean they weren't capable of performing such masonry. Alien encounters and hocus-pocus that's on the History Channel is not taught in major universities. Why? Because it's not true!

    • profile image

      AEdgley 5 years ago

      Unity is an amazing phenomena. Stop. Reflect on each other and is it not possible that creation extends from the very depths of the known and unknown universe to even our metaphysical volition(will). If this is not apparent than you now see what was lost and forgotten. The future will be no different from any past. Cyclical entropy!

    • profile image

      Hildegard McKee 5 years ago

      Absolutely fascinating. Clearly this is the handywork of an advanced culture. Just because we have not yet encountered an alien race does not mean they do not exist. The bible warns that the time of the end is near. Anything is possible. I have read quite extensively and Zecharia Sitchin makes a strong case.

    • profile image

      Hannigan 5 years ago

      Well first I just don't buy they are 800 tons. For a ton is 2000 pounds and the person who put this data suggests that one stone weights 1.6 million pounds. Who says they are 800 tons have they been weighed? I am the structure had great importance to the people in the region and many from all over came to help build it.

      New grange in Ireland when it was built people from all over the island came to see it being built and I am sure many of them stayed to help. If you have groups of people working on sections break the big picture into smaller pieces it's not as big as task as it seems.

    • profile image

      Emilye 5 years ago

      I'm just some 15 year old that's been watching Ancient Aliens on the History channel, but I quite like their theories and ideas. It explains everything.

      Basically, an ancient alien race from a dying world came here and produced humans, I've heard somewhere that 98% of our DNA is unreadable and possibly what the ancient aliens used to record their civilization's data or something along those lines.

      Aliens are God, aliens are Angels (or messengers), aliens explain the unexplained mysteries. Think about it. Mostly everything comes from the sky or the 'heavens'.

      What I've noticed in many creation stories is that there was once a great flood (could be a metaphor), and what I have gathered to be lava came bubbling up creating mountains and land (is scientifically proven.)

      Conclusion: this was an ancient alien civilization that once created us beings on Earth.

    • profile image

      Michael Bird 5 years ago

      interesting to hear everyones comments and theorys but i am a stonemason and people who say this still cant be done today are wrong of course it can be done i myself have done a lot of jobs and projects or greater difficulty that this although yes it would be verry difficult all them years ago, i strongly belive that we under estimate the ancient people and that they knew and had a hell of a lot just like us today we use the tools we have and make them work for us thats all they were doing they had there own set of tools that they used and made them work for them and the work that you see in the pics proves it, have you ever heard of the freemasons ?? well the original freemasons started as a group of highly skilled stonemasons who formed the group too keep all the secrets and tricks of the trade a secret they did not want anyone else knowing there skills and tricks and faster ways shortcuts ect therefore no one could be better than them and there jobs were safe, it says '' its like only the best tradesmen were allowed to work on the site'' well maybe this is true maybe only the best worked here useing all there skills and knowledge to make this incrediable building then destroyed there plans and drawings so no one could see how they did it keeping there secrets a secret, these guys are just people like us so if we can do it today y cant they do it then, i mean aliens ?? are you serious ?? it was just a bunch or trades men doing a job that they had a passion for the same as i do today

    • profile image

      17 year old bulgarian 5 years ago

      our ancestors weren't stupid. Every story and drawing passed down through the generations has some fact behind it. The bible is all true but we have interpreted it incorrectly. We were created by god(aliens). They came from heaven(space). God made us in his image(they made us who we are). etc...In order for the human civilization to keep expanding and reach new limits we must let go of our current religions and beliefs. We must look to the past in order to go forward!

    • profile image

      Ravyn 5 years ago

      For those who refute the idea of "ancient astronauts" or advanced beings, think of it this way...We sent men to a moon we new little about in order to learn and discover. What if, when we landed, we had stumbled across a primitive civilization living on the moon? Far fetched I know but WHAT IF? It would seem natural to me for those people to look at our astronauts as "Gods". What do you think those people might think if we had built terraform stations in order for us to continue our exploration of the moon. They might look at those as temples. Then after we are done exploring we leave the moon to its indigenous people, and not go back, leaving behind all the buildings. What do you think their future explorers will think when they find them buried under thousands of years of moon dust? There are no records of who, or how, or why because that is how it was meant to be when "they" left. We may never have these answers until they decide we are ready for them to come back...that is if they still exist and I hope they do.

    • profile image

      puma punku 5 years ago

      ...gr8 video...bad music background...

    • profile image

      garymac21 5 years ago

      "Since all knowledge comes from God" - in a close competition, this comment must take the prize for most foolish. And Terry's proof of this claim, presumably? Must be the Bible. Ah, yes...thanks for your contribution to our scientific discussion, Terry. Run along and donate to your church, now.

    • profile image

      mike d 5 years ago

      interesting comments over the years...First of all, knowledge is NEVER lost, its just not used for todays life style. Let me give you an example of "lost" knowledge. An elder (native) was asked why not that many people come to talk to him any more an why do the young people go to talk to this younger man who has stories to share an the young people are quite taken with him? He was asked, do your stories have no relevance in todays world? Aren't you worried that one day all your stories will be lost? Why do the young people not listen to you or come to you for advice?

      The elder replied that yes, his stories seems to have lost all relevance in todays world, the younger mans stories are more captivating an exciting an need to be told for todays young people...but...he replied, my stories are never an will never be lost, even if no one talks to me until the day i die an i cannot pass these stories on my stories will never be lost. For they are not my stories, they are the creators stories, i was just chosen to pass them on an when, if in the future the need for these stories need to be told, the creator will choose someone an give them these stories to pass on, for they are not my stories an i know they will never be lost, even if no one speaks of them for many years.

      i love this story as its absolutely true, the stories of our ancient ancestors, for us, they are lost but in reality they are never lost..i've always maintained that in order to know the truth all one has to do is ask the creator an pray for answers. So, all one has to do is go visit the site in question or any site, do a lil ceremony an ask the creator for answers an he will give them to you in ur dreams. its as easy as that, i ask for dreams an i am rarely disappointed, even though they don't come, sometimes, immediately like my humnaness wants, but they do come. if i had a way, i would go visit these sites an ask for answers, not from man, but from the creator.

      secondly, Darwin would be absolutely shocked to hear about the "evolution of man" an how that has evolved into what it is today. He wasn't talking about the evolution of man when he wrote his book, but he was talking about the evolution of animals an plants. their ability to adapt to change. whe environmental conditions make the need for change a reality an the need to adapt to survive.

      Thirdly: lol, thirdly...the bible is a collection of stories that the sheep herders use to tell to pass the time an someone collected them through oral tradtion an wrote them down as a collection an someone said these stories are true an gods word an what not an called it a holy book of stories an thats how the bible came to be, through oral traditions an camp fire stories.

      Fourth: most natives from the past told stories through oral tradition, is it not conceivable that these people, if they did not write there stories down simply handed them down to each other generation to generation?

      Why, if i may pose a question, does the absence of any written word automatically denote that they are stupid or less intelligent than we are today? My intelligence an everyone else has been unchanged since we were 5 years old. What has changed is OUR ability to gather an retain knowledge. To learn from the world around us through observation, or by gathering knowledge in schools.

      I too am absolutely fascinated by these ancient stuctures an would love to know how they built them, but one of the great pleasures in life is not knowing sometimes but building our own lil world around what is a mystery an living in that lil world we create just for the pleasure of passing time.

      On a totally unrelated note, but can be linked to oral tradition so i don't think i'm outta line by posting this, but there is a group of natives living around hudson bay, in canada for those who don't know, but they have stories from oral tradition that tell of stories of the bigfoot creature as a known an living comes from a parallel dimension. It comes an goes at will, that's why its foot prints disappear all of a sudden...this story is steeped in oral tradition an everyone in north america has heard of the bigfoot creature, some claim to see it, but because its an oral tradition story, does that diminish the validness of who or what the story is about?

    • profile image

      willyis83 5 years ago

      I think that the people that created those ruins got smart over time. "Like how we are" and they had many advancesin enginering but we have no evidence because of the big flood. And It kinda just wiped out everything. Also the earth during that time probably had lots of civilizations or, "towns and cites" and were very smart because of growth and discoveries. Just like how it is right now. #83

    • profile image

      x3ntr1x 5 years ago


      Reading about Ancient Architecure esp. the Incan Cuzco was quite AMAZING since there's a lot of eerie connection with my own culture and heritage. I belong to a tribal region in Meghalaya, INDIA (South East Asia).

      Meghalaya is a state territory in north-eastern INDIA (South East Asia). The word "Meghalaya" literally means the Abode of Clouds in Sanskrit and other Indic languages. Our tribal people consists of The Khasi, Jaintia, Bhoi, War collectively known as the Hynniewtrep (meaning 7 huts) people, also known to be one of the earliest ethnic group of settlers in the Indian sub-continent, belonging to the Proto Austroloid Monkhmer race.

      When your website mentioned the imperial city CUSZO meaning ‘navel of the earth,’ it was EERIE since - One of our most important historic and cultural treasure is 'U Lum Sohpetbneng" Peak (1434 metres) – which in our language means 'navel of heaven', it symbolises the deep rooted spiritual belief of the Hynniewtrep – the Sevenhuts people.

      Our culture believes that in the past there was a GOLDEN BRIDGE on the peak of this mountain. Which was a direct link to our heavenly brothers and sisters called the Khyndaiskum (the heavenly nine huts people). But man later sinned and this bridge was destroyed by man and we were left only with the seven huts; losing contact with the heavenly hynniewskum; who'd frequently visit earth to impart knowledge and spiritual wisdom.

      To make up for this, we have a trek to the peak once a year to maintain contact with our heavenly brethren. After coming down after the trek, people feel more spiritually alert, healthy and energetic. There's one instant i've heard one guy after a trek to the peak was later attacked by a few robbers. When he looked at their eyes the robbers got so scared stiff (reason unknown?) they all ran away.

      Your website mentioned that people don't believe in the ability of ancient and native tribal people to create such wonders, so they suggest that they were either made made by master builders or aleins/extraterrestrial beings with superior technology that made all that possible.

      I'd like to mention that our people have erected megaliths and monoliths from the past which are thought to be impossible to be moved even by a 100 people. In some, the ashes of the dead person are deposited in cairns or cenotaphs. Even today, those remaining monoliths and stone structures are used by believers since: one can hear the whispers of ancient ancestors and receive spiritual wisdom and knowledge by sitting on them, hugging them or placing one's ears to the stone. They are considered a source of spiritual energy linking the person to our heavenly brethren.

      If you're wondering how they move such huge structures. In our culture even today, there are few master and dedicated priests who can move these giant stones by prayers. Our clan has burial caves that contain the bones of ancestors;having an opening stone so huge that it's impossible to move it even 1 mm by a 100 people. The priest prays and the stone starts sliding or floating in the air and moves. I've witnessed this event and huge megaliths spinning 1 feet off the ground only by prayer. THERE!! SEE!! NO ALIENS OR ETS. JUST SPIRITUAL WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE!!

      THERE'S ALSO A LOT OF ARTICLES ABOUT SO CALLED GIANTS YOUR INTERNET COMMUNITY CALLS NEPHILIMS. Well, we also have our fair share of ancient giants with evidence to link their existence. On the road from Cherra to Jaintia in Meghalaya is a singular ravine, some 600 yards in length, and 80 feet in depth, with sides remarkably even, and regularly parallel. The far end contains a large stone container believed to be the personal belonging of RAMHAH. It's called KHOH RAMHAH (meaning khoh-basket and ramhah-giant). We believe our ancestors were stronger and smarter coz human blood was purer and sin was not rampant. We also had regular spiritual contact with our heavenly brethren through prayers. So human who were bigger or taller than the average human being is possible.



      I have photos of the structures and places mentioned; if you're interested:


      2. MONOLITHS AND MEGALITHS (next time I get permission to snap a photo of the floating / flying monoliths and megaliths i'll mail it to you if you're interested)



      Kmen Lang

      A native of Meghalaya, INDIA (South East Asia)

    • profile image

      Brandon 5 years ago

      I can almost say I would think they made some a form or a template they crushed the rocks and made large amounts of small particles like "Dust" from the materials mixing the two like we do today as with concrete same method I have made similar forms of art using the same method the smooth look to the sharp corners and flat side are the same I believe they are the reason why we have had stone art from many centuries because as time went on people starting teaching others how to reform rock just a theory.



    • profile image

      Blackowl 5 years ago

      If you can tell me how the Coral Castle was built in Florida, I will tell you how these stones were cut and placed.

    • profile image

      Devin 5 years ago

      I live in Wyoming and I have stumbled upon a lost ancient civilization a that had to be created by little people but also around these places I have found giant stones that I can tell have been placed on the ground Andi had theory that they where an outline to An ancient roof. Seeing these pictures of this amazing place and reading about the Wyoming legend I now know I have come across some thing truly amazing

    • rafken profile image

      rafken 5 years ago from The worlds my oyster

      Very good hub. I was going to write one on this but could do no better than you have and so will not bother. We seem to have similar interests so try reading one of mine. Up and shared.

    • profile image

      Jimmy 5 years ago

      Why is there no one in the world who knows as much about electricity as Nikola Tesla did? If he learned it, why did society largely forget his knowledge? Must be aliens.

      Or, maybe he just didn't ever find any students capable of fully learning what he knew, and the advanced techniques died when he did.

      The same thing happened here. One guy was born way back then, super genius stone cutter and fitter. He got support of the town/king/whatever and built this place. He probably had a whole team of smart workers, but none smart enough to carry on the work after he died.

    • profile image

      rich 5 years ago

      A lot of good points in a whole lot of noise.

      Bottom line: Puma Punku is absolute proof of a level of precision high-technology in stone work, engineering, math, and astronomy that existed LONG before we are told that was possible: 12000 to 17000 years. Even if it's not that old, I simply can't understand why this site isn't the focus of a "moon-shot" level of intense study given it's totally obvious implications. I guess we are bound to repeat history.

      PS: Some of the knowledge from the builders is probably around in the form of the engineered language Aymara. (Note1: That the future is behind us makes perfect sense: think of sitting in a train facing backwards. You can see the past stretching in front of you as the future comes unseen from behind. Note2: Having a three-valued logic: true, false, and uncertain is more powerful than Aristotelian binary logic with its excluded middle. If ever there were a time to realize things are not always black or white, now is it! Note3: A clean pronounciation and syntax which is optimized to be concise and deal with abstract concepts.) FWIW: Aymara is the language of the lupihakes ("shining beings"). More at

      PPS: The alien and religious talk is really an impediment to simply getting more facts about the actual site. Those issues don't matter - yet. The construction, and destruction, of the site does. Isn't rewriting the textbooks, the whole f*ing point of science's search for truth? Who wouldn't want to become famous for important new discoveries that are of earth-shaking proportions (sorry, couldn't help it)? We need to look at this from a completely unbiased perspective and learn whatever we can from this priceless gift to us from our ancestors. Period. Now!

    • profile image

      JerryP 5 years ago

      I think the basic problem we all have with our questioning, is that we are trying to figure out something from within a box; that totally resides outside the box. We all are brainwashed from birth on and it is extremely hard to think outside the box. The more education you have the harder it becomes. Tesla's ideas are not dead, Coral Castle was not done using levers, Puma Punka, Great Pyramid, etc. is not difficult to really understand - as long as you don't follow Stephen Hawking, Einstein, etc. These folks are reverse engineering the Universe - less than 50-50 chance of getting it correct. Yes, they know the effects, but have no idea of why (or the real reason, and everything has a reason). Puma Punka was built by individuals that understood gravity - more importantly anti-gravity. If we do't have gravity right, the "Standard Model" will never find anti-gravity, like Ed Leedskalnin did. We came up with gravity from Maxwell's magnetic theories, they were wrong, and thus so is gravity. Want out of the box? Plenty of places to look, but here is a real good one to start Reality Revealed by Douglas Vogt. I am also writing a book called 'Beginning of u and i' - u and i are fictitious characters (hence lower case) based upon all the information availble today to start a Universe we live in today, yes alot contradiction and it takes common sense to unravel it all. But common sense works! Complexity is man's pride; Simplicity is man's intelligence. I believe the Universe was built on simplicity! One reason, Puma Punka!!

    • profile image

      sara 5 years ago

      Even when i was really little - age 5, 6, 7 etc i used to === night dream and day dream about steps and pyramids. Long before I ever saw them on TV......... in school I finally started learning about the pyramids in Egypt.... but there was something not right about them...

      ..they did not match my idea of a pyramid at all........... my many drawings all had steps and lush green surroundings...... such vivid sounds of hundreds of different animals....... vivid smells of plants,,,trees,,,flowers...etc.....

      .....vivid colors of greens from surrounding forests......brilliant colors from all the animals........and beautiful colors of the clothes the people were wearing including myself.

      The Egypt scene I was being shown in school around age 8 had none of that. I was confused and said nothing to anyone.

      One day a few years later one of the teachers recognized a painting I made in art class -- and said OH - you know Machu Pichu".

      I had no idea what she was talking about so she showed me a book.

      I recognized every single page in it.

      I could easily tell her what was around the corner of each building.

      I could easily remember the smells,,,,sounds,,,views etc.

      I told her there were two places I knew.

      What was the other one she asked....but I did not know what it was called. Only my pictures in my mind.

      So I drew it.

      She did know it..... She showed me a photo in another book and sure enough- it was --- tao tewaukon.

      Later she found another location from my drawings ==== puma punku.

      That teacher moved away and I dropped my quest because nobody else took me seriously.

      I have detailed dreams about how much I loved my people of the land.

      My memory is of being a queen of a great King - I can see and still hear his voice but no name.

      I remember helping people with crops, education, judgments & tribunals, health issues and festivals.

      The information I see on TV sometimes is confusing to me.

      Nobody did any sacrifices or warring with neighbors.

      Every day was about education, peaceful kindness and happy living by thankfulness from our creator.

      The last memory I have is a traumatic awareness we all had to suddenly leave immediately -- but I don’t know why.

      I can remember how my heart hurt because I could not imagine life anywhere else.

      I can remember watching the sky night and day with other people and talking extensively about it...but I don’t know why.

      The last 10 years I have lost many hours of sleep at night due to my dreams of this.

      My day visions sometimes make me pull off the side of the road -- they are so strong.

      Now the last two years I have started hearing voices - whispers and seeing things - people here and there.

      Just barely there like I need better glasses or something ...or a hearing aid to hear better.

      I am overwhelmed and take notes all the time but have to hide them.

      The strongest feeling every second of my life is to hurry - we don’t have much time !

      *** get back to your home Tao tewukon.....get ready........but I don’t know what for.

      I know the voices are quiet so I listen more intently.

      I know they are emphasizing timing and a schedule I must be aware of.

      I know I my heart aches for missing my king and my people I loved so very much.

      I know the years I live now .... in this life are measured much more shortly than in my previous life.

      The most prevalent common denominator to the whispers and signs coming from all sides all around me is ( HURRY )

      But I don’t know who to ask for help.

      Do you ???


      I attached photo of me to this email. Maybe you can see something.

    • profile image

      Got the answer 5 years ago

      @ Sara, yes I do know, I know your full of it!

    • profile image

      MdBilly 5 years ago

      OK, Here is what I strongly feel is the reason for Puma Punku, so buckle up Star Trek fans for Warp travel and sone food for thought.

      The MilkyWay our galaxy is the largest of the easily viewable galaxys. Our solar system and our blue/green water planet is on the outer edge of one of our galaxies spirals.

      Now we have been flying planes for about 100+ years Thanks to the Wright Brothers and have took a few baby steps in space travel.

      Can you just imagine HOW FAR ahead our baby steps space travel would be if we had say 1000 or 5000 years of space travel under our Star Trek belts.

      Our sun and solar system is relatively young compared to some of the older, bigger suns and carbon based/water planets that we have found in the goldie locks zone ring of water carbon based life planets. And we have just started looking for these building blocks of life with primative tools at mostly near by suns.

      If you have a humanoid species that has been doing space travel for 5000 years, they most likly are civilized, and they are space explores, similiar to the star trek TV shows. They either have warp drive capabilites or can get around Einsteins laws of physics related to the speed of light, via worm holes or something we have not yet discovered. These people can travel across our galaxy like we fly to Europe.

      But no matter what propulsion they use they will need some energy source, be it nuclear, a star trek type powerful crystal.

      Now my hypothesie is that 15,000-25,000 years ago they stopped at our planet for x years to replenish their fuel and or replenish whatever they needed many times.

      They mined the elements they needed. Also it is known that this area and several others in this region of South America is rich in elements, gold, silver, uranium, plus a hugh fresh water lake and food, etc was available.

      Being that our solar system planet is on a outer spiral of our galaxy and has a oxygen environment with water, this was their jump off spot to explore other galaxies, e.g Andromona, etc. Being a civalisized people they were not going to muck with our natural evolution processes as they probably used earth mult times until the resource they needed was exhausted or to difficult to extract and or was more easily found elsewhere.

      Yes these were ancient aliens that look alot like us and they did leave us a few teaser foot prints of information and building, etc and they worked with the mostly uncivilized peoples and passed along some simple knowledge, that is interesting, why because these mostly uncivilized peoples were not capable of these feats without someones guidance and mentoring for years..

      But here is something to think about and ponder, being as advanced as they are, they new when our planet and sun was about to have a MEE Mass Extintion Event and they stopped returning. Now the Myians have this end of time thing croniclized, based on these same folks and it is tied to the 27,000 year clock and our solar systems rotations within the spiral and alignments related to the center of the galaxy's black hole and the planets etc lining up. This could cause the N/S poles to swap, could cause violent earthquakes and giant waves and floods or could again cause nothing as we have had a few 27,000 year time cycles that nothing has taken place.

      But one thing is for sure, we are way, way past over do for another MEE for the 5th time.

      But the bottom line is things are in Gods hands and only He knows the time for things to come to and end again. But based on this corrupt and greedy world we live in it could be getting close to our end, read the events in the Bibles Book of Revelations as those scrolls and writtings survived for a reason..

    • profile image

      paul amato 5 years ago

      as to puma puncu, it shows no learning curve like the egyptians. no step pyramid, or bent pyramid. it is perfection right out of the really is a wonder even when humans build great things there are signs of trial and error. not here. and no remnants of tools possible to construct this site

    • profile image

      Got The Answer 5 years ago

      @MdBilly the Milkyway Galaxy is 100,000 light years across. There are several galaxy's that are 1 million light years across. We by no means live in a large galaxy.

      @Paul Amato Egypt has stepped pyraminds as well. So your statment in incorrect as well.

    • profile image

      Byron L. Wheeler 5 years ago

      @MdBilly actually, each galaxy is a universe in unto itself. With maybe 500 billion stars, we hardly need to travel two and a half million light years to Andromeda to look around. Does anyone travel five miles to a 7-11 hoping the product selection might be different than the 7-11 down the street. And how arrogant of us to think we know where we are in the galaxy. Who among us has had an out of galaxy experience to make such an observation? As for Puma punku, in four and a half billion years there could have been 100 highly advanced civilizations to have come and gone on earth. We saw what one six mile wide asteroid did to the dinosaurs. In terms of eons and epochs that could be adnauseamly regular occurence.

      Or, it could have been aliens. Anyone who thinks there aren't trillions of life harbouring planets across the a moron! Sorry, if that's you...own it! Here's a thought...we've examined exactly one solar system in the universe in search of life. We found it on earth...possibly mars in the past...and possibly now in the liquid oceans of europa. Duh!!

    • profile image

      holand 5 years ago

      this is cool

    • profile image

      Dustin 5 years ago

      Aliens are humanoids from earth that have evolved by different means- probably from being in outerspace for more than thousands of years. No one said aliens are from a different planet. Theres been many branches of humans through out the past. Maybe were not even realted to aliens. The fact is Puma Punku makes people mad becaus it takes them out of the comfort of their mind frame, Thats religiously based. The truth is these people, or whatever, might not even have been related to "us"- Homo Sapien Sapiens. If they were then obviously a flood or something happened, that wiped out their civilization along with their knowledge and writings. I wish people would stop watching Ancient aliens and taking their question based narritive to heart. watch it and 1 or 2 cools things might be true. Still miss guided. We dont know our past becuase it would scare us to death and we would realize a grand truth- EVERYTHING IS POINTLESS. ANd your not important,- and your not important for telling society their not important. the only thing you can do is live your life with the emotion that comes with it. Help your neighbors and find love. because most of you people are probably lonely and dont want to conform to society, for whatever insecurity. So you try to find the truth. All I know is 5 years of "soul searching' and self study. Is a waist of muther fuckin time. Have Fun dumbasses. do that shit when your an old man. -5 years im only 21. you can only be third person for so long. Do you have fight or not?

    • profile image

      corwinsr 5 years ago

      It's impressive that this conversation has been going on continuously - more or less - for over two years.

      I'm inclined to believe in the lost technological civilization theory more than anything.

      I recently heard a radio interview about all the space junk orbiting the earth right now and a caller asked how long it would take for everything to either drop out of orbit or fling off into space if people disappeared tomorrow and the fellow being interviewed (I believe he was from Nasa but I can't confirm) said that most of it would be gone in just a few hundred years and in a couple thousand years all of it would be gone.

      There was a series called Life After People that dealt with similar questions. By all accounts there would be nothing left of us in just a few thousand years. No cities, no orbiting space satellites or debris - not much of anything. Even landfills would eventually decompose into an unrecognizable mass. Everything I've researched says that glass would be the thing that lasts longest.

      My son said that if this theory was true why don't we find archaeological evidence? There are a lot of plausible reasons why we haven't. For one thing people tend to live in the same places - over and over and over again. Mostly coastal or somewhere near water so we are pretty much living on where those ruins would be.

      Another thing to consider is the nature of these megaliths around the world and at Puma Punku. Just because we live in a fast moving, mostly urban, disposable society does not mean a past civilization took that route.

      There are examples of agrarian societies that you could imagine becoming technologically advanced but maintaining more of a relationship with nature.

      A society such as this could grow with sensibilities that were more aligned with sustaining a small population with strong local groupings. Such a society could also see the obvious advantages of building with stone.

      Clearly, it last longer than what we build with.

      Scientists are supposed to have open minds when there’s a lack of evidence or evidence that contradicts accepted theory. With that in mind I really don't see why this is regarded by mainstream archaeologists as implausible.

      Go to any natural history museum around the world – and I’ve been to many - and you will find boxes and crates and drawers with items that have no place in the current orthodoxy or archaeology. They don't fit anything we know so they’re never displayed.

      In the face of that it's frustrating that there is not a more open discussion of such possibilities.

    • profile image

      GECNA 5 years ago

      These comments are very entertaining, to say the least!

      To realize what people are capable of constructing, consider the large structures that are built for offshore oil production. The largest single floating crane can lift more than 8000 tons, so 800 tons is not a stretch. It is nearly certain that these cranes will not exist in 1000 years. They were designed and built by humans. If human minds can conceive them now, who is to say that they couldn't have done so in the past. All it takes is a reason to do it, the will to do so, the right materials, and time to develop the know-how (the evolution of heavy-lift offshore cranes did not occur overnight). The materials we have found suitable to build such cranes do not last long, so it's reasonable to expect the tools that were used for Puma Punku have long since vanished. Also, as others have pointed out, the tools would not have been left at the construction site.

      Don't underestimate the capacity of the human species!

    • reagu profile image

      reagu 5 years ago from Los Angeles

      I love mysteries of the ancient world. This one is well-written. Thanks.

    • profile image

      Ray Arayay 5 years ago

      These are remnants of last civilization when earth shifted its axis of rotation. When north and south poles ice melted.

    • profile image

      Byron L. Wheeler 5 years ago

      Just thought I'd drop in and debunk an Ancient Aliens episode I saw recently. It focused mainly on the internal chambers of the great pyramids. The mind boggling mystery centered around the inconceivability (as ancient alien therarist believe - don't you hate that phrase every 30 seconds on the show)of how the hyroglifics were drawn and carved and beautifully painted deep inside the pitch dark and airless burial chambers. And the drawing of a giant lightbulb in one chamber didn't help to quell their enthusiasm. How about this...assuming the pyramids were built from the ground up by who or whatever constructed them, wouldn't it make sense that the walls of the lower burial chambers were completed while they were still open to the sunlight and air? As the pyramid rose, the upper chambers were completed while they were still open to sunlight and air...etc etc. I would ask for a show of hands of others who thought of this, but I don't want to flood the hub. Now, back to a real mystery...puma punku.

      @GECNA...I see we agree on a possible ancient, lost advanced civilization - but you gotta give me more than that. Giant megalithic construction cranes would not exist in 1000 years!? They're still finding metal jewelry from thousands of years ago. I could bury a Lexus in my backyard, and I promise you it would still "exist" in 1000 years...probably drivable (maybe not). How about the giant power grid that would be associated with them? I assume you didn't mean they would be hand cranked. All of the other tools and equipment and building sites, oh, and that lost civilization. Not a bone or a spoon or a watch or a cellphone or a Lexus (they're highly advanced remember)...just some perfectly cut and drilled H-blocks strewn across the plain of Bolivia. I'm not making light of your comments...just taking exception. The absence of everything except the ridiculously precise stonework almost makes the alien theory seem more reasonable. It's like walking into a previously unexplored cave in Borneo and finding a Dairy Queen...without the signs. Oh well, as usual I've come full complete ignorance of any of it.

    • profile image

      GECNA 5 years ago


      I think you missed my point.

      1. The tools would not have been left at the construction site. We don't do that now, either. Furthermore, the pieces used for construction aids may have been disassembled and used elsewhere. We do that now.

      2. If a lighter ferrous material were used, it would have disappeared due to corrosion long ago. We find unbelievably old artifacts made of precious metals precisely because they don't corrode (or they oxidize very slowly).

      I am not taking sides on the role, if any, played by extraterrestrial beings in the construction of Puma Punku. The absence of items not made of stone to me indicates nothing other than tremendous antiquity. It's just like saying the lighthouse on the Chandeleur Islands off Louisiana didn't exist because we can't find any sign of it now (it disappeared during Hurricane Katrina). We know it existed (I saw it many times), but in a short time the remains will disappear use due to corrosion.

      One last comment: the amount of power required to move heavy objects depends as much on speed of movement as the weight to be moved. If you're not in a hurry, you don't need much power.

      In my opinion conventional thinking will likely not lead us to understand Puma Punku or other ancient sites.

    • profile image

      Byron L. Wheeler 5 years ago


      Point counterpoint...and point well taken. You're example of the lighthouse is a good one...I agree. Even large structures can disperse and seem to disappear in a short period of time depending on what happens to them. Still, give me enough ice and I'll preserve my lexus at least as long the iceman from the Alps (5000 years). Too bad Puma Punku isn't located in a country that gives a damn. Who knows, with intense excavations we might find all the materials we talk about under some ancient mud flow or earthquake.

      As for the stones, I think we both agree some power source was used to move this material from the quarry ten miles away...cut, drill and polish them and stack them in some configuration. It would seem, however,that they would either have or not have adequate power to undertake such an endeavour. As for lighter materials, an absolutely unbreakable crane with the weight of balsam wood is not going to lift these stones. Unless it's anchored to the core of the earth. Enertia has to enter the equation at some point. Weight against weight - strength for strength. You either have enough power to pull or lift something or you don't. My friend and I will never lift his RV no matter how much time we give it. We can't wait it out...unless we're waiting for plate tectonics to help. Let's not forget, we're talking about one million six hundred thousand pounds. If they had advanced power I believe they cranked it up to 10 and got the job done...much like we do.

      Alas, I agree, conventional thinking will never answer the questions we thanks to the Bolivian government. We'll need a time machine for that.

    • Marcy Goodfleisch profile image

      Marcy Goodfleisch 5 years ago from Planet Earth

      Amazing! Watching a piece on this place on the History Channel even as we speak. Simply incredible. Thanks for this awesome hub!

    • profile image

      anon 5 years ago

      Kalasala means place of art or a university in Sanskrit @ India! Suggest replace y with letter l and see if that makes sense. Also in Indian legends there are the mayyans who were master builders of palaces etc- water transport might have been big at that time and intercontinental ocean travel was big?

    • joanveronica profile image

      Joan Veronica Robertson 5 years ago from Concepcion, Chile

      A great read! Voted Up, awesome, beautiful and interesting! I do miss the authors replies, though!

    • joanveronica profile image

      Joan Veronica Robertson 5 years ago from Concepcion, Chile

      Hi again! An interesting Hub with lots of comments and lots of debate, but where did the author get to? We have been abandoned!

    • profile image

      starshippe 5 years ago

      . . several weeks ago, i was fortunate enough to watch the sunrise on the solstice from the akapana hotel, overlooking the three temples. it was cold outside! thousands of people were in attendance, including the vp of bolivia. most of them partied throughout the night.

      . . i had a guide the previous day who showed me the temples, puma punku, and the museums. they were closed on the 21st, which is "day zero" to the locals. their year has 364 other days.

      . . when asked what he thought about how it was accomplished, he said that he had no idea.

      . . i went wanting to see and feel the rocks of puma punku, and was astonished at the museum pieces from the other temples. as i understand it, only about 15 % of the area has been "excavated."

      . . a german named posnansky spent several decades studying the site in the early 1900s, and came to the opinion that there had been assistance from extraterrestrials. judging from some of the pictures i got, of mummies found in peru, it certainly seems possible.

    • profile image

      intresting hub 5 years ago

      we have bee abandoned! yes

      but we are been watch

    • profile image

      Remi Lande 4 years ago

      This was build by the sons of god, mention in Genesis Chapter 6 verse 1-4. Their Children "hybrid" of Nephilim and human had the knowledge to build this. They will come back again Jesus sad in the last days. This time they are pretending to be "Aliens" from a far away galax and they will claim to have made us humans. All i prophecied in the Bible. Read revelation 13 and be ready. Receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. God bless you all. Her are some info:

    • profile image

      hi 4 years ago

      jesus did not say so my friend because jesus died in india.

      They found a scrole nex to the toom where was supposedly burried

      read this book

      : Talmud Jmmanuel by Judas Ischarioth and Billy Eduard Albert Meier

      and this one: Celestial Teachings: The Emergence of the True Testament of Jmmanuel (Jesus) by James W. Deardorff

    • historyguy83 profile image

      Michael Dotterweich 4 years ago from Canton, Oh

      Why is mainstream academia afraid to speculate on the ruins found at Pumu Punku? The architecture defies all of our preconceptions of early civilizations yet the ruins have been cast aside by researchers. The site, and many others like it, is an anomaly to modern science and is therefore avoided.

    • profile image

      Emilio Bueno 4 years ago

      Have you ever heard about the Fuente Magna scripts found in Tiwanaku

    • profile image

      Byron L. Wheeler 4 years ago

      Well said historyguy83, I guess they're tired of speculating because that's all they can do. Without a major above and below ground dig, all they have are these ridiculously perfect stones that would be hard to duplicate today. Where is their curiosty...they're imagination? Oh yeah, on Mars. Been there done that. They're looking for alien life?...they might find artifacts of it buried right here on earth at Pumu Punku. Then again, the bribe required to pay Bolivian officials might be a deal breaker. Why won't Branson or Ballard or even a big Hollywood studio finance such an epic adventure? Hey, they could have a screenwriter on site to chronicle the findings and maybe create the next billion dollar blockbuster. Sadly, just some 15,000 year old beautifully designed and impossibly cut ruins used as resting benches for weary llama herders.

    • profile image

      koda 4 years ago

      To me a flood doesn't explain how the rocks are broken up in pieces smaller than marbles to Hugh pieces.It's as if the pieces of rock resemble stratnal from a bomb.

    • profile image

      Pit-Luk 4 years ago

      How on earth do you move a stone 800 tons in weight form the quarry which is 10 miles away and to the site in the mountains? Even with the technology that we have today it's not possible at all.

    • profile image

      man from lisbon 4 years ago

      Good Hub. I believe in people more than in aliens. About 250 years ago russians dragged monolith weighing 1,600 tons!!! 8km away, and then transported it by the river. This was followed with great interest all over Europe. No machines. Animals were not used. May be the most difficult part was to dig up the stone and put it on the platform. Thousands of people took part. While dragging, more than 40 people were on the monolith, giving it shape.. Preserved paintings, coins, and a detailed description of the entire transportation process. The final weight today - 1,250 tons (Saint-Petersburg) and it serves as a pedestal for the equestrian statue of Peter I, better known as "The Bronze Horseman." It is the largest monolith, which people had ever moved.

      What does someone needs to drag a huge monolith?

      A lot of people, a lot of ropes, levers and savvy. And someone needs the Empire. Huge monoliths move only within the Empires, and only in the direction of their capitals.

      The ruins of Puma Punku...It is a pity that there is money for another new Mars rover and no money for our own history. In the end, Mars will not go away, but the artifacts are gone forever

    • profile image

      gottheanswer 4 years ago

      " and then transported it by the river. "

      NO river there

      "Preserved paintings, coins, and a detailed description of the entire transportation process. "

      This culture may have not had a written language and it was made at least 2500 years ago.

      "It is a pity that there is money for another new Mars rover "

      No, it is not, learning is the most important aspect of human survival. One can not live in the past without looking into the future at what lies in front of mankind.

    • profile image

      man from lisbon 4 years ago


      ...from river to the pedestal for the equestrian statue of Peter I less than 100m...,

      Monolith was found and delivered, because the French sculptor Falconet so wanted. He lived in the time of Louis XV, and not 2500 years ago. His works are in the Louvre and the Hermitage.

      If you have a shadow of doubt go to

      About the last part- Im not on black/white position as you think

    • profile image

      gottheanswer 4 years ago

      @ man from lisbon,

      This article is NOT about Peter I.

    • profile image

      man from lisbon 4 years ago


      As I understand you found the river, it is very good

      As I understand you found a written confirmation that the monolith was dragged about 250 years ago, it is very very good.

    • profile image

      Rocky Lane Moore 4 years ago

      What is it? Was it destroyed by calamity, or by the ones who built it, or by enemies bent on its destruction.

      From the design, you can infer that other machines such as lights, defensive works and scientific equipment fitted neatly into these tight crevices. They were machined to accept equipment that could be withdrawn. Since there is no equipment found, it follows that whoever built the fortress, retrieved their equipment, and then destroyed the fortress. Otherwise, there would be signs of radiation, broken bits of metal, and anomolies such as advanced technologies. Since these are not present, then the fortress was abandoned, and destroyed by whoever occupied this building. However, its design should be studied, and someday replicated by men to use in space exploration. A building that could easily be built from lazer guided cutters, and assembled as protective living quarters, later still discarded when no longer required, will be of great use to future space travellers

    • profile image

      d j doll 4 years ago

      the age they say is way is much older.

    • profile image

      martellawintek 4 years ago

      hello there macaulay sorry mate i`v took so long i think this is there link

      and some info ,ring them for help & advice ,just say mrs wintek said you would get him sorted

    • profile image

      Dustin 4 years ago

      Maybe they had some sort of concrete.

    • profile image

      CHRIS WEBER 4 years ago

      how old is Puma punku because those steps are really worn down,

    • profile image

      Just can't remember clearly 4 years ago

      I think there are:

      Bio-machines orbiting in outer space and inner earth space that can effect our perception of reality. They themselves behave as if they're alive.

      There is always an interaction going on between us and them, they are apart of our existences, they affect our behavior and what we see and think. I've seen them up close. I got part of the answer at a very early age.They can do stuff and help us to do things and erase the memories of it. Maybe for our own good. Humans can do super amazing things and then made to forget them!

    • profile image

      Chris Weber 4 years ago

      Aliens are not from outer space, they are not your friends , they are very strong, they don't even look like us, they were not born, they don't die, they have no females, so there are no baby aliens. they have no love for humanity.

    • profile image

      frank 4 years ago

      Being a construction worker I know that construction methods were never 'lost'. These places of stone as written by the people who were there say 'star people came and built them' Yet we discARD THAT POINT. tHE AMOUNT OF ENGINEERING REQUIRED WOULD BOGGLE YOUR MIND.They had no language , calculis. drawings. and the wh

    • profile image

      Stephen 4 years ago

      The amazing issue is not only the stones, carving, moving: it's that this was done @ 15,000 years ago. Think about that. Before what is assumed to be the post Adam/Eve era when the Jews were 12 tribes?

    • profile image

      kris 4 years ago

      Stephen, you must read the bible and do not assume things from what hear, find out for your self do some research, other people could be wrong.

      (also you may as well read the book of Enoch.)

    • profile image

      Lynda 4 years ago

      We are here for a very short time. Only a speck in the history as we know it. What a mystery! Never forget the ability of the human brain for that is the answer....

    • profile image

      GreenCrimson 3 years ago

      Puma Punku is not very old. Puma Punku's radio carbon date puts it at AD 536–600 this puts it in the "Tiwanaku period" (AD 300 and AD 1000). In 1945, Arthur Posnansky estimated that Tiwanaku dated to 15,000 BC using archaeoastronomical techniques. Later, as a result of the reevaluation of the techniques that Posnansky used to estimate the age of Tiwanaku, expert archaeoastronomical archaeologists concluded that they were invalid as they were a "sorry example of misused archaeoastronomical evidence." With stone-age man ruled out for building it, the pre-Incan culture is likely the culprit for building it.

      The Majority of the stone used is red sandstone and a mix of andesite and red sandstone common to that area. No diamond tools needed.

    • Sum1uallno profile image

      Sum1uallno 3 years ago from Mexico City, Mexico

      The greatest mystery of all time is was Puma Punku 3 years ago? It has been 10 years since they have proven that the "carved stones" are that of a mix like concrete... I would think language would have been the first choice. Good thing this is a very old post.. LOL

    • profile image

      Tensins 3 years ago

      Just for starters I don't go with any kind of alien angle and I do think that in comparatives past civilizations are routinely underestimated for their goals, drive, cognition, practice, experience and expectations. I have read this article and watched a video at:

      I came away with something I could at least imagine was comprehensive and that was that it was a school, or better; a university.

      The site Puma Punta is a short distance from Tiwanaka which is estimated to have had a population of 20,000. There is a sunken courtyard lined with stones and adorned with carved heads. Perhaps representing the alumni or what would constitute a degree today.

      Graduation may have been as prestigious as being a doctor or lawyer since in that time the construction and decoration of the public square including the religious aspect, was all done in stone.

      The very straight line may have been the first thing to master followed by the boring of holes in that line. The line would have defined the shape and the holes would have allowed removal of large sections of unwanted material by striking with a chisel or tool.

      The inverse shapes may have presented the degree of difficulty that had to be mastered in order to graduate. The line of stones that have the "H" shape may have been finished products that produced a passing grade. It is possible that one half of the "H" was done by one person and the stone flipped over to be repeated by another person.

      There is no apparent semblence to what a structure may have looked like by the remains of the artifacts that lie scattered about the site and that may be because there was none. It may have simply been where class was conducted.

      The person that could master that level of technicality would have been regarded as inordinate or special as much by the people of those times as they are now. A transendent occupation that endures beyond the scope of human expectation due to the medium could not be given but had to be earned by a few worthy and those would be those that line the walls of the sunken courtyard.

    • Sum1uallno profile image

      Sum1uallno 3 years ago from Mexico City, Mexico

      @Tensins I like the way you think. =)

    • Sum1uallno profile image

      Sum1uallno 3 years ago from Mexico City, Mexico

      @Tensins I would like to add you to my friends list.

    • profile image

      pmack800 3 years ago

      So the earth is billions of years old, and habitable to the human race for this duration. We have western recorded history that pinned against the perspective of the lifespan of the plant, is comparable to mere seconds, the Japanese have old records, and if Sadam Hussein had not destroyed so much of the evidence of the Sumerian and Babylonian sites. (Note the controversial bowl found at the site at Puma Punku with Sumerian inscriptions, mainstream scientists deem this an OOPART for the most part, an anomaly of an artifact, I will leave that at rest, as it strays from my point). My point being, that if the earth has been habitable for such a long duration, why couldn't have extremely advanced societies, some perhaps achieving a level of sophistication have spurned, been wiped out, spurned, wiped out, and the process repeating more times that we could even imagine. Why couldn't 12,000 years ago a race of humans, with technology superior to ours have existed, and then wiped out by a cataclysm. If anyone has ever seen the show "Life After People" on the History channel, its shocking how quickly a city like Manhattan would essentially disappear without a trace in only a few hundred years. Heck, 50,000 years ago there could have been a race of humans that had technology that made our current technology look like we're a bunch of hunter and gatherers'. Besides Puma Punku, there are other sites in Peru, pre-Inca, that have traits that cannot be explained other than these peoples possessed technology far superior to what we possess today, this goes for the great pyramids, and all of the Mayan Kingdom, who vanished as well. In my opinion, I think that civilizations, many civilizations at that, were erected, survived longer than we currently have or will, and were wiped off the planet in the remote, remote past, leaving little evidence. However, these OOPARTS due shed some light on this possibility. That's simply what I derive from that ancient ruins scattered around the world. And one day, we will we be wiped off the planet, and hopefully the human race survives as it has been, and starts again. So that is my explanation for Puma Punku, these people would look down upon our achievements today as childs play, they had achieved a level of sophistication in every facet of life, including technology, which would explain how this site could have been built, and under the many feet up muck that seems to indicate a global type extinction event, we find their ruins. As far as ancient aliens, who knows, the Sumerians clearly and bluntly state they came from the heavens, but these "aliens", would have simply been human, and probably were hiding out somewhere else on the planet. The number of times advanced cultures and peoples have been wiped out, we will never know, the earth has simply been around far too long, and we (as our current society), have been around for a mere spec of this planets existence.

    • profile image

      3 years ago

      the answer is really easy what would you do if you know that a comet or

      another alien species does not want you or finds you a threat.

      advanced species can easily direct objects directly into earth's direction.

      the only way to find out is to read the ancient buildings the truth lies

      in the design be it measurement or star aliments..

      The longer a civilisation can survive for the more advance it will be.

      the rich stay richer & poor poorer.

      Well the same works for the biggest players planets , solar systems

      galaxies .

      we spend all of our time in war or politics then the other time, reading


      We should be more involved in space travel, how to manipulate time

      if we don't we will not survive.

      We are like lab mice, once we are gone they will chuck some more humans down here then start the wheel again.

      Maybe we already have a advanced civilisation but we are not on the guest list.

      If i had the means I will build my self a craft & explore the universe &

      all what lies in it, that will be some thing then only i will know who god


      Have you checked out the the discovery Gobeklitepe?

    • profile image

      bart pro/stone mason 3 years ago

      proof js in the work/consitence/acuracy

    • profile image

      JimHavok 3 years ago

      I have a video game system around here somewhere thats older than Puma Punku.

    • profile image

      Cee 3 years ago

      Haven't been here in a couple years, and I'm glad to see some interesting discussions taking place, even though it seems that we've reached the point where we're rehashing many of the same old comments. Still. I'd like to add a couple things. @DareStiney: Sorry, but you have to do better. Quoting Wikipedia proves nothing. Anyone can post whatever they want on it. Show me an actual scientific study, backed up by CREDIBLE sources and real archaeologists if you want to convince me. @GreenCrimson: Just what exactly was carbon dated? The stones of Puma Punku itself? Or other artifacts found in the area, or what? Carbon dating only works on organic matter, which is where carbon is found. In other words, YOU CAN'T CARBON DATE STONE! And if it's other artifacts, how do you know they were there to begin with? They could just as easily have been brought in thousands of years later. Judging by the degree of erosion, they have to be way older. As for those who claim it's all made of sandstone, that explanation doesn't fly either. Sandstone is a very soft stone, which just doesn't fit with what I've seen. Let's see anyone make such sharp corners in sandstone with a hand chisel. For that matter, let's see anyone make those perfect, precise grooves in ANY materiel by hand. or get those perfect inside corners right by banging away with a hand chisel.

      Another thing, don't make the assumption that just because Tiwanaku and Puma Punku are in such close proximity that they were made at the same time by the same builders. A quick examination of both sites shows major differences in building styles and the quality of stonework. While Tiwanaku is very beautifully made, it's nowhere close to the level of precision at Puma Punku. Also, Tiwanaku seems mostly made up of small bricks, easily transported, not the massive megaliths of Puma Punku. I don't buy the concrete theory either, because having worked extensively with concrete, I can tell you with certainty that those sharp edges will be quickly broken off, and also that it doesn't last like stone when exposed to the elements. There would be major cracking and pitting. Not to mention that no one has explained how the molds for the concrete were made with such small grooves and holes in them. Doesn't seem feasible to me. And no one seems to be paying attention to the fact that the Aymara insist that Puma Punku was built "by the gods" in "a single night". And let's not forget the simple fact that at Tiwanaku, mixed in among all the various stone faces (which are all of normally proportioned human heads with various more or less flesh-toned colors) are two which are off-white or grayish in color, and also sport unusually large, odd-shaped eyes and very dis-proportionately large heads, unlike any of the others. What are they doing there? Why would the ancient builders have carved those two very unusual faces amid all the other clearly human ones? Where would they have possibly gotten that idea from? One possibility is they represent the previously mentioned "gods".

      And while I (obviously) lean very strongly toward the Ancient Astronaut Theory, I have to say that I like Tensins' idea, even though I don't find it feasible that anyone could have done that by hand. At any rate, I'll be looking forward to reading the responses my most recent post generates.

    • profile image

      Backwoods tech 3 years ago

      A very interesting thread reading the years of responses, Most people forget man is a scavenger and a war loving creature.

      It has been said "we are condemned to rise, be knocked down and rise again". How many books have been burned by invading armies? How many museums and temples looted? How much art destroyed just for the gold or silver it contains? We see our selves as educated yet are less educated than ever. We don't need to know more than what it takes to make a living so most do not try. Our children can not make fire unless playing with matches or a lighter and we take them away. We buy children "safe" books and games to keep them busy but not smart. Check any high school chemistry book from 1950 or 1960 against any high school chemistry book now, as example.

      One good war and we are back to chasing rats and squirrels and wishing we had the lighter again.

      Personally, I follow the "it was us" theory. One or two civilizations could have risen earlier then the others, and moved to explore the planet if not near space. The "H" blocks with dove tailed slots on the opposite side seemingly made to hold alignment keys of a lesser material would seem to make a good stable platform for a mag-lift launcher. Then again, we are human and subject to find fault with others easily and so prone to war.

      War leaves metal laying around to make swords and spear points out of until it's lost as well, or too worn to reuse.

      Then we believe in religions, each is the only way and everything belonging to others, wrong, so to make it right with our gods We must throw it in any near by fire or lake or melt it down to make icons for our gods.

      Then there is natural hazards, poles have moved, land risen and subsided, temperatures lower and rise again, yet we see the world as a static place where all history is written. As if it happened as it is "now" and ignore conditions "then" while writing our histories. And worry about change, climate or otherwise, as though we could not live, because of our vast numbers, if temperatures rose a few degrees or fell.

      Impossible? yet we have maps of the earth, and lines only seen from high altitude, we have different groups over the earth with stories of aerial combat, storied passed down with details of the color of the fuel used in vemadas, people loosing their hair and bleeding as if from radiation sickness or Abraham telling of seeing the roundness of the earth. So many "relatively" early groups with stories of people from the sky.

      Personally, I'll continue to read everything I get my hands on and remember how to make fire without the lighter.

    • profile image

      Cee 3 years ago

      Great post Backwoods! What you say is so true. This is a bit off the subject, but if you're interested in a fascinating read, I recommend "Abduction" by Robin Cook and "Twilight Eyes" by Dean Koontz. They are both novels which explore the possibility of earlier human civilizations achieving great technological ability and then being erased from history by great cataclysmic events. Both are very well written, but approach the subject very differently.

    • profile image

      Dave 3 years ago

      You had me interested a first. However, when you read something insanely stupid like, "there aren't any trees in the area". I start thinking this must be some sort of scam. There aren't any trees in the area because they chopped them all down. What's so hard to understand about this concept? Trees die and fade away, they are a life form. Stones stay for a long time.

    • profile image

      Cee 3 years ago

      Actually, there aren't any trees in the area because it's at nearly 13,000 feet altitude, which means the air is to thin to support trees. No tree has ever been seen growing that high up, in Bolivia or anywhere else. Yes, trees die. They also reproduce. Anywhere where trees were cleared by humans, their seeds are constantly trying to take root again. Without people performing constant maintenance, trees will quickly return in abundance.

    • profile image

      Cee 3 years ago

      Correction: I meant to say nearly 12,000 feet altitude

    • profile image

      Emmett McMahon 3 years ago

      As I have said before and some others here have commented in similar thought. I don't recall the part of the Bible where it was said but God is being quoted as saying something as "and there were several greater civilizations here before but I had them destroyed for their being evil.

    • profile image

      j dilla 3 years ago

      saying there is no extraterrestial life out there, is like taking a cup and going to the boarder of the Atlantic ocean, scooping the cup, and saying there is no whales inside here. christian concervatives

    • profile image

      Jon Ironworker 3 years ago

      I've moved many I beams 5,000 lbs with pipe rollers. One worker reached a little early and crushed fingers. Should be skeletons with missing fingers.

      Stones in pictures look like cast concrete .

      Pictures back when it was discovered show tractor lifting blocks army of guys digging in dirt etc .

      What a joke!

    • profile image

      Scott Campbell 3 years ago from Central Vermont

      I live in Vermont, the granite capital of the world. We know about cutting and moving rock. The 80 ton pieces could not be moved by any method we have today. A huge mistake was made by the writer. The rock is not diorite, it is dolomite. Dolomite is harder than granite. Granite is cut by diamond saws and diamond tools. A stone age civilization could not do this work. It takes very advanced equipment to do this.

    • profile image

      Johnc552 3 years ago

      I think you have remarked some very interesting points , appreciate it for the post. dakebeeagceb

    • profile image

      Rickbrick1 3 years ago

      I've been a masonry contractor for 43 yrs.I've worked w/ just about every type of stone,marble,brick,block +all types of cement in + around the Wash. DC area. I don't think there very many masonry tools that I haven't used, or at least seen used to construct every type of building or monument in this area. I haven't a clue as to how some of these ancient megaliths were built.I like to think I've been around the block on this subject,but ?????????wtf?

    • profile image

      krayzrick 2 years ago

      Mind boggling structures like this all over the world. We have trouble moving 5 ton stones, and they regularly worked with 100 if not 1000 ton stones.

      What's always fascinated me is why in the world you want to build such difficult works?

      If not to leave a permanent, impressive, record of your visit to Earth for future generations?

    • profile image 2 years ago

      The article was incorrect in one instance. The second rock used was dolomite not diorite. Dolomite is harder than granite. I know of nothing other than diamond that can abrade or cut these stones. I live in Barre , Vermont, the granite capital of the world. If it can be done to or with granite, it is done here.

    • profile image

      kristiankrusades 2 years ago

      Advanced people was all killed off by religious baboons as even today they still do..

    • profile image

      They 2 years ago

      They are calling us home now!. Wonder no more

    • profile image

      David 2 years ago

      I think archaeologist need to take a serious look at the lost lands of MU. There are so many written records of it and it's history, but scientist just won't consider these records because they don't fit into current thinking.

    • profile image

      paul 2 years ago

      these are like there planet

    • profile image

      scotty 24 months ago

      What I want to know is how it was all smashed and bashed up.I don't buy the flood theory.if it was then Tiahuanacu should have been wiped of the face of the earth going by size,a lot smaller buildings.???

    • profile image

      stephen 18 months ago

      ok I may not be the brightest person on the planet but have they ever thought the place could of been some sort of powerplant ??? . there seems to be holes drilled through the stones where some sort of fibre optic lines could run through and the stones could of held something like solar panels or some sort of shielding as for the destruction there could of been some sort of melt down ending in an explosion . it then could of released some sort of toxin into the air that would explain why every one left and did not return .

    • profile image

      Buelowbuilt 11 months ago

      One of the things I learned recently is that Earth is not the ideal cauldron for intelligent life we have been led to believe it is. It is a barely habital planet subject to regular mass extinction events due to super volcanoes and a solar system littered with debris from an exploded planet which created a dangerous asteroid belt. Our sun is of a type that will someday expand and burn Earth to a crisp.

      There are what are now being called Super-Habital planets. These planets circle dwarf stars that burn their fuel slowly and consistently and can last for 13 billion years. A planet orbiting such a sun in the goldilocks zone without debris from an exploded planet would have billions of years to develop an advanced race without constant start- overs from mass cosmic extinctions.

      Even with our primitive rockets we have launched the Kepler planet finding satellite that has identified thousands of planets. More advanced cultures have had time to identify and develop the technology to visit interesting planets across the galaxy.

      If visitors from a super-habital planet set up bases on earth they may have been taken by surprise when a comet slammed into Earth 12500 years ago causing the damage we see from the catastrophe such as Puma Punka. They may have decided further investment in Earth unwise due to local problems. They also might have opted for deep underwater or underground bases.

      Another point to consider is that Mother Nature makes species just smart enough to survive then evolution stops. Sharks have been relatively unchanged for 250 million except or downsizing. Cats evolved to the perfect predator then stopped. Even a house cat can walk outside and survive. Is Mother Nature just another word for God? If Mother-Nature/God can react to cosmic events and mass extinctions then it may have realized the need for a super intelligent life form that could develop the technology to divert a large asteroid, defuse a super volcano or even reposition the orbit of the earth. This may be why man is way smarter than he needs to be just to survive. Man's sudden explosion of high technology is Mother Nature's race against the next cosmic event.

      The building blocks of life permeate throughout all space and time. Any place life can exist, it will exist. While intelligent life is probably relatively rare, the number of super habitual planets is so astromical the chances of multiple visits to planet Earth seems likely.

      In closing those who use this hub or the internet in general to denigrate others are your typical bully/cowards huddled in their mother's basement using the anonymity of the internet to say things they would never have the courage to say in person.

    • profile image

      david burns 4 months ago

      why is there no mention of gobleki tepe? older than any of this in south america?

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