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Lydia Workman

The occult world is my domain where I have spent a good chunk of my life delving into explorations which have been intense. My pursuits have led to travel to occult conferences where I have exhibtied artwork which is influenced by tarot, astrology, and created via my own system of automatic drawing. The expertise I have comes from multiple sources. In the past I have taken most of the courses at the Wiccan Church of Canada which practices the tradition of Odyssean Wicca. At the WCC I was also part of the steering committee and wrote the newsletter for a span of time.

This has been just the tip of the iceberg. For a long time I maintained my own internet website with a small membership base. They would receive a newsletter which I sent out from time to time with engaging ideas about magick and witchcraft.

My experience doesn't stop there. For a number of years I was studying Thelema at talks in Toronto, Ontario. This also led into me taking part in Ordo Templi Orientis events in Buffalo, New York.