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Hello there. Let me tell you about myself:

I'm an 18 year old Irish girl who enjoys listening to music and audiobooks, sleeping, walking her dog, video games, anything bright and quirky, art (ceramics in particular), and of course, trecking fearlessly through the harsh, unforgiving cyber jungle that is the internet.


I'm visually impaired and use a text-to-speech programme called "Jaws" to navigate around my laptop. My eyesight began to fail when I was 8 years old, and has been slowly deteriorating ever since.

I'm also deaf in my right ear. These problems are caused by a number of stupid-face tumours on my brain. As well as the ones that effect my vision and hearing, There is also one situated at the top of my spine. I have to take frequent breaks from walking/standing, as holding my head up for a lengthy period of time can cause faint to severe pain.


I enjoy writing about animals, food and cooking, and legends and folklore. I appologise for a lack of my own photos in my hubs, but it's difficult to take pictures when you're visually impaired. Also, if you notice anything in my hubs that could be improved or isn't true, please let me know. I'd never publish false information on purpose, but I'm certainly not above making mistakes. Thank you.


* Please note that my bio pic was not created by me. It was obtained from Flickr member, Mingos, whom I'd like to thank.