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Tiffany Bower

About Me

I am a 28 year old female. Some things I like include books, music (especially all types of rock music!) writing letters, cooking and baking, and going to the gym. I'm also also a fan of nature, night time, the moon, the ocean, and psychology. I have a ton of interests and hobbies. I'm married and have a ball python as a pet.

I've always liked books and the written word. After regularly writing in a private book blog for years, I decided to delete the blog and write articles on HubPages. I hope to write about a variety of literary topics; book reviews and lists, writing prompts, and so on. I read a variety of material; both fiction and non-fiction. Common book genres I often enjoy include horror or paranormal novels. I also enjoy books on subjects like psychology, science, and spirituality. I love to learn new things, and am curious about everything.