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Joseph Ritrovato

Lived in San Francisco for half my life (till it got a bit too pricy for me). Worked at the San Francisco Chronicle for more than a quarter of a century, maintaining a database that benefited from my research and auditing skills (I worked for a bank for 4-5 years before that). Have a can-do attitude that I may have acquired from my 3 years in the US Army.

Those experiences lead me to where I am now; writing about such things as UFOs and astrological earthquake prediction. These are subjects that need dedication and perseverance to tackle with any degree of success (not to mention a wild streak). You've got to have the right stuff, and if you do, like Mr Phelps in Mission Impossible; you are given a mission, if you choose to accept it.. and, like Mr. Phelps, I always do, because the show must go on! [or 'It's a tough job but somebody's got to do it..']

In the course of my research using astrology to predict earthquakes of 6.8 magnitude or greater (referred to as significant earthquakes in my hubs) and based on a study of such quakes for the one year period from May 1, 2013 through April 30, 2014, astrology appears to play a roll 77% of the time and randomness 23% (randomness increases as the magnitude decreases). During this period, 22 of 26 significant earthquakes occurred within windows defined by astrological aspect values (the windows comprising just under 50% a month, on average) or 1.7Xs more often than what would be expected from a random distribution.