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I was born in a small town in Maryland, like the song by John Cougar melloncamp. I am youngest of 10 kids, raised in a store/resteraunt. I had a lot in begginging of my life then my Mom had a stroke and they found an anurism so my world changed and so did she. I watched my Mom go from a kid like persoanlity after the operations and she did grow up over the years meaning mentally. My Mom grew more mature before she passed away back in 1994, the ticking time bomb inside her head blew in her sleep that devasted me. I adored my Mom and I miss her to this day. I love my family and freinds and cheerish every day of my life. I try to appreciate what I have in life. I have achieved a few goals in my life modeling, acting, owning two businesses. I still have desires to sell things I'm currently selling a product thats amazing I tried it and knew this was what I wanted to sell to help others. I am a caring person and love animals they accept you without conditions un-like most humans. I am married 15yrs, now to a very bright man and no kids so far quess it was not meant to be who knows still hoping regardless. I have mental issues like bipolar and a Learning disablility. I dont let those stop me in life my bipolar has but I fight it pretty good when i get the blues. I love music oldies and some new stuff.