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Midnight Oil


Hi - I am author, writer, photographer, and I am probably one of the last few remaining gentlemen on this planet. 

I want to expand my writing career, and as they say, think big, and there is nothing bigger that the global internet. So here I am.  

I love to read (compulsory for a writer?), hardly watch the television, but love movies.  I love taking photographs too.  I kind of fell into photography, not by chance, but necessity.  Nearly all articles need images, but I found that sending the complete package of words and pictures to an editor greatly increased your chance of getting your articles published.  However, using somebody else's images is not cheap. So, I decided to buy a proper SLR camera and learn the art of photography myself.  I have become really good with an eye of a good picture.  In fact, I have had well over 2,000 pictures published too (I have lost count..).  

Well, that's me.  Oh, I nearly forgot.  I was groomed from an early age by a great uncle and grand-parents in the art of being an gentleman.  I guess in this modern age, we are a dying breed and most likely on the endangered species list.  Yet, respect, honour, manners  and common curtsies take you everywhere.

Thank you for spending time reading my profile and good day to you all - happy reading 



Ps Just because I am a gentleman, that doesn't mean I am a real soft push over ladies - quite the opposite.