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Crafter of Words Magickal & Entertaining

Hi! I'm a witch and writer and work as a professional psychic and a teacher of metaphysics..

I've got a few published books, including a novel, Dark Moon Gates and a how-to on magick: SpellCraft Secrets, The Art of Creating Magic Spells Made Easy. (You can find them on Amazon.)

But how can you quantify alll the things that one person is, right?

My interests range from books and writing to my beloved pets to cooking and so many other things, they're hard to list. You might find me herding yaks one day (not kidding!) and working on 3d graphics the next, After that I might be focusing on wilderness survival, weaving, gardening, swordplay, ballroom dance or just about anything else.

Despite being a Cancer, I've got some heavy Mercury in my chart so I'm inquisitive and always looking for new things to learn. And write about.