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William Benner


Though out my life I have studied many philosophies, both Western Metaphysics and Eastern Mysticism. After many years, I have returned to studying the scriptures and embracing the Christian faith. It is there within those scriptures that at last I found the truth I had always sought after. I am now deeply convinced that my mission in life is to share that what I have discovered with all who also seek the truth.

I Chose the handel Highvoltagewriter because for me, there is nothing more high voltage than the Holy Spirit, and I have a scorching passion to live entergized by that spirit.

I have done research on many subjects pertaining to the Christian perspective. Everything from examining the evidence in support of Intelligent design, the reality relating to the life of Jesus and comparing Christianity to other religions like Buddhism, Hinduism and Paganism. I have shared my own personal story of how I went from a practice of Satanism to finally being converted to Christianity.

I am not afraid to tackle controversial subjects and I am committed to continue to do so in the future.

Also, I am crafting a unique take on the world of the werewolf as seen though his eyes! This novel has been influenced by a series of stores entitled “Hearts That Howl”.

My prior background has been with the writing slogans and low-budget TV commercials for my own company and another Video Production company. I also have a history of writing lyrics and co founding a Music Publishing business that primarily created for my own songs and co-written songs.

Now for my latest projects: 

I am now involved in creating a one of a kind guide on being homeless. It will be called "Thriving while survving homelessness".