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I'm a writer so I spend my time writing stories and I can tell you that if I were to make things up, I'd be way more creative. The signs, symbols, and synchronicities I receive are so blatant that there actually isn't much room for interpretation. As a writer, you're meant to allude to things in subtle ways to best convey themes, but what I experience are in-your-face realizations that are far too unreal.

I'm an avid fan of fiction, so most of my information comes from books, graphic novels, television shows, and movies. I'm foretold things, and in my writing I at times foresee things. All of this may seem too abstract to the casual observer, which is why I added that nifty "science" part in the title. The fact of the anti-matter is that science is supernatural no matter which way you cut it. I love peeling apart the layers of reality to understand what's underneath.