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DS Duby

My name is D.S. Duby and I'm an online writer, ATV rider, horror movie fanatic, and residential carpenter/contractor. I came to HubPages to speak my mind and soon became addicted to the community.

Since joining this site I have been the winner of 2 - first place Rising Star Awards (previously referred to as hub nuggets) and 1 second place Rising Star for

1st place - Antiques And Collectibles, Just A Hobby Or A Great Long Term Investment


1st place - Removing The Con From Contractor - The Real Reasons Your Construction Project Is Costing So Much

and for second place I had written

2nd place - How To Make A Realistic 3D Background For Your Aquarium Or Reptile Tank

I have also had the pleasure of connecting with some of the best writers on HubPages and for this I am very grateful. I currently live in the Midwest, United States but have visited many parts of this country and I'm looking forward to visiting much more of it in the near future.

I write about many different subjects to try and keep things interesting to my wandering brain, but my favorite subjects are horror and urban legends. If you ever take the time to read anything that I've written I will always consider it an honor and it is always greatly appreciated..