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carol stanley

I think I am no longer a newbie. I have really gotten into writing here and loving it. I have been writing many Astrology hubs and would love you to visit my blog if you are interested. It is: Lots of good information. One of my goals this year is to create products with my designs, do astrology charts and complete my book.

I have had a most interesting life and have lived in Chicago, France, Oregon, Texas, Florida, california and Arizona. I have a sense of adventure which has never left me.

I have had a gazillion jobs and businesses. Some good and some well, not so good. I had my 15 minutes of fame many years ago with TV, Radio, entertainer, writer and artist. I still keep a huge notebook of clippings. I never turned down a project even if I knew nothing about what to do. I just learned what i needed to learn.

I am thinking about writing topics all the time and will probably add book reviews, especially mysteries, Astrology, Diet, Exercise, Food and Life in general.

I love to ride my bike, hike, play the piano (not very good), read, cook, paint and play poker. Cooking and eating healthy is of utmost importance and aging with glory!!! Thanks for listening to all of this and being so supportive.

Here are a few of my Hubs

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