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Britta Nicole Miller

Hello and welcome!

I'm Brittany "Britta", and I am, at this moment in time, a new writer here on HubPages. I have some experience with online writing. I've been writing on a blog for three years and I have also been writing little stories on and for several years, now. I enjoy it quite a lot, as it is one of many ways to improve my own skills as a writer.

My own skills lie in writing. It's been a passion and hobby of mine since my early childhood, something I have pursued for many years. I write for the fun of it, as it is a good way to de-stress after a hard day. I spend a good deal of my time in the process of writing, though the topics I dance upon tend to shift and change as I flesh out my own understanding of a subject or stumble upon something new and exciting.

I have many interests. Reading and writing stand at the forefront, but I also enjoy baking, photography, abstract art with fluid acrylic paints, plants, paganism and theology, and I have an interest in the moon and sun and the way they impact the world around us. I also have an interest in emotions, how they work, and have been developing a keen understanding of the Autism Spectrum Disorder as I share many traits with Level 01 ASDs.

My own interests and the things I do tend to change, from one day to the next. I'm generally easy to talk with, I don't mind questions, and I enjoy a good conversation and debates are a great way to see a topic from a different perspective.