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Agnes Elmira Kepler

Working under a pseudonym and through a midlife transition, Agnes Elmira Kepler draws from a variety of esoteric paths to be a Teacher & Healer of the Mystery. With a long history as a Priestess of the Goddess, Tarot Intuitive, Interpretive Modern Dancer & Choreographer, Fiber Artist and Patient Living with Chronic Illness, Agnes uses writing as an alchemical crucible for the Feminine Spirit, 12 Step recovery, medical therapies & holistic bodywork to recreate her life and advocate for other women and their men.

Some of Agnes’ eclectic paths include astrology, physics, world religion & mythology, women’s herstory, and popular culture, just to name a few. She loves watching movies, reading goddess fantasy novels, knitting, and most recently, botanical gardens. Many brilliant ideas come from these places. In the modern world, it’s possible to find a spiritual path through Netflix!

Chronic Illness makes publishing an extra-long process indeed. Please keep reading and following her writing. Slowly over time, more of her life will become visible and connected. Like the butterfly emerging from a cocoon, the beautifully colored wings will become a great, unimaginable, woven tapestry of life, art, philosophy & spirit in color, light & sound.